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"saint sayeh" Discussed on The Reckless Nerd

"Author News Yeah that's All I knew say now we can get into the main. Topic for today, which I'm really excited about I. Know You're really excited about because you came up with it. We're actually doing a comparison. As to why? We're talking about who has the best vehicle in like nerd them where some of the best cars that we like and We've kind of done like a top three each and some honorable mentions and I'm ready to go you ready to go. I am going to go. I. I. will go first. Okay my one of my like this is like this is a no particular order because it would be too hard for me to figure out the order in which I want these but like. The First Amendment to start out with is speed racer's Mach Five. Like that is one of the end. All be all vehicles of olive new things that are nerdy like everyone knows that car I mean from your grandparents to you that if you're watching usually you should know that car and Yeah I mean everything about it from the way it looked to how it performed like it was crazy like if I ever become a millionaire best believe that like the first one of the first one of the first things by. Is I'm going to get a car I'm GonNa go to count customs. Because I, love that show even though it's done. I'm going to Count Customers Vegas go to Danny I'm be like I'll care how much it cost me I'm a millionaire now make me a mock five and he's GonNa make me one and he's GonNa call me brother a lot and then maybe we'll go and play some eighties music with his band. Okay. But either way one of the best cars out there not only does it look good it actually has a one thousand horsepower that's fucking crazy thousand horsepower with thousand foot pounds of pressure of Torque at seven, thousand RPM so I mean that's like fucking A Lot. That is like I could rip you in half. An axis of speeds of three hundred miles an hour like do this thing fucking rips if it was a real car like Oh my God, it would be awesome and that's just the performance of the car. That's not even like all the cool shit it does it has a the jumping jacks it. So it can jump over shit if need be if you're going to fast and you jump off a cliff. He needs more air jumping jacks. You got the the the cockpit has a bulletproof shield that goes over it that also doubles as an underwater snorkel. The car can drive underwater people. Okay. Okay. We don't even have that. Now imagine if we did how much I would be driving under water all the time what's up baby you want to go on a drive underwater and she'd be like, yeah, that'd be awesome. anyways. Also. Go ahead. As GONNA say I. Say Right now, what it's one of the fucking best cars in the world. When you said it the other day I was like. Yeah Yeah I fucking know 'cause it's fucking awesome and then like. Very. I. If I ever bought ever got the chance to buy one, I will buy two outfits. One is speed racer in the second one is that of POPs, his father and I will be both catches driving the car. So. Yeah. No I fucking love that thing it is one of the best cars and all of Nerd it can do so much cool shit and let alone. Honorable mentioned the box six, which does so much more stuff like that whole series like I know they've tried to Redo it but they they don't do it like an enemy fashion. They always tried to do different and I would love like a remake of speed racer. anime style, which I don't know. I don't think I've ever seen. Oh No, that's not true. I've seen like remakes where they relaunched, but it's always like a new story. It's number like the same exact story where like I know a Saint Sayeh is one that's been on. Since like I think it was like the the late eighties and they've redone it, Netflix's just did a really bad version of it. Don't watch it. It's so law if you watch the original like I, didn't watch the original until after I saw the devils pretty good and then. Oh my God the next next next one is garbage its literal garbage. Made me so mad. Either so yeah, Sony are could is telling you. That was a speed racer was my mom's I crush? Yeah. He was my first crush I get it. Yeah. So for three years are written holiday where you have to buy on a present my mom got a speed racer related gift Oh. That's fucking cool. She we have lots of moth lives around the House is actually bookshelf and you're like I walking because at my. Other school. Okay I. I was GONNA say like I don't know if I should start from like the least nerdy and work my way but I think all all my picks, her nerdy in different deductions. I mean whatever whatever you WANNA do. What am I, which is just like. She did five I thought we were doing three nights that you and your first car is not five. Oh sorry. just let me. Yes, it did rude as rude. Show. Whatever Bob Saggy. Did Family Oh fuck I.

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