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"sackett rossendale." Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

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"sackett rossendale." Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

"They belong to the creator and the third is for these technologies to be trusted they must be explainable free of bias in so we've I've learned this through as we bring out these technologies to doctors to actuaries the first question when they see any answers why do you have to explain it to me trusted so you have to have a set of principles and live by them and their deeply rooted in your own values by the way and I think this is trust is one of the determining factors of this area right now and so you got to be clear what they are you have got to live by them and so when you know in history when people asked us the government would say could I get into your software to see if we put you know never never never put a back door in our software for when in the United States when we were asked would we support legislation that said there should be if we knowingly had child sex trafficking on our cloud would we be liable that only took me five seconds to answer yes knowingly these are based on a set of values and so society has to know you're going to do that so I think in this day and age being clear and then there should be regulation but I call it precision regulation because I am very afraid if it's over reacted guilty real whole digital economy. until after the bad actors and so you know the consumer does have a right to know what day do you have be able to delete it corrected if it's there and if someone misuses it there should be regulation in liability for that particular things against the law. that was our exclusive interview with IBM chairman president and CEO Ginni Rometty and a reminder to tune in tomorrow on Bloomberg technology people for you more of our conversation with for many and you can go online to catch the full thirty minute conversation. now oracle is unveiled an operating system that runs without the need for human oversight it's part of a line of new software tools meant to make it easier for the company to transition to cloud computing oracle is the world's second largest software maker it's trying to revive sales growth after years of almost Sackett Rossendale. and.

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