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"ryan blaine jimmy johnson" Discussed on The Final Lap

"And so, you know, when you're looking at things like this you've got everybody it's been just wearing their heart on the on their sleeve throughout the entire offseason. Sure before JD past. I'm sure people within the organization knew the things weren't going. Well, and I'm sure they worked really hard in the offseason to put the best foot forward for JD. And then once that news comes out, you kind of get up on the on the stick there, and you get things a little bit a little bit more perfect going into things you just want things. Perfect. You wanna win for your fallen friend fallen them following everything. And they really came through in the clutch. Now, of course, it took a lot of weird things, and they had to miss a lot of crazy things even Eric Jones. Like, we said the fuel pressure thing, but they all made it through all the weird situations throughout the day. And there they were at the end in a position to win. And they and they got it done. Dale senior dies the very next race Daytona junior wins. Now that's true, but shooters pretty restrictor plate driver. And that wasn't the only tiny one day Tono or Talladega. So Hendrick motorsports. Plane crashes Jimmy Johnson wins martinsville. All I mean. Jimmy Johnson again pretty good martinsville. So it's pretty good bet regardless what happened there. I just giving you some other examples. No, I I hear you. It's just these things are lined up perfectly for these people that are just great and they situations again Halen one of the best restrictor plate drivers in the sport. Today got up on the wheel when it mattered most here in the Daytona five hundred for JD Gibbs. And that's an awesome story. Really really cool stuff to see how about this. Carey there were. How many cars were finished? We're running at the end of this thing. Well, I think they said three had no damage, right? And there weren't many that were running at the end of this. There was a lot of chaos throughout this race. There was I mean, I think we mentioned pretty much all of it. Kyle Larson spinning flat tire running into everything else. Massive wreck with ten laps to go superstars involve Martin tricks junior. Ryan Blaine Jimmy Johnson William buyer and chase Elliott Eric Jones Daniel Suarez. And I think they counted. Eighteen cars in that one. And I love the video that they've slowed down of that wreck of this just massive pile of steel and wreckage with sparks it. Just it looks like it's all gonna fuse and melt together. Yeah. It was it was wild. And it was actually official number being twenty one the early numbers rate team, but they did balloon to twenty one by the time. It was all done and involved in that crash while the person who led the most rate most laps in this race, Matt Benedetto..

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