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"sala craik" Discussed on ESPN FC

"Before Bassa lawyer frayed tonight extra days rest cannon fodder as your possession home early goal. Get the job done say Steve widely still running about chasing narrow enough delay these well, that's because that's the kind of thing. Can we just keep the ball? And you know, one date went down at one point the foster the L in the second half. But I thought it was an ankle tone resides some of these fruits and that was fine. But every time somebody went to ground this. They can get them off. So no as far as no, no, no walk in winded for Liverpool. Good rest periods on, you know. The han. What's going to happen in tight race? But what the have done here is himself a great opportunity to get decent rest between embossed perfect setup in wasn't it for that trip to the to the new camp on Wednesday, e absolutely I've been think the game was a formality. Everybody knew it. I think even how to still town on their fans knew going to Anfield they that they were just just for the BT. What they really the interesting thing is this season. I think is right. The bottom. Three have not taken a single point in games against the top six. Just a little indication really of how big the gap is between the elite teams in the division and those who are scrapping against relegation. So yeah, Liverpool can have a good rest now head of that Barcelona game, and they can sit back and see what happens to to Manchester City, burn. It was interesting to say that you're in club was trying to mind games and saying well of all the games if you ask me I could pick I wouldn't pick Burnley away earlier. Fighters they might make something so much going back to the old Keegan Ferguson kind of verbal crossfire stuff. We will touch on that game. When we talk about the title rice. First of all, Steve you want to get your thoughts on Wednesday at looking ahead for Liverpool does year, clump you go into that game and set up against. Well, there's no question. They'll play four three three a case of who plays in the middle. I think the lane share Bruno's what that will be very bodies the frontally reveal that. What does he do in the middle of the part though, you know, for me cut on go. Probably the the choice that he seemed to like was was headless album and Milner, but that seems to have changed in the last two months is rotated a lot. We we are being your and cater and show action in not quite sure. Which three I wouldn't Neko and see what she what would she is that I don't think they're going to be as energetic. Getting forward. This Liverpool say that police boss alone will get the ball to the front three and the three will set because you can't afford to Liverpool. Go forward naturally. That's why the end up getting five against Huddersfield because he can't help himself. So that means three in the middle are going have to be very disciplined. Because they cannot afford to get caught to follow the field, otherwise Bacelona and guy called messy with any space. Oh, yeah. Kill you. Most Sala Craik as part of the final one Helton now. Go twenty one he's the top scorer in the primarily again. Apparently he's having a rough. Oh, no. Well, there's nothing. It hasn't always played his looking at some most all of his goals. Take what with what you will. But I get some of the teams in the pre made, you know. So I was looking for going against Brighton. And so out and Huddersfield so, but as I say where you can be used to test against someone this teams, but he's not having a bad season. Of course, he's knows at least scoring wise. He's performance have not always been been great. But listen, I don't want. We'll be ball schools. Again, Huddersfield is the big one for them. This is real big when all of us stop then midfield for wing out safe for being new Henderson went out. Okay. But that's just stopping the daughter could cater. Be maybe from Henderson and went out. In your photo. We're going to say at the new.

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