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360. Las cosas de Emma  Con 8 aos, todo se ve de una manera diferente | #LunesPodcastero

Al otro lado del micrófono

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360. Las cosas de Emma Con 8 aos, todo se ve de una manera diferente | #LunesPodcastero

"Nephew podcast presente load to let me get off on a fumed up. A india unpredictable hurricane. Maria nitto last night in minneapolis. Relying what on idea or okay abano going over there will both cut fail. Both gus eat. Thou- insanely either in review. On the radio they quarrel day capable matter. This woman dusty and rousse eight push west gamers. They'd as bella. La lava a lot of birth. Your knees and as beloved as he'll go nope he is not qua- ima- most wouldn't you do them. Glenn guinness can i said papa qazi no as a male model eunice no super damyean super sunni pursuing the list. When nobody knew how ya the. The eight of radicchio podcast birth kazan postcards or last the next present. Of course they in my podcast seabrook at one of the safest i moved komo cetera. Reality safe Uses couture such as Such doors with lewinsky amending a limo. Push clutter either putin laima liberty. La macro is his daughter memo. See though the martha salunke salunke potato as the our i see ya stay markets than those the bobby el-kadora sake. The settlers all miracles multipolarity. That had been touched gentleman row when he was the last has them for the cancel. A course below did not go sign august guide to will your party dominators. Eso of land they lose has no i let them mayors who poverty gamal then throws crow to shot get your shuba burner copied all. You are not casino. Owners dalia kucha podcast because the though the he lit to either the mighty mighty mighty lassie la they lower the radio bologna. Sec are no. They live radio no no. They'll either peggy's day the main. See ya muniz everything. The the. i'm scott us safer federal as again. Neil combative professional. I go get my stick in my son. Although must data melo's eat them. Dan on better either. When the sola august let tallied came from quarter of a book it was known which he is under whatever is it allies who pass. When you leave. I can run a value or cut out the lack of fina yet. But tom in our our christopher nunan with our coaches material this week free or go for one. Or you're gonna start philomena on your team won a good chain. They're pretty mentors. You got dealers wounded dna or through on bookie to i when all those those limits i wanna say advocacy thing ordinary. Say it's too some per se. Co trying you know. Whoever adam hart when iago much of kutschera see to yet podcast kodama social policy tonight. Pocahontas bring up. You could i. I could radio obviously lifetime my state in On of it as a century stuck around them plays veteran. Show you in disguise teen in marshall. Genzer nina's henschel podcast for retail perogative pilasters to senior vice birth birth. Gus breath was through. Fourth guys. go racers. Could travel yorkers with them but bragg unia did i more days fed to win a push. I know i could ask the do. Feel ua this days visitors.

Maria nitto Glenn guinness papa qazi komo cetera putin laima liberty La macro martha salunke salunke dalia kucha eunice minneapolis hurricane bella gamal christopher nunan india melo peggy adam hart Sec kutschera
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"You hey i didn't see coming. It's the podcast. How can i speaking about which physicals if you're right though boy arthur was single. You can promote yard then thousands of listeners. Yes of course. Why was it in publication dot com or dot was at i'd rate in publication. Thank you for listening. Lay keyhole cursive beheld apnea sequel. But they may heat you by your local shutting but lack letter key who cursive behind jari. The protests. derek. Needs i can days. But don't low gluttony hosted the misery. Now tyrod let a keyhole by dr evil. Ethnic greatest each tells the gum. The vast the minor cut up cut up as our history salunke get go shettima lodge or get him eight shut him allows or doug died eko of nagina by letter keyhole by her diary but without talk dayak very key who sit by her diary.

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The Evening Briefing: Wednesday April 22

The Briefing

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The Evening Briefing: Wednesday April 22

"Good evening I'm Chris Priced with the briefing from the Telegraph. It's Wednesday April. The twenty second and social restrictions may last until the end of the year in parliament today. Health Secretary Matt. Hancock declared the nation is at the peak of the corona virus outbreak. But any hopes of normal life returning soon have been dashed this evening at today's Downing Street press conference the government's chief scientific officer Professor Chris Witty gave a Frank Assessment. He admitted some kind of social restrictions will have to remain in place until at least the end of the year I live. Blog has the latest. It was a very strange situation in parliament today. We had a leader of the opposition taking part in his first prime minister's questions opposite secures. Donna was dominic Robb taking part in his first PM cues and surrounding them were a few. Mp's and range of video screens allowing other MP's to dial in and ask questions but sketch writer Michael. Deacon reveals why despite a few technical mishaps the virtual Commons beat the real thing. Some positive news. This week has come in search for a vaccine. As I told you yesterday I moved. Forty million pounds has been made available to the University of Oxford and Imperial College. London Harry to cut feel has the inside story on the two institutions Rice to develop a vaccine and during this crisis quite rightly service has been showered with praise and appreciation but group of NHL. Nurses have apologized after filming themselves. Attempting to perform a hacker the video since being removed after being described as a cultural abuse and offensive. You can watch it and make up your own mind. Stay put if you're listening on WHATSAPP PASTA Angie those links. Now if you're listening on spotify apple where if he gets you poke cost you can find them in the shadows as well as links to Salunke rhinovirus material including the latest part of McCleary picking his greatest England rugby union. Fifteen of the past fifty years and an interview with Brandon Blackwill the Astonishingly Knowledgeable New Yorker. Who helped imperial college to victory in university challenge? That set you up to date more from Danny tomorrow morning.

Chris Witty Mp Imperial College MP prime minister chief scientific officer Brandon Blackwill Secretary Hancock spotify University of Oxford Deacon dominic Robb McCleary Salunke rhinovirus Danny England rugby union NHL Donna
Cilantro: A Soap Opera


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Cilantro: A Soap Opera

"The world is opening up to travel again. And it's time to start planning your next trip. The absolute best place to start. Your journey is at context learning dot com at context. You can start exploring the world now from home with live streaming classes taught by scholars and local guys all over the globe. It's the best way to learn all about a place before hopping on a plane and the perfect tool to inspire your next bucket list trip in a given day you can uncover ancient rome with an archaeologist. Go behind the velvet rope in the loop with an art historian or walk the streets of saint petersburg with a local guide. All from your couch if you love travel and learning you're going to love this for a limited time when you buy one virtual tour you'll get a second tour free when you use promo code explore at context learning dot com. That's c. o. N. t e x t learning dot com again use promo code explore at context learning dot com. What's a father's day gift your. Data's guaranteed to love juicy tender world-class stakes from ranchers prime. These aren't supermarket. Stakes this succulent. Usda prime grade beef and pork and barbecue come from a small group of artisan ranchers who until now supplied only top steakhouses. But now you can have delivered to your door now. Get a ranchers prime father's day gift box at forty percent off just go to ranchers prime dot com for this special gift. That's ranchers prime dot com. Hello and welcome to save her production of iheartradio. I'm anne and i'm laurin vocab. And today we have an episode for you about salon tro. Yes and so many of you have suggested this one. And i know why it's fascinating people hate it. Are they love it. And it's yes. Yes we we both a little bit disappointingly to me are cilantro lovers though. I think it would be much more fun if one of us hated it just for the sake of the conversation. Yes another mayo redux. yes. I love salons show. I think it adds so much and things like and bond me mexican food. I'm always happy when i see it in a dish. In fact today. I went grocery shopping and i bought a huge bunch. I've already used it twice. Gonna use it for dinner and my hands smell like salon show and i love it. I used to make us launcher. Sugar room for cocktails. Oh wow that sounds so good was very delicious. But i have so many friends who tell me it tastes like soap and absolutely hate it like get angry when it is present. I had a friend who would get mad at me when i would eat one particular occasion. I was eating boulie near her and she got angry with me because on show was nearby. Okay all right. Yeah and i did. Do the super taster test in high school. Which listeners don't know it was just like the strip that you put it in your mouth and you can taste like if you tasted the bitterness than it supposedly meant. You were a super taster. Which was a genetic or like a predisposition to taste like a extra bitter thing. Okay okay And i did. I was a super taster. It's it's i think. Twenty percent or less. It's a smaller number of people who would say that they could taste bitterness and supposedly according to my science teacher. Who administered this test. It would mean things like you wouldn't like launch. But i still love the launch show and i tasted the bitterness. So i don't know i do not know about that either. But yes i i love. I love cilantro. i love a coriander. I i've grown cilantro in my garden and that stuff is wiley during a hot summer it will go to seed so fast and then just reseed itself everywhere that it was not planted. And then for the next several years you just have surprised cilantro. That just happens. Cipro's the lunch. Oh i love it. Oh i was excited about it as well but i could see this quickly becoming some kind of terrible health escape for all of these non saunter humans the super tasters world. Did you ever take the super taster test. No now i haven't. I looked into it. It seems like it's legit. Because i haven't heard of it since this high school experience so i was like maybe that was just some weird. I don't know how accurate it seems like. It's a real thing though but yeah listeners. If you've ever taken a super taster test doesn't know. Josh and chuck and jerry took it a few years back and i think i feel like jerry was a super taster and i can't remember how the other two dudes shook out but she was. She was like she was like what i i like. I don't mind food. it's fine. It seems to be the case with a lot of people like it is. If you should desire it is possible for you to get over your hatred of cilantro. Yeah yeah no our ways no pressure and we will talk about that later but But i suppose this brings us to our question. Yes salon show. What is well Salaam tra is a plant that is used both as an herb For its tender green leaves in as a spice for it's hard seedpods that may be ground into powder in the us. The herb is called cilantro and these spice is called coriander And the herb tastes a fresh a little floral kind of bitter sweet and sorta lemony with the spice being a kind of concentration of that and a little spicy hot or muskie or nutty as well It's very bright Very summary as an herb or spice unless your genes hate it in which case it tastes like soap or even read a dead bugs as a description and again more on that in a moment yes so So in the english speaking world outside of the united states. Both the herb part and the spice part are often both called coriander In the americas the spanish word throw or cilantro caught on. Instead for the herb. Those words derived from the late medieval latin Kellyanne dram or cellular syndrome Which were themselves alternate forms of the earlier. Latin coriander him so fun. Times with phonemes The botanical name for coriander does not that early latin. it's a korean drum sativa 'em it's part of the carrot family app and the plants will grow from being seeds to making seeds in about three months They'll grow to about a foot and a half to two feet tall. It's around half a meter and put these little sprays a real cute little white to pink to purple flowers and develop these we round fruits that are essentially just seedpods the dry from green to yellow to brown on the plant and are usually toasted before being ground and yet the the fruits are described often is being like unpleasantly better before they mature and dry and give off very strong sent Which some people think is how corey him got. Its name in the first place and related to this greek word for bedbugs or possibly just bugs in general or possibly nats mysteries history deed. Yeah mysteries present day. Also i'm also hope yeah both And i have seen recipes call for the green seedpods as well. So it's clearly not unpleasantly better to everybody but at any rate Yeah the The plant does prefer slightly cooler than summer weather. But will not survive a frost and must be replanted annually. The leaves look a bit. Like flack parsley which is also in the same carrot family. And y'all i cannot tell you how many times by household has mixed up flat parsley with cilantro in the supermarket. But then just realize it's launcher is amazing on dishes. That we never would have expected. That's great we're like well. This is what we meant. But heck it's good yeah. The the leaves are used sprinkled fresh in everything from salsa and tacos too To warm bowls of fun to salads to just garnish for whatever The spice is used to season everything from sausages to massalas to baked goods liquors and beers. It lends itself to both savory and sweet preparations and both our founding cuisines around the world but why is it so divisive the question. You've all been waiting for. Yes basically because it contains a bunch of volatile compounds In the to hide family which smell pretty strong. It's a strong flavor and a number of studies over the past couple of decades because science is apparently very interested in this have have identified four genes that appear to be linked to people either liking or disliking cilantro. The branch twenty three and me did the survey of like over twenty five thousand people And correlated that with their With their genetics and found a gene in this one cluster of odor detecting genes. That seems to correlate the findings salon tro soapy and this other team geneticists did a study in twins along similar lines and found two genes for sensing bitter flavors and one gene for sensing pungent like spicy hot flavors. That also seem to correlate with a salon tro preference though both studies researchers point out that it's still very much a matter of personal preference And that if yes if you want to change your dislike for cilantro again. No pressure You can you can totally dislike. Expose yourself to it in positive. Contexts and learn to enjoy it dislike for it has been found to be much less frequent in subjects whose whose home cuisines include it. generally people of south asian latin american and middle eastern descent Were found to have only a three to seven percent disapproval rating of cilantro as opposed to fourteen to twenty one percent disapproval for people of african european and east asian descent. Wow it sounds like. We're talking about a politician. One but also i. I would guess the number would be much higher with the rate of people. I know who don't like salon. Show the well. Well maybe they dislike it so the humidity evenly feel like a bigger number. Yeah yeah says. It's that minority of loud voices kind of thing share and i will also say that the crushing the leaves Either chopping them or or or blending them Like an pesto or something like that. will release a bunch of those aldehydes and and let those very strong Chemicals either dissipate or convert into more mild compounds That you might have less of a problem with so that might be a good entrance into not hating cilantro. Asto path pesto path again. No pressure no pressure. No pressure at all What about the nutrition like many herbs and spices launch throw in coriander have a lot of flavor bang for their caloric buck But you're also probably not eating enough for it to really make like a nutritive difference in your diet. However also like many herbs and spices at adding some food can help mitigate the amount of More potentially deleterious seasonings like like salt or fat. That you might add so. That's pretty cool All that being said compounds in lawn tro- In coriander are being investigated for various things like antioxidant anti inflammatory pain relieving antifungal and antibacterial properties That is more for like future. Medicinal applications than like for personal use Though these findings are interestingly backing up some of the traditional or folk medicine applications that cilantro has been used for over the centuries but as always. Our bodies are complicated. More research is necessary before ingesting. Medicinal amount of anything. Consult a doctor who is not us. We really need to get that trademarks slowly. Someone's gonna take it from wonder his law. No they wouldn't dare they'd be foolish to. That's for sure. Oh we do have some numbers for you we do. Mexico was the largest exporter of salunke in two thousand eight with forty two million kilograms. California produces the most of the us with upwards of fifty six million pounds a year yes. According to the cdc's national outbreak reporting system salon show was associated with twenty outbreaks from nineteen. Ninety eight to twenty seventeen these resulted from from unsanitary growing or harvesting conditions In total over those two decades Six hundred fifty nine people got sick. Sixty seven were hospitalized. But no one died As similar to how we've seen lettuce recalls over the past couple of years This is an issue because the herb is eaten raw Without much if any heat being applied to it so any hazardous microbes that grow in or on. The plant are not destroyed during cooking And are thus more likely to make it our systems and make us sick so yes And as we've been discussing some people. Truly deeply despise cilantro there are facebook groups and websites dedicated to the hatred of cilantro including i hate cilantro dot com. That has they have four thousand registered members. They sell t-shirts whole thing. And they also have a collection of haiku in fact For example this one from author erica dark herbs cilantro slithers through my burrito. If only i knew. Only i knew i got a lot. That it's like a really upsetting surpri- surprise again. Yeah well well yeah yeah they. They like make their rice with it and stuff at some places so yeah darker launch. A very good job erica. I approve even if i disagree with your overall view launch. Oh i really dig. It's a poem. Yeah can't deny can't deny that there's some some interesting history with cilantro. yes and we will get into that after we get back from a quick break for word from our sponsor. The world is opening up to travel again. And it's time to start planning your next trip. The absolute best place to start. Your journey is at context learning dot com at context. You can start exploring the world now from home with live streaming classes taught by scholars and local guys all over the globe. It's the best way to learn all about a place. 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Luckily there's forward a new approach to primary care that surprisingly personal and refreshingly straightforward forward never makes you feel like just another patient backed by top rated doctors and the latest tech forward gives you access to personalized care whenever you need it using in-depth genetic analysis and real bloodwork forwards top-rated doctors provide you with in-depth insights to better understand your genetics mental and physical health. They then create custom easy to understand plans to help guide you to achieving long-term health with forward you get unlimited in person visits with your doctor and access to care anytime via the forward app offer. One flat monthly fee. It's time to stop accepting backwards. Healthcare and start moving. Your health forward visit go forward dot com today to learn more. That's go forward dot com amer back. Thank you sponsor yes. Thank you and we're back with quibble. I have a quibble. A quibble quibble. I say okay. First of all. I didn't know salon in coriander. Were essentially viewed as the same thing throughout most of the world So that was confusing in terms of searching for the share. Secondly i really thought that the history of salon show is going to be much easier to ascertain because people who seem fascinated with it And i was certain that salon show haters. An lovers alike would have really dug into the history of lonzo. But that doesn't seem to be the case. There's is kind of lacking to be honest. Well heck well. We'll what what what do you have for us. Well i can tell you is. I've thousands of years. Old show is thought to be one of the oldest herbs known to humans historians. Believe that that's the one show may have originated in the mediterranean over five thousand years ago and or perhaps it originated in asia or north africa simultaneously differently. You know how this goes by now. Archaeologist found eight thousand year old sees of coriander in israeli caves. It may have been present in the tombs of ancient egyptian mummies particularly like pharaohs per how okay if a craters read about it Coriander is mentioned in details of arabian nights which was written over one thousand years ago sanskrit writings from fifteen hundred. B c e mentioned cilantro. Coriander is mentioned in the bible when mana is described as quote small round in white like coriander seeds. Okay so yes as a yes. Okay indeed as an american i guess i. I kept trying to differentiate between coriander and salon show and i'm going back and forth to meet. It feels wrong but most of the world might feel a little odd. Perhaps but not wrong. Solano reached southeast asia. By at least four hundred ce the ancient romans probably spread it europe including britain where it was used. Cola narrowly medicinally but also on things like love to put that. Okay yeah for british victorians. It meant hidden merit in the language of flowers merit. Sounds like something you would tell someone who consistently doesn't win a war you got hidden merit. You're doing okay. Go out eventually. That's i love. I love the potential snark that you really could fit into victorian flower language. That's amazing i do too. By the seventeenth century. Salon show had reached france where went on to be used in a well known french corps at the time called cons sonya was later introduced to austria and spain to improve agricultural conditions and as part of horticultural programs and yes launcher has long been used medicinally. Mexicans used it to mask unpleasant flavors and medicine. Ancient greeks and romans used it for cramping and other digestive issues in china and india. It was also used. Medicinally and colin narrowly in some cultures. It may have been used as an aphrodisiac and this is just like a a handful of things. It was used for a lot of stuff yeah spanish. Conquistadors routes launchers modern day mexico in the fifteen hundreds one of the first herbs they transported to the americas written records from english and french. Gardening books show that disparaging comments about salon shows taste in europe. go back to the sixteen hundred historians. This may have been a part of an effort to move away from quote old taste and create a newer more modern european cuisine. So i guess. They came out swinging at cilantro. You're like this ancient urban particular. It's hold rose holding us back. We need to move ahead. Modern more modern less launch. It was most likely introduced to the west indies. At least by the nineteenth century britain mentioned it in his nineteen eighteen. Work on the floor of bermuda and britain and wilson included it in their nineteen twenty work on the flora of puerto rico. Where they wrote. It was grown in gardens for culinary purposes. This is something i know. We've talked about this before. Lauren but i love it. Went in papers. Last name is just given an. It's like obviously you know who this is right. I'm like cast or no no. I don't i have no idea cool. They do sound like a team like a detective team or something but no. I don't know britain and wilson. Yeah horticultural detectives into another another show. That hollywood needs to get on. And i don't know why they haven't done it already. Okay okay skipping way ahead in two thousand. Two julia child confessed an interview. With larry king that she detested salons. Oh yeah. she apparently said that like if she if she is served at in food she will pick it out and throw it on the floor which sounds like a very julia child thing to say yes so she was not on teams lonzo. No no shirts. We need to make sure zoo. Get into that stuff you know. You got your twilight team. Edward deemed jacob also got your food world teams along show team. I hate saunter. Yeah i was just ideas about that. Dead air for a second was me just imagining design and then realizing i'm still not a designer so yeah listener zero only we do. We do still i wonder i wonder if if cilantro or maybe a good flat parsley is pictured. In that herb. Your enthusiasm shirt. That we have up on Oh yeah there you go there you go look up on t. public folks by a t shirt. Yeah in twenty seventeen via the international herbs association designated slow intro there herb of the year or perhaps it is herb of the year depending on you know. I didn't ask them. it could be hiding. It could be also you know. I guess they said salon show not coriander so. There's a lot of a lot of little things here that could annoy certain sex people. I wonder if so long true is the most divisive herb i. I can't think of a more divisive one off the top of my head but to be fair it's been a long day. I know not thinking very hard about it. That's fair well. I'll wall sit and think i and then quarterback that sounds good. That sounds perfect. Yes yes in the meantime. I suppose that's all we have to say about salon show for now yes I suspect that that part of what's going on here is just that like it was so pervasive for so long. That people didn't really feel the need to write down a whole lot about it And so now we are left in this space where we're kind of like well it's been around forever. It's been used for many purposes forever but it was just kinda there so everyone was like no need to talk about that. One i did. Yeah because i did. After i was like wait a minute. There's not a lot of readily available information on salon show. I specifically went down. Like how did they get introduced into beninese cuisine. And how did it get introduced into mexican cuisine. And it was still kind of like it just got there and then people liked it so they started acting. Okay yeah but but but yes We do have some listener mail for you. We do but i. 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Yes thank you. we're back with louis either. Love it or hate it these the things we must think on dividers but we can bridge the gap. You know what i mean. We can week and speak your something. That's very divisive. Melissa wrote about our pimento cheese episode. Oh my goodness episode brought back childhood memories. The town i grew up in is on the virginia. Tennessee border very rural appalachian. My parents love pimento cheese and tried to feed it to me my entire childhood. Mom would say. I don't know why you won't eat it. You love cheese and olives. Any are hate for as is probably equal. I don't eat anything mayo. Based so fast forward to high school years while flipping through southern living at the dentist. I read a recipe for minto cheese. No no wonder into cheeses. Bile mom hit the ingredients my entire childhood and tried to force a may on me. Oh how vindicated. I felt as shooter. My proof of patriot never again will someone force for minto cheese on me. That said i hope he tried topple. Oh honey's war momentum cheese here at ashville. It's amazing. I more similar. To a nacho dip it still has mayor as an ingredient but also three or four different types of mustard. It's so yummy. Oh that is. That is an impressive flip. I was surprised. I wasn't expecting it. A good show. It was a twist wrist I also really appreciated it. And i yeah. I don't think we did get to try it. Which is a bummer. That does sound lovely. Yeah oh yeah. Yeah yeah the next time. The next time we're up there anti you try it and report back to me and as you know terrible at that kind of thing but i will probably say it's salty and delicious. Yeah that's these are the reviews that i look forward to when to get back out into the world. Perfect this next one is from a previous Writer inner shana. I think she has previously given us a pronunciation which we do not currently have access to and i have forgotten so so that's completely my bad i apologize if i'm mispronouncing your name They wrote. I have recently been binge listening to you guys as i've been busy of late and fallen behind and so i have a few. I'm using the term loosely. Things to comment on. I have experienced a couple of coincidence episodes of the first being the skipjack tuna episode. While i was at work. I ate a pouch of tuna for lunch and just happened to notice that it was skipjack when i got in my car to head home. Imagine my surprise when i press play. And y'all start talking about none other than skipjack. The second coincidence was the fallout episode. I had heard of the game but never seen nor played it a few hours after listening to the episode. I went to my brother's when i went into big boy child's at my oldest nephew's room. He just happened to be playing fallout. After i realized what game he was playing i was able to tell him he needed to pick up the glowing blue new cola which he walked by thinking. It was dangerous. I never heard of musk's dine before moving to north carolina. Someone had brought some into work and offered me some grapes. I put that horrible thing in my mouth and just about died. Because i was of course expecting an everyday run of the mill green grape There is however a place here that makes a cider of the purpose wines and it is absolutely tasty the first time i ever heard of boba t. It sounded. Like i was being told bobbly. I kept wondering why the pre made pizza crust company found it necessary to open a shop once. I realized it wasn't a pizza crust. Place i had questions about what the heck i was about to ingest turns out. I like it. My sister-in-law loves the stuff so much that at their wedding for the special drink. There was flavored sweet. Tea's with freddie bubbles. I don't like store up mental cheese. There's something about it. The tastes weird and upsets my stomach. I did however try a damaris phillips recipe. I used it for my birthday meal last year. I threw a ladies only picnic. Southern style tea party. I made domenici sandwiches tomato sandwiches. Chicken salad with grapes and pecans. We needed protein sweet tea and for dessert. I made a riff on peach cobbler and strawberry. Shortcake see attached photos and yes. Those are giant ants that i put all over because ants always come to picnics lauren. You had mentioned the muffin man. Seen from shrek. And i about died as it is my favorite scene in the whole movie. I mean my favorite scene. So much that i quote it at least once a day. That's great financing. I was once. I was once asked what to me. Seemed like a random question which was what is the movie you quote constantly. That people don't ever seem to get that you're quoting a movie. Oh yeah yeah. Mine is the mummy nineteen ninety nine. Beware of every years years before i picked up that that was a mummy. You know and knowing is half the mummy yes yes absolutely other half cats. I've never got keep him from regenerating. I just watched a movie kind of weekend. Yes well. I love this. I love the when listeners. Have these kind of coincidental episodes of like something happens in your life where it makes sense with what we're talking about and that we can somehow contribute to your knowledge of fallout for instance. And make you maybe look cool in front of your nephew. That's what we live for. Oh yes oh no absolutely. It's that those kind of happen. Stances are beautiful. Yes yes they are and we would love to hear more about them so thanks to these listeners. For writing in if you would like to write to us that you can or emails. Hello at xavier pod dot com. We're also on social media. You can find us on twitter. Facebook and instagram at saver pod. And we do hope to hear from you. Savor is a production of iheartradio four more podcasts. Heart radio you can visit the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your favorite shows. Thanks as always tour super producers dylan fagin and andrew howard. Thanks to you for listening and we have lots of good things are coming your way. The world is opening up to travel again. And it's time to start planning your next trip. The absolute best place to start. Your journey is at context learning dot com at context. You can start exploring the world now from home with live streaming classes taught by scholars and local guys all over the globe. It's the best way to learn all about a place. Before hopping on a plane and the perfect tool to inspire your next bucket list trip. In a given day you can uncover ancient rome with an archaeologist go behind the velvet rope in the lube with an art historian or walk the streets of saint petersburg with a local guide. All from your couch. If you love travel and learning you're going to love this for a limited time when you buy one virtual tour you'll get a second tour free when you use promo code explore at context learning dot com. That's c. o. N. t. e. x. t. learning dot com again use promo code explore at context learning dot com. What's a father's day gift your. Data's guaranteed to love juicy tender world-class stakes from ranchers prime these supermarket. Stakes this succulent. Usda prime grade beef and pork and barbecue come from a small group of artisan ranchers who until now supplied only top steakhouses. But now you can have it delivered to your door now. Get a ranchers prime father's day gift box at forty percent off just go to ranchers prime dot com for the special gift. That's ranchers prime dot com.

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Ep.51  Blockchain delivering inclusive insurance to Sri Lanka by Etherisc & AON


32:03 min | 2 years ago

Ep.51 Blockchain delivering inclusive insurance to Sri Lanka by Etherisc & AON

"The. Hello. Hello. Hello. Welcome to intra blocks, your dedicated podcast to blockchain and smart contracts in insurance industry. I'm will lead also cough. Your host for this podcast. We will discuss I'd inspiring story of blockchain delivering inclusive insurance to three Lenka, and I'm very excited that today, we courting live from an offices here in London, and I'm very pleased to have meal Barandy inclusive insurance lead at ether esque, and she Tisch Knanga COO strategic director at Aon, gentlemen. Welcome to intra blocks. Could you believe can you please give our listeners it crooked auction on yourself and affirms your present everybody. My name's Huby. Quickey about myself. I started McCreary Duchesne Sherm fifty years ago to hear I wasn't traduced who microfinance organization in India. While we were requested to help organization to set up micro insurance activities. Mytalk was to look for a solution. I really enjoyed working in India and decided to move there. I got the opportunity to to live there for a couple of years and continue on looking at Sofer solutions for micro insurance after they started as a consultant focusing on IT four micro insurance. Learn about bitcoin in two thousand thirteen and realized that this was ideal and is ideal for inclusive insurance I liked about. It was that it now became possible to transact small amounts of money, but low costs and. From China to to any side of the world. Right now, I'm dedicating oh, my time on blockchain technology for inclusive insurance to Dietrich then quickly about interest we develop decentralized insurance political. And meaning that we are developing a protocol that allows to collectively built insurance product. So this could be a risk Muller from from Asia insurance company from Europe, and a group of farmers from somewhere else could jointly Bill the product and sellers product, but we do as we provide a common infrastructure product. It's and insurances service, and we ether we want to become the linex for insurance. Thank you. Everyone. This should Nanga of my background is pretty much strategy. Consulting's Tara in India back into five four then chillier for awhile. And now in the UK sense about twenty seven I joined a on back in twenty four dean, and I'm now of the COO's strategy leading host of initiatives for management at a on one of which is what we are discussing today. Excellent. Thank you. So she as you just finished speaking, you're going to be the first one to answer our traditional question logs, which is can you please explain to our listeners one is blockchain and how does it work? I was hoping Miguel. Go gophers is. Let let me tell in a bit of a technical way of how I understand this. And then I'm sure Miguel will provide technical expertise on this. So from my perspective the way, I look at block germ that we have understood this as about it's it's distributed ledger. Digital ledger. That's shared across multiple parties of these bodies have the big and edited simultaneously. But then there there is there is an audit trail of every changes are happening. And then it immutable immutable record of every every bit of information that goes in there at loss to have the trust among various parties. But then the real power of blockchain also comes in. Once you get things, like smart, contracts or artificial intelligence linked to it. So you can perform multiple tasks in sort of an efficient rate of that sort of my business, and the standing of blockchain is and how it works is what we are here to sort of understand. That's what this whole project comes about. I it probably a perfect time to Hanno to Macaire. Then a bit more about our works. Well, put this much pressure. No, I think you did a good job. How I always explain it is without becoming too technical as well is that a technology allows peer to peer transfer of digital assets. And without an intermediary. When did you last could be anything could be money could be an Tartu files. Typically, whatever. And this is done in a decentralized way, meaning no central authority that is managing or verifying those transactions. This now is done by thousands of notes all around the world. There's no one. Yeah. I think I want to leave it through that. So since you've got the Mike could you please explain to us what is your role, and why does ether esque target inclusive insurance and highs linked to the company's vision. Okay. So what an interest coming leading DD incomes of insurance initiatives and first of all I like to explain a little bit for what is inclusive insurance or also microcurrent. So. And if we talk about inclusive insurance, we talk about insurance services to clients with low incomes and limited access to mainstream insurance and our means to cope with risk. And so the insurance parks itself could be exactly the same. But it is this Pacific group of people. And why are we as ether targeting this group as that? Currently research has shown that about one point six billion people have not yet been able to buy a market shares products. And if you look in Latin America that a coverage ratio is about eight point five percents and Africa. It's five point four percents. And in Asia is six point nine percents. And all this group, you have about five hundred million small farmers who have no insurance. And and I want to emphasize that you realize that currently if you look at the risks are currently being nervous and around the globe. That's just a fraction of the actual losses. That are happening right now. So we as eateries we want to address this group of people. It's almost half of the world, actually. And. If you look at if I mentioned is five hundred million farmers annex agriculture insurance is perfect for blockchain based insurance. And at the same time also blockchain is a perfect fit for innovation of risk pools. And restraints firm. And then you second question was how is it linked also to your vision vision companies vision while we want to make insurance fair and accessible, so excellent. Very very good. So either recently launched a project along with a on and an ox FAM in three nine to provide this inclusive insurance insure Lanka. Could you tell us a little bit about the background is broad checked its purpose, and why why Sri Lanka, okay? Well, so if you look at Oxfam into Lanka, they were already active in Lanka working with a local insurance company called Sanaa's insurance. They already offered crop insurance and lost year around this time watch I wasn't a at a conference and so- Lanka. To present our concepts where I focused on two sides of introducing children to include insurance. So I was out mating insurance. How out mate in agriculture index insurance on the blockchain using artificial intelligence using the IOT and the second part of the talked about was applying blockchain technology in value. So OXFAM's also attending this conference, and they were really interested in what I was talking about. And so we started discussing how we could partner and a few months later while I was already talking to from I met with you backgrounds cheap broking officer AOL for the mayor countries. And also really liked the concepts share concept note with him. This does this we want to do and Salunke would this be of interest? Jess, let's figure out a way to do it. So does a little bit about the backgrounds of this project. So that was starting in March. I think met with Hugo in may, and then descriptions really started. So you Jackson of this project is and the Pru side is to offer farmers locusts agriculture insurance. And second of jettison as to explore how blockchain could be used to dispense distribute the risk and the ValuJet. And. Wisely Lanka my Barkley ready. Also this question we were in Lanka. We found party after many many many organizations, and let's let's figure this out go in his journey. Some some statistics about Salunke. Currently we are working with a group of about three thousand farmers. What I understood right now is that you have about sixty five thousand farmers ends like who have now access or have an agriculture insurance products. But a potential is eight hundred thousand farmers. So the aim is by the end of a project, we have, of course, reach all those eight hundred thousand farmers in skunk. So the sixty five thousand they have access to the insurance via the blockchain project or are. They getting it. Existing means. Yeah. Fi existing. So that's not comes onto my next question is is blockchain really necessary to deliver on this project. If you have already sixty five thousand farmers who have insurance why can't we scale out to eight hundred thousand Weiji need blockchain. Can you have done that with Stannard processes and technology? Well, I haven't also throughout but it's a little bit. It's an extensive on. So so I see three levels. You can talk about the weather index product itself. Then a second component is the risk transfer and evalu- chain and third parties how you can use blockchain to to break up the value chain and allow many people to collaborate on a product so don't three love. So starting with the first party what are index products? So the current status and last week. It wasn't Salunke. We met with the insurance company we met with the farmers organizations. We met with the farmers and what is happening right now. Most of the whole product is paper based. So here you have a big opportunity to start out in mating. And no that doesn't necessarily have to be done on the blockchain. You can out to mate an next product just using the regular technology. But of course, blockchain technology is perfect fit for for biometric insurance. And where we also see the connection with the internet of things, and that is being used to collect the relevant tying the artificial intelligence to analyze information. And then blockchain technology that allows you to transfer value. So again back also to Salunke, but we did this process verification process mapping. I saw there are many different players involved in the product and the farmer up to the sonata had office. So I think devaluing blockchain comes when you are working with many players that you not necessarily trust. There's an opportunity I saw that in many steps in process papers have to be signed in three foals. I think for each step. Why you? Need to how do you call? It wants to know down formality. This is something where you can use blockchain for and where I also see an opportunity is that block Chima play a role in last mile distribution. And with that we mean one of the problems in. Inclusive insurances that okay payment is being made. This payment is being made to a certain organization that is down responsible to deposit it to the farms. What happens, unfortunately, is that this money does not end up at the farmer sparks. But in the pocket of somebody else thing, there is an opportunity that you also can use technology thinking about multi signature wallets, for example. So now, I addressed point one veteran next product it's out the outta Malaysian, then the second part, which I actually find much more interesting is the risk transfer value chain. I really I see the various players in value chains together. So you have the buyers than large Milton nationals and the world that by the products from smells goo- farms, have a neighbors and with the neighbors. I mean, local national and international programs that are that to support the welfare of smoke confirms think about what's happening in climate change and everything there's a lot of money being made available to support form. So how can you use that kind of money also to help the small scale farms, then you have to distributions and farm input suppliers and all and then the farm, so I think again, you have many players that you want to have to work together. And in a way, not necessarily that you create trust you make distrust Lewis. I think that also. We want to do actually is also ensure a value chain. And I'm what we try to explore. Also coming period is to identify the incentives also for each party in a chain to make this work and Thirdly, and that is also something that is happening right now, if you see the excising corporation to get day on docs, from and interest, and we are looking also into other parties who can somehow contribute into making this product work. Another issue that has to be sold this weather data, and how can you make sure one of the problems that you see right now especially in inclusive insurance agriculture insurance and typically to develop an insurance product you need thirty years of data to be able to make proper actuarial calculation. We went to see how come we use new technologies to collect as well? So we want to bring on board as well. And now by by also using the platform that we have developed becomes possible on blockchain to cooperate cooperate amongst jobless so well, and there's an answer to why. I think you've got a very detailed and constructive answers. Thank you very much for that. Just to you could potentially look at that. If Tanner technology could have helped they would already be solutions to the problems that we are trying to solve. But then that's where the idea comes in that there's an emerging technology, which has the potential and it's down to us to sort of futile. Is that and see if that can't solve the problem that have existed, and it's probably going the stats that Mikhail has shared her where insurance needed most that's probably where insurance needs are not being met. And that problem is probably growing not shrinking exactly. And since you got the Mike. Now, could you tell us what attracted an income in like an to work with the progressive and innovative injured tech like ether esque onto the question. Thank you. I think as Mikhail meant mentioned, I should I should start with that the. Public credit goes to Hugo bronze who's our Jeep rocking. Officer for a Mia and Tobias Novak who is who is a specific senior manager within the German business. They are the ones that brought at risk and together. And I think speaking on their behalf potentially say that I think what what's worked with at risk is about looked to partner with someone especially in the space of insure or someone who's just started up. You look at what's the vision. He looked at the quantity of the people that I'm there you look at what solution they're offering an also inches. Probably very important is the fact that how much do they understand your business? Think on those all those four parameters at stick. The boxes when Hugo Tobias in my subsequent discussion of Mikhail and Christoph and the team I founded a founded really helpful that I don't have to explain to them. How the business world they understand the understand the challenges. And it's not just a magical warned that you could just switch on the Gumbiner like a, oh and other insurance that have been here. There's a reason why there are problems that are existing. They haven't been sold. So think appreciation for the problem that challenges that we have and then working together to create potential solutions. I think that's probably what to be light. And that's that's very are here area. So but scientists, you know, the attraction and the gains by having the two of you work together. But for this specific project is something you've done out of corporate, social responsibility. Or is it part of you going through the -cation process of understanding is potential blockchain and the starting. Point was about the education. We wanted to understand. How do you work can either sit outside the room and talk about the technology doesn't do anything? It's not useful or actually engaged with technology try and solve real problems. And then come to about it. So I think definitely the starting point was about education, but then in line with everything that we do at a on. There are three CS of things that happened at down do things for clients lootings for conviction things for communities, and at any point, shape and form they were on is doing one of these will take president. I think this probably forms. It starts. It starts to fall right into the bucket of what we do for communities to start with as discussed there is this problem of lack of insurance where it's needed most in the communities, and it hasn't been preserved for a long number of time. And it just keeps on growing by working with an emerging technology like blockchain if we are able to resolve. Some of that problem. I'm fit an operating model that actually delivers benefits to these communities. That's probably where would like to go next with the technology. So that that's probably collectively that come together in terms of understanding -nology, but also seeing how it can be useful for the communities, and that's probably just brought us all together brilliant and throughout the duration this project. What are some of the key blockchain learnings that you have gained that you'd be willing to share with us? I think in terms of the blockchain learnings, Mr. quite early on in terms of understanding as Mikhail mention he he was in. He wasn't sure Lanka last last week. So VR mapping out the processes, and what what we have to move on from blockchain perspective. I think just on the project. We're still learning through with a potential the possibilities that are out there. And I think we have shared vision where I these where some of these. Project in the past using traditional ways of reaching out to the farming community where they have failed is about getting the farmer to pay a front for premiums are vision is that how can we reduce that burden farmer and will the technology enabled that I think the more? We are learning the more engaging with the process, we sort of shaping this up already. But I think apart from that the conversations that we're having with at risk Hugo Tobise and myself went out to the conference that they in Braga even on. I think just being there with the community of other developers who have ideas on how blockchain can be used think that exposure is also getting us to a lot about the processes the operating models that we have back at on and where potentially blockchain could Billington too. So I think it's probably developing that whole ecosystem in terms of thinking, and then the technologies and how we can use to in very helpful. Of course. How does all of that? And I understand it's very early days behind you expect it will influence a owns approach blockchain. It really depends on the outcome. As VR in it for education to start with. Hopefully, this will end up in a sort of a result where we understand what the technology can do for us. So I think it really comes down to what we learned from this project how scalable artists, and how do we take it for in terms of other solutions? Okay. So let's think out loud here. And that's a question to the boasts of you in a few years time. What is it what what is for your respective organizations at positive outcome? What what is an outcome. When you look back. You read it in the press ex-husband achieved, but will make you smile. Okay. Well, I think what I what I really hope that will happen. And I'm quite serious than that the industry giants have enough capital to take risks on balance sheets, and I think that would put blockchain technology dizzy, something happened. So that you see switch happening. And of course, I think there's also an opportunity for. On. So when did the same time personally, I think there's a huge business opportunity to to be able to reach this large group of people that has no insurance. I think there's a lot of business over there. And at the same time, it is so essential that those people are being protected to the risks because they have a problem everybody on this global problem. So if we can reach I don't know a million farmers in the next couple of years in protected in a way that we're not able to be protected to right now, I think would be very very happy mile. I just to continue to that. I think it's interesting that we all recognize the threats of climate change, and these people they relying allow these countries was farmers going to be heavily exposed to that risk. And if you can offer incumbents the opportunity to serve that market in a cost effective way where they can still make a profit and hit the community, you know, or. Or social responsibilities targets than that could be a win. Of course, was the farmer getting that insurance and from your point of view about the success. Look like, I think discontinuing onto what Mikhail Ted. I think the objective is that we are able to provide coverage to these farmers and. In a way, meet the demont of of this type of customers because as as you rightly sort of big up, it's difficult to do it in a sustainable manner. If you're able to develop a sustainable operating model working with the emerging technologies working with the government, and then working with these communities something that can be stablishment then works on ongoing basis, and that's probably the best outcome from from this project perspective. But I think coming back to the objective of learning about -nology. I think that's probably these the secondary objective now in the sense of understanding real technology can take us as you would appreciate with any merging technology that hasn't been that hasn't had as many successful cases come out because everybody's still experimenting with it. You the good side is that you end up with a world of possibilities by some of some of them will make sense of them. Will probably be good to engage with. But not probably good from a business perspective. I think for us to be able to differentiate of where we can take the technology. What are the problems that we have at a on or even outside in the one that can look to resolve to this and can play a part in that? That's probably the best outcome for us. Excellent. Thank you. So again to the both of you. I know she tissue already touched on that. But what top tips, would you give insured Tech's and incumbents on how to partner in effective and meaningful manner? I'm gonna start. I think the incumbents I from my perspective. And this is this is a great way as Hugo myself will be approaching this as more about under center -nology. I a lot of a lot of discussions when you have looking at the much technologies and we've had as well. The first question that everybody asks what are done? How can we start to get? When would you start to sort of give back which I feel just for what we've discussed? It's an emerging technology which has an world open of possibilities. I think it just kills the whole purpose. You can start defining everything in terms of ROI. So have an open mind staffing at what the possibilities could be an engaged technology from an educational perspective. It is not to say that just go on with an undefined budget, but have a budget have time, but within then keep your mind open. That's the competent. I think for startups in short ex my suggestion would be understand the business understand the real challenges of seen a lot of injured ex startup square. They've had like really snappy and jazzy upfront where they would have amazing website amazing. But then the linkages to the core business problem is probably missing. And that's probably where the disconnect comes in. So I think there is a lot that both sides can learn from each other. But it's about. Having the understanding of what is the real business problem? Why it hasn't been resolved for whatever reason? And then destroying to dog it. That's what we deaths from my side. Excellent in yourself meal. All right. Okay. Let's stop what he insurance incumbent. I think if you are an incumbent. You want to expose yourself to new technologies and new models of cooperation I would recommend them to consider working with us. You can buy some on token and check out the interest generate insurance framework the interest gift. I think fully insured tech startups. I just wanted to say to give up. Be prepared Tutu him. No, very often and be rejected. Just keep on bouncing those doors and eventually. All I think you'll so ready mentioned very well. You have to understand the business while listen, very well. Listen. Thanks. Thank you. So again to the both of you. What's next? How are you going to scale in his expand this project, and what are the projects will an ether work on into nineteen? Okay. Well, first of all we want to expand that occur and project we have a couple of faces in mind. And I think this year is the first thing is to be able to sell the first policies this spring. That is the short term grow. Damn we move to the next phase, which is about approaching also developing. Currently we are also involved in a EU funded project, which is called beacon was through the horizon. Twenty twenty subsidy program and over here, we combined earth observation data to get over to material logical data and blockchain technology. So this has started last month. It's three projects with a large consortium ailments, one of the lighthouse Christmas in this project as well. And I think here we also working in an important missing piece in the personal which is daytime. So that's happening this year somewhat of things happening as well. Too early to mention definitely would love to hear more by beacon in due course, on podcast. Well, we are out of time. Someone I thank you both very much for for sharing. This amazing story on what you've done is for line. Kinda seems extremely commendable and this wraps up this intra blocks podcast, we've hope even joins us happy. So if you like what you've heard this week. Don't forget us, scratch our podcast and leave us radio nineteen. She Tisch and me hell, I love having is on the show, and I hope to have you back later in the year for an update on. Hi, it's been going. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you very much.

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The Cenci (Act I, Scene III), by Percy Bysshe Shelley

Harvard Classics

10:37 min | 2 months ago

The Cenci (Act I, Scene III), by Percy Bysshe Shelley

"The chengchi by percy bish shelly. Act one scene. Three a magnificent hall in the chengchi palace a banquet enter chengchi lucretia beatrice or no kamilo nobles cianci welcome my friends and kinsmen welcome by prince's and cardinals pillars of the church whose presence honors our festivity that i have too long lived like an anchor right and in my absence from your mary. Meetings and evil word. Gone abroad of me. But i do hope that you my noble friends when you have shared the entertainment here and heard the pious cause for which tis given and we have pledged to health or two together will think flesh and blood as well as you sinful indeed for adam made also but tenderhearted meek and pitiful. I guessed in truth my lord. You seem to light of heart to sprightly and companionable a man to the deeds. That rumor pins on you to his companion. I never saw such blithe and open. Cheer in any. I second guessed some most desired event in which we all demand common joy has brought us hither let us hear it count chengchi it is indeed most desired event if when apparent from appearance heart lifts from this earth to the great father of all a prayer both when he lays him down to sleep and when he rises up from dreaming it one supplication one desire. One hope that he would grant a wish for his two sons even all that he demands in regard and suddenly beyond his dearest hope it is accomplished he should then rejoice and call his friends and kinsmen to a feast and task their love to grace's merriment than honor me thus far for i am he beatrice to lucretia great. God how horrible some dreadful. Ill must have befallen. My brothers lucretia. Fear not child. He speaks to frankly. Beatrice my blood runs cold. I fear that wicked laughed around his eye which wrinkles up the skin even to the hair. Chengchi here are the letters brought from salunke. Beatrice read them to your mother. God i thank the in one night didst perform by ways. Inscrutable the thing. I sought my disobedient and rebellious sons. Are dead why dead. What means this change of cheer. You hear me. Not i tell you they are dead and they will need no food or raymond moore the tapers that did light them the dark way are there last cost. The pope i think will not expect. I should maintain them in their coffins. Rejoice with me my heart is wondrous. Glad lucretia sinks half fainting beatrice supports her beatrice. It is not true. Dear lady. Pray look up. Had it been true. There is a god in heaven. he would not live to boast of such a boon unnatural. Man thou noticed that it is false. Cianci i as the word of god whom here i call to witness at. I speak the sober truth. And who's most favouring. Providence was shown even in the manner of their deaths for rocco was kneeling at the mass with sixteen others when the church fell and crushed him to a mummy. The rest escaped. Unhurt krista fan was stabbed and error by a jealous man whilst she loved was sleeping with his rival. All in the self-same our of the same night which shows that heaven has special care of me. That i beg those friends who love me. That they marked the day feast upon their calendars. It was the twenty seventh of december. Read the letters if you doubt my oath. The assembly appears confused. Several of the guests rise. I guessed oh horrible. I will depart second second-guessed and i dot third guest. No stay i do believe is some jest though faith tis mocking a somewhat to solemnly. I think his son has married the infanta or found a mine of gold eldorado. Tis but to season such news stay stay. I see his only rail lary by his smile. Chengchi filling a bowl of wine and lifting it up. Oh thou bright wine who's purple splendor leaps and bubbles gaily in this golden bowl under the lamplight as my spirit's due to hear the death of my occurs occurred suns. Could i believe that. Were there mingled blood. Then what i taste the a sacrament and pledged with the the mighty devil in hell. Who if a father's curses as men say climb with swift wings after their children's souls and dragged them from the very throne of heaven now triumphs in my triumph but thou art superfluous. I have drunken deep of joy. And i will taste no other wind tonight here andrea bear the bowl around a guest rising. Thou rich will none. Among this noble company check the abandoned villain kamilo. For god's sake let me dismiss the guests. You are insane some. Ill will come of this. Second guest sees silence him. I guest i will third guest and i- chengchi addressing those who rise with a threatening gesture who moves who speaks turning to the company. Tis nothing. enjoy yourselves dot. Beware for my revenge is as the sealed commission of king that kills and none dare name the murderer. The banquet is broken up. Several of the guests are departing. Beatrice i do treat you. Go not noble guests what although tyranny and impious hate stand sheltered by a father's hori hair. What if tizzy who closed us in these limbs who tortured them and triumphs. What if we the desolate and the dead were his own flesh his children and his wife whom he is bound to love and shelter shall we therefore find no refuge in this mercilus wide world. Oh think what deep must have blotted out. I love then reverence. A child's prone mind till at thus vanquished shame and fear. Oh think i have borne much kissed the sacred hand which crushed us to the earth and thought it stroke was perhaps some paternal chastisement have excused much doubted and when no doubt remained have sought by patients love and tears to soften him and when this could not have knelt down through the long sleepless nights and lifted up to god the father of all passionate prayers and when these were not heard i have still born until i meet you. Hear princes and kinsman at this hideous feast given that my brother's deaths to yet remain. His wife remains an i. Whom if you save not year may soon share such merriment again as fathers makeover their children's graves oh prince kalana. Thou art are near cardinal thou art. The pope's chamberlain kamilo thou art chief. Justicia every take us away cianci. He has been conversing with kamilo during the first part of beatrice his speech. He here's the conclusion and now advances. I hope my good friends here. We'll think of their own daughters or perhaps of their own throats before they lend an ear to this wild girl beatrice not noticing the words of chengchi. Dare no one look on me. Non-answer can one tyrant bear the sense of many best and wisest men. Or is it that i soon not in some form of scrupulous law that ye denied my suit. Oh god that. I were buried with my brothers and that the flowers of this departed spring. Were fading on my grave and that my father were celebrating now one feast for all kamilo. A bitter wish for one so young and gentle. Can we do nothing kalana. Nothing that. I see count. Chengchi were a dangerous enemy yet. I would second anyone that a cardinal and dot chengchi retired to your chamber. Insulin girl beatrice retire thou impious man. I hide thy self. Where never i can look upon the more. What thou have honor and obedience arte torture. Father never dreamed though though must over bear this company but he'll must come il dot frown not on me. Haste hide thyself lest with avenging looks my brothers. Ghosts should hunt the from my seat. Cover thy face from every living. I and start if thou but here human step seek out some dark and silent corner bow whitehead before offended god and we will neal around and fervently pray that he pity both ourselves and the chengchi. My friends i do lament this insane. Girl has spoilt the mirth of our festivity goodnight farewell. I will not make you longer. Spectators of our dull domestic quarrels another time dot excellent all but chengchi nba trees. My brain is swimming round. Give me a bowl of wine to be a truce. Thou painted viper beast that thou art fair and yet terrible. I know a charm shall make the meek and tame now get the from my sight exit beatrice here andrea fill up. This goblet with greek. Wine i- sadie would not drink this evening. But i must for strange to say. I feel my spirits fail with thinking what i have decreed to dot drinking the wine be thou the resolution of quick youth within my veins and manhood purpose stern and ages firm cold subtle villainy as if were indeed my children's blood which i did thurs to drink the charm works. Well it must be done. It shall be done. I swear exit.

Chengchi lucretia cianci Beatrice percy bish shelly chengchi palace chengchi lucretia beatrice salunke raymond moore beatrice Cianci lary chengchi prince rocco krista adam prince kalana Providence chamberlain kamilo
A Palestinian Doctors Account of Life Under Israeli Bombardment in Gaza

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04:51 min | 4 months ago

A Palestinian Doctors Account of Life Under Israeli Bombardment in Gaza

"A palestinian doctors account of life under israeli bombardment in gaza. by salam. koshien dr salunke. Sean lives and works as a family medicine doctor in the gaza strip i grew up in the gaza strip in a small town called l. Harare and went to medical school in cairo before returning home. In twenty sixteen to begin a family medicine residency and work in hospitals and clinics. Now i'm in my final year. Even before the latest round of israeli airstrikes gaza's healthcare system was exhausted. We already had a shortage of basic medications lab and blood bank needs as well as surgical equipment which was only exacerbated by the air strikes because gaza city is so densely populated covid nineteen has ravaged the population israel is not fulfilling its responsibility of vaccinating palestinians. Even though the un says that under international law the israelis must give us access to shots then the war began gazans lived under continuous bombardment by israeli airstrikes. For eleven days. It was unsafe to leave your home but even home didn't feel safe. Some of my nephews would scream when they heard a bomb land one of them seven year old tarik would put his hands on his head and laugh hysterically. I know he was trying to hide his fears. His mother tried to calm him down and hug him. But the kids know they know about palestine about israeli occupation. We just tried to tell them. It will end soon with each bomb that fell. We would try to be stronger in front of them. It was too dangerous for many doctors including myself and even patients to go to clinics and hospitals. It was extremely difficult to get medical laid across the egyptian border and it still is. Many patients with chronic illnesses. Like hypertension diabetes. Were running out of their medications and would be risking their lives just by trying to get medication from clinics outside. We had to stop our telemedicine program because the israeli airstrikes damaged the building where we operated damaged. Roads between hospitals made it harder to coordinate medical care. I felt paralyzed. Because i could not offer my patients that care that they deserved. Israeli airstrikes killed doctor. I'm an abu allah. Ooh f- one of gaza's most senior doctors who was known for his compassion. I can assure you that. Dr abul oof was not a militant he didn't have to be. He was too busy with his patients and his students until an airstrike destroyed his house in gaza city killing him along with multiple family members. We cannot just replace. Dr abul aloof. His medical experience was unparalleled. We have international laws against the murder of civilians. The message palestinians receive from the international community. Is that israel is above these rules. We hear the us continually that israel has the right to defend itself. But how exactly by killing children. And god's by doing ethnic cleansing in east jerusalem. When news of the ceasefire came. We were relieved that the nightmare had come to an end. There were a few hours of celebration. I wish i could have taken a few weeks off to relax and process these traumatic events. But i wasn't able to New many patients would need my help. I spoke with them and just gave them space to explain how they felt during the air strikes so we could unpack the anxiety depression and grief. I tried to reframe the story to be lighter not heavier. I'm sure that for my patients with mental health problems. There conditions have worsened since the airstrikes. Even those who previously did not struggle with their mental health surely will now depression. Ptsd will be inevitable for many. They will need rehabilitation as will doctors. I don't think we will be able to deal with the huge number of new psychological conditions. We just don't have the capacity to days. After the fire began. We went to the beach me my sister and her children. Despite the fear and pain caused by these events we still want to go out and have a good time and recover. We know it will not be easy. I think people here are really fighters just to be able to keep on living.

dr salunke gaza gaza strip gaza city hypertension diabetes salam Harare israel tarik Dr abul oof cairo Dr abul Sean un palestine anxiety depression east jerusalem us depression
Noble Eightfold Path Workshop II - Part 6 | 27 February 2021 | Ajahn Brahmali & Venerable Mudito

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1:20:17 hr | 7 months ago

Noble Eightfold Path Workshop II - Part 6 | 27 February 2021 | Ajahn Brahmali & Venerable Mudito

"Okay everyone wants okay. I'm amazed that you're still hanging in there. Actually after all these hours the pilling you up right. It's really good. I'm glad you are holding out to and so we're gonna continue with one. More of these misconceptions about the noble footpath and then we will do a little bit just to begin about the idea of right views and now we actually getting to the no blood for. Yeah so far this the preliminary work actually get into some real business afterwards. So that is the idea. Yeah so we'll see what happens so okay. So let's just move on so where we ended was to Was not to get attached to the path so let called the path and the next one is when you reach to end of the path. You let it go. This is one of those other very famous misconceptions about the path and this is a very important one because here the idea. Is that when you come to the end of the path. You're so wise you can do whatever you want. It's very handier. We talked before about Come really abuse alka drink alcohol and have relationships and it doesn't matter because you are enlightened enlightened people need to hold onto anything can do whatever you want famous saying by one of those famous skyline rags coming to this free just giving introduction to this so one all this scalawags. Buddhism is the famous. He wasn't the buddhist but he was from another thing and used to say that. I'm so i'm so. Detached not even attached detachment right and this fellow. He had twenty six rolls royces. And all these things but it wasn't attached to the rolls royce as so it was okay. You can have whatever he wanted. Basically what handy right. It's a good excuse because you have you know. Got the end of the party. Committee go so you can really tell her. And of course the point about this it really comes again in the same unlike got open on. Remember thanks to you so it comes in the same ceuta again. The idea that we hear here. This raft has been very helpful to me. Why don't i beat it on. Dry land set adrift on the water. And go wherever i want. That's what that person should do with a raft and is where it comes to. This idea comes from here. Probably early on the can set the whole path to one side. And now you can just do exactly what you and you can have all kind of do all kinds of crazy things but remember the reason why you can set the pot. the raft. aside is not doesn't mean that then you can do whatever you want. The whole reason is because you have internalized the path. They're you're carrying these values with you. You are kind by nature you have right view by nature. You're practicing the nfl path by nature at all time. You don't need to grasp onto this path anymore. It happens automatically so if someone claims that this means we can act in whatever way you want absolutely misunderstood what this is about it says in the suit has when you are dream entry then you have your perfect in conduct. Perfect enright action. Yeah so it means the of what we can do whatever you want in fact. That is one of the ways of knowing that someone is not enlightened. Yeah if the dual kinda crazy things if someone has twenty six rolls royces. Chances are enlightened are very slim maybe the zero. I don't know but very close to zero anyway. And if someone does all kinds of things they abuse you in various ways or the indulge in the central pleasures or whatever of course guarantee. They're not going to be enlightened to so first of all we said you should attached to the path. Yeah this the thing here so you should attached to the path until you are stream entry when you are restraint you let go but let go only because it is internalized and it's part of who you are. I was sort of worried again. You're gonna preemptively. Talk about my my. My mom slides. Never forgive you all right so here. We go so letting go to path when you at the end. So these are. There's certain there's There's this thing called divine madness and there's people who i've finished off maybe and some of these people let's say behaving in a way which is nuts. It's not sort of the social norms. And sometimes they are seen as the they have reached the end of the path. So what i wanted to say about this was wanted to take this This part was that letting go and this is part of the divine matters as part of that. So what happens. What's divine madness here. We go one of the one of the most famous put his teachers actually in the west. You might not know this month Well it wasn't a monk at the end but he was when he was younger. I if you don't know him he's name was not winnable tune by reimbursing and i was actually part of this group for a while these was he was a famous teacher. Did did you. did you inherit some of the divine madness from him. Yes maybe maybe it's interesting. He was very interesting teacher and very controversial. The idea of not just him but with these people who are like sort of have this divine madness that the idea is that you teaching others that the life is an illusion. You don't need to You don't need to fall sort of certain wave behavior social norms. That and it's it's illusion anyway. So what is there. Why would you act in certain ways. It's your teaching one of the things what especially for like what i what they say about trooper Himself that he was trying to stop. Full is for getting attached to him in in tibetan buddhism. There's a very strong idea of a guru and the crew comes sometimes quite often. It's thought that a teacher the grew comes before the buddha dhamma sangha whatever the group teaches you go with them and the teacher is very important is certainly true. I think in quite often in any traditions whether it's put his different traditions of buddhism. More any other way there's people do get attached to your teacher For people who have this kind of divine they are living sampled that days no self so again either pretending to be or is it. Yeah they are really that. That's true. But i mean sometimes this is like i said historically there's always being people like this and they they sort of maybe this things being projected on them quite often. They don't claim anything themselves on this quite interesting stories in japan and in zen stories where they the this monks just wondrous were sort of seemed to be bit crazy but they just have this one saying some things They they just represent this thing idea that he's no self day they anyways i don't know what to say But does it really work is. Is it really that way. do they do. These people are the examples are they stopping people. Follow is getting attached to him through. They teach others that life is lucien really work. I'm not sure for example. For with these teacher trump marimba was in this picture. People really really attached to him even though he wanted want people to get attached to him but he was quite the opposite. It was such a charismatic feature. That people are still regarded him as a teacher was doing that. Will you don't know the behavior of what we it's gonna come later. What what the put aside about things and way how you should behave. I guess i don't believe that anymore. And i don't think i never believed that but to bend buddhism. Or you know there. Is that idea that you can. You know you want to let go raft. You are still your light and but you are not behaving in a social normal normal way. Okay so right so enlightened person on transcended the social norms like. We said he let go that draft right. You don't need to keep you seila. I don't know why were you wouldn't do that. But you know teaching others you actually example people have existed existed in all all societies. There's actually quite a famous one john. Prom sometimes quotes. These nas. rooting must rudin interesting character. And whether they just stories about. Nash rooting interesting stories. I think he was a sufi saint. Who the and he was doing this interesting things Where one time. There's a story about getting was looking for ring. He dropped his ring inside his house and he couldn't find it so he went to the back yard looking for the ring and i think maybe he's wife said why did you. Why did you go to the back yard looking for the ring. I thought you'd lost it inside the house. He said well. There wasn't enough light in the house. So i went back yard. There's what more lights right so this quite often. These people are associated with this kind of wisdom which goes against. It's like it's really something different is it is but is it mental disease other like village idiots. Maybe sometimes. sometimes it's hard to say with even places like i don't know salunke perma. I know in thailand. I've met some interesting monks and they interesting in quotation marks. I don't fly very but calm in the sense that you they protect almost like they could really close with telling that they enlighten and then they they behave in certain ways which which we wouldn't do we behave. We are quite quite certain social norms. We behave we as a monk. We behave certain way and they sort of go against the stream just to show that. There's something different. Are they really enlighten or they just maybe bid stay have mental disease. Yup it's hard to say really is a divine madness is typical for people who won the fruit of the religion but not applications. I think this is quite interesting to look at this way. I may not even this in depth but quite often people in even in buddhism they want the fruit of the religion that you want fruits you want stillness like reads speech. Stillness john us or you meditation experiences. Whatever you want to have you want to have mine. Which still. but you don't wanna have applications. You don't need you don't want to have sealer you don't need to you. Don't want to live this life. W i just want to Just live normal life. But i want to have these all these experiences so you want to have the fruit of the religion but not obliged to anything. Is it going to work. Don't maybe not right. Fewer things okay so quite often. This is sort of haya wisdom. I remember i was going. I was part of the to bankruptcy in the beginning. Was just meditating with anybody beginning. And there's good teachers day. I'm not saying anything bad even remember shea himself all this any groups but quite often there. Is this idea that okay we teach. This is a higher wisdom and even terrified of buddhism. We have higher dumb where some monks teacher higher dumber and this is sort of like the preliminary teachings what we're doing is it. Maybe but they don't a lot of people. Do you really want to commit to the path right again. You want to have a higher wisdom you want to be one of those things in in. You wanna be really wise people. You know you you you you seem to want to be other people seeing you as the girl you want other people like. Oh he's really wise. It's really that would be cool when you can't just you want to just disappear. What's the point of that anyway. So quite often these. They have been taught that you you you get to the higher wisdom if you commit to. This way of teaching and the breakthrough comes in quick succession quickly. If all this and the teacher guru will shock them into understanding certain things quite often. You hear these things. How many factors. however it doesn't need many factors ago factor. Yeah okay guru. Factory factor okay. So there's this shock you know you do certain practices or the teacher. Even you know. That's why the teacher is so important in this kind of traditions day. They tried to shock you into understanding. You don't really need to do that much. You just commit yourself into that teacher and there's a there's a tremendous danger there. You not really thinking for yourself you can be yourself like you will to another so. There's a lot of and one of the things where quite often these kind of what that informality was saying. Well not just put his but other teachers in other traditions and say that you should. All you can indulge in example for alcohol and sex quite often that follows in this kind of goes. Why not it sounds really cool and then what happens. We other people have to pick up the pieces of people people's mental problems afterwards. So is it leading to really leading to piece is really Leading to a combine is leading to wholesome mind. That's why how you there was questioned earlier. How'd you decide. What's wisdom is it really leading to this kind of wholesome. Mind where you don't have to worry about in your own mind when you sit down. There's no doubt in your mind. Is it leading to that direction. Or is it leading more into indulgence. You can decide for yourself. okay. I i would. I would be much stronger than you. I mean to me. It is obvious that if someone has this sort of wisdom they don't have any wisdom at all choke shrogam trunka. Who showed on the picture before. His is quite widely accepted as have been been abusive and alcoholic. I mean obviously he was actually a scandalous person. Rather than someone who was even remotely enlightened. He had a certain charisma to attract a following and so he had the famous la sakarov zillow guy gain honor and fame. He got those things and a lot of people. I think in that position. They are trapped by these things. They kind of their distant handed together. Otherwise in the lime so they just love the kind of the attention they get. And the you know the things that they rolls-royces or whatever it is that kind of require that so to me all of these things that you have just mentioned is the science precisely and not in light. Don't think there's any doubt about that that these these people are not enlightened if you indulge in this kind of thing and this kind of thing is obviously the case and you should be in those these are precisely the signs that you should look out for to be careful and to be wary of people and not even. I don't think you should actually even think. Oh maybe this person's light nothing straightaway. Should be very wary. When these things happen you shouldn't judge too quickly because it can be hard to judge. There should be a little bit careful but generally speaking. These are precisely the signs that you should be on the lookout for. So i would prefer to be much admiral. My answer is actually coming on and is it really okay. Okay just wanted to make make the point. I'm just afraid that people get the wrong especially a beginner. Might get the wrong idea. And that's really where i'm coming from that. What did the buddha actually say about. These things and my next lights are going to say what is actually person who gets on the path. What are the characteristics of this kind of people. Let's see is it indulging in these things are not so. What does the buddha say. okay. So i'm going to give you know certain qualities which u. p. person you can expect to growth not decline. So let's see what about person who's who's spiritually advanced soul. Who's who's growing enough. So person person who has faith fateful individual doesn't decline subtle so faith again you sada. You could translate as a confident person. Who's who's gaining confidence is is on the path. Doesn't you have to have a certain amount of faith in the beginning. That okay there seems to be something to this these teachings you read the teachings even just basic teachings Anita do cannata these basic teachings of the buddha or some of these things where we've been teaching today Last two weeks that the noble eight full path that okay. There's something to that. So we have to have a little bit of faith in the beginning but and then the confidence cross Individual with consciousness doesn't decline conscience conscious. Sorry hearing mar this. An interesting isn't it. You have here. You wanna say something but we're having a conscious you have conscience conscience. He as shame shame. Yeah yeah it's for example. The idea of having being like dress to having cloth to cover yourself up is connected with here. Ma sometimes in the suit tests. It's like having a shame that you have a kind of internal compass drives roughly rights or conscience to do feel bad about yourself if you if you don't do the right thing. Yeah so again. The buddha saying something completely different about than what these divine madness people Teaching how they're behaving a prudent individual doesn't decline oughta be. This is definitely not really not a word. Usually autumn is that you are concerned about the consequences of your actions. Sir this has to do with understanding. Come more understanding straightaway. What this consequence leads to if you do this kind of things oughta often translated. I think has a fear of consequences. Batista's prudent be precisely because prudent means that you. Are you understand the consequences. So you hold back your prudent view how you live so as to avoid consequences okay. So just to remind these. What would you should be developing for good monks and nuns when they have these qualities and you personally you should live. Stand okay so energetic. Individual doesn't decline vidrio. What does yeah another one and a check. What does it mean. You have to have a lot of coffee. You go meditate all the time. Stay up all night to meditate. Where's the where's the energy going into this in here. I i would say that Energy in buddhism is the natural energy of the mind. Yes this is the ideal and it doesn't mean that you necessarily exert yourself a lot and you sit up all night and we'll kind of thing but that that your mind is energetic. It's like if you have a positive mind. Which is well developed morality and you kind of have maybe getting some joy from the suit and the word of the buddha than the energy comes with that so it's more like the natural energy. It doesn't mean that you're necessarily exert yourself very hard. This is the ideal ideal energy we just have brightness of the mind. Yeah okay yeah word that they are to establish start stock energy get energy going. Why individual doesn't decline bundy uva nice word baena wise have wisdom in teachings. What can you say about that. But yeah yeah mean. Why is this means that you in the lesser wisdom is a very broad word in pilot means everything from just a person who is kind who keeps morality. They will be considered wiser really. Yeah you have your whites. I'm in the in the house. Defined by a pundit suit imagine one hundred twenty nine talks about the pools and the wise people and the white person is very simple someone who is who lives well and they get good rebirth as a consequence of living well so just kind of the lesser wisdom the smaller wisdom and then it goes all the way up to the wisdom which is the wisdom of iran ship and everything in between is wisdom to some extent you are acting in accordance with the power of developing the path in the right way and also the results of the path. So it's a very broad term so even say kind person is a wise person. Well it to some extent. Yeah i mean not not supervise yet but little bit wiser not utterly them sort of and the other the opposite you know and having a person who's not kind whose acting ill-will with will it's not actually wisdom but considered foolish person loving individual doesn't have doesn't decline a could done. Oh okay so this is interesting. Like what's the difference between this medicine corden. Anger is this little non angry person alka. But it's is this just met and this is just similar to each other. Probably bill with meta. If you don't have angered could have you pick for example. I'd been neutral. There was how we have this. And then i forget the what nevermind kind. Individual doesn't decline but nah he kind. You always have to remember all of these these things loving kindness all that it also It's for your own mind own body and others as well. Individual with few sars doesn't decline upbeat. Upbeat chato a peach. So what is this a few sars. So you are restraining yourself. You are. What does it mean. I understand that with with the monks. But what would what does it. Mean for lay. People just means that you are reasonably content. Ten million contentment is the pitcher to actually contentment. Like word content actually. Yeah i just remember that adam. Prom likes to translate these days. I'll be happy. Choi in contend will do. What did he say no. No there was an opaque. We pay our okay okay. An individual with good friends doesn't declined so this one of the starting factors for the path right for that noble rightful path with good friends. Meaning people who are not The pilots and then you follow them. People have no dumb who the sanga hopefully sanga. If you can find exactly how do you define you find that you. Follow them around and see if they're behaving well. Yeah but you have to be able to see right. It's kind of a catch to. He's a little bit by slowly. Slow you come to conclusions like weeping. Maybe long enough and we can point to the way points the way into suits point here points the way you so you all of these things. Yeah so you find find good friends and individual. What ride view doesn't decline now. This is more difficult but we are coming to the right view later on today. We're gonna talk about logo next week. Actually by steve right view but a is interesting. So i think one of the questions before was how do you know that you have right view. And how can you actually know this. And then how do you make the distinction between right view wrong view and the answer is you can't really know it's very very difficult to know that so. A lot of the path is really to kind of uncover. Things you start what you have you have maybe a little bit of faith in the mail. You have a little bit of practice going and then gradually as you investigate you. Things new view gradually get straightened out with the practice is a process and of course the whole purpose the whole problem with delusion is precisely that delusion means you cannot actually know whether you have that right view and delivery so gradually you kind of like unwind and you always have to be kind of open. My tried to be open minded a outings and then gradually kind of things tend to come into balance. Come into the right way him but that is definitely difficult. And it's interesting with that as well like instead of slowly straining to ride view a new coming into understanding. That is how we should be practicing. We don't try to shock you into that understanding. That is dangerous kind of area. That's where you start having you're ship and the guru kind of you know has a lot of influence over you if you do that. Yeah whoever has faith conscience. Consciousness con- conscious conscience conscious components energy and wisdom when it comes to skillful qualities can expect growth decline skillful qualities whether by day or by night and so these one of the things which i'm saying that the buddha was teaching wasn't saying that divine madness. This is this is sort of. Sometimes you see these things and and the protected on on these teachers or historically. There's you know there's plenty of stories though even all the buddhist traditions but this this is what the buddha was saying that is what. How can you decide what to the teacher. And how can you call yourself so divine madison. Like crazy wisdom crazy other word from this but the reality is that either. You're crazy or your wise not both at the same time right. They don't come to us saying here. I guess i guess okay. So i remember being in retreat with one group and then as i said it was a tobacco and group and i said oh yeah well it's all all good practice this and that but i'm usually i like this here about a teaching us at all. Theravada buddhism boring. I said yeah so. We sort of teach you boring things. Maybe but we have trying to skillfully sort of tread into this getting happy unhappy minds which is which you can easily let go not trust to shock you into understanding specs for this purpose that one. Okay okay must be who. I've done it again. So this is a person who has come too close to the end of the path. So this is the real practitioner is real and this could be a real teacher as well where you get your kindness from. I think is you're listening to a meditation break. That's my say okay. So a case. That is the Enlightened person perhaps not sure tidy the maybe on the path so is there any questions at this pointer. Yes could you please use the microphone. Nicholas turned the reference goodne- car. Does that cover all of the ones that were displayed. I didn't hear the reference that you had for the anger include all the things that you displayed include all the previous things. so yes. oh that's what he asking. Yeah yeah this is the whole. Just a you know recap at the end of the sequences actually and this is the end of the thank. You okay what else to say anything. Here go quiet all silent okay. Does that mean that you agree or yeah okay. It's interesting this whole idea of crazy wisdom. And i think it's very important to be aware of this sort of thing because it's so easy to be drawn into a cult taken forward riot and be ripped off and be abused even if you're not careful with who you deal with her actually matters enormously but if you are in their proper good environment where people do things the right way then the whole idea the spiritual path is to lift you up to make feel better to make you a better person and all of these things. They should really be something very uplifting very dutiful and often this great wonderful potential is then used against people instead and drag people tracks people down and is so incredibly destructive. So i think is a very very important important point to thank you. Thank you for bringing that up and like this not too much coffee today. I think the thing with people. We have enough problems in our life and from the past that they should be more like a healing pathway. Not trying to create more problems It's hard enough to let go what we have already. And they have more problems exactly so i have good news for you. We have now finished with all the misconceptions so we had. That was the last time we're going to talk about. And now what i want to do now is to see move forward. And we're gonna talk start to talk about the actual noble eightfold path. The other the factors of the pather so finally getting there so this is just the beginning of the main heading. This is supposed to get to the last session. But now i want to talk about right to view and we only have a little bit of time left. So we're going to do is to talk about right. View from an overview overview of right view. I guess okay of you're right. You can have an overview right view not of get into the details so we're gonna talk about the details or what it is and how it arises and and what it leads to mix time but this is just a little bit of background getting late now anyway been a long day and even though you had as much even if you had as much corpus is still kind of kind of a limit to how much we can take in. I suppose so. Let's have a little bit of look at right view and this is a lot there is as always. There's a lot of things that you could pick out in the suit as but this little saying here is quite nice wrong. View is non dumber right. View is the dumber. It's almost as if you can summarize the idea of right view as being the dhamma in other words almost everything in buddhism kind of arise out of the idea of right view. The path starts offer with riot view. It's going the idea that you understand things in such a way that you start to become more kind you start to become more mindful you start to practice meditation or whatever it all arises from right view at the very beginning of the path. That's where it comes from even if you never really thought about drive through and it just kind of practiced well already but that comes from natural kind of right through that you may have bring with you from a past life or whatever and of course it goes all the way to the end of the path all the way to the very end but also is kind of went. Right view becomes kind of absolutely solidified. In years the whole path can be regarded. Whole dhamma can be regarded as right view. The buddha arising in the world is like right view arising in the world and then the right view becoming available to other people as a consequence of the buddha. Having it does not nice the fact that this is what the done is all about So let's look at some of the features or right viewer and this is From the summer ditty. Ceuta magic. Monica number nine and this has a kind of a nice idea. What right view. One way of looking or thinking about right view. When friends a noble disciple understands the unwholesome and the root of the unwholesome the wholesome and the root of the whole summer in that way. He is one override. Viewer who's view is straight. Who has unwavering confidence in the dumber and who has arrived at this true dharma so this is one of many definitions in the summer data. Ceuta of the idea of right view and here it is talked about in terms of the unwholesome and wholesome. So you understand what is wholesome. And what is unwholesome. You may think that that is kind of obvious if you are clients. Wholesome if you're not kind is unwholesome but of course to fully understand that it's quite difficult and one of the consequences of not understanding it fully. Is that your meditation. Tends to stop at a certain level. You meditate you become peaceful but then somehow doesn't go any deeper here and that is always the big question. Why doesn't it go any further. Why does it stop at a certain point. You may be enjoying yourself. You may be peacefully. Maybe getting some joy coming up in meditation. You may be hanging out with your breath but then why doesn't it go deeper. It's one of those really fundamental questions. Yeah if we can answer that then we will know what is required so what what is the reason. And the reason is because you don't understand this you don't understand the developments that are there that block you from going and more deeply and these are specifically most importantly things like holding onto things in the sensory world. Had this one of the most obvious things that stop you from going deeper not being willing to let go of your senses which you have at a certain point and this kind of things other things that block you. So this is like a almost like a continuous process of uncovering the unwholesome understanding what it is an understanding what the whole is and when you become a stream meant this is why the stream enter has given up the factor of bitchy cha which cha being doubt why because the meant has right view they know what is wholesome. What is unwholesome that is the definition of which you don't have any doubt as to what is wholesome. What is unwholesome her. So these things go kind of hand in hand the because now you you you know. What liberation is you know the whole path and you are able to fully distinguish wholesome qualities of existence from the unwholesome. Once you also understand the roots of these things in other words you understand the mental motivation that drives unwholesome qualities that greed ill-will the delusion and all of that. Yeah it's pretty cool to stream enter a good news. Isn't it now. you know her. You know what you have to do what you don't have to do. You have fallen overview over your own mind. You understand your on mind fully the wholesome and unwholesome qualities very handy to be a stream. Entry is recommended by the buddha. We recommend that so you can be a stream entry. Please be a stream enter if you can't then just gradually gradually. That's kind of the idea here. So this is one way. There's many other ways of looking at the idea of three men but this is one way of thinking about this. So in this way you are one who has right. Another way would be understand dependent origination. Yeah that's another way of right view and this is kind of the other factors of this one understanding the noble truths understanding whatever it is just different angles on the same thing. The same thing is the picture. Called the dhamma this famous jackson puzzle again and it has also called one. Whose views is straight would joe. This beautiful hollywood is straight. It is not crooked. The defilement called the crooked mind is straight it aligns with the with the way things are with reality. it is not doesn't contradict that kind of the straight a bright mind interesting. The hollywood do is roger in sanskrit and it is directly related to the english words right and the english word straight yeah these same etymology the come from the same root so they actually related to each other. I really love this kind of things. We can see how close our world is together in a sense kind of how much we have in common because of language. Is this kind of thing. That isn't all that much separation between us. This is ancient india two and a half thousand years ago and the words they use aren't same words we use now raju and straight same word. Kind of fascinating. Isn't it there. And so that is the idea of straight straight it heads in the right direction. It's not crooked and you have unwavering confidence in the dumber and this is one of the things. I've been talked about before here already. The idea that confidence and right viewer. The confidence and wisdom in buddhism sub data and in some aditi all of these things just different angles on the same thing. Why do we have confidence in something. Why do we have faith in buddha's because we understand that there's some truth to this confidence here is based on the sentence that there's something right in what the buddha is explaining. It's not the kind of blind confidence confidence that arises from insight the deeper the insight is the great your confidences when you see things fully of course. The confidence is going to be complete. Complete confidence is unwavering. Confidence go together. And of course when you have that unwavering confidence of faith it is similar to kind of having then of course you also get the joy and happiness that comes from that because you understand that you have uncovered this beautiful treasurer inside of yourself. This marvelous treasure always lead towards greater contentment. Greater happiness greater wisdom away from suffering away from all the problems in life. Yeah this is kind of the most powerful treasury can find any think. Wow you know. Sometimes we get excited. Yeah go the promotion promotions my job or whatever yet interview relationship or my new partner. Wow so wonderful her. Why do we feel happy when these things happen. I got a salary. Increase now earned. I don't know what are we happy when these things happen to us. But it's nothing zilch compared to what you uncover in the dumb a- if you really the reason why we happy about those things because we think it will bring us happiness but it will bring us tying happiness if we're lucky this is what really brings us happiness if we should be happy and joyous about anything it's about the dumber not too bad. The tiny little gains. We have an ordinary life. This is where happiness is to be found and yet where do we. What do we rejoice in. What do we feel elated by the little tiny gain. That's an ordinary life. We get things have so wrong. Isn't that kind of interesting here. And the reason is because we don't really understand what the dumber is. We don't not able to properly compare to ordinary world happiness if we really knew what was going on if we read the demonic. Wow this is it. And we'll feel so happy. Sit down and bliss out in meditation as a consequence. This is really what this is about. This is real confidence. Real faith and these are the emotions. Come from that real confidence and faith. The last one you have arrived at the true dumber. This means that you stream entry. Yeah you have arrived there. You have acquired you have got somebody are called. The dog. did dipoto view potato is attained. You have attained the view. The view of reality see things as they actually are for the first time arrived at the dumber you are there. You are in the kind of the now. The noble at full path has been internalized. You have no choice but to carry on the noble at full power for you have arrived in the real departure lounge now heading towards new barna at full speed from here on only one thing. I want to say so just reminds me of that. You were talking about the this dumb dumb about averse seventy-nine correctly dumb a pt. concetti something. You know there's more through that diverse there but maybe you can translate that dumb pity concetti so concetti said city. Translate that does it. Maybe the best. Maybe the best happiness is the best. The best of happiness dhammapada dismissed the pity of the dumber the joy of the dumber quite often translated. When you. when you drink the damn you do gain. Happiness just came from that when you talk about like. Wow this is the dumb the bt instead of drinking or you came that kind of wild factor you you uplift your mind you drinking the dumber uplift your mind and that brings you happiness. I liked that verse exactly. This is so interesting that if you really understand this is it's very it is so uplifting and so beautiful and this is why that distinction between confidence and faith doesn't really exist in buddhism the dumb veda an octave ada and dumb would veda is the same word that you find innovative madonna and also the same word defined vision in vita is profound knowledge on the path invade is feeling and it kind of merges those two meanings into one word dumber veda. So you have that. You have both understanding the confidence which is like the wisdom factor and also the feeling that comes with it so it has both confidence and faith kind of merging together and that's why it is sometimes called inspiration madama because inspiration is like you both understand. Wow but it's also very positive feeling. Yeah wow inspired. Wow this is really nice and inspiration in the dumber. Vader is racial in the meaning or the goal where the is going here and then that becomes then the foundation for meditation practice and this is exactly what this is and then you carry on. The pt comes the padre pt's the joy percent is the com- from the com comes from the super comes. Somebody yeah and then the whole sequence. Unfolds like that okay. Let's so this is a beautiful suit. And the data suit as monica nine. And this is this of the body after death have reappeared in a good destination even in the heavenly world magic monday. Kaya ford this is the opposite. When you have right view you tend to live in accordance with that right view. This is what this is about. This is just a superficial understanding a right to you what the consequences of right view are even at the very early stages of what we call buddhist practice even if you just want to have a good rebirth even if you just want to get reborn in human realm in the good way right view is going to be very helpful her. Yeah even if we don't talk about the path in a d percents but just a preliminary aspects of rebirth might view is already very helpful. This is just to show you the broad consequences. Right view has it is very broadly helpful. Him and then another consequence of right view monks just as the dawn is the forerunner and precursor of the sunrise. So right view is the forerunner and precursor of wholesome qualities of right view. You can expect to have wholesome qualities. Yeah when you look around the buddhist society here and you see all the good people in the buddhist society you realize. There's a lot of people who have right view at least to some extent. Yeah that's why people are good people otherwise wouldn't be good people this beautiful thing. I don't know i often. It's nice to come to the buddhist society when you come here and you meet. Wholesome people i think is one of those wonderful things to be able to have such kilometers wherever you go every part of this buddha society so you know that the people here to the extent that they are good people. That's pretty high extent they also have right view to that extent so again it shows you the importance of then studying the suit continuing establish right view. Remember right view talk about this later on but right is not either. You have it or you. Don't you have degrees of it. Yeah you start off you have a little bit of right view starting to keep the precepts et cetera. And then you get more right you think. Yeah maybe i should be even kinder you become even kinder and then you think. Yeah maybe you get more right. Maybe i should try to think in a better way and then you get even more. Maybe i should practice meditation and watch the breath and you get more and every time you practiced path better the right view increases and wherever right view increases your tend to practice the path better. Yeah going hand in hand in this way here. So right view is always kind of improving as you understand the path in this way here. Okay monks i do not see even a single thing on a counter which under is unwholesome qualities riser and arisen wholesome qualities increase and expand so much as right view pretty powerful. There's nothing else. Yeah no single thing. That is more important for the wholesome qualities to arise and unwholesome qualities to also unwholesome qualities to decline. By the way. I didn't include that ceuta because it was just too much information. I thought yeah again. It shows you the very fundamental importance of right view. This is the thing that really makes the whole thing work. Nothing else is more important than this. You could look at this from different angles could look at this from the angle of yonezawa manatee. Kara which is proper attention or wise attention is very closely related to write view but essentially all this qualities that come together with right view. This is what really makes the path happen. And give rise to horse on qualities right views lonzo slopes and inclines towards navonna view. You are inclining towards the banner. It's pretty nice. Isn't it so if you are reading the suit. You're developing your right view. You're trying to see the world in the right way. It means you to everyone. Maybe everyone here is inclining towards nirvana nice. Isn't it and this is what we what this is. The whole point. What isn't gonna have. One is the highest happiness so why not inclined to was the highest happiness. It kind of makes sense anyway. So that is just a introduction for you about right view just to get started on that and makes time. We're gonna look at the you in much more detail and also how it connects with right intention. The two factors. This is just to give you the a little bit of wet your appetite for right view so i didn't think i think the some questions online and all that so i think we can let people go if they want to. It was a long day. I think for everybody. I think but i a lot of fun. Yeah it was nice to be with. Your family was it. Okay greg to be with you. Hey if there's questions people ask some questions now to do online and please use the microphone if you ask question. Let's allow people people here to do. I because yes oh yeah please just to continue wondering about the right view being a requisite for Right somalis when the buddha will was I don't know ten years old and he got into somebody sitting onto that rose. Apple tree is that because even previous life he had very strong jonah practice because he'd probably didn't have to deal with that early states war. Yeah i would say yes. I mean he probably had right. Write your that state. That's the whole point but the right view was something inherited from a previous existence. They hadn't developed right lou in that life but probably would have brought it with him as a habit from a good habit from a previous life. Yeah and that's the thing. If if you develop meditation good meditation this life you will take that with you into your mind will ready have those qualities there and then you bring them with you so obviously the buddha would have for whatever reason he will have develop meditation in the past not as part of this other part but does merely because of conditions made him practice in the right way and then it can happen to him yeah. That's exactly that you do take something next to a next lifetime meditation. That happened is one of them yet. It's such a strong imprint. In your mind absolutely and even this lifetime if you have a strong meditation that you remember that it's almost like a feeling and that will actually next time next time. you're meditating. it will actually take you to happiness of that. We'll take you again into a quite often will take you to the deeper stages again interesting. The happening memory. Almost meditation can take you to the memory of that happiness song. Just contemplating of the meditation of the peop- happiness is just bring the happiness again. So interesting anyone else to say anything making the complaint comments or whatever whatever you would like everyone is completely either. You're very content. Or you're completely zonked out with an which either okay. Because it's actually actually just one question from online from singapore. We need mindfulness to have meta. We need have mindfulness. Do you need mindfulness to have meta do quite often. We forget these things if you take mindfulness to be mean that have sought in that sense like hang on. I'm depressed. I m nervous. I was quite nervous actually this afternoon. I don't know something happened with my education or something. I was really feeling nervous. What comes to my mind instead of fighting it just a matter and so you don't fight these things depression. Whatever you have a lot doubt in your mind we all have these stage which we wanna push away from your mind quite often. That's the normal at towards that the sati should come. Mindfulness should come hang on. No no. that's the wrong way of putting actually teach that the buddha thought accepting loving kind all these positive qualities and then it's easy to live with that. Yes you need to have some quite often. You need to have memory. you need to have the like. Aw that's what. I need to be practicing meta tend to forget. Yeah so. I think that's true. I it goes both ways really need. Mindfulness to have met that. Because you need to be aware away your mind is now so you can directed in the right way and also you need as you said the memory to remind you of the teachings but you also need to have mindfulness. The more meta you have the kindness. You have to the world around you. More naturally mindful. You're going to be because you want to be in the present moment. The present moment is the pleasant moment as ram next to say. Make the present moment the pleasant moment. If you're if you have met her you want to be in the present. Yeah because it's feels happy and you are enjoying it so it goes both ways. Mindfulness in mindfulness and meta the meta to have full. Mindfulness so build each other and they work together. Have interesting thing about metals. So which quite often is forgotten meta and self doesn't really live in the same house the more meta you have the less of self is there. So it's actually you'll have this feeling of loving kindness but more you will disappear so you. It's interesting that you was remember. You can also remember that having loving kindness is you have. You're more with that. That feeling is like when we have the similarly of the mother having loving kindness towards the baby the mother is sort of just thinking of the baby and forgetting themselves and it just this this beautiful feeling about the medicine so the stronger metal. You have the less you ought there. I thought it's so nice. Exactly what s very nice and it means that the self is because the metro. I feel so nice. It means let the self is a pain in the backside. Yep some quite often quite often. Yeah it's really great. Antidote really is just to yes. We have that in your toolbox. Remember you have to use it. Otherwise it's there's no point like a hammer like wait a minute work okay. And last questions or comments okay. Hello can you hear me. Yes we hear you if you work for an organization or employer who doesn't necessarily have the right to view. Does this mean that you are not practicing right livelihood. Can you comment on that please. Okay let is a bit. Like lynn was talking about earlier on today because lean. Who's sitting next to you. Actually he was saying that well in the world is so much some bad things happening in the corporate world. there's bribery and there's all kinds of things and if you're part of that world how can you have right lively when you part of that kind of fear and that's a bit like you're asking area and the answer is that you have to see it's not necessarily wrong in itself to work for that organization as long as you are able to do the right thing within that organization. Yeah i mean it depends on how much you are contributing to the corruption. If you feel that you are contributing a lot then maybe not so good but generally speaking you. Your job is just look after yourself but if you feel that there is pressure on you to do wrong things. Because that's what the corporation does and you have to kind of do what the corporation demands of you. Then it starts to become problematic because then there are forcing you to do. Immoral things is like being born in the mafia family. If you're born the mafia family and the mafia says you must kill it. Doesn't you don't get out of jail just because the say you must kill you're responsible for your actions and the same will be true in the corporate world. So ideally you should find a corporation which is reasonably benign. You know what the most benign corporation is the sanger. Yeah we are the. The sun was benign corporations. So that's why we have so you are really kind of your head but they are a lot of variety in the world corporations that are reasonably good. Yeah they are good people in the corporate world and they are corporations that are bad but if the demand is that you must do a lot of really bad things sometimes. It's better to change your job but if it's just minor things here and there probably doesn't matter all that much we should never strike for absolute perfection or we should strive for it but we should realize that they are sometimes limitations. And that's that's okay just to find that balance somewhere. One thing interesting thing came to my mind like i said earlier we building kuti's now in china when there's more and more monks dating and helping them we have bricklayer. They the bricky told me a couple of weeks ago. He's working hard and he was putting the bricks downey said they must be more to life than this. Look at them. And say i'm sorry. Not just laying the bricks. You're just putting down and those late. that's it what can you do. That's life but the interesting thing breaks and then you die money joy of the benefits of a little bit of all that but the interesting thing a thought he was bit funny so i told that problem with nighttime and he said no the as actually more to life than that is an interesting and he said that you can actually put leming kinds to every time you laying brick. The is actually more to life than that so while you're doing that work you're you're adding a good break into your life. You adding more wisdom you adding more you know kindness understanding all these things so they is more to life than laying bricks so that is exactly and then that translates also into what you were asking as well that the idea is when you work you can have kindness into your work your bricklayer. Whatever you do you can add kindness into it and the way to do that is to think about your co to think about your customers. Okay i'm going to do the best. I can to make customers how this fire to make my be kind to my co workers. Oh my worker can make a cup of tea. Actually co work. I forgot to tell you this but you are really appreciate your presence. Yeah you've been working together now for x. Number of years while so lucky to have a wonderful call work. If you say that to a cobra they're gonna get whoa before. Never heard that before. Actually i've never told you that. Would i really. I added the bisco. Work is actually so is by the way the nuns are also co workers and everyone else that they've with society as wonderful co workers. This is a thing. We can add that kindness into the way into work work life. Sometimes if you do a few dodgy things but generally you can add a lot of kindness and you can actually practice the path even at work in that way even applies to taxes because with other countries to with the money that you pay so stopped paying taxes but in some countries take the united states. Yeah a lot of the money that you pay but remember. It is only a problem in. Yeah they cut people but this very difficult balance. Remember the yeah but remember. it's about. Yeah so if you pay your taxes with the intention that may my country go to war with this money. Yeah i'm gonna give you money. Please go to war with his money. If that's how you think then it's really a problem but if you say okay i'm going to pay my taxes because most of it only a small proportion goes to the defense most goes to actually defenses. Misnomer goes to offense. Offense is more likely but the most of it goes to schools to roads to health care australia. How large is the defense budget. Maybe three percent as a tiny tiny percentage. Yeah it's a misnomer isn't it. Yeah okay okay. Very good anything else. Anyone tell you one thing. No no i i did. Yeah okay so nice to see all again. Thank you everyone for coming and we will continue next week. If you feel for next week we love to see you again. Next week vs pap- homeless bullet. Emma sangha so more You said last week that we don't really know if we will practicing the path properly until against remember. But but you know does this. Many quite a quite a few instances where that buddha.

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Adjust the Mic Episode #88 Ready Player Chris

"Right thanks for sunny. Upper cat facts. You will now receive fun. Daily facts about cats no thanks for signing up for cat facts you will now receive. Gone daily facts about cats though declan foo fighters. No so are you. Just gonna ask me questions. And i can answer. And then we'll go from there and you can edit out anything that makes me look stupid or if i say something really messed up the needs to be gone. A fine baggies the clothesline. Go a restore back on us again. I did having what young london no are. No no no no no no okay is the show. I can't stand it when a band gets up there on stage and just stands there and plays yeah. that's they didn't move tap it. Feet automaton devore year. It's about swedish black metal. When do you want to join any ball white. No good on the before. Do you want to do this. Five seconds calling seconds. The harm that you had gone on is gone now. It's great to hit ground. Lift a part of this summer. Right are saying it's five seconds. Don't fucking look chris. Do five seconds. If you're fucking view. five seconds god almost. She's the one it's like. I can't i have a one moment apiece at home. Now you comes here. And i don't have even one moment of easier kenny. Hello hello hello hello from. Adjust the mike. How hello hello. Hello episode number. Eighty eight some lot cooler before we started. Yeah singing like let's do that. I can't i can't better object and will ferrell from stepbrothers. I can only sing by myself in a bathroom to my right. You the voice of an angel. It's pretty good. His handwriting is amazing. Wow election as good hello listeners. Hello code we're gonna go to my left. The craft beer queen calling. Hey how are ya now. High in down yonder yonder done forking middle to tear. I need you detained and you to send me that in quiet and i can't pick it up all humility. I can hear barely. But i can't get to pick up you. Download it right. The won't let me. I've tried a million different times really Or text it to me either way. What's up everybody every everything. Good wonderful great. Yeah like your screensaver. You got going on over there. Scott some beautiful views. I wonder where that is. Is that a four k display or is that probably seven twenty salunke. I care shit. Come on now. That's an old. Lg ten eighty actually. It's it looks good all right nice. Yeah just got me playstation five couple of weekends ago. You've been battling to get the one everyone's trying to get you know what in because a lot of things went wrong with that. Sony really screwed the pooch with how they they had a lot of manufacturing problems. They didn't make enough of the fucked up their entire supply chain basically. So what happened. What happened was is. They didn't release enough to meet demand when it was released. So what people were doing is they would right. These software program butts online that would continually check the stock of like best buy and amazon and walmart and as soon as they came online these would sell out the entire stock within seconds. Do you know they do that with like nike shoe online releases and all that. All kinds of all kinds of shifts sores memorabilia. Fine so what these people do is. They'll buy like say they were able to buy ten playstation five right bill immediately. Go to amazon. Enlist those bastards for two hundred times. He a at one point. The playstation five disc version was selling for like two thousand dollars as humans. We have no patience by vietnam on a you could like you can't say like i'm not going to spend twelve hundred dollars for some. That's five hundred dollars. I'll wait till i can right and we don't do that as a society. I was in that camp right. Are they available now. No they won't be available like you can't walk into walmart and get one. It's going to be mayor. June maybe before the stock is available to get into that should children be getting these items before adults or should it fuck it. I don't think it's eric crying to their mothers and fathers right now that they don't have. Ps five they really want to play they really want and they really want over here. Like i got my pf l. We let me tell you in the camp fuck scalper. I'm just going to wait. I don't care. He's like fourteen hundred dollars later. The playstation five with the disc four ninety nine and i like a mental like i will not spend more than six hundred bucks for this thing right one hundred bucks over retail found one for six fifty after taxes. They basically spent one hundred dollars. More a hundred dollars more. You wanted to throw come with a game or anything comes at a controller with no. But the thing about it though. Is it's backward compatible. All my playstation four games worked on everything dot com. I'm sure you can get me later for. Yeah but you gotta you play. Whatever the fucking wall really. It's not a can you do this. It's like yeah you can do that. You just have to download this to make the habit. I don't understand it. Because that nintendo classic that i have at scott jailbreak. I never need another video game system and i really don't mean me and riley hung out play techmo bowl. I saw contra super mario four hours pretty amazing. Don't get me wrong. A playing those games play these new games. It's different it's something. I don't know how to take this way neither charlene. Ps five xbox. You know all those. All those parent companies are investing very heavy in and and and virtual reality in vr. Okay those are two functions that are hitting our marketplace in a big way right now or at least a technology being created for that. Don't care so these boxes before you know it you're going to be putting something on there. You have it but you're going to be putting something like some shit over your eyes and you're going to be like doing whatever the fuck you want. I don't wanna cook here. Maybe it is. Maybe it is. It's a balance right depends virtually going to be amazing guests addicting man. It is very virtual reality right. Now you've got to think is in the super mario brothers level of it right now. You can tell you're playing so you think eventually will get to ready player one status in yes in down years or less. Yeah no doubt like you'll be indistinguishable from reality or really close to it. So basically the matrix basically and before you know what. I saw that terrible ready player to now one. Got that book out of the way too. Yeah there's going to be a different aspects of virtual reality that we have to look for as well because you get a lot of people that don't have a big social circle and video games other output then no so that's a real market that needs to be tapped as you get these people and if you can sell them she's lucia where it's like okay instead of you should sell them counseling an ideal world but we live in a capitalist society where we try to prey on people like that and make money off of it So what better. Way to open up that market say okay. Look we've got the playstation ten right now right that's got very real virtual reality at and it's an interesting from your life so instead of being some schmo who does some menial job you jack in your virtual reality shit and your own. I'm not shitting on people that do do that. But do do. I did what i just don't get it. It's not my thing. Games are not my info. I don't watch tv or movies. Hardly at all. I don't either and i don't even streep shows and stuff like that and yeah. My thing is is video game. Because i can get home from work i shut the brain off. Beat up some pixels. And that's my entertainment right so the playstation if i wasn't an easy purchase for me because it's fucking amazing. We're stuck still playing rocket league at eight o'clock every night i'll get a group text from all my co workers. Everybody in the office. Who good shooter game. Wish it's actually soccer and racine at the same time like you're in a vehicle. You can have a car truck and a soccer ball in your thunderdome so you're in a closed arena so you can drive upside down on the wall. What platform is a song. It's on every it's like it's like four night. It's on every everything and this game. I had this game in like two thousand fourteen. I bought the name of it called ruggedly all the kids play you know and the money that kids make playing this game. It's insane. Yeah because they turned it into an export. It's an east. it's a completely sport we get on. We play four on four. We might have people playing tonight together. All of our kids playing with us. So we're all laughing in these cars. You can teach them how to fly. So you're hitting you're flying in the air trying to hit a soccer ball. I notice home owners so hard. But i don't even get so immersed in it like your success so immersed in it that that's where i see the next step after mario and all of our yeah. Those are my favorite games. We that's what we did. You and there was always like some easter egg that you had right and then you went to school and told your friends about it now. See e sports is people playing video games competitively for big big amounts of money and there's like there's billions of dollars being invested yet the online like just like the us's blowing up A ufc match. And then you're going to have a rocket league match and you're gonna have a call of duty something match your and whatever. The next game is match. You're going to have all these things are going to be professional. These kids are gonna be famous. Look at our kids right now. What are they do. They all watch youtube. He all he follow youtube channels and they watch the game or the youtube gamers twitch channels which channels so many. It views that all they're doing is they're going to convert that for sport of games in these kids are gonna be superstars. Yeah they've been doing this on the pc gaming world with halo counter strike counter strike. You know all the half-life games ears so what happens is this is a multibillion dollar industry right now right so hard. Stone is a game from blizzard that made warcraft. And all that. And that's the big one on the market right now and you've got these quote unquote superstars. Who are these guys. Who are really good at this. Game are making one hundred to five hundred two thousand to a million dollars a year in for winnings and all that and then sponsorship deals and all that and they're making a fucking killing microsoft and video video car company really make the graphics the way they do they want the best players to be assigned just like just like in the nba thing. I know how chris feels. Now when we talk about football. Exactly charlie with you completely silent right now cool about doing the podcast with four people. I didn't not talk. Don't know the whole gaming industry just never really. Yeah the video gaming industry. I think within the last five years. There's been a trend where it made more money than hollywood movies. Yeah international now It's it's you gotta think about it. It's like people are sensitive in in that world. You're by yourself. You don't have people picking on you like sports you don't how can be whatever your thing and play it and i get it. I mean my kids. Play all kinds of games on there. Stupid tablet plates. We played sports in kids. Still do a lot of kids. Play still play sports but with football and stuff with the injuries and the brain injuries and stuff over the years i you overprotective parents and you get groups of them over the years and it expands. Yeah and then you get less and less kids take new risks and you know what i mean. It's your like brought up earlier warcraft. You get an online video game you know. People have been playing that game for twelve thirteen years with the same group of people that are located all over the country over the world sometimes and they're like a second family to these people because it's like you've been playing games with the same person for twelve years just in. You know everything about this person and all that that when i go to the public stella i've been dealing. I went there the other day. There's a lady at the public's bakery that it's watched my kids same here. I watched my name's law go to the bakery where stella today gosh mom debut kids since she was a baby. It's really cool. Cool really what do you think this is gonna do for like people being able to socialize with human beings in real life like you know. They're not learning how to actually interact with somebody. Face to face is the this pandemic in this isolation that people have had have advanced as greatly because people have had more time for this technology to sit there at home and create it like there are home board or not together colleen brought up a good point. I don't know god. I feel like a fucking old lead but if i don't know if it's a generational thing because what i do for a living you have to talk you have to be very paid and communicate a lot of the younger people on both sides. Oh yes date do. They don't know how to communicate man. No 'cause we talk about it we talk about it's like they. Just their social skills are so lacking. And i don't know if that's the get off my lawn charlie or if it's a real thing now that's a real thing because he's a very real thing raised with all of them. No not all of them but the majority think about it like we grew up with internet. Starting at about fourteen fifteen maybe fucking this morning sweet stuff and so we were the last generation of kids that went out. And you know you left sunrise and we watch it back when the streetlights right like the sting right yeah he. He didn't talk text but now the kids in the generations after us. I mean they've grown up with the internet and then the kids so the most recent kids you know. Our children have grown up with the internet being ubiquitous right everywhere. So yeah you. Communication is interpersonal. Skills are definitely going to suffer when you don't have to exercise that aspect of humanity right like when you can just instead of going over to my friend's house and knock on the door. Say hey you wanna ride bikes. It's really shoot them a text it. Let's go ride bikes. But now it's shuba. Let's complete rocket liter or craft silas at seven in the morning. Getting phone calls from preston. Rally let's go. We gotta gameplay the tower defense or whatever the game. They're playing up to play. Gay marriage is with texting. You know i talked about this with one of those things where sometimes when you text out of context you'll read it you'll read it back out loud and you'll be like desk all day. I've been many fights over town of the tax bad. It's so bad there's nothing like just talking but like in my job like everything is about building relationships. Remember here and i was talking to brent today and something came up and i was talking about our favorite therapists that works with our kids. And her birthday's coming up and i'm like oh we need to get her like a letter anything because she loves letterkenny runs like how do you know that. I'm like you actually had a conversation with like talking. Whatever he's like. I don't remember that but he can remember everything technical. Whatever and that's when. I realized. I'm like i'm the person that remembers things about people about relationships and building them just because honestly public's help me with that. They taught me about customer service. And like how just even putting your ego aside and learning and listening about people who are things about can help you go so far. And that's i think why hardware does so. Well we have older people and they all get it. It's like they make a point to remember things about people those little things that communication the personal relationships of face to face whereas like everyone else sets you know in their heads. More is communicating over the phone. Scam overtaxed or everything else. It's used to communicate multiple ways now even like everybody's job when we bring some new to train like you pray that they have computer skills right because that's a whole nother train. Some people don't even think of our grandparents like yeah. We had to fix everything on their computer every week. Eighteen come up. Could you do this to my email and i mean now. It's like if someone asks me that. I'm looking at him like no. I'm not going to help you. I don't have grandparents hit area now. Figure it out. There's youtube go on youtube type and how to check email or how to do whatever the hell you need to do. It's they're gonna take danish but at the same time when you're talking to each other and you're asking questions you're you're you're having a personal experience with another human and we still want that there's like a battle between that with some people right like you're saying on the internet so much you about that personal connection and it's one of those things where i love it my job that i can't have a cell phone. Yeah i love it so much. could you don't like i don't need this shit. I hate it. It's something that has become. Like if i leave my house and i forgot my phone. There'd be zero. I go all fuck it. Non turning around. And that's just what's happening when i'm up in georgia and there's bad cell service and i don i don't have any going on. I could put that phone cell away. Just spend the whole weekend without the phone right. It's amazing like some people are like well. We gotta have pictures of everything. Yeah sometimes me and it's it's a whole nother experience. Yes out for two or three days without a phone in your hand and on the nice thing. I'm the type where. I get nervous if i go to ticket. But i don't have my phone pension off half back. I would sit out without it and i would go away two minute. I'd pull back up the fm. Come back and do it fast. you know. Yeah well. This reminds me of a concert and you see so many people that are watching so annoying takes away the whole experience and the last the last show i was like i'm gonna take a few pictures when they first come out and then after that phones going up i'm going to be in it because like when i remember going to war torn. I was younger like those memories. They're still with me like and we have pitchers that we took on our phones that we had a drop off out walmart and get you know whatever. I don't look back on those. Because i can still remember well being absorbed in that moment until i had too many beers thinking about it this way when everybody has some polaroid's or some photos the dave had developed over the years that they still have in a box somewhere. Probably now. whenever you pull those out you can spend a couple of hours. Maybe going through and you'll laugh and you'll smile and you'll remember all these things. What are our kids gonna do do everything. It's going to be a google photo. Dvd or zip. Drive kind of thing that you're much too many many pitchers. I'm going to see how you know. There's gotta be some way that's a businessman. Well in a way to extract the best pitchers from right for memories. Bugles already doing nazi. They've they've written an ai. That goes through all your photos and it does categorize your best photo by exposure composition. And then now it's going deep now where it's going okay. I recognize this person. As chris daughter stella amazon. All stella's pajamas and then hours doing that and it's names and it works pretty good too but that's kind of scary in a big brother is kind of way because that it's like you know now they've got an anti not you know i would. I'm not the type that it's like. Oh they're tracking me. They're gonna put the five g chipset checking anyways if they say are so. I'm not worried about that aspect of it. But it is kind of scary on a more wealthy and level where they do have a my stella's entire life because i've taken photos of her and then upload storage and if you've been to an airport you're you're done yeah amazon. Does that too. And on my screen saver instead of like. What scott has that. It's pitchers from my uploads. And if finds a way to find the best pitchers and then it does have the categories. But what's really funny to me is how like it'll say pitchers of colleen and there's a shit ton of my mom and there looks. Oh my god it's so funny. Raj shah is getting scary man. Getting wild is getting to a point where we've all had this line of will were comfortable with as far as what's what's the word. I'm losing the word here. Bananas kind of our acceptance. Yeah what's out there. And what information of ours is out there and what is it that line just getting more blurry and blurry every single all. Yeah you never single social media that we all subscribe to give our signature of our life a snapchat. Evo set up my phone. I don't know how to do any other learning about snap. Look like a fucking parrot or something that she makes me into a parent or draft shit. Totally on tiktok. This one kid made a hot dog. And he's like am i weiner. Pp everybody's laughing at this kid is really nice you have. We both talked about we. Download talk a couple of weeks up me. Neither what sexist like. They know now. What i like and so it's like all these do it yourself things and i'm like oh i can do that to my house. I do that like save it. Send it to myself. And i'm like oh my god it has been an hour and a half and i have been on freaking shutout. Tim milliken tim. Tim you did this. You A maranda shits hilarious on their easy puts a stand up bitch and that take it. Listen i'm sending take talks to like larkin and holly and andrea and group. Things narrow like stop too talking funny. They've been addicted to it forever. And i'm like this guy at the table. Same poop and what i what. I'm telling pooping episode there. I'm sitting in for tiktok right pigment. And i'll sit there and i'll sit on never extra few minutes. I'm cry laughing because you like you said. Do they know what you like right in dade put these pranks on their day took the noodle noodle and it cut out. They cut the half and they put whipped cream. They cut part of the noodle a pool noodle pool noodle that's hollow. They took like a three foot long or so and cut like half of half of it and filled it with whipped cream. Okay and then they tape it and they put it inside the cabinets or somewhere door something as it. Can you open the door. The have it in their tour. The whipped cream sloppy in the face at the people on tiktok. Just doing this all. Didn't they got these videos of these real funny things that somebody said. And then all these other people reenact it and so they're just voice over in it and they're doing these real funny ways fantastic man. It's so creative. Pacman you can go on their financial advice like to learn how to do something for like to set your company up guys forty five seconds ago. You need to do this this this this financial for financial advice from anybody internet really legit know them but what they're doing is they're saying hey do your research but these are the things that you have like. Did you know that your kid if you have a business at home that you can pay your kid on it and it helps with your taxes and you pay nine thousand to nine thousand dollars of that kid boom. Go look it up. It's true you're saying there's people that have multiple videos that are accountants lawyers accountants that us tiktok to share accounting information with people. Because people don't go get information to talk. You can do the react videos right. Yep so the funniest ones. I've seen all our. Are the police officers. React until six like the the the there was one guy he was like. Here's the best place to hide your weeds. So you go to your gas tank and you open it up and then you stick it in the bag out and the twisted down and on the other side of the screen. It's just sitting as just look good when the guy goes to open the gas. Take the cop pulls out. His notepad is starts right this stuff days. Okay good funny. It was funny. I learned on tiktok dollar. General puts out penny days. And you don't know about it but if you download the app you can scan step. They put a ton of stuff on sale for any really people go there. I had no idea but sure enough. I looked at this week. All of the old christmas stuff paper towels and other things are on there. And there's people that will go in there and do the research for you and tell you everything is going to be a penny but they literally have all these items on sale for penny starts every tuesday and totally sell out. But i'm like. I never knew that paper towel or opinion like this is think about that person. That's doing that. They've created a business for themselves by providing a value to people. Right your service now in their product service and they're getting paid for through a sponsorship through their dallas because a lot of these people don't they'll do something like that and they'll get like five six seven million plays on that and you have to think as a marketer you're trying to get that many plays on the super bowl right. You're getting on an app time and time and time and time and time again because some so funny or informative that you watch it over and over and these people watch these videos and memorized. Mc they they watch these video so they can replay them in mimic him for forty five gift to remember every word and then you lip sync it as that person. It's crazy man. it's interesting now. I see why tiktok has been in the news right with china and all that shit so much because it's dad addictive to sign atta about that as they take talk bad roddick times. Get off my lawn. You that voicemail that we messed up last week. I don't wanna hear this. So let me give you the context to it. Because this has been a while. And i want to make sure that you guys understand what you're listening because there's a lot to it it's funny. Everybody knows my dishwasher. I still haven't got another one. So i haven't yet just to be clear into remind everybody that your dishwasher issue is that it broke so it a moment of hawks smash he ripped the front door to the side okay. Disa- i like how he politely watcher. No work raw. Hey man i was bit of i ant along over. That was that was a moment like talking toxic adventure moment quasimodo when we when we walked in the door. Fight each steak and asparagus with a dishwasher and pieces of everything all right now right by the way to get that fixed you dishwasher. Did you not look at it when he came in and so on purpose. He knows he knows what he's doing to get. It fixed. you all right cool. But i have a repair person here this weekend. President's day sale will come get some good again. Just don't get a samsung. Apparently those are not good appliances. Not just phones have a washer and dryer. That i hate that was made by samsung. Really it's awful saying personal. It is unmuted monday to nine. Am from a plumbing. Small patch repair again later. Returned the tariff figure out anyway Hero a taboo eventual under warranty with us a lot find able to by saying in With us in we got an error code And usually for very green. Val he have some kind of you have it with another erica's a little more confusing We waited but if you call. I'll be happy to get the term. He's out there and dishwasher. Fix up for your free church. You have cable device for the war but circle back. Thanks grace scott. Someone's gonna come out here fix dishwasher for you. as long as you didn't do anything to void. The warranty like tear the door off of it might have been four. I think there's paperwork for that thing here somewhere when i bought the house that was under warranty. If i'm not mistaken man. I don't care i don't regret it talking regrets. You know i needed. I needed an outlet. Sometimes you just need to destroy things things true man. Sometimes you just gotta have now got a punching bag back. I can handle that. You got the big heavy ropes to fling around the new ones you saw. That does looks really. I wouldn't use it like three days. Now let's go let's go. Let's take a break and go out there right now. Lower jonathan writing Took off there. Giants care tom brady. I will go. Because i mean it's close. Why not mommy's and we are bad. What is happening everybody so we were just talking outside about this whole marilyn manson did. Yeah that's a that's a big deal man kill me so his career is functionally over now at this point happened so he dated. Evan rachel yes i do would right. I think i would. She was young. He was in his forties and she was like freshly eighteen when they were dating and they dated for a while. he's six months to a year. Right yeah i think so. And so this weekend Some woman came out and accused marilyn manson of all kind of really sadistic abuse. And all that kind of stuff and evan at that point decided it was a good time for her to come out in the share. Her story about what happened when she was with them. And then all bunch ladies came out of the woodwork with their own stories about how they were mistreated by marilyn manson over the course of like twenty or thirty years. And i'm gonna i'm gonna. I'm gonna quote rachel woods. instagram poster. The name of my abusers brian warner also known to the world's marilyn manson he started grooming me when i was a teenager and horrifically abused me for years. I was brainwashing manipulated into submission. I am done living in fear of retaliation slander blackmail. I'm here to expose this dangerous man and call out the many industries that have enabled him before he ruined anymore. Lives i stand with many victims. Who will no longer be silent. Who then west. Borland was on a podcast last night. Oh i got that right here in marilyn manson for like a second so listen yeah listen to this. This is wes. Borland guitar solent bisquick band when manson. I'm sorry to everybody on this podcast right and this is he was doing a podcast not me. I'm never focus are right now. Who doesn't like this but that guy. He's amazingly talented. But he's fucked up any needs to be put in check and he needs to get sober and he needs to come to terms with demons. He's a bad fucking guy. And i was there when he was with. Evan rachel wood. I was at his house. It's not fucking cool. And that's all. I'm going to say about it so so if anyone's coming after these girls and going like you blah blah blah book you also that's all i'm gonna say sorry to take this to a dark place but this guy is cancelled. Goodbye don't the door hit you in the end. Yeah and the reason he said that too is because these abuses as they came out the metal community can be really toxically chauvinistic in a lot of different ways and so a lot of these diehard manson fans were coming out and dog in these girls sharing their stories and it was just a fucked up thing to see this community that i love to be a part of show. Its ugly ass to these poor women who were abused by mansa for all these years and now manson came out today with a statement and said obviously my art in life have long been magnet for but these recent claims about me are horrible distortions of reality. My intimate relationships have always been entirely consensual with like-minded partners. Regardless of how and why others are now choosing misrepresent the past. That is the truth So that's his right. Oh man what. The industry now that that manson has worked in his functionally dropped him everywhere. Oh yeah hey record. Label drop a record. Label dropped him. His his agency dropped them. He was on american. Gods is at the the show. He was on day dropped and they wrote them off. Really an actor. Yeah because he was he was. I guess he was acting of a case. She's been on so many he was over the years sons of anarchy. He was going on so many shows. I mean he's been in the spotlight since you was in existence wasn't early ninety s for us. Yeah but he you know. He wrote songs about abusing woman and he wrote in his memoir day back before he got really big about how he wanted to abuse women and stuff and that was when the exit from his autobiography came out. Today is when the agency dropped them and that was kind of like. Let's say this though. Like an odd. Trust me dude. I would one hundred percent of women to one hundred percent of the time. I'll say it one hundred percent of the time for again but there is a community that's based in bondage and based in like kind of pain. Like getting off. On churning and shit right when i look at marilyn manson just as just whatever i see him as that type of guy right. Am i wrong when i m judge. I know you know the right thing to say. Is i judge him as a man and you you respect women and i'm not that's not what i'm saying i see him as paul pfeiffer. The wonder years having no friends no popularity whatever and then when he got fame he knew that. Hey all these girls that turn me down now mandatory. I'm like what's in a way to his being the way he is a person. Yeah when a woman gets with a man like that she expect him to be. Maybe he is different behind the scenes. I'm not judging the woman on her actions in any way. But i feel like if he's trying to say is there like i get with like minded women that we have a mutual agreement on our the way we sex pretty much. Yeah that's kind of what he's saying. So is that a parallel that he's going. You know what i mean. Is that the perception that people can look at. I don't agree with that perception. I'm just trying to china. Light on the only way he can go up has a girl. Woody he looks like on stage and what you think. And then what. He looks like in real life and how he talks. Because i've heard his interviews at you as gruel. If you didn't know better you would think he's a different person and he explains all the time. This is an act. this is an act. So he's saying that and then you meet him. You're not necessarily thinking that he's going to actually surely that person in real life so maybe give them a chance you full form and then you start just making excuses all see with them because of this or i can change him. That never i can change. I've never gotten fucking mailman. Never i'd never get it it just kind of always there was always a creeping new to it but i can respect the music people liked it and i didn't hate it. Download it or james's scary so song got a couple of these insults and i respect the talents. There it's not that it's the is there's respect right. Yeah it's not about the image and stuff like that because there was an amazing amount of creativity that goes into crafting now whole persona and you can never take that away from. But where i draw the line. Is you know you definitely don't abuse the women in your life right now and if it's going to it's going to go to court and if if the facts come out that you know all these allegations were true then by but you're done right and when you're talented is. He is like his talent. He's a weird person right. He has a different way about him. When you're an artist in any way whether it's on a canvas or whatever usually if you're become very good in your craft it usually come from your heart and soul from who you really are so if you per tray that you know i mean you'd have to be to be a different personnel side. It would be an extreme circumstance. I feel like that's part of who you are deep down. Yeah maybe and you're like if you're an artist you put your pain into your paintings. You put your your passion in your heart into your art so usually i don't know i don't know maybe there's other like back when we haven't even said anything can't agree yet others different personalities. Alice cooper like in the seventies. He was fucking scary. Yeah hitter scared of gals. And he's fucking he's showed. Nothing's and nerd. He's avid golfer. He you know what i'm saying. You're right rob zombie. Rob zombie directed all these amazing. How style but you know he's looking. He admits it and he likes. I'm just like i'm totally guessing. Knows actually you know. They got girl his girl hot as hell his wife ends up things changed mansions of fuck in violence. Drug s. Violent fucking drug addicts. So i think the stories of his substance abuse our long standing in rampant right and then to you could see how he treated other bad numbers on stage like. There's clips. Jim i've seen it. I've seen it. When i saw before he even put that fucking first alamo when they were marilyn manson spooky kid. Yeah i saw edge with geno. Tortures and son came after. I forget this fucking terrible. It was terrible. I know there was the one clip on youtube. He blew up. Get the fuck. There's no way you're gonna blow a dvd. Seen the clip. Where he was planned. This twiggy was in the band. No this is one. John five was in the band that guitar player and he threw something to john five when he was playing he probably would zombie. Yeah he did. I think he's still too. But something john snapped and he threw his guitar off the stage and he jumped over a manson. Like fucking. you could hear what they were saying from the microphones but there was a visible rage. Like i've had enough of your shit. I'm about to beat this terrible fucking personal debt. That's good riddance. But on a lighter note funky marilyn manson. I saw the trailer for coming to america to today. It's did you see it as a hidden. We gotta stop the show so you can watch it will. It's my favorite movie. Look so great. Eddie murphy looks so good i love how the reprising all the characters right all of them. Good good all of them it talking to the knob you know. How could anybody say no to that. That's all that's a netflix. Movie right amazon. I think it comes out march. So it's here man. I can't walk how it's gonna be great a love that fucking because that was the magic of that first movie was then playing. All the different air barbershop sexual tackling. All the guys in the barbershop. Soak weird year for movies man. I can't so weird. They're dropping him on amazon prime and the new model a lot is on. Hbo like i saw like watching. The theaters are hbo. Max doing now have to get. I have eight year. you gotta have. And that's one of the go-to it's hbo back in the old days right. It was the premier. It's the one that everybody you wanted to. Have you get the back. The this brand back having entourage. I've been there so. They bought a lot of series to like their platform. They're trying to compete with disney. They're trying to happy with netflix's they're right there in the listen. I'm knee deep in the in the wire wire. So what about just finished it. Last week and lasts started last season with sopranos. If you guys. Because that's on their seen. The sopranos watched him when it came to start of the game. When it came to these really bad yeah that was. The one was the first one me up man that show. I was just like. I couldn't believe i would still watch it and i know you as integrated with this but on another level sex in the city that changes a lot of stuff for girls watching that kind of popular for i mean it. It was awesome. They're coming out with the movie now right other. They're coming back as like a full on show but without samantha. So i don't know if i can watch it. She was my favorite character. Who samantha the one who likes to have sex with everybody. Blonde woman. There you go. Did they have a falling out or something like that. He just really. I've never liked share. Jessica parker i. I like her in one movie ever which why always me. No the family stone. It's a christmas movie with rachel mcadams and it's got the dude for mediocrity a brother also know the other one luke wilson will say. It's so good. It's everybody comes home for the holidays. Sarah jessica parker is the outsider. She comes at this family. They're all normal and shit and she's crazy crazy like she always as in everything that she does. And it's it's well done you got you gotta get. Hbo it is totally worth right. Do you hear this that new. Jared leto denzel washington little. I'll i'll watch. Is it good. Yeah i'm gonna check it out this week. I'll tell you. I love love love that. They're releasing these videos so i can watch it at home so if you go to the movie theater relic mean stelle will go for example with the tickets in for us. It's eighty bucks. Yeah it's basically twenty bucks a person right with a ticket and the snack. So i'll spend thirty bucks on a movie just to be able to watch it at home because i'm at home. It's comfortable i can pause it. I'm watching my surround. Sound shit shithead teenagers. Look at their blinding. everybody right. it's just. I i prefer to have to pay for right. No but there are some that like on the ones. They re release on amazon. You do pay like twenty bucks or something but like so that you're just talking about. Did you have to pay to see trolls. world tour. came out right when the pandemic hit. Here's what's happening is right now if a movie is going to be at the movie theater and it's new and you want to rent it or whatever it's nineteen ninety nine. Yeah like on itunes. i don't know i know. Hbo's is i tunes. You didn't buy last night when you watched it. No that's free. See some slight netflix. When they come out with their movies they're free. Hbo and they come out. They're movies but when when amc. Or whatever the big movie studios put one. I put out a big release and they don't put it on one of those platforms deal with one of them. Yeah then it goes out for rent for nineteen ninety nine. That's your movie theater experience briley. And they're testing this model allison's to move with ear close. You know to see i. I think i did. The tenant paid for the tenant. Yeah it was really good but it's hard to watch it a few times stand. It's still hard to understand but I'd rather do that thing. Go to a theater when we go to theater. Don't get me wrong. it's me. Jared and stan probably usually with you go for the big star wars. I touched yardstick with a pitcher. And everything the whole thing about post. Think jared buys the tickets like months in advance. And he's been doing it forever and then when we get there by the food. I know everybody wants. We have a little thing. It's our little date or a little romance adorable totally seattle interested in watching. You'll be yeah star. That's a big movie. That's vendors type thing to see that on the big screen but all the other ones for here watcher here on. Yep and before you know we're just going to be in here we're gonna put on virtual reality it will be in. We'll be in the movie with nick. Cage volta can do that like you get like the faceoff. What's the Like the htc five and then. Google has won his facebook. You can do that now. You can put the goggles on and watch a movie that way but the problem is though is the resolution with these. Vr sets in words. We're still we're still nintendo entertainment system right now now in ten years once they perfect this thing that's going to be pretty also. I think it really if you want to go on. Youtube watching videos watched some people. Vr gaming like trying to learn how to pick up and try to load and cock in there. Like it's the funniest shit for the first time i ever watched anything. On one of those headsets. I was at a wedding. We're brent was in a wedding and all the guys were hanging out there all watching something in laughing. Okay calling put these on. So i'm looking around like home in this big mansion and i turned around and looked to people just fucking out. I'm like oh my god. You can watch porn on viewer porn. Caitlyn yes razi. I was like thanks. Yes yes sold on the couch. But it's i look and there's a fireplace a tv but then you turn your nintendo nintendo class so momma dukes. I'm anita either. Skip forward about thirty seconds or to stop listening right now. So can i stop so virtual reality porn thing. You can get three sixty cameras and it shoots in a three sixty mile. Fucker is all. He's telling us his experience this goes they're just the feeder up there. Oh this is my topic. I know everything about this point. Will we shoot. Vr stuff at work. We'll we'll take stuff. We'll take vr camera into the vehicle assembly building. Fucking born love. Shuttle faulk at nasa for those that we shoot it. We have a huge community of people out to the left. We've seen the cameras out of the launchpad three sixty cameras and you can see them launching and three sixty. So you can you. Can you can be like looking at the rocket in the moving your head and looking at it as it lifts off and then turning around and seeing the whole launch pad. So that's like the safeway three sixty so the thing about the pornography industry is that where they go. Technology wise is where the rest of the world will eventually go. That's why we watch blu ray. Dvd's and not hd dvd's because the pornography industry decided they would go blu. Ray blu ray one. That's also why vhs one over betamax because the pornography industry adopted vhs. Over betamax shut the jeremy so when they went with three pornography was the first like really they were the first embraces. You've got your finger on the pornography pulses. What we're saying this okay this is. This is the scene that we're going to create right now. He well. There's there's there's a there's the casting couch right whereas the castings out for or bang bus fant. Okay let's casting couch door. There i put on my vr. I opened the door. And i walked in the things out. That's how the experience is how they are. Yes from three sixteen on youtube just like regular like you're standing in the bedroom while they're fucking but you're virtually they're really they're like the actors are doing their thing on the bed and the three sixty cameras at the foot of the bed so you can look around and can they turn around and see you like virtually there. What are you. Beat me up scotty. One of those like. What is it on star wars when your shadow of a person. But you're not really that not live hologram a. hologram and it was beautiful. Like oh look this. And then i turned around and saw the couch and there was i was like oh my god. And then you're saying it's very immersive. They have three sixty videos of all the disney rides and we watch him on youtube. They're you know through our fire sick and you can move the people around like watches it all the time. 'cause well we can't go disney anymore. But i can just imagine how much further this goes i do. It's pretty impressive. Technology mean especially with the three the three sixty shoot at work you know like the rocket launch stuff is really really cool. We've lost a couple of cameras in experimenting by putting it too close to the exhaust. What about writing a roller coaster things those things freak me launches code for porn bro. Know what are you guys doing. Nasa happening though. It's really yeah. Yeah we'll talk out. We'll talk went out for the record. Absolutely nothing of that sort and scottish some edison out because we know which we'll talk about. Okay so listen. Let's new let's get away from this. Vr yeah sports ball. Let's do super bowl picks and mvp. You had your nerd video game. Talk time for super bowl. Miami dolphins super bowl pick in. Mvp who like to go first. Tampa bay. Tom brady with tampa bay. Tom brady and i thought the other way around but like it just makes it good. I m saying kansas city. Mahomes i th. I want the bucks to win. I really do to. They're playing at home. So gone are allowed to fire the cannons. I saw that today. It's going to be raining to your santa's la because it's like no they earned the right to fucking play there. They should be fired or kim. And it's supposed to be a neutral ground. Will the perspective of the super bowl to me is kind of cool man because somehow mahomes came in the league in is taking it by storm and brady knocked him out of the playoffs his first year in a big game where they come back in to come back for that game and young man. You're not you're not ready yet. The next year mahomes came out when suitable. Hey i am ready to hear next year. Brady came out now bro ready yet. Do you think this is the closest thing to jordan lebron. It's kind of right now. That's the way i see this. I see this them to people. I know you got mike evans. You've got trick hill. You get gronk out there. Calcio man the match alone or fucking phenomenal for the super bowl against the perfect game in a super bowl really really. Is he picking my my. My heart wants to go brady and tampa home in kansas city. I think kelsey is the x factor. Gronk is my. I walk to have the mvp. Just him to be the mvp. Last time they played tyreek hill had two hundred yards in the first quarter me. That's fucking so what time is super bowl. We get six or seven six usually on hard big time. Commercials were work. If i don't have tv. Here i'm not sure we're gonna i don't know i think we might be watching it over at larkin's house of so over me just in general because somebody in the audience wants to watch it. It's you know it's on cbs. Okay oh you can. You don't even have to have cable anymore. All you gotta do is have one of those little bunny ears or or go off air dude. Yeah that's on. Cbs basic tv. If you don't want to pay any money if you just put one of those rabbit ear things back in the back of your co actual the antenna your the channels now. And it's better quality than a digital gab. Because they brighthouse day broadcast in ten. Eighty i yeah but they broadcast ten eighty p over air and sometimes a four k over ear so yeah telling him alive. Pitcher beautiful aca. It's going to be a good game man. I hope it's close. I hope it's close. Have you seen any of the recent videos that have been out with ronkainen interviews. They might even be old. You hear about the virtual practicing virtual training. Yeah so this one guy. They had virtually train so every day. They have to send in video of them training. Okay so what he did was he trained one day. For eight hours it would change outfits different outfits training staff. that's great. Oh fucking is that. Is that a ronan. The team okay. Yeah yeah everybody trying to check in abdoun my work shirt lie in dc. Or he was a he was. He was with how he had them on. What show was was sunday show. It's got how we in bradshaw he's telling almost got traded to the lions yeah and when they called me. I told him. How can you treat me when i'm retired. It is like just stuck to it. So they didn't train them. They cancelled the trade and then he did retire play with the patriots again. These saying he's like everybody. Go the fuck. Lines seamless up. I'm retiring this cat. Me walking blade player that has beat the system that i know of now in high school doing something like that. Fucking grog bro. Yeah whatever you want to fuck well. I hope the books. When i rally do what i don't know man candidacies fucking good. What's the vegas on this. So they hang. It's three and a half kansas city. Three hundred salting about porn is three and a half. What can you say okay. You've got tonight right so you gotta oculus at the house i did. I had to get home from a chartered. A media with a spoonful cookie butter and remember when the note for came out one of the promos you can get like the virtual gaza's where your phone sat in an attorney. Virtual christ got a little bit of educational three sixty video technology with momma dukes of exciting moment your sons of all right. So what's up this weekend guys got stella this weekend. yeah what. We're doing it kid for this weekend. I think i wanna take me weekend much best. Buy get you're nauseous. I liked that journey for me. Weaken me queen calling didn't work to get everything ready for the girl scout. Pairing we close early on sunday because super bowl sunday is so dead. Yeah so we'll just do much to go until five and then i'll probably still be there a couple of hours later changing kegs and doing everything for the pairing. The starts on. Monday was going to be pretty busy with that. Yeah yeah i have a feeling. I mean it's always been popular and We have some good beers that are going on. We got a lot of stuff coming up. Bricks is doing some really cool stuff to valentine's day. You guys should check it out. They're gonna have specialized menu. They'll take reservations and low. You can either choose from that you know pay one price and then get a meal where it's like you get an appetizer you this and that and you know and then or you could just order off the regular menu. So but that's cool yeah. I'm excited the cookies. Were just delivered. We ordered a sixty nine boxes of cookies. So that's awesome. Charlie what are you going to be this weekend. Yeah we. I don't know now i got to figure out what's going on with the injured young lady foot. Yeah so we'll see pull scott. She didn't guy she would've fucking god you to handle yourself. We we got that man. It's probably just gonna burn the candle at both ends on these weekends so this weekend. We're just gonna. That's nice man. Goods subaru for to some small. Yeah well we're supposed to go into a party but we'll see what happens. We'll see what happens. Push around a world wiltshire. I dunno saux man really sucks those little niece scooters right where you can like wasn't if you're having surgery on a friday your recovery is going to be. It's going to be a little tough so we'll see that's pretty good surgery today to put pins in it and stuff like that. They would not even one hundred percent sure. Dan said at five zero valentine's day next week. Let's talk about it more. No let's talk about your birthday next week on valentine's but it's your birthday or valentine's really be forty seven forty two to the universe and everything third third oldest straight second. Yeah daddy that's why you fucking daddy always doing something for the birth thing. I'm dan well obviously valentine's day. I think we all have our own plans but plan something outwards. What about what about saturday. You got something going on free birthday next the next saturday next saturday coming down. Not this one. I have a lot going on. I think that we can. I got my uncle and them coming in to do a little birthday kind of hang out and something else happened in that deck hammer and on bounce day. We'll talk about next week more taking my me. And my dot org o. o. All she wants to go to a fine rahman place finding robin really good ones man. I guess there is right for your daughter. Yeah she just wants to go to subway. can i get. What would you like turkey cheese like anything else on it now. No can have the tomatoes and hearts tomatoes so scott she likes rahman does she like like fancy ramadan rahman rahman all day tie you know. Brick says rahman tuesday's that that too they do tabuchi style with the soft boiled egg tuesday. But i'll have to pick her up and take over there because that's a really good idea. Yeah i know that they do that. I just haven't done it. Yeah for sure. I love rahman but just gimme the nece in or whatever. Yeah could she cooks like the cheap brahmin does fifty different ways. She's really something new. Every time i try this try this way. And she has favor for week. Savannah talks about how she made her rahman plex. She does her rahman she's a soy sauce. Fanatic soy sauce teriyaki. Show do the same. There's not enough sodium. Well she's still young enough to be eventual that all of us i know sucks. Get old but i can touch my toes. You can't touch us. Hey how about that scott. Check meeting touch your more doing a whole lot of born doing that. Were out there. I don't understand who can't touch like like drilling down. I can't i can't it's hard. I was show off. Women are different women they can. There's a tiktok thing. Women can put their heads on a wall like nba at ninety angle and they can like lift themselves up. Like don't put a chair and they can lift themselves up when a man does it. The man can lift chair but then he can't get his head off the wall really just the way. They're built different. Actually i believe there science behind that. What if you identify woman what if we gotta automatically do on that issue. I don't know it's a good question. Is anyone the answer. That i mean but i can still jump my arms so you identify as a woman and your man. Can you do that no you. Still biologically i don't wanna get i don't want go. I think you're racing women got. Wow they got the attorney or hips hips. That's right my hips. And i'll say it's not sexist racist i'm gas is gas leading is gas sliding sliding okay so charlie. I saw that you had your ex boyfriend was texting you news pictures on a. You didn't see that what you're talking about. That's gas lighting. we have an ex-boyfriend. Well say if you did if you did cool. I fucked that all good job now. Someone scott's playing with their great fluid a first mary fruit. Really scott that is not going to attract flies. Hey listen everybody have a good week. We love you guys. Download the podcast. Share the podcast. Thank you for all that active. Love in the facebook voicemail by the way it took like three weeks later. But hey we got you number. They have to call charlie. I don't know phone. So i just wanna say. I'm thankful that my husband got unlocked from the child's bedroom. The kids locked him in their best. You're going to be on the show. It'll be here e message me. He's like quinn. Lock me in the boys bedroom. And i can't get out you know what i'm thankful for is three two one five six seven five one five nine or podcast number to call once again. That number is three two one five six seven five one five nine. We gotta spacex launched thursday morning at one o'clock in the morning and friday morning at five twenty six. Am hey hey hey. And what was the saturday right. what for what. What did you talk about saturday. A plan linda promote his shit. I'm sorry this okay. Next next saturday on the nation pay communicating. Listen sorry professional. Really kinda dirt for your plugs out. Oh we don't have any plug. I like he's trying to be professional. Shoney's wipe ball lights all over the furniture it'll here outweighed by hands in my ball in my hands. It's over because eighty eight eighty four bowls and a job scheme from the saul lands tonight page to the top of the saw. Lanston tonight i. That's just killer. Awesome confer james and anyone who's looking and about.

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86 Death Cafe

2 Girls 1 Podcast

44:50 min | 2 years ago

86 Death Cafe

"Return to do girls, one podcast. This week's addition is all about. Which is one year. Parole, ably, wishing four after any six episodes of this crab shout out to everyone who has survived miss long, mostly. And now here, the only podcast hosts don't fear. The Raper Jennifer, jam ULA, Hanauma signals. Her. Guys. I'm Jen I'm Allie, welcome to two girls. One podcast alley are performers who for many years performed. The internet is a script and our show blogs. We take anything you'd find online and play different characters in front of a live audience thinking, who could be saying, these words, then we created a web series called girls one show where we interview people behind all those internet posts that we had read over the years, and one unscripted adventures. And we have actually found our way right here where we are today to girls one podcast talking to people behind internet communities, and phenomenon that we find really, really cool. So welcome for glad you're here. Hi, matt. Hi Allie into my penis directed towards the sodden. Honestly about one might be my favorite ad ever. I've been so too. I really can't understand myself, though with that accents directed towards the sun is better in context, really. I find out of context to always be best nuclear. Nucleus, pleasurable. I don't know. So penises today, we're talking about death guys. Sorry. Right death, Dick's. It's really similar. Did you know that in French an orgasm is a little death? Did not know that trivia feel that maybe you're the one who told me that yet. Be why I know this information. Everyone knows this, if you are alley, and Jen, and hang out exclusively with each other for ten years, we have other friends. Met. I thought we were friends. Well, that's definitely misguided. Keeps me up at night. How am I gonna make Matt, my friend anyway? Let's talk about today's episode and how the fuck, we're gonna make it funny. I don't know maybe like looney toon style. Like, if you think about death is like an anvil falling on a head no real consequences. Next episode. They're back. Yeah. That's not debt. That was my offsetting of debt. Oh, okay. Cool. And like Kenny, and south park, I guess. Yeah. When you play video game and you have like you put it into cheat code, you get infinite lives. So like no big deal, right? Basically, we're not talking about death retirement. Avoiding death. The plane. Let's also talk about mummies that's just cool. Good. Guys, you're gonna love love today's trivia, and wow, thank you for Allie. Yuping that segue. Right. Right there for the assist too soon it feels too soon for trivia right now. Vilson. It doesn't feel sick. Let's move the Salunke. Rally. I wanna talk about death. She is not enjoying this. Let's get into the trivia today show is about everyone's favorite topic, which is death. And today's trivia is about everyone's second favorite topic, which is let's all say it together. Feely ah. Oh, literally said sex and mummies. And I said, necrophilia, what is going on? Let's do it. Beautiful in ancient Egypt. It seems that there were some common complaints about necrophilia, specifically when sailors were transporting bodies, apparently, this was a big enough issue in ancient times that Herodotus of very important ancient Greek historian. He noted that when beautiful Egyptian women died, they would prepare the body in such a way to discourage necrophilia. What did they do? This is so close chastity belt. All right, man. You guys are on point. Here's choice. They would insert a stone obelisk into the woman's, you know, prevent things from happening. That's a horrible. Okay. B b gets better. They would disguise the body as a man by gluing a relative's facial hair onto the corpse that, but they didn't global body. Or C. They would let the woman's body decay for three to four days before embalming her, I bet they'd still fuck it. I'm gonna go with. I'm gonna go with. That predates, the vibrator spill. Give me my obelisk Herodotus seconding everything that jenness saying right now. I have nothing to end this conversation. I'm going with a. Obelisk up the hoo-ha doing right now. It's the name of my. We will find out the correct answer after the break. Title baby sitting, you were baby bunnies, one hundred dollars Marlboro New York from a website, that's dealings, even though you haven't thought about it ten years, Riggs. Lance babysitting ped- bunny while you a moving? It's a wonderful time fillets and words, owner of job and buddies for bet me Forty-five Mount Zion road Marlboro New York owner of Edwards country craft shop and country, stall at she loves to babysit, but owners that a moving just need a place where over. Oh, you feel bunny may be homeless. She would take him or her. And they whatever home with just bring their own cage. We have plenty of food hundred week, we'll do it by buddy supplies to food, straw at cetera. That sounds like they're ready to crow Phil. I look I spoke to them and I you know, we book, the ad and it all, you know, seemed on the up and up, but then in the copy there, like babysitting bunnies. And then they're trying to sell supplies. It just feels a little, I don't wanna pooh-pooh sponsor, but they sound a little skimming less. We'll, we'll run the ad. But just, you know, use your judgment listeners some fire festivals should up in here. Buddies and old smokers. So what about that obelisk? Let's get. So apparently, necrophilia was, you know, a comedy enough thing in the ancient world, that ink, tient Egyptians would guard against it. When a beautiful woman would die. They would do what to prevent necrophilia a insert a stone obelisk into the another regions to block certain actions. Be disguised the body as a man with a relatives facial hair or see, it would just let the body decay for three to four days before embalming her you guys, both confidently went with stone obelisk up to who. Yeah. It's the most pleasant. I don't think vibrates. The putting the facial hair on it's like those, those shitty glasses that's got like the nose and the bus stash. And then the other one is like a chip Shen rituals. I think it would be against their religion to let decay for and concern. But we're gonna find out right now to a the correct answer is C. Wow. Our second most plausible. So they were okay with letting the bodies decaf up a whole idea by Egyptian mammoth, fixation death, practices, or whatever was that, like you have to literally preserve it as best as you possibly can totally agree. But apparently this lady in which case. So Matt, you made up the stone obelisk. Yes. Yes. That came for my, my mind. What's wrong with respect? Matt respects teeth. China has teeth in a cut sticks off. Is this another Netflix documentary or its allies movie? Young believe it at that. All right. I think we gotta do our view. We are so excited to have with us Meghan Mooney who runs the death cafe Facebook page host death cafe of her own welcome Meghan. Thank you guys for having me included to be on here today. Thanks. Let's talk about death. So meghan. What is death cafe in your own words? So the our objective of death cafe is to increase awareness of death while helping people make the most of their finite, life is a pop up of it. So people can have them wherever they want. We have a funeral homes coffee shops schools, people's houses, and it is just a safe place to come and talk about death whatever's on your mind related to death and died. There's always facilitator there, but is Reagan, mostly by the attendees, so whatever's on their mind, we don't have there's no ideology Noah agenda. We always have cake cake coughing. That's really one of the most important parts is to have sued. Why is that? Everybody likes cake. That's that's true. Well, but there's a soup. Precision. You know that talking about death you are biting closer. You know, which is not true Thurs at that superstition. So when you add the cake element, that's life sustaining part, you know it helps. Yeah. When death cafe get started and how long or how did you get involved so death? Cafe started in two thousand eleven and in the UK. John Underwood founded him and his mom Sabarsky read held the first one in his basement. And he decided he wanted to start a movement in so he started guidelines and posted them. And he had no idea that it would turn out to this. And so the nuts how death cafe dot com. Our website got started so at that time, I my whole life since I was a little kid, I was intrigued with death in when I was twelve I was that's when I side, I won't be mortician. And actually started school for that within not a twelve. No, no. I was actually starting school for that. But then I took this grief and loss class knife, Elon love. So then I went into social work, and I work in hospice. But I was just dealing with a lot of my family was my aunt, and uncle were dying end just going through horrible things in the healthcare system. And I was a medical social worker, you know, I couldn't help in any way because of this design colleges doing these things. So I wanted to start something to help so that people could talk about death into life. So I happened to read an article in this end of life journal about the first death cafe in the United States. And this is only like six nine six four months after results. So I contacted Lizzy who held me start mine nonsense Saint Joe, Missouri. And this is a little town. It's an hour out of Kansas City. So when I was holding mine, all the big places like New York, Atlanta, L A were starting their first one. So that was really cool because we all became really close. And then we got we've helped a lot of other people mentor them starting Maram. And now it's in sixty five countries. Wow. It's a lot. Yeah. I should of your story that someone posted guidelines. And that's how it got started what those guidelines. Yes. So John, our founder, and he actually died suddenly in June of thousand seventeen and he, John was a most amazing guy ever. He lived the way that Pete talked about death cafe like living your life to the fullest, he started death cafe dot com, so that anyone anywhere in the world could get on here in start their own. And so we asked if you're going to have won a death cafe. You get on. Here you read our guidelines on you agree to them. Because death traffic really is so simple, but people can try to take it and one I put a scene to it, you know, or having a Genda in that's not a death cafe. So when you go to adjust cafe we always read our guidelines, which is, you know, respect everyone there keep what you hear you know, in confidentiality. We do not charge people to death cafe. We do not have specific topics set questions. So like when you go to death cafe you should not ever have a piece of paper in front of you asking questions to discuss with people. You shouldn't have guest speakers or movies or anything like that. Because our view on, it's a really good movie, though. No. No. Yeah. Because us when it comes to death people already have enough on their mind to discuss. Right. So if you come to dead cat they, you are coming, because you wanna talk about death at you don't need prompts. Right. And if you're going to have oh, that's just movie the talk about it, then you're not really talking about death. You're talking about some movie would just feel like if you have an agenda, it's disempowering you know. So when people come, we'll do small tables, that's how I do it. And then I'll switch them up during the medal and ask him just to start with what brought you here tonight to talk about death and everything comes out. You know, if you think about it, everybody has a story has a. Something. This happened to them related to death in they don't get talk about that two people. You know, and I had so many people come up to me after just caffeine thanked me for having that safe space, because they've charged about Jeff with their family, their friends negative hold the morbid. And so they need that place just to come talk about it. And these could be people coming from a range of experiences like they've experienced death of a loved one day themselves. Maybe we're faced with something or it could just be curiosity. Yeah. So it's for anyone I've only had one person came that was terminally ill. You know it's not a grief support group. So we always make sure people know, you know, this is not for people that are grieving, but grief is part of deaths, of course that comes up nuts truly. Okay. So what are the most common questions and topics then if it's not grief? Oh, great. Definitely comes up, which is not a support group for. Yeah. Let's see. Everything comes up, you know, one of the biggest thing that comes up is legacies in not just, you know, I wanna go be famous but I know ever hear anybody say that. It's more of I want my life to have mattered. I want people to remember me for this. We have a lot of off moments a lot of people talk about experiences that they've had was death, a they wonder where their loved ones are now though talk about watching their loved ones suffer through cancer, for instance, in how they don't wanna go through that. And what's interesting as people will start coming to every single death cafe. And that is really awesome to seem UC's amazing firm, chips developed, because talking about death is very intimate right in what we found is when you talk about death. You really become your authentic self because you are shutting away all of that stuff, that is not really yourself and that has to be the number one coolest thing, because the number one thing, I've noticed about people that start coming income. Frequently is they make these changes in their life based on their awareness of the mortality. And they will talk about that. What kinds of changes? So I've had people who have gotten out of toxic relationships that they've been in one. That is really cool is someone I know who had been going through the motions of life and not doing what he wanted to do in just decided that he was going to leave the town that we live in move somewhere. He always wanted to move in follow his dream of doing comedy. Yeah. And he wrote this big letter to me and said, you know, I wanna thank you, because if it wasn't for desk cafe would have never done this. And that was so shocking to me because it just came out of nowhere. And that was amazing. Where did they move? He moved to Oregon is that comedy. In Portland Jentzsch go to Oregon. My dad died a year ago, and my dad wouldn't talk about death. I try to get into forever. He wouldn't wouldn't talk about it at all. So, again, my first cafe when he told me he was coming, dad. Do you not death? Is he said while it's like a right? I know it's nothing like a and my dad never at work. I'm a human gonna die. Yeah. I guess what? You know what be good to say? But yes, so, you know, he'd never went anywhere along our because they the smoke smoke, like seconds. So it might have is two hours. So he comes and the verse one and I look over, I seem smiling, laughing having a good time. And a week later, I was talking to him about my aunt, because my uncle died probably four months earlier, and I said to town on cousins or trying to get my aunt moods. And he goes, well, don't you know, that you're not supposed to make any big decisions before the winning university? Someone dying is a line of that. But how do you know that he said, from the ladies at my table at the desk, cafe analyst, like okay? Well, then he started coming to everyone in my phone. Okay. You know, and the next thing I now I'm getting in his car, and he's plan, Patty loveless. How do I help you say by and not? He picked his funeral songs out. And so keep playing that song every time I got in the car. Because he thought it was funny. And then he made his veins directive, he did all those things is, what is the vans directive? What's that? It's your end of life wishes. So, you know, if I am to get do I want a DNR do not resuscitate. Do I wanna be on machines? Although he did all those and him. And I talked about it, and he made me, his durable. Power attorney then my dad and I went and planned his funeral together, which I mean it was beautiful gifts that he gave me all those things. It was really cool with my dad was on palate care outpatient and two weeks before he started actively dying. We were talking to his nurses, social worker, repelled, Karen, he started talking about death cafe to them. He said it is so important to talk about death, and this is my dad wouldn't talk about. And he said, people are afraid to, but they really need to Indian, he had signed a DNR in, he told them will. How would they know if I got? Iraq holiday now than he really wanted everybody know that he did not want to be resuscitate. It am I dad was skinny guy way hundred twenty pounds so king and was almost six feet tall. While two weeks later, he was in the hospital because he was septic. And my DP away, was invoked 'cause my dad was not making sense and on colleges. There was fighting with me because he wasn't going to honor his DNR farm, sitting there fighting was this doctor because there's no way I'm gonna let him touch my dad and Dr thanks. I want my dad die, which might add my best from the whole world. I love 'em was invading what owes a battle. But my dad gave me that gift. By telling me, everything you wanted, thankfully, my dad came to the next day was able to tell them what happened. He the doctor but I got him home. Oh, that's a really powerful story. It's picking me wonder because I know death. Cafes? Spans across the world. Do you have any sense with these cafes like, how different countries you end of life? And or I'm curious if America like we'd deny the empowerment, and end of life, more than other places. But I don't know if that's true. Do you have any sense of that? Yeah. We definitely do like Austria is way better than we are. There's so many countries that are better. We Lizzie miles and I went to Hong Kong in started the first death cafe there and cool. What was amazing? It was it was so neat. But, you know, we they have all these powder of care houses, and houses houses, but they don't someone had told us there that is legal for people die at home there, because they have the belief that their soul will been haunt that house by there. They take care of their own early. You know, the elderly are viewed as sacred and the death cafe. We held it was amazing. There is people speaking kidneys in the Skyros translating for me. Because this guy was getting really, really excited. I had no idea what he was saying. And I don't know if you guys know at joss paper is, but it's paper that you can buy Jace for in anything. So, like, if I wanted to go get casino Comorians adjust paper I could get it. I wanna get close get it. But the purpose of it is to buy things for your loved ones, your ancestors have died. And you get it for them now to bless them in their afterlife, so that they can bless you, in this life, he would go to the cemetery in everybody is basically cremated, there you go, there in everybody will be burning this joss paper all the time. But this guy got really upset because his family bought the wrong size joss paper for his grandma you Edite. And so he thought that was really disrespectful. And now she wasn't going to bless them. Oh, wow. We have is very interesting so interesting to see that every culture is so different. But yeah, the United States is definitely ranked one of the lowest when it comes to end of life care to think we're getting better at talking about it. And is that your experience in Saint Joe? For example, like you hear people talking about that. I think we're definitely getting getting better. There's so many death positive momentum there. You know, we have Jeff over dinner, we have n well now have the conversation. I don't know if you guys have ever heard of you're going to die. I think that's actually in San Francisco. What is it? There are a bunch of death conferences and stuff in San Francisco. It's kind of weird. Like, why are they all here you know? In wall was really cool. My friend, Ned actually started. You're going to die like a little after we started. And I found him on Twitter because he opposed the most hilarious stuff about you're going to die. And so, then I started talking to him, and we all became friends, because, you know, you're in this kind of weird when you're in the and dying you talked all definition people because you all have the same goal. But what he does is they have poetry all that stuff and they do shows. Maybe I'll check it out subtle moss church. Yeah. That makes sense. It's just has funny stuff like somewhere, this one isn't funny somewhere somewhere in the world. Just lost the most important person in their life say I love yet it's not funny yet one funny, but will have like life is alone dotted out. You're going to. That's funny. But trying to normalize it. Yeah, there's so much research now about how being aware of your own mortality is healthy for you, and can help you be better person. There used to be all that research about, you know, tear management and it makes you anxious. But now they found that people who are aware of their own mortality, live healthier, are more peaceful, happier all those things because when you view life from the viewpoint of death at helps you put everything into perspective in help shoe, juicy life for what it is. You know. I think that all kids should know about death. I actually work with kids, a funeral home before they go to visitation or funeral and explain to them. What definite is like slammed him when a funerals explain what they're going to see when they go in and we make a star when we put it in the casket, and I'm so glad to do this site done bereavement for years with kids who are so frayed to go to sleep or of heaven or because their parents talent while onto sleepnumber woke up, you know. No. So I've had to tell people you have to talk to about death in adult terms. But how many adults use euphemisms? We don't don't use you. You have other. Yeah. Yeah. We're apple died, and I even hear people in has the say that sounds so expired expired. They're not, you know. Well, you know, when milk expires you do throw it out. Yeah. That one works she's away. I'm like to wear. Mike, you lost them? How'd you? You should look for them. Yeah. I mean it's just Horo I wasn't allowed to go to when I was a kid even, my grandfather, my mom's dad, and some other family members. Because I think they thought it would be too traumatic for me, but it just created like an inability to deal with it. When I got older. So. Right. And that is what we found from death cafe. Is that people's views on death? They're all from when their kids and my, my experience of what happens in afterlife, Ecorse, that forms new year Thailand, that was scary, 'cause my mom was like the religious scaring person when again, so, you know, I had change that as I was an adult. So let's talk about death in the age of the internet. It seems to me that probably, you know, it's sort of more complicated when people have a digital footprint, they exist, online and social media, and then they pass away memorials or put up to people that sort of thing. But do here any. For saying about death in the internet. Oh, yeah. He now that conference I went to they were talking mouth out and there so many different companies now that are trying to make things for that. This is really, really strange, but there's actually in different countries like avatar person who will looks like your deceased loved on that, like pops up at their grave, what I'm not kidding. Obviously, like you have decided that from this saying before you ever die in. I'm really not kidding is like in Japan or somewhere. So they have all these things that they're trying to do for that, there's companies that are working on your all your social media for after guide. You can write different things on, and they will post it for you after you die. So if you want to into years from now in your daughter's gonna turn sixteen have this, vague happy, sixteen birthday post to her. They will do that for you on the death cafe Facebook page, it is so, so cool. We have like fifty five thousand likes and three hours ago, I wrote what is on your mind related to death and dying? I already have a hundred and fifty eight comments and what is so cool. Everything anything everything comes up, and then people start replying to each other about it is kind of like a miniature death cafe online. Right. Because that's what we when the. Question. We ask them people come so that the tin d start talking to each other about death. That makes me wonder like if it is online, I think I understand the value of having them in person. But like what's the difference between having these online versus in person? Well, I'm her Hershon. It's way more personal and I thank in person. It's more. It's definitely moral Antic because online, there's the Easter have that front put up, you know, people don't see you. You're not being vulnerable. Does that make sense totally? And there's also not that privacy, I had someone right me today this morning on duck cafe asking, you know, if we had a private or closed page because she didn't want her family and friends being able to read her personal emotional comments. So there's that part to not. Everyone can just write that it'd be okay with their friends being able to see it. But, you know, it I think face looks getting ready to come out with new croup, citing for pages. So when they do that, I'm going to create one for death cafe so that people can do that. We didn't ask this before, but how many death cafes are typically going on in person? Oh, we have. About nine thousand per year or so far. Oh, okay. Yeah. The ones that's the ones that have registered because like I said before in order to be true death halfway. We ask you read our guidelines and agree to him an posted online an you'd ask me earlier high got involved with death cafe. I told you, you know, high heard about it, but John Underwood our founder he into thirteen at ask for help with the Facebook page. So I had said that I would and we were supposed to have like a few of us helping that just no one else helping me. And I've been running it now for seven years, low. That I absolutely love it. I I love it. Well, we talked a little bit about avatars popping up like that. Like that, and technology and I was wondering what you think about the craze with life extensions. So we recently spoke with a member of the trans humanist movement. And a lot of that is using technology to extend life. I also think we will eventually fuse with the robots and be made a robot parts live forever. And I was just wondering if you had any thoughts on that area, I truly drink. That's awful. We are all going to die. We have success that, you know, nothing in life is permanent. And that is just part of our destination culture on what if we're gonna if we were delivered forever. What would life be the purpose of living? You know, nothing people will just be out doing whatever they wanted his third be no point. I think people that are so far aid of death, or, you know, they want to get all the stuff, Sean, like, you know, people that have no quality of life in their last days. Because they. Get these very at necessary in cruel treatments. Consider doctors are afraid that they think they're quote unquote, giving up, instead of giving them hope to live out life, the best. They can you know there's so many all these studies about in. I'm not saying any that anything about religion at all. They're, you know, the more religious K with that. I mean, the more religious someone is usually the more treatments are going to get at. I just I guess I think that I don't know. It's just weird. I just I don't like it on the thing that I don't know. I think that is helping to redefine by helping people transform their fear of death in into in Thracian for living. When you have that you can come to terms with your own beliefs about Jess, that can help liberate you. And then hopefully you won't feel like you have to do those types of things to extend your life beyond the point of what's meant to be. Well, let's talk about makes let's talk about cake. Can we talk about cake? Okay. So what kinds different kinds, every time different people responsible for making the cake. Do you make the cakes? Okay. So I usually get cupcakes. Usually delicious cakes from this bakery, my first ever cake. It is on the death cafe website under what is the death cafe and is so awesome has three graves in say recipes I'm looking at right now. It has black icing, which I'm sure everybody's mel's were just pitch black. And then it says Missouri's I ask I guess who made that cake. Did you make your last hour? Walmart. Really? So I go in there because, you know, this is six years ago. I'm so excited to begin starting this, and I have to get this perfect cake. I've it in mind. I asked the lady, she says this is a family store. Family. Lady like she got all mad at meantime, like some crazy person. So I like trying to explain it to her. And so finally, they agreed to do it. When I go pick it up. She's like so nice to me, and they my first story was in my hometown paper and everybody was talking about it. Like I was horrible person. I was trying to kill people. Yeah. But anyway, so yeah, everybody has different kinds of cake people get really creative with it. People have had skull, k-, all sorts of really cool. I hope they're all made by that, same, WalMart. Now back there. That's the whole thing in a nutshell people are so uncomfortable with this, that, that you're like, I'd like a death Kate. Please. Like how dare you, right? I am fended. Yeah. I've really, you know this person in Singapore, that I was healthy. He said, have you seen the comments on my Facebook page people thought that they were coming to his death cafe drink tea that we're gonna kill them? And that's what people thought to like they were thinking about my desk cafe in two old lady, we're getting their haircut like have you heard about this death cafe evil? Why? Why? Oh, I don't think it's t- that kills. You think it's when you drink the cooling. Well, hang on where where you playing the rock and roll music. That will get you know, but it's, you know, six years later, and they're still that stigma m people can do still have that cafe. Like I you know, I don't own a cafe. I do have my at a coffee shop. I haven't lady who's really awesome. That helps me it's really cool to different types of people that come from younger to older people or we have to clear up the misconceptions. It's not an actual cafe. And you don't die. When you go there. There is a revision on that article in your local paper. Meghan. Thank you so much for joining us. It's been a pleasure speaking with you. Thank you for having me. I was interested in everything, but making story about her dad attending the cafes. And I think it's interesting how like so quickly people can go from a place of not wanting to talk about it at all to feeling pretty impaired when they do talk about death. And I haven't yet had that experience myself I guess, but I just found that interesting that like, suddenly he was like ready and willing to be more open about it as this is unsurprising. But I'm really into the tech stuff. So there's a service that you can input like all the text messages from that person. And then after they die, you can continue to textile, and the I will respond to them. Creamy bucked onto it feeling. That's really tough in terms of like no one ever having closure. Yeah. It's kinda not. Okay. And then at what point are we just like putting their consciousness or machine learning into go, bro? Bodies that your husband is there's a movie or a show. Clear episode already something like that. Yeah. Not, not a huge fan of a fan of living, forever, and simulating consciousness, big fan there. She was not into that. I'm into it. Reminded me about the discussion around birth as well. And how people like, just don't really talk about it that much, and like I don't, I don't know, those bitches who are like, oh my God. It was beautiful. No, no tears its way out of your body. And a level for is when your vagina tears to your asshole. It's not beautiful question. What do we avoid talking about more birther? Well which one did we avoid talking about? Honestly, probably. Okay. Thank you. Yes. That's a better. We talk about birth all the time. And we celebrate is talking about what would you do? We get in the weeds on both. I don't know. I think I think it's becoming trendy. I'm seeing now like birth dulas are starting their own Instagram pages. Thank you can learn everything about. Yeah. I recently met this girl who was funny as fuck about her birth story was so honest, she's like it's like my vagina under investigation, and searchlights. I loved her. Bring it back to the other end back. I love connect on those circle of life. The live action line king is coming out and. Okay. Okay. What were you gonna say? I'm one of you guys asked about legacy maybe talking about or maybe Meghan, brought it up and I'm very fascinated by that because there's some statistic of like even if you're the greatest most awesome accomplished person like two generations later, and you are completely forgotten, like, how much do you actually know about your great grandparents? And if you have a very close family that has connections there, then maybe you do know something. But you don't really know who your great grandparents were so, like unless you're Julius fucking Caesar you will be forgotten even by your own family. And that is really kind of depressing may be comforting of like we'd nothing really matter. So live your best life. But I'm also then I come back to why like having kids is such a like monumental thing because it's litter. Really like it's the only thing you leave behind. Nothing else. You do. Late in my thirties, who's probably never gonna have kids. Let's move from this conversation. Mike does that give you X central dread. I mean, I don't think I want them. Anyway. Sure. But this idea that, like nothing will be left behind. You won't even leave your DNA behind if you don't do it. It's not a challenge. I respect your choice not to have children. I deeply do I could be done in different ways secure might not be remembered yourself as the person everything about your life, but maybe through the actions the like the values that you instill in people that you're close with, even if it's like a cousin or a friend or something like that. Then get paid forward. You also just said, your, great grandkids aren't gonna fucking. Yes. Might be there. Well, my Dana's my nephew's already. So I'm saying that will remember as anyway, DNA is in my nephews. I got an east too much wins going to have some kids, it's going to be plenty people running around fucking DNA. It's a tragedy really. There are other ways to make lasting impacts on people like you know, I had an uncle who I will always remember because he changed the course of my life and a couple of family members. But then, like, he also just like h as the course in a lot of people's lives and kid. But yeah, it was through like activism, and supporting artists and things like that. And while he was also donated fuck tons of money to aids, which is now, basically cured. So technically saved on a largest about that the other night because I went to so he died twenty years ago, I you know, as a young, and we went to a concert, that was still sort of like in its named after him and kind of partially in his honor, and just to think that there was room full of people twenty years later, you know, still kind of memorializing somebody really blew my mind that I I wasn't gave out how rare that is. I agree with everything you're saying, I guess my question is, does it matter what now? It doesn't it doesn't. Like, like if everything is forgotten unless you are, like gangs, con-. No one will be talking about you, in two to three generations or reveal anything to ensure honestly politics, politics is the best way to get yourself remembered there. They go immediately in history books. Right. I know should have gone into politics. I don't know. I don't know well on that note. Now buddy knows if you know, anything tweet us. If you've attended death cafe lettuce, and you can Email us at two g one podcast g mail dot com. You can also call us and leave us a real life voicemail. That's right. It's alive. It's not dead. Baffoni numbers. Expired four that number again, three four seven six and or you can join discord servers, so that's discord, gee-gee slush to join us. It's a really great place to meet others listening to this berry, dischord, slush, Chidi, and Allie. They want to contribute how they do you can go to patriot dot com slash two j one. And we hope that you will body next week. Bergen Jennifer Jamyang and transferred to doing USB stick VIN buried six feet on number nine mean produced by Matt. So permit in New York City production assistance, is provided by the pond. Fish show is a production of the daily non to the number one source in rewarding about the life on the internet. Join this volume program, you helping leaving support to one podcast around pain tree on even I small contribution was a long way to help offset our production costs. Visit patriots dot com slash two. G one. Sonic universe Hakkinen my loud voice now.

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Episode 772, recorded 2021-07-10

Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple Podcast

1:03:58 hr | 2 months ago

Episode 772, recorded 2021-07-10

"Good morning eighty one. How this morning. Okay thanks so much and reproduce. Y'all let's start our meditation practice. I please find a comfortable and relaxed. Post keep your back straight as matas. Who can gently close is dick deep long brits and relax your whole body. It is beautiful saturday morning in this beautiful morning. You all came with the temporal sitting in front of the buddha. And you all going to spend some time with yourself almost always via very received other things maybe family to kids with your job but in this moment you all going to spend some peaceful time. Be grateful for this beautiful mind. Maybe so many things going in no mind place. Leave everything behind you know need to think of them narnia to carry them. Just be too with this motivation thoughts. Let's start in practice. Relax your body and relax your mind. this species lobbying kleiner's meditation fas. Louis feel yourself as your best friend. You are the best friend of yourself. That's why you are here. We all know as a best friend you are going to take at yourself mentally unhealthy very well again failure self as so best friend and we still use bliss to yourself. May i learned to forgive you and myself. Please repeat yourself several times. May i be safe and protected from inner and outer dangerous. May i be content. May i be patient. I learned to for myself with joy. N es may i be strong and healthy mentally and physically these verse to yourself and understand. The meaning of the eastwards. May i learn to forgive myself and accept myself. May i be safe and protected from inner and outer dangerous. May i learn to care for myself with joy and peace. May i be strong and healthy mentally and physically time to think about your loved ones. Maybe are not close to die in different places different states or different countries. Imagine your wants. your family. Members faces individually sandra lobby mankind towards to them may my loved ones be be happy be peaceful. Full may be strong and healthy. Mentally and physically. If you have any difficult time it someone tied to let go and send lobbying does to to allow. We can send our lobby coin. Toss tours to olive beans now in this country. This getting better almost going back to norma but some part of the world is still people are struggling. People are having a difficult time in this moment. We all have beautiful. Loving thoughts began send allowing thoughts to us to them own. The leaving beans be will be happy. Be peaceful be able to fine peaceful comfortable and hell environment. May they be able to take a themselves. Happy may be john and healthy mentally and physically. It is time to practice you. Unconditional if you have any difficult people are annoying one in your life. Please think of them. Don't get any thoughts charges a lobby. Nhan kind thoughts to words to them. Ma'am i difficult. People be will be happy. Be base food may be able to find. Noble friends and guidance may be strong and healthy mentally and physically. If you want to change your poster you can change it anytime do it. Mindfully and slowly Melissa practice mindfulness breathing meditation. Dick deep long. That's and focus on your natural ordinary bread nor need to control your breathing. Process also focused on new laws. Then you can feel you breathing. Process many thoughts sounds may distract. You will breathing mindfully and breath out mindfully. Don't think about past. Don't think about future focused this pleasant moment observing your natural ordinary breath if you're having thoughts dismantle you're having thoughts and come back to the breathing process closely obsolete in process you against the law in britain and out shot britain out these always wondering maybe many thoughts come to your mind. That's the nature all mine. Monkey mind if you feel same. Daunte what he it takes time to concentrate your mind. Venue all exhaling. You know your body's excelling new inhaling you know that your body's inhaling mindfully and breath about mindfully mindfulness fee all know this word but the is on the beautiful word for this. Mindfulness vehicle introspection looking inward now. It is time to see inside. They slowly observe your nature of your mind. Venue obsolete your mind you can see. You'll build a photo skillful. Ua special mind being grateful for your good mind. The agreed fulfill your good qualities. The all call human it a mood for meaning on the human beings who can develop ho can cultivate who can raise their mind up the maximum level. That's why we all are all human. What we are doing. Today is a big step to develop your good mind to bring you. Happiness sim dime. You can see you. Unskillful skillful mind. Don't worry understanding is the most important thing it's menu fix. Your mind can fix you bad. Mind now please bring pumps together. Be grateful for this moment. The goodful for this practice big full for a bread also grateful for yourself be grateful for you put the also you help beautiful wood the inside you megastore the dominican to develop your good mind. The vectis dismayed Lease filed in minutes ever. Today may be bibi to me. All the living beings be be happy. Be food thank so much slowly open. Ice okay listen to gather pace number. Four novel does serve bugaboo. Google ara hutto some mama some thus. Uh normal us Bug uh ardor auto. Some some does Nomhle does Baga over to otter hottle some Some but done sada non gotta dom on gut A song hung sada on the table. Done on got chummy. Did hama on saturday non gut cha the song hung sada taty done sada annan Thought yom the Monse hotta among thought. This song hung Me on it saw. The song will pa. The by the Did Needle john this on Some go sub is ave a onto some bizarre but but own two saab bit Honey ga to sub Sukey nam party on to mono bond Down manos set My minor. Asa pardew certainty ball cargo duke Pity shock kong Don marginal bond girl mama them Manos said mono miami minus Pa sonnen Baba's seti wa cardo de la thought alone on monday a cia ana pa mine. Is the photo anomalous states minus mind midday. If the got up duck mar on show dot. The speaker apt suffocating. Follow us by that. S be followed Putter a stance minus minus If your and confident mine speak act follow by that that's why shadow of it. Vw generosity it for no but smart by generosity believed has many lilies speak jealously act generously positi weeks saturday. My wish mad become will tom. Wolf's paw now unpopular the protective of those doubt protection guide for those who knows down Us wednesday for those dark knight observed by means of this minute audience deed. May i number tony. Theon rice only device under the time attended again one and days so happy to see all actually We know sedative. Also one of the busiest day before pandemic and now it is happy to many people and temples getting busy and we already started many programs. What we can said less half and maybe some of you know about me and maybe some of you not miami's monty our city. I'm one of the monk at the temple and also. I'm kind of new to temple so i came to hear two thousand and eighteen generating since that a mistake in here and i'm teaching people and i'm really enjoying about woodstock can been here and before i come to here. I was in my honesty for five years. Then i think the two thousand and seventeen bundy's asked me to come here. Then i said yes. I would like to so now. I'm here and i'm really enjoying actually what i'm doing here. And what people are doing he. Also i know some fuel visited salunke. And i'm always sharing this idea. Because i really want to encourage you and then you go to see lanka. Id's traditional buddhist country more than seventy five percent buddhist and also other religions also and we all do together and negoti lanka The people already do devoted and they really want to come to them and they know about everything and but most sometimes i can see from them. They come the temper and they want to see the monks and they want to talk with monks. Sometimes they are not very into practice. They just come and visit than they do. But here what i can see always people they really want to learn. They really want to practice whatever they want to learn the very deep into it. And i'm really happy so it is wonderful. Then what are doing that. Everything also encourage us then. We know our people are doing great and they want to practice and it is make us also happy. Then thanks so much for coming in here and keep continuing to practice and today. I was thinking what i'm going to share with you judicially. I'm doing talks mondays. This i know some people come to wednesdays and This is my third d'amato on this ear actually to it is one of very important in life yesterday. July ninth it is. It is my ninety animosity as a monk and mehan bundy but he's downstairs. We both became a monk. Two thousand to july ninth on my teachers and When i see that Benign when i go back to my nine hundred you can see so many life lessons experienced what. I learned what i experienced in lanka also in here and i remember i came to the temple. I was nine two thousand one. February eight is said. I remember how. I came to the temple. Then i asked my parents. I won't become among. I have a twin sister so she was not okay then she was fine. I asked my brother and also in my father and my mom did they all sit. Okay if you like you can be among you. Shouldn't she. Shallan mini little. Boys always go to the temple. We hang out with little longer than we have. That feeling won't be among. So that's how. I became among the two thousand and two. I spent almost one and a half years boy in my temper then i became monk salton. It is very wonderful as a monk but also this You will you will see. You're you're seeing avenue. Will you can see us. Then maybe thinking all these wonderful ladies come wonderful life being among actually is not it is it is. It is very difficult. It is very hard I mean Via both how different lifestyles and you are as people you are doing something else. And as among we different and in this also it is not easy. Why i'm telling like that. It is traditional country whenever we go outside people are always staring us the kind of checking out but what the monks doing it is not gossip but kinda they are doing the same thing especially mike my temple in this call a little city. We called candy in my city. Most people know about us they can recognize us many temples around my temples there are so many timbers but they can easily recognize of amongs my temple monks because we all have some different way of life and how we work how we how we talk. How smile desperately how we practice as a little monks less nine hundred so they are easily recognized us than they asking from that temper. Then we asking. How do you know then they are telling us we can see so it is a very wonderful and but after i came here i do remember. I told my fence. i'm going to go to stemple. And they asked me. We are where we already said. Then i don't know about woodstock. But i told them it is in chicago right away. They told us. I go to ago. I said yes or you had to be careful. Then i had. I had some some thoughts. Or maybe i had to be careful but right after i it is so wonderful. Maybe with me because the woodstock is it is wonderful little. Tom and when i go outside all these people are very nice and come to us asking things and when i go to. Mcc to learn my english. And they'll always. I saw wonderful. And i never had any bad experience in this country so far and it is so great so then Today actually was thinking yesterday. I was thinking that everything that my nineteenth year as what i learned what i studied Then i was thinking. I want to share some thoughts about that experiences and also i won't shout something about effort because As i told you as among it is this becoming especially when we were little s. A little monk. We're fine but when you get older younger than So many feelings so many ideas come to mind it is. It is not easy to focus. I do remember two thousand two thousand ten or two. I had a huge feeling. I want to go home. So i i can't. I can't do this. i had. I had that feeling then. I i changed my mind because with me in. My temple is one of the biggest temple in sri lanka and almost one hundred fifty monks. They are studying usually the became on when they were eight. Seven very little monks so With me the other minimums wrestle. I count who is still living as a month in lanka. I think we'd be more than fifty sixty seven months. They studied with me so now less than four months me monday. But the and two of them they all disappear the disrupt the you the they can keep continue but They try it. They tried it and also i hope i can keep cutting it is. It is becoming one. And that's about my last nine hundred and i didn't have any any bad experiences so i i did really great in my temple. I studied with and but salon. One what i make my life little down and one year ago my father passed. I eventually got to see has the only thing that makes me down but Otherwise i'm really enjoying as among especially in this country also then I can remember about the word what i'm want to show it to the effort. It is really helpful for me to keep. Continue my life as a monk. Maybe you all have different experiences. So i'm very young than you so you. How many experiences. In your life. So i'm used to learning. I miss still experiencing many life lessons but I've always liked to listening to you. And if you have any thoughts about this race woman obama i have some ideas too shabby killed in. You can feel retaliating in whatever you feel and less I know recently. I was doing D'amato convinced it when people Who can remember your first day at temple and many people give some answers. So i won't ask you the same thing who can't remember your first day at the temple. Anyone can remember you today. Let me know afterward feel it. Okay it so. If you hit libido i'd like to okay so what do you think that your i have your favorite if you'd like to save it. does Yeah thanks for chatting with us. Come to practice silent meditation us. Yes yeah thank you any thoughts. Two years is remember in feeling not related steam those deep in europe. So actually i. I really want to share with this idea. This temple is very famous in sri lanka because of the jesus and sometimes people are company. And they're asking. Why did jesus Eliana supposed to have a year they are. They are very curious then what we are telling them. This is also ready. Actually when i was little. I read so many books. I almost read a half of bible. But i don't know many as this happened so but i was really curious then what i'm telling this is a communist of a piece any thoughts As you're wrong yes he's He's one of our regular practice sometimes during the pandemic just only us had. We had a private sensitive with him many times. Sometimes you but So now do you feel after few weeks after few months after many years. How do you feel now have. I'm very yes. also yes. Bill is one of the first member bundy's group still is coming. And also jason. It's a while on kabul. I could just see how side yeah This good even though her rain city someone sites jesus yes uh-huh so and the order says something dow yes i do one with also Yes hold yes that's true. Yeah so thank you so much. Setting experience as it is so great and also We always welcome. I do think we never ask from you what religion you are following. What pet are following. We don't want to know actually so yeah but thank you for sharing with us sometimes so Because some some they're doing the same because they want to know what following sunday's donald accepting them so people are really the kind of excited after they come here because it is very welcome here and you can also practice what you feel right to you and so it is very wonderful to hear you listening to experiences and actually what i want to share with you. I had kind of long a talk with some stories and it is almost eleven. But i i won't share to just a few ideas s a monk. I told you how many among still lou in sri lanka who studied with me just less than for and beginning is very important. We had a really great teachers. They taught us really where we had a wonderful foundation. So after i came here. I made this agenda. Two thousand two. I think his his my teachers. I student and we call montecito his big brother and also he's not to here and after i came here i felt like a. He's like a father for us. he always encourage us. Am i remember my very first. D'amato covid huge group. And i i was doing in some with a yoga tedious and he has. He called me. He told me do that. I can't see no his his voice. And i said yes i can. Then then he was. Keep calling me okay. You can do that. You can do that. Then i did. I feel really great about myself. So what i want to tell you the beginning. It is very important whatever you are doing in your life as a father as a dad who has student as a model daughter son whatever you are doing in life but starting in your life beginning is very important so but the taught us the beginning in practice it is very maybe this beginning so if you feel tired then but the said don't give up keep continue so i told you how i fare duty might as a month i want to live but i live so with the said keep encourage yourself keep continued his but eventually you will feel no. I'm i'm done. I can't do this anymore. Have you ever feel like that. Yes what did you do if you feel like that. So what what you can also just imagine how you start the beginning. Then it makes you so confident Makes your soul A strong person so just the beginning is very important. Don't give up keep continued and also whenever you feel. I won't give up. Don't give up how you started especially in your practice. Also they were going to do in your life because now we are client back to normal. Maybe so many plans resolutions. May you have so. Don't give up keep continue that everything. So this is the message. I want to show it to begin very short. So i had many ideas and maybe i can see how the two different different time. But i always really liked to listen to you. I would like to ask questions. This also good practice for me. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and your experiences here and so Do we have any new people. If you have a new people please raise your hand your name. Thanks so much. We'll come to the temple. Thanks so much. Let me let me know how you feel. Locate anyone can come to the template shed would comforting for anyone knew. Okay thank you so much for being here if you have any question. You all have immigration base communist Has anything don't don't be nervous okay. And and the announcement. Yeah on saturdays. Serveral table with your are on august. One on on a seven three is also and knees writing and has so get your percent so much obviously on the white skier long slowly long lesions from the great shave anyway get funded the posted. Yeah so that's the really big said the earliest survey last until off so get ready for the not the same july eighteen lucie. Just study on your. I think any you. Yes anyone one young lady by for both of his also is actually. I think there will be you the oklahoma. You really needs samples also harms arbor alive in st warranties. Her uncle erronous of all on com on your sure florida's on tuesday radio awesome small gross you were allocation again road so hang around so all off. Okay thanks so much for being here. I hope you'll learn something then. Hope to see again. Have a beautiful day.

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Bhangarh - Part 2 : An Indian Noir One-Shot (Horror Anthology)

Indian Noir

24:36 min | 11 months ago

Bhangarh - Part 2 : An Indian Noir One-Shot (Horror Anthology)

"This is indian. You're india's number one horror crime and dark fantasy storytelling podcast Punctured two Been totic entered the whole. He was surprised to see that. It was packed to the brim. People dressed in formal quota pajamas. X. critically patents sheds and though these side he's gaga and cookies but seated on plastic chairs facing lit stage. That was badly visible through the yellow curtains. The seating of the whole was blue and banda flown mural graced the tops of the three whitewashed walls. The stage was a raised platform made from scuffed and weathered wood and the curtains had been clearly washed too many times. Reluctant to disturb the seat of todic walks towards a row of men standing at the back to seek their assistance in finding his way to the grocery store but as he approached them he hit the door to the whole crossing behind him. Even though he did not see an usher at the door or attendance roaming the whole the whole was now doc except for the stage light filtering through the curtain it caused a yellow glow on the faces and the watery eyes that gazed upon it tadic approached a man in a thick mustache and opened his mouth to air his query but the man shoot him and pointed towards the stage. A drooling piece of music filled the chamber as the curtains parted and the play began king in yellow act to seem to someone shouted from the site of the stage. The stage backdrop was dominated by the painting of a balcony all scenery that looked awfully familia teutonic. The ducks life with black stars. The still dark surface of the lake. A woman of royal stature was standing with her hands on ornamental balustrade gazing the horizon the drooling music reached a minor crescendo and the sound of urea symbols and infernal foods treaded into hellish soundtrack. A set of doors to the left of the stage flew open a man dressed in tattered yellow row. His face covered by a hood. Entered the scene. The woman in the legal outfits turn to face the man. She raised an angry finger and said you promised no humble come to. My daughter came to my promise. He said we re she. Then i've been standing here for the last three days for a glimpse of my darling child. Promise the crown. You promised me now. The man began saying pool. You toboggan with me you dismantled bridge. The queen interrupted. I am the king of demane more powerful than yours. The road mansaid todic. What's the exchange with growing fascination as recognition dawned on him. The male actors built looked awfully familiar. The man he had seen his dreams. I don't care who you are for. What mighty kingdom you. Ray nova i. Queen cassandra demand that you return. I daughter princess casilda to my loving arms. The man in the yellow robe. The man who claimed to be a king laughed cruelly. Stop laughing you heartless monster and take the richard moscow f- so that i may gaze opponent a coward who kidnapped my daughter. Queen cassandra said no mask. It is no mask. The man said the queen was taken aback. She took a few backwards tips. That is no mask. She inquired fearfully. Look down at the lake. Your daughter is there. The man said queen. Cassandra turned and peered down the ballot straight that presumably looked over the shores of the lake. She appeared at the still waters and screamed. I see my porch. She is screaming from the depths. The queen said before leaving the balcony schaub of price emerged from the mouth of the audience members the king in yellow tuned to look at the patrons to be precise the ice limits on his pallid mask focused on topic he said casilda only one screaming so is the power went out. Screams of terror rose from the gallery. People jumped up from their chairs and restful the exit shoving and punching anyone who dared to get. In their way the doors with post they banged against it of relentless disparate thumpings hound accompanied by cries of abject terror the number of patrons and the whole seemed to have swelled since the play began. There was not an inch of space in the midst of the throne that smashed interns like debris in a stormy ocean. Dodig was shaken by what he heard from. The actor's mouth. He couldn't believe his years. Maybe he misheard it. How is it possible that this small town production. He didn't have the time or opportunity to speculate. Tonic was pushed along by the rush of bodies towards the entrance only elbows hard shoulders. Clammy hens and thick heads pressed into his body painfully as the massive bodies swelled and boiled the tinge of feel homos secreted by the desperate souls. Made tarik dr rich slivers of light from the sites of the door teeth the occupants of the whole it did not how many strong thumbs and shoves landed on the door it refused to budge dodig firms. He's the king in yellow leering at him from amongst the of desperate escapees he saw the richard pallid mask he sensed the powerful malice behind it and he heard the king in yellow over the din of the crowd threatened to squeeze the life breath that of him a he said have you seen the yellow sign todic shoves laying outside on the steps of the communal hole when he regained his consciousness. Thanks to the physi- sort of water being splashed on his face a young man with a pencil thin mustache wearing a flannel shirt and a pair of skinny pants must shouting san sarah wake-up as he liberally sprinkled the cold liquid on politics confused visage to people. The play touted mumbled as he set up. I am your guide. Said the young man said as he continued sloshing. Tonic with liquid from Green gully soda bottle. Stop what you're doing. Todd said angrily. I came looking for you. When you didn't tell at potala pointed meeting place it had you said placing the butthole the steps and wiping his hands on the back of his trousers topic. You look back at the locked doors of the whole where he had watched the godforsaken play. Have they taken everyone to the hospital. Dodig in quiet. How'd you gave him an order. Look and said what i don't understand. I was inside watching a play and then begin saying poor. Del decides of his shirt and flashed a knowing smile You must be on drugs like a lot of the other tourists who come here. But did you take. I'm not on blahdy trucks. That was a play on and then the power went out and there was a stampede. People were screaming and trying to get out of that but the doors and this man in a mask felt lightheaded and he stopped talking and took a few debretts side. That place hasn't been open in as many many years ago. There was a gas leak at a function held in there and many people died. Said it was a great tragedy. Said i was there watching play thought protested come on. I think you need some lunch. You said lending a hand as you. Antarctic grabbed a lunch of roti and subsidy from local food store and proceeded to the large which was located above a restaurant which only opened for dinner. Tonic was relieved to be left alone in his room. After being subjected to an hour of it how juice incessant conversations on everything ranging from his colorful history as a guide his family's dubious linked to a royal family and his love for salunke on movies that and the cheesy ghost stories surrounding punctured fort which seemed to be inspired by be great soaps that drummed on endlessly on indian tv channels then arrogant princess the curse of autonomic mumbo jumbo that todd didn't have the time for it is true said the places super haunted. The only reason. I'm offering to come with you. Tonight is because of the extra cash. Otherwise it's not worth the risk sir. Energy had said sure dodik said dryly unable to hide his contempt. Dodig son was trapped at the foot and he needed to get to him. That is only cared about it. Had you had left the large promising to procure driver who might be willing to take them to the fort at night but he had worn topic that it might be hard ask even if they through lots of money. The problem given the hesitation of the superstitious residents of the house to go anywhere near the fort at night. Not many people have both like me. Sell my not big. My mother always used to say. I am the bravest boy in dosa. How'd you said before. He left whistling the tune from a bollywood item. Number dodig sat dell on the. He wouldn't single bed and looked out of the only window in the tiny room. Dusk settling on the horizon and the heat was down to manageable levels. Thought it was still struggling to process what had happened to him that the whole given the already stressful nature of his mission. He decided to resign to the fact that he was probably dehydrated and exhausted. He must have collapsed and pasta out on the street and had a nightmare. He's talked to thinking about what he was going to tell people when he finally met him he would ask him why. He chose to hide in the ruins. He would ask him about the whereabouts of ashish and once he had some answers to pressing questions. He intended to apologize for not being a good father for not chilling him properly from a cruel world the judge him for his sexual orientation he would apologize for not working hard enough to make him forget the sadness vert about by the loss of his mother but before he said any of those things tadic was going to hug his son talent like he was never going to let him go thought. It wiped away teas and looked on. As the orange of the dusky sky turned to a crimson. Brent dodgy was digging into a plate of samosas and mint and chuck ni when taty came down to meet him at the downstairs restaurants. It was rusting joint with benches and tables. That had seen better days and fried foods showcased in glass containers. A tool stainless steel chai brewer short steam out of its rattling lid with clockwork consistency. The eatery had the capacity to seat twenty but it was crammed with double the number hungry day laborers eager to catch a meal before heading off to their crowded dormitories. Noisily chewed their meals stopping. Occasionally to engage in loud chats but del companions a ceiling fan covered in cobwebs rotated listlessly and offered no relief from the heat radiating from the tiny kitchen at the back. Do you want me to order anything for you said it. Had you asked no livelihood later dodik said. How'd you shook his head before biting into another somoza. Then he stopped and said sep. What kind of books do you write. I know you said you wanted to write about the fort and that is why we are visiting the place tonight. But i was curious. Do you might spicy masala once had you in quiet what do you mean. Dodig asked raising an eyebrow. I am currently reading a masterpiece. Cold my hot college adventures. Sizzling sizzling one sixteen followed by another. My favorite bit is when g to the hero accidentally enters the girls hostel. How'd you begin no. I don't write about creeps. I translate great classics of english literature into hindi. Thought it said what it asked looking. Confused never mind. Did you find the driver. Dodig asked yes. He will meet us here in half an hour. It had you said he. That's my cheaply and scratched the back of his head and said he obviously asked for two thousand more peace said. Obviously that said dryly. How'd you smiled as he devoted himself. Back to the task of developing the plate defied delicacies. Todic suddenly decided he needed to eat something before their trip. He bid dodger fan. Well grabbed a small pack of snacks. Painful it and exited the restaurant. He saw a few empty benches underneath the grew more tree in the distance. Tonic decided to venture out there to eat in peace. He needed to mentally prepared himself for the task at hand. A street light on the opposite side of the road kept the darkness at bay and it did not seem to disturb the roosting birds on the tree. A night breeze evoked a reaction from the foliage ever so often and swept eastward towards the hill country badly leaving a dent in the oppressive heat dodig had just sat down and taken a few bites of his oily snack when a man dressed in saffron months aphid came and sat next to him on the bench. He placed a hot sack covered in sanskrit quotes in the space between the two of them. A seffrin showroom was wrapped around his upper torso and his head and it hid his face. He did not acknowledge its presence that faced the man just stand off into the distance as of the desert night would bring forth secrets. His soul had craved for a owns his hands. Which were the only exposed parts of his body looked ancient like they had been baking in the sun for decades clearly. This was an elderly man. A pilgrim most likely the region was famous for its many hindu temples. Tonic continued eating. Even though he felt discomfort at the proximity of the man he wanted solitude though are had no intention of offering it to him. I have worked on the manuscript for ages. My is my hands and my intellect are failing me. Now the man spoke abruptly dodig stopped mid bite and turn to look at the man. The hundred years i really managed a few lines. The men said who are you. Dodig asked i keep reading the play repeatedly. I am obsessed by the madness of it all such corrupt delights within these pages. The stranger said i'm not interested in talking to you. Dodik said getting from the bench. I don't know if this is the task. I am qualified to continue. I am intoxicated by its vile contents. Should an alcoholic be allowed to manufacture medina. I don't think so the man you'd dodig barely taken his first step away from the bench. When the man grabbed onto him with one hand the string of his grip. Shot thaad ick. The skin on the stranger's palm felt like tree bark and antarctic cringed sense asian. The stranger tapped his crossed by with the other hand and said the play needs on new translator then he looked straight at tarik in that brief moment. Dodig sold the man's face. The skin was wrinkled beyond belief and clung to the bones desperately as the flesh had completely evacuated his message. His eyes will mickey white and his teeth was covered in a substance akin to dried tea leaves dodig pulled away his hand in horror and staggered back at that exact moment. His attention was drawn to jew. Who was calling out his name. Saad saad the drivers here it. How'd you standing in front of the restaurant. Beckoning him when touted glanced back at the bench. The old man had departed with his bag. Sad something the driving here. It's time to go to the fort dodge. You could be heard in the background. But thought is is fixed on the translator. Who was heading into the cloak of

Dodig Queen cassandra dodig Ray nova tadic princess casilda dodik casilda tarik dr rich sarah wake banda salunke schaub Cassandra ducks potala Tonic three days moscow india
Prdication du Pasteur Maxo titre les ouvriers des champs

Radio Adventiste Béthanie Pétion-ville

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Prdication du Pasteur Maxo titre les ouvriers des champs

"Judge bid on the pitcher is at impede casio our. She's this the pumps. Benny but Suzy but before all qadduri our new spree vividly in don shula we may have many unduly reason why we did about asiatic food la whole did you sa- back to face speziale gow said we saudi nil Set usual nico. Sacree shoe li. Shell eddie on astro nala to sue decide to suit key fall. Pufus jadu you do at to sue. Keep pressure loophole. Did you go on. Ben set as you the zuni. Antea nacional lasik prescription. Some to the givati bosa yvonne fate that senior chameli again. Salvato rely it one. May we knew tuten say lie. The pats on his own gosh component fakey. Sabu pre sheila la power. Jamila india was do slack and be seen patio year sitter seige of his fifth year miller of got way. Deputy come like abby to veal lamb which back dams comerc- amnesia if we receive the Beanie to sue sapard ix westie. Sap beanie had barrack obama town. We're game from when dumb petite bauer yoshihiko. Ula did you. Did she do wa. May madam no many many z. Mambi see i'm passive. Mesa is affairs lou. Vincent do ministerial. The we saw a saab blah avic do appreciate at re dipper to shoot. She pass it to press good doing stairs about what the maple venkat dalu shoot. Issues are not see pouvoir quasi affair at rabbi girl when want the at new failed policies cappelli long sufri simpler lagging under ville daca vic mensa sheesh vindicated the no mc gwamona Faith four poem. Puffins sweep buffalo. Who see sufri on obesity massey. Cpr issue during sophomore. At a p obama you mentioned aloe be blida power edwin what v romy salvageable combat the balkan badoit for. Yeah to at shiite not. She's you i i'm not you addicts to relieve. They currencies leukemia lou. Say what shop to level set. Neff owns major. Boom you re rejects casa di. We have more re- text about six. You say oh la put would. Essay drew fair indistinct schnorr pool liquids. Shane do sorta it will see bore. New chism equity are utah. Laughing polo comas on bouma flare. Shrimp com idealisms bigotry. She knew about lee mccomb autism shop. Nil come at is fun jacuzzi donate july nonchalant which you surely car wounded. Poofy pat la super easy if lulu poofy memo up. His boss coup was a call shall nil buffet. Biscuit food in a dispute netflix. Pasha on it numa sheep nimmo shiva salon lum cutler more. Just shoot a note. That polos nedved resume. Guess don't couple of cass. Good poll the veto power loom and abby salunke to senior looney shotgun. She plotted our hosie. Made you affect quat unsalted. Cashew nut pastula. Wiki plant kia calgor- shoes surely woes maids. Yuki fake. what should we keep plant issue. Who's on the go. Shocker wish you've got sepulchre. Pass salon some papa by column some over year addicts. You visit lou. Sean lee defeated salon address. Did you get mighty dooney. She pose massage. Or she decked. Abacha shoe maker shocker. god and don't kill bacteria you come on. Put nuclear boozy notre phone cassuto i. It uzi savall. She cleats sue massage. It special mass to shop. It do leave. The bottle is said. Do romney alka sought liquidity akita to fugit bmc prissy. Quite it'll be quite young kwak. It'll room aplly amount ship. Avic do what it salvadro. Did you vivere bomb. india loop will blame it. Tatapu blair rava it records. Solut- uni cal shut. Mon calculus resulted june. Ten maniere it was. Am equality to valley of folk mcpeek. Nudity presented supposedly outward ballot. Says come there now yet. Busy group it. And i gold geeta duval. The iria disip polos shuck do coop sal. You're considering it back at wazim. Apropos look shipping at moon. You is a lot discussion him at available at davos. Acquire meme sip ball kibumba. She'll mmc apple volleyball circuit onto a pole las uneven g to offend species. It was him kasey. The real gutted bosca shock affair a love. It was limb petipa barnabas that joe mark would oppose savage borgo issue. Live she you cosseting. You come do cpa. Geez you assume among could well it'll bleep. You meme it cuts it creek deserve key. Yes keep all ski apollo's suffocate. You date our monty. Say she's zoo it o'memory lackey obama's makunike skipped a ball ishrafi. Attache as she's doing some zap lay amount shit. Not bad avik dasm not sick days. You may not pursue cal. Says there is more meno sums. Aptly monchy celo. Laugh on t. did you did. You have well. Modell eggs up not passer. louis keep. Who's outpatient no passive eighty. Three -ality really agrees nude gain. Come modiin it common kappa. Idiot new she's you. She's you said to sumati. Posey set some some new the decreased who some no. There's a key marsh. Paul idiolect pointy liberal dick over gaul new some over year affect through fu set. Lucia shoe lady fees. Do you guess. Would you guess guests over year over year over. Yes covi- manual over year sick key. Wool swat do receive was really have pileup duly. 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Gyp panetta not leaper new ill will problem manatee travails setup problem at duty et cetera. Problem family ya'll lifly. This look over the add on some kings vinter magliana new divorce. It memory swim kaban some them some reasons their suit alum. It'll shop to kabir new judas. Czuczka was at a book. The descriptors shouf belkis your newest paschel amazon. Newest passer shit. There's repel short. No comport to even will exceed. The lasso. City is security sioux city attack. Decem cap up to see your kappa shun issue castro apart. Any steam swat shoe. Lv set money. Stim- do swat may live very ten. Lavery make very nets debunk. Shuki verity burner. By videotape shocker. V south walk where we con il bosco divinity absolute scalia invalidity will active shooter. Long casio with sue on new bleak loophole. Do you not society set society who choose if rescan some shop. Did you bought you apple in new cap. Not there's some of accessories cinder squat shoe away from the fly. Ballot is call it. 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Kisah 13: Jurusan Psikologi dan Sederet Prestasi bersama Irvandias Sanjaya

Kisah Alumni

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Kisah 13: Jurusan Psikologi dan Sederet Prestasi bersama Irvandias Sanjaya

"How in the host kellyanne shelia you see me. Nobile at quaco here. A then coveted. Keesa me you only see me gets all the paralimni had dental apnea were. Yeah you sound core shelia higher hire a coup de vienne never Remember is our need you somewhere out on. Yeah i how. I how you doing aso canal emeka yet because out i'm doing in colo on holly emil too long time. Get all run. Your journey cayenne in any new you. Yes i Kickoff busey as well because on gallini react giovanni yes oklahoma for you going to among amazon rogers union be up underneath. Yes scott i e. He presented glenn's at this. Okay now salunke unique hundred bucks. Some whole jinmen jinmen when he said he in the door. Subliminal democracy by the minority would be one in october democrats for the lightning up on their shared beside but ukraine potato but i Pity on my mom's. I don't know who it obesity belonging ca jostles. I miss able to grab a gun in in disappointed with thin Which be a a startup idea of all Dignam animal you about them. applic- asses off nominee the ideas. He can i get to see slight like the Any yet the our got. Wc we'll go to the gliac. Minimum reliance eight bus new couple years Out about that. The robots rang equal cam by whatever price. Tac- okay body was winning. Got up and did what was nonetheless. that'd be collins tarik valley up by oriented with armagnac process And join our unser. The apple looking by hung up on you the day up do guided the we'll get you but when joe will be done Do the it s sedan with apple. Look as or aspirin assessment of lamelo mop up. Were they hiding out on a hundred. I did not have the app. We're gonna subways and yet up by anthem will be at all. I i'll not sign up. Ruben ruben chip family belonged upi cutting let you amd amber smug louis got a forty two zero obliged it. I got on well even among the expertise atlanta three newly unbathed. My father fairly ed. Deputy assist Don't import brad. Gumby our lobbyist are upper lumber designing up i behind you ashes at the one who got on designing reminded. I want to ask you pacific. Somebody doin agreed. And we'll just let us but did you on invite over ukraine as awesome only. Do not to get along. You know. I just meeting us all begun gordon the raw soon yeah. Negative on ubisoft million on met on any succeed manati year my monkey do dot com liam comedian at national to by jump start at smart will not get on A how highly operational ethic agreement audible the la salon du but some book on monday. Genie managements of daddy duty I look at the Niece is In the upper what. Bite that you but he bit incident. My one lies. I knew my now. I'll throw. She's apple do one year. John lewis honda on delay and then it must be hard to do some summer. Mealy a us navy blue sock it because the did he. What are we need. Lot on the upper cockatiels on yahoo one year besigye mishaan name. Is john oliver side effect on. Yeah outer still allowed to walk on at least it got the context big back to take the harsh decided to an outer to this line. That i'm on. I don knapp echo motorcycle in india. I don't want to whatever coming to do this. I'm the opposite denver. Our in the saudis see on relapse as a modern come with them will cause leakage. By whether montgomery i asked i be done. Yeah i'll find such a program By tim yamanaka. Don't you it. Also by guy Ottoman yeah apple logo on the your yamanaka. What i saw in the allama adding and is all on apple by some foods L'opinion at food to buy up at the expected level. The opera snobbish little stunts myself I'm on i'm united Process but advice opportunity clogged on worry. Would you blast Out what he would love blush ayud. It doesn't affect gotten happy that bike and on my end up with the mcmurray mathon sung armagan you horn. Joe will be on and off by an indian found by apple it thought who come up who the other day in the upper level conde news on us and up a an unsurpassed under then he s in this school for everybody. You awhile leslie finding the that you're gonna eat three young adults many money. Something that year wind up paying on by annika better bottom nine phone fallen very week with fundamental password become was new game. Any considering leah regina. If i need them but war advocates anti get water therapy do got sacramento Newtalk well ari'el enough associated with a jedi. Tara organic Do i japan. I saw the g. button. Shot up a loose. thomas guide. Epilepsy was the abc. You join up if he asked on jahmai in family. Autobahn up on the last comedy. Got all america as decided Oblige owner bass guitar buttoning. One decided you gave us bring it all pakistan on a nation indonesia ready connecticut albert be Somebody might not bradtha they. Can i think independent. I number that up on if anchored in ooh wisconsin all all the money around on me on that. The copy in could be just walking along on the gaza miami initiatives falling. In whom i what do you update The if calia et cetera et on some on the opposite us The app negative racial diversity minimum under the given colin during the number by jerry. I workum popped up. I'm kind of in far. Lower government bug in my temple young but about his own amount will what indonesia our xfinity intimacies to handle up d- It'll be As to how am against the out the local disorder can isolate the get mckenna. Who you in the allies. Three young. that'd be Bob you allow on audiotape. bubblegum mean. We'll get to it. i'm not. I'm on the phone putting on monday. Found three a part of my job. Someone on new. I finally butler at. Jd these are all the comedian. Oracle s m jahmai who spun on hosting default at the the ski mountains of the united beat new program the found in the end up. Our actual lucky on not is because young. How some just you got only gonna bipolar one. High ticket them all your money. Spending might new bliss ago right took it to battle. We're going to call you today. Show down who showed up. Probably applegate bucket. The bucket ishbel hand on is to be an apartment umbrella group. I'll get the nissan nella on sacramental. Would you go following a moose not gonna go backup about and i know you might come the study suckled Homeless homeless your allergy We are learning about the by edgy. Do not believe in. If the look were games a night in russell's what out of acne number on it bundy. Donations loeken upbeat. Look at the thorughout yuppie casino E apple because he got the deducted. An app is at the opening up on. But i'll down that if not through a domestic law human at the the along this moving and young the indo arnie amal sort buddy who pass on knuckle pick muscle from on your front of us. Okay new manati get bucket by looking up on the hundred god on eliane shot in negative all bizarre lahia combined through our gallo through the checkout ghetto. Yuck out then. I always have a legitimate in who we all knew. Got pregnant on apple. And you get another woman jubilant the Up lapik up by not able to w muscle Model that's old white. What demoralized at the gen randy as Shema who i'm hoping modiin sitara exclusive there were baton. Is the guidance operation by the about someone must mo new newgen. I'm gonna that. I'm happy with my colleague corning bob. Ross gonna up about to stick bid we've sort of funding it all your new game out be young como de the best. I'm thinking of india. One it by a china on holiday oprah by oxycodone got leader lentil young. Joe will be some formality amazon. I'm not gonna let him an an and some independent young cmap. Who eat your. Tom produce ora and laboratory. Five hundred africa. Let somebody stoppable be won't be opposed indiana who that money some member flex i Upbeat you don't will. They got a expand the amount of nutty on a seat the only study Lua ambushed narrow would the job Hopefully you'll get jaded. I'm match at tara. Five only five setup to a joke jebel idea. Do sunday jobe prospect. You got ta Waterbed If apple minded A little brandy over emigrant it blood jeter who limassol on but the decider. In our oldest. Keep the weapon. Ibiza signed edibles near yup elaborates. Joan would be breaking the buck. Hopefully come looping can drop. And you're gonna be sucking. America level can be up news walker india thailand malaysia. It but i was decided on. Us online giddy up and was with the idea of what s a global up looking. How you look it up normally. Joel lester up by. We got up on scott up under up on a job you beside me. Call like body that who would you. It been about eighty. I'd love an a-plus on a bike shop that was caught on got young as ago. Alan dumped by the guy on a need a by him at ruby. I did to join now. I got down by scott in columbus. The did you that sir. I'm stomach and dilemma. Election this limited apple new with your hundred. You'll never was all gone all across kissed just upset at the up on the how it goes on. Sorry repeatedly Me smugly on a whole decade up when you hold on. I've got music opera. Become and listen to the app. I i have. I have no idea up each have become. Must you got an ibm jae. Leong michelle Do the long Honey unless you have a guy it number. Two hundred southbound is abundance about much three mount if we are modiin how are really not. Just say that any idea. How one jared did he. S got up out of thirty. I will chiesi Rasa on yet. That's how highly i tell is bite at the evening about betty pro law which been mukasey Some manipulating excellent rolled out an but awkward about. Everybody says i'm at this awful lot adapt or a on. Basically it will either album ican eka odious empire league wanted bogus. Anybody wanted about anybody. I think apple but oriented was out of these. But i do have more about the dyke i think it will be somewhat adorable combined if applicable chevron and in an chattanooga at cherry the gym i'm lucky must occupy up in the on in you. Bubble keep are up. Only run put the are among bikes up. Eighty one I'm about up a modiin tara hour by pick it up if the up on jonnu deal when you got applebee's is gonna be the about about chronic all it will die fascinated by constable. Yeah proc- by the end the gentleman that were A Smoggy house but an deal defensive of a wii up last october all year the department i applied jared goff. I know rather able ship are suspended and about that yes bad. The app wouldn't get any gotten support. These redoing the manuka gaca confirmed occa- also policies them some duty on the at the monitor. A jar waga order around but sabato data apollo in the about about us out by connecticut. Excuse soapbox i need a. That's certainly if you come up on a lie. Wanted with a of shock on his buddy on army Let's say out. at least that is I wouldn't worry would laugh at be less. Who put up wishes walker. I'm ready com. Ready got regard him as a like. I'm doin' be inskip. See i'm danica. Belong look only do suck moody monoxide through not person in this world. You know album. Stop with the apple. Pasta confident with this war nick mature digital when you said this is all about time you need a hold up. I'm not been supported. Yeah would you got Asian dot com in the kati by the out. Open it up alcohol goosebumps around the could. Do i just gotta look happy. Didn't agree on some of the awesome fresh out with it is like an amazing job. He but actually what about On when you. And i saw nothing. New guys ended up selecting the number religion yet. bill. If you are not generally hobie unfussy will be good. Look brad dumpty together at the sample if Donald underground highlands Foster scott. I don't wanna i hope with uber. Whatever hobie opted opted opted. We won't all up in the minneapolis number lists gb wishes. We have our a jonathan up with ruby. The what's the opposite. Watt will do that up up up on Anomaly apprehe- when i saw i was gonna day but yet Flopper the walkman palm up up of author As the medical mass i reach out almost like seattle. I'm john when got behind the up hamas Due date anybody besides austerity up japan. But you've been gobble. Gobble the end so day on around on foot silence recipe adam but i want to shape up for ceylon than up amplitude. His idea hundred at least by it is it was something would be chomping on up was scott. The was something to go down. There will be couple would a lot of the roof of our focus. Look jake bowen harbor and do good still see in beaten up badly in iraq on a on a double Be shedding And they done I was able to do that as much. You never a snob. Among leah's jackson saddam Or walk without spending by an indian kind of have broke. It took up. Douglas able she got earned the up to on on online on bikes. I'm not gonna buy an economic social media art we should oklahoma bradley asana cassini. He would never know general uneducated working digital could do it on a heart attack by jumping the gun. then i'd open up the explicitly amicably on On al franken. We'll be the ditch. Do the mcdonald's we growth by online search on google applicable be You'll get with a at across. I do remember dishonest on some new ideas Who it is something. I've been brought by adobe labrador labrador. He saw safe up curious. What about the muck about maybe upbeat. Who come on talking occupied his mom. Howdy i take. If by the change will go in boston. You'll meet anyone amati knee five that he will kind of thing that were nikki. Following a minimum. He held onto monday sample by gabor any shackles. Arjen swing as you up. Kellyanne never going yet of then. Yeah okay boy. I thought what will be checked on. We gotta keep it will also than the what guest guest you'd like driving w e need our shell you're not waco but if you don't.

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Hot Docs: Generation Utya

Ride the Omnibus

31:28 min | 2 months ago

Hot Docs: Generation Utya

"Welcome to right the omnibus. I'm your host aerial baske- and tomorrow is the twenty second of july twenty twenty one the tenth aniversary of the terrorist attack on a youth camp in norway where one man killed seventy seven teenagers and camp counselors on new toyota island. My co rob. You and i had the pleasure of speaking with director oslo home about her documentary following four survivors of the attack. I wanted to thank you so much for coming on this show to talk about generation with toyota and i wanted to ask how it is that you came to know about the stories of these four women and what attracted you to those stories. It does actually because there is a whole generation in norway that have been political activists That have been you know. Been on this summer camps newtown and we thought titles meet together with other director suggestion that it would be very interesting to tell the story seen through that youth is because they have been carrying heavy burden after the terror attack. In the two thousand eleven. So we wanted to the story seen from them young politicians and we didn't know Which characters we should follow at the beginning so we participated on this summer camp in two thousand seventeen and get known to the organization of the youth organization of the labor party. And then we get known with some of the characters that had this really stronger stories and we started actually with the not the that was singing this moving song that twenty first of july before the terror attacks and she happened to be the person that the so. Her boyfriend was shot in front of them cafe building in so we started following her and she had this moving voice and this song So that was the beginning. I just wait a little bit. Because it says binder. Someone is giving the office. You no worries so then we get known with the youth organization and then there was this young women woman eat now. She was elected as the new leader or as a youth organization on we understood that she had to be the main character and she was actually also wounded we will. She was shot by four shots in her body. And is he will steadily wounded so she didn't know if she would survive wench. The state law in Would would and waited for just a second but when we see her on having speeches she has this strong appearance as a leader so fast that one a so her that she will will know the young location that has this heavy burden but she has It's actually as is speaking with this. Same power as the shops. Have in a body out in the world so she had this incredible appearance as yeah missile either Petition and there was this too young also strong characters. The company she is. She is deputy mater in oslo associates richly from salunke and when i met her unusual this Voice that has in a way. She's the acting character in the film. She goes out meeting the young people on the schools and talk about democracy and free speech associates. That kind of assumed And inspire the young a students and you'll son boys at school so she will set a really important character to follow and it lasts. It was lena that has this story about. She was in a way has post traumatic stress now when she was on retire. Running away from the terrorists is actually freeze. She was so afraid that she gave up. Actually i'm laid down on the beach and get into this freeze position and many years afterwards. There was struggling with post traumatic stress so it was important to reflect on time. And we'll have this attack done with the young people so following her in the therapy on house she in a way race up again is a kind of metaphor. I feel about the whole youth organization. They in a way was in the freeze position than the spring is coming than they are racing today. Stone back sell use stone wishing. That's a wonderful way to think about. The film is metaphor in in terms of the whole approach to working with subjects. Who have ptsd. How did you make sure that she was comfortable with you as a filmmaker. It's about based on trust so felt a huge responsibility to take care of leeann also other characters but also she had this erm. She's kind of strong in one way but would Table in another way when she left Follow her in therapy. So i think she knew me a little bit from earlier and she trusted me because she sold the way i bestow allies the stories as so when we can use poetry in the way in therapy is easier to tell a story that has a universal approach. Not only private so. I think she pitched safe in the way the loop had in the camera how she was filmed in the therapy. So that's so important and it's very interesting because you were filmed deals with both the personal and the political and the meshing of the chew and it's really interesting to see the private moments displayed side by side with the political moments. And so i just wondered how you achieve that balance in terms of both the shooting phase as well as the editing phase. Yeah i think it was. Maybe the most important task we add in the project to manage to say something about our time and the political issues but in the same time with personal been near the characters and i also it was so important to capture them in situations to see how they cope with them. Tyrod attack on the post traumatic stress. Ben also see them as strong hector's and also will never cactus and the same time as human being. They're both strong and weak in i and that was also really important in the film to show them as hold human beings because right after the tyrod attack i think meno die. Young politicians that were seen as Survivors and only as victims. And that's not so to live with in the long way so many young politicians didn't want to appear in the media in upper example she didn't speak to journalists for maybe five or six years after the terror attack so when we started the in protected was really important to tell the story that in a way show them sir strong carcass but also who have a vision they had even more they had even more a strong they tight for the same values you know for which they were attacked so that even won't stone with devotion to continue with politics. That's a very interesting. I really love how you framed. All the women in their own way. And i especially like tau for comes -i the way. She's portrayed in generation new toyota is. there is a focus on the fact that she's from sri lanka but also more on the fact that she is using her determination her background to push through and actually build her political career and she's being attacked for her skin color but the way she was framed doesn't make it all about her skin color. I was really appreciated the seeing that. She's framed as a whole human being just like eanet annetta. Lena who has this extra layer of being also of sri lankan descent. How did you go about doing that in a careful way was something that came. Naturally you can away come naturally because this really strong character and she also has just humor. I loved her way her presence And she also has this layer because the so reflected in her way approaching politics and also people meeting out meet people talk about politics and respite and i also loved her way of being had because she has had also has this turn from being really modest on a young girl sitting in the back in the classroom and she didn't dare to user voice before she was maybe in the united states. Socio has had this incredible journey and now she's strong confident. Do women that compare self to this. Middle aged by man's should take your space Away what's this natural kulla character but it was also important for us. Nancy that to see them in this is sites on them. This self confidence in the film. It was important. Because i feel that keeps this end and also gives hope for the future and not only about how come from who they are they are really strong women and that is not about color is about our. I'm very true very true. That was definitely more effective. I loved how their personalities came through and that the focus wasn't just on their victimhood indeed but what are they doing after. How're they volving. Ask people hauer they now so many years later moving on with life and how is it affected them so that was interesting to seal also towards the end. I think it was lena who started picking up dancing classes again. Those luna many people have asked having studied dance again so she says no that she had to start dense against she. Actually and i think goes some justice. Say about how. I have this approach to characters. Lena is in a way. If you think as you die also as a character this island is also character in till that you have this different during europe time you know and it. The story starts in the winter. It's freezing Laying on the beach freeze caprice position and then the spring is coming and she is also going to therapy and then she is warming up and she is in a way racing up together with ireland and also use organization. So lena's this red said in the story. She's is really important character that surrounds all the forecast Confession actually so. She is the democrat in the story. That's amazing that's great and also going back to come see in her story and the way that she talks to the school children. We touched on that briefly. That was one of my favorite parts of the documentary. Really was watching the way that she interacts with the school children. And the way that you filmed those sequences and the exchanges between her and the teachers and the children. What takeaways did you have as a filmmaker in those scenes. She was the energy analyst. She directed herself. But i think for me as a. Because i'm both director unsubtle gophers cinematographer. It's easy for me to follow her. In the situations so i think it's motivating and interesting to capture a character in this missing with a young students. And she had this language also which is squad free on the sensor so if she had a hundred percent trust on us as filmmakers so she didn't the late boundaries on our shelves suggests will herself full. And that was this dynamic between her youngster that deep the scenes energy so Like a dance. I just followed her and her movement in the scene and also captured this style. Would the with this students so in a way this feats in the film. If you think of the focus at different parts of the body Comes as a kind of that. Go to action and go out in the world and actually make things happened. So if you see 'em Quite so Extra annoyed with work. So she's kind of the mouth as a human being and they did not the which is with the singing. This wonderful songs is kind of the hot and lena is physical body. That is racing up so to get the four quite won't human being allowed. That's nice. I had not even dude it from that perspective but now that you're saying it it does make some sense how they come together in each handle different aspect of how they have dealt with this tragedy coming into their life's but also moving on from it and putting things in action or dealing through things. That's very very interesting. Unfortunately the movement in politics in europe and feel at here locally in the netherlands as well has shifted towards a more fascist noise than this is something that's also being touched upon in generational tire. Do you feel that. Maybe that fuels a second documentary on how this new generation moves into living in a political climate that due to a fair democratic process. That's being abused now. Has made way to more people like a brief back or online now finding supporters. Yes i think we live in a very challenging time. It's a bio she thinks. But i also think we have this opportunity in our time to take good choices that pandemic moves us some central issues to cope with. I think the to be together and so problems is more important than ever so if you actually if there should be a new documentary about this right-wing extra missing also this polar station in the society. How the people cope with that. Was that your question. Yeah because it's touched upon generation utopia may be is their interest or is it something that should be spoken about. I think that's warmer cushion. Yeah i think so. And i v also meet it now actually because after tend to second of july they will discern challenging time. You know the days after The months and years after it was so important to spoke about dot com democracy at free speech and the prime minister at that time but also the leader of the labor party still mark. He has this famous words that Schultz about more democracy more freedom on he also talked about the loving message not hafed and that is quite different than sample. us oster Of september in two thousand and one. Because then i feel there. The president bush was talking about the revenge to meet this title with revenge but it was met with love and that will in the first pair details important. I think the close so people in this morning and all the company and all the people will soon in cerro so that does a really put in time but then when yes went by bidwill a new time for being taking the difficult questions and that has been really hard because when these questions are going up to the surface is not so easy to have this discussion. It will now. We are coming there than you see this. Commenter fest in the social media really filled up with the hater Exhortations and also messages. That's not business. So yeah yeah. I'm really at this time. I have had to cope all the time but we are going to a better future but at the same time there is some critical moments. Now we have to take the right choices. And i'm not sure if we can have this conversation at this man. Social hosts social media breakfasts Because it's so. Many people let are frustrated. And i just go into this discussions with a lotta anger instead of trying to understand. They are getting angry just to get rid of the garbage themselves out in the social media so we have had discussions now the last two weeks and it's interesting because the famous spinach now displaying. Suddenly there was open for this discussion. Discussions betim come to not. We have to talk about this difficult questions. So we meet in this spirit now so we are traveling around with the field and we have this interesting conversations off their screening. Gosh newt out but this really interesting but also challenging in. Are you interested in interrogating those questions. Going forward yeah. I'm a able to talk at the same time. I am Your is about. How should we talk. And because it's Difficult we have this polar sessional also in this discussions. So i the really rica become between the left-wing in the political landscape under right-wing So it's i think it's more about we have to have this political discussions but also have to be aware of extra minutes in the men could be both the right and left. So what gives hope actually. Is that some of the young leaders in the other politician. Artists have gotten out now and supported the are they use organization and that's maybe gives new opportunities to stop this real conversation. So did you have the feeling of hope also when you were watching these encounters with the school children. Did you have this feeling that they were getting the messages that were being given to them or there is a sense that the next generation is going to take up this fight. Yeah that's actually. It goes a fairly young and regime is much more reflective than wiser than the run-up can reach. You can see it in every aspects in every issues for example in the media environment than look so in their fight for future fighting against rices new. So i think the young generation is actually the generation that can manage this so it's more challenging with match people who are older than fifty and we have to listen to the young people. I think you can see it in. us too. I feel there's some similar approach in norway on. Us about what this can be You know my cope with the difficult questions and what is poop in. How can we live together in a way that the there you can listen to the i'm gonna Definitely there are so many things in the film that resonate for me is an american. But i know there were a lot of things that resonated with rabia being judged and it's interesting how it such a worldwide global crisis at this point. There's such a common language now around these political movements and the way that they evolve and the way that the narrative around terrorist action takes shape. Yeah yet i agree. And i also really. I will following what happened in usa around the president election. I thought it was really scary. Of course with trump for speech in front of the congress and how the wilder will the democracy actually is so how important everyone else and every voice of is so important. That our kind to stand up with tight for democracy. It's not we can't take it for granted and that i think in Talking really good about in the field because she has actually experienced when the terrorists actually attack store and fight against democracy so it's Relieve in one way dark time but at the same time we have hope for the future because this youth generation actually dare to dream future and even the poor woman were mortally wounded or the saw that boyfriend or best friends. They have in common necessary to handle handled. Thomas and a strong motivation to continue to work for what i believe in that. Do this not only for themselves but on behalf of Young people and the same time they give hope to our entire so that good sir Really huge inspiration to stand up a psycho woman. Use my voice. Much more active. Actually go out in the streets and pied for what we dream of. And it's more and more evident that the younger generations right now feel they have nothing to lose so their fight for equality for political justice for social justice is become so much more fierce than the generations before them because we still felt that we had something to lose. But they don't they see the world crumbling down basically and their hope is shabana together. Fight against it. It's an amazing inspiring thing to see that younger generations and each newer generations is more fierce about handling his in these types issues. I can't wait to see a lot of them. Grow into actual politics and people like orca. Zero cortez you know fighting for actual changes. I believe her. I think she is this wonderful women young women that exclude Disgrace the power. And her she has for the future. So i listen when she talks. And that's discoloration but have they have this power so at the same time we believe in christ time and you can see. Many young people are suffering in also a loveliness but at the same time. I have nothing to lose so behalf to act on best can be good changes hope for the future and ultimately i think your film is a wonderful call to action. And it's now abrasion of the youth that are bringing these changes and it's really a wonderful way of celebrating that moment that we are hoping to capture and hold onto. That's really good to hear. Because i think that's the main go with the film actually to inspire us to axon and also use our voice in good way because you can do it in both ways you can destructive and just you know cold darkness Like the light in the darkness and give good feeling about the future so yeah. I think it's the hope is the most important feeling if you can see with some hope. Allen spacious love the scene with the film so happy. I wanna thank you so very much for coming on and talking about this wonderful film ravi. Did you have final thoughts. No no i left this note that we're ending on light at the end of the tunnel inspiring hope and indeed. The new generations are the ones pulling the cart to better world. So thank you so much for joining us and thank you so much for your film. I wish you every success as it spreads to cinemas that are actually opened. I hope that things go well as things continue to open up a little bit and hopefully the film industry starts coming back a little more. Thank you so much it just really inspiring to talk to you. I will live to ideo Work again in the for the new stories that feel us with entity so thank you so much absolutely. Take care and happy. Belated norwegian today. Inky lhasa inc. You thank you for listening and thank you for taking a moment right now to reflect with me on the history of the land. You're listening on now whether you are stuck in traffic or sitting in your office chair. Take the time to look up. Whose traditional lands you are on now and what treaties governed those territories. I've record this podcast on the site of land stolen from the hawk people. I am grateful to work on. This land and i acknowledge that we need to protect and honor the history of the indigenous people from other tribal nations that have made innumerable contributions around the world. I share this in the hope that my listeners may join me in honoring our past present and future without this land this earth and each other. We are nothing before i go. Please take thirty seconds now to leave us a five star review by clicking on support the show in the show notes. We don't want your money. We want your words. A simple artioli rocks. My socks expands our reach and helps us keep bringing you great content and connect with us on instagram twitter where we are at omnibus ride you can also visit our website omnibus ride dot com where you can go to dive deeper into our content and learn more about the show a special. Thank you to our amazing editor. William truly couldn't do what we do without him or danielle be. Well you safe. Keep in touch.

toyota lena organization of the youth orga norway salunke oslo Tyrod tyrod eanet annetta kulla Lena leeann meno binder bidwill hauer sri lankan us europe sri lanka

Stories Philippines Podcast

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"Task. This episode is sponsored by inker. podcasting is so much fun, and now it's easier than ever to start your own podcast with anger. Everyone is passionate about something for example I love talking about spooky stuff now. Thanks to anchor, you can spread the word about the things you love, and maybe even make some money doing it. Start Your podcast for free with anchor, using the anchor APP or by going to anchor DOT FM. They'll even distribute your show for you. You'll be heard on spotify apple podcasts and many more of your favorite podcast platforms. Anger, also provides tools to allow you to record and edit your show from your computer and even from your phone. And no matter how big or small your audience is, you can make money from your podcast. It's everything you need to make a podcast in one place. I, using her, and it's been the best podcasting platform. I've been a part of so. Join Me Start Your podcast today by downloading the anger APP or go to anchor. Dot FM We all have something to say. Thanks anchor. Be, one down adventure and mystery series. Case file number six. Miss. Daddy your salad being you'll give. Governor some. Feeling number. Lubna Otto known Muggsy Moolah on Concerto. Bill Pita Gone Up. Oh, God anomalous. Sorry while next opponent. Dr In to say Yo among esther giant non Saint Mary's school. Belong Amana known? Among Yoga. Bumped by the bus. At nobleman he in Don Bonda. Any Argon on Federal Bruno Mars. Lunacy Kiko. A BILLION NUNCA. Next sale on. A. Knee. Equal. Bonding Yati, Jen. GENEEN opinion. glowna Boom Mama, take. On any job not. Only in the. A Gun. Bogging. On any Gino. That's a Junkin deeply seen on Bupe when I need you. NIGGA. He will die you. Bodied Saint. Joseph Mechanical for. Lobby linked Joseph. Had did powered. By MONTAGNA mcduck he will lay. May Laugh at bio. Good Gino. Better known. Among Ian, some cosmic I'm waiting on. Base are we done goop indoors? Lampooning Lamb Oh goo storm, mugging Americai, no fake lampooning rectifiable. By bonk boom. None of THEM COULD BE, a Genus Bogey. TUXEDO! It'll. Happen! ciba-geigy allowances some. Joel Soman Minimum. Lebron! Sobbing bogeying shot to be? At Lebron, Billy's at will do for my teacher. She Nicaragua Gino me. Ask Joe according. To Neil Dinner Pick. Somebody Got Kiko who jet. Our Own holy his opponent or ALUMNIA, now he them on mission. Leila's been. A CNBC. Sakina gone up a number. Merimee on thousand galaxy. At. Least Indian apartments in? The things. They've been A. Who Makina. Salama. Moussa, one. Panicky. Data Bio. But in Chemo some by. ARGONAUT among. NATO on Delaware's Cueva. Del Sur on. The. GOLOMBEK KIKO Alonzo and Gino. Gunky Boo. Will on a no no among the NOCCO. steagall. Sabi binding chemo. In Gene Mabul Kentucky knockabout. Bunsen Gino number. Bonds Kiko Hubbub the he old knockabout home. Bureau C- Gino impact on. About. Being alone. Kiko number one belongs something number. Must be an advocate Dagenham Lube. Szabo. SMOOTHLY BEING Debe Mahboob. will meet uncle to go. Onto to all Kiko. GOPALAN Galunggung Makagome. Begins Infant Guinness Book of. Onion. Genus, Guinness Book of Records now. On Kiko Nagasaki isobutane America begun. Jockey. Sarajevo Song Sibenik Gene. It'd be like Nicki. Mayo uncapped knock-about. Scenic Route Ninety Maho on Della one car, we. Along. Bottom. But me. Mississippi Lebron's Akiko. Mug Osama Lumumba's Dilawar. Doug Schema. About one The bugs in we're. Doing. Okay Keith. WNYC so forget an based on the came out at not wear. Sunday code. The He. Tight. Hut on well. He Kiko Salunke one. But the Hebrew Sucks Musso. Albums of, our. GENEEN seeming the Nikki. I'm, GONNA wind up flashlight in Gino Accu Demain Bouc. Mooney. Available stunk flavor Hamanaka some bottom bullock's Akiko. Not Hiding Among Lincoln, my a Hindi Arima, Anina. Were Raina. Can Be Anita Ito. I-i-in by me US how to meet. Gimmicky Co uncle polyurethane. NOCCO along the He Meka. I number thing. Lashawn Animal Molinari need. Darlene to Sabah. Nikita Mesa superbeets snapping deep. Deep deep deep. Hollow Keeps Akiko number. On the known Nella, ME, no! One. I'm being at the. Nineteen minutes ago, keen on hunting bouma ballots. were. Do Look at own opinion. Not only up our. Own Book. Bull. Jacket. Kiko. So nebulous eight young. On any other, new bogies. Barra workshop any. Madam Book. Find Finding Melinda Lena. Atolls Madonna manifests icke goes. On one. Open. unpowered not won't be. Cut The one. that he make novel Monta among our group don't Kiko. But don't pick once a dam. Wounded die ticket below among some order shunning our own. ADAM DOMINATE ILAM ro not to meet bus Keynote. Now. Murray Nick shot nobody. He noted schools. So mealy targets he SOC- one not. Dealing in Kabul where? I'm dumb. Sean, Murray. Guru At finicky surreally. Domoling might mulling. On that. Old! Nugget sequel? Momma! Hurry. Shaina So easy. Will Unravel. Knocking respect in the I am not a marketing. At the old at Milano Post. About Guy. On keeping the Heineke. Embark Medallion Barina. But. Akaki the. Google home EC Makiko. Dilemma. And our night vision goggles. SASINA, gummy Arnold Schwarzenegger. About it will. The Hot Abu. Omar mcdonagh. Soon, it's not only Kiko Serie. Suddenly. Ignominy equal. Is A punk about. Don't. Kiko. Reading through the books, Kabar on. The, he gets a Animal Mama. INDYCAR! Inaccessible. Among, we send on and be not Leo. Dignity. Dilemma Peak. National more. Procedural Big Long. On Kabul. The Kiko. Casino. Number Molly, league opening into the morning, so mean execute. LASHES KITA? He's. Got Malaga's. Good blood get nine. Weeks Akiko. Intimacy. So Bali supper. When item on. Nikki on putting in some about willingness in. William Lamont Latin. Landowner glow, EC Makiko. Mulling on the marina phenomena Masika. Hollis body only ignore Kiko John Lennon. Blake Somme see. Go. Go Cheaper Nikki. To let none got the word item on. On the. Martha Subpoena OPTUM YOU ME. The! SOKAIA. Nikki do nap ramming down south the subway by napping Apollo. Last Hustle. He bixby Apollo pitmasters. C. J. Hooks at cinnamon. To. Imaging chemotherapy insecure in our. Mungo Allen say. Not Bahamian Collins, say it could. Be Long so Maassouma Ito what is a violent gangsta. By May saw Bongani Gooney. D'Amato to. have only equal persona CEO. See! McKee panicky. Ma Bunka Assab possible tournament rap, Urasoe than a national amount may not be such A. Demon, PIG ELAND! Big Long to Megan. MARKLE and say. Muhima. Among he wa, go along. He know how more it'll go. I'm not Nankai Glass Song. unhindered. SPINOLA delegate we cut sequel. On, the leading and bunk as in our own an. Keith subway subway the neglected proper. A markle and say. Keith no more. Bunk Guy. I takes on your. Home. Customer Panama even. Dandong any anathema. BUNKA UNTUCKIT NOT BEEN A. At Kiko Kiko the. -sego go necessarily. The goop nobleman equal. Payment. Books Akiko knockabout home. A Big Padilla Kiko. Medina Leeann Cuba. He McNary in. A couple John. Heenan darlene onto up. Aghini plunk. SIBENIK equal surreally. Onion To? Nepal EC Benico Numb Marisha Maheen Amir bug. Bodley's Akiko. Bear. Of night. Dating no not Gangsta. Mobilised Masumi Lips Akiko SOC- know on. Telegram. Hula. Nanga Garlic Omonia bug. GEICO on. It also. May neglect at Jackson. Barrel. Even. Not Win subway buck. Among. Remind, jogging pants being. Keith unequal. Melissa, WHO GIVES THEM A. In. Kiko Malarkey. An ongoing. Kiko signed. A Hindi Makita autonomous. Nikica on heat and a milwaukee. Dina alarm calls and the Guantanamo. Don't. HAVE BEEN ON! Going Maga. Dig. Lucky Omar Mateen Akiko. Bowls? It's not on a bunch young. Something, not order on. The protest, the Algorithm is on the loud. Boom an-and. About Not Allowed bunks. A Big Sabine won't at the old on did not in Parma. Who understood more? Portal. To Snow Punk, not any better he makes going to. Die Hindi Telugu Danny Kiko on. Demand a mob boss. One, who three. Nikki Naby not me. Not into plug. Dion Indeed to. Defy made up. On. Unconditional. Hollis nobody. Nikki. Lab at Napoleon equal the. About about. bobbled Kabar on. The DOT com. In, PANICKY ON KENYAN BE! Meet the. Our Long. To. In India deal, she's ago Alario. In India. numb willing Marini Nico is applicable depart. Kiko Guy! He Nina easy for. Parking side. is in an on nozzle optima about. Own It bubble Yuck. Continued.

Danny Kiko Nikki Naby Keith Kiko Salunke Kiko Guy Kiko Serie Omar Mateen Akiko KIKO Alonzo Kiko Malarkey Kiko John Lennon Lebron Maassouma Ito Kabul America Darlene Hollis Gino Murray Nick Gino Accu Demain Bouc Akiko knockabout
Polarpionerene   Eventyreren som forsvant


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Polarpionerene Eventyreren som forsvant

"Sodhani an oscar. All my common link elsewhere the takes over as on about me salunke. You can say the list on stapled to see off new to prevent the ncaa. Lameta eggington more doctrine. What you do that. People enter feed some of it's called. That's on your or small dog info at the london and garden bench. Review that to go working. Life delays on the into post been for bits nobly expeditions under and through mischief ahmanson biological user data union rule. Headphone talk to see. While shown walton. Loose and do stunk strengthened. Ls optimist. optimistic. Calmed up on south. Maybe the endless in on a half apple talk dean. People obvious to win the up lockdown now august win London stole taste. He's nonce on instant oskoui tough. I'm still some based off in school. Obviously pitilessly say claimable We'll socio lending a sheep lonsdale. Still be log you know square international police story then pulled costume put off. Unanimously would august. Williams set fuzzier lana in schools recognise. Fm elise wholesome tv yet in liquid fascinated. On august meet numb. I gave the case down yanni's to will be well. Betas must give off off amid the to walk eve then. Wooden get full length task. Lot kiss down sandelin scuffled donald than even until circus assira lending some tool food helton. Who punts theo lifts volley almost freeze. It wouldn't next opponent. North poli if his wooden building involve unit dog unique status down some would a netscape northesk with fox's unique to communicate down some non for fixed agung list ducks fescue with gov. I'll know shooting with. Was he stole. Move out of leave on a tonkin. Apes and oscar. Bob dogfather east on a shooting yonathan. That's fixed every ruta for post op associate written vicinity antonio casanova awesome market in august months. Full bill down some hick. This dog of nicotine unit flitwick donald epson to kiss the on the case down some method solomon's positive to simplisafe t to snacks employer. I'm not sure. Ps stemmed from oscar funds. Benon us egging obese. Biscuit skipped visa vinca. Mulia does employ lift espec- yet for this league. Now she wouldn't let some td to not economically evening and scale fever Adam our coastal sick leeann success and. Yeah also adam Beasts on folks at this mutatis d love being fussed institutional for what's to sell them just two long t. For nas groups fought for elbow competition. Hold on visas. Stint beth at spring pet force golden. Speed free scotland alabama v l. Left october of nitty fem. While elstein bonn of a theater on walks topic to on who follow him on the squawk galveston also taken his big audit voting implantable early phones. Food spook some oman. Foot on african been for pokes could take nikola so the The on eleven marines. Nieta after mechanic school. It fuel fell through tom sawyer. Strict on say in some free live mogens few school the whole thing. On vic few south mccarthy nitin Off said scope of aid of handling keeps boban tonkin. Epson shoots freestone someone junior. But the tuncay deep snow was got amid latavius enlists lifting on earth. The yoga sneaking into doll it a skip facility or s oscar to feed on step sheffield written fast enough Bagging shift duluth Obligate at the foremost lift devoted. Luton of lisa scott lock net economist glenn You can start immediately. Dukov new for me evan. Two of them focused on son. You need to in the ahmanson open. uncle dope At the flavors possession amundsen. Voluble get so time snob. Vetting amanda that the lettuce cuneo amundsen holiday had anything fuel scoffed. Few septa bay some so cassivi Sally firing horneck. On what alphabet yok dental. And you'll get free ever. Let's go home dunlop. Audits moncton got shafted among edens When kitsap delve awesome multi haven't Oakland talk to put all kinds off. Forget things phil leone amundsen yet. Not yet no usenet andrea tilbern Usova pitino untargeted of midfielder have ahmanson snoop will expedition. So we're kind of intuit all sorts in stewardess muthu machinist little and amundsen leak lending spokesman wayne garcia. Tom deal in common with evening. Muck sneaking you to photo on. Oh well. I'm in north america stopping off your to missed often but some obeys screwed up all the feminine scuffled amundsen janka offseason year and six mushy on new york till seattle have automotive a more expeditious. Bossa nova probative seattle victory stop owned on john woodland of went orchestra. Pennsylvania visiting slept you rican scholar manfredini breath would walk nude female death of steals. The end ended up dissent mature to seattle. We'll be able to. Alaska mould started a knee expedition. Union over You dollars while minson that yellow that winter quarter he wants be in wainwright's one avenue a mess stuff. All beta made some woman to species do chicken amundsen west Fork got and you. Try talking. lending missing saturday North arm and the dog woke up a the them she gets the photokina. He didn't six food obvious igli. We'll make it the hog leone gun november nitin sure to follow thomason waldheim dot over ventolin folk lawyer. Reportedly he might you get into balki. Blonde will freefall alaska over pool punctuated swale fed on so fast and some. Don't list the leader of the free of his inaugural. He's locked gentleman. Neum put off out headache peruvian. Evening left might need computer if he is called beyond link. celery rebates forget installments. And speak get for lung dishonest listening. Discus slick amundsen's dole economy. You would remove lear for tila nathalie expedition to newport visual you if not then flare org mode expedition. One task papa. John's onsite in the comedy almost made little bit and then asks lincoln elsewhere. Nickel numerous stood dylann roof youtube without said. Pick the top expedition to my needs. You fem furniture and and feed when nielsen fallback. Mikulas fund will pull most got owned alabama konica. We'll the interfere. Some ellsworth offline lefty leaks yen. Fem south amundsen. Y'all lawson to skip mechanic called fights puffy. Puerto senton danica off the team. Gluten stepped amundsen. Enter fem school alumni. Phobic angels issue then feet of her death penalty and walk east at the landing. Good dot com interfere to convene while it defeats tomb to by locked free evolving. Weekly or andrew. M helical east loch tourism. A say over to empty here. Lameta on i think monse gop put tool free. In the deadly. On gaza youth went fog refer to overturn representing the previous months. Culpable ngo them profound. For bottom dollar delays on the skull of on manure on ellsworth clot gandhi to newman expedition endless. Omelettes stamped. school appear with it. End lifter blonde volvo feet. The bokod spot bach not multiple shona on the payment of against gop. Expedition wants mid lemon or cloudy To to balk did saving social freedomautoglass. When feeder lament the long rule obama multi displease ons new mocking in e socking tag uplifting Male yelp does democracy and focused on some come up media anson to bleeders gardening. Dots folks slug New homeschooling they'd be spoke about a okay. The dog madonna talking about clocks forget nevada diplock nathalie than the uni at monse as says who may yellow visa lawson bucks. Balkan glove depot. Oculus reese oklahoma safeta at the author team found. None of them. You have it. Won't use on the way slum plus wild buck deputy polkadot dope a funk's gupta shouli some advantages possessed Cup newt's out to seeing the funks planner. We'll boxed expedition wanted. Balk in the awesome settlements. Expedition nikolay your new putin media talk on a phase at some health study uncle moves. Slow him down with a fifty meniskus. Wet hall of us. More border by andrew fem free in orlando the big day. Free both lativa Again what dissect. Six pitch jaunts med lemon lafayette to and you can be easily at optimal. Talk me doc puzzle economics and that'll eat top hope home and auto body yet of the constant ruutel don optimistic. Dan opalines galway. When we source got flavor for ross capex all at is look at retail screwed amundsen Lidove amid not told the miami not expedition wooden almonds nelson us new be put off. Light nifty auto new cheapen old again. Millie moscow all scared at the opposite knee and possessed donald in live cheap. It's tamil tuber to win. Ova pool punked the on the orson. L'ancienne teller alaska alaska's new houst- donal. Amundsen say he the mold. Hey daddy. Auto ponce peyote leah. Then yemen vedeno skin new pool. Fowler lit some help you gambian kiss on some vehicles go Slogging tackles don combine fest stem to be true nearly six now fever. Throughs meniskus be Mama's handful at utah optimistic uptight a enough game. It can be tuning than if even adults. I love it. How agatha llamas milkin moving daily al. Tom yet among it works fast bent. Scott all debate. Expedition won't do off now. Filmed all hurston eaten. Leon invitation esau housing woven in balkan balkans could be stored on all my concepts. Father richard at build male pla against you'd expedition buildi- obedient fisted free overseas pool. Keenum towards spam issue for stealing in so fossil and at fever late not Mall may result to them. I'll be the salva free of he. Builds plan lockdown expedition. Paul bentham expedition. Dick don't say perfume. Publican focused in new jersey yet oriented the four more novi open. We'll say omega mess. Spend the doc will receive about a lifts fox or the usa. Some of the conceive bitch also didn't bagged on fixed as uncouth atlanta hub. Them every the huggins sculpted lift foss fairburn the temperature environments. We approve set the deal. They called ellison insult to be doubled. seen what uncut the ephemeral gomina meghan francis wilson grayson who sought to new york. Hoon's folks the commitment of leoville atlanta mr divine vedic danski Gonna you grayson. Dhillon scored a red sea kofsky aesthetics on february. So in the dorm. Landfall of your nonstop on your phone. Tissue have been of e haldeman pollute and this festival. could save hope soggy. Don meant that of off. Focus in some equal physical. Well let's go. Don deputy toss for outcome of often. Balkan cleaved overby mock border-free offset by doorway for long distance of reasoning then fatalities december logging. Neely you love nick grow. Consider new jersey took the door off a roosevelt field long island grayson and navigator when audio potter. Mellon he harbour grace on your phone them to all butler too. Hot solange conference held the door basijis set of an excuse talking newton for cape cod. Tutti move off gun delivery world. What a free to adopt for new phone. Then he gong sutton stool stately. Talk show on some positivity godiva or visiting us wireless. I wasn't mentally actual employ. Warp is want legal amundsen. Interludes did an dansko put ican song energy for hit their yarmuth amid lead on a new market so An op governors is the veasley At different don eq- volkov Netflix dum are inputting. It give off the lot forward on the word on. Who will lead amish Something to foster. All dossier uniqueness your town or visiting buffalo. Your left unfiltered zeev yet. Full circle get that any tally. Inskip would follow them investment Maddow f off this move. Cheap italia that dollar comments wound gung foods or begi. Colvin some ness tip off unanimous for historian balkin fatigue tuten focused on some of y'all public almoner deals you tend cost apple keep monica dilemmas. Wooden escape inquiry aegon. Stuck his case down isaq soxil would give this week. Did an episode to bouma lawson off thinking ellsworth gook insead so there's on of excellence. Moscow leak also followed cussin' disabled states.

oscar sodhani salunke Lameta eggington ahmanson square international police sandelin North poli Bob dogfather antonio casanova monse flitwick donald Benon Mulia adam Beasts Stint beth elstein Nieta nitin Off boban tonkin
GramoNust Boleh Pergi Jauh!


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GramoNust Boleh Pergi Jauh!

"In john grisham greatest courtroom drama yet. There is a time to kill a time for justice. And it's time for mercy. Jake briquettes the hero of a time to kill returns in time for mercy in stores now. Hi similar Slump by geese and were michael and podcast ja jones salmon best. Oh bash right soon. Took an mia took up to the equinox. If you won't suit. I why dot com company. Someone the guy way. Doug flutie equals. Ob follow as be well apu and sometime when you're when three lewis of shocking salaam provided a wonderful stay safe and Mcnabb late in the through the putting a family in baja rusty granted. Ruseler the lane. But i ain't gonna hit the bar. Getting into saw an episode on yankee. Consider skikda lucky whether to celebrate. Good kenya So he demanded that edited. You've got a hand. Nocco aspira yet marina young that i put in what an butler guy. I mean could air slung august. That wet my audio right young young by giving data i did a good come near new york partic- so or what had a by my depress catholic chuck gutter. I'm so excuse more Assume back fbi had up a law. I gotta skimp Right so i said. I could not leave you someone. My friend necessarily necessarily the number assumed the gray moon as to the equitable Good anyone of a of job. Dementia emitting debris anita cruella. So grandma agnes I review liquidity looney in struggle but the legal to elegant bestseller Best swept by lebron ganic time And featuring like we need if again resumed in these e epidemic rossy. I'll be going to do what i saw quotas seat nickel dominating nada eagle So laguardia dedicate you the what defended with together. Do what if. I had as figuring more lessening so late night bowling by Bullying latest release allegany cutting looney s florida and so talented and telling her warning. Did he jenner Getting split. The fight won't ramona's featuring rusti says that. Come jelly get ready to cheer on team. Usa sign up for finnity internet and get a flex four k streaming box free peacock premium included. Can your internet do that. Restrictions apply not available in all areas subscription required proud partner of team usa and so by gecko right. Yeah cool By amateur but here we get the nearby trip point two percent you for entering a lago slow damaging to get the milan that now and the jim chaos turning ago when we go delegate to laugh now heavy Bison salunke getting flipping allegedly amendment and was a s. Menial sweater best was actually put away. Your woman hopes to jobe hakko but yeah go. He often yeti cutting the touch benedict drums. Want disorderly yet. End their instrumental again. idea when free tecate u. n. p. today as i am but they nearly aetna dot and young but don't be too and laguna nice and sent doesn't much i'm knee surgery laguardia in and fully be amicable janie to work on the go. But this water the receipt. Dora seniors to sit up to sit up on leading. Simple design debbie outta tuned to but some telam poa globally koran scale to. You interested that young slow through dempo pocono matching when very young bull little to scott cook avenue. I'm at a place compaq cabinet due to because the saddam. Yeah am i came into a hand if your him with ended up debate yeah. Dsl laguna seca equity 'em so disliked the emphasize happy. I do like wound review his leg the emigrant worst-ever kuzan linga and decorative you engineers. While i'm scattered thanksgiving so collaborate defy and would have gotten necessarily my number. I g graham onus on and this so when you leave us alone civil looney rapper whose guinea so do dealer merely view doping money so the denied you get down. You're gonna buffalo necessary magnetic by this out.

ja jones Nocco aspira marina young chuck gutter anita cruella grandma agnes lebron ganic Doug flutie rossy john grisham salaam laguardia Mcnabb baja Jake Bison salunke kenya jobe hakko Dementia fbi
Episode 78 : Yet another Smith Masterclass

Its Cricket Show

12:36 min | 2 years ago

Episode 78 : Yet another Smith Masterclass

"<music> hub hopper originals hello and welcome to eat squeaky chew. My name is hamad. Ah i'm here with diversionary latest episode of this podcast today in the show we will lock to afghanistan was woods is a bangaladeshi chess match amazingness match as well as we would through the forest as late as well as the procession of the second day's play which <hes> is ongoing by the way the second <hes> but before but before that let's catch up on today's headlines <hes> some update on hunches julia and khazal mendez so this is from the second between d match between sri lanka was this new zealand which we talked about yesterday city in which in the final over in that match there was a collision on the boundary line between xinjiang zulia and mendez and eventually what was supposed to be a catch etch was spirited into the boundary for six unfortunately that collision led did some damage to both the players in enrich both have suffered a knee injuries. Esperer chalon got bored. Stateman mendez's suffered an injury on his knee on the right leg while j._j. Jay suda has sustained an injury about any on his right leg so mendis has undergone an m._r._i. Scan today and the report is due later in the day <hes> not objecting to net and not yet any obey to hoping that the boat are fine <hes> and eventually blade in the future cities but they are definitely out from detoured the d. twenty. That's what i'm hearing <hes> for which the salunke lanka board has soared has told that there will be new replacement as such big <hes> to be the point to be noted is that there is only one batsman in the <hes> as the backup over there which is good until our time as yuming so that's for sure that he will play who are the one it will definitely boiler. Let's hope so <hes> they've win the third at least because as of now as the dnc c._d. Stands new zealand already up so that was the only news of which i came across grows apart from that there was one other news piece which i saw were in pakistan has downplayed the conflict of interest issue which we had discussed yesterday with respect to missouri who'll hawk doc being appointed as the dual role of coach as well as the national selector they have dominated by saying that misbahul hawk will require a whatever expedience that he gains because they said that he no doubt is a tremendous player and have led pakistan very difficult situations but then he has limited expedients speedier with respect to coaching pakistan will just be playing only forty three or four days off national cricket which means that whatever other expedients that he can get <hes> <hes> it is very it'll be very helpful. Obviously they are referring to his stint of coach with via side islamabad united so the <hes>. This is a big u-turn mind. You lost your islam money. <hes> forgive me if i'm the if i'm missing. I'm taking the name wrong. Mr money's money said that <hes> <hes> inzamaum-ul-haq was national selector back then and mickey arthur who was the coach of pakistan was also a coach which is one of the side netam amani had said that this should be this should be looked into because it suggests some conflict of interest i but this is sort of a big uton vile the justifying it but still utah is a u-turn now moving on to the victims match which is between australia versus england for this match of the s._e._c. Dis the two sessions are done. We are now into week so let's talk first about the day one one. There was a huge build of the fall during the build up to the states especially given the fact and last match ended up in a video extraordinarily fashion also all cs should have had in it leads itself but then stokes did his thing and we are here now with the balance as mentioned on yesterday show i was screaming for the of smith and la machine to bed together and to see them but in the middle after all these are the best performing australian batsman in in this area so far so to start off australia went off into the match vitucci inches droppings maharaja to get in smith and also going in with mitch in stock for for the first time in the cities. I was surprised by this decision as i thought if anyone would have gordon exit will be <hes> marcus headers anonymous maharaja nevertheless when match got underway australia must have hope for a decent start but that didn't happen in this measure as well as one continued his downward spiral and got quad behind and it was that man broad again the other my other one was marcus head is to did not stay long on the lease for much and both the australian openers back in the had before the score was even thirty when smith and lower shane started to bat it feel really good. I think this is gonna make they get big into test champion. This edition of championship at least will toppling merely smart attacking released some length deliveries while leaving all divide ones until lunch inch match went on smoothly but then rings appeared and there were a lot of starting stalls before you venture that he was being called off and with the score of the one seventy for the loss of three wickets in forty four hours yes the topic it was lost in the form of labuschagne when he just opened up his defense to greg oden minas did not did did score yet another fifty plus score with respect to english bullying java arch elect that sting which he has in his bouncers is and smith who was very smart about those <hes> the base was about a bit slow with the archer. It may be due to the slow nature of the pitch stewart broad. It was very good with his first fell. Hopefully for the second navy get to see the full. Ninety overs of cricket are talking about the new edition of craig overton who had replaced this folks that close up a bit of a surprise to since <hes> craig overton chris works was <hes> very good in good form but then media arresting and trying to rotate ebola's rigour to manage to that all important wicket of labuschagne <hes> on to right now the score is three hundred and sixty nine signed for the loss of five wickets his head and mature we were the two wickets lost doing this secondly in the two sessions nineteen and sixteen is what those two batsmen scored surprisingly. Tim payne played really well in this match. He's on fifty eight while are stephen. Smith is on hundred hundred and seventy three not out that man cannot go wrong. He is out there to shoot of all what the what the world has been missing painful past one year he is intended riddick form so as a district repeat australia day to score is three hundred sixty nine four the loss of five wickets now. Let's move to the other side which has been going on. Which neum by no means is a very <hes> by newmains is less attractive because it is very attractive saudi if i got tong ghanistan bangladesh is going on really well for of ghanistan especially a d._r. Captain there ex-captain as good of con- has been playing really well now. Let's start with the from the beginning of ghanistan came out to bed head with the ibrahim zadran and izawa janet would were out pretty quickly but then they did show some resilience forty forty four to was the score bought tickets were taken by tagil islam that jewell islam reached his hundred wicket steely whom ramaphosa did manage astute scored hundred of first century of his and he did it in style he two hundred eighty seven balls duty to that with ten fours and two sixes he was looking in good before the naim out him and a good gauge from show mashakada hush mandela he'd he scored fourteen of gun gun and who was known as a stunning say eighty eight is the scored which he is not out on and still betting and still battling it out mama wallman abi went out on golden inaugural inductees scored zero. Three deliveries for of society is betting on thirty five bangladesh a d. Excuse me of gunnison son at the end of the day in ninety six hours school is two hundred and seventy one for the loss of five wickets. Many must have been surprised with the survey the over uh of ninety-six yes ninety six aboard in that day because most of them were most of the board bullying option that bond issues were spin us and they were able to get through very quickly at a good overweight in terms of bullying thought you'll islam <hes> to kiss as i mentioned earlier chocolate will hasten their captain was <hes> was victorious in today's day niamh hessen another spinner two wickets mama the la was the other third-wicket ticker who managed one there so <hes> at the end of day. One of ghanistan are two hundred and seventy one for the loss of five wickets. <hes> <hes> yeah so that that's desmond is going really well. <hes> hopefully <hes> gunnison and bangladesh <unk> out and it is a fun to watch for all of us just an update over the ongoing c._p._l. Yesterday night which is today night which is pretty boring well. It's a lot of confusing on today that his fifth fifth of september early morning for the got underway within basel night riders the defending champions venning victor de patriots <hes> nightrider scored one hundred and fifty do for the loss of seven wickets on the start was a bit shaky but thanks to jimmy shem and skied on pohlad pull out who isn't terific form and who is nearing his five hundred twenty match they managed to score that hundred and fifty two sheldon cottrell trails start in the beginning of the match retinal detachment order and took three wickets. We got to see those grant. Salutes very early on eminent was the other wicket-taker geico who also took three wickets bits in response of initial wickets burnish initial batsman were which which was also which also louis he tried to battle it out and the lease to that seventy runs partnership very slowly but once they reached over there quick wickets were lost and then they were bundled out for one hundred and fifty three runs and eventually <hes> although they needed around thirty or runs runs in lancaster theo was also <hes> but nisham and moment has lean make sure that they did not reach their target eventually they lost on to that scored by eleven runs so <hes> so that's that's what happened with imbaba was is a patriots <hes> <hes>. It's interesting and i do. I would have suggested indian viewers especially if you are great fence than do stay awake and watch i._t. I try my best but unfortunately i do not get to do so so this is <hes> it from today's episode <hes> if you want to so follow us you can follow us on twitter. It's quick it show. It's a is a handle. You can also email me at the rate. <hes> it's mitchell is hamid shake. Excuse me it's homage shake and the raid gmail.com you can also visit our website the micro site. It's going to get your dot hubbub dot com. This is muhammad. Shaykh signing off from today's episode have a great cricketing day.

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Veterinary Podcast by the VetGurus

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"Welcome to the podcast. But the vet gurus brandon and mock. Get ready for the lightest. Veterinary news information and entertainment. Don't forget to visit us at the vet gurus website fed bureaus dot com. Now sit back. Relax it's up to the vet gurus brandon and mock. Come brendan here with mock episode. One six three friday the thirteenth spock friday the thirteenth of november. Two thousand and twenty. And well i don't know where we can segue from them but it is friday the thirteenth. Well i'm going to jump into one quick thing before. Forget because of gotten a couple of times the country with one listener one subscribe amac. This wake is wave. Been to you. Been to so many places around the world. I'm not lightly The fair islands. Have you been to the fair. I have not been to the faroe islands of heard. It's quite a nice place to visit. And perhaps we might get there one day so hello to one person. In fair place in does the name of that gurus at james dot com. We haven't got one yet. We meet with from all these countries whose one people and we'll running at we've got we've got better half a dozen left to to shed out and i just hope we get a reply from one of these one person's otherwise we're going to have to go up at least countries with to pay. I'm not going to jump to the county with it's Thousands of paypal. It's genuinely like h tone. We talk about the people who listen to. It amazes me that That debating. Listen to nick. On the. It's on. I would be just over the marinate while them send us a message. Talk about the reasons listening in and yeah a silver guide burn. We have we have. We will cross effing as a more hype that we do get that from the country i country or more more than one country. With one listener that would be fantastic vet gurus dot com the place to go Poke around they. Look the previous episodes. We have showed nights for levesque shows Which a searchable site. You could look four birds and you'll will find all the podcast where we chat about birch as a mind topic in the cy supplies to go Visit the links twist sponsors. We have three main sponsor. Hope support the shy. So be crazy helped amount that helps us add as well and i have a review this week. Mark to want me to jump into that and it is a bit outlive this week it. It's it's i bowed game. I thought reviewable guy but it is sort of veterinary related. It is cold. It's a pretty popular board game. It's code wingspan. And interestingly enough it is sold over. I think two hundred and fifty thousand copies since it was released in two thousand and nineteen site was on the fairly recently released and it is It's a beautiful guy. Mac outside aspira. The odd work is amazing and and basically what it is. It's it's at. I plat saw because nobody to apply with me. And there's a that sort of an automatic cam tomato autonoma. They call it the opposition that you play against an and basically what you do is a trend Sends it weighed but it. You cannot play a bird you select birds from the deck and this one hundred ninety birds and they were on. These birds reminds amazing. The thing that i love about this guy is that it does give you a little bit of information. About h spacey's. I have the scientific name the have a little factoid about h. bird. I'm down the bottom and the way the bird will play in the game relates lights to that particular does for instance unwrapped toys. You have to fade them. Mice for instance whole animals and Some birds that lie eggs in other bird's nests do exactly that during the gabes. I sort of have a few options to do during your tenure can. Have you been fly. Eggs candidate one of these Three or four things. You can play a bird onto the board which gives you points if it's amp implied you can you can place it in one of traits would apply the wetland forest or the grasslands You can collect food. And they have acute little bird feeder mac and you clicked but a grind or deceit or an invertebrate or or a little mammo saved a toss up between the united donate to fade. These birds Will i get them to lay more eggs. Because they take that slight gives shoot one point the indefinite game At the sort of skills of h bird in can sort of multiply. Yeah very very interesting guy And enjoy an end. The thing that i really liked back his life they have just released. And i have ordered it. Although i haven't got it yet is the Osha expansion which includes old birds from the australasian is shana area so i think like give An extra ninety five bird cads mark including the been chicken which is good. I think And the particular skill of been chicken is still stuff from the sink discarded things so it's good site yet really interesting game end. Just really beautifully designed geiman. Just a mizen were called nemann. Interestingly enough older design as and the artwork and the politest is for the game are women Which make sense on. That's what sei beautifully. Beautifully made So yeah wingspan has code. And i have to give it a really solid white by point. Six hundred ten of course at needs to get So for those of you not been lining things about buds marks. You'd you proud of me. Be too good things about these us on his the as you already mentioned the streaming Expansion kit 'n the australian expansion. It's on this offering a donation to the wildlife. rescue will sion's so it is a An plenty hill on a bit shocked to learn how popular the game. Me's that tom crockett this a lot of just for a little bit over a year old. It's out a widely play game already. Yes yes and it's one lots of different awards in that not not not not not has. So it's it's done very very well and year enjoyed it so again. Something else that you do during covid you. You're right chat for something a little bit different and muscled. this thought. Jay this is looks interest in it and talks about the ecology beds and older at the think. I said you bit of an article markham that the mind designer the elizabeth high gripes. She spayed has some articles in the new york times and night. Chapman nature magazine had little On nitrogen or had a little out of combat her because she's an avid bird island talks about how the the oldies birds that are in the game The i've taught them imperfectly with a foot. So far forest dwelling bird that zanny pie she can apply it at cetera and all the different taught such quite accurate as hostage ecology of the animals. I it's very good guy. So yeah if you're after a game Which i'm sure all the. That's the one that i suggest you consider purchasing on working four to one. We play it next brandon. Yes you'll have to next time you down here. Being your mask we can have a bit of a play of wingspan. And you'll probably kick my butt mark. So that's my review this week I'll say you want to jump into the you've got a couple of news stories this week. What you just one. They related news stories but the first one is well wait you been trying to be more uplifting more positive a. I'm afraid of let the saw down with this because to be honest. It's a bit depressing. Sira australia's national science agency am his just after doing some sort of what gain some of the woods around the strike by prepaid asante report on the the global estimate of micro-plastics on the full Previous less qualified estimates suggested something About a six or seven tonnes mccray plastics in the deep ocean Batum the real number would appear to be more than double that and the same sorrow announced an estimated fourteen million tons of of a plastic these marker plastic fragments of plastic less than five millimeters. Long all may be Dede's that added to some mike up so cleanses and these macher plastics. Have a huge surface area owner. Mike show and as the the plastics breakdown. Naturally they release a number of organic compounds which affect on local walk. Not to mention the physical. Why that they can Like can obstruct The justice systems and through that Old white through different spaces to affect tall ecosystems so the interesting thing was that the robotic submarine Which collected samples was three columba's down a nearly four hundred comas off south australia. The some of the locations head twenty five times greater Mockery plastic Expected so it's a real problem. It's a real depressing problem because it's not showing any a major sign of ending Plastic is now will that wind up and laze locations. Am next few decades brenda supply. Basically extrapolated is previous studies in the one night. It and i worked out the. There's a lot there's a lot there but there's potentially things that could be done to help. Amelia right isn't they mark with children. Subtle second little little article. They're going to jump into my my article here that's well as sort of a positive violence negative with positive sort of spin on it us supplies and that is the risk. Feral pigs pose to marine turtles and their nests Here in australia and the federal government is funding indigenous ranges and community groups to cal. The feral pigs pigs and other predators and install cages on the beaches to protect the eggs. Full them and it's a twenty million dollar funding program. I've rolled out in in association with the indigenous ranges and community which is great and the trapping and colleen the predators developing fox tick dogs in the cages to cover the clutches of aches. And for those who deny marine turtles nest on beaches along the queensland coast. He in australia. And six of the world's seven spacey's of marine turtle living queensland off queensland and that salunke ahead the hawksbill the olive ridley and the back turtles which are listed as endangered and the grain and flat back to italy as well which found multiple cy except benign. Lisette putting money into Help summons as species Do their thing mark. And there's a couple of really really cute. Fight is in the article at the same they. That's not what the title with its middle finger up but as a little youngsters had she napped from an egg At wandering along the beach said that he's is very cute. they have you seen. Have you been any way. See those brenda. Now i haven't of you yes Both on the queensland coast went online rescue school and more recently them in in borneo. I'm willing to a wonderful island. Me in santa can way by solent. Ex led the classes off of pain to the recovery center all the treatment center in Townsville we we had a bit of a toa widmer Tation sold the worked out with the recovered. Animals and the ones that had ingested plastics funnily. Enough mark And you wanna chat about that. Fear second story as well duchy indeed onto returning to that whole plastic story. There is the neither of tournament wife from negative towards There is a names on. Scientists have discovered which Breaks damn the holy. Lame that tom constitutes a significant part of the the plastic mockery. Plastic problem the particularly the plastic that we Suffering bottle polyethylene plastic bottles of the end zone we'll break that down The problem is that it is a relatively Slow acting process in the same. Scientists have recently discovered in bacteria by found the suspect area I- rubbish dwelling bacterium leaves on dot of plastic bottles and as well as the Peta is which a jump breaks down. The plastic discovered. A new one brendan It goes under the name of 'em high tsitsi ice any Used synergistically with the stance on results in dramatic improvements in the right more than doubling Police lined breakdown so Scientists the now working to engineer a connection between the two inns on's to create a super in psalm on a nice. This activity will allow in our. The jesse capacity will increase a for the three times so base giant steps in in Breaking down the plastic so that they no longer a threat in the in the natural world they'd pay or the all some button adjust with s with all these stories brennan. My concern is that tom. Is that the mole that sought souls as things that people think. We don't have to do anything. Y- assault soviet. Yes exactly where. I'd appreciate it if we did. Both if we actively decrease the amount of plastic in waste in the world and we really have to get rid of the stuff that we've already dumped into the wild. Yes now. I don't know whether you so amok that i mentioned about hitting the combination of to enzymes increases the right at which it can bright down the pay tape. It did didn't really give us to what that was whether it was brexit satanic ten years instead for hundred or ten is instead of a month or whatever to say that from the article not well it suggested that the in without the end zones these bottles take hundreds of years too bright damn but the end zone can not a single ends on can shortly storm to a diet is the only sort of or sandwiches i give So believe nights standing if i can You know even if as some scientific literary law sense exercise here on its twenty days or something. That's heaps of hundreds of ease and ongoing research. I'm working to to sina jaws these serial main crooked down to a relatively short time Truly just two three is i. Hope that would be good and I didn't quite get one of paragraphs. I one of the comments from the most junior authors. Rosie graham they. These sold quite my favorite part of the research. Has the ideas start whether it's iva coffee. On a trying commute or when pass in the university corridors can really be at any moment cy. I don't know what she's trying to size in the top. The having a cup of coffee. And i looked to their plastic competent thought. We'd better do something about this. So wash ha. Yes so i know it is a bit of a potentially a good news end into your bad news store. The start my yes. We need to address the both ends of the spectrum. They don't we stop in a stop in that Teaching and production in the first place or reducing it as well is dealing with at once. It's been produced Well wait should jump into mind topic here and this is one that we have spoke about a couple of times but not specifically as i main topic and that is at abnormal shedding in reptiles dissect. Isis could topic back. Good choice the that you sent to me earlier on tonight was it. Oh yesterday i remember hamill hock fanatic. I ten minutes ago. Excellent topics so I think just works through the process of the shed processing reptiles for those vets and technicians nurses. Who don't deal with reptiles very much. M. a tosses the normal shade of skin production normal shedding and dissect tosses his abnormal shed. So do a cat about the different ways in which the groups of reptiles should skin Fishman price versus non one pace at center. You set me out. So i ended. It's a good quick punchy at discussion to be had almost all the the Species arousing till we get to do with except for the snipes tend to break in. I come away in in The skin tends to come on little pieces Shading segments most of the animals that have be broad sky like turtles the scowls on their shells snakes belly night logic scouse will come away in one place and snakes Unique in this lyrical structure tubular structure Literally stopped he'll as you know haram the lips and they turn it inside pull out of it and turn it inside out like a like a soak And so any any way. We have a sniper. Who doesn't have that complete single piece of skin tuning on f we start to worry that maybe biz summarized Coming up In those honestly sees the Totals it is pretty normal for to For the skinned come apart in. Come away from animal increases and what a bad l. chileans turtles and tortoises Today shed in particular different wise somewhat you spike about not will they definitely should in almost the same way but obviously it's put through the the unique circumstances of the body shape so they definitely unshared the skin Over they they they hit the they fate will those. Lots of the bodies will shed End of cool stuff. The the lodge scales The cava the bony carapace in plastic on unveil shit as a single unit and the ncaa. It's a A process that is consistent across. Old leah but has its unique characteristics which with each of the the the different families absolutely and probably one of the first questions we get from new clients his head often whom are rep tall shade. Ohio often should it shed and my answer is it depends allies. It depends and it depends on a lot of things doesn't depend on the obvious I each of the animal. So it a rapidly growing spacey's it's very quickly and in lodge in very quickly will shit more frequently than one. That's rates it sort of towards its adult sort of size and only grind very slightly. It depends on the environment keeping that animal. And that's one of the saudi giveaways for this This particular main topic when one of the most common causes of deceit isis. If not they match come causes inadequate or inappropriate husbandry as we have with a lot of problems in arab dolls and Yes it does dependent but on average some some snakes for instance my routinely shed regularly every every few months for an adult at santa's my babe and less less off less often than that as well and he comment she liked to make online the shitting periodicity mark. Now with any other comment. You sort of alluded to the fact that tom environmental circumstances play a role in so it's often not a uniform across the east an animal into promotion like the hall of the lynch and not shitting lynn As metabolism picks up through the moments of the i'll much more regularly so not only is not just a unique thanh depending on the size the age metabolic right but also on those environmental factors so these video questions to give numerical answer to correct yes and it's not uncommon at all in fact is common for i. Reptile that's undergoing shed especially the snakes to be anorexic during that period so We commonly have clients. Finding up inside moss. Nyc has not eytan and just happens to be in a shed. Cyclonic dawson cycle so. What's the typical sort of look in the price. Smart that the client will say or nine will say if the like we stick with nights for a moment is going through should fis a normal shade. What did i say in had What does it look like has guests that prices will the typical appearances that the the normally glossy colorful sky. Become dull end. An often develop a milky appearance to them. as his injected into a cleavage between elden new skin. And this happened in snakes. It's most interesting because Theon lead the transparent leadership as well and so of the size of the site will become not about milky on. That usually happens between ten and fourteen. Days The cleavage sought to happen ten days before the actual shed but then as she constitution is often a period of time. Way we think as cle- for dial to crawl out alcohol its skin out of its health skin. The ninety thing you see the main thing that clots spat that milky appearance particularly sites looking at their on's and what we say with is what we say with the ause. Yes so you mentioned about the milk bit so how how quickly. You're going to answer your question. Yes backtrack back. let's go back to. Let's let the this eight thais. Let's call that a very very submarine than normal shitting saw eichel. But let's talk about to sake tosses. Yes shed in problems when guys. What is that. Reptile presented within the classic. One there we we mentioned about. They're often not happy in an anorexic. Go into the normal Fading fis went when the heaven trouble shed But we get patchy shades with with night so we get retain sheds in the classic spot that we get the retirement shit was. The snakes cancelled spectacle. Say ed iva tie if it has an ongoing district doses and it has a for the shed waksal months down the track We might end up with layer upon layer of retained spectacle scales. S i What is your approach does as ones if you have that phone. Call mark if you're if you're Nursing stuff receptions staff have a call my. My reptile is having trouble shedding. What do i do watch cnn citizen. I've define Sprint in the first one is the more general amar tells having trump should those routine spectacles by presenting a unique In the thing. I don't want wants to do is trump peak them off. It is very easy to confuse a shed my Looking at the the skin by saying around the head that is are spinning spectacle attached to the normal skin. The rest of the Map my seen that. It's still me. All i get the phone Stop poking around the age unle defined snakeheads subsequently The spectacle often they've been scratching directly at the the new Spectacle and in some instances. We've had people remove as the spectacle exposing konia. Think i think one of the case things iowa site is. It's it's Agency take your time with with workup of days. Tight your time even when you was a veterinarian clinic assane lays these animals with the retain You have to get it off on that particular diet that it comes in for the consultation We can we can slightly work at it We'll let soy prices as ones anyway. Annoy explained to the client the approach of gently softening. If if we talk about the spectacle for instance. I'm that's retained softening it with a can. Just be something. As simple as water holding a i caught bowl salton in warm water ivory for a few minutes and softening up that spectacle the retired and then gently gently robbie no gently picking at the edge of it too safe. It's coming up. Oh peeling away and the if it looks like it is great. If you get very far with a you can try again the next day and often initially if it's not too disastrous or multiple retain sheds Shied to the client have to do that process and tell them do that. Every day for several days some water bots and and some sort of steam type therapy as well to sit a hydro will soften up the the retained shit on that. Tom rectal anti you time. And then we'll have another look at it in waco And we also concentrate on. All the other aspects of the husbands have resulted in the app. No motion in the first place precisely and you hit the nylon ahead as usual brandon. Time is not of the sensitive definitely had sons. Thanks to have retained spectacles but is not into Spectacle comes off End and as long as closely as united snow. If he's not an active in an certainly can cause more problems by trying to aggressively into the the so one of the things. I always you you were talking before about tom. husbandry one of the things to interesting about this in rentals. Is that something that we do see is usually in In wild animals. And i think it has to do with them. united stress. Oh maybe environmental stress of the whole crisis is Hormonally driven primarily by far right but also number of months in london sometimes with some of those wildlands The result of out various potential to minnesota that interfere with that minor problem is predominantly. Diseases of Yes ransom predisposing conditions. That might set it off. What what have you seen any particular. The one i'm thinking over set at might reptile mice to give you all the clues. Yes you need to obviously by. That's one that may be causing in those wild ones as well. Um silent on be surprised if you have heavy infestations of reptile martin. Some of those wild reptiles they struggle with their what they shedding process. Say yes so. That's the first thing i think of. I'm shorts often. The first thing you'd think of mark for the for the pet ones in the have like to have to the heaven infestation of the rep tot and we have done a separate podcast on on rep tohmatsu the price in the treatment and the fact that it does tend to induce and abnormal shedding cycle. And my siri. Nothing the prices behind that is that the animals is itchy. it's got these blood bloodsucking parasites arrived tomar and trying to get rid of them and apart from trying to soak in the water bowl In the enclosure which is a bit of mckay giveaway for format infestation in snakes especially They don't have legs say snags and says i can't scratch either trying to rub against things and they they into shitting sarko to try and help get rid of these mites But because we got mutts attached to the animal in various positions and spots than at struggles To to do a normal shed When it goes into that early shed can pay to normal semites differently. The big one to think of that and you should always think about the rep toma when you have an abnormal. Shed especially especially in these snakes. What else do we think about. Love's gonna emphasize the to during that time. That it taking jobs of things just because i think there is a patent whether it's spoke even the systemic illnesses will stop doing points The variety homes the clumps shitting in so animal presented with this dossier may well have some actual significant systemic illness. A serious infection Maybe even chima that's laid to those Homers and then. Wade looking at the problem on the outside so i encourage. Everyone does to look reptiles with his problem to just take Pre disposing factors As well as husbandry issues his side speaking of other husbandry shoes what jumps to mind initially when we have district tosses back. Well the the the usual right. The first thing is appropriate temperatures A the animal is given the opportunity to Homeless buddy timber jarreds. Her foot temperatures will end up with altered. Metabolism in the shade cycle is one of the first things that are affected So temperature humidity. Graham on talknet thermal gradients seem calling equations but Many of the enclosures say not universally humidity and trying to design an enclosure so that they raw locations during way the the talk can -sition itself with appropriate humidity for skin is very important so often some foam many sites. We talked about a humidity books which may be You know plastic shoebox with them some Something that sterile laws -able moistened changed regularly so that fungus Beloved on it but the sink in kroll in there and sit on a relatively moist paulo of moss and humidifiers gained so humidity. Greg radiant Exercise i find that those animals that tree running to problems with zyppah a particularly reptiles daily snipe citing almost which metabolism now they will change They a muscle strength changes Blood flow changes in the of course the end up with issues with particular arrangements of biscuit. kenny with the with the normal shitting process. So it's the usual suspects Yes and the follow up question that a lot of vets would be in siamese hat on. Now what is the humidity or temperature. That i need to get this particular spacey's and answer there is depends it. It's fun afraid that it's look it up. It's it's go to go to your resources Talk to another vet. Who was the experience reptiles modicum. They kept reptiles fake to the hoop logical clubs Because there's no one answer for for that For all spacey's malcolm with with them even if we combine it to the snakes and not the listen and the chileans and the the other tulsa so It does depend but you point about having a gradient is is is is a great point their heads like most things in that. Very milwaukee Gradient which deal includes humidity as well so that animal can slate the appropriate humidity to help during that Shitting cycle so. What's that the sort of trite montoya. Workup for the mont. These totally comes in abnormal. Shed in an and you did sort of hint or mentioned that we can have on other underlying systemic on metabolic. Talk diseases going on there. So ideally we should be considering looking at the broader patron and paps twain full. Bloods etcetera on them. To look for. And the other unlined organ. Dysfunction Any other sort of general workup ab- tips or appoint spark you would you. Would you would suggest to path apart from then coming onto the treatment aspects which we sort of touched on it anyway. I think just the main thing is a good close examination with some magnification and elimination being aware of you know Gently manipulating the skull. So they have between them as we said before income incur Inclination of Tatis which might not always be apparent on a cossery examination And i think identifying those changes to the skin in the fist instance Is probably the is important. Of course you're working class blood tests that might indicate systemic illness. Our problems That's the next five years if you off. Yes so Any any sort of tips tricks. Financial process of removing that retain shed. And we sort of mentioned just just being gentle taking your time. Simple things like whoa mortar cetera. Any sort of other products that you recommend. Mark will you will see lots of people talk about. I'm various S oil sheds head as one of the products. That was recommended. Not think at one stage that was really just a variation of really Hydrogen peroxide mark. At least one of the products was look. I think that That is very little evidence. Anything besides talk him young on syria. Your saying mac. I was saying that syria didn't tell me the answer. Would you talk about the treatment. Techniques these topical sort the products and i think out saying that the evidence four using anything besides some will motorist fairly thin on the ground we have. I have personally at times Things like a skin. Moisturizing creams vitamin a. Cranes lanoline things like this. But i honestly brennan out till you might say in my experience. A significant difference. i think. Some of that repeated Humidifier buying water out with that. The reptiles have a swim in it. an movement tends to help. Well my commonly wait a simply it a tau Soak it in some wool mortaring than allow tall to making sure they can breathe at sandy of a hybrid a couple of circumstances way. People use some United snake eggs. That have been wet. Todd put this on the mall. Main snake cooperate so making sure they can breath covering the mole or otherwise him and allowing thing once that set the for while encouraging them to cool cruel th will slither through. The folds of ital- seems to help significantly. Yes and i agree completely end of hyphen to be part of a craze with put oil. Either i'm on snakes not just for the disabled isis but also an olive oil and variations on sorts of oils and even for even more cipher rep taught might tradesman mark and I don't know about you. But when when i had clots abroad. Snakes that smothered this nike in olive oil that you ended up with a very severe district. Dasa send because i would be shitting bits of scales for four weeks if not months and almost like so my like handling a fish from the market when you get sky also alive e they absa bit of a disaster. They say yes. I agree with you. Just just keep it simple. will mortar Gentle tells a great not like him the date and that's what encourage clients time to help as shit off. An animal is to is to gently buys the animal and then Use a A wet towel to gently help as well to to soften up that retain shed. I suppose we should talk about a couple of conditions before we finish with the disag- dawson some of the other spicy lot lizards And particular Tacos mac We can have retained shed around the bice veto And if it's not addressed um we can end up with a with a construction. They like put it in. Elastic band ran the tau. And you end up with the toe full enough. So i really am encourage my client especially for some of the spaces of the pride into it and here in australia. The one that i save is commonly that has retained kids that can potentially cause issues of the The skinks smack the blue tongue lizards etc and the shingle backs and Be interested to say whether or not you've had the same problem so really stressed to the clots about when your when you listen is going through a shedding cycle that you pipe particular ted's intention to those ties and the tile tips as well exactly what we say the. It's it's an interesting thing. Because i think i'm the Kaya faked And the cumulation of dade karasin provides excellent environment for dome atop switch wave coaching from a number of the the the the toes that are parching so fancy tation But i you've Again that the regional problem is those retain sheds on the constrictions like kohl's which saying ulta blood flow and allow of pathogens said accelerate. The problem so on the same as you. I emphasize to people that have Particularly the liam to acquaviva tons she'll vaccine particularly the Obscene is more in the new kalemie. Says wilburn i emphasize to the Animals that do nate to be festivus in their attention to the token yes well. We are in agreement as we often. They make any final thoughts before we leave our listeners to get back to work any comments that shedding just just at this time of year Are mentioned not because we see quite a bit of anti really. Love your tightwad message. That tied your go to encourage but veterans look. They signed su. See it as a problem in a way is not See to get it immediately right and more likely to cause problems if we leaping do things quickly we want to just look at it. Slow and steady and each time get skin off on. They should be patient before they. You know they don't have often mongo to slack. Podcast mac will get it right one diane. We'd just go slow and steady. And i'll put the tribeca and next week. Thanks thanks for listening to the vet podcast by the vet gurus. Don't forget to visit us. At the website that gurus dot com where you can subscribe view show nights listen to previous episodes. And more you can contact us by email and vic gurus g mile dot com to wasp question or just say hi. Thanks again and see you next time.

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