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"saad heimer" Discussed on KFI AM 640

"We interfere with traffic and number two. We don't swear at cars that are honking to support. Because you were swearing says there's kids here, and I said, well, I said those kids have to understand that union muscle. You can't get anything. Nobody gives you power. You gotta take it go and those kids have to understand that. Sometimes you gotta get nasty with people. So I was giving those kids a good lesson. All right here, we go. My number. Petrosa money over there and five seventy A M, Petros and money. Here's my number. Number of the day today is to do this is day two of the LA teacher LA USD teachers strike. It's obviously something that affects this affects all of us. Dude. Let's go. Teachers attracts attracts all kinds of people's opinions. You got even Saad Heimer joined the show yesterday. Eric Sadhana to talk about how it affected all the city schools that we know a person who gets even dirtier gets his hands even thirty or this situation. Mix it up, and we had it last week by friends down at the I L w union thirteen in San Pedro, the longshoremen support the teachers as you know, because unions tendency to do that they stick together. A little union muscle is what Tim Conway junior felt like the teachers at the blue lake middle school needed. So he went out with his flip phone and his dirty mouth, which you don't often hear and tried to lend some union muscle to the teachers and shame people that were just driving by the rain. And I believe it's the greatest video to ever be posted on the internet. Wow. That's because there's a lot. That's they're not. They don't lean toward hyperbole like that. How many billions of ours are uploaded to YouTube every day? Well, we figured I heard a stat. I read a stat on line that there are three hundred hours of video posted on YouTube every minute. Every minute. There's three hundred hours. So if you're going to take a twenty four hour a day and watch all the videos were uploaded today in this twenty four hour period. It would take you forty nine years to do that. In one day. Imagine the size of the servers. So we're gonna take a break. But we'll come back and play what Petro's is calling. I believe it's the greatest video to ever be posted on the internet. Wow. I hope it's I hope it doesn't disappoint that is high praise. I hope it can meet it. It's Conway show. Mark Thompson's your benders with news. Mandatory evacuation orders have been issued for Bern areas in Ventura County that includes parts of oak park fell canyon and between point Mugu in the LA county line along PCH those areas were affected by the recent Wolsey fire sheriff's sergeant Eric says voluntary are in effect for areas affected by the older Thomas fire. Evacuation notices that have gone out to upper Ohio Mattila, high wheelers. Wheeler springs also down the Pfister burn area down by Caserta, spring, Jude in parts of entira along the foothills the LA school superintendent says a lot of kids who missed school on the first day of the strike were in school today. Austen says according to early figures a hundred and fifty nine thousand one hundred and forty two students attended school today. He says that's an increase of about fifteen thousand from yesterday. When the school district says it lost about twenty five billion dollars in state funding because of absences worked out to a fifteen million dollar net. Loss says the district saved about ten million would have paid teachers for one day a man accused of..

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