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"san antonio neuropathy center" Discussed on My Seven Chakras

"Host A. Giant Kumar along. LemMe ask you a question. How many dachshunds do you think you get exposed to on a daily basis? Take a wild guess. Give you a couple of seconds. Think about it. You come across dachshunds through your breathing through your food through the stuff that you use at your home at you workers and the many ways that you interact with your environment according to an article written by Dr John Coppola from the San Antonio neuropathy center. Modest estimates have suggested that we aren't explores to more than seven hundred, thousand different toxic chemicals on A. Daily basis and according to the global. Healing. Center it isn't abnormal to be exposed to over two point one, million dachshunds each and every day two point one million dachshunds research from the University of California shows how the average person is being exposed to cancer this levels of toxins like our cynic dioxins and delete these dachshunds aren't only made available to our body organs blood and. Sales when we eat and drink them but especially through our breathing, my name is Aj host of my seven Chuckers, any certified breath work instructor, and doing a lot of studying, experimenting, practicing, and sharing especially over the last couple of months when the pandemic began and I'm going to share with you some surefire ways that you can use to eliminate the sins through the power of. Your breathing so that you can boost your immunity but before I continue to question to please hit the subscribe button especially if you're on your iphone or hit the follow button if you're listening on spotify because this does something to the podcast garden that ensures that people who wouldn't normally come across this episode actually come across it. So please hit subscribe are hit the Follow Button Right now, and let's get started step number one always ensure you are breathing in Serie knows recently asked a few friends how they breathe and many of them tour me that the breathe in and out through their out and I don't really blame them because we don't have a breath work glass in school to teach us how to breathe correctly when you breathe in through your mouth, you're actually breathing in a lot of oxygen. And guess what oftentimes you don't need that much oxygen in fact, do much oxygen can. Be Detrimental to your health just like when you please a piece of iron out in the air, it gets arrested due to exposure your tissues and organs can suffer a similar diet of. Gaul oxidative damage due to oxygen or exposure. Mud breathing can lead to other issues such as Porsche, auto immune issues, chronic stress, and all of this can actually affect your entire outlook on life and your sense of confidence in your sense of happiness. Right the solution is to breathe in through your nose breathing in through your nose firstly ensures that you regulate the amount of. That you are taking. Because you see, you got filters in your news there ensure that these toxins endured to a great extent get filtered off, which is it full first line of defense. And because of the unique structure of your news, it actually warms up the air before it is taken up by your body, which does wonders for your ability to use the oxygen for energy production, and here's the icing on the cake when breathe through your nose. You create something or nasal nitric oxide, which increases are deal oxygenation and reduces blood pressure in the lungs. One study shored that nasal breathing increased tissue oxygenation by ten percent when compared to mouth breathing nasal nitric oxide acts as our bodies first line of defense against airborne. By sterilizing incoming air then as a nitric oxide travels into the lungs, it reduces blood pressure redistributes blood flow and increases gas exchange leading to greater arterial oxygenation, and what this means is that the oxygen that you breathing is effectively transmitted into your cells where energy is produced. So breathing in through your nose is really really beneficial. Do. When you're breathing, breathe all the way. Deal your belly. is you most people breathe shallow their chest? And this type of breathing is associated with chronic stress and anxiety. But when you breathe deep multiple things happen. Firstly, breathing deeply stimulates the lymph nodes and assists with lymph drainage or does that will lymphatic system is the sewage system of the body where debris dachshunds are collected and then eliminated from the body. But unlike heart and that is constantly pumping your blood, the lymphocytic system needs stimulation and guess what diaphragm attic breathing that you do. That increases the rate of elimination as much as fifteen times. Now, the other reason why you must breathe all the way down to your belly and die from is that when your diaphragm moves up and down in deep breathing, it stimulates the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is the VAGA bond nerve its longest nerve that stocks, the brain stem and goes all the way down your toward your Chaz your stomach. So when this nervous activated your rest and digest phase of your nervous system gets activated allowing your body to focus on immune building and rest also. When you breathe deeply and consciously and all the way to your belly you are promoting blood circulation, which is another way by which your body detox is and eliminates west. Now the way that you know that your belly breathing is if you place, you're right bomb and the center of your chest and your left bomb or your belly, and in fact, you can do it right now. But not if you're driving but just do as I said, right bomb at the center of a chest left bomb will we Abedi and then breathe in deeply? Oh. In three knows. outremont. Now. If your belly inflates like a balloon along with the the rising off your chest and your.

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