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Sixty Seven Minutes

The Friend Zone

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Sixty Seven Minutes

"State of mind is a new podcast that breaks down mental health and wellness. We talk about here as well in accessible and approachable way This is something that you know is very important to the three of us as a collective are all about pushing to the forefront other programs that share that line sight with us. So the show is hosted by Dr Reminding Walker, who's been practicing as a psychiatrist for over eighteen years and some of you and US might know her from. Bravo show Mary to medicine La she listeners with the right language and tools to normalize having these open conversations and break down the stigma. It's so important to remember to take care of ourselves, and we have to keep our minds healthy to keep growing and keep fighting. Imani state of mind gives us the tools and tips that we need to navigate it. All listen to remind state of mind now wherever you get your favorite podcasts, that's I am eight in a state of mind available now. The happy. This is the friend zone. I'm Dustin Ross, and this is the news that you can use I up Eric Minna 'cause the men are plural posted a video online addressing critics of her husband, Safari Samuels that call him. Corny. She said since they have only fans the least you could do is call him Porrini. Next Twenty year old woman, twenty year old woman who pronounced dead was found breathing alive at a Detroit funeral home true story this happened this week. Yes, the discovery was made by the overnight cleaning crew who was mopping the cooler while listening to Cardi, b., and Meghan the stay hit wipe when they began to hear faint finger snaps alqaissi. CASSIE. He really did happen though for real and. We're going to close out. The world's greatest sprinter. Okay. You saying Bolt you all live with him, right? Yeah. Same. have he has announced that he has tested positive corona virus. Oh No. Yup, in a statement to people dot com, the athlete actually praised the virus as the only bitch that ever caught up to me. I wrote that. The friends weakening looking things, mental health, mental hygiene, and mental wellness because who in the hell wants a must see brain none of us do friend how you doing. Amazing but I'd love to know wires zoom name is but. He's saying he's going to be good. Why are you serious? I've always thought that the word but I was very, you know she can. It's SORTA like town. Equestrian town and country it sounds like A. buttock ranch or something I. Don't know study was esteemed and you know how he braised my buttock. So, Assad say this week you have the black business for us his. yes I am holding the by businesses, week I'm hesitant to share this black business just because I should not be encouraging certain activities such as going outside but this is a black business that you know things are going to be open I don't know how long this is going to be on the economy, but it's something sharing. You know they they went out on a limb and they did something great i WanNa give a shout out to Sarah who writes In Hey friends zone crew this is a hope all is well and know you light of the black owned business and I wanted you to highlight movies in your car the first black on drive in theater in. New York City Jamaica Queens to be exact the reimagined black on drive in theater brought to you by bounce playground at Your College Performing Arts Center in Queens New York. City it's next Saturday they're showing transformers in shots so if you want to check out Own. Say. Rain Asi. US That's why owning black program. Ultra black. I. Love You know. To share IAGO outside and social distancing dry man so If you WANNA go out is a go to movies in your car dot com, and again that's in Jamaica. Queens it's at the bounce playground at York. College performing. Arts. Center. So check it out I'm so I'm so. I'm so into this whole resurgence of drive in theaters I've always loved them, but we don't have them anywhere near us. So I liked it some have popped up in Brooklyn I you tell us about Queens. I'M GONNA it out no damn car. At one I mean, would it be taking Uber driving? Could you imagine we like I got you for the next two hours So before we get started, do any of you have any announcements to make? Over here, but shot out to Greg at American Airlines. Thank you so much for the hospitality and the wonderful wonderful message. Thank you. Another one. Just the the hospitality. The love has been amazing And they gave the no two little baby when I, woke up. Like you gotta I'm like, okay, you know. Sous cool. Q.. I'm traveling next month so. That's GONNA. Be My my first flight twenty. Two covered in the hand. Ways so with that being said. Six episode titled Oh my God does the rise. Oh my God y'all really like the last week. It was these. Scientists Smith takeover we discussed cardiac megs wop and then went down memory lane of the most sexually explicit and controversial songs of time. Do you know I got a campaign offer for me to do a reaction video to walk on Youtube? And so when are you suiting? Hails. I won't even say which company was at that after record. Okay. As always those of you listening. Of you listening had a lot. covered. Yes Stood out to you Sunday well, I'm out of people stood out to me, but I wanted to direct your attention to one Veronica who I own. I want to apologize ten is. Not The other one, not the other one. Okay. 'cause please let's not bring that up again. Veronica is the one I said Suck and Veronica you do not suck. So I would like to tell you on air you do not suck. You don't it's another young lady whose name I will not give lie to you wrote in warm down that's how you get. Now who this Carolina wanted to share with just because it really gets abby I'm so sorry. Destiny he's the reason fo the word bitch really that's what the songs. She's being on the way to the. Looking in the mirror trying to fix make. CRA-. Just playing. This is. Caroline, but this Carolina Road in actually discussing France topic a while back I wanted to touch on this because I. Really really enjoy France topic and other people keep writing in. It's like Dang I keep touched on this stuff but. She writes I wanted to. I. Was just watching a virtual launch for an artist Saudi soul, an Amazing Canyon Group and was reminded of the this episode that you guys had. One of the members of the group is gay and last week in a group picture he with his partner. I. It pretty hard hit it pretty hard. Okay. I don't. Say. Okay. Wait you. One of the as he hadn't. seat. I have to tell you one of the members he is gay. What is his accent? I don't know. Boomerang. Remember when. He's And he's definitely Kay he is. So one of these members. WHO Hey, I was just watching a virtual out lunch for safety. So an amazing can you group and was reminded this episode you guys did one of the members of the group is gay and last week in a group picture he appeared with his partner. Selley. Vo Cook picketed minority. decided. Okay, so Can we just okay thank you. Sadly, vocal bigoted minority has decided to cancel them to do to this. Ungodly display. Slash openness. Is Ridiculous like. It wasn't a secret that artist was gay. They've been in the top musicians. The, greater part of ten years their last honestly and good riddance. But I, think it comes from the same source as the cancellation of whereas pussy. Many were says wet, but I just wanted to say it out loud many people have restricted ideas of what constitutes slash decent and feel that it offers responsibility to keep the same often miserable and suffocating restrictions instead of living and let live or opening their worlds that shared angle, and also wanted to share some Saudi visuals for you all. So if you all wanted to check out. Saudi. So there's a first single called. Susannah. There's also another song called Sir Sarai Jakko. And that's it. So thank you so much caroline before she goes before she goes. Thank you caroline for being here for listening for all of that dot. Thank you and I mean but I just want to say be your own people because Caroline's she made a point. We wished she said Yeah we do we get it. Yes but we have to know nothing about none of them people she told us about nor the pictures we had no none of them people's business. Point. Compare contrast on your own time. Okay. You know none about people then about what they did and been photographed in pictorials she was saying the fact that they be answered. Shane. Here for your say. And like Said Carolina See. Fine in no soundcloud streets. Please take on soundcloud Elena Bro said. So a very problematic song that I just adore and it makes me so sad. kicks by foster the children the I remember that Song Your. First of all that song is so bomb when you listen to it hurts it's similar to what I was saying about being exurbia loving the Larue Song but it's actually about mass shooting. which I don't think most people realize if you listen look it doesn't. Listen to the lyrics it's a song that's why pumped up kicks so that kids that are running through the hallways. Avoiding the mass shooter is I know listen to now that you know that's something that I found out. Which I hadn't even realized. So I guess this is one of those things where you just don't pay attention at hard, which is Kinda strange that we're really liked that will you don't pay attention to the music I know it's not good. But for me, it just keeps me a tad in ignorance of certain things and bond older people doing the same thing sometimes when they be singing the song and they all know it's dirty stuff today talking about so is like I don't know what do you draw the line? What's right what's wrong? I. Don't fucking. Okay. Is, this shows you the power of melody to that you can get carried away with a song without listen to the lyrics. So Dustin Rosalyn about you would you find the twitter street couple couple tweets first of all, I wanNA give a shout out to at S. G. R. A. T. E. underscore underscore who tweeted once he tweeted a photo of some undercover nyc cops in the subway right you'll see what they look. Okay. In the photo one thing about undercover cops going to dress like Johnson. Then because they wear those armbands. I'm. We. Go. Come on because they would have to be it. You Work for US public servant. Now, I, also want to give a shout out to bb w enquist door at the real Shammai and okay who tweeted cold Kurt Coochie Sandwich our. Speaking of I also, WanNa. Give a shout out to at ISA. Thorpe. I S. H. A. Thorp who tweeted who quoted a video of Shirley Bassey performing the WHO much flowers, reverend, Shirley Bassey, of course who was performing hey big spender and Easter quoted the tweet saying Shirley Bassey walked. So city girls could run. That we're going to move on into the next segment. So today's episode is you guys who follow our schedule will already know is a shoot the should episode meeting. No segments just say whatever come to mind in other words, brace yourselves. It's also going to be a short episode the normal because of some scheduling conflicts, but we're still going to make it the best. So before we get started, you know how we do. Check in mental health checking it is what month six about to be. Of, quarantine how are you guys feeling mentally emotionally spiritually talk to me my new being kings. I. I'm doing better than are worse. Oddly enough the quarantine has been like the least of my concern quarantine just been affecting everything that has affected me like if that makes any sense of quarantine itself doesn't bother me the idea of life staying home or just going out for essentials doesn't bother me but everything else like because quarantine was a strain on my previous landlord they had pushed me out. You know what I'm saying like because Quarantines Mike Restaurants closing. The laundry closing around me that makes me have to go somewhere else and those are all set. Thanks for those people and they makes me feel bad helpless. I can't do anything. So that's kind of part of quarantine that affects me. But like not so much like the having to stay home or not like goats club as much or now be out but I do see like the tweet from you guys win it's like. Episodes. When episodes I when we've done our live shows on my damn I do miss being on the road but I'm doing. All right I'm doing are just should give me quarantine and getting me. What she does. you know listen. This is the most unbelievably Shitty and fascinating time that I have ever lived in my personal lifetime right? I'm literally seeing things happen that I have never. Imagined taking place before. So here we are. So I've just been focusing on trying to. Better myself in every way during quarantine be better do better. Feel better fuck better everything just be better. You know what I mean and so. And so that's what I'm on. Right now work is a good life is good. Love is good. Everything is good and I just want to maintain that as the bumps come along in a row guy damage we're GonNa hold on you know just brace ourselves and go over and get past it because if Donald Trump's TERRA COTTA ASS can become the president of the United States and single handedly ruined our country not our country but this country our country since our conversation hit our country. You know if he can ruin that country you know and literally bring crippled the economy the global economy to its knees anything is possible. You know anything. So I'M GONNA go after my big gets I'M GONNA go after my big grabs I'm going to be incessantly pursuing of the long term goals that I have and that's just what I've been focusing on what am I tired of not being able to get a large refill size of antibacterial soft so Tired of I'm tired of outdoor dining. I'll be feeling like I'm risking my life. We were sitting at male bizarre the night on you know where Melbourne Melbourne Lou and we weren't sitting on Frederick Douglass. We're sitting or whatever that cross street like one fourteenth or whatever it is. I literally hours so comfortable relaxed in great conversation. You know arms on the back of the bench you know and I'm feeling and I saw some headlights that looked like the ones that was in that car on the green book coming down. barreling down the street and Shit, and I felt some the window, the rear view mirror brush up against my shoulder blades and shit. So I said up God. Damn. It startled me a new outdoor dining as safe as as you know we have. You know what I'm saying I'm starting to get nervous. So I now sit on the other side of the booth but I still go. So. That's the kind of ship that I'm tired of. You know other than that I'm just trying to stay positive and take advantage of the fact that things are steel slower than what our normal pacing was and just soak it in and really follow through with with things that I start and just I'm just trying to you know it's improvements the what's the name of this show where the man put the fence over his face and we never saw his face when he was talking to the neighbor home improvement this is the season of home improvement. That's what this is. Fran e to how you feeling friend. Well, but talk. and. Thank you. Happy. I mean I'm happy with a lot of the smallest things like sleeping well again, like there's while things are still pretty crazy and up in the air there are certain day to day things that have finally feeling normal again, just like even going to the supermarket remember there was a period where you couldn't even really get groceries with ease. You'd have to wait on long lies. Now things are like slowly getting back to normal in those ways you know saw, I can appreciate that at least still. Good. You're not finding bounty not that. Well, you know I, like the Eighteenth I'll tell you go. Yeah work as good houses. Good. Love is good. All that is really good. Health. So work is right brand. Yesterday Okay Asante you heard that France work is. There's a list health health is good. That's of the utmost importance to us. You know for you read. To you so good. Okay. Scientific. You got that right? We take next our friend love number three. Now love the siding and new come aboard. Okay. So it's love is good friend. Yeah there's really not much I can complain about and and all my friends around me doing good. We all love we love. We love. Where we already asked each other how we was doing. So I, you know an educated guess here be the you weren't talking about you know a friendship I just wanted to this. Opportunity to be clear because I know that's important to you Fran don't like being misunderstood and fucked up you know what I'm saying. Close crystal clear and I just wanted to make sure love was good. Yes. Love is very good. And everything is very good and you know what I finally after. So many years of talking about it I finally picked the city that I am moving to next year. I'll. Wait a minute. I don't WanNa hear this and I don't. Really did. What you mean I status. City, what you make Time and it's funny because I've been telling jade in crystal and they're like, well, shit we all allow. Let's do it. Fucking New York just doesn't. I don't feel aligned with it. I've been wanting to kind of bounce around, and then of course, I'd love looking at Portland, and now that should his like gone to hell I don't know what's going on what land but I finally decided are one. And I'm excited I'm not renewing my lease next year. That's. As I decided to finally make the joke. House phases. Of Wedding. So things are moving twenty, twenty one I feel like I just needed a big huge change because her rowdy talking. Huge Life Change, personal change. This has nothing to do with work, but just huge per how long we talk that happening. I don't WANNA say. Is it a light travel day to come have lunch with you Can I do what? Can I do day-trip? You could. Shit. Sweden. My and. I. Told her inspired I was by you don't need a passport. Cool. Eight cluelessly. Q. Is a saga about how Maya is just like Oh pictures she faced on me the other day from her freaking garden with her dog running in the background I was like girl you did. I want smoking her greenhouse so bad but. I. Swedish laws and Shit. But I I WANNA, do it so bad it's it's paradise. It is she wakes up and she does yoga her backyard with the flowers and all her fruit and vegetables that she's been planting her dog running free and happy I'm like come on. Produce I saw where my That so we're talking about saying. Everybody knows. But. But that produce she got from her. Was it our neighbor friend Fireman Guy. It was the most vibrant shit I said, well, what was it from the Creole? The color was. Damp down. Let me tell you there live in. So lovely. Saab. So happy to see my friends. Yeah men. A lot of my friends are going to move next year like a like a lot of my friends are moving nexium all in search of. You know more alignment and just locations that are just more refreshing I. I've been kind of tired of the big city living for a while now, and I'm just ready to just be my full out hippie self. So outlets, you guys know off the record. Very is an article in the new. York Post. By, this guy named James Altuve I on the from saying that right but his article was called. New York City is there forever? It was trashed. It was. Well. I'm so pissed you I could never it's never gonNA. That were. Friends native new. Yorker that's why. Jerry. Came in because yes Esau Seinfeld's response was was kind of funny but I do think you know he's talking from a place of privilege like the lot of us. We Are New York you guys just get to bounce around. You feel like being here and then when things get tough leave. New York is always in a magical amazing place. Yes. Shit's GonNa Change. Yet things are going to be different. But for the most fire I, don't think the city will ever not be New York, you know what? I mean. Without Judo. For Ed that's all. That's on rb group Odyssey because Fran there's a native. New Yorker. Likely. Any shifts and changes you know and granted yeah. I'm leaving. But I've also been here for damn near forty years like. Time and Gavin. To New, York City. And there's a lot of young. People that are going to be moving from their small towns to come fulfilled big city dreams, and now my old ass is moving to the small towns to just sit down and live out my my hippie dreams To The Bar. Let's go to main street come on. The main. But with that being said, everything's good. Every a lot of big changes like that I'm excited about but I wanted to share a good news that I saw on twitter today. kind of kick off the random topics we're about to cover. Did you see the tweet from Elise officials state account I saw did baby who somebody in the hill left the gate open? Let's just say listen. So first of all recipe's Elliott died nineteen years ago today. And Her state released a statement saying that they've been in conversation with several music labels. End will be posting her catalogue. Her discography look at dusty he's is is that. Underwear. He just gave him. South Leah. Be Putting. But Arab music on digital streaming platforms finally. Our prayers are coming from the official account, the verified cow. So I'M GONNA go ahead right I'M GONNA go ahead and take that serious and hope that that happens because it is so devastating not to be able to just listen to eleo whenever we want to. I'll still wanna read the four page letter. Do you have any albums like the hard copies don't but I have a whole bunch of remember back. We used to make like make CD's and Shit right same burn. CD's or whatever I got. They still works. Something that. I have something that they've seal play. Gyms on external somewhere. Damn I just saw. But I'm happy to see that I hope that it was true album come shoes. Soon I think considering how intense and heavy twenty twenty has been. It would be such a breath of fresh air for us if we have access to leave discography where we need a resolution. Moves. Legit so I'm happy about that and speaking of music just kind of staying on their their their Ben and Jerry's three non dairy. Frozen desserts are a new twist on vegan euphoria. So many non dairy flavors. So Little Time Ben and Jerry's has three new nine dairy frozen desserts that are made with Sunflower Butter, oh? Yes and the Ben and Jerry Flavor Gurus have taken a big leap this time they're new none dairy flavors I. The perfect sweet treats for Vegans Vegetarians. In betwixt. Okay and that's where I land on the spectrum. And so I see all the love everybody sharing the fact that they love the creme Brulee flavor like me as well as the two other fantastic favors. The sunflower butter is so nursing and it just tastes I don't know it's just something about knowing that came from a sunflower makes the butter just a little bit more bright. The Ben and Jerry's sound for butter lineup and the whole dairy family at been Jerry Dot com that is b. e.. N.. J.. E. R. Y. DOT COM. Sometimes our food is more than just food. It's an integral part of our community. So this year discover is giving five million dollars to support black owned restaurants to places like post office pies in Birmingham Alabama. Back in the day bakery in Savannah Georgia and hundreds more black owned businesses and restaurants in your local community all across the country learn how you can show your support at discover dot Com and speaking of music just kind of staying on their brandy versus Monica on says. Amid the to me of. Is Yes we call. You Black. So whose team are you on Dustin I think Monica's team clearly clearly. Is What it is like this and like that. I'm team Brandy just because I just love brandy man. I understand you WANNA give. Third Fourth and Fifth and seven and seventy. I'd genuinely love her voice like said about her album I didn't care what she was singing about our just happy to hear her. Meant that. You so us you stay true to your word I was happy. Tinto's. Away from her, you know what? I'm saying she is the vocal terms and conditions. She is we skip it, but we have to see it. You have to recognize it. You know what I'm saying. So but but no one's going to take away from her talent Brandy Brandy is a world undeniable incredible one of a kind talent and she was a pop star Darling Teen Star on television show barbies, play you name it. You cannot take that away from her. I think that you know it's hard. It's been so much life this happened you know in between that time and now and And it's hard. You know it's a kind of. Bad and you know and re and and and resurrection. There is there you know it's just buried. So but but with Monica. What I'm saying person who industry dialing well liked by or accept masterpiece but that's a new that that just happens. You know what Dan we ain't there. Yet we get. Out It damn. YUCK versus pre show over here. What is it? But yeah, I'm looking forward to it. I can't wait for the arguments, the drinks, the food I'm going to have a little situation. I think some socially distant. People over to the house. It's a whole moment I've been waiting ever see how many times have. We said if you really WANNA get is shaking okay here why why would you not have brandy and Monica is the ultimate battle and Denver I. Believe it was Denver tweeted that shutout to just Denver on twitter my boy from La. But I think Denver tweeted like Brandy is going to be the first one to throw a little bit subtle shade. During the battle whatever it's going to be Brandy Monica being, nice you. Brandy going to be sitting up there just a Kaftan and you know. Then Break Times jingling you hear. Sorry. Why and Monica is GonNa look. Designer Shit. You know saying fashion plate she is she's been looking so good lately I mean she looks so good. Have you seen him pictures posting? I did see them I don't. Come single and a angel of hers. So I just you know I'm just here for for Monica to take what's rightfully her she got the most hits by number. Let's be clear most billboard number ones between her and Brady. Monica got three. Now you know that Bill Boyd Hits does. Not Mean. Is. More talented. I never said that because I recognized both their talent but billboard his don't mean nothing until you enter a literal competition fema songs in your catalog song by Song. So that's why it's okay to put that to the floor. For consumption because this is where that data is relevant to you. Man I love. I Love Brandy I. Love Brandy have I ever? So much it makes me cry but you know. I. Am looking forward to Monica. Sorry you know I love Brian Love. Monica to I'm not even GONNA act like she was a huge of. How old are we were album job? Do you know cursing in fucking? Okay so we could wear relate to express. Man The white shoes everybody keeps reposting on twitter. Monica Tinto's down. I'm going to ask GONNA say go. Talk. Would ooh okay. So I missed it. accused. Keep. It all the way real because when we first started I was going to be know higher my oh, well, play referee I love them just as the. Dow Make my finger hovering over the end. Zoom Welfare you might have to end me down. No. All ongoing say. I am going to say is. It don't matter what record brandy touches she can do it on her arm everyone's which time and I'm only saying that because slow clout only saying that because. Monica has worked and this isn't even a bad thing but Monica work with so many people, right like so many people we love she does the record with missy. You know what I'm saying like like they're just she did the Wrexham key Chicago there. So many people that she works with brandy usually fly solo and she can she has a solid discography of like solo records and I'm not taking anything away I just love the fact that brand me as an artist can always delivered by. I wonder why I wonder why? Me and. That's the difference between the two artists. Thank you very much. I can appreciate. That's what you need to know. I can appreciate way to fight with you in the comments Dustin can't wait. I very much appreciate. The fact that Brandy has really set up here signed her ass off on pretty much any and every song he's been on whether it's high or low, and you know Monica does her thing. Monica has so many cuts like I. Love Monica don't get it twisty. So what are you saying I'm saying what are what are you saying? It's going. To be rocket I'm GONNA be rocker. I'm GONNA be rocker. Okay. That's. That's fine. We over here everybody know what it is. I love. I love them both but clearly, I'm saying I'm I'm Monica House. So you know they'll have fun. I would be so gone over. Monica. Thank you very much. I'll, be kicking. Wrong and and like Kerry, said, we'll be playing that somebody's GonNa tweet West song go up against angel in disguise and carry said Angel in mind the one that they played on the radio so. This is one of them things. You know what? I'm saying, Kerri Kasem on its team Monica do t Monica or day, baby? This. Kerry Kerry Kerry Corner Baby, it's carry twitter's you can find. And that's where you see your team go team. Team Glauca Monica Guy Better kids are I'm told. Like. Oh My. Kids personalities. Come on come Oh isn't that better go Look I love kids innocent and nothing to kid but I, believe Bradey eighteen, so we really can get own. Right I'm really just I. It's totally jokes. I just wanted to know it was really hard for me to choose brandy because I do love me some Monica like get it twisted like I. Love me some set it off. You know I love me all. There's anyone that doesn't. Yeah. When I think of like singing like I just think of brandy like I think of an win friend made that declaration. Brandy Song that's not important here. No. I WanNa know what's Your Bandy Song is put that on everything. Yes. I and is a beautiful song. This is in my my favorite but I always think about India singing. Levin count me out. Like this, and then I hate that you even sit there friend because I'm not trying to even call India. But like every time I think of a brand new song think of India doing and it's just her from practicing. Influences on all like I said the majority. An amazing nobody sounds like hurting me I love Indian. Right but she on style I mean you know I. Just I love her sound. Do you not think it's original brandy? She inspired a whole lot of people that you know chase them runs and do you know I'd rather listen to Charles and I'm just gonNa tell the truth. Real. Quick. Speaking. If Charlie Wilson came out with a girl group of singing ask Girls Charlie's angels. Was Somebody tell that. that. would be cute char or arrest around to go up against the oil. G.. Three Oh beaches, Nee Charlie angels you might say. By the Chinese restaurant group you know we're his home girls at from high school. He still keep in touch with that can. Hold up now that you're saying three older. Have you seen that live baby challenge on twitter please tambi obscene. No the. Breakdown No. So someone took a picture of baby. Oh, and ask Mama. Picture black and white, and the Puerto like nineteen. Seventies. And then the challenge was you add text your Mama that picture and be like Momma you remember from school. The Mamas Avenue. What Oh, boy say he was like my mom would just be LIOTTA's. Diane I do not. And I think it was the Mama? Was I kid Shawnee? NISHA RE? So it became like, oh jealous, and then literally two days later little baby was like tell Ya Mama's to stop putting. A Leer you know the Internet is fucking hilarious. Say That I have a segue a perfect way from here. Right speaking of the Internet and little baby I ran across a youtube video from Jada who is his girlfriend, right? Oh. Yeah. His baby's mom. Okay. So like I liked her personality. You said I've seen her name in headlines Stuff, I really didn't know why type. But I watched her youtube video and I watched like two more. You know she has. Her own thing going all like her. Life. So, like she has a great watch her interact with her friends and shit like I was complied where's her show? She needs a show. So she's got our national quimby zoo. What do y'all motherfuckers I'm telling you that they need to get with Jay I was very Jada. She's I was. I was so like where have are being why nobody tells me like I don't know nothing about her so like this, this is all new for me like. I. Love It. So shut out. J.. Anything about her but you're making me. WanNa. Go to like watch the too low Wasser to loan video. To loan video of charioteers. Search Jada to Lome like Yup Jada What's our last name is she I don't want to miss last name but she's Like sheaves or something yeah. I think. They should just come out J. D. A. She was I was very impressed I like our youtube channel so I'm I'm watching yeah she'd been big on Youtube which is cool because she kinda had everything going on outside of him I love that that's why it's like so dull to watch like I dunno I just really enjoyed her or really enjoyed our personality. In life making small changes to everyday life can lead to positive lifestyle changes. The right towel turns a bathroom into a SPA. The right loungewear turns function into luxury and the right bedding turns a bed into retreat. You Know Brooklyn and as the incidents favorite sheets, but they're also home to betting loungewear towels and more over fifty thousand, five star reviews in county y'all know how I feel about good mattresses and good bedding in. Hygiene, and we were blessed with a package from Brooklyn man it changed the game has. been on those sheets. something. 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But if you want to pass a season, you know watch past season three than all one through laughing nine is on Hulu I literally am exactly where you were and I caught up like maybe two or three months ago. Well, I haven't even finished the last season I really finished and I want to say why but yeah, you me all nine seasons. Yeah I rented. Worth watching because people were telling me that I shouldn't watch past season three you're listening to these people. True but you know I mean I'm fans. There's this weird thing that happens because I think the game got cancelled once or twice but like. Right. Yeah. But you can. I. Like the quality chains like it goes from like looking like a sitcom to look a soap opera and then around the area you because the latter later seasons you really don't need to go into all I say is. Not even that it's bad but really what she has Melania and Durham, we really need to go no further because so so there's a point where they're not on anymore the only people that have been on episode of the game like this is all I'll give you is Tash, Amac or anyway Wendy Raquel Robinson and her son on the show. Maliki Maliki. COOTER hooch. Kuch Kuch also, they're the only two that the only originals everybody else leaves people come and go. Got fucked up because the mile resent moving lets the money right. So you know Fatiha Walk. Let me tell you some China not to America's they've been working consistently since it since childhood. Okay Are respected in this game and like I said they, they make good decisions. So that means somebody met some money up 'cause Tia Maori win the move. I started watching it and you know. I. Still was kind of like not really pool. But as I, let me just keep you know some shows you gotTa Watch. A six episode, and then after I think maybe towards the end of the season top of the second season, it kind of started pulling meows acre quitted at least watch. So the third so I'm kinda getting. But yeah, I think it's just not for me to be honest whenever it was I didn't connect with before as justice. Wherever told you stop season three them I really be if you make Farkas. J told me that. Makes Perfect Sense. The, accurate then. I'm GonNa Jalen that one like. I'M GONNA second. And then brandon comes in at some point because I saw her in the cover on. Hulu. I was like what income incident? But seeing new music. Do you know what brandy? How weird we just mentioned jade and look she just texts me So creepy. You know what brandies name was on the show yet. is she chardonnay? I totally get. The name and the little description I who is Be Acting TASHA low bit. So she I'm Chardonnay. This okay. For her to be but I can't name my daughter Brew Lay I seen a tweet who? Say Mean Burn up or some. Thirty or some shit I always I I can see you got cobbled hobble Yo Air River would. What Cathy did to that Nigga and misery. That sledgehammer to the ankles talking about. People saying it was cute and. Take it, right. Thank. It is that I Can cannot do this just for one second because you said the Real Garcia Dongo on the radio. Say. See I I like the idea. Really I do I thought it was a good move for her. I thought the visibility because the real remember they want an emmy now like they it things are different over there and I thought that her addition to the cast legitimized the panel in a way that it has not been before. For. Okay. I don't know. I. Kind of liked the idea I'm interested. You kind of rounded out a good point because one thing I do. One thing I do like about her in Beverly Hills she just be asking them bitches anything like she likes. He's like, Oh, I know we don't I know you don't talk about money but how do you make your money? How did you like she's asked and you so caught off guard you just answered issue in like she'd be perfect for talk show and Television I. I'd just don't know how like what the dynamics going to be is they're going to be other new people on there. So I guess I'm curious to see how it's GonNa. Play out I think her and Jeannie GonNa get into it because they look like they would get on each other's and so I can't wait I'm excited to see the I rolls I'm excited to feel the tension I'm finally getting you know the view at it's worst which is when the view of this was at its best I'm getting those vibes from the real. So you know I might even tune back in if you know they did are so wrong and blow down and dirty I still i. Finally tune back in. Sees I'm assuming she's replacing Amanda photos will she's replacing to Mira more so because Amanda Seals. So you've got some mayors leaving, we're to Maryland hours. Okay. So it's the whole shakeup. Then that's why I'm saying maybe now you know might go back on over there and I think. I sound like. Shit what's our satellite because? I honestly don't know what she's like as a personality no from the Jamie Foxx show and just from being beautiful like I don't really know much about her. Would you describe me? She's very like like she's very chew. She almost gives me like she could. One thing I like about Dr Wendy I know you better be lost four second fan but what the hell about Dr Wendy Rouse of Potomac is that she? she joined the news anchor stuff. So it kind of gives her this edge of whenever we come to argue and I can kind of like here you out we can like spar like back and forth. So one thing I like about Garcia she gives very even tempered I can hear you all. I'm not easily offended and just very light, but it's very polite but still a little bit of an edge. So that's why I could see her being really good for daytime TV. I think she's going to be great and a great a great addition to the panel just based off of me watching her participate in this last season of real housewives of beverly, hills, right Garcia will show you know she was very straightforward. She occupied the space as if she was an actress with a twenty, five thirty year career or whatever. You know what I'm saying had those experiences she was very transparent about you know things that most people would not be I really like what she brought to the table on the housewives and I think that will work well in talk show panel format. So She won't be afraid to like you know Kinda go to the line per se with her her commentary but in a very even tone and our ticket This is GonNa be good. It's GonNa. She GonNa. Look good. It's going to be good. Get all the Money Guy Sale I'm wit I just hope she stayed doing both like. To be like. Yeah because she was a great addition. She was a great addition. I can't wait records. I was to ask you do you WANNA. Do that next week Now here you go. Giving me the thing for next week in front of everybody. You know we went to the bathroom and talk but. Doing fuck their reference episode coming next week like the. Cream. I'm so mad I left Harlem. It is crispy cream. Twenty fifth and like Saint Nick. What. Is I. Don't know all I. Know I was riding by it seems that line outside of crispy cream and I was like Yawkey I cannot believe I did this to me. Is a line of the line. Sign I don't know Carson crispy cream. Oh, Shit. Because I'm supposed to go up to Harlem for like the first time all year practice well, not all year but I guess since March pretty much all year. Going inside walk past the crispy cream just my. Could could. I'll do we kicked. It was so good to see him like it's so year when you see your friends like during his warranty, should you really be feeling like Celia Nettie on guide them color purple at the Like fear. It might. Nettie was we have so much fun. Last week I bumped. bite oversee. latasha. As we like we was talking about like twenty fourteen. So Shit Damn. I know have been quarantined but we got this far back in the gaps are like this talking about. I know we say seen each other so Yeah. I. Think I need to get a bike co Citi bike. Sumitomo email talking about. Here, here's a free trial or some shit I'm just like I need to get them back. I can't be spending our money on membership finish it especially 'cause it's cleaner right now during covy didn't she you know what I'm saying you can get your own shit which scientists style already the color on the bike. Away I'm a send you. Text me after this I'm a singer. So low key I really want to a an electric bike 'cause I'm 'cause I really ain't GonNa ever motorcycle or car. Guy And it's so bombed. She'd be rude room and down the damn she's Could see the day we went to get our bike she precedent to. But now that she got that motherfucker down Pat I know she she good now but the guy told her he was like you never have to put it to the highest setting because it's too fast like you don't. It goes to like twenty eight miles per hour. Some Shit. And she was like, well, you know, I guess she didn't realize where it was and she she pumped them. Breaks okay. See. The city by. Yelling on the street they. They have electric for the city bike now but that she does not go fast. Say Do Shit. When you go to the stand? Well, when you look on the APP, it'll show you whether there's an electric one available or not. But there's usually there's sometimes one per station any way like it'd be the middle of the night and I get that electric bike. Zooming, Dan where but it don't be nobody on the road. So I just kinda going such. Well, this is fun I mean it helps tired especially if you have to go uphill. But I assaulted the what is it? The company's car gravel? All screwed discontinued. Voters almost. Let me tell you why. Everyone I seen I I noticed motherfucker because he was toppling over. We're riding mopeds had didn't have any idea what they were doing and never seen so many almost fatalities but nobody died you know it was accidents. You know what I'm saying every time I saw one of them scooters somebody was falling hitting the brakes too hard to turn over. It was just a bad idea all the way it was a terrible i. I used one even realize I honestly didn't know what that was until I moved to Brooklyn I kept seeing the revel mopeds, criminal mopeds, where are they? Though because I don't ever see them like parked anywhere just see. Them through the you know what? The Damn Junk Yard because they didn't tell them. Why playing? I don't think that the. Album the rebel was supposed to go down to where you was in Brooklyn because when I looked at that map. Because I picked up from it was like, show me the map. The people who were on it. To go and it was like well, I came park my way I got the rebel from by where I lived and I was like damn supposed to go to my zone where we go into my zone because I do this shit. So NIGGA are headed. My old blocked I used to see city by. I. So my pain over in. The city. Logo. One coat of paint I'm like Nigga ain't shit like they didn't. They boosting. Location and City bikes your bottles bikes back from those people and put them up in a museum or some shit because those bikes are. Like they added value to those by they didn't ruin right by back the bike. Speaking of museums. See what's happening with the Whitney Museum they stole. WHO's? Joshua remember we highlighted Josh Kasese Project. In Black, where all the young and like up and coming and the veterans, all the black photographers we sweat and support on. Internet all came together to sell their pictures for like a hundred dollars really affordable prices, and then one hundred percent of the proceeds are going to like five social justice black or. Sami why some curator's at the Whitney Museum bought seventy nine or something of the pictures mind you these are hundred dollar pictures and are creating an exhibit that they will be charging for mind you this is a museum that has like thirty million dollars in my. Book out of them. I. Hope they sue the shit out of them. That is completely misaligned with the intention of that word. Crazy blatant. The nerve to email the are the individual artists not asking. But congratulating them on be part of the exhibit at the Whitney or without actually. Oh. Yeah were like we're so excited to tell you that your art piece will be in the Whitney it's launching in three weeks. Could you imagine somebody emailing to tell you? An art piece that you contributed for social justice. Support. is now going to be at the Whitney. As an exhibit and you're getting no compensation for it now that no, no consent no consulting no nothing and that's when the email the Whitney. Whitney Houston and total kiss. My Ass. occurred. That's when. Everyone's pissed everyone's shocked. Everyone's pissed apparently, there have been a lot of like issues with race and curation artists and how they've been treated at the Whitney. So a lot of people young people in the art scene where tweeting that they were not surprised at all whatsoever but I definitely wanted to highlight that this is happening because we mentioned Josh Lucas he's a good friend of mine. Yes. This is a project he put so much into to support our communities. So it's a hear that this is what it's being swiped for just like surreal terrible. That is so terrible and I hope none of them are able to get toilet paper or paper towel for a long time. Bounties. You gotta get somebody Cova Curse you know what I hope you can never get no clear. For the next six months you know That kinda bad on them. That's so the Timorese. Odd acidy though to email me tell me. You know congratulate like congratulating like that's that's the part that bothered me the most honestly. So black lawyers, you hear the call, you know what I'm saying. You can do this pro bono and figure the rest out later get to the bag. Let's figure it out all the black lawyers. They see this terrible injustice going on you know liaise with these artists get together and figure it out 'cause this is wrong. And I would love to hear if there any black lawyers listening what case can you make against that because I am wondering I, did see a couple of people from the art world be like Oh well, technically, it's not illegal. was purchased. When you ain't have enough money make it enough way Make it least. How does this carry? Is what you know what case they'll have either way. Even. If let's say they didn't have a case, it would just be right. It would just be morally right for the Whitney to just pull this exhibit either pull it or compensate the artists properly they should be paid I think those are the two options and you know now that it's all over the Internet, you already know how Internet bullying goes I'm sure there is. Out Show is going to crumble anyways but side to those artists that you know we're being treated that way that always sucks that type of exploitation is so frustrating. I'm so glad you mentioned that because it definitely deserves the re to be recognized people need to know that that's going on so that they can. And I'm so glad you mentioned. Shots Joshua I saw he was like, wow, what a fucking morning God. I love your name. please. I thought this. In. The article, an artist name excuse me if I'm saying your name Ron but Giancarlo Valentin and I was laughing because his name on twitter is your one of Nikki's barbs but he's a photographer that was dealer within those messed up to watch him do that so. Shout out to the Whitney. Man Anything else you guys want to talk about before we jump out of there. I. Know We said we had to have a shorter episode this week Realistic Kevin Hart episode but no, I Just looking forward to the future you know. Just, looking for that's it and I hope you guys are having a great time out there tonight you drive home with the friend zone. This song it's going out to our friend love is in the house tonight a feature. Tastes Smith. It's entitled. We get the fuck Outta here by the friends boy DJ. Dustin we. Know this really fast though because you made a joke, it was funny I was watching Queens supreme or excuse me cocktails with the Queen's chopped tomato and I was dying laughing because Selena, Johnson was making short jokes about Tori lanes and it was hilarious 'cause. and not yet. And I was watching Zelen there was actually funding to watch on there with them. They were all having a kind of weird moments but I just queen sprint excuse me cocktails with the Queen's I just love the Lucia they got going on because it's like the new stuff like that and also make sure you're watching love country and also make sure you shut up Calico 'cause the show. Finale may destroy you was fucking epic and. then. Next week. When we do the TV's man segment I hope you talk about the finale 'cause I I was like we gotta talk about this result. Motions. I. L True True So, funny and lovecraft lovecraft. I was watching that at Christie's house is tell you I have not laughed that hard. In. My life because. I. Want to. Write. I was on the couch she was on her beanbag facing the other way and. Say was this dark scientist? She. We let me come to fuck over I will watch it with. Me Wrong and she no I've been quarantined and being good. Friend. Friend. Friend no no no. No need. All this noise right. Time to be divisive. Divisive y'All let Cristiano she doing me wrong and we need to regroup as a family. Please thank you. He's taking three no six flights in the past month. I'm just to way here really fast and say friend I'm. GonNa give you one gold star for not revisiting love the way it was revisited be earlier episode and on that know what a hater. Who Societe? So many. Tell. You. Move Fray. Stay Black and protect your magic. And that's all that's all. Ben and Jerry's three non dairy. Frozen desserts are a new twist on vegan euphoria. The Ben and Jerry's flavor have taken a big leap this time. There are three new non dairy flavors are made sunflower butter, and perfect. We treat for Vegans, vegetarians and everyone in between check out the Ben and Jerry sunflower butter. Lineup and the whole nine dairy family had been JERRY DOT com. That's B.. J. J.. R. Y DOT COM.

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