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Ted Lasso Video Game-Lasso intro and wrap

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Ted Lasso Video Game-Lasso intro and wrap

"There is a new format to watch Ted Lasso The series starring Jason Sudeikis about an American football coach coaching British football soccer has won a lot of awards The show is about family the show is about mentors and teachers the show is about teammates Now Ted Lasso and his fictional AFC Richmond team are included in the new FIFA 23 video game He's someone you just can't help but root for He's a great manager and an even better man And if you tell him I said that I will brain you All the fictional players on the show including Roy Kent and Sam Elba Sanya are feature E a sport I'm in the game Oh did I sound like a guy Yeah you sounded like the guy Ted Gave for 23 which also includes real soccer clubs is available next week I'm Ed Donahue

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