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"ryan barana" Discussed on WXYT CBS Sports Radio 1270

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"ryan barana" Discussed on WXYT CBS Sports Radio 1270

"Whether we use will cbs tuesday or stream it live or on demand cbs monday kilter no team score scorpio mrs works about the start it's the brainier acts criminal when you call me before you ready to apologize versus the maniacs three smart would make were swore with everybody the only thing better than a genius or you people where the guys if pick less than gym class a team of death near man of continuous what would you do break the heck out scorpion together we can do things that no one else can do cbs monday or stream it live or on demand his he has wmx wide c m w s yd aides didi drawing cbs sports radio swell seventy us cbs radio station the scorched flyer jay berman will start with the baseball scoreboard before we get to the basketball news of the day in the third inning pirates have opened up a four one lead on the raise in pittsburgh meanwhile john lackey getting lit up by the cubs apart me by the nationals nationals lead the cubs in the third inning five nothing readers in rent dawn already have home rods orioles and blue jays in the fourth setting up and toronto blue jays leaders wanted nothing jose batista his fourteen th home run royals wing the tigers one nothing in the fourth moore's in front of the reds q two one in the third ryan barana homerun adam do bala home broad socks tutor nothing indians in front of the rangers to nothing in the third couple of finals phillies got past the mariners five two four robinson kono daddy valencienne kyle signal hit home runs for seattle phillies got all months from joseph and kelly the giants beat the rockies of fi five to three right now the basketball news of the day the clippers of training chris paul the rockets for patrick beverley lou williams said decker enough i round pick next summer of course the day began with the news at phil jackson out as next president with two years at twenty four million dollars left on the contract he signed back in two thousand i was at fourteen gm steve mills will run the knicks through free agency.

phil jackson gm president kelly seattle ryan barana jose batista blue jays toronto john lackey baseball class a knicks steve mills cbs decker patrick beverley lou williams rockets giants joseph mariners phillies rangers moore tigers cubs pittsburgh jay berman twenty four million dollars two years