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6 months after Hurricane Maria, parts of Puerto Rico continue to struggle

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02:12 min | 5 years ago

6 months after Hurricane Maria, parts of Puerto Rico continue to struggle

"The information was later used by cambridge analytica a consultant to the trump campaign john blackstone has more on this undercover video broadcast today by britain's channel four reveals cambridge analytic a ceo alexander knicks boasting of his company's involvement in the two thousand sixteen presidential campaign have you met mr trump the data all the talk to today cambridge analytica suspended knicks but facebook could be in deeper trouble in two thousand eleven they signed a consent decree with the federal trade commission promising not to allow unauthorized use of users profile data nixes admission suggests facebook may have violated that agreement roger mcnamee an early investor in facebook is now a critic of the company i think there's a giant problem for facebook and frankly for democracy in the united states sam lester with the electronic privacy information center agrees users had no idea that cambridge analytical is accessing this data it's a clear violation of the two thousand eleven consent order potentially could cost them forty thousand dollars for every offense times fifty million people that could total more than two trillion dollars in fines mcnamee says zuckerberg silence is disappointing you don't get to make a billion dollars in mark's case you know tens of billions of dollars without being responsible for the consequences of your actions facebook spokesperson said today the entire company is outraged they were deceived by cambridge analytica but lawmakers in both congress and britain's parliament are holding facebook responsible and they want to hear directly from mark zuckerberg jeff john blackstone staying on this story john thank you it was six months ago today that hurricane maria slammed into puerto rico take a look at the pictures then and now we tell you ninety five percent of the island had no power in the days after the storm now about the same percentage has it back david begg no return to puerto rico to check on the recovery driving through macau we saw a listen her husband on the side of the road with buckets they come here to this faucet to get.

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