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Rebroadcast: Erica Williams Simon On How To Write Your Career Story

Skimm'd from The Couch

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Rebroadcast: Erica Williams Simon On How To Write Your Career Story

"Hey everyone this week. Were throwing back to one of our favorite episodes from last year with entrepreneur and author erica williams simon even though we spoke to her pre pandemic vice on navigating transition making tough choices at work. Finding perspective on the role. Work does and doesn't play in your life and crafting. Your career story is relevant than ever will be back with fresh episodes next week until then please enjoy our conversation with erica. The only way out of feeling suck is to move and by movement. I mean create some space in your life to start trying to think deeply and proactively about. What can i do to change things. You won't necessarily find the immediate answer but it's asking the key questions that i think can help. I'm carly's again and i'm weisberg. Welcome to nine to five ish with the skin. We've run into so many questions over the years and had so many moments where we needed advice and we got it from women. Who'd been there and that's what we're bringing you with this show each week. We're helping you get what you want out of your career by talking to the smartest leaders enough because we know your work. Life is a lot more than nine to five all right. Let's get into it today. We welcome erica. Williams simon to skimmed from the couch. Erica is a writer. Podcast house m. c. e. o. of sage house media as a self-described professional question. Asker she facilitates conversations to inspire social change. Her new book you deserve. The truth discusses that career decisions. She made in order to rewrite her life story and she shares. How you can do the same erica. We are so excited to have you with us mainly because you have interviewed us many times and now we have you on the other side of the table. I'm kind of in your good energy. Yeah i'm like. I mean i feel a lot of pressure can be fred. You're welcome to the couch. Thank you for having me. So we're gonna start how he start every interview. Just skim your resume for us. So i started out my career in politics. I'm born and raised in the dc area and went to the leadership conference of human rights. Which is the nation's oldest largest civil rights coalition that no one has ever heard of but they're behind every major piece of civil rights legislation since the march on washington and they're a coalition of women's organ and lgbt or and black and brown ours. And so what was awesome about. It was right then. I got to kind of get a lay of the land of the entire like social justice progressive policy world. So from there. I went to run the national youth arm for the center for american progress which they call like the white house and waiting and clinton's chief of staff ran it and it was just a forefront of progressive policy and my job was to figure out how to work with young people millennials to get them involved and support their campaigns and in the process ended up on tv quite a bit and like a spokesperson and fell in love with that. Part of the work did a couple more jobs in that arena. Went to the citizen engagement lab which is like this really cool incubator for social change projects and kind of had carved out this role for myself as like the voice of progressive millennial america. You know what i mean and i loved it and it was fine and it was flashy and exciting and yet there was a part of me that felt like i want more than this for my life. I felt very limited then became the creative director. The first creative director of up worthy which at the time was like a social good buzzfeed wrote a book and then went to snapchat and built a program. They are called the creators lab. It was the first of its kind. It was a program and a physical space to bring storytellers digital media. Creators and influences together to have meaningful conversations. And now i run my own company. So that's the that's the resume and the highlights so we can get what is something not on your linked in that we should know about you. I have been singing in the choir. Directed maguire's those little girls. So music is like my passion outside of work. And i bring that up is because it's kind of what i do. Try to create the same spaces professionally. That i fell. As a little girl growing up a pastor's kid singing and having meaningful conversations and community with people that still very much a part of the mindset. That i bring to everything i do. What's your favorite song to sing whitney. Houston's i love the lord. She sang in the preachers. Why i love that movie so good. When you started to say whitney houston i was like oh my god me too. I'm like i wanna dance with somebody and then you went into dances. Somebody's a good one. So let's talk about how you grew up you grew up in dc. Your father was a preacher. You call yourself a preacher's daughter for life. What does that mean to you. The way that. I view the world everything than i am came from that experience. So the way tv depicts black. Churches is actually not the way that most black churches in america are most of them are actually very small kind of like mom and pop. They call them storefront churches. So that's what ours was and felt like a giant family. He's started the church literally in our basement when i was nine months old. So when people say they grew up in church. I'm like i know i literally. Of course then the church moved out and had a real building and all that stuff but my life revolved around a couple of key principles around service so ours was the door that was always open. If you needed a place to stay if you needed to be bailed out of jail in the middle of the night like you called my father it was that kind of orientation around just selfless giving. It was oriented around having honest authentic conversations so whether it was because he was counseling people or the youth group or sunday mornings. It was just this. Is the place where you can be real where you can be. Authentic used. Always say like. We're not interested in your sunday bass like how you look in your outfit but we want to get to know the real you and have meaningful conversations and so that is kind of been a thread through everything that i've done in my life. I realized that i've been doing that. Whether it was in the sphere of politics or media attack main mission was the like. Let's cut through the bs and have meaningful conversations that can help you change your life and change the world in some way and i got that straight from from my father and really both my parents. We met you with forever really knowing. That's part of your background. And so it was really fun to kind of research. Read more about you and realized what a huge of who you are is really based around your dad and based around growing up that way and around faith we are struck. Something you once said where you define in view faith very specifically that your faith is about wonder what does that mean in general but particularly for our generation for those who grew up blake in the nineties in two thousand and even now the way that faith is presented in the public sphere is very much about certainty. Like you have to know these things and believe these things there. Are these like lines around religion that if you you know you have to know with absolute certainty that this happened in this way and i just find that to be such a limiting way of thinking about a god who was ultimately big massive and unknowable. Right and so. I prefer to think of faith as looking at the all in wonder of the things that i don't understand the things that there are no clear answers for. I'm not going to sit and debate science. There's an answer for that right but there's so many things we don't know and don't understand you can't put words to love you can't put words to kind of like your own growth and development and all of these beautiful amazing things and so my faith practice is really grounded in just the wonder and all of life and how how it exists and how we communicate and engage with one another. If you do that you can kind of free yourself from so many of the restrictions that society and institutions have put on your faith and your spirit and your internal life. I feel that was beautiful to. I'm amazed that someone. Who has this. Authentic sense of face can then go into politics. Girl me too. And i are say authentic sense of faith because i think that both parties all parties. There's kind of a religious pandering. How did you reconcile that. It was hard. But i went inputting naive. I went into that world for the purest reason. Possible which i must say. Actually a lot of my colleagues did to. Let's be clear. A lot of people who are doing social impact work whether on the active side of the political side tend to go in with a really pure michigan. I want to change people's lives. I went to help people recognize their own. Power changed systems and structures. All that stuff like i felt like it was a continuation of my fathers worked when he did in our community. And i was like this is just a different scale. A different level in a way to do that. That spirit and services one thing but let's talk about systems so i went in with that mindset and then saw what it is that i think everybody sees which is all the red tape all the hypocrisy again very similar to how most people view religion. These are institutions. That are very changed focused. And i think when you go in with that power gets involved and things become corrupted and so it was really hard. And i talk about this in the book and the chapter on faith and actually in the chapter on work. An-and chapter and identity. I think i've talked about. I do but just as i did that. I was struggling to reconcile all the different parts of who i was and so at work. I didn't talk about faith a lot for very obvious reasons right especially if you're progressive. We're not supposed to talk about that. Because faith and religion is supposed to be owned by conservatives. And so that's just not a thing that's really cool to talk about and then on the flip. When i was home in my faith environment i was not talking about the fact that like hey i am on the front lines literally fighting for marriage equality fighting for reproductive rights and justice which were taboo topics in the church and so i was kind of walking this line for a while and i think part of why i ended up at a point where i said. I can't do this anymore. I have to remake my life and write. A new story for myself was because of that. I was living kind of this divided existence. Well a lot of people. I would say don't necessarily have the stream of the divided existence that you're referencing. Lots of people have a job and feel like this isn't me. I'm not doing what i'm supposed to be doing. I'm not fulfilled because of a multitude of reasons but ultimately is informed me. That doesn't mean that everybody is like okay. I'm going to take a step back and rewrite my story that really really hard thing to do and have the courage to do. I wanna just kind of get into your mindset around how you thought about stepping away from that and also i wanna talk about relationship with money because it's not just emotional courage that you need to have to step away from something but it's also financial courage which is a really personal thing to think through. Yeah yeah it was tough as i've been on book tour saying like you don't have to do it this way. You can slow down. You can think. I didn't do much of that. I abruptly quit my job. You talk about how you quit your job. It was an angry email. Recommend that. I just come back from my honeymoon. I was you know just on this high of living life. I'd be doing yoga. Whatever i came back and it was to be fair. My last job was not a great job. it was really toxic. I had a terrible boss. I was being disrespected. It wasn't just like i'm mildly unhappy. It was like a job. I needed to get out of. I didn't plan on doing it that day. But i got an email that was like once again while had been on vacation at had changed my job description without any conversation about it they had messed up my pay. Look there was just all of these things. And i don't know what came over me because i am not usually a person who does things just that suddenly sent an email and i was like okay. Great thank you. This is my last day working for you. But by and i walked into my living room with my brand spanking new husband and was like so i quit my job but did he say he was stunned but on the other is like all right erica. Okay like. I don't make rash decisions. But i do move with my gut. And he knew how miserable. I had been in that job so he was surprised but he wasn't surprised. I on the other hand became very surprised. Like maybe like an hour later. I guess i you have that feeling. Did they write back. I don't know. I logged out of my email. I never logged back on c. Never have spoken to them. Since then. But i don't know what their reaction was on that day about that. Yeah we can't you. I would be like trying to get back in a moment. I mean five minutes later. What did i just need to see what they wrote. I need to like go. Is stuff like i felt like i had had some sort of a stroke. Like you do it. And then you feel like really high and it's just super exciting and then slowly it settles in. I tell that story for two reasons. One you don't have to do it that way but to i i do tell it because people like me are never supposed to do that when you hear the quitting stories. You've got your prey loves you've got your jerry maguire's right. Lake young women young black women young low to middle income. Women are never supposed to step back. There's a stigma around the idea of quitting. And i just encourage people not to abruptly quit or make unwise decisions but to know that it is okay to step away from something. That isn't serving you. The world will not end. If you can figure out and we'll get into that part the financial piece of it which is huge. I just want to take away the stigma of that because sometimes you have to take a step away. Even if you can't quit your job. Though i do think it's imperative that how ever you can in your life that you create some space as opposed to just dwelling in the unhappiness and the being unfulfilled and the complaining which we naturally do you gotta let off. Seems some way. But i think there's just a sense of feeling stuck and the only way out of feeling stuck is to move and by movement i mean create some space in your life to start trying to think deeply and proactively about. What can i do to change things. What can my next step be. You won't necessarily find the immediate answer but it's asking the questions that i think can help. Hey skimmers we wanna tell you about another podcast. You might like if you need extra income. Side-hustle school can help now more than ever. You can't rely on a single source of income. But how do you know which ideas are profitable. And where do you find the time. Side-hustle school is for busy people. It's a daily podcast. Says just ten minutes long chalk. Full of ideas tips in stories. You can use to finally start that side hustle. It's hosted by chris. Gila boo the guy who literally wrote the book on starting a business without spending any money. Listen and follow side-hustle school a podcast presentation by cadence thirteen. It's available every morning. Wherever you get your podcasts. Alright let's get back to the show. I wanna talk about the financial part Because i always feel like to your point when we hear these stories or when we talk about our story and taking on credit card debt. I feel like that perkins glossed over when you're hearing stories where works out. How did you think through that. And what's your advice to people that are going through that themselves. I mean advice. Want advice point number one is do not abruptly quit your job. You can actually take a little bit of time to plan but in either case So i'll tell you what happened with me. So i also how old are you this. Twenty seven forty seven no twenty eight sorrows and you know. I had no idea what i was going to do next. And this is the part. It's gonna piss people off because it's like my faith theme miracle. But the next day i had an email in my back from someone i had met before in like a professional networking group. Who said hey. I don't know if you do consulting. But i've got a client that i think would love to talk to you and pick your brain about kind of how to engage millennials and social impact stuff. And i was like yes. I definitely i absolutely do. I had never consulted before. I had no idea what that entailed does like. Okay ass and the client and then that being coca cola like it was my massive so random but that was a short term project and it wasn't like a consistent income and it took a while to get paid and i still didn't really know what i was doing. I also had throughout the entirety of my work. Life had a side gig which is also something. I encourage people to do. Don't run yourself. Ragged and drive yourself in the ground. You need to have ten jobs. My identity has never been solely tied to my one job. Because i know that all of who. I am can't fit into one job. We try to put pressure on ourselves to kind of have every single part of who we are every passion and every gift and talent in job that will never happens. I've always had multiple streams of income. So i had media and communications training on the side that i'd always done and so i basically put the word out like i can do more of that now guys and so i kind of consistently had that coming in that hustle. Come from your family weird or that come from that. You always had that stuff happening. It wasn't even the hustle that came from my family. What came from my family was the idea that you have to use all of your gifts. It was again a very existential spiritual thing that if you have gifts and talents it is your job to figure out how to use them to serve the world so it wasn't really about like i gotta hustle and multiple jobs. It was like okay. If my job isn't taking advantage of the fact that i do this too. I'm gonna go find a way to do it. It really wasn't trying to find fulfillment that then turned into okay so then that means muser hustler and you have multiple gigs. How do you react when people say. I want to be able to bring my whole self to work. Well that's rare. It's very rare. The metaphor that i give in the book is that statement is like pretending you have to get all of your belongings in a carry on suitcase in one. Carry on right. He's someone who has to check. Every time i understand. What do you really annoying one time. One time we love for ten days. And like i don't understand how you didn't check when i let's check now you should have just checked with me. It was really annoying. Wasn't it like you don't have to fit your entire life in a carry on you have multiple suitcases and so it is important that you can bring your best self to work. Meaning if you're coming to work and the part of you that is showing up is not you know. Positive is not maximizing your talent. That's a problem but you don't have to bring your whole self. Even when i was talking about you know like my faith side progressive political side. I wasn't looking for a job. Was going to let me like have a protest sign in one arm and like a communion cup and the other like. I'm not expecting my job to allow me to express all of those. I wanted to be in a place where i didn't have to pretend to be someone else. It's rare that you'll find a job that takes advantage of every single one of your talents and skills you can put those into different areas of your life with side hustles with hobbies with community service. Your job is to complete the circle of your life. But you don't have to do that. In one slice you moved to los angeles. I did y. I wish i had like a super bossy progressive feminist answer for that my husband and i he wanted to move and i went kicking and screaming because i was like california. Had your family react. Oh they were not happy. My grandmother told the day that she passed away. She passed away a couple years ago. We were very very close and she. She loved my husband too. Because we've known each other since high school so he's part of the family but till the day she passed away every time i would come home. She would pat my hand and say he won't let you leave. How hollywood second like holding my family was not happy but but i. I'm glad i did at the time. And i'd quit my job. I didn't know what the next forget job. I didn't know what the next season of my life was. Who was i going to be next. What was my identity. What did i want to do. And it was so good to begin a new space to explore that to be in a space. Where are a very like multi hyphen culture. I'ma this this this and this and that was what i needed to be who i am so it was good to be in that environment. One of the things we got asked a lot is when people either have gaps on their resume. League has taken off or whether maybe they were consulting or freelancing or doing multiple things at once how to position themselves than for a fulltime role. Because you did eventually take fulltime roles what were small startups than than one became snap. But how did you position yourself as someone for fulltime role. If i was gonna pick one career skill i would tell people. It's the art of crafting. Your story and i don't mean that in the abstract sense like your life journey. I mean literally what is the story. How do you tell a tizzy what has happened in your life. And people don't recognize their power to do that. You assume that you have these pieces. I have this job. Have this consulting gig. I have this gap. And i just have to present the pieces to someone and let them put together however they want. No you decide how you string them together. So for example instead of saying well i worked in politics and i had a job and then i left that job and then i was consulting and i was consulting with a corporate client and this and that and then work intact i was stringing together to say i've been on a journey in three different industries to identify how to tell the best stories to young people right like that is a way of talking about it. Another way of talking about it is i could say at three change focus industries. I have worked to help. Young people figure out the best way to create meaningful impact and transformation it's not lies suspending. its packaging. And you can't do that on the fly. You have to take the time to kind of look and say what is the threat here. What was similar between this experience and that experience even if they were wildly different jobs or wildly different industries. Has there been one key motivation. Has there been one key skill. Set that you've used and tying it together give someone the ability to say. This is the package. I'm presenting you and it looks good. What has been helpful to you as you have gone through those moments of introspection two things so one is faith. But the way that. I'll talk about that. Here is just saying like really developing your inner life before you start seeking out. Instagram quotes influencers books. I mean all of those things can be helpful. But i found that they are most helpful. Once you've done the inner work to figure things out as best as you can on your own. I and here's why i say that influencers and self help books and all that stuff can be very very helpful. I know i wrote one. It is amazing and it is hopefully very practical and helpful to everyone who's trying to carve out a new life but they don't replace the inner work you have to do for yourself first of all. You're never seeing anyone's entire story anyway. You're looking at their instagram account. And you're like wow. That was easy for them. They quit their job and then the next day they had a brand supporting them. Whatever it is and you don't know the real story so one is like being really consistent and committed to my own inner girls like what does it mean to listen to myself. What do i actually enjoy doing. So that's one thing and the second is just as best you can find people who get you and support you whether that's friends or partner or if you need to join some sort of group whatever it is but i found that i wasn't the only one going through this transition at that time. I mean some people had quit their jobs. Some people hadn't but understood and we're able to say like yeah. I'm rooting for you. You got this when you are working for somebody else working at a company. Are you good on a team. I'm very good on a team. I'm not happy being told what to do. So you to manage. I think i am to be honest. I'm hard because i am always the person in the room that like if someone tells me what to do. I'm like cool. I have a suggestion though this way. Instead it's annoying. I'm sure so because a lot of people would say they also got driven what you're talking about resonates with them. Which is that. They're very key parts of themselves that they are bringing work in the parts of themselves that maybe people don't see yet and they make decisions in a way that works for them and isn't necessarily following a rule book an operational plan but that doesn't mean that those people are going to quit their jobs and start something. I'm very curious what advice you would give to those people about how to thrive in a more corporate environment the mindset shift that i had that eventually made me a good employee. Even though i don't like being and play one was when. I saw every opportunity as a chance to learn something i would see these environments as okay. This is like this is like school. I'm here to learn something. Learn people learn what it is. They're doing. And how are they making decisions. And i started to see it as a challenge to kind of learn as much as i could. We tend to because we're not bring our full house to work which we don't necessarily need to but we tend to have very surface and shallow conversations with the people that we work with the more i was really transparent and honest at work about what i was struggling with at work. Let me be clear not my in my personal life but You know hey. I'm having a difficult time with this. Or i saw this way. You thought this we. Can you explain that to me or yeah. I'm usually not good in this environment. But i'm trying to get better. Can you help me like just being really honest. The more my connections with my bosses were authentic and they actually wanted to help me thrive and didn't see me as competition it just felt much more collaborative so learning and being as on its and transparent as you can about where you are if you are having any challenges that the combination of those two things made me a much better team member. He's called yourself a one woman important conversations business. Which i i like. How do you suggest people start that conversation at work or just in general. I think in general because i think a lot of people want to be introspective and also there are so many demands and distractions and you're refreshing afi checking email tax. Goes off that. It's hard to know how to actually start having those types of conversations. Either with yourselves or with the other people in your life suggests practicing asking questions. I was just with a friend yesterday and he was like i get so knowing when people ask how am i was like a very general basic question like i mean. That's the point. Like what is it that you want to know. Do you wanna know how my day was. Do you wanna know how i'm doing mostly and i was like who's gonna come up to you and just ask out of the blue. How're you doing emotionally. And he's like. I know but i just want to get to the heart of the issue and i was like okay. No one's gonna start off that way but it is a good practice as you're having conversations to keep asking questions to go a little bit deeper as opposed to leaving things at the surface level so instead of just saying like. Oh how are you fine. Great you could ask someone what's been going on with your week as they answer questions continuing to ask because i find that we all start off surface all of us. We all start off with just a quick answers and the quick shallow questions but the deeper we go the more people realize you're genuinely interested me. You're genuinely interested in what i have to say or what i think. And when people feel as if they matter they tend to much more quickly be authentic and strip some of that surface to me. That's the easiest way to start is to make sure that whoever you're talking to knows that you you actually care about what they're saying and continue to ask deeper questions. When is narrative intelligence. It's my favorite thing. It's really the core kind of principle that i teach in the book. Narrative intelligence is our ability to understand and see the stories. That are shaping us in shaping the world around us so we talk about emotional intelligence. There's i q right but no one ever teaches us that everything we see everything we consume is telling us a story that is shaping how we think and how we view the world and all the industries that i work in. They know this very well right. Like politics understands. The power of story media understands the power of story even the tech industry right. i worked at snapchat. Snapchat literally created the vertical story format story being a frame for your experience. These are industries that understand using story to get people to think a certain way believe and behave a certain way and we. The average person are just sitting around consuming and have no idea that that's happening so narrative intelligence is in some ways putting that power back in the hands of people and saying okay. When i'm watching this film. What is it actually telling me. What is the premise based on. What is the narrative here. Yes it's a fun love story but it is telling me the story that there is one soul mate one person for me out of the billions of people on this planet. Do i believe that or not right like asking that question. That's narrative intelligence in practice if someone is telling me that the best way to succeed is to hustle and make a lot of money and blah blah blah and. They have this kind of very clear path to stop. And ask yourself before you just run in and do it. They say ask yourself. What are they telling me about success. What is the story here about. My purpose are about my identity. Do i believe that. yes or no. It's not to tell you whether it's good or bad but just the act and the art of saying what is the real story here. And how can i see it. And then make a conscious choice to accept it or reject it. As i'm sure people are listening and probably can be very inspired and i didn't know who it was. Well i'm gonna follow her now. Like i store i like i like the story. She's telling and they're going to buy your book. Yeah they're going to buy out. But i think that the question people are going to have is. How do you make money doing what you're doing like job. What does your day to day look like. It's just found someone the other day who said oh it's a portfolio career and i was like oh that fantasy buzzer buzz word that i learned but it it means i do several things but they are all tied to what we've just talked about. How do i make money. I consult with organizations at brands when they wanna have important conversations weather with their employees or their consumers. I'll come in and help them design an event or design kind of a messaging campaign or design like we want to have an important conversation about issue acts or about topic x erica. Help us strategize. That come facilitate that. So that's one way. The second way is through contents. That through books through podcast through workshops and trainings. So i come in and i actually help people. I helped staff. I helped regular individual. People craft their story and understand how to better talk about their life their work and then the last thing is like hosting and facilitating so moderating and interviewing. I love to ask questions. So those are all the pieces. What sage house does. Which is my company is. It does all of that. Like i said specifically for brands and for organizations and so we'll come in and design the meaningful conversation that helps you write a story. Can you talk about the name. Yes so it's fine. I didn't think about this at first. Which i probably should have but being in california when i said sage house people thought i meant like sage. That's why i asked. I was like no i. We have been known to sage our office during the year and my home. So wasn't that. But i guess it works too because i am very spiritual and did but no because sage as in a wise person that we our generation and in a society right now that is so overloaded with information and we have access to anything. We want to know at our fingertips but wisdom is deeper than that it is. How do you apply that as how do you process that. How do you sort through that information. And fine gems. That help us live better lives. That is what stages are. And i think we have too few sages in too many influencers and so kind of what my mission is with these conversations and these spaces and this content is always to dig deep and get to the true wisdom of how we can live time for our last round favorite round. Okay lightning lightning first job working physical therapy a pt. Assistant physical therapists. worst job. the one that. I had that i quit. Who's the first phone call. You make when you get good news my husband. What about when you get bad news. My sister what's the most recent show you benched hip hop evolution on that floor. I'm obsessed it's really good. What's your biggest vice carbs with a lotta friends. Potato lava potato last book. You read atomic habits by james clear l. a. or dc. Oh no how about la or new york. Oh i can't stand is what's your shameless plug. Shameless plug is my book. You deserve the truth. My website eric. Williams dot com where. You can sign up for workshops that i'm leading virtual workshops about the topics in the book qasim haircut. Thank you so much for being with us today. Thank you so much. Thanks for listening to this episode of ninety five ish with the skim a new episode will be in your feet again next wednesday. In the meantime check out our news. Podcast skin this every thursday. We cover what you need to know each week in thirty minutes or less.

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Casper ter Kuile and Erica Williams Simon Imagine a New Democracy

"Good evening friends. I want to welcome you to the second event in the room. Mocking possibility speaker series sponsored by the bts center you have arrived at imagine. A new democracy with casper ter. Kyle and erica william simon. We are so excited that you are here. My name is nicole deer off. And i serve as the program director here at the bts center. This would be a great moment to put on your own digital name tag and say hello in the chat box feel free to share where you are logging in from today and a word or two not an essay but a word or two about why you are here tonight. During this season where life has been defined by so many uncertainties and many of us have entered a time of forced innovation those of us at the bt s center have been referencing our mission statement often. Our mission is to catalyze spiritual imagination with enduring wisdom for transformative leadership now more than ever we find ourselves hungry for spiritual immagination for possibilities unlocked. However you're if you are in a place anything like what. I'm in this evening. You may be feeling rather limited in your imaginative capacities like me. You also may be have been trouble remembering what you're doing at any given point in the day. Have you walked into a room recently. Thought what was it that brought me here i have. We've been learning from rob hopkins one of our speakers in the first event in this unlocking possibilities series about the brain science that causes this in from what is to what if rob explained that for a long time people believed that the part of our brain called the hippocampus was purely for memory but more recently there has been a paradigm shift and it is generally now accepted that the hippocampus is also involved in our ability to think about and imagine the future unfortunately rob says the hippocampus is rather fragile and is especially vulnerable to cortisol or the stress hormone so indeed. During times of heightened anxiety stress and uncertainty our brains have a more difficult time both remembering things and being able to imagine or look at things as if they could be otherwise. Welcome to twenty twenty my friends. Luckily the hiccups hippocampus and our human ability to imagine is resilient rob shares a handful of things that have proven to nurture the hippocampus including a healthy diet. An adequate amount of sleep exercise and meditation. Maybe we should all log off and go do all those things but we also hope that tonight's conversation is one of those things that nurtures our brains and unlocks possibility. I am so grateful to our guest. Conversationalist tonight casper ter. Kyle and erica william simon as well as our conversation moderator. Ben yeshua davis. I'm so great full to each of them for stepping into a place vulnerability and honesty tonight. I also want to express gratitude to our office manager. Kay ahmed who will be recording and posting. Today's event on our website and the center is executive director. Allan ewing narrow who will be managing security in the chat box throughout our event as well as leading a grounding ritual to get us started allen. Thanks nicole. I want to offer my own words of welcome. We're so glad of all the things you could be doing tonight like watching cnn or preferred news station that you have chosen to be with us tonight and we're really glad and really to have you with us. Casper and erica. Thank you so much for being here tonight. A little grounding ritual just to kind of set a kind of set the tone for our evening. And before i do that i wanna just you know. It feels important to name this moment that we're in as we gather tonight it's a moment that brings with it. Some emotions maybe. You're feeling some of those. This moment some of you may be familiar with the writing of bishops stephen charleston who is a retired american episcopal bishop native american. He served the episcopal diocese of alaska in the early mid ninety s and then For a time was the dean of a piscopo divinity school so writing on monday Sort of a an important moment. He he should these words here. We are sitting in the waiting room of history both observers and participants at the same time. He wrote it is good to be together in times like this because times like this have never been before we are about to open a door a door we can pass through only once and then a new journey begins the shape of things before us revealed and then he uses these three four phrases to describe the emotion of the moment. He says how strange it feels the anxiety of knowing of excuse me the anxiety of not knowing the whole of believing the calm center of faith the nervous edges of anticipation about you but i really resonate with these words and i love those phrases the anxiety of not knowing the hope of believing but calm center of faith. The nervous edges of anticipation. Maybe tonight as we gather in this space where feeling some combination of these things the anxiety of knowing the hope of believing that com center of faith. The nervous edges of anticipation. Maybe we wish we were feeling more of some of those and less of others but whatever it is. We're feeling tonight. We're feeling that because we care we care. We know that this election comes with great consequence and we care about the issues. We care about our immigrant. Neighbors we care about The well being liberation of the lgbtq community we care about the the gap between those who live with wealth and those who live in poverty. We care about the sustainability of our planet. We care about this democracy. We care about the future. We're creating for our children and our grandchildren. So tonight as we as we prepare for. What i know will a very engaging conversation i wanted. Invite us to ground ourselves in gratitude drawing from the words of lia shade margaret bullet jonas the editors of this book rooted in rising which some of us have spent a good deal of time with over the last couple of months. They say when we feel frightened or lonely or resentful practicing gratitude can help us to remember the underlying blessings of our lives including the gift of life itself. Gratitude can renew our sense of wonder and awe. It has a mysterious ability to re connect us with god or the divine and restore inner peace if builds trust and generosity serves as an antidote to consumerism and motivates. Us to act for our world. I want to invite you. You're announced to find a comfortable spot in the seat where you're sitting. Make sure your feet are touching the ground beneath you if that's comfortable if you're comfortable take a moment and just put your hand on your heart and take a couple of slow deep breaths in through your nose. If that's comfortable hold it just for a second and then out through your mouth take a couple of breasts like that and sitting in the silence of this moment. Wreath with awareness that breath. You just took gift and that breath you just took. That's a gift to this. Moment is a gift your heartbeat. That is a gift and this community that we're creating tonight here in this digital space is against life itself is a gift all of it gift and now like to invite you to call to mind one or two or three things for which you are most grateful as we begin tonight. And if you'd like to buy just to name those things. Are that thing right in the chat box for all of us to share. What are you most grateful for as we gathered tonight and as the chat box comes alive with words of gratitude and bite you just to take a moment to scan through and offer up your own prayer gratitude and offer up in community the gratitude that are named by others in this community gratitude for family for a supportive partner for creativity for a kitty named georgia. Hm that's interesting for being with my husband in the midst of so many difficulties for friends and neighbors. God's unconditional love for friends for family for a sabbatical for sunset after a bright day for music for granddaughters for pets for my garden so many words of gratitude and we offer them all up to the one who gives us life for the one who is breathing in and among us. The one who is present to us in this moment. I'm anne thank you allen allan. Thank you to everyone contributing in the chat. What you put there is A lifting let's get conversing. I want to introduce you to our conversation. Moderator and imagination guide. I'm calling him for this year on locking possibility speaker series friend ben. Joshua davis serves as coordinator of applied research here at the center. He also hosts the podcasts reports from the spiritual frontier which chronicles the day to day. Lives of those who are innovating. New forms of spiritual community. Ben thank you for leading us into this important conversation. Welcome everyone it is so good to see so many familiar and unfamiliar faces in this digital space. I don't know about you. But in this current moment i find my imagination frequently starved by fear and worry and uncertainty so tonight we hope to strike a tone that is both honest and hopeful to take a fresh look at the challenges facing us to remember that not only is a new future in fact possible but that it is already springing up through the cracks of our broken political systems to help us do this today. I'd like to introduce you to our wonderfully wise guests. and i. i like to introduce eric williams. Simon she is an award. Winning writer host educator entrepreneur as the founder and former head of snapshots creator lab. Her work is focused on creating conversations. That helps a diverse digital native generation on cover wisdom and tell new stories about who we are and how we want to live simon's work incorporates elements of her multi industry career the highest levels of media social impacts tech and religion to develop innovative transformative programming for people in brands looking to change the world. She is now the. Ceo of sage house content inexperienced company that creates spaces both online and off for compelling questions critical confer compelling conversations critical questions in shared storytelling. She also co host and co creator of the rosario dawson produce talk. Show the assembly her first book. You deserve the truth with by the way is is marvelous. It described my life to a truly erie. Degree was published by simon and schuster in may twenty nineteen and puts the power of story back into the hands of the people exploring how to engage with the dominant cultural narratives of our time to build an authentic life worth living. She's a self proclaimed armchair theologian and preacher preacher's daughter for life as a double became myself. That's another thing that i find. I share greatly in common with her. She resides in los angeles with her high school. Sweetheart husband is on the board of color. Change oregon. Npr's generation listen. Erica welcome to this conversation. And could you share with us briefly. Why you're excited to be here. In particular in conversation with casper and in an introduction for it i appreciate it so much I would start by saying. I'm excited to be here in that. That's just the thing you say. And i will be honest. If you were talking to me yesterday. I might not said that. This is an interesting moment in one that is full of so many emotions but i am excited to be here because it is good to be in community was folks who are imagining who are questioning are curious Who have something inside of them that says regardless of what is happening in perhaps because of what is happening in the world around us. I want to be here. And i wanna share and i wanna learn And i couldn't think of a person a better person to do that. Within casper with someone that i love deeply a dear friend of mine but also someone that i learned from on a regular and consistent basis is unfair that he lifted up my book because is in the back and i forgot to go. Get it about it. You will hear it. I also encourage you to get it. And i can't wait to chat more within two there so i hope now you're excited to hear a little more about our second. Guess casper kyle. He is helping build a world of joyful belonging in the midst of enormous changes in how we experience community and spirituality he connects people and co creates projects that help us live lives of greater connection meaning and depth. He's the author of the power of ritual another really really wonderful book by the way and the co host of the award winning podcast harry potter and the sacred texts. He's also ministry innovation fellow at harvard. Divinity school co founder of startup sake design lab a research and design consultancy working to create a culture of belonging becoming casper holds a masters of divinity in public policy from harvard university and before moving to the us he co-founded campaign boot camp in the uk. You've climate coalition. Both training and young activists casper lives with his husband in brooklyn new york and as i discovered when he was a guest in my podcast earlier. This year is a man of many hats. An avid singer and also an avid mario kart player though we have not yet had a chance to test our comparative skills against each other so casper welcome and if you could share with us briefly wire excited to be a part of this conversation in particular to have this conversation with erica. Thanks ben and hello everyone. Yes i am so thrilled to to not be alone. This evening. i think the evening we might be hearing some important news. And i'm particularly glad to be sharing this conversation with erica. Who someone who has been so steeped in both the church in politics and now at the cutting edge of culture and media may gang. I just find hut insights into thinking about how culture changes to be extremely important and just seeing things from a perspective. I often don't So i i really appreciate a louis them in her friendship. And i know you're going to fall in love with her as well so hands off. She's mine that's all. I'm gonna say one of the things that's important when we talk about What it means to unlock possibility to cultivate imaginative. Life is to remember that this is not just about coming up with a new strategic plan or to do list but this is a way that we open ourselves our bodies our hearts our emotions to new possibilities to expanding our frame and so we wanted to invite casper if you could. What can you offer us today to evoke our imaginations as we begin this conversation together so when when i was thinking about what might be a poem or piece of music. That could could get us in the mood. Both erica and i are fans of the cynthia. Ariba who liked myself is a brit But lives and works in america. And i think whether it's looking at the percentages of of who voted. Where when you look at racial demographics or whether you look at the long history The full slavery during slavery during jim crow and since then the continue to correction of people in america. I think it's particularly helpful to listen to black women when we think about imagining the future of about democratic state as in sectional theorist than say if we if a free than we are all free and so centering that perspective is not just a good thing to do because it's setting people we care about. It's actually good for me as a white person to do that. Because i'm insuring my own liberation in that so this is the song that cynthia's performing at from the movie Yet just pick apart something him out lost aaron. It's a powerful song. Could stand up. And it was something more allen said before about finding the trauma center states and that hope of believing That i feel come so comes through so strongly in this song. And i want you to listen to especially to this lyric which comes back and again together. We are going to a brand new home far across the river. Can you hear freedom cooling so as you listen to this can you hear freedom cooling more comeback off to this the but not face turned to the side Wait on my cell. A guy more got is in the back just in case do wanna pin former while the clouds roll back in the star. That's not on us and take my people way together. Only new read. Oh me too long again. We separate On the way to sell. And i'll find with the thing that i got onto a take up. He needs to go into a brand new. A Oh took place. Thank you so much for that. I think it's really interesting. How she uses that line freedom calling. Because i think so much of the work about a nation is about learning to identify in free ourselves from the limiting narratives that constrain our imaginations for what is truly possible. And so erica without might. I'd like to ask the first question to you. This year has thrust us into a moment. Where many of our collective national stories about americanism about statehood about what it means to be a good citizen of this country have been shattered often very painfully. But as you write in your book becoming story smart or developing narrative narrative intelligence allows us to begin to respond. I quote here to respond to the stories that shape us adopt the ones that are helpful and discard the toxic or harmful ones and often times. I feel like to. We have to be thrust into that work of learning sometimes in ways that are abrupt or downright uncomfortable. So what i wanted to ask you is how have two stories that we've been told about who we are limited our civic imagination in. What might it look like to build a new common narrative together. That's a great question. I've that that song puts me in such a beautiful beautiful space thinking about our stories thinking about harriet story. Collective stories I love using the idea of story as a frame as a tool. Because i think so often we misunderstand. What story actually is by someone to share their life story with lean would probably begin by listing a series of events or occurrences. Right i was born here and this is what happened to me. And that's how we generally think of stories stories what happened But that's not what story actually is because you and i can experience the same occurrences lived the same events until very different stories about story. Is the frame that we put around those events and experiences it the connective tissue that links together And is our decision about how we will present an what had happened and so in that we have so much power we have powered to Eliminate important parts of the story. You have power to refrain but necessarily while the idea of story is expansive and freedom in life giving it is by definition limiting right because it is saying that this is what happened in here. Is the frame that i am choosing to put around it and those frames and those stories shape what we believe. And then what we believe shapes what we do and a collection of stories revealed patterns about what we feel like we are and what we are deserving up and what the possibility for the world around us looks like in the collection of those stories in those patterns create narratives and so on and so forth. And so when you ask. How have the stories that we've been told. And then from there that we have believed how they limited our imagination I think about the popular myths. Let's really call them. The popular myths that exist about this nation and about who we the broader. We actually are You know the the story of exceptionalism and supremacy Had limited our ability to see the truth of who we are as limited our ability to exercise and practice humility. It is limited our ability to Repent and repair right alan. We hear the word reparations. Our inability to actually do that collectively with authenticity and honesty. Humility is because of the national story that we have about our perfection about our purity. I wish has prevented us from going. And seeing our our stains. And even when i used the term right and who who was forgetting who was remembering i think of one of my favorite poets lucille clifton. And she has. This poem is really short. Coleman at People be mad at me sometimes and it says at. They asked me to remember but they want me to remember their memories. And i keep on remembering mine. How simple and powerful man that so much of the friction that we are experiencing right now is because there is a paddle of story in a battle memory of what this land is and what the stories the land is telling us about who we are who we truly are. And i say that not to way as down in history right. There's a west. African principal saint cova. That is even as we move forward. It's the image. The entire symbol. Cope is a bird with its head reversed in the back of his flying forward but constantly looking to the past to pull forward what it is that we need in order to thrive and so when we think about imagination in iraq here. I'm i'm eager to get into the conversation with casper. imagination our ability to imagine our ability to see bigger better. Brighter futures for ourselves is inherently limited by the stories we talent so it behooves us to question and challenge To dig to read to get close with familiar with the story of our past as we are designing and writing better stories for the future. And so i'm excited about this moment. Giving us the opportunity Collectively to do that for that and thank you for setting that frame For our conversation casper. I want to turn to to you one of the key premises and i think this is something you develop a really really well in your work of any vital community is how we develop a nurture our common agreements about our shared life together and this is true and everything and i think your work with how we gather in the power virtual show so this is true from cross fed to dinner parties and everything in between one of the things. That's become really clear to me. Is that we no longer have as a country scared agreements on what these packs between each other constitute nor do we really have the practice skills to attend well to them. And as i say this is true both for us as a nation and it's also true for us local communities so could you share with us your own imagining about what it would look like to conceive of a new civic covenant indeed how the understanding of covenant from religious traditions. May in fact be helpful for us in this moment and what skills are needed to tend to those covenants well Not some big question ben. Yes so one one thing. I wanna stay. Sometimes when we talk about thinking about best practices like coveted All the kind of architecture of community. It is tempting to full back into that. False memory than erica pointed us to and so i. I don't think of this as as a as a return to something that never was. I wanna think about it as a co creation of plumping but can be and in my where. I look at the trends in religious in community life in america. One of the things. That's been really interesting to see when new communities are shaping in unexpected places like these gyms for example omega odds communities justice groups Co housing groups all sorts of places where people intentionally trying to one another and to say the way the world is not how we wanna be in awe place in. You know whether it's a as we said a faith community a fitness community we are going to behave in a different way. And what i find so exciting about the practice of covenant is not just that it's a noun which describes an agreement that a community might have But it's a verb because it's a constant practice. It's a constant return to those principles of how to be different together and it is never done and it is never puppet and i'll i'll just share one example of what this looks like on my web team with my two colleagues. Where every week we you know we've written up a covenant of how he wants to be in the principles of how we want to be in relationship and every week on a monday we read it out loud together as lift me for cross small unit of collaboration and then we spend twenty minutes talking about where we full in show and where we fulfilled our covered. And so it's it's a of not just relationship because you get to say hot things and listen to hard things from each other. Which is important if a community is to survive. But it's also a constant effort at living into that promise of how we can be together so when i think about a civic covenant I think we cannot stop. We cannot wait for congress to sit anti to come together model that i firmly believe that our elected representatives follow us and that they will go where we leave. And so i i really believe. In our capacity each of us in our homes and workplaces Local congregations and communities that we can model a way of being not just general niceness to strangers but in within commits with relationships to demonstrate that kind of generosity of spirit that accountability and that courage to live into a different way of being that will then a reverberate into our entire political exist. I don't want to paint that as a fun. Easy thing it's blooming hod And it's not it's not enjoyable sometimes but it is also the most rewarding and enriching experience relationship that i have outside of my marriage and in fact when we think about what a marriage is it's a covenant right so it this as a kind of principle of how we might think about Uplifting one another into a into a a richer full of civic relationship is one that i just got really pissed off about as you can tell ya so. I i wonder if you might be able to to share with us then casper story of from your own experience of how this sort of civic community becomes a becomes real it becomes part of reality so as part of my research twin when i was when i was a student. Actually have a good. Nc school my colleague. I started looking for examples of this kind of a intentional community that we still being built in unlikely places and one organization. I wanna talk to you about this. Evening is the us department of arts and culture which i think really demonstrates a lot of how to do this. Well now you would think the organization that is state's department of arts and culture would be an actual official department. But i'm afraid to inform you that america does not have official gold trip that level. This is people would department as they like to describe it and the particular project that i find just so evocative is an annual civic ritual Which all of us can participate in which is called the people's state of the union. So close we used to presidents giving a speech and kind of news covering it. And then debriefing it and so we think about democracy in some way as a sort of monologues suddenly this moment in january and what the usda c. says. No democracy is not a monologue. It's a compensation what they create. All these stories circles links. So exactly into what. Erica was pointing to which gives an opportunity for people to shed that experience that year of the state of our union. It's not just up to one person in the white house. Not even just to. That policymakers speechwriters each of us is experiencing the state of the union. And so i'm just going to share some photos of folks getting together and all sorts of context and all sorts of ways in terms of sharing what that experience looks like. So you have you know people getting together in a clustering via to sit on an described their experience we have people of all ages races backgrounds coming together and it's not just a compensation people express their experience in op making In a kind of Storyboards where people create collages together. Where you get to visually see what it looks like. A people share stories through music performance. people shat You know gathered in the back celtics restaurants in community centres all sorts of places where civic life happens and people can come together but the best part of what happens to these stories is they act elected. The folks come together in in a circle. Find some way to express what the essence of that compensation is and that all comes together and his collected at a national poetic convening where a series of maybe up to ten poets than integrates. All of these pieces of fabric that have been sent in an weaves together this tapestry which is then shed back with everyone who got initially in a story struggle. They come together to listen to a poetic addressed the nation and they here in that story that little piece of the story that was that was sent to the poets into this poem. And so what i love about. This is it's a way in which we can start to see how small covenant communities. Because i think it's very very difficult to have a very large covenant community but if we can find units of democracy so that we don't stop to think the democrats at life is just me one person one vote i want to think about one community one covenant right like can we shift the perspective of how democracy gets done that. It's not just once every four years once every two years one person one vote. But it's these kind of bubbling communities that commented on alive that that shed their experience and then habit witnessed back to them so that we feel actually like that with pot up something So that's one story one organization. It's doing it's completely citizen led f. Each one of us can host one of these stories cycles. A the the people's state of the union and it's a. It's a promise of of what we could be together. That to me is really fascinating. And i. i just wanna know the way that you've refrained expanded our frame for this conversation that we've gone for my many of us when we would hear the phrase imaginative democracy immediately default to politics and policies and government in our leaders. And how do we make our congress more functional. But i think what you point out. That's really important that you know democracy begins. Democracy begins at home. It begins with us in the way that we practice are relating to one another. And that's actually the way their culture changes which is both If feels think in some ways very limiting in terms of our of our scope it also very empowering and that none of us can fix what's going on in this country all on our own but we can all attend to our relationships with with greater with greater intention erica. I'd like to bring you back into the conversation and ask as well as as you think about. What's about what we've been talking about and and much about what you said about story. What are what are your experiences of places where you've seen possibilities unlocked for us. As a democratic society in the way that we relate to one another. So it's so interesting. I did not know what stories we were gonna share. I mean he a couple of words that he or phrases that he said he small covenant communities intentional community than likely places. And it's funny. Because every time i'm given an opportunity to share a story i promise myself next time it's going to be a big impressive story about my time in washington or some of the campaigns that i was at a part of or you know i worked with the obama administration all these things and somehow i always end up Sharing a similar story from a similar time in my life. And i'm going to show. I think it really illustrates perfectly What casper was just talking about and so talk about intentional community in unlikely places. This is A warehouse in prince george's county maryland. Which is a suburb of about three. Three to five minutes outside of washington. Dc and this warehouse. You would drive by and not know that anything was there. It's just a basic building on. But this was the building where i spent most of my childhood and adulthood and it was my family church The storefront church as we lovingly called churches that are smaller. And don't have the kind of grand buildings in sanctuaries that we think when we think of churches but actually the majority of churches in america do look like this in meat in in buildings just like this and when you walk through that door that space was with my narnia right. It was this magical world where a small group of people are church. Never to this day has been larger than two hundred folks right this very small intimate group of people from all walks of life from all exiles economic backgrounds coming together. And if you were preacher's kid. Every tuesday wednesday thursday friday as well To wrestle the stuff of life to build together to fail together to hold one another to challenge when another I really did see that model in such beautiful way. I think about the prompt was possibility unlocked and dreaming. And i think about how what my father's dream was. When he answered the call to begin this community in this ministry. I was nine months old. It was in our basement. He felt a calling To serve our community's specifically Era in a moment in the in the eighties when megachurches were on the rise in a lot of churches that were in the community then been moved out to these beautiful suburbs. You know where these big flashy endeavors in the five s. Just wanna stay here and serve people. But i'm sure. I am sure that in his mind he envisioned at some point. This beautiful community growing and becoming large and and having world renowned. Because that's what ambitious people do. That's what driven people do they envisioned scale and i wanted to show share the story here because as we look at our nation and then our position within it to influence. I think we are all really wrestling with this idea of the distinction between influenza power. Which is really important and control right very different things and we realize in this moment. Twenty twenty has taught us nothing. It has taught us that so many things are outside of our control and yet we are trying to figure out how to wheeled out power in our influence and our country. This is another story that our country has told us that capitalism has told us that the western world has told us is. That scale is the only way to have impact that everything has to be big that your communities have to be big that your changes have to be big but i think about this small building and the thousands of people that over the years have come through although never in groupings of more than one hundred fifty or two hundred what has been born from that you have people will run for office. You have people who have raised families people that have built businesses people that have designed communities so much life and liberty have come from a small space And so that's what i think of when i think of possibility covenant community in what that could look like the scale can come in the impact but needn't begin large in it needn't begin with vision for changing the world it begins with the practice of community begins with the practice of draining together And so this is what that represents to me. And i think. I'm really beautifully illustrates the themes that catherine was also. Just talk about think. That's a wonderfully empowering story just knowing about some of the people who are who are listening to this right now. You know coming as i. Do you know from the state of maine which is the least religious state in the country where most churches are are small. Two hundred would be considered a mega church up there up where i come from. Many churches are just maybe a few dozen people and where they have been kind of oppressed by this expectation of limitless growth. That that is that is the way you know whether you're successful or not. And it is beautiful to think about how we can have profound impact in small communities of deep intention. If i may have up one of the things that really strikes me in eric story is also. How new technologies are allowing I don't want to say the same depth of experience but potentially new ways in which people can form that kind of close commitment to one another even outside of physical spaces but in digital life and one example. That's taken me by surprise. Is that this. Podcast harry potter in the sacred texts. Which which is co host. Where we read the harry potter books but as if they were sacred texts that could teach us something about a life which is has been wonderful experience. But what what i love seeing was that as the coronavirus really took over here in the spring. I'll listen is self organized to create at mutual aid networks. And so you were suddenly. Seeing this digital infrastructure putt costing at facilitated through social media people with finding one another and setting up systems to more than ten thousand dollars changed. Trans people started to make off for one. Another people signed up to be listening bodies for folks who are alone and just needed someone to talk to. And so those are the things that to me are symbols of our inherent capacity for goodness. That's being challenged this election. Opt to save that. There's also inherit capacity something else but that there was an exciting moment now whether it's Even gaining community's getting together and playing games together and then Moving offline to take action together that the promise of arc is talking about is now mediated New ways as well. And here's what here's this is where we just be go. Often start talking back and forth now because the but here's that's important you know this is about democracy and then we are in a moment when obviously our national democracy better or for worse Right is is hanging in the balance right and and so yes. Conversations about systems in structures policies have to be had like we are a very realistic about that fat. But i also when we talk about imagination. Hope that we can get to a point. I think i know casper is there. I know i am there. Some on this call maybe there but some may not be there yet of understanding that in this american experiment there must meet acknowledgement of failure of some failure that in experimentation it means that some things we can let go and have can decide in a sense say this did not work it is not working and that's okay but what can we create that is new and i think in this moment is so important for us to continue to fight in the system challenged the system the system the system what what are new systems that can better serve us and i guarantee you those will not come from top down in never have historically speaking they never have they come from people they come from conversations like this they come in rooms like this and with small groups and experimentation around arts and culture and storytelling and giving mutual aid and so i just want to be really explicit about that. We're not ignoring the moment we're in and we're not saying we don't wanna talk about politics. You'd rather talk about this. That is when are bali. Body politic is made of it is made of relationship and relationship to one another and relationship to systems that we build and shoes to engage with. I want us to go back. In in in posit- at one of the things you said which was about this current moment that we're in does not produce necessarily a lot of hope for political systems the way we are and how it is important for us to pause in reeve and lament and name that so that we can pick up things one of the things. I think i've experienced in kind of the american christian tradition. That i came from. I think it's true. America in general is we are so fearful of failure like i noticed in in christian circles that after the bad news. Summit always does. But sunday's coming and i want to say yes but the there's good friday holy saturday when you're too and then sunday and then sunday comes but you have to go through the other two. I and i think that there's a really important moment for us right now. I i don't know i'll name. This is just my experience but even in this moment where looks like my preferred candidate is gonna pull it out. I feel like this is a win. That's a loss that there's this sense of grief and lament that. After these past four years people want more of this despite the ways that is profoundly destructive to to to to so many people not not just in this country but across the planet and to our planet ourselves. And i think it's important that we pause for a moment in that place of of broken us and and give ourselves permission to experience grief and lament for what we feel. We have lost or what. We have the possibility that was not unlocked for us. This juncture in our country's history. And i was wondering if both of you could share a little bit about where you see the role of grief and lament in healthy democratic life. Yeah it's it's so absent. It's obvious by absence and not just Politically i mean. Another hundred thousand cases of kobe. Today two hundred and thirty thousand americans dying and there has been no public expression of grief at a national level. it is honestly extraordinary There were small beautiful things happening here and there and if you need a daily reminder i hiding argue to follow follow faces co bid on twitter. Which every day says An amazing beautiful photograph and a story about someone who's post but the lack of that i have noticed has made me more brittle vengeful more Small halted in a way that i am so Like honestly i'm disgusted with it. It s that because we we can't imagine before we have grieved and i will bergemann. There is reading jeremiah. Where we we have to speak. Honestly about the the failures as erica was saying before we can make space for the new An i attend to your your opinion example for this but if you look at the difference culturally between austria and germany and the way in which they responded to the second world war gemini took a brutally honest self analysis of how the nazis had risen to power democratically the way in which nearly every system and place in the country colluded and was actively working with the nazi regime friends who've grown up in germany in the world cup the soccer world cup in two thousand six in a more than fifty s late to sit. This is the first time. Germany said this is the first time i felt proud to see the german flag. Should have that reaction. We should be ashamed. I think to see the the the stars and stripes full at least three four generations because we have not told honestly the story of what this country has been built on. Once you've gone through that then. I think you can you can claim the fullness of the story and make space something that's new austria as as a country never did that and help is a honestly just a nasty strain of of racism that is still very publicly visible in life there. There are no marcus when you walk around the physical spaces of of austrian sixties in the way that they're on germany and so that's that's the choice. I think that we have to engage. And we'd have to find a way to to tell the truth about the history. Tell the truth about this moment because otherwise it's gonna keep happening I was so naive when i moved here. Eight years ago thinking that this was a an obama. America and it's only possibly and it cannot fully become that until we fully claimed that story and lament for the honestly to the mess wherein grief very lonely process endeavor when you think of On an individual level right when you lose a loved one. There's the quick moment immediately following when everyone their condolences in folks checkup on you and they send in our tradition. They send food to your home. come to memorial at home going service in and then there is the pain of the days in the weeks after when everyone else has gone on with their lives and you are stuck there with the loss and the emptiness i think about that experience in relation to communities that have lived in a constant state of trauma in this nation. I think what happened in twenty twenty with out for many many many reasons when the george floyd video became a focus of national attention. What happened really was that. The country decided for whatever reason at to experience this grief along with that has been a plagued in place upon our community for so so many generations. And so i talk about the loneliness of that. But i also think about the positive element is what happens when we do it together. What happens when you are by yourself grieving and you get that phone call and you get someone to show up at your door and they hold you and they cry with you write these. These big national ideas are so much easier to understand when you conceptualize them on an individual level of personal level. And so what happens when this country grieves with indigenous folks. What happens when the country grease black folks. What happens when this country grieves with queer folks. What happens when this country as as a collective greaves for the lives lost during kobe greaves. For all of the hopes and dreams haven't been realized that sounds so sad lament is sad right but there's also something cathartic about it that when you wipe the tears away and you stand up together after that moment even though the grief is ongoing you can eat you. Get your appetite back. You can go to work. You can The evolution of emotion and of pain is that when you release it you you create space for more and so as a nation what happens when we share in the pain and create space for beauty. We can't do that. We can't create that space until we acknowledge And i think casper's given us some great examples of what that looks like a nationally but it's it's a critical part of if not of democracy than certainly of reimagining democracy of the process that is required to create something. Now i I i find. I wonder someone brandon said. What are the people who were in the denial phase of grief. And sometimes i. I wonder in fact if so much of the the the craziness that we see expressed on social media in our national discourse is people's people's morning their lament that was never that was never expressed or heard or held that metastasized into something. That's far more hateful. And destructive the way in which it fayette becomes so wrapped up in that inability to see how a different future could also be good Feels very real bad i. It's so easy to like. Sit here in my palm and like talk about this stuff but my in laws are in kentucky and it's terrifying to like have those conversations with the people who we closest to because the relationships off the most important ones that are at stake. So i i really don't want you to feel like which talking this stuff is like. Hey let's do this It takes such courage. Which is why i keep coming back to this thing of like. I know i can't do it alone. it's too much it's too much. It's it's why. I need you know in in the jewish tradition the concept of a minion group of ten people who must say that the press grief with you because i think there is wisdom in that tradition because we literally cannot do it alone and so i just keep coming back to helping us build those circles of covenant community but also courage that those relationships sort of laboratories in which way up pulled out of the limitations of individual cells and into a great capacity for not only the sense of vision that we talked about but just a a courage to take risks And that's that's why. I always come back to when we think about those folks who may not have the same political perspective. It's like i. I need a team to be able to engage in the assad conversations. I wanna just name the way that this conversation seems to be really landing in the community. That's listening to us. And you know. Janet mentions the importance of of catharsis in community in our needs to to name. These things until nicole talks about what is collective repentance. Look like maria asks. How do we collectively grieve. When we have different phrases for the for the for the stories i am. I think that I think that figuring out containers by which we can we can do this. We can form community and we can invite ourselves into our bests are are kind of the best our best selves. Who were supposed to be at our best. Our community is really important. As you point out is really what the fundamental practice of democracy is about. So what have you all Might be willing to share some of the some of the containers you find. That helps us begin to to do community the best. I know casper you talked about packs and it'll you talk a lot about ritual and certainly our ritual life at our civic ritual. Life is very very impoverished very very impoverished now. There used to be a very definite kind of liturgical calendar which wasn't many ways problematic. As we've understood was a sense that there were collected things that many people were observing. And so i'm interested to hear from you all as we try to to to to turn for folks as we're headed insys last part of the conversation from. How do we name our grief in our broken as to. What sort of practices can we engage in in our own. Small democracies to help renew this thing that is so broken. What might you suggest as some places we can. What are some places we can. We can start erica. Join me too fast or do you wanna go okay. All right well. I grew up in the little village called forest bro which is about an hour south of london and both my parents off dutch said they had very heavy dutch accents which you can imagine if you watched the crown does not always land beautifully. The kind english parochial set. But they were and My mom always been very passionate about road safety because she had a full brothers and one of them died in a car bikers child and so when she sold that the the bikes that was no bike lanes that was no infrastructure of public safety in the little village that we ran. She started to campaign and a really harangues. The local council and off the five or six years of heavy heavily at that was on one side of the road. A tiny like half a meter Like foot of green which was supposedly a bike lane. It was utterly useless. You couldn't actually cycle sekely on it. So what she decided to instead was to create a festival for the village because these little bike lanes. No one wants to cycle wasn't safes instead. She said all right. I'm going to try something different. I'm going to create every year an annual bike festival. And i'm going to create an annual ox festival and it's going to be the most happy day in the villages life And now of course. Where are we fifteen years later. It is the comic kind of institution of the village in every store. Donate something for a prize in the rack. Role and every kid takes in an adventure cycling from one part of the village to another the pickup stamps. And i as a young person fault. My mom was super weird on. This was pointless. And i'm sorry embarrassed by but now as i grow old is what incredible vision she had. And the way in which she tons something from this kind of policy battle into a An irresistible vision of how the village could be that once a year. Everyone got to taste and of course thanks to that. There are now way a bicycle lanes but it the thing that she did was to create a ritual so the village that if you were a violinist or if you were a kid that was just starting to ride a bike. That was a place for you in this annual of life. Would it mental. It been. I was to be part of the festival in some way I mean crazy. Things took place. That was a string quartet in a telephone box. That's the kind of stuff that was happening but it was. It created a a rhythm of life in that particular community that allowed people to feel part of something and build little relationships here and that that ended up having all sorts of other impacts. And so. When i when i think about ritual life and i think about the sorts of lethargic pound that again we we've talked already about how it's so tempting to start looking at the very highest level. And how are we going to create this thing. I think iraq's at least to me. Let's start at the start started. The places of this is rob hopkins is wisdom as well of course to start in the places where we live on all and the places where we can create honestly need anyone's permission and we can just start to create these these festivals imagination So whether it's choosing at people's state of the union gathering whether it's creating an ops festival and a bike riding a campaign within each of us has the capacity to to to make something And i think that that the real powers when we do it year in year out when you're in your ear earing you're out because donswindows patent in that trust that You know the depth of meaning comes through rituals the things that need intention attention repetition and i think that's one way in which the civic virtual can can happen. I'll say one other final thing which is that. I am deeply thinking about creating some sort of ritual tax day because it's such an opportunity to celebrate the investment in one another. And you know to not see it as a After pay taxes but like wow. We've all made this contribution Whatever contribution it is so who knows. Perhaps that strikes at strike your nations before we charge you erica. I just want to highlight nicole's prompt in the chat. What are the things that we might discover as we think about this is that there are places where this is happening within our own communities and so if there are i would fight you just to name those in the chat as we continue this conversation. Where the places where those civic liturgies. The civic rituals already exist where those places where there already are small vibrant unities of Moments of democracy happening name those in the chat so we can celebrate the places where this is already going on. Erica turn it's you. Yeah i mean. There's so many examples of think of when that's happening here in los angeles called open circle at started By my husband but that not talking about it. It's been so beautiful to watch over cova this community. They gathered together really. Add a circle of sharing and support for black male entrepreneurs and the idea was to come together and talk about our business ideas in challenges that were having And week after week as the men would come together. I'm on these calls in these meetings and on these during covid on zoos the conversation would never be about it would be about what was happening in the world. It would be about what was happening in their homes in their families. It would be about. George floyd it would be about You know the lack of freedom and safety that they feel to be vulnerable elsewhere in these conversations emerged in the group continued to grow and grow and grow to this beautiful beautiful space. Where black men come together to talk about masculinity and And the economy and policy and from that group projects have emerged right. After the george floyd moment when folks were really just trying to figure out what can we do. We can go be in the streets. But what else is there to do. They developed a web site that actually helps people tie the issue area that they are most passionate about to their elected official. Create the content for that Then collectively began to develop content ideas and make video togetherness this beautiful thing that coming from the world that i come from which initially was politics and media where so many of those projects have started from funders or from this this top down sense of. Here's the problem that an outside source with resources can design a solution to and instead watching what happened when a group of people who did not know one another opened up to the general public began to come and talk about their shared challenges and develop shared experiences together. And that's one model. It just happens to be in my face literally every saturday. But i see these over and over and over again it. Oh award us uncles at this word that you used ben and the prompt for this part of the conversation you said practice is one of the practices and i. That's a word we often toss around but forget what it actually means That everything we are doing towards this new future towards Our dreams and a new democracy they practice which means we must be consistent. We must do it over and over again. We will make mistakes. We will grow. Things will change but if we approach our work if we approach our contribution to this world as a practice you recognize that there is both impact that reverberates outside of you and also impact that happens internally just like with any other practice that the more you do it the more you practice community the better you are the more you grow the more you expand the more your imagination broadens. That's again what excites me about this moment. And these opportunities for us to connect even when i think about the practice of face right There's been a a narrative particularly when i think of christianity that and even within the black church that oh faith is something that can be helpful to change makers it can be a comfort to change makers. But i'm excited about the idea that the practice of faith is a change maker that by doing it by being it. I am constantly in a state of evolution and growth. Impacting the world around me so I think that is that is the potential of this idea of community and covenant and really living out this democracy thing that we're trying to build together yes and This conversation is just it is too darn short. We are we are. We are nearing the end of the time we have together so i wanted to ask each of you just quickly twenty seconds or less if people want to find out more about you and your work. Where should they go in casper. I'll start with you. Your welcome to go to casper. Tk dot com. Where you can listen to the pulse. Podcast if you if you want to check that out. Ben if i may i just wanna say that i know the eric and i've been the ones speaking am very conscious. I always have everyone gallery views. So i can see you know baba's nodding head and i seek kearns writing things down and david starting to sound just. I know that each of you is doing this work and his living this out and i'm so thrilled. I know a number of pure gathering every week for the conversation And for learning so. Just please take a if you will my blessing and encouragement and gratitude to each. And every one of you felt that you do We get to be the the thesis that you are the real the beating hearts of this work and so I'm just so grateful to have been with with this evening. Erica echo that. Thanks you can find me at erica. Williams dot com. And i actually want to find me there. And on social at miss m. i. s. s. e. will because i want to hear from you like for just said we got to talk to you in at you in to one another today But it's been a pleasure to read your comments your shoutouts of your communities things that you are doing in seeing an even questions that you're wrestling with Feel free on social media to engage with us at talked to us in reach out and tell us more because again this is our one shot to be face to face with you all right now the zoom but we are ultimately all a part of this community in all part of the same mission to reimagine what are looks like together so reach out to us. They're read our books. Listen to our podcast and then talk to ask because we definitely wanna hear from you. So this is a continuing conversation. Nicole folks want to learn more about the center in connect with all the things we're doing. What should they know about. Yes thank you. Thank you casper. And eric and ben for this important conversation story covenant democracy grief ritual while we covered some good ground tonight. We hope you'll consider joining us for our upcoming speaker series events within this Unlocking possibility series. And we hope you'll spread the word to your friends and colleagues on coming up next on november eighteenth. We will be Imagining a new church with reverend emily. Scott and reverend dr hebrew brown then on november thirtieth will be imagining a new planet with bill. Mckibben and reverend lennox. Fear would if you're interested in something a little different from these speaker events. I'd also like to invite you to join us for a five part book retreat. That starts next thursday with author ban wolpert around his new book. Chretien's wisdom spiritual practice and climate change. This retreat will explore. How god speaks to us through creation and how we can become ambassadors for path of healing in this time of climate crisis. We look forward to continuing to walk with you. Alan let me just say when a great pleasure it's been share. This time together. Casper erica so honored to have been able to share this This time and we're grateful for all the challenge and the Invitation that you've shared with us tonight to imagine a new democracy. I'm just going to send us out with a couple of words of blessing. This is from the very end of a blessing by john. O'donoghue and the blessing is called For one who holds power. But i'm only going to share the a few words at the end. May your soul find the graciousness to rise above the fester of small mediocrities. May your power never become a shell wherein your heart would silently atrophy. May you welcome your own vulnerability as the ground where healing and truth join in may integrity of soul the your first ideal the source that will guide and bless your work. We're so glad that you've joined us tonight. We hope you'll join us for some of our upcoming events A final thank you to erica and casper and go in peace blessings as you go. I one good night.

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Live From LA ft Chase Chewning

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Live From LA ft Chase Chewning

"Sorry I didn't know what you're doing that we've background ono win a whole new owner going to. Yeah we're going to do okay. Is Everything. Okay now good good. That's the staple you could say staple to get this out of the way way early and simple out to Blake's defiantly Blake symphony deserves. Show Ladies and gentlemen folk. What do two boys and say eventually and is your boy? Jay honeycutt another episode of the Jason. Podcast Sir Clap for yourself platforms deserve. Yeah it took me twenty four hours to marijuana in the city of Los Angeles where legal basically Anisur together where it's legal base. Is that what you're saying? You know they deliver you know what I found out. But here's what you guys have to remember you. Had the delivery guy comes through it hundred dollars Shit. Whatever that's cool except you live here. Sorta owed one hundred dollars worth of shit that you're going to get rid of over the course of time one thing to me ordering one hundred dollars worth of shit for two days is different because then nobody wants to see me at the convention. Let me take anywhere so anyway. What would you like to introduce August? Yes we do have a special guest on board He. We actually connected yesterday at the bar at the bar by the podcast demand but not in not in a creepy kinda where you guys trying to pick me up or was picking you buy. You're definitely trying to play hard together. I think he's playing hard to get. I think you were. The one that initiated the conversation they went and got him a cougar. Exactly but anyway PA folk where Basically airing from Los Angeles live right now at this moment in time and we have this special guest on board that we met that we just spoke about. Just now this gentleman. He has a lot of experience when it comes to the podcasting. Realm of things has personal. Podcast called ever forward radio once again. That's ever forward radio. He is a life coach. He's also an army veteran and as well as an entrepreneur which is Some questions for him and Ladies Jensen Pot Focus. Let's give a warm welcome to our friend and podcast Guy Chase -Tuni- do we clever myself once again. The name is chase tuning driving English. Search the Dutch yet mostly until English. We traced it back to actually colonial Williamsburg. There's twenty three and me no. I haven't done that but in terms of just like I'm just going off the name. I could be totally wrong. But how many how many tunings you know. I don't know I don't know that many either families like this this pick but I'm pretty sure my aunt told me back. In the day that we got our heritage serve back in colonial Williamsburg came over actually supposedly if this is true Joe Cya challenging the old English spelling e but it it just is still pronounced tuning and it just changed over the period of time. Yeah but anyway challenging tavern is still alive and well that's down in colonial Williamsburg Virginia too. So I've gone back a few times and I try to pull the discount but nobody knows it doesn't work like Sir Idiot. Your name differently spelled here. That's an easy not an. Oh get get out before we actually get into things. I wanted to wholeheartedly. Thank you for accepting offer today. I know how that goes. Yeah we also found shades. Run now I don't know this has been a weird twenty. Four Twenty. Four hour for myself has been somewhat. It's also been productive as well so before your conference stream you guys well. Yeah Yeah Diane. So they were able to connect with their network with a bunch of people and have access to a bunch of information that we really didn't access to four so it's been pretty good. I mean I don't know if you've reap the benefits the benefits of the movement as well. It's always difficult to benefit from your always. I think predominantly new ideas. You come into a conference. You know we're all here for the theme. The point of podcasting. We are all podcasters. Correct or people here are getting into it and it's a slippery slope may cause always leave. Oh I WANNA do this. I'm going to do that. And it's like process overload. I mean sometimes most of the time. It serves me well but other times. I'm like Shit doesn't another thing that I'm not gonNA do or another idea. I get excited about that. I don't have time or interesting resource of all through but it's all good. It's all just you know. Be a sponge as much as possible. Shake some babies kiss him hands and all that stuff and shit out shake and then apply what you can like Polaroid Picture. I think we did. We did some good work today. We did fantastic work today. Folks a couple a couple of not going to say from where they are but people who before Earth but yeah a year ago when we introduced podcasts them. They wouldn't respond emails. Yeah now oh you know guys should definitely not yet. That was nice cool. Whatever but it's so love to me is all growth like it is. You can't give everybody a shot at everything. Otherwise you know people proved so we've proven knows good. We just continue to work together. Better and improve as a podcast. That is It's basically you clearly bring no energy. No comedic relief to the show at all right. He's really weird. He's actually the comedic relief. You know. It's really weird percent at the town. I'm usually really quiet really but as you know we usually recall I am not a morning person. Okay and we were called the morning at nine in the morning on a Bathrobe Cup of coffee and a doughnut. Your work attire. The dress code sounds terrible. Man GotTa tune got all too comfortable tire so funny a couple of months ago. My wife got this idea that she wanted to kind of flex her creativity. Okay a little bit. And she's a nurse right. She's here she's a full-time Grad student. Actually a nurse practitioner program up to the White Uh thing helps a lot of people in. Yeah absolutely and she was. You know I've been doing this now for a couple years and we'll get into it here in a little bit but for sure. She was like I want to do that. So we got the idea to do a nursing youtube channel and so I I. I do Youtube as well and sat down in front of the camera and took forever shed. You know dress dressed all dressed up looking good looking Q. Makeup done all this stuff and like videos and those like a whole day and she's like I can't do this anymore then. We took the idea from a youtube channel to a podcast. And now we do the same thing. Sit on the couch in the morning. She hasn't been brush your teeth. I'm sipping my morning coffee. She's in her. Pj She's I can do this. I pod cast is my gym my morning. Oh man if I don't get if I don't get my coffee to start it all out. What what would your coffee. What do you drink coffee will? Yeah no ship. Anything point at some point. Just put it in. Put It in front of me and I'm going to drink it at some point. If I have a choice believe it or not. I really like Cafe Gustavo alike couplets Colombian fellow. Acc CLOUDS'LL I like that. I like really folger's Columbia and get it. I I like all of that but we go but when it comes time like right now. I need coffee now. I know what you give me. Give me caffeine okay. Okay so go are you. Are you a starbucks? Saw Dunkin donuts guy. Honestly I think Dunkin Shit okay. I haven't been super impressed. Dunkin stop talking about the coffee right. Don't don't don't starbucks just puts all ingredients at the bottom of the cup and they just shakes Z. Me I don't really only drink espresso or cold brew. Oh okay. So I I think starbucks cold brew is a good when it's good. I will say that. They're kind of inconsistent. Not all the time but man. I'm either getting their cold brew or their blindness. Brussel and that should as I took twelve minutes to get a cup of coffee this morning. You'll walk shit would never fly in New York would never the pace of service here seems like it's a little bit slower. At least in an is there is a starbucks directly across the street from my apartment and when I leave my apartment I can walk there in two minutes from getting an elevator. Get in there. I'll drop in order a mobile time. I'm still waiting like ten minutes when I get there. Wow location specific problem but around the corner does the same thing and it was no one in there and then they had three people working but the sweet delight three of the suite is one thing so like you feel great and feel bad being like a fuck up what my coffee be and I never tried to give people a hard time. I've been in the service industry for a long time. Actually I've only ever known. I used to work starbucks before as well. I've never worked in starbucks but my parents had a coffee house. They had like four or five actually grown up. Okay so I. I've only ever a coffee guy or in the military or they actually only coffee. Yeah may four or five so literally since I was twelve years old. So being an entrepreneur is practically in his blood and coffee off until you cut me. I bleed entrepreneur cold brew. She didn't have Cobra Back Down from. I'm originally from Virginia. This really really small town called roanoke. Roanoke is nobody knows baroni opposite side. Got Appointment I was just thinking about the vix. That's why I know I know. I know Iran okay. My mom went to talking about my family. Where station and and the Army Benning right? My my father was at forbidding. Yeah my mom was all over from Alexandria lieutenant into I know. Okay Yeah Virginia. Guy At heart. Yeah I grew up in Roanoke Virginia and then my dad was in the military. Well when he out? That's what he did. He had a couple of odd jobs here and they're trying to provide for his family worked worked at UBS. He worked some other like textile delivery he worked for this company called Air Mark and on one of the days on one of his routes wanted to being a regular route for him. There was the spot and it was empty for the longtime this beautiful corner spot right in this little village area hands be great coffee also. There's nothing here. I think it happened to be the timing of his route to. He's like shutting to refill. Like I would love a cup of Coffee. Wiser not a coffee house right here. Roy and Yeah and then he just had that kind of entrepreneurial ish I guess and nursing my family knew I was in there with him with a crowbar. My little brother. We were tearing up the floor renovating the Police Child. Labor laws probably could come on. That was like eleven twelve years old and generally arrive mainland. Yeah it's a good boys dying so that's pretty cool because it seems like the formation your parents gave you. They basically laid the foundation of what the value of work actually is absolutely. That's fantastic. Really also actually I would use that like on my Elephant eloquent. We do have. I do not say you went to the military. We're we're we're Brenton. Did you go into the army? Yeah how long were you there? How long have you enlisted six years and you do love because just done? I left because they told me I had to write a wound up getting really significantly injured the last almost year and a half like fifteen almost eighteen months or so. I was put in a Med hold unit long so I had to learn how to walk again twice won. A green medically disappeared paralyzed. So no long story short as long so long. I guess so enlisted in the army after high school and the nature. My job is in the intelligence community of military intelligence. I'm actually fluent Russian speaker so Russian tally yet the if he had that guy needed or Shahara show in vodka. That's all you need fifty. If you have shopper Suka Suka Cozy were suppo. You slap them nobody calls. You know what I was doing that and I was enjoying it was. I enjoyed my time in the military but I wanted to do something different and so I wanted to kind of change jobs a little. I wanted to still do the intelligence cool stuff but I just wanted to do it actually over there as we call it so I volunteered. For a couple of deployments. First one fell through wasn't the right. Rank got promoted. Put myself on the track to follow through on another option and in war game training actually pre deployment training. I was leading an ambush against the fake enemy as much as like Humvees and people and stuff coming down the lane and anyway I wound up. Tearing my hamstring. I was leading this attack and my L. Foreign L. Fiber Debray went that way. That's my buddy went this way and then it turned into much bigger complications with my hips. So I had to have both of my hips. Femurs completely reconstructed so the top of my knee. All at the top of my ass. Basically got these big incisions surgically remove and dislocate my femur reshape it all to rods and pens and they had to do one at a time. Hollywood gun was bedridden for a long time ago from bedridden to how long you were bedridden for weeks. Wow Yeah pretty much and then finally once I got to the point. You know. They'll cut me open rehab. Cut Me. Open Rehab I became. What's called non deployable basically. You're no longer soldiers. So I was actually medically retired. I wanted to stay in the whole twenty years. Helical retire thirty-seven move onto the next thing in life I'm sorry to cut you off. How long were you in? Before you got injured. This was about the four and a half ish earmark. Oh wow so you sir a little bit at least yeah four and a half pushing five solid years of doing my job and a bunch of cool things opportunity to do a lot of things in the states to do a lot of things around the world. I can tell you more but I'd have to kill you because I was in the field positive and we just like to say I'm a father would really killed me freezing sequence you fuck this up. Excuse me tonight terrible. I mean well. That's all pretty unfortunate and once again I just wanted to give you a special. Thank you for even serving our country because it takes a lot of guts to do something. Special Rue des. Yeah so I guess I just people. I was an overachiever. Instead of retiring at thirty seven retired at twenty three twenty three. I'm thirty four. Okay Okay Nice. Nice so let me ask. Would you say guitar spent in that you still enjoyed it like the talent? Okay with anything if you look at it as I spent six years at this job and that's really what it is. It's a much more physically demanding high paced job. But it's job on the less. So yeah if you look back at a job you had and you're there for X. amount of time. Would I go back and do it again? Did I enjoy that? I learn a lot absolutely gotcha. That's all right so do are you I heard you say something about your brother earlier. Yet yeah siblings have. There's Max and my sister Brittany. Yeah so on the all three. Oh you're the oldest oldest nice and who is Max? The baby is the baby. How did you guess that you had to tell me how to spell his name? And that came along with something like the baby would be solar Max with two X.'s. Like as a kid I see him like telling other people that were you there going somewhere. That's right here like my I have. I have a million siblings. Yeah and I love them all but I can tell you like somewhere in order you can tell. They all have certain niches. Did you guess that I was the oldest? I'm curious now that you Kinda pin them. My brother was the baby. Guess how once you told me you had what you told me that you had a brother and sister right. Most people who have older sibling most people who have older sisters Mentioned this as being older. I for some reason interesting because I do. Because it's actually older Sicily's it's something that will ask me that. This is a whole new life dichotomy. I'd never thought of cause for the fuck of it tonight. We go through tonight right. I think so. Yeah Yeah Okay for the Food I guess for the fuck of it when we go to the park just for the fuck of it. Actually they have I guarantee you if they have an older sister but like well. I have one older sister names. There's three of us have older sister. Name Sir Middle. And they'll always say this. How many of them. And if there's an older sister they always say. I have an odor something Blah Blah Blah. Now that you say is I'm kind of going through past experiences and I think the saying that. Yeah interesting yeah. Isn't that interesting? I'M GONNA be people watching now. Thank conversing pay very close attention to anything. People say compensation people give away so much about themselves and don't don't know what they don't realize absolutely correct people like me and that's why I'm a podcast. I don't know what I'd give away. It's crazy because sometimes when I have conversations with people I have to backtrack and make sure like what did I say that that actually say that. I hope I say that. Oh fuck like see. I'm the opposite I BACK. I come around but yes shit. Okay Next year whatever now we gotta deal with the repercussions which maybe is a good thing that I want getting out of the military especially working in 'em I because man I just I'll talk to actually Tuning we broke you on purpose because we realize you suck at keeping secrets so if military if you weren't in the military that wasn't the route you're GonNa go whatever oddly enough. When I was looking at colleges and I was a sophomore junior and you begin to kind of think about these things I the time I was really kinda interested in. Martissant side My my on my grandmother. We have a lot of artists in the family. Painter sketches painters. I was decent Maybe my grandma was blown smoke in my house. I don't know I did win first place in tenth grade watercolour out there all right. First Place. I- Watercolor Tenth Grade Tenth Grade. Okay yes ten legit ten-year-old year old painting would have been like Plato and Poop and you got to the foul not grade watercolor. I don't know if we have Watercolor Greg L. I went to a small private school and it was very very heavy in the arts and all the classical education and things like that so it was really interested in my artistic side and I thought that I wanted to pursue graphic design. And so that's what I thought I was GONNA wind up doing our generation I hate us like we as a generation have been have been told. I'M GONNA pursue my artistic side. I'm going to be a graphic designer. Does not artistic side. It's not a business is using art. That's how well can you photoshop? Exactly what we've been told now going. I WanNa follow the healthy side. I WANNA be a Sushi chef. That's not that's not healthy. This is you should become a Sushi chef and they give me a discount. Sushi will while you guys are here. We want the best of your life or Sushi. Go to Sugar Fish Sugar Fisher. Fish there that folks gigolo fish to blow literally gets this stuff like airdrop to him on private planes. Oh it's it's it's price he's a little pricey but even if you uber eats it like the presentation is on fire. But if it's way below. Mach may where's already you may thirtieth. I know you in the city for the roots picnic. Definitely stop playing games pull up with the SUSHI. Yep Cello sugar fish sugar diplo you hear this. Sugar Fish Dip lost. I plan on company to fill up with the SUSHI. I the only way we won't get desk. Diplomats breakout Sushi. It's unreal man. Definitely my best bet. I like your shirt. Your shirt is definitely from four and put it on the on the speaking on my brother he runs Ever Ford Apparel. Oh so this peril side of the brand. Is He also here in? Cowley with you know he lives in Houston. Actually he's been there for about a year now him and I both were in Virginia. We lived together for about a year right. Before I got married we lived in Arlington Virginia Northern Virginia. Okay then I got married and apparently when you get married you have to move in with your spouse. It's this whole right. Wait a minute so you got to move it to her house. Some bullshit. No not her house like we got our own place. It we moved into DC together. And that's what he's finding a little bit unusual Hollywood remarried. It'll be four years in September. Oh congrats on September sixteenth birthday September. Twenty Third Oh nice my my my anniversary as August thirty first okay But we lived together ready before you married. Okay so you guys kind of got that experience out of the way. I don't you know what that's something that that's so you say you didn't live with your lady at all before you got married. Yes trouble over here and look at this point. I'm already married the INLAWS lumpy. It's all getting if my in-laws ever asks I'll deny deny deny But Yeah we actually did live together for a year without them knowing. Yeah okay okay. That was big and more hot. You made honestly how she was she was over eighteen. No what I'm saying. She was full disclaimers. You find two of our roads. I would like to purchase to me drove. How many parts of you smoked in your life interesting. We'll get you batted around. Oh come on the embellish. She's she's Persian movement Iran. Yeah getting into the the Brown the Brown town they call the Brown community is has been this whole like like we're saying earlier. Shit what did I say? Do I do that? I dig myself. A hole Macintosh. How many times? I've said something like. Don't talk about into told them around. Like some GonNa shut my mouth and you tell me when to talk. Woken the browser. We like to welcome you. It's this whole don't ask. Don't tell kind of thing I'm sure stupid. You said you guys have Persians. Is that what you said they are? Yeah there yeah. Those that was the biggest army right in the movie. Three hundred. The Persians Persian empire is because he's sources. Tell us that was the empire that defeated Gerard Butler. Now you go smart whatever. His name was trying to get it on. File Gerardus Butler maximus. Thank you go pretty accurate. You just kicked wrecks of Shit into a hole in the ground. Yes yes that was the Persian empire. I wasn't even the greatest part. Okay yes that was. And he was dressed rather explicit and provocatively but Which we call that that's L. A. Chic Nablus jobs. I've seen nothing dogs at the convention today. Hand off his. I've been here a year and I still say every time I walk on my apartment. Play this game with myself right millionaire or homeless person okay. millionaire homes. I can't tell the difference. Do you know what I blame comedy but anyway damn close to me because I watch and I love robot chicken but because I haven't seen I know of it. There's a sketch I'll show you of running. Sketch of the is three hundred of the three hundred zero. But look I can shit when he loves things and like they had a restaurant and like this sitting down and everybody's in suits and ties and he gets up he's like this is SCR cook. It sounds like something you would watch while your high lead sober and so you were sober and high jober. The first time I watched and fell in love with it I was high when I went back and re watched it and realize why I fell in love with it. Okay that sense. That was incredible. That totally makes a Lotta so. Have you been married for years now? Coming up on four. Yeah okay are they giving you the pressure on you know all I mean grandkids and all that stuff? I mean help. My Mom told her. Hey I'm dating someone. What am I having grandkids yet? Like we slept last night. He's still upstairs or when you're getting rackets always on topic for sure. It's scary. I think now because her sister. She's the baby herself and her older sister. Were actually the same age and she just got married last year. And because you know. She's the woman in her early Thirties. The whole biological clock thing. I think had if you're listening to this on I'm trying to speak for you reveal any secrets but I'm pretty sure they're trying to do the whole thing sooner rather than later so honestly for me. I'm like Oh Shit. We got married. I Like I want to have the first grandkids. Getting a pressure I know James. Getting pressure to not yet not yet soon enough soon enough. I'm getting I get the pressure all the time. I think it's actually different for a man than it is for a woman. I know I know my wife gets the pressure even more than I get her. Mom's even said it like outright like y'all can just had the baby and give it to me now how you don't even have anything to do with look it's not about you exactly all right. It's about me and my wife was like that's not does not how this works. It's okay like now. Kids actually came over to take the baby over to be babysat now because we have to make sure I run off. Maybe you put your Momma find my friends exactly five my on my on my baby. Somebody has created that APP. Find my baby. Find my baby dot com. If you ever need to actually find your baby that'd be a great APP to have but a horrible thing to have to know like registered for. Yeah feel like you've got bigger problems thirty. Yeah if you need to find your baby on every registration for that comes with intervention over and does the huge homeless problem out here very very but I actually here. It's worse in the bay. Area is a higher percentage of San Francisco Bay area. Yeah something worse over there. Yeah once again. We are in downtown. La At at this very moment. Who's a whole homeless man outside the building I was it? Was it was a low all. Put Him because like I couldn't even get to the Uber. It's no no. I saw that guy. He's actually an angel investor. He's worth about two hundred million. Gotcha so wait so the homeless people that are sleeping around here actually millionaires. Interesting case study okay he's congregate. She cannot chic zone. Easy could tour music. It's I'm great Taymor. Tell us about your show. What do you do on your show? 'cause you're kind of getting just what it is we do on our great A good conversation. I'm sure that you more than this. On your show lights ahead phone with the microphone attached to it. Yeah we use the walking around like the white billy blanks. Don't want to motivate get a hand. That's how you know when somebody's serious when it's all continue motivation. They don't do these hands here. They put their motivate like they're preying almost just been stuck in my yoga mode I might have been like half Chevanton A- like motivational slash. Mama stay everybody. Who's ever motivated me in my life. That wasn't a coach. That was the that was the goal to at some point. It had this had happened Britain. Like but what are you going to do about it right there? That gesturing winning fucking you got ten fingers points. Whatever you say boss I try to. I guess it would like to say it's good conversation. Over the last year I really realized the power in the art of storytelling. Okay is much much more In just the commonality humanization like what we're GonNa talk about the other night So I have like I'll say an angle that I eventually get everybody to. I have one question that I ask all my guests. And that's at the end. You know our our phrase our mantras ever Ford live a life ever Ford and spoiler if you're ever on my show like I'm going to ask you that But if you listen to any episodes coming but it's really just you know maybe getting into the craft of it. I mean we're talking to the other night podcasters. You have a guest. Arming people just kind of begin to regurgitate the same thing over and over and look I get it. I mean sometimes you go on x amount of shows you ass get asked the same amount of questions questions. You're going to naturally build this little script and so I try to not do that as much possible. Try to just you know. Hey how are you like what's top of mind? What your biggest thing that you were going on right now. What are you absolutely not WanNa talk about just the humanization component of all the answers to those? Who ARE NOT. WanNa talk about art. I don't WanNa talk about Kelly. I'm tired it's the in the closet. Okay cool yeah. He came out of the closet. Awhile ago he's in a cell. Now I think is in a very very tight confined concrete closet. I wonder wonder how they found him. And Bill cosby cells but found one yet. Oh God but anyway. That's another story we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA continue right on hard pass as a cleaning out just thinking so anywhere. What's wrong with these? I know you know you you asking. That wouldn't have been the first thing that I don't. You know I gotta go alone. Go Get out of here. I don't I don't understand Maybe it's just me. I understand that power allows you to get away with a lot sure Power allows you powerless. People think they got away with the love. And that's where I'm headed at. What point do you get so out of touch with reality? That a once in a lifetime will once. I'm not saying it should ever happen. But a one time instance or one time incident turns into an act of every day turns into a habit like again like what point at. What point does maybe going after? A girl that you thought was a little too young and you pursued it and you got it and then you like. That was enough of that. Yeah and then when it becomes you being a predator. Because you're like shit anyway won't do shit about it? Yeah look at. What point does that happen in your mind? You rationalize it like that. And that's the crazy part you rationalizing. Well if you're saying you do. Yeah Yeah I think so. A clinical narcissist or anything else like that. I mean for those people. There is no in my monologue where it is. It's drastically different than what a normal person would have. But Yeah I think to answer your question. It's really to two things come to mind. It's people who stops stop becoming a student alive or stop thinking they've mastered something because once you kind of reach a position whether you're the CEO of this film production company or you're the manager at starbucks down the street trying to take advantage of the new hire People who reach any sort of position. I definitely saw a lot of this in the military. We call it you know hide behind the rink people who reach a certain status title position in life. And they're like this is like I am all that I can be Kareem. All of this and everybody underneath me is literally underneath me And that's a slippery slope. I mean I think people we think we get promoted or we learn a new skill set or you know or or social media following hits a new milestone like. Oh Shit like I've made it so if we keep that mentality than we're not constantly challenging ourselves or questioning ourselves are doing the things to keep the variables moving to to change in evolve and grow and learn. Second Point would be that we fail others. Meaning that the people around him people around these people who've been accused of these people who are around people who take advantage and manipulate and use their power against other people is because we are failing them meaning. We are not stepping up and we are not you know saying hey this is right or this is wrong. Just questioning anything. So I mean it's just as much their responsibility as it is ours for humanity right so basically check them. He's in power check but just like an integrity check Iraq fucking number. Yeah man together or even just stating things like that but just ask him questions just questioning just questioning the second. I mean look at every uprising revolution. Whatever it's always been Even just a paradigm shift in technology or social media or whatever it starts with question once you begin to crush in the norm or question. Whoever's leading something that piques curiosity that makes more questions than there never really truly is or at least it never stays like this is it. This is the authority I am me. You're you and there's that kind of back and forth but just questions you know definitely that actually makes a lot of sense now I have. I have a question to you sir. You have been and a bunch of great places you've lived. What is your favorite Fast Food Burger? He has a. It has some love or some hate here. Favorite Fast Food Burger. I gotta go within and out. Oh Wow let me let me get five guys. Okay okay. I love both equal. I haven't had ally yet. I'm looking forward to having it some time. You know we. We almost the Jack in the box. Today Yeah I told them that. Let's not go over there to yeah. I want to ask is five guys saga I honestly I think I love them both equally. I really do. But they're they`re. They're both yes. Shakes totally different. Fucking hate shakes. You don't make aunt burgers. They're so tiny as ain't shakes are bad bad. I told people I really liked their burger crazy. Wendy's Wendy's is really good. I've never had a winning burgers colts spicy chicken sandwich. That's the best thing I mean. I don't trust that square cut in this again. This question who decided the hamburgers should be round exactly so it square now now all the other meat freaks you out where meat not I can do. Is I'm going to have to agree with chase when these straight trash. Not Your Burger. I mean I never said it was trash. Trash Trash asper whereby windy day when I was not doing that. Kodak's Berg Windy. What is your burger spot suburbans by like five guys? Fuck you also like shake shack. I haven't ha- in and out yet and I'm actually. I'm actually a fan of Burger King as well. Well Burger King also great one to WanNa Park down there in Texas pretty sure. I've heard I've heard of that too. We have them in New York. The nine Patty Burger Shit like that as Smith. Everyone smashed Merck. Oh yeah dumped rice birdies. It's just trash smash burger all juices and everything that was in on the grill. Now he just suck the juice out of hand to you. What are you going to do? What's the questioning? The authorities are questioning the powers of the questioning. The Burger powers-that-be man. So you like Smash Burger. I've only had it. Maybe like twice. Only it wasn't impressed. Didn't leave a lasting impression. But I don't remember. Not Liking Burger patties. Not SUPPOSED TO BE. The size of piece of paper does not okay when the cheese is thicker than the beef. Patty who else is around here. The habit you had the habit grill interests. Do you have white castle here. Yeah right isn't that where herald weather here in la? They made a movie based. Yeah Castle actually never been. What's never been to a white castle but I've had white castle. Nothing microwave ones the limited woman say no no sliders white market if you had that you mean this lions from so no not catering thing. I've I've never gotten A. I've never gotten a back massage but I had this little thing that you plug into the wall and no you have it on your back. No no you. Haven't you just know those those things don't even know by the way square box? Just so we know they need to a square bun I will trust square burger more if they make a swear. Bon why any any the geometry? The LA almost enjoy it. Not because then you know that when the beef just the corners of the beef sticking out a Burgee knows gonNA be beefing at bike like you're shake shack burger that's the size of a sausage fucking better than Wendy's when he's trashing that's all. I Really WanNa Burger we. Are they feeding us this evening? I'm I walked out of the Keno I'm pretty sure they were saying. I definitely heard free drink. I think it's probably going to be a bowl of punch has got to did you. Did you go to that? You know we were in the wrong place last night. Waiting mean for the for the party. Oh yeah it was a down down the stairs? I went back in like actually I started off downstairs and then I went up to the bar. That's when I met you guys. Yeah we never made it downstairs so we never made it to the drinks. Can we pay thirteen dollars for beer? You've got that going for you. Fucked up fuck him at the bar and then he didn't even give him my change correctly. Oh my God oh that's right. Yeah he'll like kept a ten minute talk that and then I didn't realize we were in the Black Dahlia hotel. Yeah he black Dalia Hotel a lot of history although black people who stayed in a hotel last night how come today in Vallejo places creepy. What happened here last night stadiums? That's all the white souls stuck yet. They WANNA see it. Bam that I saw pictures of like near the bathroom like the creepy as the a bomb who Chile have a name which is mommy nominee right and her creepy has faith has blurred out right next to like the Black Dahlia. Yeah and realizing we were standing next to the phone that she has used before this before she disappeared. And I'm like this. Is this hotel as creepy? Long like the curse rub off on you like do I need to decontaminate myself now? A whole bunch of wheat for that. Yeah no but drowsiness exactly to go do you have you. Have you have you your wife ever put like openly burn sage house? That's actually very funny. Is that question? We she just get sage like two weeks ago. Yes after a year living in La. We're like leveling up our L. A. She got crystals and some sage. Okay all right. We went to a crystal shop right. Got Some say just like with a fucker. We doing here. Not Matt Regular Chris. Because that is the thing here also it is okay. Mattru meth to what you said methods. Oh Yes yes why? People fought taking crystal meth out here. Okay yes definitely but it wasn't. This wasn't that crystal show and it wasn't this person. Okay I gotcha doing. I only way off. I can't imagine ever doing that. But I only just started using cannabis and shit like two years ago. A couple years okay. I'm noodle whole world of like recreational drugs. Okay I I never did any thinks like twenty seven twenty eight years. Wow interesting virgin loans. Okay all right now I walk around with these doses pins and the world is all walk. We walk in dispensaries here in this. I walk into Apple. Everything's so clean and you couldn't use a clay walk up to the weed genius bar problem with my into my hard drive and you kind of feeling this way and they come right this way. Sir Let me help you. This upper this Downer this this inbetween lady to Dacia associated with like. What are you looking for a while? And he gave her description of like what I usually smoke. She's like we'll try this. She's like we'll try this. This kind this could strain and this strain trait and then she. She was handed to me. And I'm I'm smelling them and I'm like Ooh the smoke close myself. She's like. Oh yeah that's that's This and then I ended up getting and it was close very like closer to the higher level of what I smoke at home actor I could. I could smell shoutout out. Science man blows my mind a the the level to which they can tell you what is in this. What is not the experience the feeling that you can probably expect how it specifically unlock certain neurotransmitters chemicals in your brain in your body and how we just figured out. There's this whole other system in our body that only response to see all these other things that we're literally wired for knowing exactly the system the and I think that's the kind of like the inner scientists in me all my background and health and wellness wants all of this stuff began to kind of come to light I revisited the very time I ever tried weed cannabis at all. I got fucked up. It was a buddy of mine's life mission. His I'm GonNa get you to smoke get you. I'm GonNa Get Yours Nano Life mission yet and one day like screw it. I'm going to do it and then I did all the things he's like. I was drunk as hell. We were down in Florida on vacation. So I was. I've been day. Drinking was out in the sun all day. We got a hot tub had pass around joints had a couple of brownies. Then he had me take oil DAB. He thought it was dead. I was stuck in my brain. I'm like this is where I couldn't speak for hours. I got so twisted house. Fuck You Kevin. Still Kevin and he was dying was hysterical and this within like put a bad taste in my mouth literally in. I was like Nah. I don't like this unlike it at all and then fast forward maybe another Alec three or four years maybe and then I began to become more curious about an over the past one to two years. I've just been amazed at what they've been able to do with presenting scientific evidence the purity the potency of all this stuff and it's much more trusted and so when I can start with. A trusted resource a trusted whatever and they can kind of say. Hey you know try this do that. I'm a very much I'm very much a of N. Equals one self study of your own life but definitely with everything and so I mean now. It's just been a helps me with anxiety Helps Climbing Down House? Bring me off. Health Focus helps me detachment now being an entrepreneur and current when everything rides on you talk about everything rides view. This is the compensation we literally had. Yeah we did right before I went to the dispensary. I was explaining about how me being. Who like me being myself? I have an issue when you don't have I don't have because for me. I didn't use a long time. I didn't use like Church of ten years. Like fifteen to like twenty nine. Well we're nosy about fifteen fifteen to thirty. I didn't use for like fifteen years and I took pride of not using I was I was actually out of I. Don't use weed. I'M GONNA go ahead and write up in Virginia. So magazine was my biggest thing was like. I don't use we so because I'm I was an artist or I'm still an artist. I was an artist making music so I was on a road. I was talking to kids at school. And when all the hear about is you know that's adamant it was. GonNa be a hip hop artist related to to be able to tell that Well fuck them now because three it later but anyway yeah the whole stigmas being chained to it what it meant. Ignorance is going away when he's talking about drugs nowadays right. Thank while we These kids perks. And my molly's hardcore stuff to the lab made synth made your mother earth in those painkillers. Pain relievers I've been there with almost surgeries you're hooked and you don't realize it. I was I was on literally every narcotic pain killer. You can imagine for minimum for months six months. Sometimes I got so out of it and then we can be nightmares. I got hooked on it straight up and you don't realize it because you seem it seems like it's legitimate. I literally I'm healing. I'm learning how to walk again. I'm in excruciating pain. So you justify into slippery slope. Does that stuff like the same amount? Doesn't cut it pretty soon up. I wound up had a seizure. Not Myself unconscious gave myself a traumatic brain injury from being on too long term for sure of Hodge phone delighted like pill. Morphine on on on. Methadone now the cannabis cannabis has been a game cannabis in in CBD cdn -til she kind of finding this. Nice little special formula. It's been good what you know what I'm going to move less. Arche WANNA do okay. We're going to argue now. You're going to say we also but this reminded me of because I was arguing with you about before now so we're going to go into all of argue all right so for those who may or may not know how this goes. I am going to give you something that may or may not be a popular opinion but it is all going to be true from my brain to my lips to your ears and it is up to you to agree to disagree and it is up to my co host here to agree or disagree and if we disagreed you'd have to argue about why so yeah got just the things no okay how does dust. I started disagreeing with you. Yes don't actually. Sex is not a Valentine's Day gift I'd have to agree especially after you're an adult you know you you just reach that plateau. Don't that sex's just like sex becomes overrated. I think after awhile. A relationship like a little bit more to it than just sex especially on. Valentine's Day because you're going have sex any day of the year. Donka Miami would have to agree no argument from me but I think I'm sure a lot of people in long term relationships. I'm sure that Sally Kinda justifies like you know. Let me Let's have sex on special occasion. Right is as a bounty and say gift. I'm going to give it up. Then it's like don't touch me for another six. Months does not okay though. That's our relationship is. I'm cheating on you. Now talk after today. So that means away from Valentine's Day I'm fucking someone else. Gotcha look. What kind of sex. Maybe it could be like. Finally you give the gift of your partner. Somebody like dislike wild elaborate fantasy or something. So what kind of sex do you mean kinds of? Regla sex regular. Sx Sex no just every saint irregular aspects anal sex. No anal sex is not Valentine's either. No there's gotta be some wild elaborate fantasy worlds in a house and you had butt naked on the couch and like a fondue thing going over there with some red candles poppin and like Prince Hologram playing on a table Purple Rain. Then then maybe then yes that sex scouts. Okay but if I walk in the House and you got on the same teddy for two years ago and you just turn off the TV and you tell them the first thing I hear is I wanna call you back later. He just got home like no. This is not a go. I said this is a Thursday. This is a Friday. That's what this is so speaking of Valentine's Day Tomorrow Shave Shave ladies. If you're GONNA try shaving yes for next next. These two are going to kind of go with each other. Okay okay. Anyone who pronounces the word mayonnaise may donate should be thrown into a whole mayonnaise. Manny's Manny's word has to fucking syllables. Manny's that's it manase two syllables mayonnaise. Mayonnaise does not exist. I've heard people use this. I don't know why they do this. I don't know why they tell me that. This is what goes on my sandwich. Get tripped up. They say Mayo. They probably say Mayo and then they said the long form they just Mayo name. How do you know how do you say it's Mayonnaise? Okay but also say Mayo. Also say may also yeah but males for sure obviously but may also only has two syllables torture agreements about the mayonnaise. Yes we are no matter how you cut it to. Syllables commands tomato tomato maize. Which leads me to my third all. There's a there's a there's A. There's an exception to this rule. Okay but all of the acceptable and deductible condiments have to have to syllables. Does it? Duck sauce catch up. Catch SOY SAUCE MALE. Hot Sauce Chutney. Chutney what about a? Oh what? The fuck is a only doesn't booze yeahs ketchup hot sauce. Hot Sauce Chili Megan Megan a blue cheese. Then every now and then you get barbecues on Ranch Monster Cheese Martha Jesus not economy as a cheese. Fateh condiment cheese. Fondue cheese WHIZ fondue fondue cheese whiz covered this too. I did I. Can't we luminary so we all agreed on everything this week? Yeah actually yeah. This is actually really good. There was no battle. There was no better this week. Very Smooth Fox. Except I wouldn't even had the okay to shake shack when these are still trash doesn't make a difference. I don't care who's your favorite. Who's your favorite sports team? I don't sports. You don't do sports at all sports. Well Wow okay meals. Sports sports at all. He don't know I mean he's just not a fan of fantasy sports of what of anything which is actually three syllables. Don't splurge sports if I had to align with a football team. My mom would kill me if I picked anybody else other than the cowboys cowboy fan. Okay Momma she's hard Dallas Cowboys Fan mom by the way fucking among giants Fan who? My stepdad is a redskins fan. Oh Wow so house sure. I'll definitely clash. Is their rivals. Yeah Hey Mama Fuck. I believe sports all growing up as a kid. I played baseball my whole life. What position shortstop and pitcher. Okay thank you okay okay. It was always a shortstop I did I. It was always a shortstop. I thought he was the man first. Base the key to being a good shortstop is your glove off the damn ground because like majority the shots are coming right through your lane but it's scary position to because majority of the shot to come through your lane especially as a kid ball of the ground ball activity Google shortstop absolutely and then I played Lacrosse for like two years. I tried that from like one weekend. Maybe two years Nigga hit me and my Shan with the ball is brutal. Man is brutal. I tried to hit him in the fucking face. This you can't know slashing we weren't even on a fairly bus broke turns out. We weren't playing Lacrosse. Isn't there's some guy in the parking lot like I had friends? I have friends that play. Lacrosse and I wanted to get decent. I got good at cradling. Congra- a great but like this. When I was standing in hitting me and my Shin. Ashi hurts him. I didn't play because I really enjoyed it that much. Because this I went to a small private school. My parents transfer me from public deprived eighth grade and it was tiny. I graduated including me. Six people it was. It's very bright. It's much bigger now. Grown a lot but right tell people like dated half the girls in my class and I graduated top six well. There were a two girls in my class and only six people they only had like. We didn't have a gym. We didn't have all the sports action so literally whatever other school or whatever other intramural league was going on at the they would let us sign up with so I I did liberals. Wow so you dated six girls no six people in my class. I dated half the girls. You dated half the girls girls. I dated one and the other one's my best friend is that okay. Gotcha okay so here. We Go of course question now if you're going to commit a murder are you taking your brother. Your sister with you like which one is going to be my accomplice correct. That's a really good question. I feel like which one can take the pressure for instance if they were to sit at a table like ours and just thoroughly be questioned by authorities to. He acts in a different. I'm asking which ones have the stomach to go to the CROM. A my brother. I've never one or two instances back in DC or like in life in general where there could have been potential for the situation to escalate into fisticuffs in my brother without a second split. Second even thinking just immediately stepped in was like you know like I'm here with like you mess with him you mess with me So I'm he's always had my back likewise I know we were brothers. We grew up. We grew up beaten shit out of each other taking with me. Okay Nice Nice. So what crown? You don't want your sister. That's tricky. My sister is very very different than my brother or I so. She's a very unique. She's very unique skill set. She's like Liam Neeson's she's a very nick partitioning skills like more like monster. I have sisters that one sister will kill you and I will defend the other sister trial and I love you. All the love is there for sure but I would take my sister to a crime that required a big diversion because she is loud as fuck like look. Britney I love you but you're loud and she knows it back in Virginia. Okay okay okay. Maybe maybe robbery. Yeah so I need. A diversion rallied like crying respect. Everybody's attention doing. Draw them over there. I'm GonNa go steal some short and then if things go south. I got my brother to help me find out exactly family of health. Go now here. We go this okay twice. Yeah wife got you pulling the cable? What's the CAPER was? What's the crown your wife going down which it's funny when we were dating? Maybe like for a couple of months and we're watching them. Oh the movie. How the Millers meet the Millers? Where the Miller's Jennifer Aniston it's like this like crime families Mexico will drive much cross border and they get stopped by that shady cop right back. I'll let you guys through just a little bribe. You know you got to suck me off like talking to the guy and I'll never forget. This is so weird that up saying this really. My wife was just like God like we're ever like in a life or death situation. I would do some ratchet ass shit to stay out of a Mexican jail. Oh Nigga what I was life or death situations I would. I would do anything. Basically I'm not doing that. Shit I was like. I think I love you so we're not going to Mexico. No hell no anything that lays. Hey Shit hits the fan and there's just this God awful situation that no one is ever going to speak about ever again but it will mean we get it means we get through this. Aubrey here with all screw definite funny. That's funny. What time do you have to go? Actually we don't want to. I'm here I'm just GonNa move onto dinner then my wife. She's actually our dinner with a friend right now. We got the after party thing. Are you going to be honest? I got a couple of supposed to be the if it's the one that we're supposed to really like not tomorrow's like optional. Yesterday was like everyone who wasn't even necessarily here. Yeah not even supposed to be the though one hosted by heart radio right like continental close pretty dope really making an appearance interest in la like this. This is this black pants hoodie. Honestly I don't think so I don't think anything. Yeah Yeah I didn't bring a three piece suit by the way on the plane. You bring a easy tour now. Never Mind really easy tour. I roll up a couple of white boys putting the inside of my my parents parking. Okay another word. Take women can do that here. That's nice that's beautiful Dennis. You have going on here for you guys so anything else about your show. I'm I'm I'm really thinking. I wish I had a little more time to prepare for this after like it went well so far very arrest and the word okay. Nice okay all right not like this. This has been a great change. Base was what is what is your show like is more formal or I would say not say that yours isn't because you have a theme or sure but it's much more like intentional. I'm trying to deliver sir. Message may certain message that there's an overall theme like every episode I strive for my show the guest the content to be an actionable item or items that someone listening can go directly apply to their life. I possibly look forward to being a guest on your show just so I could spend all of my energy. I'm never letting you get to that point. I of the moment like good morning. Good Morning. Sincere Fuck your morning. Since we're doing a whole podcast case got it. I knew it came to now. I'm sure I'm sure his listeners are going to be like who the fuck of these guys whether fuck really get you never know it could be like thank God chased. We've been waiting for this. Change your content the whole time and it could have been. It couldn't be any worse than off. Tatum well true. Yeah then who This is an interview that we had. When was it off one? Time last year opposite. Tatum is a we're talking about. Yeah he was a black conservative. You know he's big on twitter. Instagram foster he. He's a monster yet that he's you know against his own people because he's actually black and he's very conservative. And he's like a total trump supporter. I am no one can tell many different. Yeah and then we got him here and that show didn't go near as like all who thought he didn't do his research he got on here and we allow them to build up for the. First Hour. We built the man that he's supposed to be And then spent the next hour and a half talking about comics and basically humanized. Did this. That goes back even forgot. What the fuck you was for like. We're just having a conversation like listen as always meant. Don't get it wrong. We love the people that are listening but there will always makes just be listeners. Exactly as if they were the room and you didn't know there were there. Yeah we we just kicking it and I sold. It is when you get the most you get to see. Someone's true form exactly. Yeah I don't I don't I don't do I record in a bathrobe bro. Pretty much like like my my most perfect. What do you call Your Dragon? Ball Z progress. How Perfect Cell yes. That's perfect sal. I was even in a bathrobe layer less than you about the first year on and off my when I record in the show back in one of our first apartments in Washington DC. I thought I wanna make everything perfect right. So I got a soundproof. Everything I WANNA be tight quarters. Well the only thing that fit that bill was my closet. My Walk in closet was small and there was no AC in there so I began recording the interviews. Get so damn hot. I would restrict down to my underwear one time one time. I accidentally hit like the video chat video thing for the interview and there. I am in my closet. Basically naked sweating my ass. Aw the guest pops up like Oh who? I only remember. It wasn't pretty. It was a female and I was like abort abort abort and then I told her what was going on amount PERV. I swear I promise and I get it. It's cool. Totally fine but making purview. We go ways. We're going to be an apartment closet pervent. Isn't it being a PERV. What how many times you masturbate. How often do you masturbate twice? Since I've been here in this apartment must be interesting to see what I didn't even have any knowledge of the hands on the table. Okay right see. I think the average married man Might actually masturbate more than an unmarried man. Really interesting interesting theory. I've been talking to people about that and I think I'm estimate now more that I'm married them before when you were talking about the same I I've been kind of like a horrible my whole life up in regular regular regular flow. I think my flow is just pretty much regular with or without a woman this. My variety is constantly under daily Mennonites realty religious liberty by God. You know what's happening. This is also another weird masturbation. Tien but Pity Herman is on tour right now or when he was dead. No He's still alive to commemorate the thirty fifth anniversary of previously house while he is on tour so he's definitely masturbating right now. No He's somewhere beating ship ladies beating it right now pretty much. I've never understood what the problem with this case was. It was in a movie theater. I I thought it was a porno movie theater. Those were showing a poem for our. What are they expect saying? There were four people in there. He will be Miss Meat and opponent with and beat my meat here. I don't don't put the pony. I always presumed and thought that it was at a regular theater that he knows. If it's at a point of theater then forget it. I'm not even going to talk about this from what I understood. It was a porno theater. Yeah who you sources internet. Okay got it. Turns out it was just a movie with a nude scene. He starts cranking. Look all I need is a different. I'm to move. He ready to shake ready to go girl which was was odd. Yeah come in roadbed back at back hurt game you take off all of them close start during Buddhist. Were baby sitter. You got back go and beat off but what in jeopardy. Oh my God. I got racist wrong bitch. I just wonder how wonder how long his listeners have actually listened to this episode puts on the off. I don't know who they say. They got a whole different side of. We'll see what we don't know if he's GONNA share the link. You know what my people most most people share. I'M NOT GONNA. I'm not GonNa not give him that. Westfield about how do you feel about that but what we're so like we're both podcasters all this currently right and When you have a guest on and when you're a guest at someone else's show and there's no reciprocity for sharing the piece of work that you just mutually created whether or not is your show somebody else's how do you feel is there. A party was kind of like fuck you or not because this is this is to help both of us. Exactly this exposure for everyone here Whether you have to remember it. It doesn't when when all of a sudden came on he had two hundred and something thousand followers and when we had affirmed Barbara. Come on. She has a couple of hundred right. I know where this is going to the reaction from both were were. Some of those numbers are correct. Yeah I've had with hundreds and hundreds of thousands of followers I guess on with like two thousand and it's either about the same if not even the smaller quote the smaller guest's right does better. I mean it's all in what you actually fucking talked and exchanging each other's energy in our time build doing both you do not want to take part of it. It's like right Ben mcadoo also bro. Cash me outside sure SABA. Here's like a pro till I work with a lot of other production and consulting and I mean here's kind of like the double edged sword the catch twenty. Two podcasting is becoming a lot more popular which is great good for us more awareness becoming more acceptable blah blah blah. But that also means. Hey now you got a lot of other people that are doing now. What like seven hundred fifty thousand plus shows on us so you have quote competition so the odds of the person you're talking to the odds of your guest being a guest on multiple other shows that week that month the odds of them sharing. Hey I was just on this podcast. Hey which is on this podcast. You Got Competition. That's not competition. That's a challenge for you to get better at your craft and your skill to go back to what you guys were talking about. The humanization component my goal. Another big attention I have with my show is worthy guest to walk away from me both. Walk Away with. Wow like I got a part of their story that I have not ever heard before. I shared a part of my skill set. I shared a part of me. That is very unique to the situation. So instead of me just saying hey guys swipe up check out my new episode or Hey guys. I was just guessing this other show you lead with. This is what we talked about. I didn't know I felt this way about this topic where we went to this part of my past and we talked about this thing that. I have never talked about before that is going to catch. Your audience might not guard. But they're going to be more inclined to actually follow through instead of just. Oh look. Here's this person talking about this other. Podcasts THEY DID. You know that makes sense. What would you great our podcast right now? So far the one that we're doing right now. What grade if we had to give it a grade. Oh great okay. Let's do be plus okay. I wonder what makes it a B plus. Why is it not in a well? I don't like to give like ten outta tens as hundreds across the board because I feel like no matter what we all got room for improvement right off with a shame. I mean how AIN'T MINUS B. Plus a minus gave me a C and not have been okay legitimately skiing legitimate local its defining those who that how was this podcast right. I mean not done yet. I got a running tally. How long before someone knocks the door. You guys came prepared. You've got equipment setup. You clearly know what you're doing so in terms of just like if I'm just a guess walking I never met you guys before made me feel comfortable. You had everything set up Nice. We're talking about things that you looked up and we're prepared so immediately you're making me feel more comfortable at Relax. Relax. I can't tell good feeling more relaxed. And Yeah and then the conversation. I didn't have any awkward pauses in between what you guys were talking about. I mean there was no has unnatural kind of thing but I mean it was just good chill good real conversation go now that we have a believer sheet that great definitely we have this. Be Plus shot to make in a with sore definitely. Let's move on the source so sources segment. It's it's called speaking. I'll out random by the way and it's Just me reporting different news from different sides of the world and things that are going on Osha. Okay and we're just going to keep it short because we know your time is limited so I just wanted to dive in One of the main things. That's actually going on at the moment. Which is the corona virus and they are six cases actually here in California and they were. I'm not gonNA mention anything because I don't WanNa make you nervous here in California there's Irizar Schmo six cases and it's actually the highest amount of cases reported in any state in the United States. Right here in California. We gotTA fucking risk all right. Let's wrap to show the Budweiser Sneeze. Sneeze people walking around with mass line. Oh man they're also L. ON AMAZON. They actually yard. Yeah yeah they are back order. Because I'm in a certain industry where I actually engaged with a lot of people and they were letting me know that on Amazon itself. They were trying to find these masks. Because you can't even wear simple. Mascot has to be a certain number. You know because you can't wear it just like a mass that you would wear to paint a house or anything like that has to be a legit medical mask and these things are practically sold out and there are a lot of people in New York wearing them. Believe believe it or not so Today actually a few hours ago. It was reported that another fifteen thousand cases by China was actually Exposed and that total has gone up to sixty thousand plus. Are you scared? And the number of not yet and the number of debts have gone over four hundred nearing five hundred right now at this current moment in time. No. I'm not scared of it but I think we should be aware of things. We should be washing our hands regularly. We should be keeping up. You know in terms of hygiene and stuff like that and just paying attention to our surroundings overall. You know when people are sneezing when people were coughing as crazy. I just think it's very important for them. Getting sick at the corona virus and not. Everybody won't wear face masks. Millions of miles focused dime from easier. You know by one where condoms shade is beyond me dead. No no more people. Thousands of more people every year die from the everyday flu. Yeah that's exactly what I was. GonNa Lou here and I got a leg up on this. My wife is a nurse so she goes. I mean yeah. Of course take precautions. Like you said but literally it's the hype is too much yet is is crazy. I mean death so so so so in essence. Essence you guys are saying that. This is being over sensationalized innocence. I agree and I'm just making sure that it still wasn't six confirmed cases biased in any state. But it wasn't so beware 'CAUSE WE'RE GONNA party we're going to be at the. Party and the six people might be there so just beware. I'm going to be the face mask. So my source segment brought to you by the Jason Podcast. By the way pop folk speaking loud and random while we continue I always have this special segment within a segment or the special topic within this segment called Florida man so with this segment we always point out the outlandish and crazy things that happen in the state of Florida with its citizens. Have the latest story. Here that came out to twenty two hours ago to be EXAC. This is courtesy of the New York. Post about a Florida man. Who was pulled off the Florida man? The this is what happened. The Florida man pulled over an officer to ask him for directions and while he was asking for directions he got busted for a Dui. Could you believe this shit? Wow you pulled over the officer to get directions. Yes so he basically pulled himself over. He basically pull themselves over. They found out that he was drunk. You know and they smelling his breath. They gave him a breathalyzer he was over the Florida limit. He was arrested. He was with a fifteen year old. There was a white stuff since in. The car is well the fifteen year olds. Eyes were bloodshot red. And he's being charged Florida to you. Why and cocaine possession. He always Kelly. He's a sixty three year old by the way. No He's sixty three year old man by the name of one Zamora all who all was. Oh He oh my God he looks like yeah. That's a man. I wear La de la. I don't know if that's his mugshot. But that's not what I if that's the face that the cops saw pulling him over you just imagine was going through that cops she. I DIDN'T WANNA shoot my weapon in every way. Hey Hey you giving it that extra which way. Yeah I'm arresting. You do whatever you have to do this so the cops is like all right. It seems like you're you know you're inebriated in some way. So we're going to give you a breathalyzer so this was quote. According to the police report he told the COPS. You didn't pull me over. I pulled you over. Well hold up. Does he actually have a point there? Would this hold up in a court of law because the there was no actual reason? There was no probable call. Call approach because alcohol on his breath of probable cause before a Dui so he pulled him over he wasn't in the vehicle he wasn't driving. Well technically anytime they pull you over. Do aren't driving. But he had. He had the wave them down while he was driving to write attention. Yeah right but at the time like he didn't know so he didn't witness any erratic behavior behind the wheel. Car heated all no interaction. But it doesn't I during the interaction with flood. I don't know how many times people get caught up especially like out in Philly Sperry area. You're job perfectly. Fine you pull up to one of them One of checks check checks to blow over there. Don't matter how you're driving over and I can't beat a blood alcohol and I'm I'm just curious how I could just see how a lawyer could lawyer the situation if anything maybe a drunken public maybe because my whole thing well he had cocaine in the vehicle is always Fox. So he's going to have to be a lawyer. He's GonNa have to lawyer around that as well. Which boy girl. It was a fifteen year old. Boy Aw actually yeah No pop you know any Florida man. What's going on in Florida? Yeah there's obviously something in the water or something in the air down in Florida clearly something cocaine in Florida tired So next you know in the spirit of Valentine's Day I actually ran into a clip Will with will Farrell. Actually he was on the Stephen Colbert. Show not too long ago Stan. And he was actually talking about these notes that he left his wife. So I just want you guys to hear this sound bite. I thought it was already humorous. And it's GonNa be the last topic in the source. Okay so let me just put that on for you are you guys. Do you guys celebrate. Well we We I don't know if we really do a regular thing necessarily ours. Do Send Flowers. I'm very about flowers shore and I do write a very interesting notes on flowers personal nar that. Vivica bless her heart. I was telling her that I was GonNa maybe talk about this. And she found. She's okay with a number of the cart. She's okay and these are not from Holly Holy Flora in Los Angeles way but these are the actual cards four of them that she's received on various Valentine's Day. Okay starting with happy. Valentine's Day class. I love for you as grown over the years by a total of three percent. Still still honey. You're a great mother but you're but you have no sense of personal space back off. Have you found. Question is in force and they really know. This is w so now got it. Yup Thank you. My heart skips a beat. Every time I think of you because of my atrial fibrillation this is the fourth and this is my fourth one. This is just short and sweet happy. Valentine's Day don't be a witch down on that given to the lady in the past I tried to give her Lingerie one year. That did not like she's not that girl literally sitting in the drawer for years and then went to the trash. So Oh is that was that the other set of lingerie in the PA and the draw of them. My wife doesn't wear lingerie draw. 'cause the other set of of of stuff that in there belong to my wife. 'cause that's what. I also got her and it also sat there eventually made its way and then tries to moths eight. They nibbled away at it so when you I gave her our first year of dating I tried to like level give her a pretty nice enough. Brace Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon. She's pershing I gotta show that I can have money and ship. Racism Slowly Boozer NBA. I gave her like this. David Yurman Bracelet. Oh Okay Nice definitely couldn't afford the time. Are you still paying for it sir? No we're good. It's okay often cleared over the years. We've kind of grown. It's more like experiences nine so a really really cool like elaborate dinner or like a kind of weekend getaway or going places do vice very experimental people. He doesn't believe in South. They kind of stuff then. She's also Persian so no matter what we say. It's like she expected. I mean I haven't had a real Valentine in like a decade suit. He doesn't he doesn't my wife has told you she's not big on it she's like she's she sweet but she's like the Ice Queen when it comes to certain which thanks joy goal got you some 'cause Donald Foundation who like sexy sexy chocolate. Oh thanks thanks in the Cabinet. Never eat it like things like that. So if you're listening on Happy Valentine Day Love Love Love. Love love love and that pop folk ends mind segment. Speaking on a random. Well done well done us. I'll say that we have moved into the lower. Be Great after that. Now why would you say that has to be optimized segment because for six check? Ain't shit now got you upgrade. I'm a huge fan any an okay thank you thank you thank you so much will fail. Count each other out check are you are you are you are you. A marvel. Marvel Marvel actually discuss the last night. I'm GonNa ask you now if you had one one character. You're going to go to war. You'RE GONNA go to like fight your biggest battle if you're GONNA go to Iran Iran. I guess also known as my in laws and you have one person it would you that you're gonNA fight to the death with. Yeah who are you taking a character any character wolverine? Wow that's that's a great big it is but I've had other people ran and I didn't like it. Why not what's wrong with local ring as okay? I love it but you know always yeah. Hey who who that? I like? Best Season Deadpool. Except have you seen ruined if everyone have you? Did you see the new deadpool common now? I haven't seen a comic. No no marvel has gone on the kick this year right of ending all the characters. What what do you mean? Exactly why South killing them off. Mouth Morales Venom Eddie. Brock and that was the newest one. Legend means it probably getting ready for a new writer next year which is all the time it. It shows the end of his award. They made the were a woman Yay Bright. But it's showing showing how each of the original how each of them is coming to the end of the ARC incorrect and Miles Morales. He's a lot older And he ends up dying. You know fighting Lola Venoms was almost was almost like it was so like 'cause vitamins. Easter evil symbiotic necessarily. He's not evil. Yeah tell you anti hero. But he's he's so he becomes so happy with having Eddie brought as his host right. That as Eddie Brock's body starts to break down. He starts to Philip with symbiotic. Says his liver gives out. Okay I can go beyond Vietnam. Make a fake liver. It ends up being five hundred years in the future. Oh Shit and they can't be pulled apart right until eventually one day that he has to let him go and by the time you let them go and he brought comes out as nothing but dust. Oh and then. That's actually. That's kind of a poet again. That's all right. That's Kinda like that. That was one of the ones when I heard it. I was like like when I like when I heard that. That's in Logan Wolverine. You know when they made the and he died at the end. That wasn't credible. I'm which of course is bullshit. We all know Warren can't die true he's Never GonNa die but but still a how they did that I think it was very well. Done dead pools. Death is as well done for me really because it is literally Kudos to first of kudos. Tomorrow because deadpool has one of the cleanest cleanest storylines in all of Marvel. Like you can you can. You can tie back to lady death. You could tell you back to deadpool versus the mall like Deadpool. Kills Marvel Movie Death Strike? Right to make sure I do. There was a character. I didn't know about that. Simpson rising death. Oh death okay and the Marvel Universe death is a woman that is within US eventually becomes in love with man swans after except that he has a you know someone that he's fighting against his DEB. Who is also causing death because neither of them combat at this then houses in a place where you can't dot. He's already done that. Affinity gone so death being who she is dates both Dana's kidnaps death at some point. Pretty much and so she smashes the homeys basically pretty wash it and She she pretty much Dental wants tells tells him that she's dead he can get there and so he goes on a murderous rampage trying to get to. Thanos which leased the comic book. Mar- deadpool versus deadpool. Kills the the universe where he kills every single? If you didn't know this I'm sorry. No I'm sorry to tell you. This is the reason every character dies. He kills all of them. Shit he is a true fucking psychopath damn bitch way his just to get. Dan knows to realize that death is actually alive. I mean he didn't kill Wolverine because nobody can bring the okay. Okay somehow that comic book he died. Today's show him especially against the bigger characters. Right how he kills them and they're like he's sitting out show you over you leave. I'll show you the cover art. And his him sitting in Dennis's like his fucking chair really surrounded by the bodies of moral cowardice. It's insane lead me to to to new. The new comment of them once again ending his arch and he is trying to kill death again. He is trying to kill death trying to kill death itself. He's trying to kill her He goes end future to kill her and right before he kills her time. Portal opens up. And the deadpool like more like deadpool like robotron whatever you WANNA call it like steps out kind of knew where he will be going and stops him from killing her And when it opens up as his daughter his daughter had been fighting cancer and the only way to save her was to kill death itself to save. His daughter makes sense. So deadpool went out to nosing to kill Death so death could never come for his child. Damn and She being grown at this point she had Ford cancer and lost She was GONNA the last moments. She came to find her father. And she's telling Father No. I want this like I wasted up for too long. You can go with me. I know that you're not allowed to go but I'm allowed like death. Would you make this happen shortly? Go with. She looks as a favorite to her lover and his style she allows. That will to die which brings us to our new comic. Deadpool is now the king of the underworld because his woman is death to him right so in death. Run the underworld of Marvel. I'm sure he's Marwick up pinstripe suit right sitting on sitting on a skeleton and death across his lap and she has a cigar in mouth. I'm so ready for this wherever we go from here with deadpool Bro. I'm with you sold. Unwitted couldn't have ruined for you know. I haven't been to a comic book in a long time. I used to be huge. X. Men predominantly X. men but with all the comics lives in that world for sure. I love all the marvel movies. I watch all of that shit now now. I'm really excited for where they go. With 'em sue when like five was a face four or five. I saw that press. Release the next movies they got mapped out the twenty twenty three malade. Oh He's GonNa kill such good pick as guardians of the galaxy. Yeah there's a lot coming up with a new black Black Panther to got the the eternal 's Sanchez right. Yeah the new fantastic four which I'm stoked for because the last one was suck Dick Love Michael Jordan but like I think they all were always terrible. All I got some bullshit against Chris Evans. Man You can't be human torch and Captain America. You can't double dip as being a superhero. The Christian Bale will. Oh Yeah. He's going to be in the internals to right or no one. He's assigned onto Dr Strain in. Something wasn't Ryan Reynolds Greenland Atlanta different different UNIVERSES DC. True true true true. But I guess by now I got. I Love Dunkerque and Emily Blunt. I think they're gonNA make a great fantastic for black widow. Movies out soon is yeah. I also heard that it wasn't I heard that he's going to be at a warlock interesting Christian Bale Really Outta more because they haven't gotten Zach astronaut to contract and have to start filming a Chris. Hey Hey Margot chasing that. They need to recap marine. I'll do it in there. I am down. Give us a call. I only need seventy percent of the contract. You won't make all hell of a real man. I think this has been a great show. Yeah absolutely thanks for having me. Yeah Yeah Yeah so glad you other guests couldn't make it. I'm glad I could be your second choice choice choice. Yeah because when we had the other one booked we didn't even know do yet this who exactly so you're GonNa have been a second choice. But when they cancelled the first one we kind of went to a nearby. I second choice. Did you go if you WANNA put it was that you're GonNa Wall Uber Home? A lot of walking yeah cool. We expect sports tonight with what time this parties like. Now it's going to start a seven second this thing when I go home even if I'm like go back out I go home my pocket getting home. I could just stay here. I was just looking at work broke. The should always like work for me. Yeah true pretty much I do have to go take care of my dogs. My wife is out to dinner okay. She's over in West. Hollywood were pets so I got this little like Manchester terrier mix thing we adopted her. And then we're pet sitting for a toy red poodle Beautiful I haven't But she's the most uses dog ever. I Love Jason Jason Lee. Like we're good friends but their owners but she's just like she's so scared of everything man like she'll sit and stare at the mirror disbarred herself and then freak out from the bark. She's she's really just six pound ball but yeah all right so we're GONNA go and we're going to. I'm going to go. We're going to go to thing. Yeah we're going to do which is not going to get their eight now. We're going to get there. I got to roll off. Do we need to bring all of our credentials and shit at least had your credential artistic tag. I guess I think that'll some onto either am regularly order. I white woman falls over. Okay Gotcha not habits. I'm right Becky Becky becky license of the real ever. Since I've been with my wife and getting really really into another culture on a daily basis I can't stand white people. Oh I I can't stand like I tell her all the time her and my in laws I love them. I love the culture and just like I love I. Look People Greenwich. It's so funny. I had no idea how how white I was until like you live in that community and then you just see things from different perspective literally every day to day living and then I I pretty sure I'm becoming like a reverse racist where white people just we're just the worst so most people just so plain and boring and then the other all becky's and Cairns and Susan's and just loud as hell falling over drunk in the restaurants. I'm just I come home. We have no culture. We have no culture now. Now you have to talk to you like that. Now I'm losing. I'd burn conservative. No come on Trish. I'M GONNA go get my car. I'M GONNA Call Evan. Yeah all of them. Yeah so he's GonNa fucking can fuck you guys up. Yeah Fuck you guys snap fuck you know when I hear that you know you know what I aren't even able. We're boring predictable. Fuck you you have. No I've met her before. Always come I love the sound. Yeah let me go home to my family so funny to me so we we go to the party. We can all just make fun of white people together and so one falls. After one falls this time the dip out of a black man and I know what they do to black men in La. I don't need to be. They give them corona virus to the king virus six confirmed cases king buyers rodney king something chase. Thanks for coming go. Sooner or click the links to all the great things. Yes definitely once again boys and as you boy. Jay Hunted everybody her. Show not at all like this whatsoever yet. Definitely ever four radio where you can find me a motivation. Lazy given box giving me bre at chase underscore tuning all right. How fucked. He's pro trump. No one's going to know that you've got spell H. A. S. E. No no no. We have to do this overnight. Here this whole thing and I finished sorry shut up route. Wendy's trash shut up. Sit Down Square Burger. Unplug Cuny under a C. H. W. N. I n. g. chase underscore tuning choosing. You look up everything ever Ford. That's me my family ever afford radio people. Yeah I think I think I think ever think trump whereas brother or something we have our balls all right. Everybody stay black yes we are out.

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EP82 Andre Rand AKA Cropsey and Black Eyed Kids

Tipsy Tales

2:12:40 hr | 4 months ago

EP82 Andre Rand AKA Cropsey and Black Eyed Kids

"The Hello how're you doing. All bergen are the real answer or the pretend to and go Well i mean okay like my pool is starting to look good. That's a good thing right. I mean it's looking really good. I just there's some things you know chemical balances and algae still needs to. But i mean listen and went from god. What am i going to do to. We can actually start to go swimming in it pretty soon. i'm excited. I'm super excited anyway. I'm already inviting myself over. You are coming over. and Then i got a new refrigerator. Oh yeah because that was how. Yeah over the last time. We did the podcast. It was some fritz The everything was melted in the freezer. When y'all bright because it was that day that my i was late because my ice cream melted and we were doing it over the zoom zoom zoom that. I was like a delay. I have melted show. Yeah a whole turkey. Had to throw away my god. Are you serious. Yeah and i was doing sunday dinner with the kids. That sunday and i was like cool. It takes awhile for turkey to thaw. No i mean not near freezers dying. I didn't realize my freezer was dying that bat at the time but anyway so yeah how to throw a whole like over two hundred dollars worth of crap. Oh wow i had just to grocery store. And i'm like oatmeal almond milk. Straining has the price of fruit is going up so right now. So that hurts. It was a whole brand new carton of oak milk whole brand new carton of almond chocolate milk and then Just brand new brand new brand new just throwing it and it was. I was crying. It was sad. I wasn't crying but it was really sad. I could a bakery. But anyway i didn't cry and then i mean in between all that i have step in ice just thank god connor and leslie lived down the street and i was able to save some stop in the freezer right but by the but and in the end most of my stuff push us thrown away. I had to start over. Kinda sad and buying ice is not cheap when you have to keep buying up to fill like four ice chests ray and then in the andrew like aft. Throw this stuff away anyway right anyway. Yeah nine one no and then you have to eat out. I will say you do lose weight when you don't have a refrigerator. Something about you're not going to the constantly and opening looking for the answers to your life. Yeah i guess so. Because i was like an and then before. I had my nephew with me as well in with him. I'm like i don't want to eat mckinney. Like tonight i made a thing in nachos and i was like these making dinner right. Your big boy. Yeah and then. I inherited my nephew course. Raised in the Has been a year for the nephews. Right i mean anyway. Okay quick but anyway so you know that's it got a new phone now pretty musher from happy or not yet because it's new. Hey well you're going to have more space on their own deep all right. You have the ghost box going. Yeah for this episode. We'll try not to get too distracted but yeah exactly every once in a while if something seems pertinent will. You're going to hear me. It's going to be like to read. I'm gonna shout it out. Wait how was your two weeks we went to. We had recovery from kobe. We did the whole quarantine thing and alma had bird. They forgot dang it all right. I'll make it up to you. It's just been so hectic. I forgot to get you a little. Something i wanted to get you something targeted have a birthday. And um speaking of such a horrible Friend when it comes to that stuff all right you know what i think. It's fadi because i'm the same way something. It's just that. I have a lot of schickel he did. He did But in honor of my birthday. I did put a promo out for merchant store. Yes so if you use the promo code tipsy june From now until the end of the month till the end of june you get twenty five percent off so it really liked. Is that glasser that a cup now. It's the glass glass yet like that. It's a yeah. I'm getting me one or two or three are you. God like those are cool. And then there's also. I put a twenty ounce stainless steel tumbler on to you. Yeah yeah sir sir. the website is tipsy tales pod merch that store and again. The promo codes tipsy june. So go out there. Emergency june even wanna save some monday but support yes and has to those to those of you. Who who've already purchased stuff kaz we've had we've had some purchase out there. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We really do you. Listen we're pretty desperate. And i'm just going to say here and now we could use some help now. We have a few some courage moment to change who podcast bills that were expecting here in the next month so we want to appreciate sin some shit so we're going to need some so power i feel like we're that. Pbs channel. eight thing where they're like. Please support us. We'll send you what we won't really send you anything but we will if you actually are on page gone. Yeah we'll send you a shirt right and sticker and decker did a dicker dicker dicker and possibly would we say. Do we talk about something that had to do with me. We might be putting something on there for for like a discount or could something. I think we have mentioned indent. We talked about it anyway. We haven't talked at all the way through. But i mean hey two dollars just if everybody gave two dollars if all ten of our fans gave gave to talk about my little commercial on the last episode on the last the last podcast. She's like. I felt the pain in your voice because you hate to ask for money. And i'm like what nobody really likes to ask for it but i mean it's the only way that we until we get big enough like the other thing you can support us just by telling people about us like follow. Whatever do all those things on youtube. Facebook twitter instagram. Graham anywhere. All the platforms. If you tell people about us then that supports us to have to give money. It's just the more people that start to listen more popular. We become the then we could possibly start. Make men make some cash oda to support us library not not. We're not even talking about like we're not no. We're talking about like to buy equipment or to pay for part website. Great just to keep us going to because we'd like to do this and so we want to continue to do it but if you like us well mind. Oh all tight goes. I told the toy. All right doesn't a further it in a way that's all so that's our. That's our commercial for the day. I did want to talk about the little creepy encounter with the dogs the other day when i was mean shadow does it too. I should show you the security foot. And then she feels the need to protect me and is like climbing on my face. I'm running like insane. So do it. That was insane. We should post up the other one. Everybody looking at my bathroom. You can't see anything no money so anyways. I sent crowing video like right after it happened. But i'm sitting there making the bed and backing. Did you see the waves now. I i like laid it. When back played it kept going. Like i was like what is that. Yeah it was weird. Yeah okay so go ahead so anyways. Pj like just randomly starts. There was a stool in the toilet. Don't that's hilarious. That was the ghost box. Not us okay. So anyways appealing starts barking like crazy at the bathroom. Minimum liquid neck is wrong with him. So i thought like i have like little Little crystals and the chandelier in my bathroom. So i thought maybe like 'cause they're weird about the light whenever there's like dogs by the way whenever there's like when i have the phone and a like catches the light and it's moving around bay like they start barking and trained Lake chase a light around. That's funny so anyways He's barking in going crazy. And i'm like duh like get your camera and like film it and see if there's something so i like went in there and he then he got beena like a penis what's going on with and then she starts like freaking out like she's like kind of jumping in and out of the bathroom. They're both like they go in. And then they kind of cow right. They were definitely very spooked out. Like they wanna see what it is. 'cause they're curious so they're kind of creeping in and then they're like wait. No wait what the fuck is that. And then they're backing out then then Which one is it. Pj this kind of sniffing around like that window sill area whatever and then i'm trying to give them a visual because it was so crazy. 'cause it's not just like they see something they sense something. Yeah and they're just like where the fuck is it wait. Is it over here. We'll won't and then he backs out and it's like when they were doing that for like five six minutes prior to that you've been turned the camera on. That's why like dane. Because i was making the bed. He started living out into the towards the bathroom. And i was like halfway intentioned half not and i know you can hear shortly. She was in the living room. She's barking but usually it's her. That starts them barking and they run to see which is breaking up but no she started barking because she heard them barking so anyways it was a giant bark fest so not far best breakfast. Yeah i mean it could have been haunted fart event. I mean a buried stool so from a warrior would make What's that was those pretty bizarre will. And then. That's where i was like really examining it and i'm like wait. Is that just the camera making that happen. Like the the lighting or are those like waves. You know kind of like right like with the when you see this. The heat off the pavement. Well there's one point where like this round because there is a the. The light was on on my phone. And when i came all the way around you could see the light reflected off of the bevelled glass in my mirror so but right it's bad. It was energy. Wavy yeah stuff like what you see when the sun hitting the piano energy. And that's why i was like. Oh i think they're shit like trying to like this coming through. Which is completely normal. Like i remember Well clearing a lot of people's houses a lot of time is spent where there's mirrors just kind of making sure. It's just a good portal for good energy rain through not like it baharan. His backless standing there was something. Did y'all sage out haven't saved yet. Okay because i wanted to do tonight. Story i'll tell you why because like honest. Disease your story when i just looked up by your story just i didn't read about it. I got her verse. Moi god seriously. I got goosebumps deliver. Okay so i have literally been fifty. Some factor ru ooh. That's a weird weird like bumps on the top of my creative suite. Okay so anyways so. I've been creeped out like all week. Because i've been listening to lake different youtube. Different like podcasts. At her out there and then like actually reading this stuff. And i'm i just want to get story out of my system. And i would like to sage house afterwards. That's why do those stories oats in your yard. Okay they're in your yard great great great. Thanks thanks all right. So we're drinking a what we're drinking 'cause carleen is doing the true crime segment man. She's gonna start out. And i'm doing the spooky story tonight so we're drinking double black which has to do with my story and i was actually looking for something for carleen story. But it's possible robe. Liz two thousand eighteen california Cabernet sauvignon reserve selection and has actually growing on me. Now i'm just need. I think it stub swirled around aarau. Didn't to cabernet. Guess what they mean so anyways. Let's say maybe when she to await really quick what i just wanted to say. Thank you to people that have emailed us and submitted stories. They wanna hear. Yeah we are working on the stories. We just won't let you know. Dana and angela That those are coming up. Yes so thank you for. I would have done one of them. But i whenever you if you send me something. I just think that it's something you wanna do. So i don't take it really. Yeah oh i'm nice like that. I feel like i'm like oh can i do. I literally less to send it to you just in case you need ideas. Because i don't care i'm indifferent either way like getting when we told me what you were doing and i just did you look. I looked it up By kinda just read the like real quick caption. And then i like was like all right. I don't want read anymore. House looks good and as good it's Kinda deep so. I could have done way more research but i just had to stop because the the one show right. Oh yes i. I think i did the things that i did do it on I think we're we're more accurate because it's one okay limit. Why don't we just talk about it. Let's talk about it but before we do. Should we talk about the what we got on the last episode. I'm sorry we we got that. Oh veep would he okay. So i heard the i heard okay. I guess we could just say what we heard at this point because we've already put it out on instagram. If you wanna go to our instagram page. I heard wait. What is that song silly gap silly cat crazy cat ding hit. I'm run the joke. i heard. Silly can't wait. What is it from friends. You don't know do you watch friends passing lee. No i was. I'm not a big friend for. I like oh it was if it was on i watched it but i didn't like looking at the song right now then again han again think of it. I've had lane. I guess nine that much all right so anyway. Have we have thank you monica. We have grapes in our wine and great. It works amazing. Yes because we needed it. 'cause it is hotter than a motherfucker in phoenix. So i guess the whole west coast is going through a heat wave but look we will be for the next four months. We live in. Satan's arsehole we do and we will be going through this or for since june and in june it it usually get two hundred sixteen like two hundred. Seventy eighteen are one hundred and twenty two other day some. Yeah it's been hot. It has been fucking hot. Team mocha home. Fifteen to all right. All right. Specialists goes i mean. I'm seeing my working on responsive we are a lot sometimes. It doesn't do anything. Yeah tonight it's just like okay crazy but we're doing the eighty beefing reaser talking about the podcast about what. Oh the vp. Okay yeah anyway. What we heard stupid. I heard stupid. I think i heard stupid because you told me hurts to right. But then i kept listening and i heard the sound race. And then there's sort of rsa podcasters think he said. Julius didn't he say julie i'll my god. I can't even remember right. I think he said joey. And then i went back to see if my story had some do but it was cathy. Her name's cathy. I think her name's kathy and then the person that hung themselves he heard do it. He heard do at first. But then there was another guest on their julie. julie julie Look look it says sean. All right all right so i heard stupid. I heard in it. Yeah so i heard it was two syllables. Yes so it could have been like tried to say your and then all we thought. Were shitheads right. I mean and look at we were. We were zooming so you weren't in the room. No and nobody was at my house. I was by myself in the back room. Just recuperating like and my nephew is here it definite listen him No some it was a it was a male voice voice. Voice wasn't albert's voice snow and had to be in this because it was more like it was like it was participating. Yeah that's why i was like. What are you quick. Going stupid wonder who's ended it was on was not my and you're at. It was your end wesley. I mean it was. Yeah it was. It was towards end. 'cause it was towards the end of the yeah but i mean like did it come from my house or your speakers That's a good question. I know yeah have no idea if Spare box would stay on through that we would okay all right. We should get into your story because we both got along stories. I'm guessing so you know they talk about urban legends and they usually come from some story of the truth and then people embellish. It becomes an urban legend. Right well mine is an urban legend. That became truth. Okay so okay. So when you were growing up i know i know when you were growing up. They had your parents would tell you if you didn't behave such and such what's going to come and get you lie your honor yeah saying yeah okay so right okay well in new york Where was a staten island. That's right instead island all the kids. There i mean i think from like the sixties seventies eighties and on they were always told about brandon. They were always told about this crazy. Guy named crops see and he was an escaped mental patient from the hospital And if you that they would always say like well if you go to the mall too late crops he'll get. You will be careful if you the kids would always go and run around the forest and play hide and say you know if you if you if you stay out past dark crops. He might get you you know. And he was known also as the boogeyman and hook man which. I have done stories now. Yes of a different well. It could be the same urban legend but it has gone further than just that niring so the hook man actually would again. The state Escaped mental patient behavior had a hug and he would hooked little children. That's fucking terrifying. Take him back and kill them or so. There were all these variations and it was really meant to scare the kids and just to keep them my gut abed or crops. He's gonna get you or is gonna get you well. Little children started coming up missing and stat my when it really started I wanna to i in the seventies i may have one earlier but it was when the let me let me just cam just not looking at my okay anyway. Who that was like a witch last. Oh okay Going over the beliefs. Everybody at scott. Alice wait a minute. There's an allison here. i think. Not kidding if there's analysis amena freak the fuck out okay okay. anyway. I'm just let me just Because i i was go off script you know so i did tell you. As children kids may kids would often go into the forest. Where an old hospital once was and the debilitated buildings still exist called cebu now. This is kind of fucked up but the the director of the documentary. That i got all this information from Both of them The commentators director. They're both the same thing. This is so fucked up. They explain how when they well this one. He explains that how when he was in camp. The counselors would take him out to this forest by this seaview hospital and they would hide from the kids and then they would jump out and scare them in this dark forest like. Oh that's kind of fucked up camper you sending your kids to what i wanna know That whatever okay he described was this because we did fucked up things to hit back in the day. I wanna say this had to be like a net. 'cause he's a young guy say it couldn't be any earlier than the eighties. Perked up things so weird anyway. He describes finding so they would find like old hospital beds and papers of patients that had died that were scattered throughout the forest. You can still find Even when they went out there. There's like the trays from the hospital. That surrounds or the in the forest terrier. Yeah i mean and these places have been closed for a while. Oh so. The story was the crops. He lived under the tunnels that went in the tunnels that went through the hospital right. Earner i mean it isn't far from the truth okay in nineteen seventy seventy-two willowbrook is another. It's it. I wrote stay hospital. It's not it was but it was known as a school a state school so that they could get funding. Oh but they didn't really teach the kids anything anyway. It was a facility the took in i. I don't know wailing yes. There was tons of wailing in their chicken like the the the disabled like the physically and emotionally mentally intellectually disabled. So that kids with down syndrome are or even muscular dystrophy or anything right. They were in there and remember geraldo rivera kakinada. Forget right so he was. He did a twenty twenty investigation when he was a young buck. Ray and somebody in the administration had called him and said we want you to come when the school is in. You know just doing its thing. We want you to come unannounced with your cameras and do your thing okay. Because i guess they wanted. The state was helping them so they didn't have the funding enough staff to get enough beds to so. These kids are my godson most sad and disgusting thing i've ever seen in my life. Have it on youtube. you can see it. It's disgusting so like there's kids that are completely naked. Some have some clothes on some have nothing he said. I can show you the disgusting things that are happening. I can describe this can do that but the stench the smell. It's like something. He can't even describe it was so horrific and he's psych. There is feces everywhere. The kids are covered in. Vc's they're eating feces and the administrator said that every single person 'cause earth adults in their to every single person is They get hepatitis. I mean it's a given. They're going to get hip to titus. Spo that's something else and then they are I mean there's physical abuse and sexual abuse because there's just you know there's like remember that one story i did of that other hospital. That was like this. It's like one person to one hundred patients. I mean it's just too. I think it's like here. It's like one one per. Yeah so it's like one person to like seventy patients and that's just you can't take care of that many people they were super skinny from not really being properly fans and then they're calling themselves the school and they're not being taught anything and the administrator was like we don't even know what these minds are capable of because we can't we can't teach them anything. There's not enough us. It was was sad like that was his cry for. that's terrible. I know so even with all of that. It took ten years even though he did that. Report all of it was you know there's crammed with patients too many. There's not enough. There's feces blah blah. Took another ten years before that sting. Yeah and then listen to how they shut it down. I know elissa. Listen how they shut down. They relocated some some patients. Which i would assume it's probably patients that have money or family that have money. That could be locate them. Everybody else was just like go. Be free you're on your own and so a lot of them returned to okay so i just had a thought. I'm sorry. but what if those names are. Yeah listening. I'm getting at two. Oh i'm getting it to it just says it just keeps giving us names and mike. Mike is going crazy so if there's analysts out there i don't know that's for but well it will make sense after this. Okay so i mean that totally makes sense because it just keeps giving us name secured us. Alice elissa brandon. Yeah so a lot of the patients that were just wondering they returned out of comfort and habit of being there no place else to go and they would stay inside abandoned building. they would stay There were there were might camps in the forest and then there was awesome. Yeah they made camps in the forest like homeless people camps okay and then also there were tunnels that want went through want willowbrook. there's tunnels went under there. Also and so if Even kind of recent you could see people's belongings stolen in there. So i wouldn't be surprised if people still are sleeping in their ram it's weird and also now there's a lot of satanism the happens over there so gross. Okay so where. I got this. It's called the documentaries called crop in. it's really good. The filmmaker is joshua zemun. Im- barbara can't say her brand caccio anyway. I think they did a fantastic job investigating it. I think they've done other things but They grew up there and hearing all of the stories and they were around doing these times. So i think they just kind of wanted to get to the bottom of it they. That's why they created. The documentary was just to kind of get to the bottom of this whole crops. A thing and when you hear the crime part of it it'll kind of going back and forth like you're not sure anyway. They wanted to investigate the stories. They have always heard growing up so now in the eighties. The legend of crops have become very real when children suddenly became missing. What the most public one. So this is what kind of like stirred everything up this little girl. Twelve years old with down syndrome named jennifer sugar reiger She disappeared july ninth nineteen eighty seven and hundreds of people. I mean it just brought out the whole community. Everybody was like looking for and Yeah i heard that said thin. Mike's making that typing noyce no some lagos coming over cat my cat cat. My cat occasionally check. I really worried that. I'm gonna find her hanging from something. Oh my god don't even say don't say that that is horrifying map by her own. So i know. I know it. Okay so hundred. I believe that the hundreds of people will will check. My emerson came out and search for her But they searched all over willowbrook. And i think even those other ones seabreeze or whatever the other hospital. They searched all those grounds exciting hospitals festival. Pretty close to each other like there's the hospital and then there's the school or the institution whenever but they yeah. They searched everywhere and there was this one woman i have her number her name her number. I have her name on here. Saw come to a number. I have her number. I call her on a regular basis but anyway she was kind of the head of the search parties for this which is kinda cool later when they're interviewing her. They got her house and she has a son with some. I hate calling him disabilities but anyway disabilities. I don't know what else to call it. Okay so that woman who. I'll tell you her name eventually. I don't know have by. I don't have it right here. But anyway she speaks of how win Searching they found proof of some of the people who still live there. So some of the yeah. What some of the people this is in the eighties right and they're still living there. Yeah okay yeah. so so. there's proof is still an remember. Even i said the filmmakers now they made the film in two thousand and eight or two thousand nine and they're still people living out there. There's still proof of these people living out there right so crazy talk. What twelve thirteen years ago. I mean from the eighties from the from the. Let's see it was closed down to i right when it was closed down. Maybe at some point. It's very inaccurate of carleen did not write down. Oh my hands just saying oh okay. Well yeah eighty seven. It was closed down by nineteen eighty-seven because jennifer has disappeared in. It was already long closed down. Oh cancer oh that's weird. Oh that's weird okay. So this woman. Speaking how they're searching they found proof of some of the people who still reliving on the property of the time including a man name. Andre rand andre rand worked as an orderly win. The hospital was up running okay. He did some other things too. I guess he might have done some physical therapy and stuff but I know he worked as an orderly for sure at willowbrook state school from nineteen sixty six to nineteen sixty eight and then after that he kinda did some odds and end kind of jobs just around. Staten island he lived as homeless man in a makeshift campsite in the woods near the school. Like some were saying that he had lived with people and he did. I think here and there he lived with people. What what. That's even a weird word. What is happening stigmata. I would say that. I don't know okay. Keep going now. We're words m is just one. After another and words it has never really out used before his never said these words before. Okay this buchen me out okay. Shorty going to town her tail. She heard happy happy. She is happy. Okay my sister's name is happy at that job. I hear her nickname her name but yeah her name is police on my god like happy happy. That's so crazy eight okay. Sure he was also happy right now in her tail. You can take that in any way all right so anyway back to andre rand. He is our main character. My story okay. Okay so andre rand Lived in as a homeless man in a makeshift camp sites. Like i said he he did some odds and ends. He lived with other people to he actually lived. I think at one point it was later after all this that he lived with like a priest. Or something. I didn't go to say that anyway. He became the main suspect in jennifer's case because of to eye witnesses who said they saw last saw jennifer with a middle aged man walking down the street and he had a green female bike. The basket on it and everybody knew that's the by key he always had with him. And so if you said i saw guy with a marine begged with basket on it they'd be like oh that's andre round but Yeah so they knew. It was him He kind of bizarre. Yeah oh so while they were looking for jennifer in the woods. And i don't know where i wrote this but i'm gonna put in right here while they were the confer jennifer in the woods. They they looked everywhere every inch like they had hundreds of volunteers. They had dogs. They had i think they might even had some military people. But i'm not quite sure. People searched every inch. You would think they went back and did another search and this guy's like hey over here so they go over and this woman who i know i have her name on here somewhere is like giving us a demonstration the documentary people and saying like they were these clay balls and they were just kind of sitting here and then there was like you could tell the dirt was kinda like fresh and messed with and then they just kind of put these branches on top of this. You could tell like that was a spot that we definitely wanted to dig and save. There was something there right so they started digging and she said the smell i can accident. Do i need to be worried. She said the smell coming from the spot was horrendous. Okay and then in a in a in an this makes for this. Yeah in a news. May the heck another female bane which there's always a megan so mark. Yes but this is listen. Okay well no. There's not a negative but there's a lot of missing and females but anyway. I don't know if there's meccan there's missing female. I mean there's even missing people if they don't even have on the list but okay so they dug it up on a news segment that i was watching. They were like they found. The you know they found an arm and a leg sticking out of the ground but that's not what she that's not what she says. The woman that actually was there she just said that she showed a demonstration of what the dirt combat then. They started digging the amid everything. Everybody back off. They wouldn't even let jennifer's parents in the area. They made everybody stay away. And so this is where andre read what. I got chills. It says killed. Okay sorry this were andre. Rand comes in and they start investigating him and he was brought in for questioning but released for lack of evidence. Rand was already on the radar of fleas because back nineteen. Sixty-nine like god you're going to die when you hear this back in six nine hundred sixty nine. He pled guilty to sexual misconduct with a nine year. Old little girl. God a crime which he denied but it gets worse can eat that shit. After several weeks of surveillance in hopes of finding jennifer lives. They restaurant at a church. One man on the documentary states that he had never seen a perp walk like the one he saw with rand. I will get back to this perp. Walk but let me. I know i'm gonna talk about the. Oh the woman named the woman who did the search her name was donna. Okay not oh. Don not got my singing. She's not may han liquor a proposed. Oh she's guessing. Give me okay. I am going. I wanna die. I in a skip okay down a little bit because you have to know why he so hard carton. Not just because he's weird. Well let me just keep going. Because i think i'll spring the surprise on you supreme the surprise on you okay. So after several weeks of surveillance which. That's what i said to you. The stock loves. She does she loves to come home with me. i think she does after supper. Weeks along being named me a surveillance in hopes of finding jennifer live. They arrested random. The church which i already said one man in the documentary states. He had never seen perp walk like this now. We will definitely have to put a picture of what he looked like. An i believe in send you but okay. I'm going to describe it to our listeners. He has a map Detective on one side and detective on another side. He is his head is down like this sets down and he is like drool ruling out of decided. Okay so there. So he's a bald guy's not real big or anything like skinny. Yeah and he's like completely ruling out of his. You can have the drool it scribes to. They have them sedated. Bated well this is the thing and at this point. When i see this and i'm at this point i mike. Those fuckers just wanted to close a case they just wanted community because the community it was a witch hunt and son like they just wanted to find somebody they find. This guy says die soon bill. They're like already has priors. Yeah we'll blame him and they're still time so i'm mike they're fucking blaming this guy because they don't have anybody else anyway so yeah and even when they put him in the back of the car he is completely out of it. He is a zombie. It is the most bizarre thing i've ever seen in my life but anyway but everybody calm. Ooh wars story. But it's really only. I know how dare you you also. I'm sorry i really like it. Nobody knows about that personality cheers. We didn't do that. I know now we did. Oh my grapes melted by the way they look quick olives in their eyeballs eyeballs. Anyway okay so. I already described that. Ought to you. Some think he he just got crazy like crazy guy like they just like the the -tective just found a crazy guy and said he was the one like i just sat like they. Just were like scapegoat. You fit the bill. Even interviewing the detectives may admit that. Oh so while i was the documentary and the this joshua was interviewing the detectives. So they're they're probably retire at this point and he's sitting on the porch interviewing them. I'm mike do they have the right person because the way are the detective closed the case. Yes and they're the original detectives. They're the ones that are holding him up at the stairs in that photograph. That you're gonna see and yeah. I had recommend you watch this documentary. Because it'll have you flip flopping all over the place but it also have you grossed out anyway. Oh donna the woman who led scheepers. I should've gave coffee. Well i also get like that when there's lot of spirit coming around when i'm doing readings i'll start yawning lake. That when they start families are at. There's a lot of them to say. Case of don another woman who led the civilians who searched jennifer kept returning to willowbrook in hopes and finding the other children two. But she's the one. Because her i believe is why jennifer was found. No anyway Cases she was found. That's oh by the way sorry. That was who they got. Okay sorry. I should clarify that. I know i have law written down here. And i was getting in that area with the dirt rice fix. They found her there. Yeah the guys like. Hey donna's like kay this the suspicious but they wouldn't even let jennifer's parents in that area wanna have wanted niece. She her because they're do it like she can rushing my rn one direction and then looking around like watching. Are you watching. Okay so let me just read this to make sure i don't forget anything down. The woman who led the civilians who searched for jennifer kept returning to willowbrook and hopes of finding jennifer. The woods were searched by thousand of with dogs and ingredient. Great detail ripping apart. Okay keep going. We just gotta keep going 'cause what but this last search don explains how gentlemen came across the area. That looks suspicious. It looked like someone had padded the fresh dirt down and covered the area with leaves. I did say this. It was just a small space like really was like this bit like what. What am i showing you for by something It really wasn't very big. Okay but it's enough to make them like. Hey this is. this shouldn't be this way right. something was off something off. Okay so yeah the gentleman it looks suspicious. It looked like someone have padded fresher down and covered the area with leads. It was just a small space the date they decided to check it out and there. They found the body of jennifer. Okay then they decide to search the area for two more missing girls. Jennifer's body was found only one hundred and fifty yards from rand's monterey rans camp The pressure was on for the district attorney as his community was outraged. That seems pretty convenient though. Like why would you shit where you sleep well. Here's here's the thing just and the district attorney wanted. He was getting ready to get out of there mary to retire and so some think that he just wanted to wrap this up with the bow and look good moving out but the community was outraged. One justice however the entire case on ran was almost completely circumstantial. It was all completely circumstantial. It was all that him. Anything right the district attorney only had the testimony. Look at me scroll all. They had was testimony by witnesses which most will agree is not the most reliable after the largest criminal trial in staten island. Staten island history. Even now i guess rand was convicted of kidnapping because jurors couldn't reach a verdict on murder charges. Some murder charges were dismissed. He was sentenced to twenty five years to life and is able for parole in two thousand eight. Were not done okay. Yeah obviously we're like way past. We're not okay. Now that Andre ran has has been convicted of jennifer's kidnapping the community wonders. Could he also be connected to all the other missing children so now they are out for blood. Each of these victims have one thing in common. I believe now some of these things that i was just the problem with like watching a lot of things that messes with the alice's one of the people. Oh my god yeah okay. She's the first one that came about missing. Okay okay so anyways the first name that we got. Yeah oh my god. I got chills. Okay so all of them have some kind of physical mental something disability and By down's syndrome or muscular dystrophy or whatever okay. Nineteen seventy two five year old alice. Pereira pereira vanished. After her brother had left her alone for a moment they were playing in the lobby of a building on the island reports. Also suggest alice may have been cited in one of the parks. Rand was the prime suspect in this case due to his previous criminal record. Ellis was never seen again. That was nineteen seventy two. He was a prime suspect in nineteen. Seventy two wow chaos. Literally the year. I was born really literally laurie. Laurie lay uh-huh okay. Meister is going to be fun. Okay in one thousand nine hundred eighty one seven year old. Holly am hughes. Did not return home after going to the store to get a bar so this is kind of fucked up and now i understand this whole story. They don't mention it in this little blurb but people were saying so. She's seven years old as nineteen eighty-one something about her needing the soap. She was dirty and whatever sending her to the store at nine. Pm in the evening. And i only saw that on condo. She seven said the store right. I know i'm not going to base anything on matt i need. I didn't really delve into that. So i'm i'm not gonna i 'cause i really doubted that. Was she in. That home was she. No okay she lived so lived in Like an apartment tight thing anyway. She was dirty so they sent her to the story. Yeah she needed about her legs. Were dirty though. Get some soap at seven at nine o'clock at night. I don't know. I just have trouble with that one but anyway they say She went with her friend. Get some soap. Okay on i mean whatever entree rant store maybe but store was like break downstairs and care who knows andre rand pulled up to holly and we're ding sega's with i mean i i. I see kids really little walk in the street all the time. It drives me insane. Andre ram pulled up to holly and her friend and pulled holly into his volkswagen and drove off with holly her. Oh okay so this one okay. So her parents Vital missing person report and the search was issued when questioned. Several eyewitness reported seeing hughes with rand she was last seen with ran and has not been seen again in two thousand and four rammed west convicted of kidnapping holly an s. Hurry hurry. that's because what do we have one side around the thing is. That's also very weird. If you watched documentary you'll see There's the volkswagen sitting there and then somebody else as c. It's their he's. He came back to to to see his work. Or whatever i i didn't find it very credible doesn't have a green bike worth the folks can come from when all the sudden does he evergreen. Volkswagen maybe volkswagen brooke down now okay so nineteen ended up with the bike. Okay we had to you is the mother may be making. These are very tied together in weird ways though. Okay one thousand nine hundred eighty three eleven year old to he saw jackson was reported missing after her mother had sat her to purchase extra. Okay let's spirit tells us to drink. We're gonna drink gold. Wow yours you got it all right one thousand nine hundred three okay She was reported missing after her mother had sent her to the stored budget purchase food and she had not returned she was last seen exiting the mariners harbor motel and staten island on august fourteenth. Twelve days after rand was released from prison rant was questioned but no charges were brought. Okay so with this one. I believe it's a swan where her brother said because her brother was with her and he left her talking with a man right. He said i was with her. And then i left her. She was talking. Why would you leave your little sister talking to some strange fucking man race. Where can you see that no debt. Okay so in one thousand nine hundred four stanton island resonant hank gafsa for cafaro. Okay do you doubt your son on now. It's a hard name was reported missing after he did not return home one night. This hank point amir. Hank was twenty one so he could. He could go and sit in a cafe by himself. It's not a big deal. He had i q of like a fourteen or fifteen year old but he was twenty one or he was twenty two something like that. Twenty one twenty two. He in one the video shots at. It's actually these documentary. People the pointed out to the detectives. Do you not see how these people are connected. Right in this video of This press conference. Hey is standing behind this woman. That's crying for her child. Saying please help me find my child. No yeah and there's hank and they're like oh my where where are we never saw that. So there's like these weird coincidences with all of these cases like these things that matchup like i. Don't it took these people to really make all the groups on stanton island yes to go like da like luck but every detectives when you're in the middle of some things. It's hard to see the forest for the trees. Yeah you're a trained detective. You're supposed to be able to see those things true. That's not even that hard. It's have your has been so she could. Yes you're dependent race. They should have had her this on. Darn it all right. Hank was described as being slow and had an iq in the seventies. Yeah at the time has disappeared. He was twenty two according to crop. The documentary gap gap was twenty one when he was allegedly kidnapped by rand. I witnesses reported last seeing gift. Forro in a local diner With rand in the early morning hours his body had never been found in nineteen eighty seven. That was jennifer of course as we know it was the thirty. Let me just read this. So i can make sure i get all of it Jennifer schweiger alarm. Okay i feel like. I have to look at my camera for some i mean. Is that what it's telling us by cab. Occas- checked tech detrick. I think your cat's alive trying to find her like we're away there she is. I think that's her own. Yes okay all right okay. You were talking about jennifer okay. So she was reported missing july ninth. Witnesses spotted jennifer walking with brand. Her body was found underground thirty five. After the thirty fifth day of searching well combining the area around willowbrook state school. A particular spot caught the eye of retired. New york firefighter. Oh i know it was him george kramer. He returned with the police. Entire body was unearthed from the shallow grave and the remains were positively identified as those of schweiger. Please searched the grounds stones. What they're talking about. Jesse talking about the ground bug but okay the evidence because i think of justice when i read this evidence Little and found one of rand's have another drink. Yeah make-shift campsites in proximity of schwaiger's great. Which i told you was celebrity Proximity proximity sympathizer many proximity. Okay prox- naive and say pucks many he. It's not written on here. i think i said proximity. But it's not even on your. Where did i even get that. All right and other very disturbing incident okay. So this is what. I was gonna tell you so my god win was to not right the date you sokoto before the jennifer thing rand went and picked up so they interview this guy. One of the kids got picked up ran win it. There were all these kids playing basketball. Whatever in their little area and and pulls up in this little bus and he tasked the kids if they wanna go they were from. Please tell me it was a short bus. Well written these kids actually were not mentally challenging or anything little bus. He's driving applies some kind of bus. They said some kind regional bus. Maybe van ran was volkswagen now. Not as bicycle. He's got a bus. Well this is before the bicycle rock. And before the votes are this is before any of the abductions think abduction see. I can't even talk. Just said a deduction since okay. I another very disturbing as a bala laras about began okay. There was a group of eleven children from the ymca located on staten island. Oh in a school. Bus purchased a meal. He purchased a meal for them without him. Barely see you without a wi fi and see okay. So purchasing meal for them without the consent of any of their parents took them. So this guy let me. Just tell with this guy. Sorry this is one of the guys this. He was a little kid. That was one of the kids. He was like listen. We know we didn't know that we were about to be kidnapped. He just said hey. You guys wanna go on a trip merv. I shore so he Had these kids on this bus. And he took them to newark. Liberty international airport in the state of new jersey. None of the children were harmed in. This encounter but rand was apprehended. Thank god and served ten months in jail for unlawful and the unlawful imprisonment. You know what. I almost wonder if they were in the bus but he described it kid described it that they were just playing around and he was like. Hey guys want to go on a trip and they were like Gets my cream okay. Stranger danger yeah but they. He's like we had no idea that we were about to be kicked. Just please tell me they have the right guy. Well let's let's continue anyway and once you make up your own mind so knowing this knowing all of this though put put the pieces together because this is what i was doing i was flip flopping back and forth but then as i started putting the even if they don't have the right guy they got a guy a bad guy if it sounds like it but i asked time went onto this documentary. You're like his twisted his fog. And i think they got the right guy according to the crops. The documentary some people along with detectives. I need a drink a wine. I'm getting dry in the mouth. That wasn't very loud. it was like there. you go all right. According to the crops documentary. Some people along with detectives speculated that rand may have been involved with saint miss. Oh right and they said they is this that seatac pack shit like everybody in. The eighties was involved with satanism. There was a real no. They're real there really was a coke there and they said The some of the children were sacrificed in that but and there really was a colt and there was a woman that i guess came forward was part of the cult and something have There were death threats and stuff against her but the in the documentary they actually going to interview somebody who was a member but they interview this weird ask detectives and i swear i would be like it's you. You're the one he's creepy. He is a detective be. he's the one that in the movie. He's the one that did it. Oh my god. I'm not kidding. So he there he had this weird ass laugh and when they would be like. So what do you think about. The santana thing was was like the manager from the seaside hotel. Yes i think no. I think they. He is part of this cult or something because he was trying to get them off of the colts subject so they would say what do you think about like do they is. Was there such thing as them. sacrificing children. And he'd it. Yeah i am not going to comment on that. It was like he was covering up for the santana colt people. So they'd say well. Did you investigate it. you know. no. I didn't even give it any attention. Or maybe he just doesn't believe in that shit. You need to watch out because when you watch it you're gonna be like he is either a hardcore member. He's like the leader of the cult. He's like fucking taking these kids. Go 'cause he's freaky creepy. I'm not kidding if he doesn't give you the way. Bjp no all right anyway. There were people who also thought curly. You're supporting thought that randy was not alone in the commission. Oh my god yeah. They didn't think says no. Oh they didn't think that round was led the because they thought it was really weird that they searched out whole property right in thirty five days. They did not see that one area and then all of a sudden it's like oh look she's right here like playing his day They just thought that was really weird. The theory is he had somebody working with him while. He's being detained. They're moving her around and then eventually they bury her put her there and boom. We found her so anyway. Many believe he was passing the children around to his friends in an underground network of homeless and mentally disabled people. Living in the tunnel system of the former willowbrook state school gross in two thousand four ran was again brought to trial this time. He was charged with kidnapping Holly hughes twenty three years earlier there's no statute of limitations in new york for first degree kidnapping which made this charge possible. A jury convicted rand of the kidnapping in october. Two thousand four and he was sentenced to another consecutive twenty five years to life imprisonment. He will become eligible for parole in twenty thirty seven. He will be ninety three years old. What the hell. Now listen ninety. Three years old. He'll be ninety three and let me just tell you so the only reason this came up this holly thing i believe he. They didn't want him released. He was up for parole and they were like no who carleen. They were like fuck. No we gotta like. Hey what about the holly. And his case. I mean we can get him on that right. There's statue and so that hold them for another twenty five years to life and thus debt kinda fucked up. Yeah it is anyway according to rand sister okay. So they went. They interviewed a whole bunch of people that knew him. They find this woman who's his sister. She psych listen. I don't know him. He only contacts me when he wanted something. I know nothing about and she makes it very clear that her and her brother never had suffered. They didn't suffer any trauma from like child abuse or sexual abuse or in they had a pretty normal life other than their mother So their dad died when ramped was fourteen years old and his mother was institutionalized at pilgrim psychiatric center in brentwood new york. It just so happens when they were teenagers they would visit her okay. she wasn't there permanently. He's is ron sister right. This ron's mother my sisters telling us about this but she wasn't there permanently. She was just there. She went through hard time and she would be there and they'd go and visit her but she makes us like other than that. seemed like. She was pretty decent mom. But they say that. This pilgrim psychiatric center And willowbrook are on my almost identical in the way that they are built Like the same cafeteria the same the same setup same floor plan same everything so keep that in mind anyway because my theory is that because his mom he had he a first of all his stat at fourteen which is pretty important age for a boy bray he loses dad and then his mom kind of goes whack a doodle. He ends up having to go and visit her institutions. I think he forms this weird like he doesn't want anybody have to suffer that way. So then he goes. Awards in an institution that's identifiable to the one that his mom his mom was in. I think he killed these kids so they didn't suffer the same fate as his mom. Tinder main key looked at it. As i'm surging you right. I think he was just fucked up enough to think that anyway. So also in the documentary at first you might waver obit as if the town was on a witch hunt like i said and if and they found this man who's already strange and already had a shady past and was used a scapegoat well but as the documentary goes on and you watch the director's try to get some kind of interview with him. Do we have a fart. i didn't taste it yet. i'm just going to go with it wasn't me you use not that you dealt it. No listen. I'll know if i tell you if i did i'd be left my ass up. I would definitely tell you all right. She still had. I'm not getting a with over yet. So i'm pretty happy about it. Just kind of just look Director the directors tried to get some kind of interview with rand right so they try and get some kind of interview with rams so they're constantly like they doing letters back and forth with him right constant letters back and forth and the letters just get progressively more weird and so they start out with like him kind of giving like. This is how it's gonna go. I think you're gonna send me this. You're gonna send me that we're going to do it in this envelope. It's going to be very former on their like he's letting us know the south gonna go then as it gets further into it. He site quoting bible quotes. He's getting like weird very weird. Then he finally says yeah al-qaeda's because this the whole reason they're even conversing with him as they're trying to set up a jailhouse interview for the documentary and serve to give his side like what you want to say. Like how are you framed. Like what's happening. So he he one point says as long as i'm in here and directors wanted to talk to me. I'm going to be the devil. Ooh because evil sells it does. It does and he's liked so i will always be this way because they're gonna make movies about made assuming he's just going to keep making money off of it. Whatever right so he finally says okay. I'll agree to see you guys come on over so he loves to manipulate so they go. Yeah k- yeah. They go to see him. They drive all the way out there right they go through security and then he says no another one. It's not me. that's a shorty. That's all it's the old lady fire. Okay i'm just gonna do this. I can finish anyway. Yeah i can them this. i don't want to. i'm so afraid. I'm going to taste it. It's sorry yes. So they get there and he's like no. I don't wanna see them so you see them coming out of the parking lot and they're like humans as well when they talked to that weirdo detective. He had done the same thing to him to get done. The same thing to others where he taunts them back revert back and forth and then he finally says okay. Yeah you can come and see me. And then when they get there after waiting waiting for hours he'll say nano wanna see him. It's a game. He manipulates people and so what they did was. They didn't answer any of his communications. After that point they were like nope like you. Don't give rewarded for that right absolutely. Not then there's voicemails of him calling them and saying hey Yeah i sent you guys mail. How come you haven't responded. I'm just wondering why not guy got when yes okay. So when that all started happening. That's i was like. He did it right. He is looney to raise looney tunes but he also sounds like he's a little cagey to 'cause he's he's he wants. Haji naps to manipulate is. Yeah he's intelligent. Enough to use the tunnel system at willowbrook and kidnap these kids. That are i mean. He was able to get away with it for a long time. I think he is one and he was smart enough to kidnap that whole bus of children. Ray and then realize wait a minute. Yeah this ain't gonna work service ten months and re-analyzing revamp his way of doing things i don't think he's stupid law and he plays mental and drooling. Oh yeah and i think it was all. I don't think they sedated him. I think he did that going. Circling back your fucking. That's why i had to like go through the whole data. His ms at the documentary does kinda takes you through the whole thing and you're like let's fact up and then you're it's like mine sucking new lebron that in the end you're like oh he's talking. Did it anyway crops. The i highly recommend you watch it so is it on that flex. It is Kind of everything. It's on roku on prime. it's on was at tubby to be whatever okay Kind of on everything but yeah. I think i watched it on where the rookie man come into this. Well because you said you sent me that tax well. They called him the boogeyman or because that was part of the legend okay. Urban legend it was they named the boogeyman and the hook man right. It was the hook man the boogeyman craftsy. Okay i mean his name's not crops. Get it those. Are all the nicknames that they use to describe this. Urban legend says pendant was a good fuck. You a can story carleen colleen. You pulled one out of the hat. I know it was a hat trick. It wasn't on my list. Yeah and they do have movies. I didn't write them down that there are movies. The burning the burn. That are kinda like made from this. Urban legend come true story I wouldn't watch them. Obviously 'cause you know. I don't answer but i got the draft like One a actually uses the whole hook man thing right mandel but they call them copsey so anyway. Make sure you watch the documentary. Craftsy definitely get a go watch that. Yeah it's actually very interesting. And i think it's once more awards and stuff is a good. Yeah per minute there. I didn't think he was guilty. They had the wrong guy pretty mysterious. Yeah yeah that's how. I was feeling i was like anyway. Your story is thank you thank you thank you. Think our job cranking. It was just shocked. It wasn't run on my list. I just came to it proud of myself. Good job even did a bite. Let all right. This is the part where we're gonna take a little break and my story where back bad my god all right. That was a good story. Partly braley. I was a fun break. Yeah i feel like the sweaty balls people right now. Hello that was very yes great. Yeah was real. Could i especially enjoyed a short about scaring the shit out of scaring the shit hudson fun. That was real fun. Yeah so fun million excited to hear me excited here story and to my story now that i'm there early drunk not used to doing story number two. Yeah your my world guests. Okay let's toss ping we don't get the the classic teen because my cup is plastic. 'cause i like it it keeps hold. Oh you did that all into scaring me all right so like i said we're drinking double. Black cabernet sauvignon the double double double back of the body. The bar and there's a reason and the reason. Is we really the your story scariest shit. That's why the dogs by me. She's like off. Protect you fucking black. Eyed children e. k. Nope like eyed kids for short or b k. For sure never heard of that until you mentioned it. No i'm okay with that. I don't know why you going to do this. Bullshit okay. hair is my hair messed hill. Mine is i keep messing with that okay Anyway go ahead. Maybe those are some of the. Oh did you get that. Alice was one of the. Yeah okay all right here. We go so my story like i said. Isn't these grapes. I'm sorry i bet. These graves are super full of alcohol. Right now oh my god if you picked him out of there you'd be super drunk in among dom go ahead so like you said my stories about the legend of the black-eyed children also known as the black kids or b. e. k. So if you're listening at home alone make sure are. Mike are freaking out. I will say. Isn't that weird with us say change. Is it weird that we both picked urban legends. Yeah it is really weird and mine actually has some paranormal. I didn't find a lot of credible stuff. I didn't dig for it read and maybe next time i'll find. Paranormal may anyway go ahead. I'm sorry all right now anyways so if you're listening from home alone make sure and lock your doors. Grab your safest blanking. Yeah and your drink of choice wait. Can we pause for a second are. Oh no last night. I went outside to turn on my pool. And i hear this a blood curdling scream of a woman coming down the street like i just hear a hear it from down the street. I don't know where. And i think you know you just kind of think. That people are goofing off. It just kept getting worse and worse and then i swear i kept hearing her. Say me like i. It was just that one where like back your throat and so it was blood curling and so then it kept happening kept happening and then i heard how the only other time that happened. A woman was murdered by her husband at our h- by our house and we were the only ones who called nine one one. It was only after the news. Game that everybody Did you did call the place last night. And was i. I text connor. My i swear here woman screaming bloody murder right now and so i ran out front to see if i could hear clearly seek okay. Yeah and i'm like. I can't hear her like it stopped. I ran back in the back yard. Game won't must be like south west of me. Since i texted connor. Like do you hear it. And he said. I don't hear i said it. Sounds like it stops. So he jumps on his car and driving around to see if he can hear. See anything. I my spirit plugs up my ear while it's happening so then i know something serious so then i am i call. Please shits really going to town. I called the police. And they're like yeah. We're gonna come and check it out. We'll just check house. No big deal wasn't a a hefty night and there were officers already in the neighborhood so they went and checked it out. I don't know if anything ever came of sitting comey told him not to but spirit kept plugging at my ear like two more times and that's usually when they're trying to really get my katrin. Get the hutch out. Is that something well. First of all my aunt's name was catherine. Who's on the other side. But also that story i did last night Catherine was one of the characters anyway but yeah so what. If best name of the woman screaming mathm- would that be fucking crazy like well. I checked on the nextdoor app. And look i you know. Whatever in a mike. It wouldn't matter because when that murder happened. The woman was shot to death by her estranged house husband. I'm two blocks away. And we were the only ones to call the police. Once the news people are out there. Then everybody's like yeah. We heard this and bubba not one single neighbor call. Hers called the police so anyway it wouldn't surprise me that deport who whatever was happening. Somebody got i doubt no. I don't know anyway. Nothing was on next door. No no show like everything that star although put if they see a guy riding a bike with back but they don't put the girl screaming down the street. Help me yeah. it's all those. Tweaker is riding their bikes with ex anyway. I'm sorry i forgot your story and that was pretty exciting. Yeah i'm sorry all right so you haven't heard you never heard of the black children. This is all brand new exciting. Disclose scare me. Scare the hell on me story. So let's let's hope of in heavy guys out there that are listening ever heard of the black children not from personal experience so no one knows what they really are but everyone seems to agree on one thing. They're not actually children and they are not human. People claim that they actually office wait again. My office yeah. Okay look can you see. Can you see it. Look look at my hair standing up and you see it like a lot of air. Take a big jerk now. There go ahead very down as we know. That gave me a freaky. I think it went down. Anyway you're kind of freaking me out with this. So have anybody actually seen one of them. Yes yes in real life all encounters or actually in person get the fuck out yes weight. 'cause i don't wanna track this okay. We're saging ourselves before. Leave your only i. I would appreciate that. That would be awesome. Okay i have sage ready to go and some follow sampo to you okay. Oh my god yes okay. I'm telling you. Hey i do stories like this and i never get creeped out. We never get this much action on the ghost box either. I never get creeped out. So then i have this thing going on with the dogs. Yeah oh yeah the weird shit. It was while i was listening to this shit. Yeah i kid you not like all morning long that morning acre then but my hair stands up like this. That's when i get freaked out so this morning. I'm just like listening to. I think it was like a u2 or something. but i'm taking a shower but trying to like get point to the stray will not watch this stuff in the show or listen to the step in the shower where i do my stuff but i'm listening to it on google and then all of a sudden if anybody else has a google out there you know it goes that little pupo right like listening to you and wants to like. Here's you say. Hey google right right okay. But you didn't say anything. I didn't say anything and our my freaking out. Yeah they were not freaking out like doesn't have a strong story had stopped. Okay yes trae anyway. And i'm freaking out and that says coat a goat coat if it said go. I'd freak the fuck our okay. The story even descriptive chase vote. Notice bad colleen hilarious stories and descriptions of these children are similar in so many ways right down to the monotone voices. That might be methodic knocking like. When did i tell you when. I got here about my house. Yeah i was thinking that you said it was like oh my god i circle back to the no. Okay no yup. Nope not knocking which is almost a so rhythmic lake. It's not like it's more like yeah. Yeah this is coming. Threes abetted does. It doesn't own. Oh okay okay all right we are freaking out because the first of all gus thoughts does not go off this much. It usually were like. I was gonna say something. It's going to wait a minute. Bub la route. It is like i am groot. I am route. It is going off like alarm bell alarm again One more to after another. It's not even taken a break me. That's really unusual. No it's stayed on the same word like you were doing your story. Oh no what computer computer staring right at the computer. I mean it's just bizarre that it's just like continuously changing. Its and conversation with us anyway. I'm so all night actually. Yeah yes so heavy. Methodic knocking the strange clothing. Which is kind of out of place. Time and place So like if it's nineteen if it's two thousand twenty one break. The strange clothing would be like nine thousand nine hundred eighty five. Yeah is that what you're like nine hundred twenty s boy haircut like the picture the banks that are like yes absolutely. Why picturing 'cause you're cooling the out of my brain they don't want to okay and their skin is very pale like white yes but the most noticeable feature now is is in like. There's a pinch in my back right here. I'm not wearing my cross. Why aren't tori always wear my cross here shade late that follow soccer right now. All right all the people that are like wait. Don't believe in the shitter totally rolling their eyes right like. Oh my god stop you guys stocking but listen. Do you have to experience what we've experienced was the last part that you said okay. The pale skin deathly like unreal looking And then is yeah. How are the most noticeable feature. But they don't notice them what is his ears. There's nothing about ear okay. I yeah so at some point in every encounter. The person comes to the realization that these children's eyes are black and devoid of any blackness and companies blah blackness encompasses even the whites of their eyes. Were i like the the white part of your. I s lol black which is called clara. Oh very good all black. that's sick. yes and that's freaky. Yeah okay. Is there a place that you might encounter. These children seems to be all over. The united states like not in the forest in the dark no by an asylum while it may be on the road like they're usually panhandling or hitchhiking. Get the four at your front door. Get the stop it. I'm you not and nicely were in the day At my and sometimes in the uk stop it yet. They usually make a request to be let in. No yes i take it the fuck out of here yeah. I can't see your ice well at first. Say don't see there is. They don't isn't the first thing that they really notice about. Them does kind of more weird without that. They're located requests at their lake making the the requests that they're making requires the person that give permission were allow entrance like either into their vehicle or into the home. Do not let any child again. It says route to not let any child into your car or your home if you can't see their face and especially if they have black guys yeah depending on the situation they either ask for ride or after at your doorstep they asked to come in and use your phone and in one case they actually asked us a telegraph. Okay so get the forgotten. Yeah who the fuck out of the tub. I don't know but let me just say if a little kid wanted a ride or come into my house. I think no already. I'm bringing you know that. I would say no because no. You're not really just stay here on the doorstep remake a phone call i'll call the police Somewhat going to be accused of doing something for ye. Yeah there's that yeah okay. I know. I've told a story million times and for the people that are obviously going back and listening to every episode from episode. One you've heard me tell a story about when me and my sister like encounter stranger danger. Hey yeah as we asked youth. Somebody's fode yeah. Yeah but i didn't want go in their house. they obviously didn't invite us it. They brought the phone out to us. Yeah that's a real person. Yeah so anyways isn't another encounter. Nine a night and dan and and then and then and then and then there is this man and then and then and now what happened was another counter actually as covid read just waxman breed. Way you who what. That's what they say. will they. Just make these strange requests. I just wanna come in line to. It's almost like they're trying to impersonate. Wanna see what. I would do a human drop kick them by going to bolivia this. Here's magazine asked. Here's a go get it puppy. Is that your puppy. Were there was say fire. Yes well while we've had buyer's major. Can i just say. Our sunsets are beautiful. Oh about that. I like our sunset so much because the fires. Yeah i mean. God was globe globe somewhere around the area. There was a fire Others fires all over right now. An our sunsets are beautiful. The so i will say. Can we stick little time. I feel so bad for the firefighters. Oh yeah it's did you see life or earlier it's fucking satan's asshole out there an added that to like all that equipment that they wear on my god no. When did you see that fire. That happened at the recycled there was like. Oh we so many recycle. We were like coming back into phoenix. We saw it yeah. It was humongous a sick six alarm fire anyway. They had hundreds of firefighters. All i kept thinking was here so hot. I feel bad for this week because this week is hot. Yeah all right. I'm sorry i'm sorry. We you know people are used to us. There's houston smoke it. We've already average the fact that both of us have. Add like a motherfucker. We've had gets really we have. We've had some wine and that wind. Dan wyan mine sweaty wine or we have. We have little cream balls in our wife. They were frozen balls but johnson. Balls right now. Why finished my story all right. I think 'cause. I'm creeped out by your story. I'm deflecting you. are you do that. You seem to do that do i'm sorry i need to be more. Be more kind to be more kind. Alright in most cases a person's encounter them get a very overwhelming feeling of dread that comes over them during or before the interaction in most almost every encounter the person telling. The story is the only witness like nobody else seems to miss their existence. Celebrity would be you opening the door. This little kid saying like. Hey yes something. I can remind nosy neighbor. Costs street has no idea what happened. No yeah you just yeah no nobody catches it on the ring. No the ring leg dysfunctions because they have that way of messing with the in which yeah okay okay. I did not wish on her or me. So good bye. It'd be even know where you were with in every encounter. We have liftoff folks where both john not putting out there okay and also in every counter where they are refused. They become terrifyingly persistent lane pushy. You have to let us in. What's like that. Kite of persistent like any shut the door. They bang on the door. And i had some magazine. Sales people are like. It's been so quiet the last year and a half we haven't even had a jehovah. Witnesses no they send letters in the mail. Yeah oh my hands. The letters yeah. I'm like but i'm kidding. Oh i've gotten nine calls a day from numbers that even when i block them they're still find other ways to call me. That are trying to suck by your house. Probably i don't know what the what else the robo calls. Oh yeah i might. Mail is full of people trying to like give us offers for this one called me. They called me in a row and they'll call me from a number and benson globe grand canyon. and what. Oh you tricked be. you're gonna catch you slippin. I keep blocking the numbers and they keep finding other numbers coming from its bizarre anyway. I'm sorry but they could be those children. Yeah maybe they've found the modern way to call me. Okay also. The people tiny stories relate that they felt oddly compelled to comply with the request against their better judgement against their own will. Come on what happens. Sees people okay. I'm gonna tell you i'm scared. They're usually they. These kids are usually in. Groups are two three four groups groups. I am just not everyone's singular child you made it sound like it was one kid that showed her four children of the corn trying to here. I don't wanna hear anymore. This is scaring me. This is worse than like the shining. We can put a sage right here like this okay. And they're usually between the ages of six and sixteen what we're doing okay. Yeah you're girl. Children point all right. There seems to be some disagreement over how far back these visitations began their stories that go back to maybe the nine hundred fifty s or before that and some people say that they spend through time. Well let them stay in the fifties. Yeah and then swear to god if you told me there's other stories in the seventies and the stories eighty s as well however most agreed that journalists journals darling lists didn't do a bake coming picketing monday. Okay what is this. it's still so spires nazi. That's what it usually does not just stays on that one big however might need to squirt me with that bottle of my but we're really get two hours and something must've that can be cut out all right. Most security that journalists brand bethel was perhaps the first document his account nineteen ninety-six since then. The flood of encounters has been documented to paranormal investigators. Journalists and chat rooms and urban legend was given its legs late nineteen ninety six. Yeah this journalist. Was i k- this happened to me. Yup bullshit. Yeah he was like in a like kind of like a chat room like a like email. Like do you believe it. I don't mice. I gonna be a carleen. The the story. I just our carleen. Put your fillers out. Oh i don't want to fill these guys out all right and then some people think that it's just creepy pasta wild something like slender men. Have you ever heard of. Oh anderman yeah and you wanna. I meant to mention candyman the my story. Oh yeah i can't again Oh really yeah okay. All right okay before i go into this some of the theories as to what these creatures may be. I'm going to read some the first hand accounts and all star earth. Brian battle story which happens in abilene texas burton. One evening. he's outlay naples pulls over in a parking lot to write a check when someone knocks on his driver's side window like there's a whole story that goes into why he's pulled over writing this check. It has to do with like who is working for at the time and he has to make. This came in his here late at night. He's like okay. Great in the backdrop. There's a movie theater drive end at the marquee of the movie yet. No it's a movie. Oh okay marquee of the movie theater is. He's actually using the light of the marquee to write his check so giver so year on. This did your ninety. Okay all right okay. So he's writing this check. Yeah and then of here on this window. Yeah no he looks and sees and two children are staring at him. The could happen to us when we were in the desert. Oh yeah oh yeah maybe. That's the shadow was set. A man he writes both appeared to be in the semi mystical eight stage of life. Children get into where you can't exactly tell their age boys and my initial impression is that they were somewhere between ten and fourteen. One boy took the lead and the other looked down and didn't speak during the entire conversation boy. Number one was slightly taller than his companion wearing a pullover hooded shirt with a sort of gray check pattern genes. I couldn't see his shoes. I mean he goes into so much detail. Like keep. Billy sava he really so he has olive colored and he's olive colored and had curly medium length brown hair eggs arab quiet confidence. They didn't appear to be related at least directly. Oh great. I thought they're going to hit me up for money and then the air changed. I've explained this before but for the benefit of any new lakers out there right before experienced something. Strange there's a change of perception that comes about when my hair stunning upper here literally. I could feel like static. There's a chain tangent perception. That comes about which i describing the manner. It's basically enough time to know it's too late now so there. I was the now to check in my car which was still running and in a sudden panic over the parents of the two little boys. I was confused but an overwhelming sense of fear and unearthly nece rushed in nonetheless and the seems to be like our overarching theme in all of these stories. Is that this. Fear like i explained before The spokesman smiled and the site for some inexplicable reason. The children blood. I could feel the flight response kicking in something. I knew instinctually was not right but i didn't know what it could possibly be. I think that the fact that they're showing themselves as kids can be uses that. Yeah yeah absolutely. I have coffee if you want me to pause. I'm not. It's that thing that i start to get some wine. Although s- happens my to reading sometimes to have all right. I roll down the window berry berry slightly and asked yes. The spokesman smiled again. Brought her this time. His teeth were very very white really. I didn't expect the here that i would expect some funky looking t says. Hey mr what's up. We have a problem. He said his voice was that of a young man but his diction was quiet. And calm something. I still couldn't put my finger on made my desire to flee been greater. You see my friend. And i wanna see the film but we forgot our money he continued. We need to go to her house to get it one how. That's what it sounded. That's what this is. What i like. peter well was the best replay could offer. Now here's where it's are getting strange like it wasn't strange already. The quiet companion looked at the spokesman with a mixture of confusion and guilt on his face. He seemed in some ways shocked not with his friends. Bliss sc manner. But i didn't just immediately open the door. Oh hey i'd me nervously. The spokesman seemed abreu turbo to. I still was bridge registering something wrong with both. Come on mr. The spokesman said smooth as silk car could learn. Something from this kid will now be dead now. We just want to go to our house and we're just two little boys that really scared me. Why would he need to say. We're just two little boys. Yeah i could see that. No shit motherfucker play on. What does that say allah all right now really scared me something in the tone and diction against an off alarm bells. My mind was frantically trying to process what it was perceiving about the two figures that was wrong at Was all. I could manage. I felt myself digging my fingernails into the steering well. What movie were you going to say. Ass finally mortal combat. Of course the spokesman said the silent one nodded an for affirmation standing a few paces behind. Oh i said. I still quick glance at the marquee and at the clock in my car mortal combat had been playing for an hour the last showing of the evening. Yeah so yeah. The silent one looked increasingly nervous. I think he saw my glances and suspected that i might be detecting. Something was not poor. Come on mr lettuce and we can't get in your car until you know you know. The spokesman said soothingly. I just let us just let us in and we'll be gone before you know it We'll go to her. Mother's house Reluctant is to my horror. I realized my hand had strayed toward the door. Lock was engaged and was in the process of opening. it pulled away probably a bit too violently. It did force me to look away from the children. Own my gut without yeah. I turned back without souls. I turn back. That's a soul. Summit of. I turned back air. I offered weekly and then my mind snapped into sharp focus. This is when he notices there is They were cold black. No people know. Irs just to staring orbs reflecting a red light and and white late of the marquee. At that point. I know my expression betrayed me. The silent one had looked of had look of horror on his face a combination that seemed to indicate a impossible had just happened to be. We've we've been found out. Well that's the spokesman on the other hand. Were mask bangor. His eyes glittered brightly in the half. Light come on mr. He said we won't hurt you. You have to let us in. We don't have a gun. Why fuck would they say that sanity. The last statement scare the living shit out or the living hell out fish on that got no because at that point by his tone he was plainly. Saying we don't need a gun right. He noticed my hand shooting down toward the gearshift. And the spokesman finals spokesman's final words contained contained anger that was complete in whole and yet contained in some respects tone of panic. We can't come in unless you tell us it's okay lesson. He ripped the car. I rip the car into verse. Thank goodness was coming up behind me and tore out of the parking lot. I noticed the boys in my peripheral vision and they stole equipments back. They were gone. No the sidewalk by the theater was deserted though okay so there were dozens of stories to weed through. I listened to so many stories like so many of them and it was really hard to like pick so i decided on that one. Yeah and because we only have so much time to tell us. I really like this could have been a whole episode. If i went through all these stories nathalie shit now week now carleen will. Maybe we can make like all my can. We carleen could just sit here and go. What the fuck no we. Dan patriot episode of stories. Because they are dislikes. Fucking bananas All right there's not a lot of stories that tell the consequences to actually let him these kids up. There are a handful of them out. There and one was super. Philip did the stories in carleen stayed home. And we go up. And i do it on. Zoom it would be awesome okay. Hey philip if you're listening a couple of star he was actually asked him few hundred. Join us tonight. But he had the word. Oh this has been one. Yeah well anyways. We don't have the time to do all these stories. Yeah in reality The couple in the story. This story that i'm about to tell you in a rural okay. Sorry holder the winds making you burp. It's making me yeah. It was the middle of the night and also in the middle of a snowstorm. Oh great the way. We have the shiny god the wife flakes to the sound of banging at her front door. The okay she writes when i looked out the window. I could see that our motion spotlight was on. I could see that there were footprints in the snow. That had come from our road and into our driveway but there was no car anywhere. The snow was still covering the road and no more had driven on it for at least a couple of hours are i'm doing the best. I can now. Because i am so drunk. This one tell one's recent too. I don't wanna i. i'd rather hear some. That are mike the nineteen twenties. And then you say yeah. There's no recent stories. Oh okay just go okay a front or was obscured from the window. But i could see that someone was standing there. I wasn't sure what to think. I woke my husband up just to kill sir safer. Why was telling him what was going on. The banging on the door started again and my husband went to answer it. Why stood in the hallway when he opened the door. There were two children standing in the snow looking toward the ground. They were a boy and a girl and they could not have been more than eight years old. Both they were dressed strangely. Okay and might. I add that where they live is very remote area so like jake tapper to little kids being shore tonight in the snow stress. Like what's going on. Okay get your sound like in the middle of the city now and you're like oh hi. Sorry going on. Those hair was very long and straight and the boy had a dated haircut that looked almost like a bulkhead great. It's hansel and gretel. The witches houses down the street. Little pig little pig lettuce in our houses made cupcakes candy bear. They weren't dressed for winter. And my first thought was that they must have been mennonite children. Oh but as far as i know there was never a community of mennonites near us. The children were very inheriting to save. At least yet they would not make eye contact and when my husband ask them if everything was okay. They asked if they could come in. My husband looked at me way. This could my house where hoodies. Knuckled can in shariati home. Can we come been. I mean like going to you did the can we use your telecom stay characters. Forgive me out. can we use telegraph. It can be like your fax machine. Telegraph is that a new game. Is that new video fresh new video game. I don't know says my husband looked at me. Like what do i do and i ask. Your husband looked at you. Teach horror lake. Kate little kid. We wanna come in creepy kids. I don't know what to do harm to go. Find their parents in the middle of the forest and i ask the kids were their parents were of course she's the one this is like we're the fucker your parents And then they say no be here soon they end up letting them in she goes to make them some cocoa course. Let them in. I told you this is really sorry sample or what happens when you let these children. They need permission. You just fuck and let them in. Yeah and then. The husband stays in the living room to try and figure out how how they got there in the first place great. The only answer he gets his parents were be here soon. They spoke in a sing song. You boyce they weren't afraid to be in a stranger's home at all. No while she's in the kitchen getting them some worm. Something warm drink. She noticed something as off with their pets. I served notice that our cats we had four raw hiding except pigeon who was in the kitchen with me. Normally our cats reveal normally are cats so great now. The cats are dead not yet might normally. Our cats are very curious and friendly. We have to be careful that they don't run out the door. We leave this time. None of them even try to see try to see who was here. Which i thought was very strange. All of the harem pigeon. Snack was standing up on his tail. Wait all of the hair pitcher you know. All of here on pigeon snack was standing up a while politico. When i bent down to pet him to see what was wrong. He just started growing unit view of you know exactly and started growling and backed up until he had hid himself under the kitchen island. I have never seen him do that before. But on another note and other stories it is not unusual for pets. Have a visceral reaction to the b. k. The wife walks back into the living room and just cats. Dogs fell they to ho their mass. They're very spiritually sensed. Yeah no so. She walks back into the living room and this is when she suddenly at this point notices their fucking is no. It took everything right here. Where i draw the fucking line. She says it took everything inside me not to drop the bugs and run away. Were they looked at me. There is completely black. They had no whites just giant black away. What did she do that did she. Just like take it yet. Sounds like it right away fast. Who wrote the music. The woman also notices that has been has his head in his hands. Oh you're gonna say head in his ass. No i have to say. They notice her reaction to them and they quickly asked to go to the restaurant. Restroom together there in your fucking house already is too late while she doesn't know this she. Just chinks with strangely black ice shoes. As soon as they go to the restroom they start discussing. The kids and the husband snows spontaneously starts gushing with blood. Ooh and boom. It's the fucking power goes out. Okay stop it. I'm getting scared. I really am. She went to get some tissue for has been in these creepy. Little fuckers standing in the dark in the hall obviously finished in the restroom the shining. She says i stopped dead in my tracks. The two children were standing in the end of the hallway. He weren't moving. And i have never been so scared in my whole life. Pay just stood there in the dark. Nope nope no no. After what i felt like forever the boy said our parents are here. Okay i never get shows up my back and they walked to the door. Open it now now and walkouts leaving the door open wide behind them. You know what. I'm not coming over here any more on the done. I'm going to do the paranormal. You're gonna do the true crime story at the end of the driveway. The children's stood with their parents and the site was chilling. The men look like they were wearing black colored. Suit up it. We're very tall at least six feet. top it when we had more people with them. Yeah they were the parrot. This would the parents know when my husband waved at them. They just stared at us got into their car and drove off. Wait not even thank you for that even like thank you for lane helping my little ninety kids. Not even a curse. Nothing no spell no heck snow so he's getting a car and drive away okay. I'm not afraid so this is unfortunately not where it ends for this. Because things in their life take a weird turn for the worst so they did get a hats something. A month followed one of her. Cats hemorrhaged and died stakeout. Heck's the other cat have gone missing and presumably. They died no. They turned into the children of the corn. This is messed both she and her husband. Have you'd have nosebleeds eventually. He was diagnosed with an aggressive form of skin. Cancer beside listen. The singh told us cancer now she she does not go into detail but claims to be in the worst state of health of her into pair live or to stood that word the so this is one of the worst case scenarios. There are a few others but you get the picture and all of these stories. Someone dies has terrible dreams and that lasts for a long time. Cancer also seems to be an ongoing theme as well. What is the purpose of these things. So what the fuck are they. Do they want. Yeah i sack louis. There are quite a few theories swirling around out there on the internet so has to be said that there have also been strays of black adults before i go any further but for the most part it is these childlike visages that they seem to prefer And there's also why children okay i. I don't know which one would scare me more. Yeah so but we're stick with the black eyed children. Only god i got. I keep getting chills up my spine which i never get so. I'm just going to get the stereo to the way just honestly creeps me out just hyping about it. Although i have my doubts whether it has any validity. But it's out there. So i'm going to talk about it. Some people think they are demonic entity. Well little d big daddy. No but they're not angels. Aren't t you that because they seem to require your permission to enter into their house or vehicle or portal. I i to talk about this anymore. I gotta finish the story. Got on my back right everything. It says everything. There is powerful. He enforced called. Free will has to be overcome and this does not only apply to the d. word but also the next theory that is bam pires vampires which is the least plus. Get a lot that one but pires. Oh we as more plus yeah vampire. Vampires require your permission to be let in s chew after that you are there to control some sort of energy vampire would make sense since even those that have followed through and let the entities and end up feeling drain or terrible headaches after their encounters. He the minute. I think you just answered and right problem. You have an energy. I and i'm allowing yet. Absolutely but i can block it all right. I need to hurry up and get the story out of the way. Get it off my frigging and so this is blowing my mind right whether you believe or not. There's anyone some kind of something to it even. If it's a metaphor go thing there is a good thing is that there's so many of these stories that just keep coming in. Yeah no i keep getting chills. Every time we talk about it to one reddit or explained it like this and it kind of rang true to me present. Possibly the most reasonable explanation beat nemesis. Explains that the concept of thresholds or how a home has an inherently protective energy surrounding its occupants. As a matter of pragmatism natural entities must elicit some form of invitation or experience. A damper on supernatural energy makes sense. Yeah another theory is that they are ghostly entities hover most of encounters described a holy physical being but that does not make get not true. No can still be goes. Yeah so i have to say that. There's actually who could still be. I mean ghost manifest into physical form. Right i mean that happens. I get my house. I have These energies that go into my garage that manifest into they look like human form so people are. I mean look. I told you the story of my son's friend that was like who called her when he realized it wasn't connor. He came and have two grown boys sleeping. My bet right. So i mean it's just a manifestation. Its energy that manifest into something that you will recognize usually. It's so you won't be afraid of it. You know that you'll be like and that's what i think i recognize that and i'm not afraid of it. That's us. That's what i think that the reason for them showing up as children right so you'll be more gullible to them right. Okay look at that. I decided to get done with the story. Okay so there. There's also this story in the uk and I can't remember the name of were attacked. But i think this is more. The ghostly energy ghostly encounter hook let me prepare for them. I'm not going to tell the story. i'm selling it for another time because it deserves its own. Oh come on no no. We don't have time. The battery is going to die. Yeah thanks okay. But it's it's different from the american stories. The american stories seem to like follow the same formula all the way through like the. The black is the weird creepy. Feeling that you get like all of that stuff and knocking the lettuce in. That's all very consistent is very very well and what did we look. Oh my god look here. Okay i mean if it says the name that i have them yes well go. Okay all right. My spinelli is my favorite alien hybrids. The solid black guys dislike the greys could be. They always want to phone home. It could account for their physical limitations and the strange monotone way. They speak but it really is lacking on the motive site. No they don't why don't they just do what they always do. In abduct you lake. Well i'm going to call bullshit on that one because first of all aliens they come with a purpose right. they don't do harm. They actually usually even if they do an abduction. They take them. they might be like. Oh we need a little piece of your asshole at they send you back right but we as humans are so fucked up if an alien gets captured they i dissect the fuck database. Kill it so. I don't think that an alien would come through that way an aliens just gonna come in your room while you're sleeping and probe your ass. Whatever yeah or female up than progress for your belly button. That's true and new back but they always send you back right. They never keep you. They don't kill you they always send you back. It's your fear that makes the thing. Worse is also that we're linked to the men in black stories like the story earlier but the parents showed up the electric city like suddenly going out. There's also the possibility that they are either emitting some sort of a meth frequency like heidemarie. How ghost serious stuff. So it can cause paranoia headache sleep disturbances lack of concentration all that. Yeah light and dark dry. It can do that also the fact that they might be have some sort of radiation going on. Which explains the cancer diagnosis. That which is something that reminds me of skin walker wrench. Oh oh yeah some of the things that the researchers were running into when they were there. So maybe there's a giant biki be k. High wonder skin rocker rent. Who knows Whatever there are bay seemed to be completely american phenomenon. Even though there are stories in other countries they just don't have the same elements and they definitely try to use our primal instinct to protect children against us marine. Honestly i'm surprised. Ancient aliens hasn't made a connection yet and made an episode. I mean they could be wholly unique wholly unique entity has not been classified yet to be elemental something like that. It could be so if these little weirdos. Knock on your door do yourself a favor. Don't fuck an answer apart. Don't bucking answer than door. That was fifteen pages. Yeah there was asked. That was freaky. There was like some. I probably was like that was good. There was some really freaky stories out there. But i didn't have time to tell them. I'm super glad you did it. Because i have to go home and thank god. I'm kind of happy. I don't have to call by myself right now. Because i wouldn't want let us sage. What a sage before you leave. Oh dear god we have to sage you bet oasis office. Oh oh no. We are say jane the office a little of ourselves. So i think this is appropriate time breast. Take a night. Yes because i'm totally. Like just i'm done i'm done. My my energy is just like sapped. Stick a fork in us. Where done lack. I t-bone state in the beer. We done that made. He said so. Just stick a fork in. Obviously then we're done. And you know what i was saying so much for listening. Thank you thank you guys on the west. Coast that drama. You gotta. I want to pick my mom. And my dad okay and it goes along the thank. Jesus jews all right. We're pig during miss will go all right. You guys listening. Lion's share follow. Tell your friends patriot on two bucks a month. I mean whatever you got we got more work to whatever you want to send our way. Even if it's just love gets by a little mug and walk around with it and people be like. Hey that's cool. What is that. you'll be like it's tipsy tales. Have you heard of them. Bias sixty noun spike and. Just drink along with us when you're listening and you'll be like right along with us put water in it while you're at work and actually you could put and say it's water i series. I will tell you. I am not lying when i tell you when i wear my mask. I get asked several times like your mask. Where'd you get that. Look it up by your own you. That took don't is why we're on friday guys listening to a good night. Good night a we wait. Who are you carly. I'ma i'm carleen good may canal.

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1291: "The Election Special"

No Agenda

3:30:16 hr | 1 year ago

1291: "The Election Special"

"Louis this Marsh Adam Curry John's he. Remember I twenty twenty. This is your award winning nation media assassination episode. Twelve hundred ninety one. This is no agenda. Showing a one thousand percent. And Broadcasting Live from opportunities thirty three Handle Frontier Boston Texas. Capital up the drums star state. Morning. Everybody I'm Adam Curry and from northern Silicon Valley where there polls tell us that the no agenda shows leading in Pennsylvania unjustly devora. Man Did you see that? Did you see the crowds in Pennsylvania? Holy Crap. Now. Not married not wearing masks not social well, no. Of course not Wait wait I did I have that wasn't an article Reading this. A Gosh somewhere that was it was like a mainstream article out here. Stanford study. Links. Trump rallies to seven hundred. Cova. Deaths. Abby he's killing voters he can never win this way. You can't wear your people off. Unbelievable. We we have. This is our our announced that this is our election day special dough. This is correct. We have special producer ships even for this episode. Yes. We can. Push off the. Discussion of that in do a little covert rap. Yeah. Any do little covert drop low covert that he put keep people going. Yeah. I have. Start with our local story local storing locals. Locals local becomes global at local global. And not exactly local El Paso. So it's Texas local. You recall that Alpes Oh has a curfew curfew everyone stay home. We've got cases on the rise what's going on? How can it be? We got the hospitals are overflowing Oh my goodness. WHAT ARE WE GONNA do Well isn't that interesting As. Yes I'm leading play clipped and away you lead into it you're going to have to play my clip dacoven Texas mess. This is perfect. I love it. When two clips come together in Texas. So County has ordered it doesn't need setup. No, I'm just GONNA say it's our friend amy well, Gee, I I I couldn't tell from the void. Paso County has ordered a two week lockdown essential businesses as a surge of Co. visiting patients has left medical workers overwhelm. Spills nearing capacity. Meanwhile, The Washington Post reports over forty thousand residents have died of Covid, one, thousand, nine, hundred and nursing homes that were given a clean bill of health by the trump administration. The Post found the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services cleared nearly eight out of ten nursing homes of any infection control violations even homes with mounting corona virus outbreaks before or during the inspection. Yes. The surge goodness locked down one could be going on couple of things. She. made it sound as though forty thousand people just died on nursing homes. Thanks to trump. That's very much the way it sounds. The other one was the aren't all hospitals both to be nearing capacity because that's their business model. Yeah. It's like it's like airlines they want as many of the seats filled as possible and it's completely. Dynamic and also when they say while the in this case, she didn't say ICU but there's Between six and ten percent of all ICU beds are reserved for covid now or ICU units. So disingenuous, it's half the information it's half the information says we played that we might as well play the rest of her where we can I stick was Texas. Note we're getting back to Texas I'm going to say this because I want to get these because I wanNA make sure we're all fearful mood. Want. You to be very afraid. Yes. Okay. So, this is the curve. This is that Texas part she just did was follow up to this which was. If. You didn't know it. This is the worst. It's ever been the United States confirm nearly ninety thousand new cases, the virus Thursday, the worst toll of the epidemic so far would. Wow. Wow she's equating cases to a toll as in a death toll Nice y'all you noticed that we're. Oh. Yeah. For whom the belt. Worse toll of the US epidemic so far with an average of one new infection every second of the day forty three states are seeing cases rise with seventeen states, breaking records for Hospitalizations and eight states reporting record daily cases. This is DR A. Dean Brown University School of Public Health things are very very bad and. Right. Now, we are having some of the largest outbreaks that we've had to retire. And nine ten months into this pandemic we are still largely not quite prepared. Right. Okay. So even before I can go into into Texas I. I. would like to say that we had a little viral moment. Tom Woods from the Tom would show. he and I have A little bit from time to time share information. He's been all over the the Boga Tivi of certainly of testing is most recent episode. The Tom would show is about. Processing And so I gave him the this week in virology clip from our show and which he tweeted now he has I think he's got ninety thousand followers and they're real followers. He didn't buy them. So that was Kinda. Nice, we got a little little thing going on there. And obviously the way this is presented has very little to do with an outbreak or a horrible toll. It is testing and I came to the conclusion that it's really the remember. The are not the RS zero number, which we talked about way in the beginning of March, which was the If you have a one or above that means that for every person who's infected, they will infect. More than one other perky. Number. So With this testing with the peace process, which is still in place. What happens is for every person. WHO has a positive results come back from the lab it automatically triggers at least five new tests. Because of the contact tracing, it will never end this way. If you had an are not over yet an are replication of five for the virus. Yeah. We would be looking at death. I don't think three I think was the highest that they had her. At some point. So it, it's a never ending story and a Lotta people benefiting from it and having a good time. So back to El Paso you heard it's the it's the worst toll ever what could be going on? How is this possible? We're also so safe and we're also careful. Please note that they'll pass Oh is a border town and we have some whistle blowers. Paso has making international headlines for the Cova outbreak here as an emergency responders are being recognized across the nation today. For Fire Department are you guys picking her covent non-citizen passive firefighters in the trenches of the covid nineteen pandemic? He cannot talk on the record about the number of people they're picking up every day from El Paso's international bridges but a whistle blower inside the Fire Department spoke to me exclusively on condition of anonymity. Tore through four turns. JUICE SPOT You'll be there for one patient. Times. Before five. As a result of what appears to be escalating ambulance responses to the international bridges by the El Paso Fire Department, our source insists the city of L. Kasowitz being left in a dangerously vulnerable position. Nestor. Moral Schilling busy out. So what's happening is there are people showing up on the other side of the border at these international bridges as they're known and the and the Fire Department and ambulance is just picking them up. It's really seek people who are in Mexico and bring them across the border into the El Paso hospitals. which is which is okay. But let's not let's not make it look like stupid Americans in El Paso. We're all GONNA die because we not socially distancing. Costs a grand for one ambulance run. Up to tap for all these people that is one of the questions that has been asked the not yet answered In fact, you kind of heard at the beginning are you guys picking up a foreign foreigners? The Fire Department? So I believe it's it's the commercial ambulance services and they're getting paid. I. Think when they arrived, they just get a check at the hospital the good workers a check. We'll be right back. We got some more. So yeah, I mean obviously you're going to run into problems if that was not expected and it doesn't mean that these people don't need help doesn't mean that that they aren't actually sick but let's not pretend like we're all dick heads here in Texas. Man There's a number of things happening with testing. I let's. Let's play some scary testing music. Now. Only. You. Suggest. Something is she is down doesn't work now I work on her. Something is changing in. The testing regimen. As health and Human Services led by General Gerard is rolling out massive. Antigen tests. The antibody tests these are rapid tests, and these are from Abbott the called the by necks buynaksk now tests and I've really three real short reports. Just you can understand how vast this rollout is. This is the BUYNAKSK now rapid antigen test card and the head of the United States. Cova. Testing strategy. Admiral Brett Gerard says you or your child will likely be asked to use one before this global health crisis is resolved. The ideal use of these tests are really for large-scale screening. Because as Because that's what they're meant for, they could be done at point of care. You can get the results within fifteen minutes. It's not clear yet who exactly will get the test schools nursing homes are obvious priorities by next test could easily be used a screen students or hockey players or. Staff going into nursing homes. It's that good frontline tests that could be done basically anywhere macura seeing false positives are always a concern. Admiral. Jarara has high confidence in Buynaksk. Now rapid tests, it's very sensitive ninety seven percent compared to the best test ninety, eight percents civic more testing will uncover more infection, but the admiral says, that's a good thing. It is true. The more testing you do the work. As you will find, we want to do that because what as we can isolate them contact raise keep that one case from turning into sixty. Yeah. So this. Confused. Second is an interesting little. There is he says the most testing we do the most cases will find. That's true. That's what trump's been saying and every time he says the same exact thing they condemn him well, here's what's for. So two more. Just to show you how wide this is rolling out. This is See where where's this from? Arkansas we learned today the Arkansas Department of Education has played harp elementary school on a list of fourteen schools across the state to receive. Rapid. Antigen testing for staff soon, harp elementary school along with Green High School Greenwood Junior high and northside high school in Fort. Smith will be among the first schools in the state with access to rapid antigen testing for teachers and staff and in Florida Florida will receive a steady flow of a new covid nineteen rapid. Tests Federal Health officials say today the state will be getting about six point five million by next tests in total less invasive and don't eat a lab to get results in fifteen minutes or less Florida will have received about two point three million of the test from US Health and Human Services. By Week's end I believe that the trump administration is rolling these out massively and this millions I think already three million of these by next tests are being deployed. it is not a p CR. Process, which is the good news in fact, the the test itself. Will give false negatives quicker than they will false positives from what I understand. So just hearing Gerard Speak, Oh yeah. Yeah. That's what we want. I think the idea is we're going to actually lower the the the teaching speakers down just a little bit for me. please. I think that we're GONNA see. Much. Lower. Case Count. Because it's it's different process which is much more accurate based on the antibodies. I had. This is one of the tests that I had with Rogan I. Don't know if I think it's a finger prick to that which sucks by the. Fingerprint yeah. I. Got the PC our process swab in the nose and I got a finger prick and in fifteen minutes. Okay and it's it's you know it's a little plastic thing. You put your bloody finger on it and then you wait it's almost like a pregnancy test because one pink you're you're negative is to pink's your positive. However. The bad thing about this and we we heard this from dude named Ben who works at Abbott Labs is it comes with an APP. And it's all tied together. So the minute you do the task, your APP tells you that you're clean or good to go, and you know this will provide you access and right now it's going to be voluntary and yeah. Okay. You know you don't really have to take but how long will that last? So on one hand I think we'll see the case case rate dropped dramatically with new testing on the other hand. This is the beginning of the end when it comes to these damn. APPS that they're going to connect to connect everybody to I. Didn't know you got pricked when you're over there Rogan. To me. It sucks because you feel you two tests. Yeah. Yeah. One was the rapid tests and the rapid tests are much more accurate. The rapid tests much more. We get a letter from what I'm not GonNa read it, but I may post it. It's a long note about how he went to Idaho to meet with his. Mother or some some family members in somebody got to cove it, and so they made them locked down. They couldn't get out of the stay there like Dan and all and they and everybody kept taking the rapid tests and would coming up native and so they finally got out of there, right? The right yeah. That's the rapid test is exactly. And there's a hue and just going back to the PCR. There's a couple of things in the show notes not we're going. We're not going to beat this horse over and over again especially now since the rapid tests are coming and I think this is being is going to be phased out pretty quickly. We're just in time right after the election of, Joe. Can Save the day. Exactly. There's an. Interesting correlation between the. Cycle. Counts and viral load and there's some. Again we have so many scientists sending stuff There's an interesting chart where you can see that indeed really around thirty, two, thirty, three cycles. The viral load is so small that you you know it's it's it's crazy to use this as a test at all. However, still used in the good old UK and my friend Michelle. Is He's he's going broke. He's GonNa go one hundred percent bankrupt had huge clubs in the in the UK. In Guilford and well, this is the latest Hello Boris. Johnson. Let's lock it down again in this country. Alas as across much of Europe, the virus is spreading even faster than the reasonable worst case scenario of our scientific advisers. Whose models as you've just seen now suggests that unless we act, we could see deaths in this country running at several thousand today peak of mortality. Alas bigger than the one we saw innate this is unbelievable because of a positive case rate. They're locking down the country for four weeks because the model say well, when you have this many cases, you're gonNA have thousands of people a day dying of which there's a at this moment. Absolutely no evidence. So now is the time to take action because there is no alternative from Thursday, until the start of December. You must stay at home. You may only leave home for specific reasons including education for work that safe you cannot work from home. Exercise and recreation outdoors with your household or on your own with one person from another household. Medical reasons appointments and to escape injury or four harm to shop for food and essentials, and to provide care for vulnerable people who is a volunteer? I'm afraid nonessential shops leisure and entertainment venues will be closed all the fun stuff and click services can continue and essential shops will remain open. So there's no need. To stock up. pubs bars the restaurants must close except for takeaway delivery services what places should stay open where people can't work from home, for example, in the construction and manufacturing sectors. Single at households can still form exclusive support bubbles with one other household and children will still be able to move between homes if their parents separated. I'm under no illusions about how difficult this will be for businesses which have already had to endure such hardship this year and I'm truly truly sorry. For that, and that's why we're going to extend the Furlan system. Through November, the furloughs scheme was a success spring. It's people businesses in a critical time. We will not end it. We will extend furlough until December Christmas to be different this year caps very different but it's my sincere hope and belief the by taking tough action we cannot allow families across the country to be together. There's that lovely veiled threat that he throws out there. Hey, we're going to close everything down until December first all the fun stuff. Hey construction workers f you go out there and work. but if you don't do your job if you don't do tell you well Christmas could really sucked now couldn't it? So you better do what we're telling you to do, and my goodness would people here in the media and in the scientific field love that for us. Here is Anthony FAUCI. Along. With the SHEP SMITH ON HIS CNBC show, which is it's amazing. I. Think I'm the only person who watches if you look look at the ratings and well, here's his midnight or so nobody CNBC listeners by the way CNBC listeners are very distinct group that's whether easy to advertise for they watch during the stock market. I'm just going to disagree with you again this is typically this shark tank hours. What they do in the evening is very different from what they do during the day, but it's a fatal gang is different because people do tune into that at and that's the lead in he has nine o'clock. It's nine o'clock show on the east coast. and which I think means, he's going head to head with Rachel maddow and Sean Hannity and he has no ratings I mean, it's two hundred thousand people are watching. Here's what Shep really wants earlier. Today you talk to the journey of the American Medical Association or Jam and you were talking about what an extraordinary thing has happened in. Melbourne they had one hundred eleven day lockdown started with twenty thousand cases a day and as you pointed out two days ago, they had zero cases. Why can't we do that? Yeah I. When you talk about lockdowns that certainly, they were extremely successful. What? Extremely successful. No, there's no evidence. In fact, there's counter evidence they were extremely successful as as just as many if not more people died in countries that have been locked down and of course, it's not really covert. It's all kinds of other things that are counted as code but okay. Thanks Antony. There is very little appetite for lockdown in this country. That's right. There's going to be a major pushback both from above and at the local level. Yes. Unless Joe Biden wins, then it will be build back better and James Lockdown Better James pod of he's. He writes for Daily News and I think he's written for the Guardian in the past he was on Sky Australia. And you'll notice that it's all the rupert. Murdoch properties. That are kind of going against the Grain Fox News New York Post, Daily Mail sky. This is all Murdoch just wanted to point that out, and here he is talking about what really is going on with the lockdowns back betters I started off this pandemic thing was just people being a bit stupid and it will pass. But now I, realized that this is organized and you you mentioned the great. Now. Hey they don't listen to the no agenda show that. Hold on the he say I just now no I. Don't think he said that he mentioned the great reset anyone who doesn't realize the platelets go back a little people being stupid and it would all past but now I realize that will now I realize. But now it's Hey, I'm just confirming what we already know. You, you mentioned the great reset anyone who doesn't realize at the Gracie great reset is the biggest threat to our way of life right now hasn't been paying attention. deadly. seriously. The people for the World Economic Forum and some unfortunate political leaders when you hear the phrase build back etter. I've heard crimes to use. I've heard job J. Bite music. This is this is the code phrase for the reset of our lives and giants world help well economic been tweeting. Today's consumers do not want more goods and services rivaled increasingly expect companies to contribute social welfare etcetera. Etcetera is this little part and parcel of it. Lead they had their belief is the old world, the world that you and I and I suspect most of your is really quite light is broken. It needs to be changed whether we like it too. They claiming that we like it I'm sure that we do actually. Talking about things like they want us to own property anymore we're not going to own anything will be provided for as well. We've. Brought to us is. To us some sort of shadowy need. This is a takeover by the technocrats. Urge anyone he thinks that this is the kind of conspiracy theory to do a background reading the great reset, the World Economic Forum combined with. Agenda Twenty, thirty S it's now called is the transformation of of our societies around the world on lines I would call communist or fascist mean frankly was the difference. This is terrifying much jerry than the than the flu. Yeah and it's being done out in the open. Everyone's chuckling about the world economic forum videos where they say exactly this and to add to that familiar with the fair trade, the fair trade USA fair trade. Certified Yeah. Of course. Yeah. So Fair in fact I'll read from their website fair trade is a global movement made up of diverse network of producers, companies, consumers, advocates, and organizations, putting people, and planet i. We had fair. It's funny. People I. Yeah. Not, laugh at this bowl craft fair trade USA believe that everyone wants to do what's right for their families, fellow global citizens and the planet. Let's listen to fifteen seconds of their latest commercial sometimes. Choice. Can bring us one step closer to the future we believe in. Back. Trade togetherness fair to build back better. Trade together hey made another i. It's disgusting what these people are doing. Is Twenty of twenty abroad. Fair Trade Fair Trading. To me has always been a marketing gimmick. Sure where it started I, think is in the coffee trade. Yeah. Does result coffee and tea itinerant coffee growers in Guatemala and elsewhere they were never getting a good deal they're getting ripped off. Fair was supposed to correct that inequity kind of cut out some middlemen and give them some extra cash that was the real impetus and I don't think. I can point to me to something early than the coffee business I'd be interested it sounds to me like they're doing the marketing exactly what you said they don't build back better fair trade together still some poor bastard in the top of the hill trying to pick coffee beans give me a break I like the the twenty, thirty year which of. Course, you know I've been on for for quite a while years beginning years got a note from one of our producers who says who gave me some insight into the year twenty thirty as it according to him important to many Christians as well because it marks the two thousand year from the Cross and the resurrection which was approximately thirty ad. In case, we need an end time primer which I'm always happy to receive. It goes like this. I. You get three and a half years of weird times followed by three and a half years of the worst time ever seen in history and then the Anti Christ Reigns Aka the tribulation or the time of Jacob's troubles followed by the triumphant return of King Jesus. And then we get a thousand great years. So I'm not quite sure how to David shoehorning eerie into every year now it's okay this is good. This is news to like it. I like it. I'm sticking with I can see where he said well, we've had the three and a half years of weird trump ears right? That's been the we're now we're GONNA have three and a half bad years and it's starting off the cove and we've got other pandemics, entrenched Tran Democrats and try different. Trend All. Twin Dynamics. Wind damage as. Roma's looking for actually. Yeah. So we can have three and a weird years in Biden will be kicked out of office because he's a moron. GonNa Twenty Fifth Amendment Him and put in. The laughing Hyena. It'd be just debts. Yeah. Makes Sense I think maybe you're onto something. Well why I'm sticking with the with the Christianity and with the the the. Bags from Davos World Economic Forum I don't know if you had a chance to read the letter from Cardinal Vigano to. president. Now I did not. So vigano is is a very polarizing figure and he's been blogging and he's he's one of these. Hey, man, this pope is no good type of guys. As right. He wrote an open letter to president trump as is in the show notes any show notes dot com, and he said this is all a scam Mr President and he mentioned specifically build back better mentioned specifically the great reset for the World Economic Forum it's fantastic. It's really is following this guy and was blog. And also he's not on CNBC. Is Not an MS MS copies down on the TV I. think he gets more audience with his blog. CNBC. So well, that wouldn't take much as true today in the United States they light saving time went into effect. Which is I've always said is one of the global elites new world order way of making us dance monkey boys and girls. Let's change the clock on them. None. Of Our producers sent an interesting calculation. By setting the clock back sixty minutes. Since normal light change per day is one minute. That you move into the to the darker. The darker days that sixty days really gives you a jet lag. It's almost like a reset of two months sixty days. Reset in in your in your circadian rhythm or your your your body or whatever. There's never it's never been enough exploration of what this is doing to people. True. This is just this. It's always like, okay, whatever. Way. I. Look at it and having that right before the election yeah. Always interesting I dunno does it does it. Good. Point. Arison interesting point does it set people biology do at just why would you because they've changed these? You know they never used to be this. It was different times. They moved just before the election. although with with the mail in voting all the rest of which is now become a laughable it's doesn't make much difference. We're almost done here with I don't think we have much any other updates other than you know of course, France. Shutting down was beautiful pictures of Paris. Everyone everyone rushing to get the heck out. The day before the the full on lockdown starts? To go back to them. Boris Johnson same mccrone macron macron. Don't these leaders. Have a sense of any. Obligation to really try to figure out what's really going on. No I think Boris Johnson is I think they're sincere I think. Boris Johnson as partisan scheme. No, I don't think he's sincere. I think he went into the hospital and they had. They had a chat with him. Somebody had little chat and he came out with the bill back better crap now. No No, no no. No, he's all he's been compromised one way or the other. The hospitalization thing which was sketchy I mean when trump went into the hospital, he saw him get out of their fastest. I'd say trump's hospital visit was pretty sketchy too. Could have been he was in he was out. And it might not even be the same trump but I am looking at materials. The same guy can you can't can't certain things you can't fake. If. person you can't fake somebody's kiss. there's other aspects of body language you can tell and. But stand up comedy you know is a certain style trump has and he's the same guy so. It's It was fantastic to see in this came out. Thirty couple of things happened on show day on. Thursday is the the record increase in GDP for the United States. Thirty three percent everybody. That And I. Don't know how to interpret it other than pay attention thirty, three there it is our favorite number. We've never. This this kind of the goal of the show is Holy Grail of this agenda show, which is figure out what the Hell is with these thirty three's and people come with all all masonic thirty three this I'd now there's no something else who knows what's going on. anyway looks like indeed the United States is is really not planning on. Getting or being locked down as it stands today as it stands today North Carolina you see there was a city council meeting. And they expected on fifty sixty people to show up. There were hundreds of people know mask. As and it was about mass it was a mandatory mass law and they ultimately they had to you know. Accept that people were not going to wear masks and they had to actually move the whole meeting outside people are pissed. pissed and in every body well, no in New York. In New York where the shutdown is complete and I think this will be done with the rapid test if you travel to New York now. You will you can only travel why. Right. If if for some reason you're going to New York, you need to have a test before you arrive, and if your test is negative, you must stay in three day quarantine and be retested on the fourth day just to make sure. This is how this is how craziest has gotten. Not Going to New York this weekend now why would you? and. Then just a little boots on the ground never sleep chanel. Right. Got An email one of our producers this week John John and Adam. I became an infected human resource. I had a couple of days where I felt like I had mild stomach bug. Then all of a sudden a fever. So hot I- fogged my glasses at one hundred and three I gave in and took some tylenol at a few days of fever and body aches controllable with Tylenol I also had some loss of taste and smell after about five days. My symptoms were gone. All that lingers is a little tiredness. My husband never caught it. I believe I caught this at work from someone who was very ill but had tested negative. Oh, and I didn't want the PCR's white managed to get a rapid antigen through the National Guard they have a great testing operations. This is what we're talking about five stars. The guardsmen gave me the result though thought I was crying and told me hey, it's not a death sentence. I said not I just feel like crap don't worry about me. At the end of the day this ended up being less than the flu a sent a note to my doctor and five days later, they bothered to reply by saying take tylenol. And she ends by saying good thing that country's shutdown just thought I'd share. Thank you. That's pretty much par for the course. Of what we've been hearing. In Thailand make sure that it's not aspirin should be tylenol. Near Thailand why? Why do we have to make sure it's WE'LL ASPIRIN A. Has To do with the with viral shedding or something along those lines. Aspirin kind of encourages the viruses replicate. Colorado. Effects. It was. Dangerous. With hemorragic diseases like dengue. If you take aspirin he'll drop your don't you bleed out or something emily got. Dead I hate to say but for all the covert stuff we've been doing in the past month I really don't have much more I mean we're into the next phase. The next phase is rapid testing so we will see. Better results less. False positives. I. Believe. Than than we have with any. Less. Yes, we hope. So can't quite this is Max out the way it is. Now this is unbelievable, but the problem is that the. APP is coming into play and this will be used everywhere. This you'll eventually I think you'll get a rapid tests at home and you'll have to. Do. The rapid tests and then you'll probably Bluetooth that thing to your phone goes back to home base and gives you a green qr code that you're safe to go and just like the lost cash during this we're going to lose these freedoms. I just can't see it and certainly. if. To North Carolina. I if Biden becomes president. I don't think it'll make much difference. No we'll find out. There will well, we're talking about that. They start talking about the election. Yeah Election Day special needs to music or some horns or something. Celebratory Horn. We well. You know I do have to crank that up. It makes it has to. Here we go. It's like pre election day. Everybody we're so so we're so happy. Before before, we get into coverage, I'd like to play one clip. Don Lemon always has the hand off with Chris Cuomo. On. CNN. But they do they have a hand off when Don Lemon's done. Little Cross chat. So Don Lemon who apparently has lived in several what he would call red states. he's he's you know all this entire this entire season this entire trump. Presidency I mean it's it's really hit him hard and. He has just had to take people out of his life. You know what the sad thing is and I'll be honest with. Admit had many people who I love in my life and I come from a red state of lived in several states. There are a lot of friends who I had to really get rid of because they. They are so nonsensical. When it comes to this issue they have the whole every single talking point that they here on state TV and that they hear from this president. They repeat it and they are blinded by it and I just when I sit to you the other night, there's no way they can't believe it. You know I was just cruising you in a way right? You know they say I was you know. They're. Breaking Your All over. But here's the thing I had to get rid of them because they are too far gone. I try and I try and I try they'll say something really stupid and then I'll show them the science and I'll give them the information and they still repeat those talking points and all the while. The. State. Was a hotspot many. If you look at the information that we put up last night that came up yesterday showed you how red states have now taken over where the blue states where people came in because there are bigger cities there's more transmission obviously where where there are more people are closer together, and so now the red states are the problem and I just had to get rid of a lot of people in my life because sometime you just have to let him go I think that they have to hit rock bottom like an addict right and they have to want to get help they have. To want to know the truth they have to want to live in reality they have to want to be responsible not only for other people's lives, but for their lives. So you know what I have it's so sad and I don't know if after this I will ever be able to go back and be friends with those people because at a certain point, you just say too far gone and gotta let them go and if they're willing to come back and if they're willing to live in in reality then I welcome them with open arms, but I can't do it and I can't do it anymore. Yeah I don't understand these people, I. Understand, why they don't understand how Putin is Ryan Allegations are controlling everything and put Putin's calling the shots I wanNA give you the opposite side of that argument. You remember the Hollywood media guide that I had a zoom call with. It was a rare a rare kind of show business opportunity that I was looking at the head the licensed to all of I. All of my. Stuff from the Netherlands, all the music stuff, and they were talking about putting the TV show together and the guy went off all your in. Texas I'm in Austin the only place you can be a Democrat remember this guy. Daily. And and after I put I put that kind of person out of my life. I just I just want he's from San Diego just want to there's a follow on to this. So it was like Oh and then he and then he went on about because I said, I, won't Texas we don't really give a crap. We don't make a big deal about who were voting for says, don't you hate those hats I hate big cowboy hats. It's wrong with this guy. Trump is trump is trump is trump. So. This guy's sales guy no, he's an he owns. Thousands and thousands of hours of musical performances that he licenses and archivist. No it's more than an archive is he's a very successful business is huge business licensing these. disparagingly, just an archive. No, you're just an archivist he likes to now. Accessible businessman took it. So So we would they would. They were trying to the guy in Holland who I know, and then this is his partner in San Diego in they're trying to set up a follow up call. and. The guy says, Hey, how about a Wednesday the fourth? And he emails back Wednesday morning I'm either going to be very happy ready to kill myself based on the election results. Hope you know mood to talk business less trump loses. So that. So the Dutch guy. Goes back and says, okay how about Friday then in the guy comes back with. Trump loses. I will not have killed myself. So yes, I can make that. To which I replied. I. Have No interest in doing any business with you. you did not take the opportunity for that one that that. I. Thought about it I thought about it. I said no, I said it's a shame. He didn't take the hint on our previous call. I don't mix politics with business. Your insults to my state did not go unnoticed either I prefer to work with partners to understand appropriate business discourse on withdrawing from this opportunity. To which he said all I'm sorry I didn't mean to offend anyone. Say Well now you've learned 'cause I guess no one stood up to you and said F you Hollywood douchebag. One call him out for his Privilege Fried I. Tried it didn't work. It didn't work and this wasn't a joke did this was an actual business opportunity I'm like? Dude. because. No one has told these people that's what I realize because he came back. So Meek. No one has said you do realize not everyone is, is like you or we might have different ideas or maybe we don't WanNa talk about politics. I'm here to talk about music licensing not who you're voting for and what your personal issues are. and to me it was it was a good example of people just accepting it. You've got to we have to start talking to people and I don't care if you're if you're pro trump or pro biden, either way shut up vote and shut up. That's my motto. Looking at it but I think especially, if the guy's trying to do a deal what kind of A. Businessman. So. He's collected all these licenses, which is a good is a good business. and. He's GonNa. Try to package it but he's more interested in packaging his own opinions about trump. And I just I just said I'm not. I'm not going to I'm not interested at all immortal street is. I don't know how they got this way. Well, he's in San Diego, that may give us a clue. But he's in he's in the entertainment industry. That's I think you can't. Even, broach the top you know how? Will John Legend as we've heard him say Oh yes you know I. of course I have friends who are conservatives or Republicans, but they're very quiet about it. Well. It's because of this bullying is this bullcrap bullying and the guy just lost his opportunity with me I mean go ahead licenses stupid shit. See someone else can make a show out of it. will be possible now. I'm not interested in this. Is just like bullying all he was he was. From the get go it wasn't even though he did he felt you out and said, well, I want maybe this guy's baby disguised. He's living in Texas maybe he likes cowboy hats maybe wears them now. Yeah. No no, he doesn't even bother to do that. So it's just starts off with a bullying attitude. Yeah. Well, that that brings me to the C. Span Clip. Belka. Hello caller Republican line a this the the C. Span call in about trump and this again, and this is a guy probably in the area where the trump support and you could hear the problem which is going to resolve itself on Tuesday. Lauren. Roy. Up The road from a ball lawler and I take great issue with some of the comments you're making on there today. In fact, I finally had a nerve that put my trump sign on my front yard. My neighbors are also trump fans and They're too scared to because of radical Democrats. They're worried about getting a brick thrown through their window or paintball shot at their home. So and I totally disagree that we're you're saying, Joe, Biden is leading in the suburb. And I think that's fake and I think you're just trying to see what you WanNa see you with your research. So I totally disagree with your comments and I'd like to hear your response. Here's my response whatever political predispositions I might have or my colleagues might have at the community research institute at Baldwin Wallace University more than anything else in the world we want our polling to be accurate and we take great measures to make sure that it is and so my comments on Biden leading in the suburbs are based strictly on the data and not on my opinion some of the things that we do in our polls to make sure that we are not underestimating a trump support in. Ohio is that we wait by education so that people with college degree without college degrees are represented in the sample and we also have caps in place on the urban suburban votes. So the rural vote is not underrepresented in our polls. So everything that saying is based strictly on the numbers and not based on what I'd like to see or what my political D- predispositions might be Of course, it's your you're free to disagree with me, but all I'm doing is reporting the data say. Explain this waiting by. I mean I don't have a college degree you do. Explain how would I put in a different bucket? If I'm told because I'm dumb dumb bucket a duck it. That's what they. Implication is because degree. Dumb Shit that's make sure to put you in your office you dumb shit to be supporting trump yeah. I mean all of these things are predispositions that she's saying don't exist. Let's listen to. Chuck Todd. Discussing the NBC polling on Sports Talk Show. Clip by safe from the last show, you've heard this clip it's pretty look I would say this I'd rather be betting money line. I know Biden's the point spread favorite. I'd be. I'd rather bet the money line and see if he would cover his spread. look I do think I I'm one of those up going to say this way if you hold the election, ten times I, think there's only. One maybe two occasions that trump plans I mean there's core occasions that Biden wins in a blowout and I think there's four occasions where you know it's a nail biter but he wins. I think I think that the most were really headed is. I think it's possible. But all of the battleground states when you're watching us on Tuesday night everything up deals competitive enclosed. Yep? Florida whether it's Iowa whether it's Wisconsin and everything will feel within that three to five point range and you're like boy I don't know but it looks like and then it all tips in one direction. And then Biden could get to that you know three fifty to four hundred electoral vote mark. You know there is an outside chance. He could touch four hundred and that would be carrying Texas I. Still Think There's a lid on Texas. of about you know the forty seven or forty eight for Democrat at the end of the day is GonNa. Come up a point or two short. But, I'll say this I think the adjustment that many many pollsters have made I know what we've adjustments. We've made to make sure that we feel good about our numbers. Of. These other is. Wrong. In the direction meaning we may be under the there is underestimating. Underestimating Biden then what we did for years ago. but the biggest difference is that he's an incumbent and he's just not given the benefit of doubt the way he was a challenger and that you know how voters think forget simplistic about this incumbent. In a year where things aren't going well incumbent loses. That's what I would have thought I. mean anyone we'll see I'll talk to next week. The fundamentals matter. Yeah. Thanks Chuck. I love the adjustments we made is that another these are dumb people in Texas they must be dumb just that number. Did. You see what happened in Texas when the The the Biden Harris bus was in Houston. And They were going to drive to Austin and there was a trump train convoy of trucks and cars with trump flags, and I'm talking at least a mile behind and in front of a next to. So. They decided not even to go to Austin. This is no good. There was there was a convoy convoy surrounding the vitamin, Harris Bus. was fantastic. I never heard this was ported. It's everywhere on the on the Youtube you can find you can find video of it it well, the minute they left Houston, it was boom truck and the pickup trucks with the flags and. Around here sometimes. Oh. Yeah. On the freeway going as fast as they can. They were just surrounding the bus and then they got to Austin. Yeah, like, Oh, we don't even want to. We don't even want to go an Austin. So they just they gave up. Here were sent. You brought it up. Here's here's ABC. Was Reporting on Texas and disaccord NBC would agree with this Texas flipping read. Sorry got More is it here? Is it ABC Texas flipping? No, it's Texas flipping read ABC's at the end. I don't have it Texas flipping read. Yes. Yes. Oh. Yeah. I do I'm sorry this fighting team thinks voters are fired up and they see new opportunity in those long lines to vote across the country. In Texas, more than nine million people have already voted that's more than. Those cast their in two thousand sixteen but today Biden's running mate comma. Harris was they're trying to get out the vote and flip the red state blue today is the last day of early voting in Texas and you all have been doing, your? Thang. Time. To let up on the pedal though, right Did you let you didn't let up on the pedal you scooted right by Austin. Democrat of all this. Well, I'm going to say that I think things have changed dramatically in Austin There's been rumors that Austin could go read although we the mayor's not up for reelection. He is up for recall only three of the city council up for for re election but you know this is the the the the nut jobs here defended the police. hundred, million dollars they say, they didn't do it but they did the city council did you know that moving that that money over to the? to the workers and the Community Code officers. Who Normally? Good to see if you have a bunch of code violators, the Community Code guys are like little police. Yeah. But but they have they have historically have no power. They can write you your ticket or summons. If you put your sprinklers on on the wrong day or two early which I've actually had happened they, they give you a ticket for summons for that. But the but the issue here is is the homelessness in the tents and the the actual nonprofits who are given grant money. For the people? Camping camping. Is has been handing out more tense. That's what they've done with the money, and then you know the keeper night, we went to vote yesterday and or a Friday. And we have to propositions and W- and one of them one is to raise property taxes to pay for the second one, which is something that's come up every every election cycle I've been in Austin so far is the Austin connect where they want to have light rail, and we definitely have a transportation issues, but it's a seven billion dollar package and it's just to get started. So there I believe there's such low trust in these Douche bags and we during lockdown. Every Austin Knight has a one point watched one of these city council meetings on zoom and well now I think people are done and here's Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick Talking About Austin. City of Austin is a disaster. If you haven't been there a great city now are the most dangerous cities in America. Definitely in taxes. We've already been talking with the governor and I've talked with others about taking over Austin. The state taking over policing that city, and if that is the plan that will be a that will be a high priority bill for the pass the budgets usually number one that'll be in the top five, and we will pass that bill if we have to protect the citizens of Austin from the from the from the bridge to beyond ut campus when he says the bridge to beyond the UT campus, he's talking. Specifically about the tents everywhere, we're parents now are afraid to send their students because Mayor Adler has defend has funded the police and the city council has defended the police endangering the police and all the citizens. But that's what we're GONNA do and the next the next session we know the budget will be tight but there are always dollars to defend the police and protect our citizens lies. That's our number one job. We are not going to tolerate people's lives being at risk in our state. We're not GONNA tolerate judges for letting criminals want street. Yeah, exactly. So we'll see we'll see how blue Texas's. We'll see how how Blue Austin is I I'm not so sure and remember America I pick the hits. There is Here's a report from Giancarl the headed the correspondents group that does the White House saw the white. House correspondents pool he's the head of that. He's GonNa picks the guys get to go there and here's the story about the male imbalance and what's going on in this ABC reporters a little long but it's Kinda summarizes things at least from the perspective of. These guys and I want to play a couple of clips. A little later. I would say that right now the media in particular and lot of. And the Democrats are spiking the ball and too early and too early way too earlier, and there's spike in the ball and they're I mean you could hear it in the voice of Chuck Todd when he was on that. Play Straight Line I'm. Not GonNa take the spread. Talking about his. Sports. Professional sports better, and it's got to do with the president the presidential election oh. Yeah we've been probably estimated really low. You know it's that kind of thing but there's other examples which which I have here but let's play this clip with a male in story. The key factor here is the massive increase in mail in and absentee voting due to the cove nineteen pandemic those mailed ballots take time to process local officials must compare names to. Voter rolls and make sure everyone is eligible to vote and not voting twice, and in some states, votes are counted even if they come in days after the election as long as they are postmarked by election day and eight states even start looking at the mail in ballots Intel election. Day Pennsylvania for one is going to take a long time more than two million ballots in the state have been returned and they won't even start processing them until election day. Confident. The overwhelming majority will be catch it by Friday if not before but that doesn't mean won't know who won the presidency earlier than that. It depends on how close the races in several key states states donald trump must win. The counting is expected to happen quickly Florida Georgia and Arizona for example, are among the states were most or nearly all the votes are expected to be in by election night in. Florida they. have been processing ballots for over a month and with more than half of registered Floridians voting. Early, we could have a very good idea who won the state shortly after the polls close. All right. So let's get right to Jonathan Karl this tonight John I wanted to go back to that map of states that don't even open those Mellon ballots until election day and the counting process. Of course, state officials say it will take. Time days. Here's the map tonight. You can see some of those key battlegrounds. Wisconsin Pennsylvania right there on the map and John. As you said, we could know some other key states including Florida where they hit begun processing, they'll start earlier the results in those states could really tell us a lot about where the presidential election is going and how long it could actually take to know who wins so David on election night i. Would Watch Force thoroughly Florida Georgia Texas north. Carolina, if Donald Trump wins all four of those and those are all states that he won four years ago and states where we should know the results pretty early we are in for a very long process waiting for states like Pennsylvania and Michigan and Wisconsin. But if Donald trump loses any of them, it will be very difficult if not impossible for him to win the presidency. Again. Either way it goes it's going to be interesting if now as I've said if Biden Harris if they win, then it's bill back better lockdown and we'll go into some very dark winter on the other hand on better. Yes. On the other hand if Biden Harris. Lose. We're going I I would presume political polling is going to be done with forever. It'll never be believed again to win over in a row. While no, you're right. Yeah. People are still alive. Yeah. What am I gonNA? But. shoot. There was another point I was gonNA make about that. While you were talking about the things that are going to change if trump wins again, there's GonNa be some people screaming at the wind. Oh, man there's going to be accusations of crooked nece. Stole the election again I get I get the feeling. That the media in general has done. You know they've they've done their job they've done all the reporting on the polling CNN, they almost have they're almost like Bloomberg. Now, they don't have any more space for numbers on the screen. So we have cova deaths, number of cases than we have number of people who voted the polling data. It's like it's like a number percentage soup everywhere. And they Korean website yeah. Yes. Exactly. Gurion website and. I think that in these in this next day or two, they're all GONNA throw their hedges out there like. Well, you know stuff could be wrong burbs. So they've done all this propaganda and then stuff like this starts to appear on. CNN. One place that may defy your math and logic David is Miami Dade County and Florida. So what I think the numbers are showing is that many more Republicans have already gone in person to vote in early. Voting. than. Democrats and Congresswoman Frederica Wilson of that district is trying to sound the alarm she talked to politico and said that what she's seeing is very concerning for her she has said rug quarter to you I screamed hollered I called I lobbied from the top to the bottom Wilson said of her efforts to get the turnout operation started in the community including sending written proposals to the Biden campaign and having virtual zoom with his advisors she is worried. Because what she's saying, she says in terms of the black community and Hispanic, it's not going Biden's way. There it is. We guess we didn't count on the Black and Hispanic communities, which is the same zip code apparently to black. They lived next. Love each other's Ovalles it's so integrated and they have figured it out they know how to live in harmony as the community. Now. The way I see it. I'M GONNA. I am totally agreement that they're gonNA do a little hedging, but I still think they're so overcome there's not you're not gonna see as much as you could see. Despite what happened last time I? Think there's GonNa be a lot of spiking the ball I. think There's going to be an, let's say trump wins. It's GonNa be it's going to be what we got. Wrong Week. They'll leverage. Yeah they will. No not not what we got wrong what the pollsters got wrong they'll never take responsibility for being. They all own upholster yes. ABC's With Washington Post with some phony Baloney poll, they've all ABC samples, but that's okay. They can dig in kind of gloss over but it's what we got wrong what they got wrong and why and why what, and it's going to be a lot of gave a nasal nasal? Write that down. So nasal in good the show title. But a lot of navel-gazing where there's just so you know all this is the reason. Oh. You know why we've seen this comet. Well, we didn't. We underestimated this. We underestimated that we could have done better job this and that meanwhile they're promoting and promoting promoting the whole time I this is going to be pathetic I would prefer trump to win because it'll be pathetic to watch the media. GROVEL. And on election night. we have all kinds of people on standby to make sure to make sure no one calls anything wrong or Russians somehow screw us. Yeah, always. Listen to this they won't do that immediately because that'll be too obvious that'll come later now. But now this is the plan listen to. This is the plan they have harmon of Homeland Security will have a rapid response, cyber war room setup, real election night to tamp down disinformation, and so local election officers can call in. If they see anything unusual, also the national guard is putting forth cyber experts, and soon it's especially in places like Washington state where they have national guardsmen who are experts in cyber. Security bacteria. Not. Out New. York. City let's keep it all COM Jennifer Griffin to Pentagon nights to see. US from the Pentagon. We got cyber experts making sure nothing happens. It's all going to be safe. It's going to be great. Let's listen to this clip, which is Mindy Robinson, a little blonde bombshell Republican trump supporter in Nevada who keeps running for. Congress. Thousand Miles sorry I'm sorry bitching about the male imbalance there she got kicked off the twitter for this. Incredible story tells about what happened in. Africa. Jannati mistaking. So basically I was running for Congress and got stuck everyone was getting a mail in ballot. So normally, I would have to appeal to the thirty, six thousand or so Republicans I vote in every primary dinner. Everyone was getting a ballot dead or alive Democrats thought that dead or alive, and we had loose ballad showing up with actually the picture I tweeted James Wood and trump ended up picking up actually sense of address that was me, and like we we got ballots, anyone can pick up and drop in a mailbox. Why would you want dead people voting or anything like that? That was a problem. So I did because I was running late look guys we're stuck with these. Let's his website. You can check your ballot is going to do it. So mail it out because we stuck with them, go to the website after week or so and make sure that they got it. Make sure count. So naturally, people want to do and people started messaging Mindy. Eligible devote my. What I mean the screen shot excuses eligible voting I've been living here for ten years I. Don't know what's going on. I'm like okay fuck. This is an eligible to vote and I'm like. I had brandy check it. He's ineligible devote. We're like, are you? What's going on? Where is our vote? Twee. lost. Suddenly, my voting history reappears wrong. My midterm election was just not there. So something's definitely going on and I had people that Republicans were suddenly Democrats we had every time mismanagement thing you could possibly. So I do a tweet to the secretary of state was a rhino, she's She let all the stuff and she let the mail in ballots she led the ballot harvesting happened she let voter writing and all this stuff. and. Like you've got a problem, you got people who's voting history is gone change eligible to vote what's going on. She goes a glitch. Glitch everybody hey keep her in Florida what what an idiot? This woman anywhere near me. What. detected. She's she part of the Laura. Luma. Gang because she sounds like she should be she's a fast talker talking. This is not my kind of person. At all. At All And I think when it comes to mail in voting. May I just assert? I'm pretty sure Republicans are better at cheating with that. They've had more experience with it certainly in Florida. To two thousand that was mailing voting that was hanging Chad time. Hanging Chazar for was from the Punch Punch style voting machine, right but but. We even have Debbie Wasserman. Evidence I we brought this up on the show. Republicans may be better and maybe he crying wolf. Thirty seconds of Debbie Wasserman Schultz before the two thousand election congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz argues a mail in ballot has wrong written all over it. It'd be a risky experiment for us with an election that has stakes as high as a presidential election. We've never done a male imbalanced statewide Wasserman Schultz worried about signature fraud disenfranchising college students, getting addresses wrong and having private donors. Instead of states footing the bill, she favors seating the delegates already chosen. There's a way to solve this without totally redoing this and causing more chaos. Well that's because the Republicans about a lot of experience at cheating. So I'm not so sure that it's that it's going to be such a huge problem. IDEA balance. The cheating on both sides. Oh, balance a death what I'm hoping for. By Way Mendis from Nevada since she's not from Florida. Okay. And I like her. Excuse. I'm get jammed on twitter I'm happy like her. A great clip from the that one of the Kamla events is the intro somebody gives her. Oh. Yes. I heard this. I stood up and I was counted without further delaying. I am so honored to introduce the next president of the United States. There's an I have another one of those, and this is her husband. What's your husband's name Doug or something? He looks like A. Same. Guy. That used to read the news on the old no agenda street is that guy indeed, Doug is still In in troll room. Yeah. So Doug came out to talk to I guess a little a little group of people who were all excited and this is what he did. On marriage. He's GonNa get decided their brain. No. But it's so obvious. That's what's going to happen I. Think we all know. Exactly. There's nothing they have nothing to lose loom and it. It doesn't matter Joe Biden is the whole Biden crime family the laptop. After after our first break, we'll have a couple of things to share about that. But Joe is toast no matter what if he loses he loses And if he wins he you know he'll be in fact I even thought that president trump he did think four different appearances yesterday and clearly. The Biden camp is trying to keep up even doing hangers now with the airplane behind it. I think trump is just trying to make joke kill himself. See if he wouldn't heal over I. WanNa play couple of these laughable buying clips. Of course, you have the two bonus clips. Yes I've had bonus clips. Located, play either one of them and then play the next one folks I'll do what he's unable do. It. Strategy to mobile is sure. Severed depressed isolated punish. China. This has got to be my favorite one means of of. Her diverse oppression what did he say I? Think he's saying, what do you think he's trying to say some but what did he actually say it's something about depression I laid it effective strategy to mobile is. Suffered to pressure true international pressure may be true international. Severed? Oppressor. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. It should be on t shirts that she'd be bumper stickers. It's beautiful folks we got a lot of work to do. I need you to get me elected I. Need You want elected? I I really wanted to be our president now. I, mean imagine the fun. We're GONNA have on the show I. Mean This this Goes, money but everyone will be broke but we'll have a good ass time. That's for sure. Oh, man. What did he say there? I want you to help me get elected but I want you to help me after I'm elected or let's just saying it's all corrupt and year he doesn't need votes. Let's check it. Again, we got a lot of work to do. I. Need you get elected I. Need you once I've met elected. Okay. Said I don't need you just to get me elected I. also need you after I'm elected I. think that's what he's saying very good. You should be working for the Biden campaign as translator. Says something that you say something in the other Mike explaining what he said. That'd be a great bit. It's like from a woody. Allen. To try this one again. Okay. Folks I'll do what he's unable to do. I'll do what he's unable to do. Later effective strategy to mobile is leading effective strategy to mobilize international for depression era. Straight up. Okay, we got this one. This is binding on the stump discounts from democracy now. President trump and Joe Biden competing campaign rallies just miles apart Thursday in the battleground state of Florida, which is a red zone hotspot for the coronavirus by day drive in rally in Tampa where supporters were required to wear masks and to practice social distancing. She showed video the best view they had there was no social distancing people are snuggling with each other crap. Going decides the we shouldn't be politicized. Vaccine. We be planning for safe use and free equitable distribution. Provided keep e for national standards for SCOLES businesses open safely. ATLANTA. Plan, back in May how to do that. I ask you. She runs this clip I. Don't know why I say Hell is a skull a skull it's were you drink I think skull the skull, it's a place where you drink. Have this as. I so I. SO Biden Sentence Eyeso-. Standards. For scoles businesses doctrine safely standards for skulls I mean it. It's almost not funny anymore because I, already went through my mind mites feeling sad for elderly abuse and now it's just pathetic. It's truly did you see Obama? Did you see Obama trying to trying to she'll for for. The whole thing I mean Obama's goes up after Joe Obama is yelling himself horse he of course, there's no there's no crowd feedback because there is no crowd or you know they're all standing in little circles and the Obama needs an audience just like trump tower does of course, and then Joel comes back up. And he's like in these hanging with Barack then then they're walking off stage and puts on his mask and then emotions to Joe. Hey man you where's your mask and Joe goes back to the podium. And for at least two minutes, he's looking underneath he's looking on the top. He's feeling his pockets is inside he can't find this matt there's no one there to help him. There's no one who says Mr Vice President here's a, here's a mass. Let's go. He standing there on this. It's like There was the headline act. K. or her we all go offstage and he comes back. Looking for his mask for two minutes. The optics are so messed up. Will Dig died didn't see that they don't show this stuff. Yeah. Well, it was. It was on, I think I was watching MSNBC. So yeah, they just kept their will they screwed the pooch that? They just kept it right on there. Truly bizarre truly bizarre. Well, even though you say it's not funny anymore I think it's hilarious and with that I'd like to thank you for your courage and say in the mornings you the man who put the C. N. stands for the CNC Span John C. Devorah. Lenny morning you Adam curiosity in the morning ships to see boots on the ground feet in the air subs in the water water. Dame's nights out in the morning to the trolls in the troll room hands up trolls. Let's see what we got going on today. We have woo there we go. Twenty, one, seventeen. That's what you get on a pre-election show which winds. Yes. Two thousand one, hundred, seventeen, it may be it may be a record. It's pretty big. Sunday pre show pre election. This is interest. Should write that down. That's good. That's good. Twenty one, seventeen good number we got our show really seems to draw. They're definitely a reflection of the total listenership this show, of course. We have at least twenty three. Dedicated as far as I'm concerned be in that room but these people are cool. But the it shows that people actually do gravitate toward this show when they when they're looking for some answers. And we hope to. Provide ridicule. I don't know what they're looking. Really that maybe. Maybe. They're coming for the ridicule and its handy. To get some answers it could be that way as well. Around thank you for showing up trolls. Appreciate you. The troll room is at NO AGENDA STREAM DOT com. So you can listen to the show live, of course, Dare Neil does the rock'n'roll pre show but we have nate the rat the night before and on. On Wednesday nights, we have you know the grumpy old Ben's we gets hog story, all bunch of people doing live live podcast released podcast but they record 'em life and then we have just twenty four hours seven days. A week of cool podcast that have been carefully selected by the community, the community and that community is trolls and they all live in the same community and that is no agenda stream dot com. You heard US talking about Doug earlier. Doug does still exist in the troll room he's at Doug. If you ask him, he'll give an invite to know agenda social, which is our. Federated Social Network which is completely open source that has no algorithms that will mesh up with your time line. You kinda go in you look down and when you get when you hit something that you've seen before that's it. You can only go back to the top is not going to be something just floating down or all of a sudden. A spew of likes or boosts that you hadn't seen before and we have about six thousand people there and more joining every single day it is federated. So you can tune in subscribe or you can follow anybody who's on no agenda social dot com from your own mastodon account or your own mastodon server or wherever you may pick up the federated social network. and. that. Leads us to thank our. Artists for episode One Thousand Two Hundred Ninety this was a very this was interesting for saw it was it was done by Toenail, which is so now we have three women in a row three in a row. Don't call US misogynous. Interesting Darren O'Neill he's the misogynists. He's official designated misogynist. He pointed out the two in a row and I picked up on the was pointing out no agenda social. But what was interesting? Even someone sent me a note and said I hit a friend of mine mouth but she didn't want to listen because she saw the Biden logo on your artwork. Which is interesting. if she look very closely, she would have seen there were three red flags with fs on it, which we found to be very entertaining. This is the three F- strategy from China. By, which is meant to bring the United. States down to its knees Dan. Tunnel. We thank you very much. I was just two in a row for Taunton AOL or or no he was one which Taunton nail then It's been a back and forth with women than it was A Ajay Byrd J. Mountain Jay and then toenail again I guess I think that's the that was it. Yeah. You want to or was Martin Jane to Taunton Hills I duNno. It's not that granular and it was a great piece I also want to point out that I use that piece in the new in which I think would be qualified for today's. Show which was. Oh. Aero shamrock did a Trojan horse piece that I use it. A newsletter that I just thought was a stunner came in afterwards. but yeah, I could see. I had I had a little cringe when I saw the Tonto, Neil piece as the show because it did look like a promotion for Biden Harris. Did, and what else was there that we liked in this must be something else that we have been getting a lot of pieces people trying to do cheesecake the hairy legs bunch of hairy leg the other hairy legs. I mentioned this little thing. Again, one of my pet peeves the thing that always gets me to veto art something as disgusting. In terms of it's like open sore or worms or even the coronavirus itself I would just veto it. I will not allow that to be and Adam can do the same thing. But that's one of my pet peeves is the is something Kinda Grocer makes you issue makes you go? because that's not attracting anyone to the show. By rationale. And so the hairy legs was not gonNa cut it. Clearly, the Biden Harris logo wasn't attracting certain people to the show either. But. That's neither here nor there. Right. was just the best piece and maybe maybe we have new listeners who came in thinking, it'll be great and they've been. Delighted Zach. Surprise. So there was no other art. We need to discuss I. think that was it right and looking Hennessy I mean, there is so much. It's and it is really it's really appreciated how much fantastic art comes in and I want to say because that's part of our value for value model is where people can contribute their time, their talent or their treasure. Thank you to the multiplex in multitude of producers who have learned how to do clips and while. You know not all clips reused and some are way too long. People are exercising their You know they're they're they're getting getting used to it and I always provide feedback. Hey, you know this is too long cut out this cut out that because this is what makes our show so great is that That type of producer ship that people just take upon themselves because there's no engagement it's yes it's it's called engagement. Because you know you can send me a thirty five minute video and say, this is great. I'm sure he could get some clips from it. So wait a minute. What about the two and a half hour video we've got will send you. Got Those too. So people often same time code. which is fantastic and some take it upon themselves through the actual clips I just WanNa say it is. That's just as important as as the artwork and of course, the people who came in today to not only support the show support the work, but receive a special executive producer. Associate Executive Producer Credit Johnson d'Ivoire acas here with more information. Yes. Yes, I do I have more information which is the list of executive and associate executive producers beginning with. Dog Patch or via it's the first of the month. There is once again. He comes one, six, six, one, dot, zero, zero, six, nine, hundred, and sixty, one dollars. So he's a and Rome. If you eliminate the Zeros. And his code number for this show. A. Rights. And also has a scolding he's to scold him one but I wish I understood how his code works Now you never will also weren't. Okay. United Code Code Breaker No. Thank you for for you to all the producers that make this the best podcast in the universe. It seems to me that the US presidential races between a candidate that needs the economy open for his personal fortune versus the other who needs it closed for his political fortunes. Scenario folks although I'm hearing more anti-trumpers not wanting to vote at all a really. As well from his perspective as your take on the early voting suggests get them to vote before the truth is revealed. Says, many producers are in healthcare? Are they observing an increase in violence at the hospital ers from the lockdown? Mental. Health drug and alcohol issues are boiling over from my context and I know of to your nurses that have resigned after attacks. Well, some hospitals have or are discussing increased security staff. Wow this is not in the news no mental health retirement, and Alzheimer's facilities are suffering serious issues as the lockdown continues without end. The lockdown as cleansing advanced societies, populations of the and unfit. So the next target be the Jews and Gypsies. Yellow Stars for everybody. As your show is observed the m five M is suffering financially during the lockdown even as they feed the beast of fear. industry analysts note debt right in with Biden will slow or stop consolidation and bonuses in the industry and more polarized viewership will further reduce advertiser interest in their smaller audience. Bad dollars, flow into digital advertising will accelerate, which is the hope of the podcast network investors. This is true. Yes. It's the cope with. This should be all caps for hope. A Biden Administration will restart net neutrality hurting profit margins at a time where more capital is required for five G. as well as to fund the infrastructure build from the legislation demanding universal broadband access for remote learning and lower income or remote regions. Media Industry. The night of the long knives is coming from your political leadership us right. You've got to love people that reuse histories playbook referring to himself of course in this case John. Periodically particularly with anyone associated with the CIA, you make an aside quote and probably a Muslim. I understand that. Brand not revealing a conversion to Islam when he became the head of the CIA. But how can I hit friends and relatives in the mouth with a rifle but if periodic aside suggest something is wrong with our faith. Come on man we all have family that died fighting these so-called Muslim zealots zealots, which is true. and I have discussed this I've said if you look at Muslim websites, you'll find. You'll find a lot of 'em bitch and MOAN NPR's all the Muslims never speak up this constantly now. Maya cy regarding Brennan the CIA besides the fact that he didn't, he never mentions it is a couple of things I'll try to try to clear my name. First of all enjoys a joins the faith in Saudi, Arabia which indicates to me is a Salafi I, which means he's a borderline radic, right right? This is never discussed. He's never asked about it and he never says anything about it and he's a creep. into the picture once and it out, we'll say this. Let's say I don't think the head of the Saudi Arabia Intelligence Agency and there is one. Would necessarily benefit from being. Jewish. Or Christian fundamentalist and I don't think that they would like to have that in in that position. It's just a matter of taste in various areas. I would say the same thing probably in Kuwait and Qatar Oman all those spaces they if they have intelligence services, I'm sure cutter does. Day would expect him to be. Muslim. Head. Not Christian fundamentalists short bothers so that does bother me and I do not like the idea of a Muslim radical Muslim in particular being the head of the CIA. I think that just like any other culture, the main focus of the head of the some like this should be pretty much reflective of the population at large. Another words in our case should be an atheist but. It been technically should be a Christian, but everyone seems to be an atheist in this country. Even when they say they're Christians the point is I don't like having I wouldn't want any buddy from some radical faith or a Buddhist WanNa Buddhist. I wouldn't want anything that's a little offbeat for the at the head of the CIA. I feel that way I think the Saudis Villa's same way about their head of their CIA. So that's all it is an annoys me that no one ever talks about Brennan so I've done. This to an extreme I got some good stuff for Brennan later on. Believe it or not. Anyway I hope that helps but Maybe I, think we need to work on his decoding code and he's probably sitting there laughing. That we can't figure he maybe he's randomize ing us just a mess with us. That's a good I like that I like that a lot. Of Dog Patch and Lowest Lebow via it is always wonderful to have you come into. Our executive producer segment he refuses to have any. Any further titles he's never asked us to do that be happy to But just knowing that he's out, there is it's like a warm blanket. A monthly warm blanket, and we really really appreciate your courage. A to patron Victoria societas next on the list or more New Hampshire one, thousand dollars and one. Cent Louder Pailin. Only take that penny and put it into the pot for the next person. Next guy for some reason, I think somebody does need it. Okay. I've been listening since July when I heard atom on. Tom Would stare you go. Tommy Adams Rolling podcasting history I was shocked to hear that Adam has been doing a podcast with J. C. d. a guy who's columns I used to read decades ago. A. Girl comes up to you to hide John and you look at wow, this woman. Beautiful. I've been reading uses. Nine thank you for nothing that's okay. I've been I had to listen and I've been hooked. You guys are amazing. I. Truly appreciate what you do. I don't know when someone turns into a douchebag by listing without donating but I figure I'm dangerously close to Douche. Beggary so here's my zero, zero, one, zero, zero, zero, zero, one, thirty, three donation of the thirty, binary, thirty, three binary. That's we should put that on the list of donations. With that, I aim to be named. Could I be known as Dame Tori of? Anica Anna Kapustan and Kapustan. And Kapustan, an Kapustan. Those negative rights someone else asks for a few months back at the roundtable sound delicious negative jingles, Karma Yours. Truly Victoria Be Warren in New Hampshire. What is the negative rights? Do I just order negative rights on? I don't understand I don't remember I'm putting up whatever it is. I'm giving you negative rights I. The. What you're asking for. Thank you so much. Thank you for supporting. We're supporting the show no jingles no Karma that seems like we're not doing enough. Aaron Zied reside or zied. Is the ideally in Seattle Washington another thousand dollars but Rowlands Joe I am held hostage in Seattle by the city of Seattle City, clowns Whenever I listen to you guys reminds me of a better. Day specifically twelve, thirty, one, twenty, nineteen. Soy. So I need a Biden's whole load. Vagina and shut up slave played for me I'm GONNA. Give you the whole load. On Jeff's slave. There you go. Jason Tulio plus up loose opelousas. Greek named Pittsburgh Pennsylvania seven hundred dollars. In the morning, I, thank you both for doing the work and protecting our amid delays in honor of our fifth wedding anniversary. I'm donating the remaining balance to make my husband Emilio a night. Let's is coming from Jay Jason. It's possible. It could be husband Jason Okay immediately Okello. Twenty. Twenty, I do. Let me check the all daylight savings time is screw with me. Jet Lag please deduce May. Spend. and Him Sir Molten Cheese Protector of Toronto Pittsburgh and all the lands in between can you please have coffee and one year old? Pana Tony. Pana Tony Ready for him at the roundtable he punched me in the mouth five years ago short of marrying me is the best thing he's ever done for me. We've really had a rough time to pass years. We Watch close friends and families to come to identity politics and trump derangement syndrome. Yeah. It's to the point that playing gay card is doesn't work anymore in the GEICO yet it's difficult. It's difficult for for for the gays is hard. I was watching the some some local show and there's this guy he goes on and on call he's gay and he's calling and he saying the gays constantly. I love it. When the gaze called, the call themselves, the gays our it makes me think of you. Okay we're. Still to male whites. That's your problem. You go guess. Albany's and. Gay. Now, now we'll gaze white and A. Double problem who whites two males. We refused to drink the B.. L.. M. Centrist CCP Cooley. So we're con constantly branded as trump supporting privileged racists their friends at anyone refused to capitulate to We've been out as gay for ten years and it feels more and more like we have to go back into the closet because of her views. Wow. It's nice to hear you guys remind us that normal people still exist in the world. Can you please give us both some jobs Karma and thank you both for your courage. For All that you do on John. Please do stay safe. Everyone's just tried all. We're just trying to get you to do it. They're trying to get you to do it now. All right. Well, Jason and what's Amelia yes and we'll see we'll see. Amelia. At the roundtable of course, we need some jobs Karma and thank you for your courage jobs, jobs, jobs, and jobs. That's. Karma. Jason. D. Howard in Allison Park. Or Pass, it says here Pennsylvania three, three, three, three, three. There's no email from that I can find under Jason Howard and or under the subject line donation. So we'll assume that he wants to know Jingles bocom e can always rightous slater. Unless you got some you can look something up while i. read the next note. I and looking William Cornell three, three, three, dot, three, three. he wants to he or you want some jingles Al Al priority have these done frogs gay it's true and shut up slave at science trick or treat I like to think that was going around here, trigger or treat. And these trunk trunk. Over these called trunk towards trunks trunk or trunk, or treat drunken driving to a parking lot you open your trunk flea market like a shot of plot meet. And most of my Carolina neighbors he writes bailed on the kids and either didn't offer candy this your stuck it in a bowl on a table in the driveway. Oman. An Arrow Cova cowards, covert cowards all by the way a good show name to. Prove it cower game right into town. Also at to everyone out there who thinks homeschooling is too hard I've got seven kids all home schooled with two of them being two year old twins, which is just a two year. Old Twins is harder than all home schooling. Kidding and this is until they get older and take care of themselves by just hanging out together and this wild my wife has been battling cancer for five years that adds a little difficulty to it. Yeah and you have to make some sacrifices, but it's worth it home schooling is great I would because we did it with a couple of kids on and off. And people have to realize there is a huge massive support network community. Yeah. That's what they don't people don't understand. Remember. You're not responsible for what your kids learn what you are. Remember you are responsible for what your kids learn regardless of who is teaching them. So just do it already contact H. S. l.. D. A.. Homeschool help and legal insurance today. Birthday. Shout to my brother Jimmy on November fourth I. Don't think is on the list. Yeah I think he. I'll check. Jimmy. Please credit one hundred dollars of this donation towards his knighthood you do the. That okay. Do that love and light in everybody stopped wearing the damn masks. Sir Daddy O of the seven wonders the so hold on a second. This is CERDEDO To brother Jimmy. Rather Jimmy we got huge lists today, Sir Daddy. Razors Jimmy and we have an age for brother Jimmy No no age. Okay. All right. Well, he's on the listener. Frogs gay it's true. Shut up already it science trick or treat. Them putting chemicals in the water that turn the frigging frogs games choose people are learning through science. It's the new one is the new on. The new one, the new one to, either she must have picked up on the fact that we read that. Other one. Oh no kidding. Of course. Of course it's your thing now. That's that's her catchphrase she using everywhere. Through Yeah Yeah. Okay well, we have. For None of US comes up road with three hundred, forty, three dollars and thirty three cents no jingles Karma. Kevin Fitzpatrick three, thirty, three, thirty, three, another one from Houston Texas these will all these three thirty three thirty three donations are all special executive producers for the election special right. Kevin Fitzpatrick Houston Houston Texas. birthday request November third you're on the list jingle requests China is as Oh that's true and the new trio jobs, Karma it Itim gentlemen thirty three's everywhere. I can't avoid them my car even hit one, hundred, thirty, three, thousand, five, hundred, thirty, three miles on the Oh downer. Today's thirty-three, three, thirty, three was the beacon. Then might end the thirty three's follow me at every turn will stop after this. With that I guess is time to work towards my knighthood since we already have a newly minted dame living here, Dame Lisa be of the verdant meadows just received her ring to his all giddy about it. In quotes. Now, she walks around the house singing the dame song all day. It's very cute. The trump Josh Pelosi Karma worked for her again. But not the way we expected I won't right Warren piece about it. You wanted updates though enough about her let's talk about me get this. My birthday is on election day but no, no, I don't want your pity. I'll take one for the team this time but I want a raise here's the deal I turned. Forty five, the day before people are voting on the forty Fifth Orange Dynamo or the forty six mumbles Joe Mumbles Joe Joe. Mumbles Joe. With that Flimsy Number Association, I'm backing atoms assertion that trump will stay in office I hope I remember that correctly Adam anyway would you do every week as vital the way you guys weed out the BS is refreshing. A million times. Thank you. Keep it up and put yourselves in for a rage Oh. Yeah. Oh Yeah. We'll do the. To ask the boss hoops. Exactly. theon wait she wanted to sleepy Joe Karma. No. Am I doing Boy She wanted to the trio. The. Three okay I'm sorry that was my mistake I'm one ahead. Here we go. Do One more time. Make It make it all work foia. Was the first one. I've totally missed an China's household. That's true. So many today it's quite an administrative task. OPS jobs. You've got. Mumbled Joe. You're next. United States Ladies and gentlemen do this Vinnie Padilla from Brooklyn New York shutdown, and well, three, hundred, thirty, three, thirty, three gets that special election day special executive producers should pay guys. Thanks for the good last show. Donated Sunday morning on the twenty fifth and you did wish liberty my guide dog happy birthday. But the donation made it to the next show. Actually we did it twice if I recall. We're all good. Now I'm stepping it up and like to be one of the executive producer for show twelve, ninety one even though I pay cases Vinnie Dula got up. that's what I tend to use while may executive producer ship is under? So yes, we've kept you would vinnie Padilla with this donation I'll be more than halfway towards knighthood. Can I please have a sleepy Joe Karma. That would be the longer Ileana clip chanting sleepy Joe that I sent you back in the beginning of October with Karma added to it. Let's hope that I'll. Sleep Joe out of the White House and keep us from being handed over to the globalist. Again, keep the great content and deconstruction of this insanity we're living through your Vinnie from Brooklyn Okay Vinnie from Brooklyn founded. Go He. You've got carmont. Kids jingles. Always winner just always the kids. Yes. So I think he's always been a winner in broadcasting world. In fact Robert. Kids say the things come on you can. Play one, for myself. Yard. I can clear that fifty times a day and freight me. Because you hear the fear in. The actual sear in the kids voices there. It's beautiful. Beautiful. Rubber curb in Essex Real, Michigan three, dot three three. Jingles the Florida. In My cup and WDC seven will go away and Alex, Jones babies and cows interesting time though right and he's got a birthday cough for Brielle eleven year old on November third. And he's got a nightingale and he's got some things. He wants I. Think I have a note remember that's a little more lengthy. Yes. Because I have this I have this would grilled rib I already at the table he when he wanted I, right? Okay. Make sure is this real? No came an email. Thank you for your great work on the show in addition the you let me get the right to reading. Theory Ball type is in addition you I'd like. So I have I go to the doctor. Is, chick every. So often because I get the eyeball and I need another cataract operation, the right I. What so besides. Show. You have to have another one of these. Very, rare that you only have one identity moatize music when you get cataracts in both eyes. We usually one's worse than the other and then the other one gets bad and you gotta you gotTa have done again. But he says, you want. You know he says you wanted to have done right now. You know I'd rather wait till things shake out a little bitty. Yeah. I, understand what you mean because you know the Third hiring you know. Guys from Home Depot to do the anesthesia. I, mean they're just putting anyone in the operating room they can find. US covert everywhere and we're freaked out by. So I'm going in there and I'm getting the. He says, well, it looks like you're damn near legally blind and you're right ice I can still see kind of you're gonNA have this operation and I don't know where I was going to go with this this whole story. Well, come to later. Let me go back to the note. This is how it starts by the way before you need before you even be. Running, for president keep it up. At a point to make. It was something. Oh No okay. I just you reminded me by making that mumbling sound. So I go in this, I need a refraction because, I, you know I need to I need glasses you can tell I said right now I have to use a one point two, five reading glasses to read a computer screen but then they have to switch to reading glasses of at to the reading and I says pain in the ass one pair of glasses I'm doing it on the show if you have noticed. And he says Hanau it that works just keep doing that he's like a practical guys just wasting your money if you're going to get some UNISOM special glasses. So you get twenty twenty vision is own go down as this. So you're GONNA it's it's the same I that you have to have the thing done. No no no. Now good to go the other I. Yeah. Oh. Man. And you have to get this is another thing you gotta figure out what kind of land so I'm GonNa do a little book on how to. Be Able to sways their their fear are you happy with the previous Lens because I didn't think is fine by Septa? I think I made a wrong choice this. Okay. What? Hey I talk about hearing aids. You've got the vision covers give it up. Big Boy. Let's hear what's going on. This is interesting. Well, I've been nearsighted all my life and wore you glasses to see it but but as your vision as you get older, you're liable changes been you start to turn farsighted naturally and then you can see you can pass the driver's license. You don't need to wear glasses when you drive and I find that to be cool. It's also kind of all the jocks were always farsighted So I said, you know and I started liking it being far-sighted and so i. You have a choice with the crystalline, which is the special. There's a bunch of choices you'll make it. It'll be in the book, but I picked a lands that that flip. Flops inside the eyeball, but it gives me medium vision and and far vision very accurately. So I can see a mile away okay, but I stumble around and close quarters. So I have to wear reading glasses or something to see anything or read. And after a while it gets on your nerves wanting a you know. Maybe I should take gone back to being nearsighted and it. It's a decision every. So I'm late now I'm nearsighted. So I'm just I'm very I'm interested in this because I I I will I never had any operation in my life of any kind. I can't imagine this happening to my eyeballs. Stick. It out for as long as I can just imagine it's nothing to it. Your Darren backed up a bunch of people looking at a big knife comes right through your eyeball on the couch it into your eye. So, looking forward to this. Lovely Okay. Anyway, that's really anything but the way it actually works pretty amazing is is simple doesn't painless and it doesn't even if you don't you don't he's not like you'd think. but you don't know that unless you go through right now go back to the not really with the pair of reading glasses? A day for your great work. Yeah I like to thank you artists, musicians, and dudes name Bernadette and producers that make the show possible I've been trying to figure out. Is going to interesting at print on both sides of this sheet. I've been trying to figure out how the show has been outstanding has been or how how's it been outshining the one before it for all of twenty twenty. So he's claiming even though we're spending. Hours on this on the segment. Because of my anecdote. Show keeps improving each and every show one to the other. It's a trick it dawned on me that there is a direct relationship between how much nonsense the am five M is pumping out and how good our show is. How important the deconstruction is continued sanity and they have had the propaganda pump on full blast all year for sure. But I agree with that I'm bringing my treasure amount of three three three to do my part. Claim, Election Day special executive producer ship qualified to be a night for a while but not but no. But note the anxiety is real. I'm requesting to be Nicer Robert Night of the naughty bits around here when he got his Jamison and verners we got that I would like to wish our daughter. Oh. Well, here we go. Again. I she may not be on the list. Okay. This makes what one hundred second person I would like to wish your daughter. Brielle B.. R. I. E. L. E.. Happy Eleventh Birthday. For her election day SELA, she s she's on the list. View and please play. Floyd in my cup WGC seven I think we got these listed ness wishes to you and your families during the upcoming holidays. Yeah. Thank you for the best wishes for the upcoming holiday season. Is, floor? CC's. Gal. God for twenty five years they've been growing babies in cows. I want to mention something since tune up time. So yesterday and Jay my daughter is a big halloween nut. So really what did she goes she dress up as what was her or? Up as anything because they cancel Halloween in the whole area. Yeah she's GonNa Order some tonight there's a party, but there's used to be parties and all kinds and she's she's to get dolled up when she was young and and really fancy stuff and some great pictures of her she's very bombed and then the the joke of it is here in California and every place else actually. It was Halloween. This is a great setup Halloween basically cancelled in the bay area. But look at. The things that came together Halloween on a Saturday. With a full Moon Blue Moon, a blonde blue moon and Mars in the sky You can see Mars. This Mars. and. It was perfect and it was nice someplace as rain. But here it was nice. It was a to me a unbelievable disaster because of just all these elements that came together and then just rejected. Well, thank you Democrat kid kids were kids were definitely out and Austin i. know there were lots of Halloween parties for the older kids. Spoke to mow he's in northern Virginia he was going trick or treating so. I think it's just a California thing. Cheese. David Nelson Three thirty, three, thirty, three. You're and Dr Scott. So I thought we'd just I'm sorry. Dr Scott Earl at large three, thirty, three, thirty, three is. At Large as no jingles no Karma but he does receive that coveted special producer ship for today as does David Nelson who comes in with the same three, thirty, three, thirty from Belair, Texas couldn't resist the offer just had to chip in on the election special. Youtube of kept me calm with your infotainment over these many troublesome months and the value has just been immense hoping that whatever outcome of the election we'll get back to being able to bring a tiny bit more rationality to general disclosure unlikely. But I'm not there you go. So I'll keep listening to prevent a major enlargement by the way Adam. You're spot on about the excess number of cycles in PCR. I've been doing. Since the nineteen eighties when Carey Molles the inventor gave a talk about the method school. Before publishing his purse paper I, do have a small gripe about your description and this is good. There's no spinning involved talk about cycles. It is a thermal cycle heating cooling heating cooling used the term spin up I did I did and that was completely incorrect but there you go. Once again, we have the best producers in the universe. Please keep up the great work no matter. The outcome your analysis will be vital. We all could use some goat Karma for mostly peaceful election week and I'd like a dealer's Choice Reverend Al in honor of everyone working the polls and I too would say thank you all very much for working at the I. Always think that people when I go vote and the other and I noticed that they are often surprised. When I say I say Hey, thank you. Thank you so much for doing this. And like oh So we have I have not seen these voting machines that we had their their touch screen at the different ones from previous times voted in Texas. And now, of course, because of the cove, they're handing out little finger protectors, which is literally. A It looks like a mini condom. And you just have to be people. Yeah. Bank bankers us you just can't help but make jokes about it. which. I did of course and hilarity ensued. Obviously. There's a sign in front of all these days. No, Joe? Show. No jokin Douche bags. Yeah we'RE GONNA. Give you was any Karma associated with that? Yes a go Karma. You got it. Real, conflict. You've got. Well Robert. Randall. I can't find a note from him a new window Robert or donation. So. What do you mean he or donation? The word donation into subject. My requirements signed these loss notes yeah, Robert. Randolph. PORTLAND. Oregon three hundred thirty three dollars and thirty three cents and he's importantly probably couldn't didn't have time dodging. You know cocktails. Have time to write a note. The donation. Chill Cox in Austin Texas. Three thirty three. This is Josh. Josh Cox wishing him a happy birthday end of third when he gets gets a president for his birthday. That's nice. This is Josh's mom aw and he hit me in the mouth many many years ago I really appreciate this show and the work involved. Thank you. Thank you both you know and welcome that is I we don't get that often. Do we I think maybe two or three times we have moms and sons who are rare rare. Very rare thing. It's nice. Thank you. Cheryl and congratulations judge Josh you're on the you're on the list. Is. Mostly why you listed those guys. Yeah that's mostly what it is. Yeah. Sir Addison CEO of Shit. Posts. In Chesterfield Missouri Three. Thirty three. To Addison here, Adam your reporting on the peace processes has been invaluable lately and really get to the core of the scam your analysis perfect eye-opener without sounding like a crackpot keep up the great work and please don't ever find that exit strategy as usual no agenda royalty induced bags alike can save thirty three percent on every order from both both. A BE LES CBD with the Code No agenda at E. A. B. L. E. S. DOT COM Your audience is my favorite customers and they keep me pay. So I can keep you paid if I could get a standard jobs Karma to keep me focused and dialed in on my businesses. That would be great. You have a listener in life from my friends and I'm hitting people in the mouth left and right. Thank you for all you do for truth and reason and keeping and bringing the solid gold Radison CEO Shit Post. Adam did your package make it to the PO box? Did Suratis, and thank you very much and both myself and the keeper have enjoyed and and we didn't even have to use the checkout code. No Agenda Eagles Dot com just showed up in the Po box definitely outstanding product, and it's always nice to have multiple vendors for in the all of Gitmo nation. So thank you very much. Yes, and he wanted to a lot of them. We do anyone at a standard jobs. Karma. Standard Jobs, jobs, and jobs. That's. CARMINE navis tune of thirty eight dollars becomes the first Associate Executive Producer today show twelve, ninety, one in Dutch they say he writes. The value real valuable things are intangible Alice von Varda. Is Very very good very close and it's young young and he says almost fun Vallarta Veer Los, Veer Loose Yon- young novice okay. however, that won't pay for groceries. Not. Even here. So little added value numeral logical taxonomy. Roman history from newborn producer chronicle. Is there any make the old world sane again? Karma we could use that. Yes there is. It's called go Karma here comes you've got. Next is anonymous. And I think this is interesting that this was missed. Two, three, four, five, six. But the smart money puts this right at the beginning of a note I wanted mentioned the anonymous. Right to. Be. A. I. Do not like reading an entire note at very innocence please be not at the end. It's it's a real bummer. To. For jingles get a John Brennan innocent until you're acutely nice that's true and Camara's pretty good. I come on that's As Amy Klobuchar, greetings crackpot in buzzkill. Thank you for a as always for the invaluable Info Sane. -Ment You provided by fellow. Canadian. Candidate are freaking out over the Rona. Yes I'm sure they are not doing listen to show. I, have been able to maintain my small thanks year incredible work I donated last March, and requested some low law jobs Karma. I won't say this didn't work as a as kept my great job in my business skyrocketed. Over. The summer however didn't quite land a job in the legal field I was after if you would please give me an extra strength Pelosi jobs commerce for an interview I have this week I would be incredibly thankful. Thanks to get. Calls for a teepee. Then if he wants some extra strength I, give it a shot. Okay. So just because there's so much confusion about it being comal instead of amy I'm going to do Brennan not guilty. That's true. Amy Pretty good or throwing an enslaved me Kamla and we'll wind it up with a t P. TPP, people are innocent until. Alleged to be involved in some type of criminal activity. I think that sounds pretty good. Boy The kid ruined it all. Jobs. Are Mind. Love me some comedies. I'll take a look and see if I can find this email where you read the next note Okay Christina Thomas Two hundred dollars from drums, Pennsylvania drums apology in advance for Warren piece below it's not all that bad. Actually thank you. For All. You do get more nation keeping Gitmo nation saying especially for helping me navigate the liberal paranoia that is the United States University System Whoa. Yes. When I started listening in two thousand eighteen while pursuing my undergraduate degree I was grateful for your balanced view on the news and the state of the world after being bombarded with we're GONNA. Die. Scenarios in my classes. Now, as I pursue my graduate degree, you don't make the dumb bucket like I do I. AM still grateful for getting a dose of reality in between my classes where professors consistently clamor for a globalist agenda to combat the world's problems, keep up the great work and please never find an exit strategy. Now under the good stuff six months ago I told myself that I would be a dame by my birthday on November second and this donation marks my one thousand dollar donation total accounting attached while I, was hoping to join the roundtable before my Stepdad he managed to. beat me to the mark during episode twelve, eighty seven when he was knighted surmount wandering night of the two-wheeled steed thus depriving me of any further opportunity to call him out as a douchebag. Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to joining him as well as the other lustrous knights and dames at the round table in honor of my love of judo exploring Pennsylvania's forest please dame me, Dame Kristina judoka of Penn Woods a make sure there's plenty of coffee and Rahman at the roundtable I did not order that but we always have a supply of coffee and Rahman because it is something that's asked frequently. and. Let me put that on order here I'm sorry we have so much this whenever we do these special producer ships man goes. Off The charts sped dealer's choice of any Obama or Al. Sharpton actually selected. I selected this for you. We'll throw in a Karma to rowdy crowd. You're my house hold on. God. No No, no no no no no. No no no no no no no no no. No. Hey Know. What Jay? Monja. T. Karma. And I do have a note from. Brian Miller. Who will be last or less associate executive producer two, hundred, twenty, five bucks. He's into Whittier Whittier Quick Meteor Calix Yes Whittier. And get your pen out. We got ten more birthdays and. Okay I don't think we've had. This many people birthday curse congratulations on thirteen years of podcast. Excellent. Thank you. Arno no agenda listening family decided to rebel and go trick or treating in our local neighborhood. In honor of the road, we'd shows to act out a modified version of Monty, Python's bring out your dead seen. The classics, where's He from? Where does take place? What state needs to know? Here, I said note continues you'll get to clue candidate in a video of Sporty you were there actually showing how they did this it may be something we'll put on the show notes or something later. Our daughter was sad to see a lack of kids trick or treating the few families who were handing out candy. We're having small neighborhood party seems we weren't the only rebels take debt governor new scum. No jingles no Karma. So, there's a Californian and in. Whittier has matter of fact down with the with our with the the baron and Problem. For Kids I feel bad. It's a perfect night. I'm sure was in southern California we must have been dynamite. So that's a group of social executive producers executive producers for show twelve, ninety, one, this special election day special on the no agenda show thing what is the exact title that people will be are warranted to use for this for this executive or associates? Election Day executive, producer election election, day, special executive producer, perfect, and coming up. We do have to Black Knights I'll just say that right up front we have who will be the Black Knights here Michael. Goodell. Who a Black Knight is when you? Yes, you were recognized everything good. We mentioned you and somehow I wound up not nine you. That is how you achieve A. Lot. You could also fall into a vortex which brings me to our last not for this segment now. Okay. Thank you for bringing that up. Sir Crush a lot. Who who's note appeared in I think it was a sisters or some one of his relatives. Card that came in with his sister. And he's donated his donations already gone through at some point. And out but I'll reiterate it was I. think the donation was for. A give credit right now, which was a three, hundred, fifty dollars ninety, five cents. And he wrote and he's GonNa be night as a black knight is note kept getting lost was in the vortex by flown to California several times since the Kobe pandemic said in his cancer ran a race with dimension. My father's cancer came in at the end of August. It was a horrible thing to witness or would I happily accept an F. cancer? We can give you that for sure other than that. No jingles Karma during my latest visit last month I was sitting outside Vena, Vol-, and the disturbingly uncrowded San Francisco. International Airport is creepy sharing about Rosie with dame shark dreamed Shahrani. Charge. Rene. Dame charge renee and she's the one I. Think this note in. When she pointed out a bottle of monkey and goat Chardonnay. At the bottom of the label at read bt L zero zero zero three three of zero, three, zero, zero me really. Crazy crazy. It was a sign. With this donation is sent a knighthood accounting. Hello, you're on the list as a Black Knight. Would like to be known as Sir crush a lot night of the LEELANAU grape fields. I think we've got that correct on their night of the Lilla no Lanao L. E. E. N. A.. L. E. L. A. N.. A. U.. Grape fields inaugurate fields. Okay. At first I, plan to ask for PESTE PASTA PUTIN ESCA. At around tail but have decided instead to go my own creation. PASTA CHEF RENT BOY RD. Okay remploy day I like that. Yeah that's a good one. Yeah. Moly crap. Thirteen years finally we. With that Boy, Ardine Wow. Nice. I know. It's always surprises me these these creations. Please serve that with an amas vineyard twenty eighteen Pino Blanc. God and a what. Meritas A. M. O. Cameras. Yeah. Vineyard affiliates were going Long Ameri Twenty. Two Thousand Eighteen Pinot Blanc Pinot Blanc okay. Gee. I mean you're lucky. We have such good service here because that's not an easy one, but we'll get that get that for you I think you'll get here in time if you order at special me, my previous donations represent one cent per word of my pandemic novel. However, at this time, I have had to reduce the rate to one cent one half cent per word the novel continues to track current events. Rather current events continue to track my novel and I'm increasingly concerned that the government will in fact be taken over by the. Public Health authorities and the committee for the preservation of health and safety will soon be directing our lives stop. Yes. That without a doubt when it comes to these passports, which now is going to be a covert passport. But very soon, we'll be a health passport. You Bet you bet that the medical community the F- Big Pharma, they are all in on this they want to control you and just look Bill Gates. These are the people behind they absolutely want to control you based upon your health to yes as the plan your money well. But. It's I. think that is a big part of what's going on. Absolutely absolutely put it in his next novel. Then he finished his last paragraph. Any who? Very on the other popular ever-popular anyways a couple of definitions for you those who are aggressive aggressively attacked people for not wearing masks are defiantly submissive. Defiantly submissive. That's good. Those who exude a smug arrogance over there. Complicit mask wearing can be said to be Egalitarian elitists. Okay. Thank keeps keep up the good work in that will conclude our gets cancer as requested. You've got harm briefly the make good from chains. Fukumoto who is Sir James Fukumoto but we'll make him a black knight today because he missed a, he was missed on the ceremonies listen twelve show twelve ninety with excitement and glee being called the roundtable it seemed that perhaps I slipped off to enjoy the bourbon a tattoo soon I was not called up to be pronounced a que did the show notes indicate Mia Sir James Fukumoto has requested however I was missed I listened to the noting ceremony several times, and if I'm correct I can now be knighted James Who Komodo Black Knight also my jingles were missed Mac and cheese and goat Karma for all. Okay no problem Oh. Matt Caroni. Melted. Together, MAC and cheese MAC. Does indeed conclude our segment I can tell you. Yes. The affiliates we are going very long. We have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, hundred we have seventeen people on the birthday list interestingly enough I had to manually put Mimi on their for November but okay, just just want to say it's not like her son has anything to do with list or her husband has anything to do with with the show I, put you on the list Mimi just so you know. Maybe she doesn't appreciate it. I don't know but I listen anymore she's overboard. Well, on under that opens a whole new can of worms. Thank you all so much. These are your official especial. Titles the no agenda election special executive producer or associate executive producer. Thank you for your your talents, your times, and of course, your treasures is very much appreciated and use those credits because they are valid. They work on IMDB. Good old marcus couch is is maintaining an entire IMDB credit section for the show. So make sure you look for that, which is just fantastic and he probably needs some help with some of the night name. so He's been doing thousands of though those another great. Way To participate in value value network. If you want to help us more, we'll be doing another show. It'll be on Thursday and it should be a fun one because who knows what we're going to talk about we can't know now. Can We? So for information on supporting us for that show go to Iraq dot Org Slash Again thank you very much for your time. You're talented certainly your treasure. PODCAST. Is this. We go out. In the mouth. Fun Little Multi Party just to take in a different direction today. As an old. I wouldn't say buddy of the show but someone who I- deconstructed or look what he was doing. Previously a couple of years ago is former overstock CEO Patrick Byrne. Do you remember Patrick Burns Story. I know I don't actually to Patrick. Byrne actually had to resign from overstock a CEO noodled no no, no he he came out with the story that he was involved in. The FBI Russia collusion he was dating Maria Botin a- remember the redhead and and she was being She was probably working for perhaps the Russians but also was being. Set up by the FBI and he came out and we played a couple of clips I should actually see when that was Exactly. Did we do this Patrick? Byrne and that was let me just take a look at the Seventeen, twenty nineteen, twenty, nineteen, August, the twenty, nine, hundred. Yeah. That makes sense around that time. But he came out and he did he do the thing I think with Maria Barter Romo, and then also did he did Chris Cuomo and was really weird and he's like I've gotta go away this crazy stuff happening and he's been he's showed up again a couple of days ago on his deep captured dot com deep deep capture is his website where he explains everything that's happened to him but he did a couple of. podcast interviews with undercover DC which I think you know this this real journalist who work over there undercover DC. And so I I take that with with the respect that they put into it and he told me, he gave us the continuation of his story which has some gems in there as it relates in a way to what's happening or what isn't happening now with the Biden crime family with the Clintons who are still under investigation apparently for their for their foundation and just to revisit how he got involved in with the F. B. I. Initially was in two thousand, two, I? Think two, thousand and three. He was kind of a a gadfly on Wall Street he was poking around he was not the overstock. I think people actually found him a little bit annoying but he saw that there was a huge problem in the walls the way Wall Street functions with settlements, and that basically there's ten times as much stock or gold futures or anything in the system than actually exists in reality and A. He believes that what he did lead in part to or at least understanding of the two, thousand, eight meltdown but a couple of other things that happened earlier than that which you and I actually know about. So to revisit his credentials he was asked. By the FBI and actually was brought to a meeting with nine senators bipartisan. Led by Arlen Specter who asked him to take down this cabal within Wall Street. Here's a little reminder of of that meeting and what he recalled back, your head nine senators. Senators. And they gave me a speech and they said, we think you're right. I fact it's worse than you. Thank you. Something is taking over Washington DC something is corrupting our and we can't even tell you what it is. It's like it's a formative nation is burning us and you know we agree now. What Would you say a yelled China I couldn't hear us and we agree to Washington just getting completely corrupted but we can't even tell you what's underneath that. And we're going to give you a letter that's to sit and they. Going to sit in a safe the rest of your life and they showed me this letter and they told me this had not been done since World War Two and they told me that and they pulled out this letter. They said there's a new attorney general be sworn in tomorrow night we're all going to be over the White, oval? Office, both sides I'll and. Nine senators sitting around nodding to mates through this whole speech. And they say, we're GONNA. We're going to give the president and the attorney general this letter and it's going to be sitting the rest of your life. and. There's this letter on on Senate judiciary stationary and the first paragraph I was not allowed to even touch it. I had to bend over while someone held it, and keep my hands behind my back and they gave me about ten seconds to scan it. But what it said. been the first paragraph it says something about. How concerned they hit become about evidence of systemic corruption infiltrating the organs of our federal. Government? I tried to fix the audio bid on the fly really really crapped. So. While he was walking around wall, street trying to figure out where exactly the corruption was. He was actually responsible for the arrest of someone we know. John Your. Hands out this week, you need to live the rest of your life. Knowing that everyone we're ucs arrest now is going to suspect your fingerprints are on his problems. Three days. Later, they arrested a guy named raw russian-american from galleon remember the first thing. Rest in a decade ago on. Do you remember Galleon? No I don't actually galleon. have been there. It was one of these hedge funds in Silicon Valley, and I think we were media at that point pod show become me vio and we were trying to get them to invest money and I thought you were there for sure and we went to galleons office and the head guy. He was on his way to New York and he's like Oh. Yeah. It was all Indian guys and I am well, we're GONNA. We're GONNA do this we we see. Great potential, and literally two weeks. Later we see the guy getting arrest. New York for whatever insider trading and they arrested two hundred people and Patrick Byrne was responsible for that Ashton like a decade ago on wall. Street. Yes there was three days later and they went on and as I recall rested about two hundred people on about one hundred, twenty actually did time. Okay. So that's his credentials and that is that is verified and he was a I, don't know about his letter that he says he had. But now we get to the good meat of it, and this is all new information. So through a number of circumstances, he winds up dating Maria Patina the redhead who were showing up at Republican. Get togethers and at first. Now. He's not married or anything so he could do whatever you want with anybody but at first he kinda kept her at at arm's length and. because he had previously been working with the FBI he went over, he's going to go over to Russia. Calm said Hey I'm going to go over to Russia and the on invitation of the Maria both. So long story short. she comes back and they're still together and the FBI gets in contact with him again. Basically, what happened was looking back, they were already engineering and in fact I. Really understand the details you DR really captured but. What was going on? They were already engineering it with her and I stumbled over is what happened how's Knack for goal? Genera and they I know that they were working on it by September. Two, thousand, fifteen safety we're working on it by July of Twenty fifteen. They may have all started March Twentieth fifteen and all that really happened was they knew all about me I mean, they knew all about her when I reported her already and that's why their actions from then on were quite strange with me the matte black and I could tell something they weren't being honest with me but I couldn't tell what? In retrospect and everything came out and putting is very clear. This was all being set up by the summer of Twenty fifteen whole Russia gate thing. So he kind of accidentally stumbles into this Russia gate because he's hanging out with this Russian girl but then the feds take him aside and they say, you know what you gotta come back to work force we need you to do something, and this is the most incredible part of the story they told me Hillary had taken a bribe. Told me a couple times he said Hillary. Hillary because it's not easy to understand they told me Hillary had taken a bribe there. All they told me. They said I, there's two groups Bureau Investigating Hillary Clinton. This late two thousand fifteen. They said one group is. Going after her emails and we think that's a whitewash. But the other group is in New York and they're look into Clinton financials and they really WanNa get therapy and Komi has been blocking that group Patrick. From, going aggressive. But information has come in the Hillary has taken a bribe and they told me who was from and how much. Foreign government it was in the low tens of millions I won't say. How was done was through television. And they said because we have that information. That group in New York now got the cloud. Force Congress hand. And forced to approve a sting. And now we're reaching out to you to set up the sting. And the sting was, there was a second government that they believed wanted to pay her bribe and it was a was in the teens of millions. and. I. was a contrary I'd never been to but my assignment was to be from that government fine. The bag man they had A. They had a belief of who the bag man within the government was going to be. So it was my Simon into. To get to that country, befriend the government befriend the bag man. And get that person ten minutes alone in a room with Hillary Clinton and that was the that was the objective that sometime in the next two months plus going to be a room that Hillary Clinton walks and the bag man is in ten minutes alone. You dig it from their packer. So. So the first bribe I'm pretty sure is the uranium one because it was about twenty or twenty, five, million dollars then went into the Clinton Foundation I don't know who the second country was that we're trying to bribe. Her could have been a number of maybe Ukraine maybe 'cause. It could be China could be China could be anything. So he sets it up and and I'm I'm just telling I'm filling in the blanks because it's very long winded. As you can tell he said he sets it up in the way it's going to work it. So it's not on her calendar Hillary is going to stay at a hotel she's going to go down in the. But she gets off on the fourth floor, she'll spend ten minutes in the room. She grabs the bag and then she goes down to the lobby. No one knows that this took place he set it up, it did take place but then the curtain came down total blackout and and he was waiting for the FBI to come back to them and say, well A. Great job we nailed it. We got our good job but no, that wasn't it this happened and I said I don't get it was I don't get it and they gave me this story that was look. It's been. We've figured out in the bureau knows who's going to be president nothing can stop that now and I think she's GonNa do day she becomes president. She's going to send goons over to the FBI and they're going to say who investigated Hillary and all of us who were part of it Patrick will be destroyed and that includes you. So, this mission has been scrubbed from the highest levels. This has been scrubbed. So the mission had been scrubbed from the highest levels. Yes. In fact, he says when he was, he went back to the feds a couple months later and said, you know this really doesn't sit well with me and I guess they were in the room that was bugged and when they were talking about this came from someone higher than than the FBI. They were pointing to the ceiling as in you know we can't talk here but he realized that it was indeed President Obama, and this is this is the best part. Now remember everyone thought Hillary was going to win and so the FBI they got freaked out. Man We can't. We can't be trying to take her down because she's GonNa win and she'll have our heads on sticks like no agenda meet up. and here is the entire reason for Obama calling it off at least the exposure of corruption. Wait for this and next they let their hair down. And they told me. They told me Patrick what's really going on is this President Obama has his people across the federal bureaucracy this point but especially, the DOJ. Being a Bunsen burner at the heart of the DOJ and that information about the to bribes you were part of gathering is going to be sitting on that Bunsen burner. Schiller is going to be President for eight years and nothing's going to change that. But while she's president the hand on that knob going to be one of Barack. Obama's people the whole time Hillary's president. If she's a good girl and defends obamacare. KNOB stays the flame stays low. She's a bad girl thinks for herself that flame gets turned up high. Barack Obama. Is GonNa Manage Hillary Clinton for eight years. She's president and then she's going to step down Michelle's going to run Patrick. That's the plan. When you hear this is totally illogical. totally logical. Well, you can see that being they're thinking yeah, and I love that they were they wanted to have Michelle, run after. After. Hillary which. Sounds like a bunch of boneheads. Yeah. Yeah. Now we'll see after Tuesday how boneheaded they are so just to straggling clips of this fantastic tale This is how the FBI was being controlled by someone we know five months later they come back and say we want you to get our back in your life. If we want to know this never happens in America and all of our three careers we've never heard of a sunny says her the talking about Tina being asked to sleep with anyone to get information. You're being asked. Remain Rekindle. Yes. They literally were asking him to start a relationship again with her and here's this. Wait. Didn't the guy say? We've never asked somebody to sleep with someone to get information is that what he said the FBI? Does to. Not American. Citizens agents do all the time. But I don't think America I don't think plane citizens are are asked to. Someone got right. He's not. He's not a member of the agency at this point he's just a confidential informant. He's the CEO of overstock. Even, better. Information Wow. You're being asked to resume romantic, rekindle your romantic relationship Marie I get to the bottom of anything. To do with Maria and Russia here in the United States. and. This war of these instructions are your chain of command. The chain of command gets very interesting they also explain. That director Brennan. had. Of the. There that a law had been passed in A. said. Under certain conditions the, CIA. Director. Sign. A piece of paper and kind of take control of the FBI. itself was not involved, but it's director who's running the FBI for the purposes of what I'm telling you. and. They said this. So this is your Stewart for your word. You're going to be back. with Maria. Orbiting FBI Director of the CIA is commanding the FBI for this mission and this whole thing is being done at the request of the Rock Obama. And President. Obama. And that is executive order twelve, three, thirty, three could be nicer. Indeed that the language is complicated, but if you parse it. This CIA director can indeed take over and direct the FBI according to Executive Order Twelve, thirty three, which I don't know if it's still on the books if that was if there was an override by. By trump. But that seems to fit within how Brennan was a part of this whole thing continuously doing. An affairs internally, we know that Brennan has always been Barack Obama's handler. Enter John Durham into the conversation Oh. Yes we've been waiting. This is why Patrick Byrne came out. Now he said the FBI had promised him. They were going to tell all this before the election. Says now they're not doing it. They're all talking about Durham's now Durham is supposed to be the. It's supposed to be the thousands of sealed indictments report. This is what we've been waiting for Patrick. Burns says he's been waiting for it for months and months but Kovic slowed it all down and and Durham is such a great guy because he's the guy that unwound the whole Whitey Bolger corruption FBI scandal and he's working on it. So the guy cleaned that up with John. John derm has in the real in real life. John Derm is the prosecutor one in put together this massive federal prosecution, the unwound, a twenty year conspiracy. So there's no one more. Experienced than in the country. than. Then he is. I suppose other than Rudy Giuliani if you go back for now but. WHO Down the Matia in the late eighties nineties in New York. So that's John Durham now but I think what's happened This. Is What is sprawling. It just scrawls I. Think they're what they're discovering what I discovered. Bubble heads with Wall Street and at first I thought it was dealing with Criminals on the fringe and it turns out I eventually started realizing it was like an ship wooden shed. You're down in the whole defined that the whole thing is warm eaten the whole. Timbers that needs to be replaced. Now, the whole thing what is rotten? Worm eaten well I. think that's what John Durham is. Hainan. I think there are so many places this falls into. And and I think that he's probably. My guess and so this is pure guesswork I don't think that's not in the press. I, mean, that's why. I think he's Trying to be really complete and deliver everything in one go and I think that if the how to do over again, I wonder if they. Would make the same decision because it just gets so sprawling. and. Right. Now, the latest count, the latest count is over two hundred thousand sealed indictments across the United States yeah. In line with this, these clips got one just kind of spice things up. Okay. This is from October ninth and we have heard nothing sense and you remember this, we will all remember it when we hear President, you'll remember I was close to this. Even I was a member congressman I served out the Benghazi Committee our seems like a little bit time ago we've got the emails were getting them out, get all this information out. So the American people can see it. You'll remember there was classified information on a private server should have never been there. I Hillary Clinton should never have done. That was unacceptable behavior. It's not the kind of thing that leaders they don't put that kind of information out and you can see whether it's Russia China Iran for the North Koreans who want to get their hands on this kind of information classified information needs to stay on the right places Secretary Clinton when she was here at the State Department did do that the president has the authority to declassify anything he wants all thority is to him could he declassify and order released if he wanted to if ordered Absolutely, we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA. Get this information out. So the American people can see if he were to order that would there be concerns about Maybe, health and safety of sources or methods that could possibly be in emails if there's classified information. I've been at this long time, president president trump for four years. Now, almost never seen him do anything that would put any kind of asset any kind of one of our officers in any harm's way he he wouldn't. Get the information out that needs to get out, and we'll do it in a way that protects the intelligence sources that we need to protect last question on that well, that happened before the election. We weekend I certainly I certainly think they'll be more seen before the election well. No. Enlisted happens today. Hold on hold on hold on John I'm sorry for some reason you went on Mute Sagan. I said that this was this is not happening. Just pump Pale just full of shit. Obviously not happening although we do have. the Biden Crime Syndicate, the Hunter Biden Laptop from hell as it's been built by the president, which you know comes directly from Banyan. Steve Bannon over there with room and denic and his host Steve Bannon. they have a new document. It's the dead man switch. Just when you thought, it couldn't get crazier with Anthony Weiner having a folder named insurance policy with thousands of emails. Let's go to the war room to listen in to see what they've discovered. Now on Hunter Biden's laptop, Jag is going to have more he and Noah Benjamin. They've got the receipts anything. They can't get in the show they're gonNA be putting up on the be put up on the on the site. Right? This is we got these guys of your the. Worst Nightmare, these major dump and what's so frightening is there's more. We don't been going through this for days and days and in hunters little secret pdf file every single thing as a crime he is holding this over every single person he knew. So people started coming forward because he on your side, you think he held all this one hundred percents treasure chest. No. No. No chance that This had a dead man's switch on it. They were all put there by hunter in a special file designed to betray everybody he is hounded crimes with. Because It's it's so mind boggling Tom Wonders and NBC, News, we invite you to come over today. Hey, you said what you know with the team we'll show you all the receipts show you all the evidence we're already handing out thumb drives. Come on come on come on come on over it. We've got all that we got the receipts these guys all judy about. Got Nowhere well, I don't know. Let's see the PDF I'm sure it will have to go somewhere sometime. The on. Wednesday. Yeah. The minute if Joe Wins right away, take down. If Joe Loses who cares. That's pretty much what we're dealing with. Yeah. Now I ran into on. This is only the same lines of as that. Of what you just played. So I ran into this, I've ran into it online I cannot find it. It's not on the ABC rundowns is not when you run the the news like for example, I do have an ABC to Friday rundown of the news, which is a minute forty, six, you WanNa hear all the news rolled into their their ts by. Finnish president, trump and Joe Biden crisscrossing the midwest dueling rallies in Minnesota and Wisconsin as the Midwest and the West see that alarming surge in Kobe cases the president downplaying the virus saying doctors get more money if someone dies from cove it at his son done junior saying. Why aren't they talking about deaths the numbers almost nothing just as Americans learned another thousand deaths in twenty four hours. Jill Biden. Tonight saying Donald Trump has surrendered to the virus and a major headline emerging this evening involving the early vote at what we're now seeing a Texas four days. But when will we know the results? President. Trump insists on knowing the results on election night the reality check here. Tonight, eight states including key battlegrounds won't even begin opening mail in ballots until election day. So which states could be I at which key battlegrounds are warning tonight be prepared to wait for days possibly for final results Giancarlo Mary Bruce Standing by live. Highest number yet more than ninety, two, thousand new cases of COVID. Twenty four hours that was the concern as the colder weather arrives record numbers from Wisconsin to Ohio Illinois tonight whether halting leading restaurants. Again, at the state health director, they're saying they're now seeing the flu and covert in some patients. Tonight a deadly earthquake magnitude seven point zero quake toppling buildings, hitting parts of Turkey and Greece here at home outrage this evening. What are the officers in the Briana Taylor case now suing Taylor's boyfriend for shooting him. Personally, Laughlin purporting to prison tonight. The first major snow in the northeast and what to expect from Chicago to Boston this weekend. Ladies and gentlemen stay with us now. That's right. There you go. That's your. That's your ABC Friday. So so I run I ran into this. This is Tom Yomas. Yes. This is this is fantastic. Where did this come from? What do you mean? Where did it come from? Why did he do it? You mean? It's Tom. ABC correspondent where did this play? Play on ABC. Not ABC nightly news you just heard the rundown it wasn't enough. It wasn't the one before was GM, cars it on ABC, News Stream, which suspect interest I can't find it. All I have is the clip at a guy I stole from twitter and it's good clip and it looks like they're trying to do the job and I'm sure they're going Oh we reported on it reported on an Like Wolf Blitzer saying I pushed back on Nancy Pelosi I pushed back on the. Let's play the clip ahead. Had issue was hunter by ahead profiting off his dad's work as vice president and did Joe Biden allow it. We're talking about millions of dollars in at least two countries. Mr Vice President Tom Yomas ABC News how you doing I've got a quick question for you. The question we tried to ask repeatedly can we ask you about Ukraine and China but kept getting blocked questions about foreign deals? His son Hunter Biden pursued my father Joe Biden. Countries Joe Biden. As America's top diplomat. Twenty two Ukrainians Sick of corruption revolted. Vice President Joe Biden went to Kiev to help the new government and you have to fight the cancer of corruption, but then something strange happened. Just three weeks later, Ukrainian natural gas company we smoke accused of corruption appoints hunter Biden, seen here in their promotional videos to their board of directors pain his firm more than a million dollars a year hunter, a lawyer who had just been discharged from the navy reserves for testing positive for cocaine Mr Hudson. He has served on other boards but had no known experience in Ukraine or natural gas. We went to Kiev and found even among Joe Biden supporters in Ukraine hunters hiring was troubling. How do you judge what Hunter Biden was doing I think that Hunter Biden very bad thing and he was very well allowed his name. To be abused. I think I found the piece on ABC News on ABC News website. I. Think you're right it'd probably didn't run it didn't air but they did produce this video piece in a huge article about all the problems It is Biden sidesteps questions about his sons, foreign business dealings, but promises ethics pledge. Ledge that Kelvin Oh. Okay. Never mind. We're all good rop it because pledge drop it. He's pledged something up with that in the show notes. It's interesting. It's good reporting actually it's in their. Blood. They do a good job in and cover all the bases. But so what we're, we're bitching about mainstream I think we should probably talk about don't have grand greenwell. Well for you want us to talk. Yes, you mentioned this happened right at the end of our last show I wanna start that discussion by now what was show is green all in all the time he'd come in and help them out democracy now. He was there constantly Oh, two day. Loved Him. So they throw him under the bus should we I explain what happened not everybody? glinting want you explain what have you caught it before I did? So Glenn Greenwald who we've always been Admirers of his work. Yeah. He does good work. He's a he's. He's Kinda straight down the middle kind of Guy at least when it comes to the rest of angle. Angle right he's not dishonest. We followed him since He started what we call the two hundred and fifty million dollar blog because that's what you were joking about it because it was set up and financed by Piero media are from the. Network. Pay, PAL billion, air and He's a very, very He's he's kind of like a Soros Guy and he sponsors a lot of liberal left groups, etcetera. So we all kind of looking at the intercept, which we jokingly call the two hundred and fifty million dollar blog as okay. We'll see how long it takes until the corruption sets in and Glenn, Greenwald kind of happily went on his way and continue to do great reporting and this was after the snowden revelations when he was working for the Guardian and and the New York Times was in that gambit as well. Of course, it all turned sour. Because everyone loved what's Snowden was top of the bill everybody loved him. Until wikileaks started you know doing stuff that was anti Hillary, Clinton emails, etc. Then Glenn Glenn Greenwald Somehow. By Association became kind of tainted and like he's kind of Iquique as he stands up for wiki leaks, wikileaks is no good wikileaks also used to be loved by everybody but those you haven't been around for seven or eight years. and. All of a sudden he abruptly resigns from the Inter stepped saying that he wanted to. Publish a any has contractually, he can publish whatever he wants, and if the intercept doesn't want it. then he can take some other outlets they refused to publish his article at least without heavy editing. where he I think he was Kinda only mentioning the Hunter Biden issues not necessarily much about the hundred biting coverage I. Read It. Oh, yeah it's out. It's sub stack. So right we'd ride with diabetes stuff. It was about in the he said that they they would let him run the peace. Except he has to take off out anything about. Joe Biden in any anti Joe Biden style, right Described it on various interviews he ended up on Tucker show he described it as they. They want Joe Biden to be the president, and so they wouldn't let me run this piece. So he quit in a huff and for which we congratulate him and I immediately value for value I immediately subscribed to him on sub Stack Tina subscribe to we've I'd love him I love what Taibbi I don't agree obviously with everything but that's how it's supposed to go. These guys are good journalists and they need to be supported and I will gladly help them with his podcast because he needs some sound help starting with that I bought that Damn Mike that he has an it's crap. The sure fifty five. It's not it's not the mic for me. That's for sure. Yeah well, it's not the Mike I would recommend no no Kenny way. So key also used to be in fact, we've probably played many clips of Glenn Greenwald from democracy now because that's the be lots of because he's good age a little wordy is low word. He writes he's not he's not the writer Taibbi as the guy you wanna read in recent tight writing dynamite. Greenwald his word and he goes on and on he may say wrote this thing. So and he net what got me was listening to amy basically throw him under the bus and then read from a press release by the editor in chief of the intercept some woman who even look at a picture of you go oh my God I can just come. She's S J W Max and. Harsh harsh woman and she his pressure lease and just base and leaves it at that without defending ham or anything. I thought this was one of the lowest creepiest things. Amy has ever done on that show to throw out her guy who's was nothing but help that show and throw him under the bus like this. It was disgusting and Media News the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist. Glenn Greenwald has resigned from the interceptor accusing the news outlet of censoring an article he wrote about Joe Biden Greenwald who co-founded the intercept accused editors of refusing to. Publish the article unless they agree to remove all of the sections critical of the candidate they want to win Greenwald's article focused undisputed corruption allegations about son hunter that first appeared in the new. York Post in a statement the intercept said in part while he accuses us of political bias, it was he who is attempting to recycle the dubious claims of a political campaign, the trump campaign and launder them as journalists. ooh Wow. And there was no word. You know there was nothing like she didn't mention anything of the work that he's done with her on the show none of that. She is such a creep for doing this report. Now I mean I've always thought she was a creepy but she is a total creep for doing this to grant Glenn Greenwald and by the way Scott Adams just to make you feel a little better talked about this little bit and call them Jeff Greenwald. Why that should make me feel better it is funny I. Do enjoy it but this was this was. Just, sound gusting while. To never asked for his comment never bought she normally in a normal day she would have brought him on would come on. And that is normal Yak Yak thing. But no, she didn't invite him. She just read that press release from the from the intercept. Slamming and. A lot of it goes back according to. It actually goes back to Greenwald's not going along with the program with Russia Gate. Bright. Bright. Very, he was a naysayer from the beginning. He was skeptical about it and he asked questions and Didn't get answered I mean any answers? I mean it's it's kind of like Dershowitz Dershowitz was the constitutional lawyer of America and the minute he said, Hey, you know I, don't see it that way. Then all of a sudden he's the do she's done. He's yeah. He's completely new speaking of noodles. Let me just give you a few. We got some interesting noodles going on. Should probably play play the noodle gun song. That's not it whereas it he is Way The. Locked and loaded gun is where people try to virtue signal usually black lives matter or something of the Ilk, and it backfires on them and. This is for northwestern university. So during recent online townhall meeting several employees. Admitted and you know how this goes. You see this in corporate emails all the time they admitted publicly they are racists. And even admitted to acting as gatekeepers of white supremacy. This was just written word. You know how it goes like, hi, I'm the president of the school and I realize I'm a racist I have acted as a gatekeeper of white supremacy I'm sorry blahdy blahdy blahdy Blah. Well now. They're being sued. For being racist because they basically admitted it. Now now there's there's an investigation underway to take them to court for doing exactly what they admitted they done. So they were virtue. Virtue signaling. Heddon called out on it. It's fantastic. That's best story ever. That's a great story I feel sad for the girl scouts. Girl Scouts of America. Boy. They already noodle gun the boy scouts. But there was a tweet. tweeted went out that said. hold on I. got the here. It is congratulations amy conybeare on becoming the fifth woman appointed to the supreme court since inception in seventeen, eighty nine and they go on to show that Ruth Bader Ginsburg and I think Sotomayor and amy conybeare were in the girl scouts. So they're proud of this. Oh. Oh. Noodle gun owner no. Because of meat they take the tweet down. Because immediately hey me conybeare beliefs trans girl shouldn't be in the girl scouts because she isn't believed that trans girls our girls this is horrible. Ruining everything. NOODLE IT'S A. Noodle. And then a minor minor noodle COSCO has. dropped a particular brand of coconut milk. because yes, this is a great story. This is Harley Minor. Costco joins twenty five thousand retailers including Walgreens Food Lion and more which following a pay pitas investigation people for ethical treatment of animals have banned the sale of these coconut products because they use forced monkey labor to retrieve the coconuts force monkey labor. I thought that's what we were on this podcast but no, no no, there's real forced monkey labor and we're very sad to hear about it all and that's your apparently to get these coconuts down these monkeys run up to Kogo tree and then they shake the trees or they grabbed a cognizant maybe throw them down and they think it's fun I don't know. But there's a lot of monkeys that do this. But the somehow being forced to do this I don't know how that works are they in chains and bondage dragging him out there somebody pounding a drama corners. All going up and down and saying how we got to break Outta here. Just, doesn't make any sense that's just a monkees. Donate to know agenda imagine all the people who could do Johnson. Yeah. That'd be. Jazz. And indeed, we do a few people to think and maybe there's a monkey in the group I'm not sure. Least Life Great. A great time to be alive and be doing a podcast. Worst. Monkey Labor and they knuckle under DINO COSCO was so fun. I'M GONNA turn turn in my card I can't be a part of your your club anymore. I have to get a clip from a thing called driving while black. It's a documentary and it's mostly about the Green Book Yes yes and is a great documentary in talked to publish dirig- dirigible push a black guy. Who Dreamed Up to Green Book Back in the thirties I believe in he took it to publishers try to get a printed in one guy I. think it was in new. Jersey says, yeah we'll printed lot of people refused is be black not gonNA print your book. And so he says he starts to print book and a bunch of his is is employees. Exactly. The same as today they're all virtuous signaling because then it was okay to be racist right it. We're not printing this book. We're GONNA, WE'RE GONNA. Print. This book I'm not printing his book, all his employees he said well, if you don't print the book, you're fired I just get somebody else in here to print a book and they all knuckled under imprint the book nobody does that Anymore No. Okay this would happily woody Allen's book. Okay. You Year you're the boss I'm GONNA. We're GONNA let. Not Printable 'cause you said so. I just thought it was great to the guy said Yeah you can go some work somewhere else asshole. Well, no, there's only. One true things you can say to that when when someone wants to do that to you or your company Starting with Valerie Schemes Lind in Kirkland and Kirkland, Washington of all places where Costco is. Under thirty bucks. she loves the show bearing Monica. 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It's a great way to get together actually especially since we've had all of this lockdown months of panic if you just want to hang out with people who get it who won't be triggered by anything that you say even if they don't agree with you, it's a great time to hang out with people the meet UPS, no agenda meet ups dot com is where you can find out where someone where one is taking place near you. You can schedule one and we love getting reports Bellingham come on in in the morning. This is Thomas. Na. meet up in. Bellingham. Washington city of subdued excitement please don't enslaved me Kamala. This is Taylor Bellingham Washington I would like some Askar bear feelings please. This is Jake Bellingham about to go home and take a nap for humanity. Danny Ephron Bellingham Harry legs in the morning and the. Go Bellingham doing their business. We have a report from Kansas City. Hey. Sarah Spencer. For Kansas City coming at, you live from knuckleheads. Moon. We're having a great time. It's like a part. TAME dumb here knucklehead Halloween my nose is stuffed but my Magdala in small. Thank you for your courage always a party in Kansas. City. This is one of the mats in the morning everybody. This is Land Day face. This is Matt Roy from Wichita Kansas currently do not for too much longer time out here during the work, we drove of three hours trial backyards tonight another on. Special thanks to see Mike for Lending US his professional grade recording equipment and as always keep an eye on. No Jim meet UPS. Dot, com for Feature Casey meet. UPS. Always keeping. Yes, indeed and would the Producer who posted the Albuquerque election night meet up please contact me. So she confirmed the time with you. She has some other questions that is the backoffice happening today. The tiny goes of Anchorage, which probably is already underway one o'clock Alaska Time Philadelphia local seventy six they meet up at six o'clock at the good dog bar get out the hoax is the title of that one slavery for President Twenty, twenty on Tuesday election. Watch party Bunker Hill seven o'clock at sage house and that's in Connecticut also on Election Day live no agenda meet ups election night this the virtual one this is Paul the book I organizing that on Wednesday the hurricane no agenda rooftop meeting at Saint Pete Beach in Florida. Wow. That's going to be great. They also have a Web. RTC MEET UPS either website for for details at of course no agenda meet UPS DOT com. Next, Thursday guy, fawkes coffee stroll, and troll and Quebec at Saint. Roche Rush Coffee Shop Pablo be organizing for you and on the horizon for November seventh. We've Got Dallas Texas Midland. Texas Burlington Ontario, in Boston Massachusetts on the Tenth Inland Empire California on the Thirteenth Tucson Charlotte North Carolina low country South Carolina in the fourteenth friends giving Nashville from the. Fourteenth catskill mountains on the Fourteenth Michigan Mobile on the fourteenth and many many more all you need to do is go to no agenda, meet UPS, dot com find out where this one taking place near you. If there isn't one, all you gotta do is set it up yourself. It's easy and it's just like a pot no agenda meet UPS DOT com. and. A. John. Saying. got a few things left first thing. Do you have an end of show I so? Let's go over the Ice Mike Fall off the stand again, you can't. You can't cover that I. HEAR IT I. I've heard it three times in the show to least two times in the show. This is the only time. When you were hearing well, how does that happen? Tighten that stuff up it up let's die I gotta tight as I can l. let's start with Biden Nice. Oh, just start this off. We heard this already Yes the Biden is slow. As this, the one you're talking about standards or skulls business dolphin safely. Okay Let's go to this when doing things. Is that an isolated. Says doing thing I. So. Doing things got it doing your thing though I like that one as nice though that's kind of I like that. Yes. We're not saying, yes. Okay. Anyone else or is that it? Okay. Reckless. K. reckless reckless incompetence, and intentional cruelty. No No. I'm not. I'm not only in for amy that's fine. The tucson one from last time. Do we are. We didn't play that one last time. No, I think doing your thanksgiving, that's the one I think doing your thing is the one that's the future president of America. Go might as will go for that. We're headed the curve I've got a couple more clips just to wrap things up for Rhonda W, T, F cliff from democracy. Now tell me what you think. This is about thirty year olds immigrant from Mexico who was killed by border patrol last week in the town of Santa See drew is demanding an independent investigation into its fatal shooting. Wait a minute the dead guy's demand. No. This can't be here that again, thirty year olds emigrant from Mexico who was killed by Border Patrol. Last week in the town of Santa. SEDRO is demanding an independent investigation into his fatal shooting. Now, there's gotta be something before that dead. Beside the point or sense soling could easily click decided shows you. WanNa. Screw at trump you can do it. You screw with amy I'm just screwing with. West. Well done, he's it is well done. Here is a there's another one. This is. This is again from democracy. Now, not just hounding this show on this show, but I wanNA play this clip I is called how is this news and it ran right with her news presentation as if it was. Any sort of news that anybody cares about and it begs the question. How is this news and longtime piece Entrust Activists Ted glaciers continuing a month long hunger strike. Ahead of the presidential election hopes to encourage undecided voters to support. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden Click launched hunger strike on October third and we'll conclude it on election day he spoke to democracy now last night. I'm on Day twenty seven. What'll end up being a thirty two day. To defeat trump I lost thirty pounds so far. I'm doing this to underline the arrogancy of our situation and how people who get fun how bad trump is they need to vote for Biden in the battleground states in particular we to stand up now for our rights are people climate and doing it by getting trump out there. said. was. This news, but the guys on hunger strike. I mean, the whole thing is just promotion for Biden Guy. Starving himself for Biden. Who is this guy's name? Glick is it do we know glick? No other thing. This guy is James Glick No. No. Well, that would be funny it's. All right Very. I. Got Another clip here. Talking about spiking the ball. Yeah. So John Lithgow writes this children's book of rhymes is all about trump and he's a jerk and it goes on and on. So they put much. Hollywood guys together the same old you know the same old usual suspects. And they read segments from the book and I just goes on forever but I clipped a bit of twenty nine seconds from. A few now being now this is this is the latest thing that the Hollywood celebrates have been doing is they'll get on zoom call take. Like I saw fast times at Ridgemont high and they were doing that. Exactly and it's supposed to be a little. Cool it's so cool. Oh my God. I couldn't believe they're doing a table read Mon.. Stock. This is a variation because this is a book that Lithgow Road there they just start reading from it and you get this you get a genuine sense of spiking the ball when you just listen to these twenty nine seconds of the very beginning. The torn. or The tiger, King Take a moment to pay these poor gop there is lost and confused as a party can be. Inspired, by their recent collaborative stories, here's a family fable. We'll call it the Tories generations have passed, but the Tories endured a Washington family proud and assured their forebears had left with money and Power Reagan the bushes invite Eisenhower. I that completely made no sense to me any of that. Poem about some Lion King and is supposed to be trump and they don't. Like it's just you watch this and you go S- pathetic. What did he leads people? Think they are for one thing Very. Well, I predict. That as we as we slowly come out of what were in. Hollywood is dead movies are gone. Movies are not gonNA come back the streaming companies can't make money. Netflix does not make money Amazon. Okay. But they're not they just have video on demand and not really an algorithm type of deal Disney doesn't want half of the crap that controlled by China these actors have been out of work for year. And people are sick and tired of a whole celebrities complaining about sitting in their mansions I think it's over I. Think Hollywood is stuff is changing. This is the year of the PODCAST. That's clear. I see that coming I think Hollywood. Well, hello in Hollywood who made one hundred, million dollars this year Joe Rogan podcast her. His true squeeze me. Okay the last clip I have I got other clinics rising. I got one more maybe after this but this is this is this is a cliff forgettable clip from years ago. This is John Kerry talking about that Ukrainian deal they were bite and got the guy fired for a billion dollars I will tell you because as secretary of state was deeply involved in this. All of us in the administration. Trying to get rid of that prosecute. Good Secretary of state and the vice president, all of us were working on that embassador. We knew if you Kramer's going to survive and win the revolution in the end, the Mi- don. They had to get rid of that prosecutor all man I it would. It would make my day to have all these people locked off. I mean just just for that head alone and and by the way nice way to violate the no carry rule. But okay, know we've played the clip before. So I guess you could call it a throwback clip. Yeah. But we do have rules about John. Kerry. Clips. But, this is not he's not too boring here. that. was she animated forgotten that he was so intimately involved okay. He's another part of the whole scam. Bags all of them. Right well, nothing bad's GonNa happen if you WANNA play one last clip and we can go out. Yeah. Sure. Sure. Sure. I have the C. Span call and typical. This is a typical. This is abiding Biden supporter calling in and it's all sounds so reasonable and Kinda isn't People chaotic type government and he's doing a good job. They'll support him. That's fine. How did you vote in two thousand sixteen? Did, vote in point sixteen. Is that your question? Yes yes. Yes I did not vote for trump and twenty sixteen. Voted for Hillary. There's all where he's in Georgia now Georgia's go go blue Abou-. He goes on and on his sounds like from Georgia and the Hill bought since the beginning I mean come on, get these guys off the F. Ladies and gentlemen as I always say every country gets the government she deserves. So we to get whatever we deserve tomorrow here in the United States this time it's a little more interesting because he's Tuesday Tuesday it's not tomorrow Shit we wish. Tuesday tomorrow Tuesday whatever I've already voted. I. Got my sticker and Thursday show regardless or as we can say irregardless since it's in the dictionary. I will have a review of my pine phone, my lyrics phone, which just arrived. which also functions as a desktop computer so I'm very oh yes it does I'm very jacked about all that. Yeah. Sure. Yes. uh-huh. Only know how it goes, and if show mixes, we have, of course, Jesse Coin Nelson, we've got wreck. So without Kozo, Kozo is taking care of his brand new human resource and we'll kick it off with nostradamus and NOAH GENDER STREAM DOT COM. We'll have grumpy old. Code one hundred six stay tuned for that and we will return on Thursday if there is still a country. Burn it all down like everyone's afraid. Certainly. Do spags in San Diego. And I'm coming to you from. The capital of the drone star State Opportunity Zone thirty-three here in Austin Texas we are insieme redid number six. In case you're looking for it. Please remember us no matter what happens for Thursday by going to divorced dot org slash in a to support the work for value for value model in the morning everybody I'm Adam. Curry. And from northern Silicon Valley where I'm going to rename it douchebag central. I'm John CD Barack we return on Thursday again right here I know agenda if you listen live no agenda stream dot com remember us divorce dot org slash and a happy election day everybody until Thursday Adios? saw. Guy. This guy. This. Guy. Running Out took. John. War. Historic moment, we can now project the winner of the presidential race that projects Joe Biden. Wins the presidency. I know the man I know the man personally I know him well I. Know His family. They are all about integrity of service we love Joe Joe. Got Ukraine I remember going over convincing mark teams to convince you that we should be providing for loan guarantees and I went over I. Guess Twelve Thirteen Times team hours course opposed to announce that there's another billion dollar loan guarantee and I got a commitment from portion co and from yachts and you take action against the state prosecutor may did. So they added they walk out to press Carson is and I'm not going. We're not going to give you. A strategy, to is sure Depression, show. Some researchers even suggest that severe stress can lead to premature death. What is the president is incapacitated or worse before the election and what happens between the election? In the Electoral College? We need to bring you some breaking news the president of the United States Joe Biden. President He. Joe Biden died. Fuck? So stressed out. As. A. country. and. So stressed out in. No doubt going off the. Rains on the weekend. Seem to a phone down I could read this tomorrow no no now. Greatest movie, com want to. Slow down every four. I don't even dress Johnson report Taliban become a Ho clown political junkie into the news cycle. So excited for the next roll out. Seasons. So embarrassing. I become someone else. But Demons. Help. Be Detrimental to my office. Please save me feel like a world trying to drive me crazy twice a week back. If nothing else just during election season. stressed out and extra sees. Sounds. Like a majority. Tree. stressed. Out in shipping season no doubt off deepen. Roy Survey. Witness over no matter the conclusion I will make a bunch of promises to myself that I probably won't keep like a new year's resolution like next time I don't care who was running. I'm not GONNA do this. For years later at a Sunday service losing my mind. Syndication. Tell. System important in election the Bar Back in. Will fall victim to election season just a slave system listened and been the break it down with the never in wisdom thinking what did this country gave? GONYEA. overstress chance to be driven driven trump won that was such a great tradition to make the decisions away from these Politicians I'm renting so stressed out and. Sometimes size I wished. I was. The majority of his country event into. So stressed out and Sees. No doubt on off deep. Journey. Times up on weekends. Best. Mofokeng. Dot Org slash. Doing your thing.

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