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"samantha albert" Discussed on Safety Chick Rules

"What's my sharing your details that they all want you to do. But you know it's about keeping samantha's memory. Part of it is selfishly. Yes it's to help others selfishly. I get to talk about samantha. That's great to keep par in the forefront. So it's a selfish thing. I need to do this. A pilot would probably be better off not doing this for recovery wise. It's also healing with time with. You're doing that's positive. Yes this fucking about. I'll tell you how. I feel when i get across the finish. Line of the of the law far is it helps in his. It's made a difference. But it's really. I do this for the foundation. And it's about keeping her name. It's about educating the world on rideshare safety we've been very lucky of where we just have put out several essays in have jason alexander avin bob saggy areas rucker a joe gannon practical. It's having Ross colton who plays in the nhl who is just wanted to stanley cup. He's from robbins value. He actually actually went to school. With samantha albert where the new york yankees We were just played at major league. Baseball all star weekend in the game we plant where it will play the video the the psa's there so it's really about just getting out information getting it out and having these stories. We're going to have. Paul rudd is doing a psa later on this month. So it's getting it out there and getting the kids to see it well. It's safety personal safety. It's what i what i do for a living right. It's personal safety. Always needs to be top of mind. These are issues. These are real safety issues that by doing this by creating the foundation by creating those. Psa's you know you don't know somebody could be at the baseball game or some. You know that that you might have just saved because all triggers. Oh you know what you're right. I'm gonna i better you know. Check the license plate. I better double check. I mean those are. The kinds of things are doing invaluable true invaluable work in samantha's honor by creating the what's my name foundation so we just put outside at international airport. We were just you know. Every concourse ignored international every airport. It should be. I mean absolutely. I'll help you with that. Okay so you know with these podcasts. You go to my website safety chick dot com and on the year episode. I will have your foundation website. How to get a hold of you and for everybody out there that wants to help with the organization. Help get the word out in their own. Towns i think it would be great for them to work with you because you know safety in numbers the more numbers getting the word out is fantastic. I i so. I just i am so again honored that you are here today. Telling this incredible story. Tragic no words for it but at the same time what is come out of it truly you your wife Samantha's legacy will have saved countless number of of people taking rideshare. So thank you so much for being here today. Thank you for having me before you get into the car. Look for the uber or lift sign on the car. Check the license plate number and the make of vehicle to make sure that that is your driver. Ask them before you get into the car who they are picking up. Ask them what your destination is to make. Sure they have the correct info before you get into the car. Make sure your door is unlocked and do not lock it. If you feel uncomfortable in any way ask the driver to stop. Get out and call nine one one immediately. So what an incredible story and again if you wanna be involved if you wanna get involved if you wanna help out with the organization get the word out about rideshare Go to my website safety. Chick dot com check out the episode on rideshare and connect any questions. Diem me at instagram at the safety. Chick dot com.

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