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"sabina pegaway" Discussed on Reds Ramblings

"Woken by the reds ramblings, I have with me today. So Fina from over in Scotland. Savina born and raised in Scotland third generation from Scotland. So Sabina pegaway. I buy a little bit though. So I'm Safina I come from Glasgow I'm switching. Like Jamie I am the third generation here. So you can tell by looking at me not your typical to the. ICON, exclusive obviously, Jimmy has a lovely retailer. So yeah. Going on. So my creepy grandfather. came. In Benton I fought in the wars industry being an only fought with the army industry means in Scotland really had his children in. Plano just down here on he'd I am so. Yes we've just stay sat down here. Really. reframe. Safe Asia. At the Taylor with. Been India. Mastery is not really good. Thank, great maybe named Teen Four Seven Protecion countries between Pakistan and India. So in also people who asked no but relief Glasgow Scotland not do it from Glasgow Scotland in already thrown what your origins. Because The would have moved to the Pakistani say. They have the maintenance there I don't know. So no Mankato tell with his squad, Scotland and they just look at your police. You have to explain this long to them. An. Is The reason why? The Or. A and they. Just don't understand the coincidence. Get especially in America you'd be supposed. Off. So the people I'm fascinated abe, I must odi and. Is quite something. Yeah it's super. As you said, you have a more ethnic background now our curious among okay. What does she mean barrier to? Get, that taken care of. So. You mentioned America as well. 'CAUSE that was I'll go into my head when you bought up pat like you're born and raised in Scotland your mother or your parents born and raised in Scotland if your grandparents. Great. Grandparents West. Your great that on from there. So you are legitimately one hundred percents. Full Blooded Scott. And yet she raked because of how? You how you look they think of the While Definitely. We have that huge.

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