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"ryder coleman" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"Elmer oh boy hey how'd you say uh big fan of yours i was born and raised in north carolina what the school that and see say so low you're in north carolina stories and um i was just wondering if you think westbook is gonna try to enter allen iverson where everybody loved his passionate first and new i wanted to play with him 'cause he was a ball hall and he didn't change changes ways and work with people i mean jordan could have been the same way whereas he was all about stats and scorn but until he tries to change his ways and learn to play with people because when you start winning by cobi could have been in the same boat to interesting question i appreciate the call here's one thing though his somebody show me that year that the reason that the thunder didn't win a championship was because russ was buried in past people to ball right like i don't i don't feel like you really have that example they have been so much more that credit kevin durant was there but they've been so much more successful in oklahoma city with russell westbrook they had i think is make i just don't think it makes it fair to do this to think about the district of the russell westbrook and allen iverson they keep having to trade them other dudes atta there without out to shanta we'll deliver lehrer you legit stackhouse they larry hughes when another was morris he's like complimentary pedia that ultimately had is aware else keith van horn at one point as ryder coleman was the second guy yeah they kept chris webber got one point now great he was done by the time he got deer but they kept try to get second guys and none of them will work russ worked very well with kevin durant for a very long time so i think it's very easy for us it just talk about this rust like last night he had a triple double but he's three for seventeen for the more was on the like that the problem right now we'll wasn't russell westbrook is not the he doesn't play with others.

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