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Gary Russell Jr. dominates Tugstsogt Nyambayar, retains WBC featherweight title

SI Boxing with Chris Mannix

01:33 min | 3 years ago

Gary Russell Jr. dominates Tugstsogt Nyambayar, retains WBC featherweight title

"Gary Russell. You know with an interesting figure. Because he's extremely talented fighter. We saw he scored a nice win against You know king tug in the mandatory fight that took place last week Everybody looks Gary. Russell has a great talent and a in a in a worthy competitor against any of these guys but he has said that he can't get the big fight now. If you can't get the big fight you take the next biggest one you can get and go out there and make seven figures every time you get in the ring for whatever guarantees are. He has decided not to do that. He wants to Fight Leo Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz findings. Your Monty Davis. Obviously that is not going to be therefore if you look down the list of guys at one twenty six or even at one thirty you know for him that our makeable that are going to be interesting to the public. There's not a lot there. He says he'd go up to one thirty five if necessary You know if there's no Leo Santa Cruz Fight. Against Tank Davis. I'll tell you a huge that at least in part of the country I live in the you know the the Washington DC Maryland. Virginia area is tank against Gary Russell. I mean one guy's from Washington and One guy from Baltimore they'd fill up any of the arenas in either city but again that's probably alongside so Gary Russell. He's kind of like a man without a country right now. He's he's got talent he's got a title he can really fight And he just doesn't have the top guy to fight against unfortunately so he's Kinda off to the side and you know he's only been fighting once a year I I would hope he would be able to find another before the end of this year if he does. I just really couldn't tell you who it's going to be against her. What kind of level? It's going to be one twenty six or one thirty Gary Russell. I think would be a threat either. Spotty Caesar's really

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