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"ryan dahl" Discussed on 15 Minutes to Freedom: A Warrior’s Daily Focus on Journals and Meditations

15 Minutes to Freedom: A Warrior’s Daily Focus on Journals and Meditations

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"ryan dahl" Discussed on 15 Minutes to Freedom: A Warrior’s Daily Focus on Journals and Meditations

"This is fifteen minutes of freedom. I'm your host Ryan Dahl in today is not Saturday. But my wife's in the studio because you're listening on Saturday. Hi, everyone. And so in typical Ryan, Lindsay fashion. We sat here for what I would say is two minutes probably was really five bantering back and forth on what to share today. Yeah. We always have like so many topics and then somebody throw something out disregarded than we'd do something else. So it's always just a winging it spur of the moment. Kind of deal for us is an in. The. Vein of winging it throwing it out there. We get to kinda wing a trip at the end of this month. We do I'm super pumped about this, so admittedly, I work. More than I maybe should right. I don't remember the last official vacation we took. It was after we got married almost. But how we go. It'll be a year two weeks to the year that we have been somewhere just to go somewhere like our honeymoon. Yeah. Those are some travel. Yeah. Was actually was not supposed to be our honeymoon. But turned out to be our honeymoon because we're terrible planners. I. So April twenty-seventh. To may fifth. We're going to a resort and all inclusive resort in Costa Rica by the name of rid Mia. Yep. Male life advancement center in Costa Rica is super pumped about this. Will you spell it? R Y T H M I A that is how you spoke with me because I messed that up so many times, and you can't spell to save your life. No, I'm not even gonna try. We're bring that up because I would encourage you to pause the episode good arrhythmia dot com understand life advancement center is I shared this. Because when this episode comes out there still time for you to join lindzen, I at rid Mia, you can do that a couple different ways. The most efficient way is going to be to Email me Ryan at life optimization group dot com. And I will Ford word you and your contact information to the team there to help facilitate you joining us. Yeah, they, you know. Yes. I think there will be enough time I believe so one hundred percent. And so what the rid Mia life advancement center ends up being. Is number one. It's a beautiful breathtaking resort in Costa Rica? Yeah. I mean, I I don't care. Stick me in the middle of the jungle just get me out of Ohio and take me to a beach. And I'm gonna look right now with the temperature is in Costa Rica ninety seven. I mean, I looked I've been looking because I'm trying to plan. I'm a girl, right? I wanna try to plan like what I'm gonna wear off for the day and coordinating swimsuits and like things, right? And then this guy burst my bubble. And he's like, it's not fancy. It's all casual don't wear heels to the pool I'm thinking what in the hell? Like, that's that's who. I am. If I'm gonna wear if I wanna wear heels to the pool with a matching, bathing suit and acute little cover up. I'm doing it. You wanna do? That's I'm so it's my truth. As a looking at the temperature right now in Costa Rica seems like for the next ten days at fluctuates between seventy eight and eighty degrees. Yeah. When I looked over the weekend, it was ninety seven. Low in the mid upper sixties righto very seasonal this time of year. I'm ready at fortunately as I say that potentially if you enjoy the rain, you should also come with us. Because this entire next seven days ten days it might be their rainy season. Yeah. Well, you know, here's I lived in south Florida for very long time. So here's what I can say about tropical weather with rainy seasons. When you get that close to the equator, I feel like it sits just in the right spot where it rains for twenty minutes, and then the sunshine opens back up and it's beautiful. And then it might rain for another twenty five minutes and then beautiful again that was typical of south Florida like the rain season. Where would say rain all day? It would really be twenty minutes and be fine in Ohio. It's grey and cloudy and miserable for the entire day. So I'll take twenty minutes away, rain, a concur. And for those of you that are geographically challenges. I have been before overture Costa Ricans being smack dab and Central America. Right. It is in between Panama and Nicaragua mascot, two sides surrounded by water. Really really going to be a cool spot to go excited. Now, I was fortunate to interview brandy Powell from rid meal that if you have listened for quite some time, you might have heard that episode. Where we talked about going down all the things could look and we finally agreed. And we're going down. And so if not you could also posits go back and search for brandy Powell tied this podcast. You get a better idea of what's going on there? For us. It starts with the fact of from Sunday

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