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"sabic ford" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

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"sabic ford" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

"York City police officers are now out of the hospital after being attacked in Times Square on New Year's Eve. Police say 19 year old Trevor bickford of Maine is in custody after he allegedly swung a large knife at the officers, leaving one with a skull fracture and another with a bad cut, investigator sabic Ford had terrorist related propaganda in his backpack, sources tell the New York Post bickford was already on the FBI's watch list. It's a new year and that means a host of new laws in states and cities across the country are now in effect. 27 states will see minimum wage increases in 2023, the minimum wage in Washington state will increase to $15 and 74 cents, the highest in the nation. Earth wind and fire drummer Fred white has died. White joined his siblings in the band in 1974 and contributed to breakout hits like shining star and Saturday night. He left earth wind and fire in the early 1980s, but returned for their induction into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2000. I'm Tammy trejo. And died to these Pellegrini in the Bloomberg newsroom. Tesla announcing it sold a record of more than 405,000 vehicles worldwide last quarter, but that is still way less than the expected more than 420,000. European stocks starting the new year are higher. In Germany, the Dax up more than 1% had in Paris, the cat cup almost 1.9%. European natural gas starting out the year lower on mild weather and ample supply. Europe continuing to seek alternatives for Russian natural gas. So that's a trend that will continue this year. And Rita sun is director of research at energy aspects. I do think your past made up its mind. It is no longer going to go back to Russian gas regardless of what happens with the war. It very much is now focusing on green energy and on alternative gas analyst sources for that matter. It's doing deals with the Middle East and Middle Eastern countries because you just can not rely on Russia after what has happened over the course of the ship. And San with us there on Bloomberg radio. Meantime as the inflation fighting continues in 2023, Israel has just raised its benchmark rate to an expected 3.75%. And speaking of inflation and rising prices, if you look at agricultural commodities, they actually notch the longest run of annual gains since at least the 1990s last year. More on that from Bloomberg's Charlie pellet. Denise drought and war cut production and eroded inventories keeping global food inflation simmering. The Bloomberg agriculture spot index which tracks 9 of the world's top selling corn products was up about 6 and a half percent, the fourth straight yearly increase. That's boosted the cost to bake bread, feed animals, and biofuels exacerbating world hunger and compounding the global cost of living crisis. Denise? Thank you, Charlie. And inflation pressures and focus on Wall Street this week, the December jobs report comes out Friday. We'll be tracking developments with the live here on Bloomberg radio Friday morning at 8 30 Wall Street time with headlines in a close up look at what the jobs report signals about the fed's rate hikes. And the business of education, U.S. news and World Report, revamping part of its law school rankings. That's after some schools started refusing to participate and that's all according to Dow Jones. And was what if your new year's resolutions to get out more? Because the 2022 outdoor travel boom well, it is expected to continue in the new year. More from Bloomberg's Tracy John key. U.S. and Canadian campsites hosted a record number of visitors last year. The owner of many of those campgrounds predicts 2023 will bring a fresh wave of outdoor adventurers. Many won't exactly be roughing it, KLA is expanding its upscale glamping brand called Tara more to more sites in the northeast and by next year, Tara Morris derive in the southwest. I'm Tracy John key, Bloomberg radio. Thank you, Tracy. And global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quicktake powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in more than a 120 countries. In the newsroom, I'm Denise Pellegrini. This is Bloomberg. Bloomberg radio on demand and in your podcast feed. On the latest edition of the balance of power podcast, a conversation with doctor Asha sha of Stanford health about what we can expect from COVID in the new year. Yeah, unfortunately, as each new to booster comes out and be recommendations come out, I think some of these things get a little bit more confusing, but the bottom line is now that there is only one booster available. It came out in September. It's changed from the original formulation of the COVID shot and that it covers the omicron variants that are circulating in the community. So it is recommended to get that updated booster to be up to date and to protect folks from getting severely ill from the COVID strains that are circulating right now. One of the things that we've seen some evidence of is shortage of some medications. I mean, internationally, antibiotics as I understand it are short. We also have some flu medications that are short. And maybe even some over the counter. Correct. So we have been hearing reports of local areas that have shortages of Tamiflu, which is the antiviral medication that is used to treat influenza. However, there's not nationally a shortage. What we do recommend for physicians and practitioners is to use those antiviral medications and reserve them for individuals who are at severe at risk for severe disease from influenza. So those that have other medical conditions, lung conditions for conditions, we also give Tamiflu to everyone that's hospitalized with influenza as well. There has been a shortage of amoxicillin, which is a common antibiotic use, especially in the pediatric population. Again, because of the increase in respiratory viruses that we've been seeing in children and then those children being prone to getting bacterial infections that we would

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