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"ryan reinhard" Discussed on WCPT 820

"Think that the American people understand what socialism is we do have to gone educate. You have to talk about Venezuela were ninety percent of the people right now are living beneath poverty that they don't have groceries and their grocery stores that people are eating dogs to survive. That is the path that Democrats are taking us down. They want to take your pick up truck. They want to rebuild your home. They wanna take away your hamburgers this stalling dreamt about. But never achieved question. Thank you. Gifting us with that. Okay. We wanna take your cap their cows. But and your hamburger would just be taking their cows to spoon with them. Apparently, they think that we want to kill all the cows. So we can't make any more hamburgers because the cow farts. Yeah. Cows farting is what? But if we have a surplus of hamburger, they'd be really cheap. I thought it was the killing cows that they were okay. All right. Gorka at the end there. Yes, he's no longer with with Fox News. Yeah. That's too bad. Okay. Are represented a Ryan Reinhard tweets representatives restricted just on CPAC? The people that are talking about being pro terrif-, anti Justice anti law enforcement, anti-immigrant anti-muslim pro Russia, pro autocrat, it's unrecognizable with Donald Trump has done to the party and what he's done to the conservative movement. Also, Bryce tash just in case, you were watching the same thing. I was tweeted it's entirely appropriate to question. If Trump was high drunk experiencing a manic episode giving his speech yesterday. And it is in fact essential that we do that's what I could write that could be a little more discussion about what what the. Okay. Peter sums it up this weekend. I'm not sure anything better sums up the current moment. We're living in and the fact that adults are throwing cheese onto toddlers faces for attention online. What? What what is that? What what is that? No idea. I don't know idea. Okay. Sorry. All right. I'm not saying I'm just saying Bob Bilal is on my saying that right in Chicago. How you doing Steve? Hi, go ahead. I am a longtime listener I want you to know real quick your show dozen barrister. I'm always laughing while I'm driving myself my coffee. So people are looking at me like what is this guy laughing at you guys doing amazing job? You guys are the. Okay. Here's. Yeah. Real quick. Anyway, dissect a little on what you mean by there's people that hate us in America in congress as an American Muslim, I know Jackie was talking targeting. And and and this is just extremely said. When was it West Virginia Travis the tide? The Muslim Representative to nine eleven. Yes. Absolutely. Muslims we need to band together on this subject, and basically boycott the pilgrimage until we get rid of the Royal Saudi family because they just keep sweeping the same cloud. Yeah. They did the carpet that everybody can walk on and need to stand up for everybody else. Yeah. I think there is a and no more sponsoring just Donald Trump. Yeah. Any device read of the Royal Saudi family? I hear you. I hear you by Nate says the the absolute insanity spewed at this year. Cpac shows the Republican party has been completely taken over by conspiracy theorists than radicals a vote for Republican is now a vote for right wing extremism. Yeah. By the way represented. I'm sorry. I'm blanking on her name our Muslim Representative. No, no. Who's the woman that they anyway? Yup. But they tied her to literally to nine eleven I think she probably was not born yet or perhaps was a toddler. But whatever it's just she's probably a teenager. Yeah. All right. Okay. We mentioned this earlier. John Cooper says Trump's nomination for Nobel peace prize is apparently forged twice. This matter has been for in the Oslo police for investigation. It's just fantastic every day. A new layer of fake. I'm sick of it. Okay. So Trump tweeted about how great his golf course was in Scotland yesterday David fromm says so this explained Trump golf horse tweet yesterday. He is threatening the UK government with harm to the US UK relationship. If is forced to pay the Scottish government's legal costs in litigation trumps started just lost. I okay. Okay. Thank you. Thank you. Bryce tash. Trump broke up today. More dangerous than he was yesterday. He'll wake up tomorrow more dangerous than he was today. All of the all of this could end almost immediately. If just one Republican finally decided to help save the country's others would follow. It just takes one. Yeah. I refuse to give up I refuse to give up on my country. I don't need to hunt flag to sale of America. And I want it.

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