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"sam koussa" Discussed on The Cycling Podcast

"Road today in that move of big hitters super tough super tough As soon as i came up into the breakaway. I could tell it was going to be a really really hard day and honestly Headwinds on the on the last couple of climbs Did make it a bit easier but over the top of the envelope and then facials were just incredible. The pace was so high. And i spent a lot of time. up here in Apnea and door. I have an apartment in so resident here and i knew the climb super well And that is by far the fastest ever gone up. These climbs it was insane is interesting your team onion guys place highly overall but also men in the break is well. It's not just a sign of how far charters ahead of everybody else that you're allowed to go for you and i'm vicious as well. Yeah i mean. I think no matter what position you're in Even if we go was only a few seconds behind pogo charge. And i think it's just in our interest to be in the breakaway to. We need to come back because we wouldn't be able to follow rigo and pull him off the front to to get away from in the stage so if he does that in his own and we're ahead and then we're up there to help him and that's Just a If you can pull it off. Yeah so we see more of that in the final week. Yeah we hope we hope All we can do is just keep raising our bikes and Folks on our race and hope that rigo just Continues to stay solid nielsen pilots the ef education nipple writer i also spoke to mark donovan. The team dsm writer making his debut undeterred. Franz he rode the vuelta last year. He found himself in that. Very distinguished company today and not big breakaway. They've they've had a really tough tour team. Dsm but he seemed quite happy. The finish don martin just said he thought i was the strongest break. Ever been in the third of franz. It's not what it felt like. Yeah pretty much. Yeah looking around when a form that was like. Oh we've got about half of these guys can win today or more. Yeah it was pretty crazy. crazy schoenberg was looking good on i On you you're just Just to get into. But yeah it. Nice and i felt good day which just didn't have the legs on the final climb and then i had to be unlucky. Punchers slow punch while chain bike so it wasn't ideal changed much in the end this. There's a whole day in strong wind as well. Yeah it was just constantly ice on the back in the neck water all the time. It's kind of nice being in the car. And the fumes behind you all the time and then yeah it was There was a time when After the break. I formed on the returned onto the main road as a few attacks going and no one really wanted to take control but then luckily fda took control and they just about into a headwind both so that was kinda nice for everyone else to impress you. I mean in the big names in strong writers. But who particularly impressed you. Oh i gotta say The two french Guys who worked for go to america. He was in both my first the brakes. I've been in the volts as well then also Address as well. They just pulled all day. And then yeah i think everyone else is just Pretty happy to sit in the world. How are you feeling being sent to your. I started front. Feel really good today based how unlucky Trying to get into break so many times. It's just not quite worked out but today it's really did and hopefully going into the final week. I can yeah kind of build on this chances in the third week. Yeah definitely the first half of the first week some of the movie some big. Jc fights for your show. I mean got nothing to lose some as well. Trash science is supporting cycling. Podcast at the twenty twenty one. The science in sport fueled by science. Thank you very much. Indeed to science and sport are longtime sponsor and we have been running our super sunday competition. Lionel is charged with administering guests. The winner of sunday's stage is today and if your name is drawn the slight can podcast casket. You will win. Eighty of scientists for good as lionel has not. Let me know. Yet whether anybody named sam koussa's a potential when i'm sure they did so i'm sure we'll have a winner but i'll probably say who is in tonight's episode economically competition by going to the cycling podcast dot com. And you'll see the details about how to guess. Who will win next sunday stage in paris and maybe it will be marked county because he survived. Today's stage if you want twenty five percent off your science sport goodies go to scientists board dot com and enter the code kate. Katie sleeping saw say looking at cap twenty-five her phone and looking forward to your architecture. Highlights and lowlights. yvonne. Dora kate but yeah cavendish made another tough day for him. He was off the back court early. Got back on. Well looked after by michael markov and tim clark and others love another rival today. Nasa were nassar behind the initiative on the podium. Well a few times. On of francie. You abandon as they say so. Yeah i mean once again. If the more calf gets near paris the less opposition he will have on the last day. He was behind him. Struggling in front of the broom-wagon for a little bit and Eventually called day. Shame biggest is actually one of the stories over. We were going to cover at some point. The the rebirth of behind him. And we've been so focused on cavendish but behind. He has also been really close to a stage. Win this tour back to probably his best which is kinda gone it's a story that's gone untold in a way and maybe we'll ask connor swift are direst For bit more behind the and his trip. He's like the race sonically. Well today. i mean stage went for saint koos a guy who has often promised star result like this. You know it's another classic case of roget's was still in the race. He wouldn't be position to win the stage. He's somebody's capable of for a long time. But when the responsibility being given to him he sometimes struggled to deliver when he's been given team leadership or when he's been given opportunities really took it today and i was really impressed with the way that you held off valverde a widely was there was an interesting pattern again and actually kind of explains what i was saying before about the new patterns with these breakaway groups. With lots of strong guys in there. There's really been a divine our thing in teams between the juicy. The real jesse guys. I mean the real jesse guys not the guys who might have a chance to one day become a juicy writer and the guys who might have the potential to be with with. Don't have the mind for it and goofy stage wins. I think there's a case for sabco's if you don't give him too much responsibility you don't put too much burden on his shoulders and he goes for the stage wins. Yeah i m long interview for with pio and told me that the first five or six years of his career had been a nightmare because he was considered as a potential contender being the best younger twenty. Eleven and the five years that followed the said. We're nightmare you're under pressure. Every day you fear in the crash you fear into. Let your teammates down and said the day when jonathan voters told him forget the go for stage wins if it was a new born rider and enjoy the job again. I think that some most of the guys where the front of the type of writers you know the the gray trousers are going to win a stage of major grant to sage thoughts. energy writers. Sabco's is absolutely this type of rights. I a message from lizzy banks to say nice to finally set coups trying now. He looks like the rest of us when we are not trying. Because i've said on the podcast before that. He just often looks so easy for sap koos when he's been lieutenant to raw glitch there have been moments where he's sorry rog which is starting wheel and koussa's just writing on air. I.

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