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05-16-19 Prospect Update

All The Kings Men

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05-16-19 Prospect Update

"Barberry gauges MCI score. The only goal the game my. Is it? You're listening to all the king's men, the official dog cast of the LA kings. Now here's your host, Jesse. Cohen. Well, I was going to record an entire intro. That had nothing to do with the playoff games going on. But I have to get this off my chest or my head is going to explode to repeat myself here for the time. Happiness is measured by expectations. The NHL has created a world where coaches can challenge goal and have them recalled for reasons that sometimes appear to defy logic. So that is the expectation that they have created. They then turn around and say well on this goal we don't need the parallel view explain it away. We don't need multiple camera angles or slow motion. This is an infraction that you all can plainly see with your own two eyes but dash sorry it's not reviewable. So this goal stands, no matter what that's infuriating. That. That's a version of the expectations that they created is infuriating and frankly it's insulting to our collective intelligence. Call the goal back say you know what the refs on the ice missed it. But we see it use it. It's not a goal. I've seen some arguments already online saying, oh well if you do it in the playoffs you have to do it in the regular season. And now you're gonna have all these reviews you're gonna slow the game down. You know what slows the game down waiting five minutes to try and figure out if a guy skate was two inches off side for ninety feet away on a camera angle at a poor location? You know it doesn't take five minutes looking at the review of that goal in saying, hey, that's a hand pass doesn't take any time at all. You just wave no goal. Or you have a guy into Rondo say it's not a goal. I don't blame the refs and frankly it makes me incredibly uncomfortable to see them. Get blamed for this look, they missed it, it happens. Nobody's perfect. People are making mistakes. I was watching it in overtime. The first time through I had an uneasy. Feeling that something was wrong. I thought maybe it might have been a cake or goal tender interference. I couldn't quite tell I didn't recognize it was a hand pass, and I get it. I'm not Aref but the issue again is not that they missed the call. It's the message not reviewable it's I don't know if it's lazy or smug or insane, regardless, it's unacceptable. Get one of the two refs off the ice. If you're going to knowledge, that Rapson linesmen, miss calls, which incidental, you have done by instituting the review process. There's too many bodies on the ice. Anyway, everybody's getting bigger and faster and blah, blah, blah, all those arguments. I haven't saying it for years if you're so committed to getting it, right. Put one of the refs in the stands, the press box an ipad or a buzzer, make every goal reviewable by the people in Toronto any goal that scored just automatically review at no question in the war room, not for things like was this guy's skate two inches off side. You know ninety seconds before the goals scored. But for things like this the hand pass or the puck off the netting king. Game against the train. If the puck goes through the back of the net things like this things that the human, I might not catch in the moment, but that everybody can clearly see forever on replay. It's not that complicated. Just call it back anyway. That's my rant. Now, let's get excited about some young players in the king's future. Joining me now, play by play announcer for the OH L champion Guelleh's storm, Larry Milad. How're you doing today? Larry. I'm great, especially after that win on Sunday. Yeah, I want to congratulate you right off the bat on winning the j Ross Robertson trophy. That is it. And that trophy name for fans in that territory probably wouldn't have a clue j Russ Robertson was the first president of the on -tario hockey association and that one dates back to eighteen ninety nine so a trophy that's been around for a while. Yeah. Quite a while before we get into the currencies, and the current players for kings fans who may not know, Dustin Brown and drew doughty both alums of the Guelleh's storm, you had a chance to watch them. Call them any fond memories of those players. Drew doughty was one of the most dominant players, I've ever had the opportunity to watch and try to describe some of the things that he did with the puck and Dustin Brown, just a hard working character type of player wasn't surprised to see him where the c in Los Angeles there for a long time. So to a pretty good storm contributions to Los Angeles. And I think you're going to love the two that are coming your way out of this team too. So when dean Lombardi was constructing the team that wound up winning the Stanley Cup twice in three years. He did he spent a lot of time getting captains, alternate captains character guys so much so that there was foolishly point where we were wondering if there were too many cooks in the kitchen. What can you say about the character level on this Wellstone storm team that just had what three tremendous comebacks over the course of their playoffs when the the championship they did? So they were behind in three straight series, two games to none in. In the Terio Hockey League, there had never been a team come back and win a championship after trailing two series two games to done much less three in a row tons of character on the team. It's an older team by junior hockey standards, fifteen nineteen and twenty year olds that's the oldest team. They tell me in the terrier Hockey League in the last forty years, and just a lot of leadership eleven and h l drafted players, and there'll be a few more that'll be picked up here in June as well. Sunders was traded to the storm this season. We spoke to the play by play announcer from the Owen sound attack earlier. And he said that he thought that Sean Thursay was the best power play quarterback in the gel does that sound like an accurate statement. Well, one of the very best it's too bad. You couldn't have the other guy that he's been paired up with the he's an Edison draft pick, Dmitri Sam roof off, he endures have been the, the number one unit. The number one power play unit and behind Nick Zouqi who also came from Owen sound who had forty two points. And it was the playoff MVP Sambuc off at twenty eight points dursey had twenty seven Sambu Khanna has a little bit more of a physical presence jerseys, incredibly quick, and really fun. Pair to watch and talk about how many minutes a game does a number one pair defense and play in the HBO. I think I've lost track of how many minutes they would put in it would be an exceptional amount. Although on this particular hockey team, they're gifted with six all defenseman and on that second unit is the other one who's going to wind up with the Los Angeles Kings and Marcus Phelps whose game is a little bit different than Sean dursey. He's more of a guy who gets the job done very effectively. In his own and through the neutral zone has a little bit of an offensive upside. But just a guy in the really tough situations that you want to the ice, how far away before we get to Philips, how far away, would you say dirty is, I know he's, I think he's twenty years old, or will, you just be turning twenty do you expect him to spend a few years developing, or is he right around the corner from cracking, and NHL lineup. As a general rule of thumb, you probably know that when these guys get signed, they get signed to a three year entry level deal. And then they're NHL teams really make up their minds during the course of that three years whether there's going to be a realistic chance for them to make the jump into the NHL. I wouldn't wanna pin number on it for either Phillips. But I'd be extremely surprised if both are not on the LA defense. At some point within the next two to three years. Yeah. I mean dursey was drafted by Toronto and two thousand eighteen so. To your point about the three or entry level. He's had a few seasons, not under contract not on L C. But, but it's been years since he was drafted, obviously a bit of a late bloomer. He wasn't drafted initially in his first year, and then really started to come on strong, and that happens with kids at this age. I see it all the time where you think when they come into the league sixteen and seventeen year olds how are they going to develop and in his case the development Campbell little bit later and does it does a run like this with all those comebacks with an overage team as you said, one of the oldest teams in forty years is that the sort of thing that you think can help at a little bit of edge to a maturing player? Like you said, maybe a guy like dursey who, who was a late bloomer. I think absolutely it can. And, and now the next phase of this is the attempt to go for the memorial Cup is just a tremendous experience. And whereas when? You get if you get to the National Hockey League, you can have quite a few opportunities or you hope you can to win the Stanley Cup. You've got players that have won a couple of cups there in Los Angeles in junior, hockey career it's limited to four or five year. Span to get the really big prize. That's the memorial Cup in the memorial Cup name came after the first World War named in honor of veterans from that war. But it's a turnament where as opposed to a best of seven series, you can't afford too much in the way of comeback. You've gotta come out of the gate, pretty fast and win. So it's a new experience. In part of the process of developing developing these guys and maybe getting cold water running through the veins, by the time, it's all done. There's tons of players. I think that have extended their careers based on the reputation. They gained in the memorial Cup. You know, it'll be eight nine years into their career they won't have panned out quite as well as everybody hoped. But everyone will go but he had that great tournament. Back in ninety four. Whatever it is. Do you think the dirty and Philips have been good enough in their junior career so far, that it sort it doesn't matter how well they do or don't do in the memorial Cup Amir? They cemented as top end prospects moving forward. They are top end prospects moving for. But if you use that phrase that you just use their retiring Gulf storm fans, they'd say hold on just a minute. We want the memorial get it. This is the six time the storm in the last twenty five years of been to the tournament. They've never won and interesting to note as close as they came was in nineteen ninety eight in Spokane. And the current coach George Burnett was coaching for the first time he'd later on coach in the system coach with Anaheim coached the Edmonton Oilers briefly at one point but lost in overtime in the final game there to the Portland winter hawks and it's funny because you run into people, you know from different teams all over the place in this game coaching the. The Spokane chiefs the host team that year was Mike Babcock, and Babcock, and George Burnett went to McGill University in Montreal played hockey together. My McGill is the, the family school for me and my grandmother, a bunch of cousins. My little sister's middle name is, in fact, McGill named after that school. Look, as king's fans we want the you know, we want the best for prospects. We want kids coming in with as much experience as much leadership as much winning in their past as possible. So we're obviously pulling for that. Chandra's e six foot one eighty seven mortgage Phillips listed at six foot one ninety something I think, dirty, a right hander Phillips, a left hander. You mentioned Phillips has more of an upside, but is he more of a I don't want to stay at home defenceman, because that's sort of mold is is moving out of the game these days, but is he less of a scoring threat and more of a support puck moving player? Then. I think that pretty much describes it in a guy who is physically tough and hard to push off the puck when he gets that lucky predict protected extremely, well, you're talking to different games with Sean Thursay he'll fly up the ice with the puck, a Marcus Phillips will protect it through the defensive and neutral zones and make a great first pass. So two players with different styles. But different styles that really work. Chandra's. He traded to the storm Marcus traded the storm. How have they adapted to the room how they incorporated into the into the I don't want to say, community, but into the brother of the locker room the, the can blanking the culture that's for the culture of the team culture chemistry. Absolutely no problem whatsoever. And I think it helped that actually there were four players that came from the own sound attack in the movement. It wasn't only jersey and Phillips, it was Knicks Zouqi who's going to play for the Montreal Canadians as early as next year. I think they away cello. MVP playoff winner m end beyond that sack Roberts. These guys knew a few players on the storm hockey team as it was. In fact, Phillips roommate for Team Canada at the world junior tournament had been MacKenzie an ov- another addition to the lineup and it was one of the things I looked at two because there was a lot of movement here. They brought in seven player. As pro-chian the trade deadline, which in the terrier hike, illegal January the tent, so that was a question. I had are all of these guys going to fit together as a team are they're going to be egos, bumping into each other what's going to happen, and they really came together very rapidly. In the end result is they wanna championship together. What would you say? If you I mean, this is an, an arbitrary scale, but you had to rate dirty Phillips, as far as leadership or locker room presence or that sort of thing. Would you rate them higher or lower extremely high, and people who were going to interview these guys in the future in the pro ranks are going to find two guys that are very good at talking and doing interviews very friendly. Warm personalities, just great people to know on and off the ice. And I know one of the things I did within a few weeks of the trade was contact. You mentioned Fred Wallace. Probably my best friend of mine. The other broadcast. Easters as it turns out in the area hockey but I asked him to pass along a compliment to the Owen sound people, including general manager Dale degree the quality of the young man that they had sent to the storm. Not only on the spinoff, the ICES. Well, well, that's task news for king sans. Larry, I wanna thank you very much for your time. You're welcome. I've gotta go. Catch a plane short yet. I'm really looking forward to good luck in the memorial Cup. And you've got kings fans waiting for you. Thank you very much. Joining me now, play by play announcer for university of Minnesota Duluth, Bruce, isky? How're you doing today? Bruce very good Jeffey. How you doing? I'm excellent. Let me start off by saying, congratulations on calling to NC AA championships in a row. Thank you very much, certainly thrill. I'm sure I'm sure it is kings will be particularly interested to know how Mikey Anderson did before we get into his play in the tournament and his future prospects. He was a fourth round draft pick, not that there's anything wrong with being fourth round draft pick. But what can you see in his development over the last two years, that has seen him go from being a fourth round draft pick to now being one of the higher rated prospects in the king's pool? You go see this as you get to know a Mike is extremely driven. And I think, you know, if you look at the competition that he had growing up with his brother, Joey, and literally about everything that they did. I think that help kind of mobile of them in different ways. But, you know, Mikey is he knew think what he needed to do in college, and he's worked on his skating, tremendous amount. It's made a difference. And you look at the way he defends and I said this in his freshman year, I thought, you know, one on one there weren't a lot of guys that defended better than Mike didn't college hockey. And that's a lot of eighteen year old kid coming in. But, you know, he's got so much experience. You know, not just division, one replaying in the world juniors playing national teams. He has two years of playing the US H L, which is a tremendous junior league. You know, for a guy who's nineteen. Years old. That's a lot, and he certainly has learned a lot in gotten better developed inter into as a result of playing and all those high level situations looking at his career accolades, he's got US H L rookie, second team, USA, second all star team. Under twenty bronze medal at the world juniors. Honorable mention for the all star team this year in the in the tournament. What kind of defense, you say he's a strong defender is he more in the quote unquote, new NHL mold of defensemen, where he's able to move his, his feet and use his stick to the puck out of his own more than he is. You know, the old sort of nineties clog up the middle big lumbering lay the would type defenseman. Absolutely. He is. He's, you know, his stick is always in the right place. You know. And I think where where you saw the improvement as he grew it. You MD was he was able to develop his skating ability to a point where it wasn't just a stick that was in the right place. But now he's fast enough, and he's able to get the those those tight areas quicker and he's now is body position is correct to the point that he was just almost impossible for guys to beat one on one. That's that's great. We've been talking to personal skills coaches sort of exploring the future of the development of the game. And one of the things that fascinates me is the notion of the players are learning to use the top half of their body in the lower halves of their body, almost independent of one another, so the positioning in the skating can take one place, but you're prevision in your stick can can have you effective in two. Areas. Do you see that kind of complete development of his game? Or is there still room to improve? I think anytime you've got a kid thanking years old, there's room to improve. I do think from a vision standpoint, he, he did get a lot better. And keep in mind this college hockey and it's not the headache shell. And, you know, I could I can give you all the superlatives about how much he got better. And he did. And I and I do believe and I said this I said this during radio broadcasts last season. I believe the Anderson's gonna play in the NHL in the twenty nineteen twenty season. And I, I very strongly believe that at some point if not the entire way he's gonna be a Los Angeles king, but, you know, obviously, he's at the show up in chosen things in training camp in one of the things he's going to have to show is that he can handle the speed the intensity level that you'd get at that next level, because it's not what you had in college hockey. And but he did again. Like I said, you looked at his experience rental out. So the compliments he's had in the accolades. He's gotten this two years of college hockey you know, he playing the world juniors. It's not it's a different level in college hockey a higher level. But it's a certainly a higher intensity of those two weeks at tournaments is so tremendous that it's great hockey and it's also a different pace than what you see in college hockey nothing to handle that very well. And that's what makes me think he can make this jump and make that adjustment to the NHL. His grandfather played his father played his sister and his brother both play. How much do you think that'll help him when he finds himself in the NHL environment and INA training camp? Having to do those things that the young players have to do in order to become professional does he have in advantage, given that his family so involved in the sport. I think athletic bloodline, certainly help. The biggest thing, Jesse to me is, is the relationships relationship. He has Joey, and Lisa Dilma. Wrote about this at the Letica here the last week or so, you know, Joey kinda held guide Mikey through his decision making, you know, Wendy, the side of the sign with the kings. And I think you're gonna see hit. You're gonna see Mikey kind of lean on Joey, when it comes to, you know, that experience of the summer what do you have to get ready? Joey signed last year with the devils not long after you NBC's engine devils are still playing 'cause they made the playoffs, and they were in their first round series against Tampa Bay Joey joined the devils and at least got a taste of the, the practice intensity and the game intensity from sitting in the press box and get into a playoff game, but he got around that environment. And I think that helped him get himself ready for his rookie professional season and the things he learned he will pass onto mighty I do believe in, and that's going to help Mikey when he gets the training camp September for the kings being more ready for what he's going to experience there. Maybe he would have been walking the doors a rookie. Obviously, you need every guy on a roster pulling in the same direction. To win a championship let alone too. But where would you place him as far as being a leader or being one of the role players within the UM d program? I think he developed into. And I think Scott Sandelin the head coach of the BULLDOGS would would probably effect. I think he said this. They might the Anderson outside of a goaltender hunter shepherd was the MVP of this team. You know, the work that he and Dylan samba, who was a Winnipeg draft pick data the quote unquote, second, defensive pairing. They were so consistent down the stretch. And they provided the BULLDOGS of so much strong play at both ends of the ice. I think Mikey's offense of game in the second half really developed in part because of that the chemistry he had a Dylan but it was certainly a lot of work that Mike he was doing along the way he was great, especially down the stretch and the BULLDOGS had a couple of injuries including the standout offense and defense got rid of it in the second half of the season. And when Brody was down Mikey. Stepped into that role is, is kind of a pot that a top offense of player, but he was able to step in on the power play and contribute. And in help the BULLDOGS offense tread water rooms able to come back and then once of stick them back. Mike offense of game didn't go away. He was rate down through tournaments, especially the championship game. And he had a couple of it's because I've heard scouts talk about his shot that, that great, he had a couple of, of rockets shots both in in the NC championship game against Saint Cloud state, and then in the national championship game against Massachusetts that were as good as any of seen from them, two years. I've seen a few interviews with him. He seems polished well-spoken intelligent self reflective, etc. How is he in the locker room how is he around the media? And how is he in that McCollum campus as obviously completely different environment than than you're likely to find in most situations? How is he with his peers? And with the older generation and with the fans. I don't think I heard a single bad word about him is two years into low thin that's from fans. That's from the other parents from coaches, that's from teammates. That's one of their media people everyone that that dealt with him. Enjoy dealing with him, whether it be a media person or a teammate, or, or one of the staffers in the in the program. He was great to everybody. The always made time for us in the media of very well-spoken young man. And a guy that was never afraid to relate. The things that he's learned along the way. And again, I go back to all those accolades rattled off, he's learned to Watson, and he's been very open about that. And he's, he's got that humble to them to which is good. And I think you'll fit in very well, in professional environments, comparisons between players are always kind of corny and they're never perfect. But having said that is there any players that you would compare them to currently playing in the NHL? New, you're gonna ask that I've spent a I spent a couple of hours this morning trying to figure that out. And I and I, I you know, a guy likes Jonas Brodine with the wild with stick Stick's always in the right place as body position so good. And maybe he's not gonna wow you with offense of ability, but he has the ability to get the puck up the rink good. I passes which lead the good exits, and that gets the transition game going to get the offense going all those little things might he does really well. And I think he's going to be a great like I said, I think it'll be a great in the locker room because he's such a humble well-spoken young man that and he'll know his role immediately while he sounds like exactly the kind of player kings, fans and kings management need right now. Bruce wanna thank you so much for joining me. You betcha. No problem. The best Alexa, Mikey and the kings. Of course, you guys thirty have a former bulldog Alexai follow. So that's quite a bit of here in Duluth perfect. While best elect you next. Without Mike Anderson and thanks very much for, for letting Abba's leading us Emerson. Him. Got a good luck. Thanks.

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