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"samuel della mbare" Discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

"ESPN radio all throughout the day. What did we determine is the greatest shopping grocery shopping offense. I will wait for all of you to come up with the thing at the grocery store that upsets you the most but in the interim as a sports filibuster. I ask you this question Espy nation is has a candidate for this. The greatest rivalry this year in the NBA. Is there one because Espy nation has a nominee. But I'm asking you what in the NBA this year Hankas area was on with us last week. And he was just lamenting men. None of this is interesting. I am not in any way. Interested in basketball. The regular season has always been a relevant, but rarely more relevant this than this year where the warriors of beat the nuggets last night, and they're going to get home court, of course. And of course, and they don't need homecourt if they didn't get it. But what would be your nomination for greatest rivalry in the sport this year? I was thinking Nick sons. I'll go Celtics. Sixers Sixers the sort of obvious answer. I think heat-magic they're battling it out to the wire. SP nation is saying, and I believe Espy nation has you all beat on this espionage. Although Sixers and Celtics are pretty good. When you have Marcus smart, just nonchalantly tossing. Joel Embiid into the sidelines. Espy nation is saying it's the warriors versus the wrath. And it is. His these guys have to find someone to be angry at and someone to compete with and the refs will do they have to have a reason to care about this regular season. And the only reason they care about it. Like, I am actually here for that rivalry escalating in ways that are more obvious that the refs don't like them. You said even their biggest foe this year outside of themselves. Because I mean, they fought with themselves stream on got suspended. So it goes fficials, and then Durant versus dream. All right. And then the rock. Depending on Chris falls health. That's right. The rockets with an asteroid conversation, depending on the hamming. It is a curious thing that when you think about it because this isn't look the last one was bad the one you're rarely seen. An NBA game decided as agreed ously as. The warriors against the timber wolves. We have the sound of Ed Malloy and Melena different game yesterday ojected Popovich and was mad at the Rosen, and he gave the dainty est. Technical foul in the history of technical fouls. I thought it was his middle finger. It was not it was his index finger he tapped it like you would a bell to summon someone at a motel. Chris Cody said he should have gone to middle fingers on the t to middle fingers in teeing up the Spurs. But the warriors are sitting here fighting with the refs stugatz all season long. It's not just the Minnesota game. And we've seen this happen in Minnesota before we've seen it happen with the forementioned at Malloy before I can't play the sound enough down by one hundred ninety eight inbound a love the left side you'd want. Blocked by buried bull comes in the arms of down the bear. The horn sounds of the ball game is over the timber wolves are screaming for a foul. There was none cold. Rubio off to love. That is unbelievable. Referees are booed as they go off the floor. David Guthrie is right there. He never guts to call. It. Also. I'm not even sure Malloy was the funniest name in there. I think Samuel della Mbare was. The white. He deliver Malloy how old is that. Sound it sounded like it was during the nineteen fifties? I mean Marian is the first half year heaven love is a timber wolves Rubio's there, this is only from twenty fifteen but I thought he was gonna mention Tom googly out at one point fast. Things happen. Fast in sports, googles people. Call him goo, everyone calls him googles. Former also right goods Shawn Marion ugly shot in NBA history..

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