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"ryder steak" Discussed on Thoroughbred Racing Radio Network

"Son late spring summer as well. Let me also ask about a couple of horses here. And there you mentioned the harvey but some thoughts about crypto caches. Try in the in the first division of the Arkansas Derby you know I went into it knowing he was a father son. Holy Ghost for some. He's not he's not showing that he's that fast but I thought it was a situation that it might set up for him and And I really hope that somebody would press the early pace leader there and then maybe would set up her closer but but he's a nice horse. Well we'll get realistic with him He was doing well going into and I think he's put the field but We'll probably look for some either to allowance rates or a small listed stakes someplace. If it comes up They have something like that. Churchill for three year olds but then like I said. He's a nice solid horse. But maybe not that caliber what What's next for Signalman He grabbed a corridor. Pretty bad in the innings racer Turk where he stirred in the in that Kentucky Cup Kentucky Classic as And we had a little trouble getting that thing. Healed up and EH needs a quarter crack patch on Eventually and then we hesitated debris until that thing was one hundred percent. But I think you're gonNA see him to have a really good year as well. I mean he's filled out. He looks fantastic This issue's just too small short on one that you know we all deal with on occasion but he grabbed it bad enough that he went into the cornet band. And you got a little bit of a He needs a little stitch there to make sure that that thing starting doesn't split open but But really nice to be around and Kami. Listen all partners on him or excited to have that year. We haven't been in any hurry because of everything going on and we didn't have a book to the pointing towards anything anyway. Let me also up a stakes runner from the weekend. Those stakes at Gulfstream and envel- Tante Day. Who WOULD Been a nice maiden winner and the duck an opportunity in that honey. Ryder steak and Dylan Davis tried to hold her together. Got a little. She got a little late there at the end and got swamped ended up. Ended up getting Into the.

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