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"sadie bluegrass" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"Said that data, but the good news is Golden Gate will start running. This coming Friday as racing will resume at Golden Gate Fields, and it'll be a four day week with the special racing on Morton Bay sticking Monday. But let's see who you like it standing here today on a nine race card to begins at 12 30. Okay, let's start out with the first race field of maidens on the turf. We got a eight horse field. I don't see any world beaters in here. There's some very nicely bred horses and some second time starters, which are always dangerous to move forward in the second start, But Richard Mandella has two in here. They're the favorites on the morning line. Golden is by tap. It has four stakes winning siblings. Obviously royally bred here. She's 8 to 5 on the morning line on Lee has one race under her belt, and it wasn't okay. It was an okay third On the turf going long in that first start, and the good news is the winner came back to run very well in the state straight off of that wind on New Year's Eve as a two year old fake, so I think that race will be the one to come out of both of the Mandela Forces air coming out of that one golden, the lightly raced one, beat her stablemate Ivy League. In that one Narrowly. Ivy League has a lot more experience, and probably not as much upside. So I'm gonna go golden on top. The one Richard Mandella, top of the other, Richard Mandella, and then uh, Michael McCarthy has a horse in here, also making a second start, but from a different meeting race, quick and dirty, who's been working well and comes out of a maiden claimer but high price maiden claimer and goes up in here. I don't think she outgunned either. So Went 364 in here in that order, and those were the three I used on an early pick. Five. All right, moving on the race number two with Matt. But Seska speed figures dot com. Yeah, race too. I really like a horse in here. That's gonna be our best bet of the day and probably the one that we sent out via email this morning. We have a free email like a small play that we usually send out when we really like something and get Jet a number four in race, too. Really stands out in here. To me. It's only a field of five and it first glance. They are pretty evenly matched, but I really like agenda. She's she's lightly raced. He hasn't been seen since October. She's only has four starts, and they've always handled her like a really nice Billy. And I don't see any reason why they shouldn't she debuted about the little over a year ago. Um, as a two year old at Del Mar Ram. Excellent number there came back at Santa Anita got her maiden broken with another excellent race over this track, which is a win here. That's important. And she said, a really fast pace that day decent figure, and then they brought her back that you actually had high hopes. They brought her back in the great three fan Isabel and routed her a mile and 1/16, which is Probably further when she wants to go, but they wanted to see what they had. She set the pace in there, which is a strong pace and faded. Behind some future stakes winners 2nd 2nd Place came back to win. She wasn't able to handle the mild, 16th Graded States company and they brought her back fresh under brought her back just a couple months ago. In a five furlong turf race that turned out to be pretty productive. It was very fast race over Delmar huge field of 12. She didn't embarrass herself. She was 4 ft. And two and three quarters and I think Get Jetta is set up here nicely. To be upon the pace and power at home. So get Jenna. The four we're gonna go over the number one Miss FIA coming up a nice when it lost cell in an invader from the Kentucky circuit with good numbers. Number two jungle juice 412 in that second race, All right, moving on to your third leg of your early pick five. So third leg is again We got maiden straight maiden Phillies just turned three years old. And there's Several coming out of common races here. I think the best common race to come out of the two and the three lady mystify and number three Honor America coming out of the better of the races. Both of them showed good speed and finished about a length apart in there, I'm going to give the edge to Lady mystifying Number two. She's an expensive daughter of burner Jeannie for Peter Kurten. And just watching the video thinks maybe she has a little bit more upside to her. But the number three owner America comes of that same race. She's a very expensive into mischief. Philly and also off obviously has upside there so Those are the two they sent a really fast paced there. Lady Mystify actually hung on around for second, beaten only a half and the horse she beat came back to air out of field and win by five on the turf. In a straight maiden field. Just a last week, So I think those are the two lady mystified on America, so I'm going to go to three in the third race. And there's a bathroom first timer in their class reunion. I'm sure she's going to get a lot of betting She's got Joel Rosario want, but just the workout reports and just watching her visually in those workouts. I think she needs longer. She just doesn't seem very quick. I think she's not really ready here yet, but she's an expensive daughter of curling obviously couldn't run. But I don't think this is the spot for her six furlongs. I think she's gonna want longer and the workouts don't suggest that she's completely ready as most passwords usually are. So I'm gonna go to 35 in here now. Bowie along and your pick five with Matt, but Tesco speed figures dot com. Okay, The pick five. You are top call here is gonna be our value. Bet it's 4 to 1 on the morning line Number seven. Full draw. Hey gets in here. He's coming off a couple kind of hidden races on the turf going long. Then they shorten him up in a maiden 40,000 race at Los El, and he ran a very good race. He was off slow there. Latin out but ran a decent number. And I think the 4 to 1 will hold on there. They could not actually get 9 to 2 or possibly, you know, 5 to 1 and, uh, you know, you know, Wide open race. There's ah There's 10 horses in here. I think seven old rock deserves a little bit of a value bet a 4 to 1. I like the number the number one Bob Baffert horse. HJ eyes the second call, and then we have number six in K Rocketman unusual heat, Uh, getting onto the dirt for the first time, and he will be the third call. I think those are the ones you got to look at. And you 716 in the fourth. We went on the race five to complete your hurry. Pick five. Okay, Race. Five is an interesting turf Sprint and we have it's a allowance, second level allowance. Um We've got. We've got a local horse coming in this race. Sadie, Bluegrass for Jonathan Long. I think she's a little overmatched in here. She's a wind machine, and she might just be too. She's pretty much undefeated over our tippy to surface. But obviously that's been out of out of commission since it's about November s. Oh, thank God. She looks like she's a little bit overmatched. I'm going to go against her here. And I'm going out to the number two Aqua Sea formed shame coming out of a common church sprint here. With with the Phillies on the outside. We have Heather's great coming out of a turf route going to Sprint. I think that's what you want to do. And then any surprise so To Aqua Sea form. Shame. I think we're going to get a little bit of a value. It's a number two Rispoli force for Richard Baltic. That's gonna be another value. Bet the number two Aqua Sea form. Shame you're sprinting. And coming out of a graded stakes over and any surprise nine And then the Heathers gray shortening up and sprinting here, number 8 to 98 were fixed here in the fifth..

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