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The Chris and Joe Show: Positional Breakdown Post Free Agency

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The Chris and Joe Show: Positional Breakdown Post Free Agency

"People do amazing things every day and yet most of us feel like we can't do our taxes ourselves doesn't make any sense. Turbo tax believes that with the right tools. Encouragement people can do anything. Yes even taxes and with turbo tax live you have access to CPA's on demand who are available even on nights deacons to answer your questions or give you advice to help. Make sure you do your taxes right and get your best possible refund turbo tax. All people are tax people. Welcome to the Kristen. Joe Show presented you bias nation and Big Blue View. I'm Joe deleon. Joined by Chris Slum and we're pretty much at the end of free agency like we talked about on Tuesday show so we are doing. As an exercise analyzing the current roster reevaluating which groups are the strongest which are currently still the weakest in which improved the most after this free agency period we previously analyzed all this stuff that the very beginning of the offseason so now that they made roster moves? We have a better understanding. Of how things are shaping out and looking come draft time in the very end of April before we take a look at those various position groups we do have two additional signings. That occurred since we last recorded. So we're going to discuss those first that first signing that happened pretty much immediately after we finished recording on Monday was dion. Lewis running back from the Tennessee titans signing with the New York giants on a one year deal five foot eight one hundred ninety five pounds and a twenty nine year old veteran. Who's been around for a relatively long time in this league bouncing around between multiple teams most notably the Philadelphia Eagles the New England Patriots? And then most recently the Tennessee. Titans two thousand and nine thousand nine hundred fifty four carries for two hundred nine yards. Twenty five receptions one hundred sixty four but if you recall. Dion Lewis in his best year. That was with the New England patriots in two thousand seventeen where he topped. One thousand scrimmage yards and nine total touchdowns also racked up a grade of eighty eight point seven which is really really good. Seen bit of a decline especially down to this past season as down as sixty really approaching that thirty year old. Uh Threshold shelf-life shelf-life mark for running back so he's he's had a gradual decline less carries less touches but still relatively impactful when you need them to go out there. Yeah this is not a guy who is going to be competing with their pushing saquon Barkley. He's really probably going to be competing with Wayne. Gelman and John Hillman. And whoever else the giant happened to bring in for the backup running back position right now looking at at his last two years with Tennessee outside of that New England scheme machine however you WANNA call it. He's really been at his best kind of a third down back pass. Protector a receiving back. Who can catch the ball out of the backfield? Maybe make something happen. After the catch he did have a good year as a kick returner in twenty seventeen which is probably where Joe Judge knows him from best so maybe he can contribute there but one area the giants have struggled with is pass protection from the running back position and having a guy who can pass protect who can catch yet hopefully maybe that will give them some options and maybe clean up what was a deficiency last year and if you recall when we we did the running back position group and evaluated at the very beginning of the off season we talked about a need for bringing in a veteran running back just to help fill out that position to add a little bit of extra layer in a different skill set to that running back group. Because if you look at you've Saquon Barkley who's very very unique shifty. Big running back you have wing allman. Who's a bit more downhill on the bigger side? Not a total burner. You have John Hillman. Who is on the younger side coming into his second year and was an undrafted free agent out of Rutgers Not GonNa have a huge impact running the ball but can contribute on special teams. But when we talk about bringing in a guy that is a veteran that can either work in one or two ways to balance out and counter. What saquon Barkley brings to the table? So it's either bringing in a bigger back that could be used in short yardage situations giving a quick spell to Saquon Barkley just to pick up a few extra yards here and there whenever Barkley needs a break or the other option is bringing in a smaller more compact receiving type back and I think Dion Lewis really does fit that definition of a smaller quicker. Really good hands type of a running back however I I'm going to say Chris. You could probably agree with me here when we were talking about all of these potential options. I don't think either of US would have considered Dion Lewis as an option because we be listed off all of these other available names that sounded really good and I think we even talked about Amir Abdul of being an option and he made a lot of sense fitting that type of receiving role but dion. Lewis the twenty nine year old ends up being that guy. Yeah that's the way the free agency class wet for us. We've looked at all these all these auctions. We saw a bunch of really interesting names and the giants really pursuing. None of them so out. Maybe there's something learned from that personally. I was kind of expecting them to bring in running back competitions through the draft and they may yet because they have a ton of picks at the back end of the draft and that could be a really good spot to look the other signing and this one is a bit unique because of where he's coming from yesterday they signed driven. Ask You Henry a defensive back from the New York Guardians of all places. Xfl Player one of the few xfl players who have so far signed with NFL teams in the midst of their season being cut short because of the corona virus issues. So they sign ask you Henry who previously had a stint with the steelers for very brief period of time bigger corner around six foot? Two two is what he was listed at and they're signing him to a two year deal fun fact about ask you. Henry in this is was released as part of the announcement from Ian Rapoport. That he's the cousin of Daryl Rivas. So maybe you can get a little bit of that quality of play not up to standards but you can get a little bit of that that strong consistency as a defensive back for the two years that he could be a giant. Yeah yeah I I think I kind of expect him to be in the mix for the giants safety position that from what I remember. That's what he mostly played when he was at West. Virginia Tech does kind of go with his size. If I remember correctly he was more of a hitter than a coverage guy but if he can be anything like reduce this could be a sneaky. Good signing for the giants Something we'll just have to see. Now we're going to give you a look into the various position groups that have improved taking a step backward and also who is currently the strongest before we get to that though. We're going to take a very short commercial break. This episode is brought to you by. Hp HP knows that small businesses can struggle to find a balance between reaching a broad audience and building enduring customer relationships but HP is here to help. Hp has designed printers that can help your small business. Stand out from the crowd with the new. Officejet pro printers. You can print professional quality brochures presentations and more straight from your office without ever meeting a print shop and with HP instant ain't printing costs less you can save up to fifty percent on INC for your small business with the instant inc. Three hundred page plan. You can print anything you want from color presentations to business documents and every page cost the same you'll save up to six hundred dollars a year on original HP INC delivered automatically so you never have to buy cartridges again visit HP DOT com slash. Get Real to learn more about the. Hp officejet pro printer and HP instant INC that's HP DOT com slash. Get Real. A lot of money has been spent in free agency signing various guys that were unexpected but helped fill needs very much so for this giants team that needed improvement especially on the defensive side of the ball in terms of the position group that improved the most. Chris and I both agreed here that the cornerbacks were the most improved for the various obvious signing of James Bradberry from the Carolina Panthers signing for that three year deal joining a young but still talented corner group and then adding that veteran presence which helped really mold out in shape out the remainder of that position group. Yeah yeah hopefully. Bradberry will serve as like a veteran for the giants cornerback group. Take the pressure area. Like we've mentioned before. Take the pressure off of Deandra Baker in Sam Beal Corey Ballantyne Grant Haley. And whoever else happens to wind up in that group but by the time all is said and done hopefully he can be that number one corner who shadows the opposing number one receiver who can play press coverage hopefully force quarterbacks to hold the ball just a little bit longer maybe give the pass rush more time to get there and also help the giants not just hemorrhage big plays on the back end when they have to blitz or when they decide to blitz to dial up more pressure more pass rush bradberry was really the giants biggest signing and really his presence made for the biggest improvement of any of the Of the of any of the position groups yet of adding Bradbury had probably the most impact to any position group which is why we consider them to be the most improved for a period of time. And I think we even said this during those early offseason breakdowns. The cornerback group was not the weakest but one of the weaker position groups just because of the fact that they were they were very young. They didn't have a lot of experience. And that was what was leading to a lot of issues in the secondary overall. So you bring in James Bradberry. He can step in and start and B that number one corner for you. Take a lot of the attention off of the Andre Baker Corey Ballantyne Sam Bill. Whoever else is out there on the field at corner they don't have to guard number one receivers like we saw Baker having to do towards the end of the season and we saw him struggling doing so sue. Bribery can step in. He can immediately start. He can play and have a pretty big impact similar to what we got from Janoris Jenkins in his first year with the giants being able to step in and play in slowdown number one receivers in terms of an honorable mention though in a close runner up. We considered the linebacker group to be not close behind them but right behind them in terms of how much they improved. You talk about getting rid of a clear liability defense INALCO. Gotree was not the same player that he was early on in his career. Not really registering things and moving the same way that he used to be able to get him. Get rid of cream Martin and then you bring in Blake Martinez. Who is an underrated linebacker? Who We talked in full depth on Tuesday about his impact in what he can bring to the table. You've a guy that can step right in. Play Mike Linebacker in help round out that group as soon as they figure out what they're going to be doing it will linebacker. I think that this linebacker group take took a very big step forward as we're talking before before we started recording. The giants got rid of a liability. And edit a viable starter in. This isn't as big of a step forward. Jump as the cornerbacks made with James Bradberry but hopefully Martinez can help with the communication problems. He can hopefully process information more quickly and even though he might not be athlete that Tree was or even is hopefully he can do the mental footwork to put himself in position to make plays rather than watching opposing players. Just run right past him. While he's guarding turf. I kind of brought this during our last show. I don't think his signing precludes the giants from adding another linebacker like you said a will linebacker an athletic guy who can have that who can lockdown that coverage role in the middle. But just having a guy who you hope can be the quarterback of the defense who can communicate who can play chess game with the opposing quarterback who can effectively relay the play. Call from the sideline into the defense communicate with whoever the free safety will be having that guy there. That's that's big for a defense. In terms of what position group did not improve in his now currently the worst on this roster and when we say worst it's not so much that abysmal and they're they're not going to be able to perform but rather one. That still is a need for this team leading into the draft and a clear cut answer for this because of their lack of ability to sign any bigger name available free agents to fix glaring needs. That is the offensive line. They did not sign anyone. Besides Cameron Fleming. Who's been a backup lineman for his entire career? He can step in and playwright tackle if needed but he is probably not the best possible solution. There's nobody out there really available besides if you talk about Jason Peters or Trent Williams but the odds of getting them or pursuing them seem pretty low because there has been not any tied to the giants even considering them so no available. Options made very minimal improvement because of all of that. It's pretty clear that this offensive line group is currently the biggest need heading into the draft yet like you said they don't have a starter in an obvious starter at right tackle at the moment. It seems they're planning for. The center is either Spencer. Poli or hope John. Hello can recover from a ruptured Achilles in time for the season and honestly even both of them were completely healthy. I wouldn't be terribly excited about that plan. We've seen both of those guys. Neither one is really starting caliber center so the offensive line. It has holes at two positions that is just not a good position to be in looking ahead to the season no and there's multiple positions along that line like you said center and right tackle that currently still need players You don't really know. The solution is at that center spot. You don't know for sure if Cameron Fleming will be starting at right tackle or if they're using somebody like Nick Gates. Any of those backup guys. That didn't contribute a ton but did step in last year. You don't know for sure who's going to actually be that right tackle. It's clear though now that come draft time that they're going to have to draft someone. It can't be like last year where they waited until the very end of the draft to take a tackle that is developmental in might not really be able to start right away. They're going to have to take somebody within those first two rounds if they want to address and fix the offense of line do at least take a step forward and improve. It are honorable mention for biggest. Need out of any position. Group was the safety position. The did not really make any significant signings. You can include driven. Ask You Henry in that. They got rid of Antoine Bethesda. So a step backward. You still do obviously have Julian Lavin Gerbil peppers but we did feel that if you get rid of Antoine Bethesda. They should have been bringing in somebody else to join the mix hit it. Exactly the giants don't really have a free safety or at least a free. A free safety that we know will be a good free safety you. We saw Julian love step on the field and play well last year but he stepped on the field and played well in Djibril peppers role. He wasn't really the free safety. That was Antwan Bethesda and he had his issues at free safety most notably the fact that he did he just doesn't have any range left so we don't really know if the giants are going to ask love to transition from that kind of box safety slash slot corner role that he played Give that back to Djibril peppers and then have loved played free safety or will. They leave love where he played. Well possibly keep playing peppers. Close to the line of scrimmage where he has played his best end maybe looked to the draft to find another free safety or we just don't know what's going to happen right now. So it's it's tough to have a lot of confidence in that position when one of the most important positions in your secondary is currently vacant so Chris. Here's a really interesting thought that I had when we were talking about the linebackers and I think it goes in line with this discussion. Because of this specific player you can probably guess who about a pitch deal so maybe the here because they do still need a will linebacker and they're still missing that additional piece at safety. Maybe this is the giants approach to okay. We can't get any of the guys that we want free agency. There's no one really that we see as viable starters and there's a guy that we can get very likely at the fourth overall pick who can play both of these things and we can move around and get creative with him so maybe this is some type of not an intentional set to get. Isaiah Simmons but rather putting themselves in a position if they can't get some of those early guys like Chase Young. They say themselves all right. We have needs at will linebacker. We have needs as an additional safety. Why don't we take Isaiah Simmons or if they don't take Simmons? It opens up the conversation for Jeremy Chin. Or Kyle Duggar more so as a safety but if they want to use them as a rotational sub package linebacker any of those guys could very well be in play because both of those position groups are of need. And just so happens. You have three guys in this year's class that can play those positions yet. I think they are set up to be able to do something like that. It just really depends on whether or not Patrick. Graham is his defense in scheme are set up to run like that. I've been reading a lot about the three three three stacked odd front air raid killer. There it goes by a bunch of different names defended kind of more or less pioneer bio state aspects of. It have been taken up by a bunch of different schools. The New England patriots have been running aspects of it over the last two seasons and getting a guy like Isaiah. Simmons Kyle Duggar Jeremy Chen perhaps even using Djibril peppers in that kind of will linebacker. Box Safety Hybrid. Role is a big part of that defense. Basically it's difficult to explain. In limited time without a whiteboard but it it more or less normalizes the middle linebacker dropping into a deep safety role from the Tampa two and plays it in an odd front. If that makes any sense at all. There's probably a post I'm going to have to do on this time or at the very least in the in the host host for this podcast all link a piece mark. Scofield did on the air a killer but getting one of those athletic hybrid safety linebackers could be a way to run that defense and it can be very very effective against a spread. D A spread offense. I'm going to Amazon prime. You'll whiteboard you can put together a video of breaking this down. So you can fully articulate your thoughts on it but I do agree. It's probably not the easiest thing to explaining podcast where it's only audio people can't really see what you're trying to break down. It's just it's just one of those things that you try to talk about coverages and plays and it's like well you don't know what this looks like. So you're just kind of trying to picture it in your head Onto the next position group our current strongest on the roster. This one is probably not going to change for a period of time even after the draft. No matter who they end up drafting especially if they do end up taking an outside defensive lineman or an edge rusher the clear cut strongest position group. Right now has stayed the same since the beginning of last season. It is the defensive line. I'm that solidified by bringing back Leonard Williams and I'm not saying Leonard Williams. Is the best player on this position group and then he was the final piece that they needed and he drastically elevates the group. That's not entirely true. There's other guys that we would argue are better than Leonard Williams. Bought bringing him back keeps the group together. He's a starter he can contribute. He can take up space probably not worth the price tag like we said but still a very viable starter in overall. If you look at that whole group you're didn't lose anyone. You Return Extra Lawrence who is prime to have a very good second year. You are returning Galvin Tomlinson. Hopefully a long term deal is reached with him going forward so he can be here for a long period of time. The best run stopping player on that defensive line and then if you want to include the pass rushers in that group you add in Kyle as a rotational pass. Rusher you also have oceans Zimmer says as a rotational pass rusher who? We don't entirely know for sure what he's going to be like because he was playing a limited role in looked pretty good in that limited role at times and in addition to that you also have Lorenzo Carter if they had an elite pass. Rusher this this defensive line group could be elite but right now it is still very very good. Yeah I would even focus right in say the Interior Defensive Line Dalvin Tomlinson. Bj Hill Dexter Lawrence Leonard Williams. Any two of these guys probably start for pretty much any team in the NFL. None of them are particularly dynamic. But they're all really solid. Bj Hill. I think has still has untapped upside. He is a four a big guy who played nose tackle in college. He has a ton of athleticism. He actually compares surprisingly closely to Fletcher Cox Despite being about fifteen pounds heavier Tomlinson is about as good a nose. Tackle as you can ask for while still also being able to beat blockers be disruptive in the in the offensive backfield and then you have Dexter Lawrence and Leonard Williams who are probably at their best as kind of that five technique. Odd Front defensive end it. They're athletic. They can penetrate into the Backfield. They can disrupt even if they're not going to be getting a whole bunch of sacks so really that is the strength of the giants team just both sides of the ball front to back that the strength of the team at considering the resources they have gone into that physician it should be the strength considering the emphasis to continually bring additional pieces in over the past few years under Dave gettleman. It's clear cut that this interior group is very specifically that interior group is the strongest on this team. Because of the young talent that you have there you had guys step up in their first or second years like you said. Bj Hill looked really good in his first year. Took a little bit of a step back in production because Leonard Williams joined the team but still look very very good and even had an increase in his pro football focus rating You all these guys are young. They're still developing and you don't know for sure what that feeling is going to be for this group. It could end up being even even even more better. Next season are mentioned. Though for our strongest position group is someone we also said at the very beginning of this off season in things have not changed. That is the running back group. Obvious reason. Saquon Barkley when he's healthy. You have one of the most dynamic if not the most explosive running back in the NFL. In your backfield can score a touchdown from any spot in the field on any given play if you give them just a little bit of room he can do exactly that but then you talk about the guys behind win. Goeman can step in. He can pick up one hundred yards on twenty five carries if you need him to but you're probably not going to give him that much. Run you add dion Lewis. Who is that receiving back type role coming on? Third Down can pass. Protect can catch the ball out of the backfield can also have an impact as a kick returner and then. I still firmly think that Jon Hillman might not be a starting level running back. But he's still a decent piece in that running back group so you have an overall well rounded group making the second second strongest group on this team I basically the presence of saquon Barkley seals it for this. He is probably the giants best player right now. And just having the best player on a position which otherwise it might not be special but it's also probably not terrible either. That really just seals it as being the honorable mention here now if the giants do go into the draft looking for or come out of the draft with another running back that might change things. I do think if the value is right they should take a long look at ag. Dylan out of Boston College. That would really help with the with having a short yardage back in he is. He doesn't have anything like saquon. Barkley twitch and agility but just as far as mass density and straight ahead between the tackles power. There are not many running backs like him out there I remember. We're at the combine. A I saw him. We're watching the combine. That is so I was like. How does this dude weigh in at two forty seven? He doesn't look that big and then all of a sudden you see his legs and okay. Yeah now get it so that would help kind of plug a hole in the giants running game where wing. Gaughman is a straight ahead Gash but he is in a power back. He plays bigger than a measures but he still is a big powerful dude. Allies Penny is a useful versatile full-back. But that's kind of what he is. Saquon Barkley is really at his best finding a crease. And then turning on the afterburners he is in a straight ahead of the pile. Lou Garrick Blount type type running back or even even like crap completely lost my or even like Ezekiel Elliott who kind of grinds out consistent yardage. Barkley can get tackled behind the line. Scrimmage quite a bit but you give him an ounce of daylight and he can be gone a big power back like Dylan or maybe some of the other guys in this draft could kind of fill in the hole between Goeman and Dion Lewis and Saquon Barkley and give you that guy who can just punch it into the goal Punch it into the end zone from the two yard line who can move the pocket or move the pile and kind of pick up the one area where. Barkley is weak in depending on how they approach finishing up this offensive line. If like I said if they can take somebody in the first two rounds a quality starter. Someone that doesn't particularly need to be elite if they take someone in the second round but can step in and play right tackle and grow and improve. That is going to help the development of this running back group from going from being the second best to the best on the team and turning saquon Barkley loose and allowing him to have huge production like he did in his first year and going further than that. Which is crazy to think. Because he had two thousand scrimmage yards in his first season so that is our look at the roster in breaking things down. Next week we're going to transition to talking more about the NFL draft and filling you in on the final most important things to know as were less than a month away in the NFL draft is slowly approaching as far as we assume that it is staying on the same date of April Twenty third to the twenty fifth. We're going to have to see what ends up happening if it's still sticks based on what's currently happening in our country now restrictions to nineteen in the restrictions by the NFL trying to limit people in their work NFL players and personnel in their workplace. So we're GONNA continue to give you. Nfl draft content. Make sure you stay tuned for that. Be Sure to also rain. Subscribe wherever you're listening to. Us and follow us on social media at Big Blue View. You can follow me at Joe. Dealy own thinking followed Chris at Raptor M. K. I feel free to tweet at us for having a few more people lately. Tweeted me asking me questions. I love that stuff. I'll get I'll get back to you as soon as I can. I love answering questions. Feel free to tweet at any of us even the main page if you have any thoughts or questions and we'll try our best to return those various questions or we'll even take them and use them in our mailbag stick around for next week where you will be giving you more in Bill. Draft contract heads up baseball fans. There's a brand new podcast over on Pinstripe Alley. Espy nation the bomber brothers podcasts featuring me Ryan Chester my brother Sean together. We tackle all the latest surrounding Yankees Universe with in-depth analysis and some help from plenty of exciting guests. We're joined now by Brian. Hokies the Yankees reporter for MLB DOT COM. We're joined now by BOB. Klapisch he is a baseball writer for the New York Times by then Lindbergh. He is a writer for the ringer. He is the Co host of the effectively. Wild podcast on fan grabbed. Jack Kerr David Cone. David thanks so much for joining us. Guys on you can catch new episodes. Every week is part of the Pinstripe Alley Community of podcasts. Be sure to check us out and subscribe for free on Apple Podcast or wherever you. Listen to your podcast.

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