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"Questions. Seth Wayne has the answers. Now more adventures await can you believe we're talking skiing. Yes. No is just around the corner. Coming in from a basin in Colorado is Adrian Adrian good to have you. Thanks for having me sack basin. What does that stand for arapahoe basin? Okay. And where is that is about an hour west of Denver right on the continental divide super high base area and really near the city easy to get to. So tell us what you guys are offering for this upcoming ski season. Well, here's the crazy thing. He said winners right around the which it doesn't feel like I know by a basin generally opens in mid October. So literally for us. I'm gonna go back. We're going to start making snow here pretty soon. How are you one of the first in the state to open we are generally the first in the state to open, which is really exciting. And we're always the last to close we generally close the first weekend of June. But we've. Been known to stay open till July fourth as well. This is that is that is incredible. I love that. I love that. So literally you're gonna be skiing soon. Which is mind blowing. But still a lot of people are going to probably take advantage of that listening to that here on the show. They're thinking I got the ski. I gotta do what I gotta do it. And then they can do it in just a few weeks. Yeah. That's kind of the great thing about having an eight months season anytime, you're you're starting to get the issue want to get out of that warm weather, especially in may may is a beautiful season in Colorado. You can come ski in the morning go golfing baking in the afternoon, it gives you a lot of options. Okay. So tell us what are you guys doing this year? So this year a basin has a big nearly five hundred acre expansion, and this terrain is called the beavers steep gullies. So where one of the new lifts that Chris was talking about. And it's tree skiing, which is really different a basin has an eleven thousand foot base area elevation so much of our trains above treeline. It's a big mountain experience great steps, but also we've got your bunny slope, so good. Let's get pizza. Yeah. We're very into pizza pie where it is on slopes or for ever. I know I love that. I love it. All right. That's what I like pizza by. And then I'm thinking, okay. I'm going to go get a beer and pizza. Thanks. So that all works out. Really? Well, is it easy to get to your place? Yeah. It really is. You know, the great thing about flying into Denver's that there's you can connect other smaller airports around the state, but also you can take shuttles that take you right up to summit county where there's many ski areas Breckenridge keystone copper and obey center all kind of located together. Also in summit county in Colorado. There's free public transportation that goes all of the ski areas, we really tried to make it easy in our communities. People to carpool get together and make it up to the mountain. That's what it's all about is assess ability so in twenty thirty seconds, or so why would be a perfect place for someone in Seattle and western Washington to come and visit the vibe super cool. It is local laid back the apres scene. There is really pretty legendary gotta tell you. And then we've got this great. Flipside parking area called the beach right on snow. It's tailgates barbecues. People get married down there. We are all about having a good time out on the mountain. What is a good way for someone to research?.

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