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"sabrina lori" Discussed on The Shawn Harvey Morning Show Podcast

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"sabrina lori" Discussed on The Shawn Harvey Morning Show Podcast

"You should've said everybody go. Come up net. You say you single or come on with them. Glad you've got it and she's coming here with all her inches there. You go a eagle fulfills. Meet my ego to be filled stroke. I promise you gotta girl you got it there back through south out the room get back or know. This is became become the body cologne moment. Which is fine but she taken game not me why. We got a half an hour. Bobby got it. We got it not as good. Of course you has. Bobby got it without without. Can't without kin bobby out can get the word play all right. Can we go because now do do man. I'm just happy to be alive. Cnn woke up another more later. I'm glad i woke up a number and we're going to continue doing what we're doing. You don't say i'm open. I'm opened up the crystal lounge tomorrow and everyone we talked about that. That's at the top. It has good everyone. I don't know ladies including bobby cologne if you are single but nakas also single. I'm saying and he he's really single. I noticed no have girlfriends. He gets multiple social security sexwale. You good that too much. Multiple everything from the government like harvey multiple children to and he got multiple children. So if you single and you feel like you know we want told me this is not a man site for most of you your boy. How bernard less your incoming i. I got too much like i. I don't got too much long as you real. i'm real. He basically what he's saying. Is there'd be no going out to no four five star restaurants but there'd be great stimulating conversation. That's bigger go to five arrested. Ross in a year now so ladies. If you love interested in talking to benach please reach out torma and quincy so of quincy's focused on barbie. But i don't think bobby out but ladies quincy be perfect for bobby do you gotta go to hear the story. Gobbling ladies ladies highlight but not lays if you single in a chat room please but please god bless you all right right. If a hell with sabrina lori is here. god bless tim houses and building. Good morning johnny. Whip oh radio momentum. Housemate one johnny. Danielle williams is in the building. Hey girl good morning offer. Silver fox phillips here. Hello author morning to you. Julius is in the building. Would've julia says hey. Fabio fair is here. Hey habby good morning Shawna the big is here. I think that's how you pronounce your name. She's no I'm thinking so 'cause name does not look familiar to me. Hey hey welcome to the show. Thank you for tuning we appreciate. You watched it. Please let us know. How did you hear about us. And please share the show on your wall until your sister soldier just popped in. Hey sean good morning to you. Upload avis the nieces in the building jomar ferguson benach pay. The queen is in the building annely. Good morning girlfriend sean. The ex girl building on sunday. Yes we could see. I can meet you. Get their marina maria. Are you coming send angle gone. Come through i we. We can sneaky with a backdoor diane hall. We diane how is he a. Hey did i say. Kim cables in britain. Hey kim good morning to the savage. What's going on audrey. a johnson is in the building. Hey audrey good morning so much love respect for their young lady. Sharon bella czar is here. Hello sharon more than you and the guy of sola tracy race here. Halo trees essay halo. Hello tracy good morning to you. He has the godfather and got the same. The common denominator with beloved princess cox pause they. That's an agent. Spaghetti mandate that brooklyn thing is just embedded in there is is president prentiss here. This is embedded in them. That the whole. I'm telling you it is true. It's like and everybody else is the whole. It's a whole culture. I mean i know. I feel the same way up from the b. x. but brooklyn man. I'll tell you take that thing to the grave. They are not playing out in brooklyn on mars part cologne and it will re brooklyn brooklyn is a whole different animal. A whole different land not like new york or the bronx. Even though we're both proud of where we come from. I would not be more proud of the bronx newark. Of course whatever we ain't gonna go there with people that are from brooklyn new york really like i said you see me. I'm running around. I'm proud of the help from the bronx. Which is the worst borough of more. Oh the poverty level in the bronx harlem. But i'm so proud of we have come from unlike you newark now. Bradley newark is newark. Eight rutland abroad. I meant no yes. Please people from brooklyn out anymore. They love brooklyn. Everything's brooklyn i'm telling you. They were no work nano. Yes same from low crazy. People look banks from the bronx. But i'm saying that whole brooklyn thing is very weird show. Have you wanna show sydney bog..

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