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Manhunt after deputy shot, killed in Dickson County, Tennessee

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01:02 min | 2 years ago

Manhunt after deputy shot, killed in Dickson County, Tennessee

"The water but passed away on tuesday at valley children's hospital a hanford woman and manner are under arrest after a fourteen year old reported to hanford police that they've been molested two months ago officers say the allegation was directed toward the victims stepfather but the mother had been told and failed to report it thirty two year old ryan benegas and thirtythreeyearold gloria rizzo are both facing felony child endangerment benegas facing second felony both were book last night into the king's county jail a manhunt is underway in tennessee for a man believed to be armed and dangerous wanted in the shooting death of a dickson county deputy sheriff jeff bledsoe reduce my prayer to god that are court will be a tear to him on the on the punishment he receives a woman who was attacked by the suspect one day earlier says stephen joshua wiggins put a gun to her head and threatened to kill her and then took her car on wall street the dow currently up three hundred thirty four points it's eleven thirty two a m j valley weather right now partly.

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