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"scrooge cass" Discussed on Hidden Brain

"From NPR this is hidden brain. I'm Sean Covey. Donald we begin today with a tale of a man known as a miser a man so unmoved by the plight of others that he has become synonymous with greed and selfishness his name was Ebeneezer Scrooge Mister Scrooge. I presume indeed user screws of course was a character in Charles Dickens famous story a Christmas Carol and yes. I know it's not Christmas but stay with me. A moment in this one thousand nine hundred four film version of the story scrooge refuses to give money money to a charity. That's helping the poor taxes help to support the public institutions which I've mentioned and they cost enough those who are badly off must go there can't go there and many would rather die if they would rather die they had to do so and decrease the surplus population scrooge visited one night by some unwelcome guests who push him to question his outlook there goes the first to remind him him about his past and present and ask him to embrace the Christmas spirit. It's to no avail. SCROOGE CASS more about his money then his community but then he's visited by third ghost who shows in his future grave terrified of the prospect his own death scrooge begs the ghost to allow him to make amends. I will not be I must have been what visitation he promises to become kind and generous to care about is community to embrace the Christmas spirit moments later he wakes up thank you. I will keep my promise. Here's why we're revisiting the story of Ebeneezer Scrooge. We tend to think of a Christmas Carol as a parable about the dangers of shutting our hearts to other the people but there's another lesson that comes from the story. It's a lesson about death.

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