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"Just look at the math. And if New Orleans picks up where they left off a CZ. You guys alluded to the numbers were good before the hiatus, said You could tell that they really started to collect They 18 of their Last 13 games before the stoppage. There's 3.5 games behind Memphis. That will be a motivated grizzly team, but you just have to get within four games the way things were set up the on ly issue for New Orleans. Is that you got a bunch of teams that are jockeying for the chance of a potential plan. But if healthy, which we believe they are and guys filling the roles that they're expected to fill With Derrick favors back. He's been basically a double double machine this season each one more filling his room. Will Andrew Holiday providing leadership? And a little bit of Nicolo Mellie when necessary. I just think Alvin Gentry as this season is going on, he's figured out what works for this group. I like their flexibility. You want to play small, They can play small. You want to go bigger. The fact that you have favors and you have Hayes and have Okafor. If necessary. They conduce that bacon bang on the inside. And of course, the extractors we talked about. His eye on if he has locked in with a national audience night in night out wondering what this guy's going to do next on very unique stage. You know, that's the one thing. That that I can't emphasize enough. If you are a self motivated Person. This is the place for you. There's no fan interaction. There is no outside stimuli if you've got a whole lot of pride and your competitive soul You got a chance to do something special over the safety period leading in the postseason. Now I was speaking in that pride. You know, LeBron James got their prime and when you look at it The favorite's obviously looking the Lakers and the Clippers. And I looked at the scrimmage game would come about and who's available for the Clippers and all that. And and even for the Lakers, not necessarily all hands on deck, But then you look Out easy When you've got the Milwaukee Bucks, you got the defending champion Raptor. Would you say what you witnessed foreign discourages hard and seems like he's ready to play with the Rockets. Is, uh, picked to like, maybe dark horses it maybe the Rockets nuggets nuggets in the West. And maybe the Miami heat. 70 Sixers in these are what is your take on that? Who could surprise us all considering Everyone looks at obviously, like I said the top four teams Yeah, It's funny when I got this assignment, and I knew I was coming. I tried Tio figure out how am I going to attack this and basically what I came up with is I got to prepare for all 22 teams. I almost have to treat it like the tournament, which I do every year for CBS, and that is a lot of information and just cram it in and now pick and choose what you need based on the matchups. That you get. I was there last night for Philadelphia and Dallas. Those air two teams that to me could be wild cards in all of this filling with Joel. Indeed, it's not a team that I would want to face, but Getting him healthy gaming and game out has been a chore. It just has not been a given for Philadelphia. The fact that they're going Ben Simmons of the power forward spot they're using shake Milton at point guard. They've made some pretty drastic changes now getting ready for this restart, and it could be a huge hit. Or it could be a big fat zero. If the chemistry issues continue. It really wasn't working for Philly without Horford. In the starting lineup. So now he's coming off the bench. Will he embraced That role will lead that second unit. Those are the questions I would have with with Philadelphia. But are they dangerous? They are Miami really interesting. Jimmy Butler would fit in that category as a guy that's got a great deal of pride. He's a gym rat. He's a workhorse, and it terminates throughout that Miami team. Bam Otto Bio has certainly stepped forward. I'd say next to Brandon Ingram. He's been the most improved player. In the end A and maybe Pascal Siaca MME was already won. That award could be thrown in there. That's how much better he's gotten over the last couple of years. Miami I'm curious, I think with Jimmy Butler That team will be very motivated and very well could surprise some people. People are sleeping on Boston. We don't know, chemistry wise, They're going to be able to come together. We don't know if Kimble Walker is physically where he needs to be to go on an extended run, But the Celtics certainly or a talented team. Ah, Western Conference You alluded to it. Denver. It's a little weird right now. I'm I'm not sure where they stand. They were one of the biggest surprises in the N B A before the stoppage. I don't feel like there's been a whole lot of buzz, if anything, Ah, lot of people around the N B. A. I thought maybe that's a team you want to play in the first round. I hear more people talking about Portland, and the possibilities of the Blazer's coming together at the right time, with incredible guard play from Lillard and McCollum. And the fact that they get nurtured back this Could be a Portland squad something that New Orleans fans have to keep an eye on that might be able to get it going at the right time. The team that went to the Western Conference finals last year. So let's not forget what this group has already done collectively. They believe that this is almost like a second chance for them to prove that last year was no fluke. Ryan Eagle Voice of the Brooklyn Nets, NFL on CBS and Mohr. He's calling tomorrow night's pelicans. Utah MBA Restart. Ryan. Thank you so much for the time. Yeah, my pleasure. Guys really looking forward to it. We'll talk to you down the road and enjoy the restart. Thank you. You'll hear from state. Take coach Sean Payton. Next here on sports Talk on W W well Now. 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