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"saint louis circuit attorney gardner" Discussed on In the News with Mike Dakkak

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"saint louis circuit attorney gardner" Discussed on In the News with Mike Dakkak

"And you know they think that the protesters are there apparently to do damage to the homes in the community. So they come out with their guns and their k. get at your, you're trespassing. You don't belong here. This is a private gated community. It's not public property private property. You're trespassing go away. No shots were fired and the protests left soon. You know soon after mccloskey was holding Ar Fifteen Rifle Patricia was holding a small pistol. You've probably seen pictures of this somewhere on social media over the last several months. While the police Saint Louis Police, execute a warrant at at the mccloskey's home a couple of weeks after them. And during that search, the couples guns are taken away and it was unclear at the time what the grounds were for the confiscation, the weapons were. Legally. Will on July, Twentieth, Saint Louis Circuit, attorney Kim, Gardner files charges against the couple against the mccloskey's they were standing on their front porch folks and trespassers and protesters were trespassing onto their property, and they were defending their home. They pointed guns at them and told him to go away. Saint. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Garner filed charges against the mccloskey's they were charged with one count of unlawful use of a weapon. The charges a class, D felony. They face anywhere from one to four years and another probably not gonNA. Do any time Republican Governor Mike Parson? has made it clear that he's probably gonNA, part in them if it ever came to that. And Missouri, Attorney General Eric Schmidt also Republican is is working hard to have the charges dismissed before they go any further. But Gardner this woman Gardner. said at the time. She was charging the couple in order to protect the rights of people to quote peacefully protest, it's illegal. She said in a statement to waive weapons in a threatening manner. These people were against standing on their front porch. It's illegal she she wrote in a statement to wave weapons in a threatening manner, those participating in a nonviolent protest, she says, this type of conduct is unacceptable in Saint Louis. That's not even the worst part. It's now been learned. That crime lab staff members were ordered to Disassemble Patricia pistol. The pistol that Patricia mccloskey was holding and reassemble as reassemble it to make it. Operable Missouri. Law says for person that face the charge that Patricia facing gun would need to be operable. The mccloskey's are lawyers. And they're Democrats by the way at, they've been sympathetic the democratic causes in the past. and so they had taken this pistol. The one that Patricia was Patricia mccloskey was holding and made it inoperable. So they could be used in a courtroom. Well crime lab staff members were ordered by the prosecutor's Office to strip a handgun and reassemble it correctly. So that it worked that appears to have made the gun quote readily capable of lethal use, which are the exact words that prosecutors used and charging documents when charging the mccloskey's. The Gardner Gardeners Office declined to comment on the revelation. My Mark mccloskey gun was operable at the time. And it was also testified by the crime lab, but they but they directly and deliberately tampered with evidence to make the charges stick. Eight days after Saint Louis Circuit Attorney Gardner filed those charges. George Soros donated one, hundred, sixteen, thousand dollars to a political action committee established just for Garner. Last Saturday of filing with the Missouri Ethics, Commission revealed a donation made directly from George Soros to the Missouri Justice and Public Safety. Political Action Committee that Political Action Committee is set up apparently just for Gardner as far as we know, no one else benefits from it and so far. Soros is the only donor for that pack. The committee has already spent more than one, hundred, thousand dollars including seventy, seven, thousand dollars directly on. Gardner. That money seems to have paid off. Right. Gardner had a primary contest this week, she won by a margin of sixty, one percent to thirty nine percent. This woman, the story that the finances tell here is that she's a direct employee of George Soros. Not of not of yours, not a mind or the People Saint Louis for that matter. But of sorrows and his agenda, what's the message here? Giving? One hundred, thousand dollars. In a check in a contribution to this woman after she filed these bogus charges and has evidence tampered with against this couple. The message here is good job. Keep doing what you're doing, and you're going to be taken care of there's plenty more where this came from, he wants to tell her. Keep it up. Money is not going to be your problem. I hate to say it but were involved in a war and how? The Times of have found us in a Pelosi liked using that line when it came to the sham impeachment nonsense that we were living with for six or seven months here. But it's much more appropriate for this situation. The Times a found us and we have to take it seriously. It's an information war at this at this point, but they're doing everything. They can to turn it into a kinetic war, turn it into a hot war. Keep in mind when you're talking to people. They. Don't know the evidence that you know. Be. Kind. Be Patient. Don't argue with them, send them videos, send them articles. Let them read for themselves like I've told you before eventually, they're going to read something like this, and the light bulb is going to go off. It took more than a couple of stories to enlighten you, right? Well, it's GonNa, take the same number if not more to enlightened some of these other people argue with them and the best way for now. We're facing a very serious situation. and. The main goal now is waking people up to the realities that are happening in this country and have been happening in the world for a long long time. Show, for said, I hope you enjoyed it. You have any comments on any.

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