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Ep 207 | Is the Coronavirus an Economic Killer? | The Chad Prather Show

The Chad Prather Show

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Ep 207 | Is the Coronavirus an Economic Killer? | The Chad Prather Show

"Party town mom looking to another upset. The Chad pray Thir- show from the mothership which is studio twenty two. Everybody's ready to have some fun with a special off the rails. My favorite episodes always off the rails chance the solis ginger. Rapper is at the Hem our good friend. The puppet master Mark Tate is off on vacation in the Nether regions. God knows where does anybody the chance where you go. Kansas where he went we have. He's in hiding. Nobody knows where the puppet master goes. Oh Well Hey. We Miss Him. We love him. Shout out to mark. Take just not the same without him here but we do. I do love it when Champs to Seoul Ginger wrappers in the house just brings a little extra solar snus. Love it can. Dc The queen of the Ethiopians looking fabulous always always fabulous darling fabulous Thank you I appreciate that very. Welcome and of course at the in hot seat today. Hot News Natalie. Hanging out with her trump gets but politic flops. Visits over their political are doing great business and they're so nice came to a show back in. Houston last week Came down their vote in the primary did not wear these and they won't let you really out. You can't wear clothing when you go vote so I didn't wear these but I went in there. Going trump trump trump Panwar. You can go to shop dot blaze media DOT COM and you can get the f the left shirt on the Chad appraiser collections. You can go to watch Chad DOT COM. And I've got podcasts merchant. There you get the chat breakthrough show you can get the F- y'all elitist or dumb. Somebody asked me the other day about the Apollo unapologetic patriot. You can go over there and get those shirts of course I Love I love the reactions that those get sitting in the pub. The party fell pub of course party. Fouls Steve Hanging out with my dogs. I'm trumping today with Willie scarf that dog scarf that Steve has commandeered. I didn't want her to be by herself. Wearing the trust went voted. I didn't know trump had people running against him until I got in there. There's like five or six people on the you know the ballot Do you remember any of WHO? They were. Not a single one not so and had a nickname because it was in quotation marks. So I don't remember what it was but I was like I ran for president. If somebody back me up and had my name with trump's on their you know what it's what is required to run for President Bass born in America. So that's one down thirty thousand dollars right now. What do you? There's a list of requirements before you can get on at least half of the requirements and that scares the entire crap out of me. Should scare you. Anybody can run for president if eat well now. Not everybody can run for president so there are my whole life. You are requirements that you have to meet okay. There's requirements like for instance. You have to. Have you have to have a petition with thousands of names on it? That anybody's name Americans. How do you know some heavy verifiable Americans alive? Yeah Yeah you can't just go out there and sign it you believe it or not petitions are verifiable like you. Don't just throw people on there. What about online petitions? They're still verifiable. Is there a legitimate petition? That's good to know we got a lot of stuff we're going to get into. This may be the education of Party. Foul Steve Listened. Conservative voices are being silence daily by left wing tech companies who profit off of exploiting your privacy and then silence your voice when you say something. They don't agree with happens all the time. More and more our most sacred right. The right to speak freely has come under assault in places that were designed for us to share our opinions freely and with no other options. You're forced to play by their rules. And IT SUCKS PEOPLE. I got something for you. Introducing Parlor Parlor is the news and free speech APP. That won't silence your opinion or violate your privacy or financial get four financial game simply download the APP. Create Your Account. Post share speak freely. Can you say anything? You want to say. Well no you can't you can't threaten violence can't commit actual acts of. Hey you can't harasser commit other crimes but that's not who you are anyway so don't worry about it so go to parlor dot COM L. E. R. dot com or visit the APP store and download that Little Red Button in the middle. I'm on Parlor and you can follow me there at watch chat all our podcast episodes get posted there. Every single day. Go to P. A. R. L. E. R. DOT COM. If you're tired of missing out on stuff get over to parlor go to parlour dot com or find us on the APP STORE PARLOR. Get News speak free. Hang tight. We'll be right back Got a bunch of monkeys onset messing with y'all why we're not rolling during the commercials. I know we. We'd have a hit show but candice wouldn't have a job and we everybody to have to be on parlor because we'd be censored I mean when party fouls Steve Around. He's gotTa take it to the next level doesn't it just take it. I always thought I was bad. Like I've always by humor. Is I'll take you to the edge. And if you want to jump off that's fine. I'm not GONNA PUSH YOU STAYS. GonNa push you right party fouls going to take you on over over in the pub. Let me introduce Ryan Waiver. We were country DOT com. We got a mess of massive song coming out soon. Sarah Hobbs. The legend pretty look at you smile essay for so many reasons but she just smiles with her whole face or is here. She's not her eyes smile. Yeah do I just look at on? Instagram? I just get on the Graham now. Might look at her just mylan. Just look at it. Yeah there's a celebrity. She reminds me of. Is there anyone you get Michael J. Fox I mean it wasn't GonNa last Lori is who I think fifty cent. I was kidding. Just like with the way. She's fouls in her. It's Kinda me of Lan rhymes that's who you get a lot. Yeah that's what I was younger. You get the Steve Houses in the pub again I get. You don't want to know I really don't know I wanted. You just offered up to ever it is. It's always somebody that's three days dead. That's that's awesome that's awesome. Hey the gate your meister. No Nas- nasty yeager meisters nasty but apparently call. It has been in the news in Switzerland. This is what socialism will do for folks Yeager Meister. Apparently some Christians were offended there because of the logo. That's on the ager meister deal which I never thought of it as being necessarily religious symbol. You got the STAG. That's on there right. But apparently there's a Christian symbol on there it is the apostle of the ordains. Saint Hubertus Who was a devoted hunter? Who is chasing the STAG on? Good Friday when received a vision of a glowing crucifix between the Animal's Antlers. So that's the image. You know I just thought it was a deer with a cross on a deal. I drink a lot of it but it took it to court and they were trying to sue because they wanted that logo taken off and it apparently was supposedly offensive to these people were claiming on Christian grounds or whatever but the court said now court said now it's not offensive doesn't offend it doesn't it doesn't offend you. Christians guage drain honest to God right especially since you. Christians are down your gullet. I know you haven't fishing with the Baptists. I know how it goes. Yeah we're not gonNA let anybody know but getting saw it's not a sin and this is coming from a non-drug drink but we all the time. He turned the water into wine. Fermented burst ferment. That's why they accused him. Being drunk as the master of the wedding came up and said man. This is the best one normally when people are well drunk. You bring out the bad wine you save the best for last. That's right. That's why Jesus was accused of being gluttony a wind bieber and meaning in other words a drunk right because they said well you something wrong with him so he must be drunk. That doesn't have on unfermented wine. So anyway I like the firmness and who the hell wants to drink fermented wine anyway. Like DECAF coffee. It Sh- it don't make no sense unfermented grape juice. That's great juice and I've heard the arguments saying well. The water couldn't be drink then. Why was the Samaritan Lady going into the well? Why would she go into the well when she encountered? Jesus get wonderful or take a bath in well Steve. I used to. I used to go every day. In Kuwait we go to the they have a big well. Everything and I'm like I get water and I feel my canteen. I drink it and stuff and then I showed up one day. And this guy's taking buys and their camels dysentery. Oh no water from there you know what will cover up stanch. Mcdonald's has new candles coming out burger. Scented candles. I don't want those. You ever put a hot bag a something from Burger King in your car Leave it in there overnight and you open your car door to smells like a bunch of cheeseburgers in front at this weekend late night. I went to crystal's which is White Castle for you. Non rednecks Basically the same thing. We'll slider burgers and I got much. I'm you know how we do on the road. We always way more than we need. And I was alone and I sat up listening. Am radio in the car in hotel parking lot. Just eight mellow burgers. I had about three or four of them and I was ready to Puke and I did Puke at three. Am were still in the car. When I came out in the next mornings rental car didn't believe it. I Love Ya. You ate them. I was just four hours off a puke them up. I didn't want him but they are one of my favorite things that bread. So soft off that little dollop of mustard onion O- on the Horse Meat Patty hearst. Three Horse Meat Patty only good at three. Am they ever eat one of them dude? I'll eat I'll eat that but you leave that in your car. Forget about it. So the whole deal is so Gwyneth paltrow she had a giant Senate candle and then Erica. Bad News she. I don't who that is but I've read about her she. She did a penis scented candle. What does being a smell like? This smells lovely. When the PALTROW's candle a couple of days all smells like you Weirdo. Asking for your opinion fast melt like a penis. He didn't he that he wanted to know if you knew what peanut absolutely no. What Pena smells their quarterback candles? You don't smell like penis. I don't know I don't like just what happened to make them smell berry fresh like April spring. You know. Let's name it for a month or a season of the year. Let's just do that. I don't know what April smells like. Let's let's call it November rain. You know what the best smelling candle would be a boozy. Sean Sean Foster. That'd be good smelling doesn't life smells like a black man's beard oil. What it smells like. Did you see this quite in bales? Think anybody see that. You know what I'm talking about. When I say kwaidan Bail Snow Batman The Did you say is he the new Batman time somebody says somebody is usually the new moves. You waiting bales. Did you see at Beijing? The quite else thing. Stay there Bush. All right let me educate you guys and maybe you did see. He's a little guy. He's a little kid. Nine years old that his mother took a video of him where he was saying he was so bullying. Just wish that somebody would kill him. Right and Quit just chill. He's a grown man. He can find his way to a stool. So here's the thing Natalie. So she so accommodating that's why she included scolded. So here's the thing so there's quainton bales kid. All the celebrities and athletes started donating to him. It became this big anti bullying campaign and they put a gofundme anything out there and raise of over like three hundred thousand dollars right and the controversy came in because pictures emerged of him wearing like a Gucci hat was four hundred fifty dollar hat. He's wearing Gucci. He's got all this cash in his hand. You know he's Big Ball. And he's talking like a rapper and stuff and he's got you know he's flipping the bird and some pictures. These you know holding up signs. I saw those pictures in any standing next to like this. This sign that says eighteen like his eighteenth birthday and certain instagram post came down so there was a huge conflict out there. Is this really at eighteen year old kid. Who's a scam artist? That raised all this money. And of course the mother came out. She's posted other pictures. Say it now. It's legit. He's really a nine year old kid and a lot of people come out in his defense that said just because he's wearing Gucci hat or sweatshirt doesn't mean you know he's not bullied so it it's interesting. It's been fun to watch the online opinions of this Quainton Bales Kid. Y'All can check that out for yourself. And even like Hugh Jackman gave money to pay Australian Hugh Jackman chaps for aether bullies me every day. You can I'll finally stream up my go fund me right here at the bottom candice cash. You make me feel better about myself. You do need money. That's true whatever helps your self esteem. I I was talking about you over the weekend party. Foul and I fully come onto the to the belief. Like I'd rather be rich and famous you know that old adage you'd rather be famous now. I'd rather be no easy. You say you want to say you know what Bernie Sanders says. He's not a communist. And you say you don't WanNa be famous rich you do. I got to be famous a little bit this weekend. I promise you. If you're rich you'd find a way to be famous. Yeah that one hundred percent. If I could do poor I could probably do it better. Rich STEVE JUST BE. Famous musicians would rather be famous than rich. I don't know I think it's up to. I feel like famous automatically rich right. And that's not definitely not one hundred dollars. Rent just went up sixty bucks because the year pass bottom really pissed. Well he goes. I mean people look at me and they're like Oh yeah. Won't you spend some of your money on like? Are you kidding? I got five kids to college. They give me a break. I got party Steve. He's technically kit number six. That's right word. Have mercy but you don't you can't spend your money on the good stuff and one of the good things that I love. The Tech. Pack Tech Pack is the premier monthly subscription box for military tactical the second amendment enthusiasts for just forty nine ninety five a month. They will ship you. At least one hundred dollars worth of gear from companies like five eleven x MAG Mission First Tactical Armagh SPEC in America grip to name a few they ship out a are fifteen parts Abc tools knives cleaning kits and a mix of other tactical gear and apparel direct to you. Sign up today for the February pack which is worth two hundred dollars and includes an American made. Ar Fifteen part that was made in Texas by God that will totally redefined your kit. So go to tack Pack Dot Com and Use Promo Code Chad at checkout and you're gonNA receive and free free free extra bag tactical goodies shipped out with your first PAC. So if your tactical gear from the best companies for half the price go to tack pack it is for You. Go TO PACK DOT COM. Get the February packed today. Tactic DOT COM. What did I say that back dot com and use offer Code Chad? Now we will be back in just a second Sarah Hobbs. You sing like an angel. You're one of roots about flattered you enough today. I don't know what I've said on air and off I really like my heart is bursting. He just burst. I'll take it. You're not paying her for a singing on your song No it's a Labor of love really is Sarah will do anything for a chicken fried steak very much true soul sister. We're GONNA dinner tonight. We're going to. I don't know what Tom but we're GONNA have a good dinner somewhere. Can you do that? Can you all foods? So yes all right all food. Okay it's GonNa be it's GONNA BE A PARTY. We're going to record this thing in the studio. Manley come sing with us. I can't wait to hear it now. I'm average at best as a singer. Singer Nubia Interpretive Dancing. I just heard her sing and I and I'm sure everybody out there knows. She looks like Martina McBride. She has an amazing voice as well. I thought about that. But you are ABC's Ryan Martina. Mcbride I am. I met her. I thought I was meeting her sister. Something Reggina's never looked that good. She Looks Martina. And no offense Sir but never thought about that and I guess because you don't see Joe Definitely do man. She's probably one of my favorite all time singer. So she thinks she's gorgeous. Yeah Pendants Day. S are broken wings. Could Okay I love it man. I go homes. I decided that I liked just listening to the podcast so I don't have to see myself I've seen you look like crap really no. I really have crap today. You'll good job. I can see the comments. Balk at mix your head look small farmer. Cap. That's what somebody to you man. Kudos for Uber. Just being up and I'm guessing they did it on social media right because they're not going to say that to your face. Nobody's ever going to say it to your face. You are everybody. Somebody said to me They want you know. I always get the Irish prayer. Would run for president. Okay okay okay. I don't know why it is every time somebody does something good or says something. Good the immediate responses they there for President Brown for President Glee Club from sixteen year. Old Kid says something. I'll be president. That's okay I don't get that I get the compliment that they're going for like you want me to be leader of the free world the skeletons that would come out of the cold. It was funny because the other day somebody said that they said we want you to be president and they always say twenty twenty. And I'm like Nah I think trump's got it under control. I don't need to jump into that sway especially since it. S Twenty Twenty And I wasn't on the ballot ballot so I look at stuff like that and somebody commented and they said let him get a little bit older. He's not old enough. I'm forty seven thirty five right right. That's another requirement so I know to record both. Yeah Yeah I'm in my prime man. You saw another story from from when went down to visit my daughter at her college campus. And so I told you guys yesterday that we had to buy a new car because the one she's been driving just driven the wheels off of it so I'm out in the parking lot and At the on campus and she and I are looking at her car and I've got my head stuck in there. She's inside of it right. One of her friends comes walking up and she's like. Hey and we were like. Hey Ed she goes. Is Everything okay over here and you know my daughter I look. There's some other girls who are standing back over there and they're watching and my daughter's like this my and she's like okay. Okay let me just like a certain sigh of relief. Like oh because she was ready to cut me a dirty old man of good friend she was ready to go and I was like young. Lady thank you. I will pay your tuition. I appreciate you thank you for doing that seriously but I took two really good takeaways from that experience one. She did that. She checked on my daughter and I appreciate that that the girls did that right second. I wasn't immediately thought of as dad that I appreciate graduations relations. It's forty seven. I'm not that Guy I am. I mean a kid at the toilet did basically put me you. He had you at Luby's eating early dinner to get home Kirti. Am LARRY WE'RE GONNA? We're GONNA find party valid. We'RE GONNA kick allegations. There's nothing wrong with the early bird special. Y'All so we're not gonNA yesterday went somewhere early dinner and I. I felt like restaurant which is empty. It was just me and people Steve Helms age fantastic. Let me tell you. Champion hot wheels speaking of rednecks. We weren't but now we are hot. Wheels has launched a new cyber truck. Toy Tesla's coming out with the cyber truck and they got one with an optional cracked window. You remember when Elon. Musk bulletproof Eddie. Through that metal ball and and it just just busted a hole in the glass so you can get you can get this new hot where somebody came to our show the other day where were we and gave us a hot wheel. I have that in our stuff of stuff. People bringing stuff to live shows. It's it's at the house so I haven't I thought well that's a new one. You had the One lady that brought. She wanted to bring the pair of depends for me to sign and I said let me just sign. Once you're wearing said would you decide Dr One's it's true story? Just Georgia Florida. Natalie lived happily ever after quick. So there's a new pairing out a girl scout cookies and wine You can figure out like so. Shortbread the shortbread cookies the gingerbread. I mean girls out cookies. Yesterday I was doing the other podcasts. And they had girl scout cookies lined up in a hurry and they were selling girl scout cookies and we loaded up more we have. We always get the request of people saying can we come to your show and set up a thing and sell girl scout cookie. We can't do that well. Yes that's on the venue you you'd have to get permission. We can't we can't have that kind of liability. We don't do that kind of thing. Mazing to me the power that people think we have so chardonnay is what goes with that thin mints. What would you think that would be a cab dark cab dark Canada so Malbak Mullebeck? It's still red. Lights are a either a bubbly brew. Brute rose or it's blend of Pinot noir the coconut. There's nothing better than thin mints in the Freezer for about a month and implemented. You HAVE HEARD. I've heard Jesus enjoys them dose peanut Butter Sandwich Yeah Pinot Noir Greater Tino. That goes with a milk. Stout tag logs. Now they say tag alongs. This typed up here. They're not they're tag logs. Really Call Them Party short. Yes that's not the one with Google it. I'M GONNA GIGGLE IT. Peanut Butter They're going to go with a Cabernet Sauvignon. Which is my favorite wine. Toffee tastic is going to go with a brute cuvee. Bubbly that's fantastic. Here's the best news of ever heard my life. French fries could soon be a health food. Thanks to a break through your house. If it wasn't for potatoes I would be fit in just healthy looking and look good. You Think Good God potato here folks. That's a potato when I when I walk past when I walk past a mirror and it looks like my face is giving birth to another face because of my double Chin that is one hundred percent potato us. First thing you eat at fast food bag. Man French fries. What are they tag? Alongs tag alongs. I'll stand corrected fun fact too though. That's not his pants. It's actually a potato and potato is like your favorite. Mcdonald's Yeah McDonalds is good but let me tell you if you're in the South Zach's B.'s. Nominal fees is good Worst French fry worse French fry has got to be. I don't like raising cane's French fries and I don't like a steak shakes and I don't like water burgers. I like sweet potato for us. What's that company out of California? They're worth fries terrible for us. They're like little Dixie Burgers burgers okay. I'm not fresh. I like that. I'm not a fan of Water Burger. Look hold I don't hold it against me. I understand you. Texans are all this stuff up. Dowell I just not a fan of it. There's some things that water burger like. But I'll eat it. I liked dip in my French fries and a chocolate shake. Yeah wind six son of Yeah. I'll tell you I- Zach B.'s at and raising cane's as well that sauce that they have seen when I was at the University of Georgia. That's where it started was Athens Georgia and there was a place called There And each eat it. Just you won't talk about putting on your freshman fifteen. I put on a freshman thirty do- eating that stuff and then it became. They split up and then it became Zach's started became a huge thing. They had that sauce. The same you know with that sauce. You can shine pennies with it and I'm like well this Shani's guts back. Yeah good. I'll eat any fast food as long as it's not. Arby's my wife. Yeah Yeah I don't like anything that looks like a roast beef sandwich not not Pala cheese gross looking to me anything that looks like a roast beef sandwiches just nasty to me. I'm so freaking hungry right now. Nobody's catching what I'm saying. But yeah free fries. Apparently they're going to start putting them olive oil. Yeah and pray third. So that's what they're doing they're gonNA FRY and olive oil. Yeah so their best this company. The Fraser made their oil is exactly as one might expect from a normal bath of hot oil crispy and Yummy tell their supposedly taste It's a soybean it's made from. Jean Edited Soybean Plant. And then they do it in the improved oil so accordingly is something Mediterranean Diet. Not really a potato. It's not a French fry. It's a sweeping FRY. You know what I saw the other day in. The walmarts is They've got those cauliflower mashed potatoes. Which you just as a lot My wife eats those a lot. Really try it. We make our own OUTTA CAULIFLOWER. Make MASHED POTATOES. You cannot tell the difference. Can't folks that's news you can use. Hey hang tight. I got a story I want to get to that. You'RE GONNA freak you out stay tuned. We'll be back in just a second. Hey guys I want to tell you something for those of you who clean hotel rooms and I know. There's a lot of you that watched this show. This was my hotel door the other day. This was Sunday morning. Says Dreaming Big Dreams? Which is a way of saying privacy? Please if you say that. Don't come knocking on a damn door at nine am not I am not? I understand that you want to get people out of the hotel so the next people could check in and you got a lot to do. I tip the tip the tip. I tip my knew who you were. She so she knew what you were dreaming saying. She didn't know like I told you guys the other week that that my stomach was messed up. Probably from eating crap at three. Am Steve and I did stuff in that toilet that just is worse than the four horsemen of the apocalypse and the devastation. And the of waste that would be laid. I mean just I mean like it was it was like in every direction it was everywhere and there was no way. That flack flush one hundred times and it just wasn't going down. All of it wasn't going down. There were parts. There was nothing I could do about it. And I'm I'm GonNa do unto others as you'd have done unto you if I if I wash my hands and I dry them off and I throw it at the trash can and I miss. I go pick it up. Put it in the trash can but there was just nothing I could do about all the ship. It was just nothing I can do. I mean I know Jesus was watching but I'm like okay. It's her job but she has a brush for this job. If I had a brush taken care of but it was bad it was bad. So Stephen are leaving town and I put ten dollars on the thing on the desk out there and I was like God for what she's about to go through. Here's twenty and I threw that now and I usually leave. Like twenty bucks on saying is at nine. Am and do not disturb thing on the door. Don't come knocking I. I had a bad night and it doesn't matter which night was it was a bad night. You don't have you can't be bloated on stage. Y'All country music artists. You know bad nights or like it's every night for us right and they were tired. Your poor digest kids in a hotel. Oh my God that's another thing and I wouldn't stay at some cheap motel either because I don't stay I have I've paid my dues Jack Upstate and plenty of nineteen hotels and you're like they don't exist travel with me. I'll show them to you yards ain't never thought about him. You Blink you drive by you. Don't recognize her there. You don't feel like murder that night. Yes I'll have the late night big Mac and a little murder. We're going to do both in my room. This is a nice place it's a courtyard Marriott. You know Steven. We love our mayor in this. Was Anyway Yapping. Dog Man Room Next Door. Yep and duck and you know what I know. My neighbors were pissed off because I kept rehearsing that song. We're GONNA do loud. Brown kept playing it and I know they could hear right through the deal because I could hear them having sex that morning. Oh man and it wasn't even loud sex. It was like here the squishy kind of you know the walls are thin. And you're hearing the squishy missed one thing to hear the headboard popping or somebody grown but just that you can hear the squishy what are you. What are you got every little slap to it? Have you ever been engaged in the squishy in the hotel room and then somebody tries to open your door like they're just at the wrong door then bother me? Oh man that's GonNa lose my concentration stave. The having to me Saturday night. Steamatic on our door to bring his towels can't stop doing right now. Actually actually God's honest but it was at our house as the House votes. How grueling rooms to fluff? His pillow gave him some towels. I just left them on the flow. I won't the honest opinion that I mean. How do you feel about knowing that PAL had sex at your home brought the sheets to me? I actually come to the washing them in the washing machine. I told her I said I'm not scrubbing the DNA. Yeah Scrub that toilet either outflow out the gasket. Hey Steve had an a an issue on the road a couple months ago where you walk in your hotel room and somebody was in there already woman sitting on the bed. Yeah she was she was because that's not really scared though because that wasn't what your profile picture with chats black. Listen so hotels are weird. Because you know there's lots on the road for traveling with US or whatever we will go to airbnb or VR verbose. Whatever you call them so this AIRBNB. Renner says that there was a couple. He came in and he's the renter and a couple of came. They left behind drugs. Knives and bloodstains so this was Kansas. I mean I've stayed in that hotel. Yeah I've stayed in that motel dip between Hope Pale in a Motel Holiday Inn. You know one open so the outside. I don't we try not stay in hotels. Motels that open to the outside as Hor stores. Yeah he said This Kansas. I've had people come. Hung over after partying needed a hotel New years that was crazy but other than that this is the first of the first. He says damaged costume four grand Shed it was bad. I mean like a manic episode and I was basically cleaning really really good just cleaned. Everything just didn't stop so far behind. I mean who leaves her drugs behind? Yeah Yeah I don't know man. Yeah sold the drugs. The drugs dude paid for that. Four thousand no Don't by China's story. The Corona virus may have leaked from a lab. No kidding late. Yeah no kidding so somebody told me. Don't pop bubble wrap because that was made in China. The air the Air Joe. I got on the airplane the other day and the blanket there in first class it said packed in China. Okay thanks for giving me that blanket. It's like giving me the the Navajo blankets with smallpox. Thanks then in the heard man. I don't know why they're starting first class. Where the elite? You don't want to kill us off. Put back there and coach. Steve sits well there. You go man now. See John T. He said to protect the people's help. Biosecurity risks must be put in place system to control biosecurity risks jazzy. Jay Gone Khufu. That's it bro. Going to die from it. The thing about corona virus doesn't scare me about like US getting it dying from it in America thing that bothers me and this is true and people do need to go back and watch Glenn Beck's special from last Wednesday night on this thing first of all always people that got off that boat that that Princess whatever Asian princess buries it was over. There are people on the boat because they went everywhere all over the Asian coast and nobody let him off and finally they flew the Americans back. You'd think they'd go to Seattle San Francisco or La Right. No no they brought him to Oklahoma Oklahoma right in the heart of the country. Right in the center of the country and they're putting them all at military bases which is fantastic. Just make sure our military. I'll get some fires and they can't defend us so that's fantastic idea so I don't get this stuff. They're putting them in putting them in Oklahoma. The thing that scares me is not the virus itself. It's the economic impact that virus is GonNa have because even now China gets there. A lot of their Indiana should say gets their drugs from China. They can't afford them anymore. Because this the economic impact is on it. They can't afford aspirin. We get a lot of our drugs and vaccines from China. I love that everybody's like t shirts. You're selling maiden chatter. Well the vaccines flowing through. Your blood are so shut up but since this all came out of no. Rt shirts are made in the USA of CREPE Chinese food. More over the last few weeks since this came out. Scott is Sunday exact same thing. I've closed off Sunday. I don't know if you saw the one the Alabama Lebron Alabama. I think yes tried to. They tried to but they protested it and then of course the only four people that they interviewed like they got caught with the ugly corona virus and the toothbrush. You know because that's the toothbrush was donate a teeth brush. They all apparently got ugly. Coronas ask you. They're already on Meth. So God bless folks in Alabama. I've always said some of the prettiest places have the ugliest people. But whatever I I you know. I'm from the south. I talk about this hard up. I had to leave as Georgia to get away from the family. Business of myth. You know what I'm talking about you know You know the South is fun. Bag People get so pissed off at me talking about made in the USA. Always selling t shirts and this. He'd get these trolls on instagram. Oh yeah you're making Chinese stuff and I always send them the link. We do Bella canvas t shirts. That's where they come from they're made in. Usa Go to the website. What you've proven. Prove it. Well here's the link. Yeah but gives zoom in on sambol to sample picture. We put the art on because we don't start printing stuff until they're ordered right and so must have been. You can't prove it do a video with own there. I do a video this time to spend on your troll ass GRANDPA. Roll them people. Oh my God baby. Yoda's anybody bought a baby yoga yet. Only one at McDonalds at some new for us. What the Hell is going on with this baby? Yoda craze wants to free star. Wars series finally watched it in that stormtrooper. Slap the bag with baby. Yoda in it and I got pissed off. Yeah I mean I see me after me about people with the baby. Oh okay am I missing out on the jokes because I guess you have to watch the movie to understand mandatory and on Disney? What the joke was they? Were getting like six million subscribers a day and then after the mandatory series went away. Everybody started cancelling their Disney subscription. You a nice. It's a good show. Take the whole star wars. Even if you've never watched a single thing to do with it you can watch it on stands along. Yeah Hey there was a parrot. Started screaming terrified. Parrot name Louis saved the family man. Lebanon Tennessee of course it was of course it was buddy. Because he was barbecued now. Family got out went back. Found Louis Native Alabama. Oh Lord oh though. She's not eating any of that. We gotTA GET OUTTA here coming right back. I gotta I gotTa tell you the Bird Louis did not die in fire. I don't think you're upset. I'm upset visibly shaking saved. Lives Bird Lives Matter. Not really okay. Well he saved some lives. Yeah I'm just thinking they could grab them on the way out ballot neck. Sorry Lou my Gosh. We're working people find you other than we were. Country DOT COM. We'VE COUNTRY DOT COM and then Ryan Weaver country on facebook and instagram. Been on a lot of the post that you're about to put up on your pages. Sexy deal is going to be back in a sub Sarah Hobbs. Where can they find? You cannot wait for this whole evening to conspire i. So yeah all Sarah Hobbs Music and then Saratov's music dot com all right. Steve Helmsman at Steve Helms Ban Steve Holmes Band O Chad Braid shed further show parties now. Nation DOT COM refund. Party fell Steve. Of course you follow on Instagram. At Party fell Steve. And that's where all the good stuff happens anyway but finally at Watch of course you know where to find me. Of course you did me a favor guys. Because I'm so sick. Do Gear just bragging and bragging about his new show does America and telling everybody how great it is and he's so high up on the rankings charged with apple podcasts. I want you all to go there right now. Go there right. Now Apple podcast. Fine where you write and review Labor's a five star rating and a good review. Because we deserve it Natalie. Yes we deserve it at Natalie. Wood's nothing else do it for Natalie do it for nat do it for for our country for just America the Red White and blue skies touch do it for President. Trump trump twenty twenty. Do it for squishy do the squishy squishy. And when you when you get you fork about doing the squishy go leave us. A good rating candice deserves it. You deserve candice. Works hard chance to Ginger Solis rapper he deserves it filling in for Mark Tei mark. Tate deserves You know he's on vacation. I love everybody in this room. Bucci Sean yardbirds get it on Youtube. My Youtube chat break there. Hey for them so to chat show. We'll see you next time. We got this back home.

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