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"saginaw sports hall" Discussed on WJR 760

"We will have our post game coverage began here in east Lansing and what a dominant victory for Michigan state twenty seven that nothing in New Jersey has rockers and I am joined by a very special guest Michigan state football alarm from nineteen ninety three to nineteen ninety six Mister Marvin right Mister right thank you so much for joining here today really appreciate it I'm very glad to be here today specially if that went absolutely correct it's been a little bit but man how good does it feel to talk about a Spartan when it was gonna be very difficult talk today if we didn't win long overdue I want to give the fans a kind of a little boy what kind of a bullet sheet of your accomplishments accomplishments here at Michigan state first you were a high school quarterback at Arthur hill led the team to a state championship in nineteen ninety one played for both George perilous and Nick saving we'll talk about that a little bit that's an interesting do for sure and issue you played fullback line back linebacker defensive back for the last two seasons was coached by mark Dantonio as a defensive back on and he went to four bowl games with the Spartans and your part of your hall of Famer yes Saginaw sports hall of Famer congradulations on that great to have you here and like I said a twenty seven to nothing victory for nothing victory over rockers from Michigan state what really stood out to you why we were watching this game well the quarterback of receive a combination of that was always good to see those guys connect and make some big places this weekend yeah Brian the working twenty one of thirty two hundred thirty nine yards three touchdowns in those threes touchdowns went to junior Cody white a career high three touchdowns a hundred and thirty six yards and eleven receptions also a career high and I will tell you more but they really set the tone early in the game and I think that's what Michigan state had to do on the road and that's with some of the things I've done in the past in regards to brokers and it was nice to see these guys jump on him early and then actually play four quarters investigate exactly and it we're gonna then of course we can't forget about the running game we'll talk about that a larger Collins twenty one carries a hundred nine yards and it was a really balanced attacked for Michigan state would you agree I agree they do what they're supposed to do today the holy records has some guys banged up in the divisible act feel on their defense as well and I was good to see them take advantage of it and actually dominate today all right head over to the side bar for post game food and fun a great neighborhood.

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