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"ryan ed switzer" Discussed on Behind the Steel Curtain

"On. It's actually a little bit. I actually don't mind this look <hes> for the US host here with the live chat right on the screens anyways the Pittsburgh steelers again I just I feel so flustered. The still the Pittsburgh steelers have just wrapped up their first full week of training camp obviously reported last Thursday. They've got through a whole week tomorrow night Friday night or if you're listening to this on Friday obviously that is tonight. Is there Friday night lights practicing latrobe highschool. Everyone always looks forward to that. It's different setting different time <hes> and they do a lot of different stuff but let's look back in the week that was before we look at the week coming up because this is the preview after all and Dave what was something that stood out could be recently or just in general from the first week of training camp. The Camaraderie is really good. I think the intensity is really good the I'm sorry I thought I'll Villanueva's answered to their little scuffle. A camp was really really good. I thought he played that quite well with the saying they were arguing about game of thrones which makes it the comments about Ben having the most funniest hand a longtime plank football. That's what you WanNa hear. You want your guys out there being a team team having a good time and wanted to go out there and perform. What about you there Bryan? What were your thoughts? Anything stood out from the first week. Juju snuck through the back door. That's all you gotta stay about his mindset and his what he is feeling right now. The destroyed now and then Vance McDonald comes out and says Ben Roethlisberger is on fire right now this is this. This is my stick encamped here but he's the most fun I'm John. It just feels like the new Jan brick eighty of Pittsburgh steelers football. I'M GONNA go different routes. Something happened today <hes> and because I try to take all this training camp stuff they giant grain grain of salt because you don't know there's not really being tested but Chris Boswell today was input into his first live. You've kicking. I guess whatever you WANNA call it. He is live live game scenario. That's what we'll call it and he went poos perfect six for six I think they said he hit a fifty two yarder to end the practice <hes>. I thought that I thought it was honest. I thought it was really good. The he is kind of getting back on track because although everyone's on matthew right and all this stuff I'll tell you what if Chris Boswell can can can go back to two thousand seventeen Chris Boswell. We willing to be having these discussions but something that we talked about. I know I talked with Dave about this. Cameron candidate in the long snapper today got injured. He hurt his groin join and he's has to have an M._R._i.. On it who was the tight end is it would is that his last name driver would travis woods as a tight end a trevor well Trevor Trevor yet okays it trevor would is a long snapper slash tight end what would that be interesting in terms of your fifty three roster predictions because if candidate Casey he cannot play 'em should've might bring in another long snapper but if they feel that it would can get the job done now instead of the three specialists you only have to because he also play tight end <hes> yeah because he gets you put them as a slash player interesting to see how that plays out injuries speaking of injuries. I guess I should say that it's not a the steelers knock on wood have had a pretty healthy camp. <hes> Ryan Ed Switzer a quad. They said he participated ye today but it wasn't a full participant. Dante moncrieff jammed my finger yesterday. He also was a partial participant Sean. Davis has been out of the dislocated finger T._J.. Wad is due out with a hamstring. Johnny Holden returned from his hamstring. I believe leave so it's certainly interesting how the injury situation but compared to other teams. The steelers are sitting fine in terms of the injury situation. I was there anything else. David Sudan used from this week of I. I like what guys are doing when they're given the opportunity you to run with the ones I mean Ola Dehnieh Didata here however lance way to say it is.

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