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"san diego chamber commerce" Discussed on Newsradio 600 KOGO

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"san diego chamber commerce" Discussed on Newsradio 600 KOGO

"Been Quicker. To book a flight. From Tijuana airport. And land in San Diego l a X and then drive down from l A X to San Diego when it would've been quicker to get across the border if you did that. This is because the tightening of restrictions are all because of Corona virus. The the federal government knows something that you and I've been talking about for a while, which is there's this explosion. Of Cove it in Mexico. I believe there are about a half a million cases in Mexico, and a lot of them are coming across the border to our hospitals. And getting free healthcare and taking up our beds. As a result, um and so, throwing off the numbers because they don't ask if American or California Latinos have disproportionately affected. They just say Latinos disproportionately affected Yeah, and more on the numbers and in just a minute. But what's interesting about this is that the liberals I notice that the San Diego Chamber of Commerce which is completely liberal, by the way, Came out and said that border patrols actions air quote concerning Wait, Hold on, Let me get this straight. Let me get this straight. The Chamber of Commerce has been silent, absolutely silent on all the restrictions. Imposed on San Diego businesses on covert 19. They have gone along. They have rolled over. They've had a smile on their face. They've said Yes. Give me more. Give me more Daddy. And yet When it comes time to. Ah ah, the Border patrol implementing restrictions in the name of covert 19 2 people coming across the border. Suddenly they have a problem with that. I mean that that is exactly what's going on here, and it's a slap in the face to every San Diego chamber member that your chamber the San Diego downtown Chamber, led by Jerry Sanders. That your chamber is keeping its mouth shut on all these restrictions, not saying a damn word, accepting the punishments, not questioning, not pushing. But by golly, if you start having restrictions on Mexicans coming into this country across the border Well, by golly, that's when we're going to speak out. This is what happens when you would steep yourself in this. You know, this is glorious narrative of how San Diego and Tijuana are really a borderless region on DH. You know, we can't survive. We can't exist. We can't flourish without you know, the absence of a border and in businesses so flourishing for the region. And then all of a sudden something happens where we have to actually rely on an international border for our own public health. And then almost on everyone, you know, Heads to the hills. They quiet there silent. They're hiding under their beds. This doesn't fit the narrative that they created, you know, for four years, and that is that it's impossible to exist as San Diego as a business community without the help and assistance in the work in the labor and the money that comes from our neighbors to the South, but not true. Yeah, I mean, So when you start speaking out chamber San Diego chamber against the restrictions on small business owners in San Diego, where small businesses livelihood has been destroyed. Then I might actually start listening to you when it comes to You're screaming about how unfair it is to these essential workers whose livelihood is on the lie there on the line, and they can't get across the border. You didn't say anything about the livelihood of the Ramona gym owner who got shut down and now is being prosecuted. You don't say a whole lot about any of the small businesses that are taking it on the chin and going out of business. But by golly, you got to make sure that border remains open. We know where the political stripes of essentially moved at the San Diego chamber. If you remember, just just withdraw, but it does raise the point of the data. There's a story in the Union Tribune, where they look at the data along ethnicity of covered 19 cases in San Diego County. What's interesting here is we know, based upon the public health reports that 65% 65%. Of the, Um um Aah Cove in 19 positives. Are from Latinos. Now that's of the cases that we know the ethnicity on. Okay, the cases we know ethnicity on 65% of them are Latinos. What the Union Tribune found out is that only 57% of people who are getting the Koven 19 tests are actually answering the question. What ethnicity or you? 28% People answering the question, which again is roughly a little more than half 28% say they're Latina, which is 5% points lower than the 33% share they have of San Diego County in San Diego. Yeah, Yeah. Let let me lay out the numbers here. 33% of San Diegans are Latino. But 65% of covert 19 cases are Latino. But recognize that of the covert 19 cases that we know that this city on were actually undercounting by about 15%. The Latino proportion. That's significant. And so This is because people aren't putting down their ethnicity when they get a test, or it's their not being asked, or it's not there. Well, it could be ask. It could be not putting down, declining to answer because it is an optional answer question. But when you look at this what it tells me Is that of the Folks that were asking the question ofthe most people who are Latino are not wanting to respond, so the test should be about If you're just looking at population 33% of those tests should be Latino, right? It should find out the amount of people that are represented in the overall. That means that the 65% numbers actually understated, not overstated. We're probably looking at a covert 19 case rate. That's at least 70, if not a little higher than 70% of covert 19 cases in San Diego, are driven by Latinos. And so I think that's a damning number. I think that that should ask the question. Why are Latinos more susceptible? Maybe we're not seeing that nationwide. Um, are not asking the question we could be missing a major scientific concern. Discovery are Latinos more involved in frontline work. That could be explaining partially what's going on, or In San Diego. Do we have an issue with that border? Is that why we're seeing such an increase is that people in in Mexico where the disease is going higher, where they haven't done a CZ much shutdown on lockdowns on their economy as we have here in the United States. Is it possible that some of these cases are being driven by that? That porous border which would then indict the San Diego chamber? Commerce? Even Mohr? On their you know, B s position that they're out there advocating on about the Border patrol, instituting some more rigorous standards. Very interesting. No one wants to touch this, because, Oh, if we pull the cord on this thing this Ah sweater, it may lead to something We don't want to know. Yeah, that's that's what I'm getting, maybe messes up our narrative that we love so well and that is minorities and women are hit hardest. You know, it's always the case. Minorities and Latinos and minorities and women are always going to be hit hardest. They have to be an artist or also doesn't work and take a look at where all the testing is happening. A total of 42,600 tests in Chula Vista. Compare that to Mira Mesa, same period of time a 12,000 tests So almost like a factor of four. All right, Mira Mesa versus Chula Vista or alcohol. 15,388 tests in alcohol versus again the 42,600 some in Chula Vista or South South San Diego. 20,431 Tests in South San Diego. Versus Sarah Mason 12,426. And I don't even have the Rancho Bernardo data. That's only what they were willing to put up there. I'm sure Rancho Bernardo is his even smaller than that. It sits down with the mirror based on numbers of dead probably under 10,000. 0. No doubt, no doubt. So you look at this and you're like, Well, wait a minute. Union Tribune. Does this story. They're just saying new numbers shed light on racial and ethnic covert testing in San Diego County, right? I think they write the headline on that and then go write a story to support the headline, though that zoo they so badly wanted to be so and it could be a number of other things, and some of the things it could be could be a major. As you said, It's a discovery of something. And it actually raises more questions that they don't want to actually frame or ask. Why is it that around if you do the adjustment of the data more than 70% of covert 19 cases in San Diego are from Latinos. Why? What we do differently? How could improve outreach? How can we improve sanity? Sanitation? What we what are we supposed to be doing to improve our strategy and intervention? And by the way, how does it rank with the acute cases? You know that All of this has to get go towards how do we improve our health care capacity for overtime, But we definitely need to get get get that that that this part of the issue needs to be out there and I'm not hearing it from Fletcher or anyone else..

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