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Tennis insider Sally Bradfield on her new book 'Not Quite 30-love'

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Tennis insider Sally Bradfield on her new book 'Not Quite 30-love'

"To no challenges raining. I am Ben. Rothenberg joined by my dear friend. Courtney I courtney and we are also joined by Sally Brad Field a longtime tennis communications official and the author of a New Book. Not Quite thirty love. Sally. Thank you for being ought. Thanks for having me. I'm thrilled. So your book. Let me just read the blurb. I think it's a good blurb novel Euro semi-autobiographical say something we'd like to believe that some days more than others semi can be covers a wide range graphical synopsis of the book the Blurb twenty-eight-year-old Katie. Cook Lancer Dream job. In the world professional tennis it was like being invited to the Academy Awards except they were all wearing brand attracts his Katie and Sydney to be not quite measuring up and make the move to follow her child obsession with professional tennis running away to join the circus of a world and finding work as a publicist racing around the globe. Faster than it can tiki tour creating Internet scandals wherever she goes. Katie is seduced by the appearance of Glamour and our weakness for bad boys. She falls one of trouble. Champions and starts trending relationship with an arch-enemy placing social media bombs in her way and hashtags. Haunting Katie. And her sleep. She navigates her way through a series of social media and love crises. Katie has some decisions to make. Does she want a hero or a career? Well she ended up happily ever after. What does that even mean? One thing is for sure. She'll never schedule an instagram post again. Hashtag girls can be heroes to stories written by insider and has been described as the devil wears product meets the exciting world professional tennis. Thank you for funding these things together. I'm excited I'm curious if you just give us a bio on yourself yet your tennis how you got into the sport before being in a professional and then once you've made it your your job. Yeah I was always obsessed with Tennessee's young girl. I had a very large crush on John. Mcenroe's I exactly the first drops of the book which were much more autobiographical had humanist But he got ripped out for the. Don't sue aspect of the game. They still have that first draft and I do. I do the right amount of money. Probably the Louis exactly exactly exactly at one point. We will do actual autobiography rather than thinly. Valves Dennis yes so sort of my my career of set a ninety six billion tennis but before eleven love with John McEnroe. Tennis was wonderful so I was doing real world jobs. I had a degree in marketing. Doing some marketing jobs Unfulfilled obvious is really boring. Fifty doing this crap and then was up one night watching Wimbledon with the Australian Times on the middle of the night watching watching love. And I'm interested in anything actually interested in these these copy of real job. He can't really working tennis for job. Scholley and show you guys have had signed that real job. And then that's how I started talking to people and following Lukine tross a who was a WHO and who and what contacted staff go to a job as an assistant the Sydney tournament it was the Pacers international which was really just about eating ice cream. Pink cream you started working on the tour then as a as a communications that was just looking for a tournament and a little bit of that and then eventually got my wife and got off at a job. Wti side out of that at the beginning of this century thousand new millennium new New Korean. Your life all that stuff sound starring. I our member saying to a bunch of people who've been working on the two of ages Michael Michael five-star hotels and you're GonNa have locker room service. And why? How could anyone ever big this? And they were like just white you ways we could you get sick of this and then I found out a nonstop sort of hamster wheel type situation very off day. Traveling Circus Right. You go and you sit you go to. It's such a weird rhythm rate because I traveled with the tour and pretty much tour of a fairly full schedule and yeah I like from the outside in every. How could you not love this when you get to watch tennis all day? You get to say at the Hilton here. The Mary out there the intercontinental here. The four seasons in Saint Petersburg get private cars get fed. All Braille true. Isn't it all true that that's not? That's not true but I'm curious to save you. When did it start to turn to be like? I mean. This is still a job though? I remember sitting in an airport on a wider Dubai. And that was it was well cost ten years into my time traveling fulltime with WTI and being straight in a lot. More since. I had to give living in Australia. Who Five you'd have two weeks off my take on like kill me. Now look on high intake dies of trying to get the lay off to come back. I remember seeing in an airport and wanting to cry because I was like I didn't WanNa be online new and then strangely enough coverage. I had the brand manager job for the promised me I will do. Minimal travel what ally that will come

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