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The origins of Ryan 'Darth' Bader's nickname

Five Rounds with Brett Okamoto

04:43 min | 4 years ago

The origins of Ryan 'Darth' Bader's nickname

"Heavyweight, grand prix fish announced last week that he will meet Fyodor only Netco on January twenty six at the forum in Inglewood California, and be final to see who will become the Bill, our heavyweight champion. If he wins that fight, he will then become Bill tours. I ever double champion, light heavyweight champion in built or he is Ryan Darth Vader Ryan. How're you doing great. What about you? I'm doing really well. Thanks for doing this Ryan. By the way, when you had your intro before the Mitchell fight, two Fridays ago, they had a little like Star Wars thing in there. Was that the first time that you've done that before? They, they kind of like a little something gonna be account down show. I didn't get to see also getting. Yet. Remember you doing that, so you didn't. You don't even hear the music when you're about to walk out. Well, like they've always in the music. I hear the music. I like the the dog in the beginning, China children that song between the back, whatever, but other, no, they get. We shine a little something. We're in Andhra with the head kind of I dunno. TV behind me when I'm walking out at all. What's fascinating is the fact that you're like the complete antithesis of of Darth Vader rarely, just such like happy guy, you know, kind of nice guy. You know what I mean? Is that why you got the nickname to begin with. Thing. You know, it was kinda from Brooklyn breslin days on this guy called me, and I went to went to another. I went to this call mcgarth also kinda stopped on down there. So what was when you signed up for this tournament? And I hate to to use the word easy, but it does feel like it has been relatively easy for you. Did you think it would go this way like that it would be such a walk in the park for you? I fight, you know, obviously you never go into any fifteen seconds. This punch three and knocking out more than spied Novick. Yet. Heavyweight date day can't towns which putting given to turn the hat winning. The whole thing was a favorite and they're the best, you know, heck weights. And right now you don't go out there and in kicking on, grinding them out. You'll be out of the. I saw myself walk through so many different matchups in the kitchen, not in in day the different styles. Really that I was going to have to fight finish investigator hands. You can, you know, update for big heavy, you heavyweight news in the, I always thought I was going to turn in of Trinite. But yeah, I mean, nobody predicted knockout. I. I was gonna handle that differently on the ground, and that's what I did. And you know, I'm, I'm join us so far considering how well it's going for you indicate, and I'm sure not having to wait cut for the first time in a very long time is a pleasure as well. Is there any chance that you just stay at heavyweight pass the tournament? You know, I don't know. Originally. When is two bucks and drop down the same. They lie. Heavyweight and descend the heavyweight on. You know. But who knows when that actually happens? I go out there and win this. I win this fight. There might be more intriguing matchup at heavyweight or Bill tour might want me to say or miss more sense to take a heavyweight title five. So right now I I want to, I want to different bowl 'cause they fire to me is not that really difficult. At the same time. We'll see when we get there. Like, what do you walk around at. About thirty five right now. Okay. Well, so I mean probably dating back to when you were a kid like the last time you probably didn't have to cut weight, so to speak quote unquote, probably like a decade or two decades ago, right? I mean, even, you know? Yeah. I was in high speed, Tony, Jimmy page, always walking around two twenty down to one ninety. One ninety seven. Get down to the lower than that.

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