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"san fernando valley barton" Discussed on KFI AM 640

"Sold I'll bring a dollar sounds good see you later this is Gail via KO as C. H. D. to Los Angeles let's take a look at your commute now on the one oh five oh seven Lin wood on the way to five west to Long Beach Boulevard it's a record I think it's a center divider sono lanes are blocked at this time your drive slow it liquid Boulevard it'll stay busy ahead through about Ferreri KFI in the sky sponsored by injury attorney superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff Bock check out the San Fernando Valley Barton robin from one a general look for traffic building in Chico here in the near future said right into your a world where their Sanford and about it now it is number one is if you're still at home it's windy which I hope you know so be careful driving but north bound north bound for all five at the trouble of are now this is kind of an odd spot because it's always full speed and you'll start to get on the brakes just as you cross the hill at mall and be careful right lands a box full truck southbound side already spoke coming down from Norrell fall short of storage at water village down northbound five but before Los fieles got lanes blocked there's three drivers of tangled up as getting forms or from the one ten and finally knew all pass something just went down south fourteen right around the I five merge story so coming down from Sam can you please be careful with one entered an accident visit superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff flock K. F. find this guy they're working in Santa Ana on the fifty five south of macarthur that wreck in the right lane now I'm pretty tough from Dyer wrote KFI in the sky have ski either faster now robin banks the colts were definitely not in heaven against the New Orleans Saints Monday Night Football the state scored first takes the staff this is New Orleans continued to dominate in a thirty four seven route there's basketball Lakers are in Indiana play the Pacers and for the clippers get the Phoenix Suns at staples center at seven thirty get your clippers tickets a clippers dot com in here every.

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