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2018 NFL Draft - Ranking the six teams mostly likely to trade up for a top quarterback

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2018 NFL Draft - Ranking the six teams mostly likely to trade up for a top quarterback

"He wrote it down and gave it to me okay because you wrote sam barkley here well sam barclays a very talented linebacker he plays the weakside linebacker he can come at a tiny he can go and gail play running back yeah i may have done that on my own is that like a chris and cliff pau just combined players you know yes i with number five pick in the nfl draft on keys mock draft the denver broncos select bradley chubb north carolina state he could fit in any scheme three four four three scheme rush in need a guy like that that go and get the quarterback because the nfl is a passing league with the number six pick in the draft the indianapolis colts traded down to number six they gotta protect for they have to protect andrew luck yeah well let's see they went and got quitting notre dame notre dame big offense alignment just a crazy molar golden takes care of business there i think that's a good pick solid pick for them at six little high but i think they needed off lyman okay fair enough high number seven thank he's number two own mills big board though that guy like talent wise he's number two so it's not that high yet number seven on the board here is the tampa bay buccaneers with the seventh pick in the draft the bucks elect who key denzel ward ohio state corner very athletic has a as they say a nose for the ball not a nose like yours l z but a nose for the actual football i know this for a ball to he's a strong kid played in a number of big games been there played play little young but i like his style and his his a little bit of experience that he has it ohio state i at the eighth pick the chicago bears select this is what a corner start to fall off the board the number two corner in the draft is mike us.

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