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"ryan rinkside" Discussed on WFAN Sports Radio_FM

"On the blues. Also Bruins offense Matori crew said this morning, they don't win. They face game seven in our building now outside this building here in Saint Louis Bandmann gathering. Sincerely this morning. The weather is perfect here in Saint Louis. So that now huge crowd in the streets anticipating a wild celebration with the blues win completing their worst to first incredible story. Sink Lewis was dead last, the NHL standings in January. Kenny Albany, Joe McNally coming up with call of tonight's game six right now we go down to the ice back from his. NBC. S N, pre-game TV work. Ryan rinkside reporter sponsored by progressives home insurance. Get your quote at progressive dot com. Brian, what about the atmosphere that you're experiencing tonight here in Saint Louis? I'll tell you what golden mean the outside scene was crazy. These streets are filled with, with fans blues fans in anticipation of this being a Stanley Cup clinching night. The crowd has been, you just feel it during warm up. The building was filled for the warm up session. You don't see that very often. I think the electronic in this building is high right now, in, in hopes that their Saint Louis blues team can wrap it up here tonight, the Bruins trying to stave off elimination all the conversation Bouche about officiating and all that. Most of them we scored one goal in game five. How do they get to the net? Well, they've, they've got to find a way to get to second and third chance opportunities. And whether it's their top line a little bit banged up or is it more? The Saint Louis blues defense doing a great job of defending in front of Jordan Bennington. Whatever it is. They need to find a way to get inside much more than they have their five on five plays in lacking all series long their power play has been silent in the last two games. They've got to find a way to make a difference here tonight at five on five they cannot rely on the power play. They've gotta make a dent early on high suspected, they will come out with a push like they didn't game five. I think it's going to be more about Saint Louis having to weather the storm here early on. I overall the blues setup perfectly trying to win this Cup at home. How much pressure is on them tonight. Not to have to go back to Boston and game seven. I think it's that they do not want to go back to Boston. They realize this is a big opportunity to win it on home ice for their fans. I gotta think that there's gonna be nerves at play early on in this hockey game for the blues how they handle that pressure will be key as to whether or not, they hoist Stanley Cup here tonight motion joy, at ringside we'll get back downstairs to you shortly as we get set for game six of the Stanley Cup final still ahead. We'll hear from Bruins captains today. No charge debrusk of the Bruins chats with Kenny Albert now, have that Rune of the blues in conjunction with NBC sports. You're listening to the Stanley Cup final on Westwood One. Life is lived by moving forward. Seizing the open room, embracing. What's ahead? It's why we created Ford pass everything you need to keep forging ahead in one right in the palm of your hand, only four past combines roadside assistance Ford pass rewards. And now when you buy or lease a new Ford earn points, you could use toward flexible complimentary maintenance for past built to keep you built Ford.

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