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"samantha nissenbaum" Discussed on Doughboys

"Welcome to the podcast about chain restaurants. I'm nick wider. Along with my co-host you say tomato. He says tomato war the spoon man. Mike mitchell yikes that's the drop for today on a very special episode. That's rob. I mean the based roach rosman. Managing malcolm courtesy of stephanie. Your podcast has brought me a lot of joy during pando so i mostly want to say thank you for doing what you do. Love from austin texas getting more broadsides. You want to send away mitch. Yeah you can't make the pandemic cute with panda. What the fuck is. Don't make the pandemic you know. Thank you stephanie. I mean. I called it a drop. I'm a mess already anyways. Good we're doing fine. Thank you wags mitch. We hung out last night. We did we review of us. You and me agafrench a future episode guests there and everybody. John gabriel got together and we had drinks like old times like old times deadliest. Hang out with you have drinks with you. I was a new experience for me. Yes it was new. The world was like all times. I agree it was like yeah. We went to a place. We went to a restaurant that out. I should keep secret right. And then we went to The kid bits room next to cantor's yes. So which is a famous deli here in l. a. and they're having adjacent and adjoining bar. That's kind of kitschy and divy and fun and we had a blast at time of our lives. Yeah you were. You were really. You're thrown them back. All right there is that the sutter home was was an empty home. It looked like the sutter home had been moved out of. When you were at that bottle. I gotta say this. Is that the guy. There was a bartender at the room. Yes and gabriel. He's wearing a mets hat and he was like he's got to be from new york he's wearing a he'd like he's got to be from like an area new york that i know he's wearing a mets at. Yeah if he was already a yankees had to give me from. Wherever but a mets hat is so like. That's the you gotta be from new york and gabor's like from new york where you from and he said a place and he was juneau it and then gabor's revealed his long island's tattoo in. It's right here and pointed to it on his arm yes and then got got us a rounder free drinks. Yeah which. I didn't even like i think i'd rather pay not have to experience all that those cool as l. it's alpha mu was go. Why don't you have a quincy tattoo or something. My mom boston. My mom will be mad. She'd scrub it off. She one of my guests. Wouldn't i think my mom would still got a tattoo. If she were and she wouldn't allow she'd spank it. Off of me. The classic all right you have on your ass. She's disgrace please. I can't embarrass myself in front of today's guests. This is bad all right here. We go out and look. It is too late to be out of the movie right. I think it is. We've ever done the movies movies finished. Get good and why. Here's a little drop. Wow throw said he added now wow and original composition. An original composition actually wrote for two and a half years So it's fucked up. It's wrong hey spoon man. It's adam the music therapist with another song parody. And i was lucky enough to be joined by my friend. Jeremy on backing vocals. Jeremy was the one who introduced me to the podcast a few years ago. And we've been went to your live show together in. Dc are banned part-time. Uncle is on spotify. Much love adam. Ps fun fact. Shrek and fiona covered this song in the dvd extras of shrek. Two and the perry of american. What do you. What did you say you save very interesting. I said very exciting. Okay well as wrong and dairy assessors of to and a parody of american idol in which simon cowell judges all of the shrek characters singing abilities but ultimately declares but also declares himself the winner. A very weird two thousand four time capsule and then he said to link to it. We won't watch that link now but we will watch it on our own time all right why. We're going to introduce our guests. But i just want to say yes. I had the tv on You know who. I see on the tv. This little motherfucker the fucking noida. The noise is back. Yeah i mean at this point. It's been back for for some time. Yeah well he's back and he's causing havoc again. I just thought as is something. We haven't really talked about. It's fucked up. Here's my issue. With and you know. Happy to see the noise. Back in action i feel like his disruption is a little too abstract right now i need some more concrete he's ruination he's just sort of like kind of like trying to get in the way of delivery vehicle. You might get up to your old tricks out. Nice gun or something. Yeah he's a stamper. Yeah no this. Commercials are weird and shows them messing with voting machines on election day to twenty said the capital on january six the noise the noise storms the capital. Yeah they're kinda strange. They got they got. They got a zone in on this. Been a flag. It's weird all right. Let's introduce our guests. Are they here still okay. They're still here. they're still here. They're still hanging in there at least for now very very excited to have them both the director and co producer of the tomorrow war streaming july second on amazon. Prime chris mckay and samantha nissenbaum. What's up. Hi chris. Hi samantha guys. How you.

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