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"rye high school" Discussed on KOA 850 AM

"Covered tracking projects is more than 100 32,000 Americans were getting treatment for the virus and hospitals as of yesterday, the most of the pandemic that includes over 23,700 people fighting it in ICUs. It is the 36 straight day hospitalizations have stayed above 100,000. The project also noted Wednesday saw the second highest daily death toll of the pandemic. With nearly 3800 reported. Colorado health officials are providing more guidance for the state's covered 19 vaccine distribution plan. Dr Joe Hunsaker says people over the age of 70 and other first responders who are not part of phase one A will begin to receive the vaccine starting as early as next week. Coloradans age 70 and older providers like hospitals and other health systems or Missy's and community clinics and local public health agencies will be administering vaccines. This may be by appointment or drive through clinic. Health care providers in networks are working to set up online portals to provide that age group with information about a sign up the vaccinations for essential workers like teachers and people in childcare professions. They may not happen until the end of February. Well, the governor is hopeful that by the end of next month, most people over the age of 70 in the state will get vaccinated Already. They're contacting Colorado's 8 17 up and an older by next weekend, we'll expect by this coming weekend. We're expecting that you see, helped and for helping Insurance while they're online portal for Colorado, in 17 up already opened for for everybody. Now, some parts of the state are still trying to move through Phase one A, which is directed at high risk health care workers and those in long term care facilities. Officials are hopeful that that will be completed soon. Well, not every Colorado Springs theater operator plans to reopen after the krone rise. Restrictions were loosened in southern Colorado. Kimble Bales with Kimble's Peak three theater says it doesn't make sense to re open because the pandemic is still ongoing. Stop start kind of a game is tough for us. We shut down and then it takes quite a bit of money to ramp back up with ploy, ease and utilities and just overhead costs. Bales also says it's not known if people want to return to the movie theaters and Mass Cinemark plans to reopen theaters on Friday. Pueblo School District 70 will have most of its students back in the classroom beginning January. 18th School District board voting on Tuesday to continue virtual classes three next Friday. All elementary and middle school students will return to the class following Monday. As well. Students at Rye High School students of Pueblo County and Pablo West High Schools will stay on the same hybrid model they used in the fall and the search for missing for Collins. One appears to be coming into a tragic and police say, Ah, Body believed to be that of Christine Cummings was found yesterday at Pingree Park area. Her vehicle is also located in nearby Trailhead, which is close to the sea issue Mountain campus. Cummings was reported missing by family member on New Year's Day. They speculated she may have gone for hike but never returned. Coming up here on Colorado's morning news. We talked to a former GOP political operative and somebody that is in the know in politics here in Colorado and around the nation. Dick Wadhams friend of the program, He joins me next the drive right now to check it again with John Morrissey. Well, if you drive through the southeast part of town, you might want to pack your collages this morning. No, you're not getting a sudden rain shower. But you do have a big water. Main break to deal with that is closed the intersection of islands and Parker you can take if you're coming, westbound Havana down the and you can connect with the least They'll there that can that can help you. But that's gonna be a big trouble spot in that southeast section of town. Havana I I live in Parker. That intersection closed because of a water main break..

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