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"rutger hauer ah" Discussed on The Bone 102.5

"Have you heard of Lady who? I have not heard of Lady Hawk. Sell me on it under first off. I don't have to sell you on it later. Understand something, Lady Lady Hawks. Legend and lore is already in place, though. How? I can't even believe That you have not seen Lady Hawk And this is the period in which you like to dwell. Lady Hawk was a film directed by Ah young Richard Donner. You might know Richard Donner is the man that brought a Superman. One of the greatest comic book movies ever also gave us the lethal weapons franchise. Richard Quite quite a few other interesting films and a couple that were fluff, But Richard Donner was an A list director. Lady Hall stars a young Matthew Broderick. As a thief. But the main stars are Rutger Hauer from the greatest movie ever made Blade Runner and a very beautiful Michelle Pfeiffer. Now there is a There is a witch off sorts that puts a curse on them. They're there. They're lovers, they but they're for their forbidden lovers. And so the curses And I don't make sure I get this right because sometimes I reverse it. The curses Rutger Hauer is a wolf by night. And Michelle Pfeiffer during the day. Is A hawk. Ah Hawk right. That explains the title deed. Yes, yes, And it's a It's a very cute C. It's a very like record. Howard, if you know him his presence. I mean, alright, His presence on screen is just phenomenal. And Matthew Broderick is his kind of whimsical, smart Alec. You sell, and Matthew Broderick is the one Rutger Hauer puts him in tars of watching her. And and and I want to say, Yeah. Matthew Broderick eyes put in charge of watching her when he's a wolf because he can't protect her. So he starts calling her. He starts calling her Lady Hall and that's an and Rutger Hauer likes that, But that's where the title comes from. So but but the curse of it isthe They can never touch each other. They can never lay human to human eyes on each other s O. They are they are destined to never, you know, be able to consummate their love. They're destined to never be ableto have a romance. There's one scene in particular. And it is my favorite scene from the movie, and I think if anybody else watches it It always points out to be their favorite scene. There's one scene where you get to see that you get to see the transformation. Rutger Hauer Ah, is it And it's It takes place in Ah, snow covered region, So it's just absolutely stunning. It's absolutely beautiful, but Rutger Hauer Is the wolf. And Michelle Pfeiffer is Michelle Pfeiffer and The wolf starts turning back because the sun starts coming up. And Matthew Broderick keeps Michelle Pfeiffer keeps the wolf at his side and the wolf protects them at night. The sun starts coming up. And you start to see the wolf starts to turn into Rutger Hauer. And now Michelle Pfeiffer, who is Michelle Pfeiffer and not the hawk at this point is looking at this body of the wolf starts to morph in back into Rutger Hauer. And The Wolf's eyes. Wow, it's transforming is looking in myself. Five human eyes. It's really It's really, really touching and Brazil with five. It's looking at him and he's He's like 2/3 storing the transformation that he starts to transform from myself. I've been to the hawk, but there's still enough form of her toe where you're looking at it, and you're like, okay, this is gonna happen. They're going to be able to do this. They're going to be able to touch They're going to be able to a human eyes on each other again and in the end and and and the music is building That's just a really poignant scene and in the fraction and when I say the fraction of a second you couldn't sly the sliver of Hair through it. It looks just like they're about to do it and see Turkey as Rutger Howard now becomes a man and he's laying on the ground because it was well. He reaches his head out for as he flipping turns into a hawk and flies away and he buries his head into the snow. And he goes. What do you gotta do, Teo? Make a witch man. Put that kind of curse on you. That's just I have to be out of which there though. There's a lot of the movie that I forget. I will tell you this Matthew Broderick, it's hilarious. The fight scene in the end is brilliant. Rutger Hauer was born TTO play at night. If there's a There's a There's a there's a very old film. Call it Don't to dare. Don't you dare play off Rutger Hauer with music that you gonna pull that music down, You know also that time understand some when I'm when I'm in my eighties movies bag don't ever interrupt me is where I live right there is there's a movie called flesh and Blood that was directed by their who, even whom was just this really blood and guts Director German Director, which put Rutgers How on the map, So you want to go back and you want to look at flesh and blood. But Rutger Hauer was born to play a night is beautiful. The one flaw and I have to say this. The one flaw of Lady Hong is that there's it has. It has a very organic To the times to the era soundtrack, which is beautiful a score, which is which that scene that I told you about with score to, But then there's also this tangerine dream score..

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