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"sacramento ferguson" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"Eighth straight with thirty plus points. That's the third longest streak in NBA history. Both top spots belong to Wilt Chamberlain who did it in the early sixties thirty-one straight. And then he had a sixty five team run of thirty plus points to sixty five games of thirty. Plus the average fifty one year where he was just insane. Comes Westbrook after the split of the free throws dives. Inside scoop. It is blocked PJ Tucker came over for the help defense hardened back. The other way accelerates into grant left it Elaine pitches it out to rivers in the corner over to Shumpert cross-court Tucker back to heart and left corner. He's watched by Ferguson tend to shoot rip through nothing there. One dribble. Step back into the type. The left side somehow in the drills the game tying free Westbrook back the other way and hold on his second. How even believable? Space in there. There's not much when you're right behind that line. You basically have about a foot behind you. And he steps just on the line and then to feedback. Over the corner of the board. Not nylon. Picked up the foul. He and Tucker. We're gonna come off is in Houston along with Gerald green. Twenty two twenty game. Four minutes to play in the first Westbrook on the angle, right? Fix the shot on shopper one dribble. Pull up jumper. No good. From fifteen loose rebound goes to Shumpert shovels, head to riverside line left into the hands. Too. Hard it outside the arc watch by Terence. Ferguson. Jab step with the left foot starts left comes right into the hate takes a contact. Looks the shot up. Muscling it up nothing. They're Harding slow to get up with Ferguson after the play four on four Adams in the paint surrounded by three defenders, spins to the left side of the river. Banks it in twenty two to twenty okay, see artist still bent at the waist hands on knees after the contact with Ferguson green at the top get space from Westwood pushed off backed up to the left elbow. Jumper and hit it Gerald green career high twenty five points and two of his last three ball games. Did it against you? Utah and on Wednesday against Sacramento Ferguson out high tide at twenty two lobster cutting grant, right? The lane to the shot. A little got the midst flipped it up. No good. But a foul. The name was reaching at Jeremy Grant Hill get tagged for that one. His first Rodham. We talked about the great offense of okay, see, particularly that month of January. I think the emergence of Terence Ferguson,.

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