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"saint christopher joe" Discussed on Astral Projection Podcast

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"saint christopher joe" Discussed on Astral Projection Podcast

"Potato cost the music. You had the beginning in the time. He's from stone. A stunt. I found in forest on a recent walk. I went on Winton lofty walk in a nearby forest, and a high-tension finding stone that might mean something to me. Of course, you just can't go to pick pick-up stones without the permission. And I know this sounds rather weird, but even stones have brations living. So you have to respect the stoned in the plants excetera when you go walk in the forest because not all of them may want to come home with you. Say that risk of sounding rather crazy anyway. So I went on this walk in the forest, and I noticed this like dark blue stone. I left it long for one. I carry a walking we add nice walk eccentric sector, and then on the way back she noticed the same stone. So I kind of took this as a message that that stone was the one that I suppose to take with me and the music at the beginning as music that I recorded actually from that stone life forest walk that particular Sunday and also in the extra at the end, you'll be hearing the same music anyway today of like to talk about a wonderful healing dream that I had this morning. It was kind of a dream mixed with an outer put experience because I have not to experience while in the dream. So I suppose you could say it was a dream of output experience. So though, it didn't really feel like I was dreaming once come out of my dream body. But anyway, I'm not really into the house and wise of things but on more into the content of li- dreams and output experiences center. I can get from them though, the dream. I had this morning shows. How important sleep is. And how we can also enhance our own well-being even wall, we all that asleep. The dream goes like this. I was dreaming. The was relaxing in the yoga studio the taco too. I was the only one in the ruined I was lying back on the wood floor. I could feel myself relaxing in the dream, and I felt myself sink down and down and I fell asleep in the dream. Now, this point I started to feel the sensations are usually feel when I'm about to leave my body. So this is a gentle fizzing like electricity running three me. I don't get the really violent vibrations. I've only ever experienced them. Once because actually asked to lie exits after body exit saw really rather calm. I had this gentle fizzing illiteracy running through me. I was recognized that as a signal time just about to league my forty. So I got up out of the dream me. Because I was actually leaving the dream me that were still asleep in the dream, which is quite fascinating it self. My first thought was to get away from my body because the physical body tends to pull the energy body back into it. If you get too close. But then I had the thought precisely the body. I was looking at was a dream version. It wasn't actually my physical body because I was actually sleep in my bed. So then I thought it wouldn't have that affect anyway, looking at the stream booty sleeping. She felt rouser detached from it off every different from how how I feel when I'm actually inside my body with all the. Business of life going on. I felt yeah. Felt detached from it. Anyway, I decided to trip inside my dream body to see if I could find any imbalances in my system, and then I could may be addressed them. If I found something wrong. Now, I actually have no recollection of what happened on my trip inside myself. And the next thing I remember is the time sitting alongside dreaming. We applying reiki energy on my main shockers starting from the crown and then working down to my first shocker to Lee wonderful. I am you factor Ricky level too. So it was quite normal. I should actually come up with some breaking dependence out my system, and that she the stream was quite fascinating in the way that lately I've been doing a lot of work on my own personal wellbeing, and experimenting with different sounds and actually listening to them night when I sleep I feel that the plant and stone music recorded using my biofeedback device promotes wellness and helps in creating balance also been listening to various sacred so fed Joe CD's again one I sleep, and I really do feel that this has a positive effect. Act on my physical body and one lined memento state. So what I do is wanna wake up during the night. I play CD while I go back to sleep. If you could eat, my planted stone music, CDs so it plays for about sixty minutes. And I always food back to sleep within the first fifteen minutes and the rest of the CD goes on for about another forty five minutes. Now, I really wake up at the end of the music. So the music continues to have the post effect. I feel even off is actually stopped as I mentioned before. I also listen to to various meditative taught music on particularly the Saint Christopher Joe ones by Jonathan Goldman. I also love the idea that I can give myself Rakia while I sleep. Of course, this also implies that we can all promote our own well-being, even while we are asleep. So anyway, I will continue with my experiments, and I will report back on the. Fascinating dreams like this one any of the outer put experiences Tomei half. And so thank you for listening. You'll find this podcast episode as a blog post over my sight life issue dot org. Also, there's a page dedicated to my plant stone music. So if you talk to listen to that few tracks up there and thank you for being with me today. Endo see next time.

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