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"samantha nickerson" Discussed on Newsradio 970 WFLA

"Elementary school principal is under arrest accused of sending text messages to a Hillsboro deputy posing as a teenager 41 year old Derek McLaughlin is the principal at Dawson elementary in Riverview He's facing three third degree felony charges for sending sexually explicit messages to undercover detectives he thought was a 15 year old boy Chef chronister says thankfully a child did not receive the obscene messages News channel 8s Justin checker the school district says McLaughlin has been an employee since 2002 They add McLaughlin made suicidal comments at the time of his arrest and has been placed under a baker act A statewide search is on for a missing 9 year old Jackson nickerson who was last seen in live oak east of Tallahassee on Friday He is approximately four feet tall with long blond hair kept in a ponytail He may be with 36 year old Samantha nickerson who has sandy hair and brown eyes Anyone with information is asked to contact the swanny county sheriff's office Election officials are sounding the alarm about petition fraud in the push to expand gambling in Florida Elections supervisors around the state are reporting a flood of invalid petitions Orlando's Fox 35 spoke to Lake county supervisor of elections Alan Hayes Every single petition that is presented to us we check the name on it We check the address We check the date of birth and we check the signature and see if it matches a signature that we have on file for that voter It's believed petitioners are trying to manipulate the process by filing fake forms instead of gathering the signatures of real voters authorities say multiple criminal investigations are currently underway in different jurisdictions The St. John's county sheriff's office is investigating a possible murder suicide that occurred early this morning in St. Augustine The sheriff's office said it responded to reports of gunshots early Sunday morning at the 5300 block of a one a south in the butler beach area When deputies arrived they found two bodies inside the home according to sheriff's office the incident is being investigated as a murder suicide and that there is no threat to the public at this time With Ford's news I am Tim Atkins From the Florida central credit union auto loans traffic center if I 75 is a part of your travels this morning you won't be expecting any delays Heading over the bridges you won't be expecting any delays on the Howard Franklin Courtney Campbell or skyway Traffic is up to speed on the veterans in selman expressway There are no delays on U.S. three O one and its smooth sailing on U.S. 19 Construction continues on I two 75 both northbound and southbound between fourth street and the Howard Franklin bridge.

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