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556 Austin Hill Atlanta Folds of Honor Preview

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556 Austin Hill Atlanta Folds of Honor Preview

"Is the final lap weekly. During the latest bass car racing news driver interviews race preview of billions discussion. Rumors and more. Now, here's Carrie Murphy until crispy just a couple of guys talking race. Ws on you have found the place where we talk about all things NASCAR. My name's Kerry. Murphy him along time NASCAR media member and syndicated radio. Host of all things the final app are co host for the show is Toby Christie. Wait a minute Toby Christie is that the same Toby Christie that has pretty much invaded NASCAR news. Jay ski went went by. That's that's the same. It's me. Yeah. Oh, wow. I I'm just putting that together now. Yeah. Hey, sound kind of subdued at the beginning of this, by the way, you didn't have that same Kerry Murphy punch to start the show. Yeah. Well, you know that happens when you're coming into the pits. Just minding your own business and you get wacked from behind. So we can always tell how Jimmy Johnson did or fortunes were based on how you intro the show. Exactly exactly fuel filler tube. Just flapping in the wind. Hey, he's still rebound for nice top ten. But what about that Daytona five hundred carry that thing was awesome? I wasn't done with you yet. Oh, okay. Nascar editor from the final app dot com. And social media director from all things out the final lap. Now. Are you ready to talk some NASCAR? Yeah. As long as every heads over Toby dot com. Definitely let's do this thing. I can't believe you're the same Toby Christie. That's doing all the NASCAR new stuff. That's that's me. Like, I open my Facebook. And you're everywhere. Yeah. I've been trying to cover everything. And if you go over there now also on the team charts. I actually have a person who reached out to me to help me on the team charts and collaborated a little bit because I had the team charts and sponsors and stuff will he has actually broke down which race as long as the they've been announced that these sponsors and paint schemes will actually beyond cars. So if you go to Toby crease dot com go to the team chart the Cup team chart, you'll see every sponsor every paint scheme with what race they're supposed to be at the track. So pretty cool. That is pretty cool. How did you find somebody to do that for you? Well, that's cool. I mean, he liked what I had going on. And he said, hey wanna head and put the other list of all the tracks? Louis add if you want it like sure, so thank you departure led by the way for that. He's he's awesome nicely done. All right. Let's get into the. Daytona five hundred since Toby already gave away the farm in front of a massive sellout crowd. Did you see this thing? Man, that was awesome. What what farm did? I give away. I didn't give away anything. We'll you gave away. We're gonna talk about the Daytona five hundred. Maybe we weren't. We're gonna it. Yeah. Maybe Mana expand series race was really exciting. We're just gonna spend an hour around that. That's right. The crowd is finally a story by itself. That's awesome. Yeah. No. It was a packed house for Sherlock people questioned. Whether or not was really sold out when the announcement came out, but it was definitely sold out on TV. I don't know if you're watching for that at home, but it was definitely a sold out crowd. I think they paid people to be there. You think they paid people to go to the race of the season? Yep. Yep. Why would they do that seems counterproductive seat fillers? See, you know, like others like at award shows didn't WCW wrestling do that back in the day. I I don't know. You know, somebody goes to the bathroom. They gotta fill the seat real quick, right? All right. Let's get into the top ten survivors of this thing because that's pretty much what we're talking about here. And even that was just bizarre. We got Ross Chastain intense what as speed weeks. It was for us chess amo the way finished tenth in this race finished thirteenth thinks finishers rates. But he won a stage was very good in that race as well. And then finished third in the truck series race, dude, Rin triple duty and almost finished up all three of them this guy. Jimmy Johnson running like second or something. Like that certainly up there up front coming into the pits. Minding his own business. Driving through the windshield. Nothing all clear. Good to go boom gets hit in the left rear wiping out, the whole quarter panel the fuel filler tube is just flapping all over the place. I thought I mean, even you said Jimmy's toast. Well, you know, it might be the return of the building her shoe because somehow they were able to fuel that car. And if I were them once I figured out that I could feel it. I would have just cut the fuel filler neck thing off and just when I'm with it. Because that that point they were good to go on fuel for the rest of the way. Maybe they weren't allowed to why wouldn't they be allowed to well. Because you don't ask are usually has a stick up there. You know, what have all the parts on pieces on the race car? These days. I don't think you required to have the fuel filler thing on there. Just once you ran a gas. If you don't have it you're going to be out of gas. Well, look it up you're Mr. stat. Anyway, it was awesome. It was a weird set of circumstances. Because like you said Jimmy Johnson the Ricky Stenhouse junior a couple of others Tyler Radic raw coming up at road. Cody wear and his team may be Jayme Clode they had contact out on the race track. They weren't going to pit road that spun them onto pit road. And that's what collected them into Tyler Rettig which Redican Jimmy Johnson. With shattered all of the pieces of Jimmy Johns car and also sent them into Ricky Stenhouse junior that was just a a wild incident. They don't belong out there. Who doesn't of those guys you just mentioned they don't not. They just don't belong out there every one of them besides Jimmy that I mentioned, well, I mean, I might give STAN house, although some people might even argue that what about Radic he just wanted to extend series title last year. Yeah. I don't know prove it. He did. No. I mean proved that he belongs with the Cup series. Okay. I don't care about your your past championships and lower meaningless series. Is that maybe because Jimmy Johnson never had a championship overs? Didn't need to. Now, he doesn't. Yeah. You're right. All right. Let's move along. Some guy named Ryan priests there at number eight what a race by the way to see him split that other crash that happen later in the race, man. I will I will give him that. It looked impressive. Yes. I mean just didn't live right through it. And I'm sure if you check his fires afterwards there had to be something in that thing. Kyle Larson in pretty much every wreck spun by himself and otherwise just a steaming pile of rubbish at the end of the race at forty two machine. He somehow finishes better than Jimmy. This seems to be his calling card, by the way. If you remember the wroval that car was destroyed in somehow he was able to barely end up ahead of Jimmy and the championship the hunt that year. So a lot of weird things. We does a lot of really magical things destroyed racecars kids. Listen up here. This these guys Jimmy Johnson. Kyle Larson are prime examples of why you never give up. No, definitely not you know, to that fact will also go further in the field. How about Korla joy he ended up eighteenth in this race Kerry? But he had trouble very early on cargo shared apart has a little fake face on the front of the car just got mangled and that team stuck with. They kept working on all day. Long seven laps down pretty much all day long. And they ended up with eighteenth place finish through attrition. So I mean, you don't give up. That's that's why you keep battling all the way through these things. All right. You got tied. Dylan Michael McDowell Joey llegado at number four who was kind of angry at his fellow Ford people for not helping him. Yeah. He's pulling the champion card real quick. I think really early. Yeah. He for them. The McDowell should be indebted doom forever. Michael McDowell said, no, I don't get paid to push you. Yeah. Paid to do whatever I can to win the race. And he saw that Joey had a destroyed race car himself and didn't think that was his best shot at twin? So I mean, you can't really blame down on that. Don't you know, who I am? The champion, man. It's right. You respect me. Eric Jones at number three. Let's hear from him. The car is still pretty good after the damage is really it looks really tore up. But it it went down the straightaway. Really good. So sport clips Camry was pretty quick all day. I think had we not had our issue and had a pit we we could have been right up there with Colin Denny for the remainder of the race hopefully without damage, but. Just got some big Ron's holes opened up and goes guys up there trying to fight for position. And as they were doing that. I was just kind of able to go where they weren't. And and had a big run each way and and get a few spots. So I probably wasn't gonna win. But just trying to maximize points at that point. How did air Jones ended up third carry don't know it just goes in line with his whole top ten. They just weird this. I mean he had fuel pressure issues early in the race illegally. He was going to go behind the wall. It was going to be over. I'm how they got that fixed. And he ends up third. Wow. Wow. Is a good word for this entire top ten except for Kyle Busch. He pretty much had a pristine race car up to. Yeah. And he went to the media center and actually talk for quite a while. I thought the racing day was pretty good. You know, like Joey said, I think having a fulfilled cars, obviously, just allowed the bottom to materialize and have enough strength down there to be able to keep some role in not everybody just being able to be so strong around the top. So. So you know, there was some good racing today. I thought the the two wide sometimes three wide actions. Sometimes the mixing it up guys get loose. And gets shuffled out was was pretty intense there and a few times, and I wouldn't say that much needs to be done. Maybe we just don't need to have racist with twenty cars on the track when he forty. All right. Kyle Busch there. Didn't stomp off though, he didn't. And he had every right to this point. He had this. I five hundred victory within his sights. And I it just wasn't to be. He didn't have enough of a push from behind. He knew he knew he knew the script was you know, they got the script weeks ago. And he knew he was like, okay. I guess I'll finish second. I guess I'm to Kabua's one to listen to scripts if they were to begin out, they got the j d Gibbs script and any was gonna win this thing. No matter what and Kyle new. And I think he had some time to reflect and realize that are you? Sure, I am absolutely positive for this. Car pile up where plenty of people could have been mangled all scripted. Yep. Right at two hundred miles an hour. Yep. Absolutely. We'll how come it in the script that the wood brothers car would make it through that Twenty-one car melee to finish well as well for Glenwood. Well, by the way, Paul Menard causing a wreck again just skirting right past that. Can even entertain that. I'm gonna move on just moving right along. Since we already know Denny Hamlin wins. His second Daytona five hundred here is Denny. He I think the first one I I'm not sure if it was a green white checkered or not, but it was inside five to go. And I thought that you know, any deals and stuff like that. Or original deal was inside tin ago after that you kind of race we kept going. We had I think a restart with seven or eight to go we worked together, and they asked I think they asked and we said, you know, let's just race it out. And that was with the second to last restart. We decided we wanted to kind of race it out being on the front row kind of liked in was hoping he was gonna take the line that he chose and he did. So that put us in a good position. You know, everything that I've all experience I've had on new line. I wanted to be in and it was going to be a fifty fifty shot whether he put us in that line or not in when he did we got the lead the. Russian came out. And then we were just go ahead and stay in racing. Like, we were I knew the top line was the line. I was going to choose and they actually came over. They came to my father and said, hey, do you wanna do do you want to drop down in front of us? We're open to do that. And when I saw him in the twenty two lined up. I was like the lap -solutely shirt. Definitely do we'll do that. So I thought that was the best move for us. But it still gave him a great opportunity to win. Because you've got a great run on us on the backstretch, and we had to block it. And so I think that he probably knew the same thing that I did is that that bottom lane deteriorates really quick at the end of these races out. I've been on the bottom lane three or four times here on the with on a green white checker and lost the race every time because it was just not the place to be. So I thought that he was actually pretty smart and thinking that, hey, if I drop down in front of him that puts him in the position to go on offense against me. So if he's on the inside of me, and I'm right there on his door. There's no offense of play that he can make. He was actually he did the made the right move in my opinion to let us do that. So he can have the twenty two and make a run and here to break it down for us this chief, Chris gave heart. Yeah. Well, I can tell you the unfortunate truth is we probably just lost the day preparing because we're going to be here. Putting a car and the museum, and that's quite alright with us. You're exactly right with all the unknowns NASCAR right now with the rules packages. I think you guys are in for a treat leak week. You're never gonna know everybody's trying to figure it out and every sharks going to be a little bit different. So there's gonna be a lot of comers and goers to start the season. But I have so much confidence in the people around the Joe Gibbs racing and FedEx and Denny trust an EMMY to to allow me to to do this. And we've just got such a strong group around us. I'm just lucky guy that every now and then gets the jump up call the play. But in the past three months, it's become so evident to me that it's about the people around you, and I'm just a very small part of that. And let me tell you this eleven FedEx team has a very good group around him. And I couldn't be more excited to get going. And Joe I dislike the retrace minute. What happened? And I wish is, you know, this the most emotional and the biggest win of ever had in my life and anything. Jaydee Dodi raised team was the guy that ran day to day operations for twenty seven years. He invested his occupational hif- in our race team. And as a part of that he went up to purchase some late models stuff from Denny and struck up a relationship with any put him on a test. Put him in a truck put him in a xfinity car at Darlington. And finally, he said we need to sign this guy. And so that started the relationship and everything and thank you for that. I checked by the way, I got set a rims for my truck and a plasma TV as I was in high hours. Was hit. That is the truth. He had nothing. Okay. And three years later. He bought a house next to me. It was twice as big as my house. So tells you get wrong into everything. So there's the crew from Joe Gibbs racing. Denny after the race. I don't know if you caught this that he wants that car. So he can put it in his house, and those people that aren't familiar he means that literally. Yeah. He has his other Daytona five hundred winning car in his living room under glass wall. So I guess he wants to put this one next to it. But it's a big die-cast or something. I've got a one one scale die cast. But no in. And so I know you joke about this being a scripted kind of thing. Definitely obviously wasn't. You can't script things tuner miles an hour, especially when you have weird things happened throughout the day. Like what happened in this race? But it couldn't have been any any better script. If there was a script for jobs racing. One two three finish just like five weeks after JD Gibbs past this. This is the stuff that movies are made of rain right here that does seem to happen. A lot in NASCAR. Let's be honest. It does. And so, you know, when you're looking at things like this you've got everybody it's been just wearing their heart on the on their sleeve throughout the entire offseason. Sure before JD past. I'm sure people within the organization knew the things weren't going. Well, and I'm sure they worked really hard in the offseason to put the best foot forward for JD. And then once that news comes out, you kind of get up on the on the stick there, and you get things a little bit a little bit more perfect going into things you just want things. Perfect. You wanna win for your fallen friend fallen them following everything. And they really came through in the clutch. Now, of course, it took a lot of weird things, and they had to miss a lot of crazy things even Eric Jones. Like, we said the fuel pressure thing, but they all made it through all the weird situations throughout the day. And there they were at the end in a position to win. And they and they got it done. Dale senior dies the very next race Daytona junior wins. Now that's true, but shooters pretty restrictor plate driver. And that wasn't the only tiny one day Tono or Talladega. So Hendrick motorsports. Plane crashes Jimmy Johnson wins martinsville. All I mean. Jimmy Johnson again pretty good martinsville. So it's pretty good bet regardless what happened there. I just giving you some other examples. No, I I hear you. It's just these things are lined up perfectly for these people that are just great and they situations again Halen one of the best restrictor plate drivers in the sport. Today got up on the wheel when it mattered most here in the Daytona five hundred for JD Gibbs. And that's an awesome story. Really really cool stuff to see how about this. Carey there were. How many cars were finished? We're running at the end of this thing. Well, I think they said three had no damage, right? And there weren't many that were running at the end of this. There was a lot of chaos throughout this race. There was I mean, I think we mentioned pretty much all of it. Kyle Larson spinning flat tire running into everything else. Massive wreck with ten laps to go superstars involve Martin tricks junior. Ryan Blaine Jimmy Johnson William buyer and chase Elliott Eric Jones Daniel Suarez. And I think they counted. Eighteen cars in that one. And I love the video that they've slowed down of that wreck of this just massive pile of steel and wreckage with sparks it. Just it looks like it's all gonna fuse and melt together. Yeah. It was it was wild. And it was actually official number being twenty one the early numbers rate team, but they did balloon to twenty one by the time. It was all done and involved in that crash while the person who led the most rate most laps in this race, Matt Benedetto. The Phil good story of speed weeks came to a crashing halt there during that twenty. One car pile up, and that's a real shame. You must have been freaking out for forty nine laps. Hey, man. He was he's showing that he can get it done indecent limit. And that's what I try to tell you about all these guys are in the back you go. These guys are just backmarkers. They're not they're all pretty good. If you get them in the right situation. And it looks like mad Benedetto's in a pretty good situation over there leave on family raising leaving. And I'm pretty excited to see what he does this year. I really think especially with this new package on the amount of house where it's going to keep the field a little close to each other. I think that can make up for any kind of early season miscues the have as they're trying to build their stuff up with Joe Gibbs racing equipment. But I really like what I'm seeing on this team. We saw Jeffrey Earnhardt kind of do the same thing the day before with Joe Gibbs equipment. Yeah. And did you see that? He's got a new deal coming as well with a brand new team. That's that's awesome stuff for Jeffrey. So a lot of really cool things come in for a lot of guys who have worked really hard for a lot of years to get their big break. And it's cool. See a lot of finally getting that. In case you care about stage wins Kyle Busch one stage one Ryan planning stage two and Toby mentioned the the new package the real racing season. I think begins this coming weekend. Lanta all new racing package. We're gonna talk about that coming up next. Right here on W. Weekly is. This is the final latte weekly on the final us today is Austin hill. Your most recent truck series Daytona winner. That's gotta sound pretty nice, right? I I don't get tired of hearing that for sure. Well, first of all welcome to the program. And you're on of course, because you know, you won the truck series race this past weekend. And so take us through those closing laps. I mean, you were battling grant pretty hard. He was like right on your bumper there come into the coming to the stripe. Yeah. We we were really close on feel. So that was really my number one concern was man. I thought we were going to run out. We couldn't really early fitted on lap sixty with forty to go regulation. And when we started having those two overtimes, man, I man the my crew and crew chief Scott's Adela, we we were kinda the feuding it back and forth. You know, those only what ten ten callers left or something like that. So. If we would've came in. We wouldn't have lost a lot a lot of ground. But we just said, hey, let's just go for where. So so that's what we did. And that that last grew much definitely intense back craft and all turn to how to huge run. And we were able to block him on the backstretch and then coming around for the final time three three and four grant got my back bumper and was trying to trying to push me and get by me. And you know, somehow we were able to block him, right? We kinda knew exactly where he was going to go my slaughter. Mike Carmody didn't also job. He pretty much called the move. He was gonna make before he actually made it if that makes any sense so hats off to him. If if he if he wouldn't have crew the the move out before he was gonna make it a I don't know if we'd be sitting here talking to you about the wind, but all it only was awesome race. For us. Also writes for toward rice in the whole, MS ation. You know, starting off the year with those guys I race for them. It definitely get you relationship going a lot faster Austin than if you would have had a bad night. Yeah. Absolutely. What was what was the emotion? Like you're coming to the the start finish line. The checkered flag waving in the air, and you are p one. Yes. So, you know, the when I came off a term for and I shut the door and grant that one that one final time I knew as long as we had the fuel to get to the finish line that it was hours, and I'll I had so much stuff going through my head the whole entire last lap. I just I kept thinking that we were gonna start running fuel for four. And and that we weren't gonna make it to the line. And you know, all those things going through your head. So I really wasn't excited or are celebrating until after I had done cross start finish line. And then it started to sink in a little bit as to what happened. Man. I couldn't be happier to get to get my first win at Daytona. It's the place that any young racer coming up through the rankings. It's definitely something that's on their bucket list. And now I have my check off. So that's that's a really cool experience. Absolutely. Absolutely. So I noticed this could just be me. But I know a lot of wrecking in this race. What did you do to avoid all those big ones? Oh, man. So you know at the beginning of the race. Our plan was to to get up front and stay up front. We wanted to be in that wait pack. We wanted to be the first five or six trucks, and we did that for the majority of the night, you know, stage one we finished second in the first stage. Few guys stayed out. You guys only took fuel we feel in two tires. So only rolled back out for the restart. We restarted somewhere on the fourteenth fifteenth position. And we didn't want to be in that predicament. So we kinda just wrote it out right there finish. Thirteenth. I think it was in the second stage. And my guys had a heck of stop to end stage two we when we rolled back out. We were back up front in contention where we wanted to be. And then when we had that call or someone at lap sixty we were able to come in top off with fuel. And you know, we we got back out, and we're in the lead pack again. So I think that's one of the biggest things helped us in the race. So void a lot of the carnage. There was the time that I had a run on the ninety nine on those coming down to the closing laps, and he left the door open a little bit off to and I got up under him, and he went to the door, we'd cut and it kind of hurt my momentum. I was like man I'm I'm out of this race. The next thing. You know, they start wrecking the ninety nine gets taken out. And somehow we got three that. I just I remembered as going left and going as as to the grass is I could staying committed to the gas and. I went back and watch the replay. It was only a foot or so that I missed that wreck. So it kinda made me already knew that. I missed the rake, but it kinda made me pucker up. But just watching the replace it, would it was a really crazy to miss that wreck. I still don't know how we were able to make it through that while exciting description there, you your very visual with your words, very cool where I want to Austin hill. The most recent truck series winner at Daytona. And what'd you do to celebrate? Oh, man. I I I it was so cool. So we as a family where we're going to DisneyWorld either way when we let it matter we were going to go to DisneyWorld just just for a few days. And so that's what we did. We went to DisneyWorld at made it that much more special in that much more fun to to be DisneyWorld and be you know, Daytona winters that it just I felt like if we would have lost the race or ran out a fuel on the last row. They would have been a lot of talk of man, what if this happened or what if that happened? So it was all. Awesome to be able to close it out and get that win. And celebrate it with my whole family that was really cool experience. Very very cold. I win at Daytona. Where are you gonna put the trophy? So the the trophies gonna go back to the race shop with the guys that have toy race. And then we're going to actually get a replica made of it. And it'll end up going in my house, so can't wait to to get that replica mate. And and get it into the house. They usually make die-cast for the winters are they gonna do that for your truck? Yeah. They actually already have. So I'm out now for Priore. So if you're going to you should see it kinda kinda everywhere on Twitter right now to to preorder it. So I know my family members and friends and stuff they already have them pre-ordered. So that's really cool. Absolutely. Absolutely. All right. So you got the win onto your belt. What does that mean for the rest of the season going forward? Now, man, it it didn't really hit me that we were locked into the to the play offs. So to be in the playoffs is is really a cool cool deal. Now, we get the gist. Go have some fun. We get to go out there. And and go for stage points go for wins. And and not worry about all the the point situation that we just get to go have fun, and that's going to start this weekend in Atlanta. We're just gonna go out. We're gonna give it all we can. And I bet she just just from talking to to visit the Bill or Scott that the deli. My crew chief there's gonna be a few times throughout the year that you're gonna see us make some bold mold moves and maybe come down pit road for splashing go and try to make the end on you'll and there's gonna be a lot a lot of stuff that's going to be happened that we probably wouldn't have done if we wouldn't have won at Daytona that we're going to try throughout the season. And it opens up a lot of doors. You can try new setups that you might be if about that you wanna try it so forgo to race. And we're just awful. And from what we tried that setup. It didn't work, and we're just gonna get them next. Race to the best. We can. So like, I said a lot of doors definitely are gonna open throughout the season for us. What's your confidence level heading into this week in Atlanta? I have a lot of confidence going into Atlanta Atlanta's my whole track. So that's really cool. And I have a lot of family members here support me and hanging out. So that's gonna be awesome to see. And last year. We actually had a really good truck with Young's motor sports. We were gonna finish in the top ten. I felt like pretty easily that last fits thought last year a lot of guys to tires, and man, you know, how it is. At Atlanta, four tires are definitely a lot better than to anything. You can get four tires four tires on that thing. It's good. So we thought that we were gonna finish somewhere around the six eight spot. It was a green white checkered. And unfortunately, we cut a lift retire going down the backstretch after taking the green. So we didn't get to see exactly where we would have finished. But all. All for Young's motorsports. I felt like that was going to be an awesome day force, and it and it kinda cut short to go. But so so going into to the to the weekend with Torey, you know, they won last year. So I think we're going to be good. There's there's a little bit of a new pack is that we're going to try this you that being Scott been talking about. So hopefully, we get a little bit of practice in the weather. Don't look too good this weekend, but host hopefully can get a little fan with this new this new set up that he has and see how it is. I'm sure a lot of new NASCAR fans are old at NASCAR fans. They now know the name Austin hill because of your big win at Daytona last weekend. I appreciate the time. Thanks so much for joining us on the final app and good luck this weekend and throughout twenty nineteen. Thank you. I really appreciate it. Hopefully be talking to you got about another one, absolutely anytime. Thank you. Mike us at Facebook dot com slash the final lap like us. Weekly. Getting you ready for this weekend's race? The vinyl weekly is on you have found the place where we talk about all things NASCAR. My name's Kerry. Murphy along time NASCAR media member and syndicated radio host of all things the final AP NASCAR media superstar and online pummel or Toby Christie online pummel or that's new NASCAR editor from the final app dot com. And social media director from all things at the final up and Toby Christie dot com. Right. Those are some pretty good places. Go online, pummel, or that's awesome. So when did I get that title just now off the top of my head? That's that's the new title. I figure you know, you're beating everybody over the head with NASCAR stuff. I mean, are we complaining I mean, I'm even sharing those with all of our Facebook followers on the final app every time. I post something I put it there too. So I would like to see a few other things on my Facebook wall on your want more things on your wall. Well, it's all Toby Christie this and Toby Christie that and then Toby Christie shared on the final app, it's like, okay and Ferretti. We get it. You like NASCAR? Okay. Well, let's poll. The folks that the final app Facebook Facebook dot com slash out. Let us know. Are you enjoying the updates? I post to the the file apps Facebook page or do you want me to dial things back a little bit? All right time now for news of the week weekend for that Toby has more about some unfortunate news. So we joke around on the show. This is not a joking matter at all this is seriously. The sad is news that I could think of that. We would be starting the the week off with renown NASCAR artists. Sam Bass's passed away over the past weekend. Nascar released a statement saying quote, though, he never turned a lap or a wrench. Few captured the essence of our sport through his work more than Sam bass. He was a consistent presence in the NASCAR garage and his ever present smile in endearing personality welcomed all that we have lost a member of the NASCAR family has legible continue in his art all of which illustrated the greatness of our sport. And the talent of a true friend in quote, man, Sam has been a guest on this show in the past and we'll be greatly missed. He was fifty seven years old. This is just sad, man. This is probably I don't know if I've talked anybody happier than Sam bass or anybody who's made me feel happier. Just from talking to the guy had an infectious personality and has a real bummer. It's a terrible way to start the year. All right. We'll switch gears here a little bit. We got Ryan Blaney attempting a world record this weekend. The Guinness kind not not the little tiny ones. We're talking the big dogs here against fastest lap around like a mile and a half track or something. Nope. Not even racing related. What? Yeah. It's crocheting. Really? No, no. It's actually he's gonna try to take the most selfish ever in three minutes. Now, the current record is one hundred sixty eight in that time, which almost seems impossible. But I guess that's why it's a world record, dude. Okay. So I could beat this record like easily. Oh, yeah. With like burst mode. Does it have to be selfish with different people or just sell fees while you can't use burst mode? And I think it has to be with different people. I was gonna burst mode, and it was just gonna be me. Yeah. So I just burst your bubble. Just ruined everything. Yeah. It's going down Sunday eleven AM. If you're at the track the Atlanta fans own and Ryan said, quote, the good news is being fast is the name of the game and NASCAR. So I feel like I'm well prepared. Plus, I can't think of a group of people better suited to help me. Make it happen. The NASCAR fans, let's do this and quo. The cool thing about this record that you're pursuing here. If you're Ryan Blaney is that it's not like super physically demanding. So if you fail on your. Co you keep trying. That's true. Yeah. That's true. Like, I'm trying to set the rules fastest marathon or something in. We got to be honest here. He he does this all the time. And the fans are asking to do this all the time. So we've got experts on both sides. Yeah. And Ryan Blaney is one of the best ones out there for the fans. I mean, he will literally at test session, go underneath the bleachers. That fans that have come out to the test session to watch cars. Go single file during regular just hire tests, and he will order pizza with them. So yeah, Ryan Blaney is really awesome with the fans impromptu pizza party. That's how cool he is. I know seriously. I mean, there are so many NASCAR drivers sit there and whine and complain that the sport is dwindling or this that and the other guys like Ryan Blaney just get it. They understand and they go the extra mile for whether it be media fans, whoever they understand the whole piece of the puzzle. And he's pretty good on the right track as well on top of that. But a lot of the peace. The puzzle or the he understands where you're coming from. And he gets why rails wanting to do the things are wanting to do and he's pretty accommodating his PR person. Ian gets it to. So we like ins awesome, by the way. All right. You've got paint scheme news because I know how much you like the paint schemes or they're all over your website now. Yeah. That's kind of a big part of what I do. Now. So Kyle Larson has a new paint scheme for multiple races this year, including Atlanta this weekend. And although it's been with Chip Ganassi racing for a long time ten years. In fact, McDonald's would be on the hood of the forty two car. And of course, if you're wondering they make hamburgers and lots of them. The know if you knew who McDonald's was wasn't aware. I only eat it like five times a week because the kids I wasn't happy meal and went happy. You don't actually eat the food. I want the toy and what the toy. Oh, good. See things haven't changed. I was a kid. So that's good. You will see the new colors on the number forty two this weekend in Atlanta. Like, we mentioned. It's awesome. It's really cool clean. Mcdonald's paints came maybe the best McDonald's paint scheme since back in the Bill days. Most of the happy meal toys, by the way, are absolute garbage. They are so useless. It's just a hunk of plastic with paint on it. So we now know that McDonald's will not be sponsoring news week. So it's good. Thank you care. Murphy for alienating yet, another potential sponsor, and we wonder why we're not making any money on this hand over ten years into the same. We just can't seem to get out from spinning our wheels. We don't understand why doesn't anybody wanna sponsor us? Just if you were to sponsor us. We would do really well at talking good things about you. So man, those happy meal toys are the best WalMart anymore because actually you just see just switch around the bad stuff that we say, and it would be all good, right? But for the listeners, don't they go back to episode, whatever this is five fifty six nobody goes back. Wait, he said that they were junk and then twenty episodes later, they're amazing. Are you kidding? Twenty seconds later. We might say something different. That's a good point with us. You never know. It's any other paint schemes on the horizon. You're into that. You know, Michael McDowell fresh off his Daytona five hundred top five actually announced a freight auctions a paint scheme as well. It looks awesome SMD designs actually made that paints came very cool black dark grey and orangish red on there too. So game last week that it was just all words who was that a pain all just words looking like a reading a book it was a back marker. And there was like no big logo is just a bunch of words. I was like, okay. Who approved that the ally Bank car. No. No. Well, I mean, that's that's came to mind. New saying wasn't Cupper. What it wasn't Cup? It was just a bunch of sentences everywhere. I'm like, okay. That's. It was awful, and it was a back marker. And it was anyway, and was no, I don't it was it came through my Facebook. And I just scrolled. Okay. I have a lot of other new paint schemes for this week. But I do know that Garrett Smith Lee will actually Ryan the seventy seven for spire motorsports. This week who? Why do you even do this show? You don't like it. Why do you do it? It's it's it's my conduit for all things. Jimmy, your reasoning for being on the show just pay just just mess with me. That's what you're doing. Well, you do your fair share messing with me. Let's be honest. Of course, I do. That's what makes this show. Great. But okay. So who is the I'm still trying to figure out who this was the had all just weird names on there was an awful looking car. And you know, speaking of cars, you don't like how about the old spice car with Korla. Joyce face on it. We mentioned earlier it's back this week in Atlanta. Great. So they fixed it. Yeah. They fixed it and they'll be back again. All right spice like the amount of attention. They got from the paints came in its back. Just proves that even bad news is good news. I guess. Okay. Folds of honor quick trip. Five hundred longtime inside joke. That's great. That's excellent folds of honor. Yep. That's good quick trip. Five hundred how do how do those two things even go together? I don't know. I mean one's like a military thing. And the other is like the convenience store. I don't see how you put those two things together. But the only backmarker I can see that would even possibly remotely close to what you're asking. You're saying you saw would may be the sixty six of Joey gays, but even that I don't really see. I don't I don't think you're thinking of a different series or something folds of honor. Atlanta Motor Speedway race to honor folds of honor race to of thirty six. We may know district respect to the military. It's just something else. Surfing else. We can't talk. I must say by the way, I do like quick trip. That is an awesome set of gas stations base of Oklahoma. And they're awesome. We don't have those here. So well, you will there quickly multiplying across the United States. And they're excellent. They have these awesome things they make in their little food section like hot dogs and stuff, obviously. But they also have like Qalat cheese in the morning all sorts of different things they make their pizza. Are you trying to get them as a sponsor? Well, I would like that actually because there's everywhere around me. And they're excellent. I like UT 'cause I can easily mess that up. I'm sure you could. I'm sure you could maybe we do have them Cutie. I didn't know that's the shortcut for it. Yeah. Quick trip. Thank you t. I don't go to a lot of gas station. So all right. It's a one point five mile oval banking up to twenty four degrees. Fron stretches Twenty-three thirty two backstretch eighteen hundred so not equidistance. We're gonna have to wait a bit on that one race is three hundred who's less of may quit isn't these days than there used to race length is three twenty five or five hundred point five miles that needs to be cut by half. That's just insane. Stages. One and two are each eighty five laps also insane. And the final stage is a just a coma and Dusing one hundred fifty five laps. Why do you hate racing? So much. I don't I love it. I just think we need a little less of it. Because that's why fans are going audios. I don't think so man, I really 'cause I flashback today's my first started watching these races were insanely long we had five hundred mile races at Rockingham and Dover. And there's nothing wrong with it. We all liked it. So I don't so watching a race last year at some point my son, Marcus goes and plays an entire baseball game comes back who won. No, no. It's still going. He just leaves the room because even he rolls his eyes going. Okay. Call me when there's ten laps to go so gratification who wins ten laps is this week spot. Guys. That's all you need is ten lab raises ten laps while while I guess if your gonna start flashy. No, he's not gonna win last year's pole. Sitter was Kyle Busch. And last year's race winner was Kevin Harvick. So Kevin Harvick won like way back in the day. And then recently last year. Hey, I know stuff check out all the specifics on it. But yeah, that's fine. What he didn't give super specific details on it. He one way back in the day. And then he won last year. Okay. He wanted in two thousand one there there you perfect. See me, I race the very first running of this exact race since Dale Earnhardt senior passed away. And he wanted the same exact fashion as Dale senior in Dil senior's car. That's weird moments. We talked about Jeff Gordon side by side. Yeah. It his third career start, by the way. Replacing the driver of the three-car. Check out all the action Sunday one thirty PM eastern on FOX walks. Awesome. Drivers at Atlanta. We begin wait waiting. Yup. I think we're. Trying to make sure you Jimmy. Yes. Okay. You begin? Sure. Took a while. Okay. How about this guy? Fresh off a Daytona five hundred victory is second ever in the great American race for number eleven jobs racing. Fedex express Toyota Camry. Denny hamlin. His win four top five seven top tens on the pole at Atlanta average, finish of eighteen point three that's fresh. Kevin Harvick who has two wins. Like, we just mentioned seven top fives thirteen tends to polls average finish of thirteen dot nine five for those watering. He'll be driving the Miller lite paint scheme this week to Krista com. Find out more last week's was carbon-fiber. I noticed what was Kevin's the paint. Well, the sticker the giant rap was made in overtime because Laos keys paint scheme. That's okay. As Lasky on. Kevin Harvick ready. I'm ahead of you. That's okay. How about this? We'll go. Kevin harvick. The number four Stewart Haas racing Ford Mustang. He wins this race track. I'm lost. Are we are? We still correct. Are we on track? Okay. Yes. All right continue. We'll don't mess with me. Now, are we? We can't do this right? Kevin Harvick will be driving. The Jimmy Johns paints this week two wins this race track. As we mentioned earlier, seven top fives, thirteen tunes to polls and average fish of thirteen point nine five. Kyle Busch has a couple of wins five top five seven top tens poll average finish of thirteen point three six eight. What did you think of the Eminem's chocolate bar? I don't know what to think yet. What to think? I I'm still on the fence. I know my son who that's his favorite driver. Didn't like it. Of course, he doesn't like chocolate. So that is weird. So why does he chews tobacco driver that has chocolate sponsor, I don't know because there's chocolate hidden under Nathe colors. Maybe it has a candy coating. He doesn't realize it's chocolate perhaps. Okay. How about Kurt Busch? And the number one Chip Ganassi racing Chevrolet Camaro z l one his three wins this race track. Six top five thirteen top tens in the poll average, finish thirteen point three six eight which brings us to the driver with the best record at Atlanta. Currently driving on the track will not literally right now. But Jimmy Johnson in the number forty eight Hendrick motorsports. Chevrolet Camaro Zia one Oakham. It doesn't say ally Bank. I've been none of them have said at the other weird. I've just been throwing that in there for us. You added that? All right. Yes. Those to the table Jimmy the goat greatest of all time has five wins. They're fourteen top five sixteen top tens his average finish is ten point nine five the second best. Right. So you said he was the best at this track. Although his average finished suggests he's the second best track. Yeah. But he's got five victories, and that's all these guys care about. But he doesn't have the best average fish average, finish doesn't. Do anything it. Sure does. Chase Elliott has the best average finish here. I think a lot of people say it's a pretty good thing to have show me a win. Show last year. How many Jimmy have he has one at this year? Not a points. Pangolin doesn't matter. It's been what sixty races. Now carry he visited victory lane. That's all I care about sixty points paying races. He pushed chase Elliott to victory lane. So that's pretty stand up guy is thing to do. I seem to recall you also be rating dill junior back in the day when he was pushing Jimmy Johnson wins. Now, I mean, literally I walk Glenn around the gas or something I do remember that okay next. We've got more shenanigans here on T F L W should endings like us at Facebook dot com slash final lap. Getting you ready for this weekend's? Gary Murphy, his name is Toby Christie, and we call this entire thing. The final lap weekly and it's fantasy racing. We just wrapped up Daytona the Daytona five hundred last week. Our fantasy racing is pretty cool this year for several reasons one of which is NASCAR didn't wipe out our entire group. So if you play last year, you're still playing with us whether you want to or not where you're playing without star in it. Whether you want to or not, that's that's right. So that's kind of cool. And if you wanna play along with us, now's the time to do it. You got you know, you missed one race. But no big deal. Once you get started. Now, the final app dot com. Link is at the top of the page now and it takes right over to the NASCAR game. And one thing I noticed on on this year's game. It tells you the exact day in time that things lock in. So like, you gotta get your your poll. Locked in before the twenty second at five oh, five PM eastern. And then the race locks in on the twenty four th at two forty five pm eastern. So that's really cool that they tell you that. Yeah. Awesome. And there's another thing that you noticed or heard about that. They're also doing this year. Yes. So in years past like last year, I did several times. But you forget to change roster. Yeah. So if you do this you're you're team carries over from week to week. So as long as you haven't used all the races allotted for that driver. You'll get to keep them on your Austria. Even if you forget, so you could forget up to ten times. And then the you're done. Yeah. You still have a team for ten weeks. That's pretty nice. What if you're all restrictor plate heavy and you're heading to martinsville or whatever. I don't know what the schedule is. But I mean, obviously is not ideal but still better than zero. I I can actually look and see where the land mines might be. But if you were to forget a week. That's a good thing. Definitely. I would say that a pretty pretty decent thing. There's a lot of people to choose from here. I mean, there's yeah. Like, forty of them almost there's what thirty seven on the entry lists this week. So really should only be twenty. But that's a discussion for another time. Well, I think your stupid if you don't go. Kevin Harvick he's been very good amount half tracks way news. You are just stupid. If you go. Kevin harvick. I mean, I probably not done in the past. And I've been stupid by not doing. So so Kevin harvick's on my list only has two wins there. It's not like he's a Jimmy Johnson. No. But he's very consistent Atlanta. He's very very much in the running every time another guy who's always in the running, but doesn't necessarily have wins here. Chase elliott. I'm going with that. I feel good about that. I am also going to go Jimmy Johnson. Well, that's good. You should I was expecting more of a excitement onto you. But that's okay. That's good. You should not weird nineteen eighties radio DJ guy. Well, I wasn't EJ back then. So I think somebody keep an eye on for this race though. Even though they don't particularly drive for the team that people think is very strong right now Ryan Newman. He always seems to get some speed out of cars Atlanta, for whatever reason you've qualified second there last year at our CR equipment had not been for a weird part failure. He would have pretty decent finish speaking of Ryan Newman. Didn't he run like last fifty laps on a blown tire? Ten laps for. Yeah. Hundred. He ran ten five of the ten the final ten laps. He ran on a very shredded tire. I bet it felt like fifty sure probably did. And so this week Lanta very tire abrasive race track. I feel pretty good with my odds on Ryan Newman. And also Martin tricks junior has been very good amount of half tracks as well. Over the last several years. I feel good about him Ecole Pearn snapping out of wherever that we're Daytona funk. They had was because they weren't very competitive Daytona. Oh, I know what I wanted to find out. Yes. A little slow. Remember last year, we were conserving Jimmy's. And and and you know, we thought it was for the whole year and all this stuff. So does it reset the playoffs? Again. That's a good question. And I don't know. Hopefully, it does because then the ten isn't so bad. Right. We can then you would have team for twenty weeks. Perhaps we should maybe read the rules. Yeah. Well, we didn't see that sneaking thing in the rules last year. So I'm sure well this year, I'm going to assume that we get reset at the playoffs. And I'm just going to use up my Jimmy's go for it man to cheat. Do I already got one used up? I'm gonna use another one this weekend Atlanta and so on and so on until he gets a win. That's excellent. I think you should do that. All right. I think we're done actually the show already. Yeah. I know we had a lot of fun on this one. Well, well, I was not very good fancy last week scored a hundred and fifteen points. So that's not good. I'm like hundred fifty four league. I did one thirteen. Wow. Thanks, Tom, by the way. He let us know that our league is the eighteenth highest amount of users league on NASCAR com who are the other seventeen losers. A one would be like NBC sports, Dale, jR in them in it. Everybody should leave all those and come to ours. We're better. We are. We actually will sit here and talk to you on like, those people speaking of which where you knew that where's the texting and chatting and stuff? I'm it's in there on the website on the mobile version of member on the website. I don't see it. Anyway, I'll look for that. While we while we wrap things up here. Checkered flag flying on this show. This has been the final weekly catches next week right here. We will be recapping the full of honor at Atlanta Motor Speedway and preview Las Vegas where I am going to drive and hang out for a while. And all the stories in between Toby you and I will chat X week. Yes. Honor has been folded. So rap another final lap weekly is in the books, the final AP weekly hosted by Kerry Murphy, along with Toby Christie, proudly syndicated by United stations radio networks in New York City city, executive producer, Kerry, Murphy, Kerry, Murphy sound design by Russell Nash at audio director dot audio. I'm Tom mode from Tom O dot com. Thanks for listening. Time now for our massive list of patriotic paying people, and that list is massive my friend. It's excellent are people are pre awesome. We we really appreciate everyone. Who does what they do think the show better? Absolutely. You didn't seem very sure on that. That's okay. Absolutely. Not nineteen eighties. DJ geoghegan. About our good old, buddy. Here. Dare gibbs. He's been a longtime contributor of this show on patriot. We appreciate that, Tom, Tom and Heim longtime listener longtime patriot as well, Joe, the longest tenured patron of our entire patriot list. John Kirby, he's in there. He's awesome. He's been there for a long time. Now as well. How about our buddy Chris Edwards, man? I've met that guy. If you met him carry see. What does that mean? I don't know. I actually cool story about Chris before going further. And I have to say this because I'm I'm at my desk right now. I'm looking at it. I have a airplane like fin or something on my desk from him the designed by Don Shula the head coach of the Miami Dolphins for long time. It's not a real dolphin dorsal. Fin is it. No, it's often airplane. Oh, forget the part that it was he told me what kind of part. It was a while back when he sent this to me, but don't they need that? Apparently, it's not one was in service anymore. Oh, good. But yeah, Chris and it to me it had Don Shula's autograph on it. And he knows I'm a longtime Miami Dolphins fan and Don Shula came up to where he was at one time. That's all I had on them. So we had him sign that and years later he found out that I'm dolphins fan sent to me. So it was really cool, and we shouldn't have given away that Great. That's awesome. Don't associate that with our listeners. Anyway, Justin campus. He's the man longtime Larson fan. I'm sure he was pumped to see the forty to come home with decent finished with tear destroyed car obliterated. Looks like something Kerry. Murphy drives. Yeah. He just went with that. That's cool Thomas comfort. He's been here. A long time as well. Mike Hamilton longtime listener, and we still don't know where he put that sticker. We need to see a picture that Mike on Senate to us. Charles k Miller as well. Dave lyford. Don't worry, buddy. Your new sticker will be going in the mail for becoming a patron and Ed Taylor. We haven't. No, we have not not noticed. So we have noticed the US stickers. Well, so it'd be coming very soon Nick read and Scott Clark, Richard Ray as well. You folks are amazing. We appreciate having you do for us. We're going to be millionaires at this point. If you'd like to join in on the fun and beyond this list like all those fine folks giving us their hard earned money to help us go to race tracks and interview drivers and make this show. Even better go to what is it patriot dot com slash the final app. What do I say? Yeah. That.

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