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Who would replace Kamala Harris as California Senator?

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03:45 min | 3 years ago

Who would replace Kamala Harris as California Senator?

"We still have 12 weeks before the November election, Voters will decide between President Trump on my vice President Mike Pence against former Vice President Joe Biden and current Democratic vice presidential nominee California Senator Kamala Harris. But in Harris are victorious. Governor Newsome will have to appoint a new senator to serve the next two years here in California, and well, there's been early speculation on names like State Attorney General Javier Becerra and San Diego State Senator Toni Atkins. Another elected officials told the governor he's interested. Mayor of Imperial Beach Search, the DEA sent a note to the governor with a picture of him in a business suit with a surfboard and water, nothing his intention to seek the appointments If the Democrats win because Pamela Harris may become our next vice president, I notified Governor Newsome like everyone does not is via Twitter that I'd like to be on the collection left to be the next U. S. Senator put out Open seat. And I think it's important to have someone who's not from the insider circle in Sacramento on someone that's ready to help clean up California and fight for our planet and our ocean from day one. Well and yes, I think it was the announcement that color base attention picture of you in a business suit with your surfboard. Right. The water's edge. Kind of embodying what it means to be from Imperial Beach. Yeah, you know, and you're a bitch, maybe small. What? We're mighty, You know, I've seen the names of some of the more high profile candidates and you know the reality of California's in trouble countries in trouble, And so we need someone who's used to doing things without a lot of resource is gonna support. You could get things done quickly, and that's experience. I've had thereby be in that experience that we need for the next senator from California and as the native Senate, California someone who rested 500 California the lifeguard for the state and for the city of Baby, I'm ready for the job and just look forward to being considered by Governor Newsome. Well, obviously you've worked with the governor, and in fact, you've worked as high as going to the White House when it comes to the sewage issue along the border, with the issues coming out of Mexico to impact San Diego County Imperial Beach, the city of San Diego. Everywhere else here with its impact that profile of yours with that fight has gone to the highest level. Yeah, so you know, unfortunately, because sewage issue is continuing to happen. I ve had to reach out from everybody from the president of Mexico, too. You know, President Trump We've met Got Governor knew someone. The governor of Baja California. So yeah, felt the times were like more like an international diplomat rather than a mare. But that is good practice good experience for what it takes to be an effective senator. To give you credit. Since the minute she was in office, she has support our first queen of the border. She's put a lot of attention on period Beach. In fact, her California director came to Imperial Beach to visit her stop is in very involved in this issue, so she's been great on the tissue as well as Senator Feinstein, but it's time for a new direction and and that's what I'm putting My My name in the hat or handed the ring And you know there is a perception out there at some points where you know, San Diego geographically being where it is. So we feel that the state of times may forget about us or things like that. You know, putting San Diego right back up there and kind of raising our hand and saying, Hey, what about us? Yeah, you know, Right now we have two senators from Northern California from the Bay area, So obviously we need a lot more Southern California repetition and the fact that Southern California needs a lot of help. We've seen that during this covert Christ of some of the highest rates, obviously in the country in Southern California, especially here in South San Diego and along the border, So we're in trouble have the highest rate of unemployment in the state along the borderlands question. Imperial County so We're in trouble. We need to get someone to replace Senator Harris. She gets elected vice president who's fighting for California and every California and not just the ones who can write campaign checks, right? I think that's important to make sure that someone who works for every California In every corner of state and every family and put families and kids first for California

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