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079  Its Your Fault

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079 Its Your Fault

"You know there's gotta be a happy balance between you know taking care of your guys and making sure they feel like they're important and handing out here you showed up and you got yourself self dressed in the morning and so we're going to give you a trophy. Breathe on this mirror together as one I continuing to serve always this the Brotherhood Academy Radio Taught. Hey Everyone Rusty Ricker New England fools letting you know about some of our upcoming events for twenty twenty twenty February ninth Sunday. Fourteen hundred hours the west Kennebunk- fire station. We have our tactical tutelage tour Portsmouth fire medic. Tim Griswald March weekend. A six to the eighth at the village by the sea in Wells Maine. We have our annual winter conference the northeastern fire summit some of the best instructors. We've had yet right here in your backyard. Also on TAP. We have our annual firebomb photo night coming in the twenty eighth March and Georgetown Mass and bring it back spring training hands on event. It'd be up I've been thompson main the weekend of April third to the fifth for some northeast. Truckin hands on you can check us out on facebook. Instagram or twitter at New England fools or go to our website and e fools dot org. So I'm fired up always fired up. I have a couple of things add because I'm a Ted this discussion that we're getting ready to have because I when are we going going. We're going we're going. We ready fired. Add up so a little disillusion with the way things are right now. Yeah and it's not just us it's everywhere consider it's everywhere and I think we need to talk about it N. B. Blunt about it but so this is the Brotherhood Academy Radio PODCAST. I am Nick Hilton. And I'm here with Paul Ballantyne and the Camel L. and we're GonNa we do a pretty good. I think I hope. I hope we are nice powerful episode. Because I think we're due for powerful in your face blunt episode but let's start off with the announcements as always the AF down to fight five volunteer firefighters podcast out of Canada. These guys are great guys except for today and and yesterday because those assholes brought down there cold. We don't want your Cole no other you can have it back We don't want that Canadian with some guys from Florida. Yeah we need some Florida. Take Florida well. Jason Patent the Funny Guy. They're fighter Parma chronicles yet and we can hook up with him because he's down in Florida Florida. Maybe we'll just start plugging him. I'm for the rest of the winter and then once summer kicks in we'll go back to back to the You know what's you know. What's better than Florida probably is like Arizona because it's like a dry dry orders like really humid as traders as a dry heat? So I'm bill for the humidity although it's still one hundred ten degrees in Arizona in some places sometimes into the year so I mean that's wicked heart regardless you know what we love those guys over there in Canada. Just don't like their coach. If you haven't heard their podcast please go on a check. Doubt the brother not the Brotherhood. That's US oh should I am fired up today. The down to fight fire volunteer firefighters. podcast all great content there volunteers years in a rural setting in Canada. And they go to a lot of fires they go to they go to Bush fires and bushfires structure fires do that. Yeah Anybody Arctic's now not real off the rails totally too cold and too early like eleven Fahrenheit here at least it was when I left work this morning. Eleven Fahrenheit. I don't know it's probably colder up there. But you know that's what you get for living eleven fahrenheit up their somethings like Celsius it would be minus whatever because thirty two is zero the Myers cold. Yeah thirty two. Fahrenheit is zero Celsius works it is an one hundred Celsius as two hundred and twelve degrees Fahrenheit in other than that. I can't tell you any more about it but Check those guys out the down to five volunteer firefighters podcasts there on all the platforms to listen to podcast on and they're on all the social media platforms platforms. Just check them out. They're good they've got funny stuff. Oh and they like to stop the bleed. That's one of the big things a lot of trauma up there in the Bush they do. Oh that's not good they have You know how does that work how does ems house. They're not but the the hospital realm. I wonder how that is up there. Right Elk Brad Nelson Hospital tough reindeer. You gotta be you gotTa be tough to do that So you know probably the date is a Lotta duct tape superglue. Yep Oh yeah you know what I mean yeah you know like like ours from the hospital duct tape and superglue and on it calling the helicopters they have to when you could ever hope to copter all bleeding does eventually stops. It does when you run out. I mean that's one way. AM stopping it. All fires go out all fires eventually go out and all bleeding does eventually stop. I told that to somebody on the telephone yesterday did you. Yeah and they laughed about it and I said Seriously you know unless you're in Australia. Those fires are not going out. No that's going to eventually go out. It will eventually run out of fuel surrounded by water it is it is. It is only gonNA burned to the waterline. And that's that and then once it runs out of fuel it no longer GONNA burn good point good point so stop the burn. Stop the bleed. You just wait it out in the cold then stop the cold. No more called bring on the spring. Springtime here is great and speaking of Spring. Paul you bring us to the next announcement. Oh Oh good. Good Yeah Spring Thoughts yes the fools the fraternal order of leatherhead society of you guys are new listeners. You should go back and listen to our episode. We had with rusty ricker with the northeast. The New England fools that get these backwards all the time. The New England fools because they are hosting a ton of training the spring. And if you happen to listen to the commercial that I played we have a commercial on here now for the fools. It played at the beginning of this episode. I sent it to you guys last night. it's respirator on it Telling talking about what's coming mcso but the big thing that's coming up for us with them as the northeast fire summit in March march sixth through eighth in Wells Maine And we're GONNA have a table set up. We may have the whole team. We may have one may may have to. We may have none. Who knows but we'll be there with a table and the Mike and the computer the mixer and we already have an interview scheduled Fine young ladies that is hosting a Class A discussion. I should say on that Friday. So be looking out for that. Anybody anybody can go to that. You don't need to be a fool's member to attend you. Do get a discount if you're a fool's member it doesn't matter what chapter you're in but please go to our website. You'll see or not our website but our facebook book page. You'll see a link. There banner explaining the northeastern fire summit. If you don't WanNa go there you can go to the New England fools website and you can get all that information there so march sixth through eighth twenty twenty in wells Maine totally worth the trip northeast fire summit and then the next announcement is we want you guys to still submit your training ideas on our website We've got a banner. They're on the right hand side you'll see it We WanNA collect all sorts of training ideas unique ones basic one simple complicated whatever so we can in put together a large list for everybody to reference when they are stumped radio. Because how many times do we started training night. And we're like we're not plant. What do you do? It happens a lot yup shoot from the hip sometimes. They're good sometimes not so good right exactly. So let's help each other out. Let's increase everybody's training and their knowledge and let's let's share so please go on there and submit that very easy to do in will feature on the website in up on social media. So that's it from my announcements if you guys have anything Shoot Nothing New England fools that it'll be good training. Guaranteed these guys are solid solid Guys solid brothers and their Now their aim is to preserve traditions and in the fire service and You know in big name people. There's rural doesn't means anes malt small town main. There's going to be some big names in the girl that speaking. She comes from Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin so called there too. It's wicked calls. They're different way into pierce fire trucks and is really cold there. Yeah so that cats out of the bag by the way to facebook official. It's not facebook official. Yeah because I'm trying to put together because you know I like to go bigger. Go home when it comes to announcing things on facebook or but yes that cats out of the bag. It'll be leaving my job on the twenty third and starting my new job on the twenty seventh of this month so it's happening rather quickly going to be a traveling. Roadshow traveling roadshow selling Pierce. Fire trucks in New Hampshire insurance so anyway Cow Hampshire. So I'm fired up guys I've been kind of calm here with announce fired up. I'm fired up because I'm sick and tired of seeing fire departments complaining that they don't have any members or they don't have any help yet at the same time they're not doing doing any effort to keep their good members on their fight apartments and it doesn't just apply to fire departments that applies to all sorts of agencies police fire. EMS regular jobs business. I'm sick and tired of it And I see it all the time on social media. We don't have we don't have help. You see all these stories in the paper for yet. Then you hear people who want to join the fight apartment. But they're turned off to it because they make them jump through ridiculous hoops to get there. Well that and they discriminate against whatever gender you are. I've been hearing stories on that like all your girl. We don't want you on here. which believe it or not? It's still happening. which is bullshit? What still getting me that all out west? Apparently it happened was going to say really shouldn't be shocked but I'm a little shocked. You got professional sessional leaders and when I say professional people that when I mean professional is like the professionals it's a mindset not right employment status they supposedly what they're doing they supposedly have earned to get into position. There at a professional leaders are actually not doing what they're supposed to be doing to keep their employees and their members happy and engaged and empowered uh-huh and they're leaving. You know you see these articles on facebook that are going around. Why good employees leave? Why couldn't I don't know how many of you read it? Read those but you should read them because they're great points and they can be able to firestone. I do when I see those. Some of those are applicable to you know various like we were talking about fire departments Private sector regular jobs. You know full-time Fire Service Volunteer. Fire Service on and on and on you know in all of those leadership lessons are worth reading reading because if we can take something from from outside the fire service that's maybe best practice and apply it in our in our jobs than it's it's definitely not time wasted to read things like that certainly not because all that can be relatable and right down to the books like Jaakko willing books and all the leadership business business books out there. You can totally relate those to the fire service and and our leaders are not doing that. I think our leaders are becoming way too close minded. Maybe it's time they move on. Maybe it's maybe they're just. I've been in the service for too long. I don't know but I'm seeing young leaders. Come in doing the same thing where they're not paying attention to their membership. They're paying attention to their own personal agenda in what they want the Fire Department or the agency to look like in the direction they want it to go in and at the same time. They're not paying attention to what the whole membership wants. They're not letting their membership do work. They're not letting the membership take on projects and they are they're taking projects away from them and taking empowerment away from them and there's no incentive for them to stay right and yeah and it's it it's just baffles my mind how this hasn't clicked yet and how people still don't understand that you can't run a fire department and expect people to show up and do work without letting them have a little bit of freedom and a little bit of empowerment armant and responsibility to take care of something on their own to form that ownership in real in. And what's the word I'm looking for now doesn't even matter. But they're not pride and ownership ownership ownership. They're not getting it because you're not allowing them to you You hit on a on a topic there That it is important to this. And it's that pushing your personal agenda That's a that's a critical That's a critical fault right. There is pushing your personal agenda rather island what you know what's best for me versus what's best for we exactly exactly and they're forgetting about that we they're forgetting the team in the team. Spirit in working as a team because when all things go to shit when we're out of big incident we have to know that we can trust each other and we have to be able to work together to solve the problems that we're here to solve solvent to to Put the fires out in to rescue the people into stop the bleed. We we need to be able to do that. And we need to build a trust everybody and work together as a team. We can't have people showing up as officers chief surges or or regular firemen showing up with their own agendas and their own things that it's the former freelancing when you're not on the same in audience that everybody else not stop and it's frustrating people. It's frustrating the good members who are putting in a lot of work. You're putting in like all of us at this table. Have have a ton of time on the Fire Department and we have put in a ton of work and we're still putting in a ton of work and you have people that are coming in that. Want to do the same thing that we need to give them the same opportunity unity that we had coming in to form that sort of ownership. We need to be doing that to the new members we can't be holding. This is holding it close as this is our fight apartment. You're not gonNA come in here and and take it over. We want them to come in here and take it over. We want them to to learn how to manage and learn how to take ownership and learn how to take on projects and start new things in the look to see what the industry mysteries standards are changing. Bring that in and we have people in this fire service that are not doing that and then allowing. I'm fired up over it. Fired up clearly. Sorry sorry all right so you can go home to show everybody time is valuable. We appreciate you guys coming back and digital. Yeah exactly and I'm sorry I would yell me louder but I lost my voice this last week and it's just now coming back and I want to keep it so I do have three more days of dispatching which I need to need to have dispatched voice. It's not fun it's not. It's not because you have to answer the phone and then talk on the radio and then like literally really no one can hear what you're saying this miserable great and you feel fine like I felt fine. I'm like this is great. I could run a marathon while I couldn't. I haven't run in a long time. But why would anybody any run without being chased. Look happy when they're running. No okay. They've never never whereas if you have ever seen somebody happy when the rain the Donut yes Syria. Yeah he's he's happy right now. which is the pill going? I did Alan Two dozen donuts today. This morning I went out in the frigid cold in got everybody some donuts. So yeah we're if we're feasting on some fat pills this morning fat and happy that is one good thing about living in New England is we do have the dunks dunks. Yes and every corner. Ah every corner except here. I mean there's like one within we got two guys too good for dunks here. Yeah no we can't have. We can't have Dunkin donuts in York because it might look like kittery in God forbid because we're so much better than them. I mean we can't have that say that allowed. No but you know what is a great topic. It's so much better. You're trying to move your house here. The government win my fight. You're in you just brought up an analogy with this. Whole discussion is is okay? The town of York does not want fast food right. They don't want fast food in this town. No no but no franchise. Towns around us have franchises right so we want to attract tourists rate. Were Taurus community. F- just like we want to attract fighters. Do we really want to attract tourists while brings in our income. You're not helping my analogy. Okay sorry put yourself in out of the fire department out of out of being a resident here but put yourself into managing the town and you want an ice finance finance coming in Nice Budget Nice tax base tax base. Thank you so that's why you're you're a battalion chief. Whatever you want that coming in right so no? We can't have any franchises. But WHO's coming up to this this lovely town of ours. It's the people from down South who have communities. They live in with nothing but Francesa eight sure and they want to come and yes they wanna try the fried clams. Yes they want to try steak and ice lobster Nice Main home-cooked looked restaurant. Family Down Main Restaurant yes. They want that but they also might leave the beach and be like damn I really could go for a big Mac right now because it feels like home because it's predictable like the franchises are familiar. And you're getting a consistent product exactly like anyone who's brought like the family on vacation for a week or I travel a lot for work and I try to avoid the chain restaurants traveling and try to get all these little get. The local Solo Glare by there are times particularly in the morning like dunks and get a coffee and move in my day launch time. I want to get something quick. Quick and easy launch ameliorer. Move on my way so when a tourist is in this town and they wake up in the morning I just WanNa dunks because they live down in Massachusetts and they just WanNa dunks. What are they going to do? They're gonNA Leave York and they're going to either go to South Berwick. We're hamble is yeah. It's no different than and managing your fire department. If you WANNA keep your members happy you WanNa keep people in your department doing things and keep them there. You have to provide things that they want you have to give them incentives you have to allow them to remain happy to stay here. It goes right back to my golden rule of the the volunteer. Call Fire Service in F- Set Multiple Times. Is You have to create an environment where people want to be period. That's it you can have all the incentives in the world. You can of all the call. Pay The pay on the Whitman. All of this all of that if it's a place that people don't want to be they're not gonNA be there because I'll tell you right now. Equipment really doesn't matter it doesn't no matter. What does run a wheelbarrow if they had to throw in Indian tank and Wilbur guys running? They'd be happy to do it. We have really good. Both of our agencies have very good equipment that meant for sure we do comparable to the departments around us right. Yeah and further North Dako- obviously yet. We still still have members that come in and complain right and this is not just just Elliott. That's not the common denominator. Is the apparatus sitting on the apparatus floor. So it's it's got nothing to do with the equipment that you have. You could have the best equipment in the world but if you're not managing your members of your not a people person you're gonNA lose and that's what's happening. I think that's a big is. Is You have to be a people person. You have to be able to communicate because I mean yes you want to empower the members in. Yes they all have A. You know they'll need to feel like they're you know involved at the end of the day it your ship to steer right there's only one captain on the boat for sure But I think the to combat that is to make sure that you're open and transparent and you know consider others when you're making decisions and and I think most of the time it's not even that people want to get their way so they want to be heard and happens is right there may be. You know suggestions you get. That just aren't aren't proud to offer right and you listen to it and you maybe talked to him. You know not in a demeaning meaning way of why that's not the way we're going to go but at least they are able to voice their. They're always make sure you follow up. If someone does voice in idea to you have to follow up with it somehow awesome way whether it's it's not gonNA happen or hey. That was a really good idea. We're going to try it follow up. Don't leave them hanging because they're not going to feel like they're heard they just WanNa feel her they wanna feel you like they have some sort of involvement and like what's the reason to come down if if they're being ignored you know we can just you just use me when you need me. We can stay home and be ignored. Yeah no kidding I WANNA knock it my way all stay home. I'll speak for yourselves No I mean it's just it's the communication thing is key thing that's the most important that transparency is. It goes along with it because you the guys WanNa know what's going on in the girls. They WanNa know what's going on. They want to be informed decisions. Like how many times does how does it make you feel when you guys like. You haven't been the files in a little bit right. It's been a couple of weeks you go up there and something has completely changed and you know nothing about it. I feel lousy about feel lousy about it but you know the other guys knew about it and they're happy about it but you're like oh Jesus like even if it's something you agree with your still gotta take back like Oh well this is different some of that some of that's our own fault like I know for me. It's sometimes it's weeks on end before I you know. The new jobs is a little hectic and the free time just doesn't right there right now and so. I'm not there all the time time and a lot of things day-to-day changed down there. And it's it's sometimes it's hard to keep up with it and it's I'm struggling with it a little bit. I'm not putting the time I'm in here that I once did. I just don't have it. That's natural life changes you know and people need to be understanding of that too and that's another thing that people run into. They get busy so you can't be just throwing numbers out because the busy either you know you gotta be balanced well and I think that that speaks back to keeping everybody involved bringing new people into the fold because as those natural availability curves chains right as people get busier and less busy depending on where they are in their life. You know those burdens can can and shift. Yeah I'm guilty. I'm really guilty of it because I'm kind of a doer. I love people talk about things. I actually do things along. That's not gonNa Brag but it's like make make things happen but sometimes I have our time say no to new things sometimes and and just recently we had to change where I said Yes to a project that the chief we've talked about and then after some thought and some council with a couple you know senior members. It's like yeah. Maybe somebody else should do that because I just have to make things right too. Many things is going on right now. It's hard to it's hard to you. Know you gotTa know your limits you know you know. I think it's I are. We have a rule in our place that no is okay. Just don't take something on and half do it. Just tell me no right from the get-go and find somebody else. That can do it because you you know. I think we all could agree that we'd rather have somebody say no I. I can't take that on and not even not even attempt to then take it on and either forget about it or half or whatever so I think I'm guilty of that You know but I think too when you take on a project when you had the time and you completed it but then it needs to be updated. Aided you don't really want to let that go understand. It's hard to let it go. I get it but at the same time. If you can delegate that down you know like like I used to do the roster's right the Russel's for years listen. Let's have someone else do this. You know good that felt to let that go. I'm I am sure but that was. My decision is my decision and I was happy about it so you WanNa be careful of this. Another thing. That's happened is managers and leaders are taking projects away from people that they've started and you got to remember that if someone starts a project to create something that's they own that that's ownership and they're happy and proud of it you. You can't just be taken away. There's gotta be that Open Communication Intellectual Property Yes you are a battalion chief. Heart were born. I'm probably done for the day. Hey that's that's probably like the last smart thing I'm GonNa say all day and it's like what is it nine o'clock now Nine thirty nine forty. I said to smart things I'm done for the day. Go Pitch Slippers on. ESPN going to have to well. My head hurts already so done with conversation. We're proud of you probably service. Yeah intellectual property though is I might make me Mata that would make him out of that. If you wanted to intellectual property and that's yours is like the driver training programs your intellectual property right but I came up with that I came up with it but now I've got another guy under me kind of taken the realm kind of taking the rains. I should say really really busy busy busy too. And I think that that what he did with it he improved and he told me he communicated here. Here's what I'm going to change. We're GONNA obviously keep the the same baseline the same structure but we're going to change it a little bit and that's where the communication comes in both ways both gotta talk you go both to make the decision. It's a lot with any huge decision in the department of you don't include members are going to be Felt like dark and they're not gonNA like it and people are going to be more apt to agree with. Change agree with a new program or new policy if they're involved in the decision of development and and it doesn't even have to be making decisions but you like you said yeah the development where they're least able to listen to and have an idea what's coming right and and even if they say something about what an idea they have like. Hey you know maybe we should do it this way. And even if it doesn't get approved they still have that opportunity to say you know nothing is is worse than just slapping something. Hey we're no longer doing this. You're no longer in charge of that. You no longer able to do that. You know organizational changes instructor changes and reorganisation while all screwed up up. Those are necessary. Fire Department you. You should be able. You should be in a spot where you need to reorganize things. It's just part of growth. But you gotTa make sure your members are on board you gotTa make sure members know about it or informed about it because you don't WanNa come to work or come to the fires Wednesday. Say Shit. I'm no longer in charge of that. Well that's that's a that's a pistol away going about things. I think another thing too is the lack of recognition. I don't think people are recognizing their members enough. I don't think they're giving the credit and I think a lot of leaders and chiefs are taking a lot of credit instead of giving a lot of Chris. Oh that's got to be. This is something we could expand on a little bit. There's got to be like a happy balance there. Between the everybody everybody gets a trophy mentality and the and the Hey guys great job on that. Who a great job on that? Call a great job rewriting that so g a great job washing those those trucks you know. There's got to be a happy balance between you know taking care of your guys and making sure they. They feel like they're important and handing out here. You showed up and you got yourself dressed in the morning and so we're going to give you a trophy here. Breathe on this mirror right happy balanced between you should be able to or two In gold well. That's a great point and I think leaders need to remember if you're a manager or leader whatever whatever industry you're in you don't even have to firefighter but remember if you are a leader in your up their ranks your comments what you say. You're you're you're critiques your discipline. Your comments have more weight than somebody else's it's not. Yeah they knew early edition. Yes they do. It could be something so simple is cracking a joke to somebody or picking on them something that you may be used to doing so you get and then you get promoted in the crack that same joke but now has more weight and you gotta be careful say is I can speak to that with personal experience. I don't I I'm like the fight if you're a firefighter. Firefighter busted chops back and forth is one thing but for the the officers and an and higher ups to be you know busting chops like you one of the guys. We're only one of the guys as leadership. We're only one of the guys to to appoint ran on a certain point. There's a level of decorum that's expected. And so that's really tricky to navigate. It is remember that that's the case. And you gotta remember that the people are watching you and your members are watching you in the second. You think. They're not watching you. Guess what they are. I watch so it's about respecting them and making sure that you're talking to them in a respectful manner yet and make sure that they know you're joking you know and if somebody like if if a chief for somebody at my work right now that I'm going to be there for three more days if a sergeant or somebody comes up and cracks a funny joke to me. That funny funny joke now has more weight of wow. This guy's been funny with me. This is great now if it were like a stab at me as opposed to regular police officer or or perceive it to be a desk right That's not that's not good brain no so again it comes back back to like Hammill says communication and I think that's all part of the and I think we need to do more of that you can't you can't over communicate the higher you get up. That's right you have to you have to you. Know at a company officer level you have to communicate with your troops your intentions or the orders that have been handed down to you at a at a command level. You need to communicate your intentions to the company officers and troops and give them the backing that you know of. Why the initial y you know? Why are things changing exactly so wife's coming down the legs coming down the stairs here? Hello dear you don't have after whistler and have to be sorry all the listeners know you exist he'd been on the show before so it's okay and they do know that we're in the basement next to the laundry. The big stack laundry were there. Is that a stock pile. We turn the dryer on. We should turn the dryer on. Leave the door open. Leave the door open so cold down down here. I was GonNa talk about the beginning twelve in the basement. Maybe twelve degrees in the basement of these. iphones have a thermometer on. Can I get it even turn on so cold out here so off topic but now on topic And we'll get back into this The studio we got a price to the studio. Yeah so we talked about doing something above our garage to have heat right in space and are comfortable area. I don't know that we necessarily need heat. But we definitely don't need the AC to be on the AC in this in summer though. Yeah Oh for sure. So one of those mini splits. Yeah those are awesome splits and Yeah you just put it in wall on pretty much those thugs in. I just need to find someone. That's good electrical. GotTa have Roman your breaker box. Yeah so we got a price to do that. And it's roughly thirty. Grand Range Yanks aches but so it's within budget. It is yes believe it or not. You'll budgets better than mine. Well that's what happens when you makes moves so anyway the Roi on that. I believe is big return on investment third third. Smart thing of the day I I really done. I'm on borrowed time. Yeah I'm into like tomorrow smartness tomorrow at all because I used it all up today uh-huh I believe is good on that because one it's going to give us a nice area to podcast to have a nice new big table. The wife is going to have a nice crowd the new table. What's wrong with the old one? WELL WE WANNA I wanNA rectangle to table. I'd like an ice rectangle once we can all sit on the same side right and then we'll say I kind of like just one kind of like kind of partial to film it. It's hard to film so over there on that angle but it what are we have a guest. You get there good we also cannot us like forgetting to say something about this new studio. We're not going to do it right away. Here's what here's what it is. We're going to wait a little bit until I'm settled in my job. Yep sure not about much like sense right. Yeah of course rights and get a little bit of the income coming in and you're going to you're going to be a little while getting up to speed yep so but the but the Roi is good because again it gives us a nice studio. I'll be able to have the office scenario so then I go right here from recording there we go over to edit boom boom uploads done. I'm not bouncing between rooms. Why don't why don't we do the beam that's one of that's part of it and we can lower the price of labor anyway on that what we're GONNA do a shed door? That's why I'm hiring someone to do is going to put. It's GonNa be at twenty four by twenty four area. It's going to be a pretty damn big area. Roughly fleets I should say roughly. It won't be totally square because he had that knee wall in the front but again that's going to be some stories that we can whatever but they'll be a bar I ars. There'll be a couch a table Bar for the bar boys. Yeah that's my thought was. If we had an ice lavar rectangle table the bar could be behind us and that could be our backdrop right right. What are you just put it in the middle of the table so you got to tap coming out of the middle of the table my God? That's a great idea. That's all right spins. They make them say swivel. So like if you you needed I was gonNA say three header. You go three headed monster. Yeah yes to header bar. That's a great idea though. Just put the TAP right in the middle of table. No problem solved. See Look at Artis. Firefighters are professional problem solvers. That's what we do. Give us a problem. We solve it. Just what we do. Yep Yep and that's what we're doing right here with solving problems solving problems so yes so that'll be new studio Just want to get settled in the job because then she needs it. We need the space. Essentially that's what it comes down to. We need to space the good. It's there We can hold function. She does her network marketing. She has meetings and stuff all the time in the dining room. So it's the right of there. It's a total write off. It will be a write off. Yeah so anyway back to the show dreaming big dreaming big but in a what dreaming was I would rather die with memories. Then we're dreams right now. That means do the shit that you WanNa do create memories. I want to go out of the Caribbean non-combat's sit on a beach right now. Can I do that. I mean I just WanNa go do it. What's stopping stopping? You a lot of stuff. Yeah responsibility I hate. They hate it but responsibility. What is good for your membership right? We hate responsibility in life. We joke about that but you members want the responsibility. Don't take shit away from them. Give them something to do. You want people to hang around on you want people to keep going to your calls. You want people to keep doing your fundraisers doing the work on the station during the truck checks. Give them something to do that. They can take ownership of an stop and Excel yes and Excel at because old. That brings up a point that I had on my list that I'm all over the place on his growth growth. Yeah because we're not letting our members grow. Yeah why am I leaving my job because there was no growth right for sure. And if nobody's some people don't WanNa grow just leave some people happy. Happy happy with status quo firefighters. Taipei's mostly mostly. Yeah Taipei's mostly WANNA keep growing. They don't want to saddle in one spot. They WANNA progress constantly and it doesn't have to be the same path that everybody takes. It doesn't have to be growing in rank but it could be growing in knowledge. It could grow as we can all officers. We have to have some firefighters because the only one chief. So there's only one chief then then there's only a lesser amount of officers still. We need the majority of firefighters because somebody has to pull hose and somebody has to be on the nozzle but somebody has to be better at it and somebody has to continue learning on it and growing how how to do things better. And that's why we go to these these seminars in these classes in these lectures right the one we went to last year the northeast fire summit. We learned better ways to stretch lines. We learned all these different things because people want growth and you have to allow your members to grow One thing with our our agency on our our apartment was officer development. And I've been harping our chief on that big time. We need some officer development. So what we're doing. We're going to finally get our fire officer WanNa do yes we are and we are only happy with it. He's like yes. Go go need to develop. I have definitely have the cart before the horse on that. Well well you should have had it years ago but right it's just gonNa make it official and will learn something from it no doubt about it no doubt about it we will definitely learn and something about it and and it happened the fall on all my work days off perfect look at that Yeah Nice. Of course it's mostly online and I think there's only one a handful of classes. We have two eight eight eight in person classes. Yeah that's perfect. Yeah at night. Yeah three hours. Three eight three hour classes. The only problem I was worried about was the FI fell on a work day. They need the whole twenty. Four off. Wouldn't leave work and be in scarborough for five five thirty PM. Whatever there's just no way right so she's out good? Yeah it worked out really well. I had it kind of worked out that they were GONNA. They were GonNa work with me on their very stingy on training shifts. But obviously because the budget is tight with you know eighty people or sixty-nine line people and many Adleman folks but anyway they were going to work with me on that and since another department was paying for the class they were GonNa work with me on training shifts and I didn't end up needing it. That's great that's great. Well that brings up another thing too is email us money as an excuse to not allow your members to go out and get extra training. Yeah that's a big big factor in a lot of things is having the budget to get your people trained but there's ways around founded there's ways to be creative creative financing is one thing are really good at and Hamill us. Three of us were talking last night online about we wanted to maybe think think about doing a regional training right so get other fight apartments on board of UCS share the cost. Obviously an instructor that you'd think would be really good with a really good topic. Share the cost. I can get it out there to other departments and then what's that doing that's team building. Jazz sure is well when we did the We did the class and Elliott last year on Or the fire officer Class Volunteer Fire Officer full-time leadership. That was fantastic. I walked into the room there and it was a WHO's who of the area fire departments turn you know. I got there late because I was coming from work. And I walk in the south boat guys and the Elliott guys and our guys and who else was is there that we knew guy. Yeah couple. Beach Yeah you know it was just. It was a WHO's who of the area fire departments all old friends that you know you. Only we see there on a big fire or even rarely even more rarely on a fireman's field I nowadays but right but it was like it was it was awesome. It was really in my element that night because it was all all old friends in the room. So what do you think. The collective amount of service or years of service was sitting in that room at only one hundred am I god. I don't have fingers and toes enough to count all that. Can you imagine we're way over one hundred or just argh. Oh Yeah Oh yeah for sure for sure we had guys like markle each and forty years going to say as he forty years. WHO's GonNa say might have even been Johnny Johnny in the room? I forget gang a guys in the room. So you know between Johnny and mark they got sixty seventy five hundred you know so but yeah if you can't afford it if you can't afford a training budget fine work around it again. Professional National Problem solvers around. Yes to let your members grow. Give them the opportunity to grow. Give them the opportunity to teach did you. You gotta you gotTa no answer from one of the area departments on the last that you're trying to put on did you get an affirmative from a couple of others and nobody else responded Yeah Yeah that was kind of frustrating. I put that out to you. Know How much are we looking for. Total thirty five ish force or something like that. Yeah round four to get a big name in you know what I mean. Yeah awesome foreign but I mean if you go after one of the mutually districts you might have that yes you know. Yeah you could always tap seacoast chiefs but yeah I kind of want to keep it local like to. It's not you know that doesn't work. That's fine whatever. Whatever big crowd that's fine? That's what we want anyway. I suppose can have it in the auditorium at the high school writing. Thank you had a big grand new auditory museum out where I had in mind. Yeah for sure no. We've we've done stuff like that. We had we had before it was before it was cool. We had a Emergency response to terrorism class than the old auditorium down there and we had a whole bunch of people and it ended up being a good day. One day class on terrorism response like like I said before nine eleven before it was cool Well I think I've I think I've calmed down a little bit. I think I got it off my chest. Get out get out. Yeah you gotTA. I'm reading so now. You gotta get it out. Just frustrates me. Because you see this online you see it everywhere fire service but you see it in you know. Everybody's Israel jobs is that's not just fire service issue that's a real world issue in leadership is something that a lot of people play pay lip service to and they don't really understand understand the ramifications they don't understand the INS and outs of leadership in and you know the ramifications of the lack of leadership. You know it boils down to you end up having a toxic workplace or toxic work culture and once it's toxic man it takes a long time is hard. It's hard to get that back. Yeah very hard. And you're going to lose people and you don't WanNa lose people we talk about all recruitment recruitment open recruitment but retain. The people got I. You know there's another thing that there's another thing that I have on my mind when we talk about you know keeping your good people and not losing is the politics yeah and Burns people out it. It's killing me right. The fires in the training. It's no no. We're we're having a lack of fires right now which killing me. And we're having an uptick in just dealing with politics and it's killing me win a fire alarm activation this morning. I know I was at work. I saw saw the page. That's the most excitement we're getting. I know fire alarm activation and falls. We haven't a real gravity issue here rollovers and cars in the polls have been really really big thing. Nellie Meli that's better than fall down go boom the CD had five. Oh you is in two nights. Yeah I was at work for almost all of that but yeah two of them were polls involved evolved in one of them was a rollover which the guy got out and walked down the street in the middle of night and that was Mass Yeah Yeah it was a mess anyway so gone own so politics just kills guys and you get to a point. Where and I'm kind of here I don't need it right and stay home and and fight with the wife or kick the dog or dogs? No but I could kick kick kick something you know I could. I could do any number of things but I just don't have time for the politics. I don't have a desire to be involved in that. I don't have a desire to do. Whatever I look at? Politics are killing it. I look at the people that are into the politics and that the gossiping and all that as a weakness like their week somewhere. They're insecure about something you know and the people that are that are confident. They don't need that bullshit they don't care about it. I don't need to know. And what are they what are they after. What's the point like if everybody everybody just would stop the bullshit you know and and communicate agree coming to accommodate even have to agree? No you are dealing with a group of Taipei's yeah we're not all going to always agree on the chiefs GonNa make decisions that are unpopular his way or the highway. And that's just the way it is sure but you have to be respectful and you have to. We can agree to disagree a lot of things. I agree to disagree with most people on things. Yeah Yeah and that's that's one of the reasons since I've been able to to get some of the places I've gone as I I'm GonNa give it to your straight whether it's good or bad. Yeah yeah sure sure real real yeah and that is what it is and I don't have personal agenda. Leaky doesn't matter to me. That's best for the department. That's a key not having a personal agenda because that becomes a problem Because people see through that firefighters czar built in bullshit detectors and as soon as they start seeing. Okay he's he's Zanga in you know was that that new thing. We're the training on the other night. The built-in bullshit detector. was that something else that thing on the end of propane propane propane okay. Cool new propane detector really cool the bullshit detectors just that. It's built into all firefighters inside. It's inside so when you see that you usually like it. It does the same thing as like when you see if I raises red flags and things like that all right right vitals go. Hey I see bullshit I call bullshit and they know it right off the bat like when somebody's not truthful or somebody's not genuine motives. Somebody has alterior motives. votives firefighters see through that usually very quickly. And when you think they'd not seeing it they are they are because when somebody is all about me not about we. Yep that's very very obvious is watching and they know an automatic become unpopular Guy Tried to avoid I I yeah right we with me as we. It's the department. Yeah us it's yeah and don't use that on the term on the radio radio to like we need to have a show on radio communications and radio etiquette some night or day. Man I think that's a whole nother topic here for that shoe. You Blunt the whole like if you're on a truck and you're on the radio don't say I'm on scene especially when people are with you drives me crazy about the truck and the company or are you there by yourself. What's the deal you're on scene? which is on-scene Larry's going to go out? Then right yeah right exactly. Well I think we hit the nail on the head it was. I think it was a big ED. A roofing nail and we had it with a sledgehammer. We hit it with a sledgehammer. Yes one hit Eh. Just take one hit for a roofing nail anyway. who was? WHO's up for some roofing because I can cut the cost down on that too? Thanks uh-huh no you get the shingles up there and we'll nail down. Yeah that whole east side's GonNa have to be obviously reroofed but anyway So do you guys have anything else. You WanNa talk. We're at fifteen minutes We've been longer no no but I. I think I hit everything that I wanted to hit. I am calm down a little bit and I hope this makes difference. It probably is not going to solve everybody's problems but I hope this gets out there and I think it's just it needed to be said that need to be blunt you guys need to start leading and start letting your guys do shit letting you members have some ownership. It's not about me it's about we. Yup Yup you're not happy with your membership not happy with the amount of people you got showing up. It's on you. It's your fault simple. P people bosses jobs. Let's fact it private sector public sector. Doesn't matter people in Boston jobs. I like that never heard that before. but You d yes even even more you know. Yeah the more you know Yup and then you can think back to jobs you've hated or one hundred percent that that rings true one hundred one hundred one hundred percent. Yep Yep eight-man even be a direct supervisor. But it's mandatory in general because they're being influenced by their poor. Yeah management above them. So it's a trickle down effect and I think that's important you might. I always get a little leery when we talk about empowerment with with newer members. Because I think for a really new member they need to understand that we are still based on the command chain not stronger we do have tradition. Stay in your lane. You can't if you're brand new. You Know Yellow Shield out there. orangey out there. Don't take what we're saying and just start you know yeah spouting your yeah your opinion. How because that's not what we're saying don't go don't go rogue when what we say is when we say the new members need to be empowered or two? That's a on a on their level. Okay so if you're a brand new member your empowerment might be something as simple as you are now empowered Howard to wash this truck urine. How our expected you're expected but you're empowered to that? You're empowered to take take the lead on that right simple things take the lead on sweeping the floors. Yeah right that's what we mean you're not. You're not empowered to run a fire scene if you brand new. It's all relative to where you are in the fire service. Yes and you're right. That's I'm glad you brought that up because that that is a it's an important. It's an important but like you know you can't just go in and say well because then you then you're entitled Adult Right then you're acting entitled you can't just join the fire department and want to be captain right away right no no. It doesn't usually work like that places you have to be able to have it. I Yeah Someplace Sergeant I or at least permanent true true. Or what is it a crew chief. How does that work crew chief? You guys have Kuchis Berwick Kinda unofficial missile officers okay. So they're black officers. And that's Kinda that's a throwback to if you picture department fifteen or even ten years ago like we had no turnover in the officer ranks zero. Now you know we hadn't when I got promoted lieutenant myself and another one. They hadn't promoted lieutenant prior to that that in like over ten years for small. Emmy so it's to get promoted doesn't happen that often you know all your officers are very senior guys I'm the least experienced one at twenty three years so at least experience at twenty three years ago the work you guys catch but yeah no I get it so you know I think back and fewer officers back then you know to lieutenants captain versus now you have three lieutenant to captain so that the crew chief frank was more of a a senior firefighter leading. Firefighter like Some of the departments overseas and like the Great Britain and I know that like peas at the airport nearby us they use a rank they call it. A leading firefighter I don't know exactly what that person doesn't in either overseas or or department like the PS. He's airport but they the people that were roaming for future expenditure. Yeah Yeah Future vacancies and charged. Irving's you're giving them a little bit of a little more slack for starting to push a lot of the training off the two regular firefighters. I say push off not in a bad way but yeah yeah we have a couple of guys that are instructors and guys have knowledge in certain areas and letting them run with it and why. Why wouldn't we if you? Why would I be teaching water? Rescue Water Rescue Guy. Who have a water rescue guys a firefighter? Because I'm a captain Nola doesn't work like that my mind. You're if you're a skilled in an area that's have at ah goes back to stay in your lane I'm not a water rescue guy so I have really no business teaching something like that. I'm an engine company. Hose nozzle streams guy. So that would be my lane fog nozzles right not not. Not Fog knows a smooth bore all the way I forgot but that being said few department Hartman isn't running through. It doesn't make you wrong. NOPE fire still goes out. Five still is God venture they do eventually all go out but I think you way more stylish student with a smooth. The board just saying mother helmet smooth leather helmets. Of course. I had the helmets guys. Because you don't wear one doesn't make you wrong. Just maybe not as fashionable writings were making fun of our homes and wouldn't be caught dead in a plastic helmet. No it's okay though that's up yet but that being said if that's what you have the neuron it because we do. Because we have had instances where in a couple of prominent members who who their heart was in the right place like they the day they were correct the things they wanna do right but their approach to it was so bad that they turned off everybody above him to to make those changes. Seen that happen and and you know that you can't you can't walk into a group especially like our group like we talked about is pretty experienced like we have a lot as have been together a long time long long long long long time and you you can't have a guy walk in with a wet ink firefighter to Sirte and tell everything that's not gonna fly now going to it didn't fly and it has a floor. It's happened a couple times and and honestly a lot of the changes that we've brought about in the last year or so. Are All the things that this person wanted to do for years and years and years and he was right but his delivery it was just so terrible that listen here sunny. Yeah exactly any I in that particular scenario. I don't blame the chief officers in line officers officers because if someone came up and started talking like that yeah sorry you know it comes with maturity. You're not doing it out of spite at that point which isn't right either. But it's yeah but it's a natural especially here in the northeast or really really rooted in tradition crusty definitely. We're creatures a habit and and where you know all of those things that were one hundred and fifty years a tradition unimpeded by progress. You know so you had communicate. Well stay stay in your lane and maintain the easiest way to effect changes to promote yourself in a position that you can make those we have A. We have a saying at work when it comes to making changes. It's slow steady pressure. You if you do things slow and steady you know. The Smooth Bernardo thing happened in New York overnight. No it was a slow change patience and persistence. The one of the other things that we've changed in our time as officers officers as I maybe this was going on when you first got on the department but I can remember like a Thursday night. Training for us was almost one hundred percent of the time when the rigs would dwelt on Thursday nights. It was officers in the driver's seat. And anyone else even knowing is that drove me bash it crazy. Yeah and that took us. How long did that take us ten Yak? Because I think that was the culture I think that was the mentality. o You can drive a truck. Great you've been on for a while. You're lieutenant yes you make the decisions driving that truck. You're in charge. You know natural who gets promoted together with the guys that are there and doing things and that's the way it always was for us the same as I'm sure it is for you guys this. Is You know the guys that are. You're active so you're going to get promoted in. The active guys are also the ones that said. I want to drive that truck. And so you're going to drive that truck and then you become an officer and they were accustomed to that role and you know we stuck driving a truck. Well it does occasionally happen. We have to remember that. We're the volunteer. Fire Service Service and so we we have to get trucks out and on occasion. We all could end up. I drove pumped at a fire last spring and it was actually a lot of fun. Because I don't do much driving or pumping and so especially not now no especially not I do a lot of driving. Yeah no I wish I did. That's one thing I'd love of the change but But anyway that's all the stories. I think you should go in. There and demand achieves demanded can work just walked right arthritis the town hall and say I need one right now. These cross horns. I need help. Do this thing would call her out. Yeah firefighters love it when you do. That's a great leadership tactic. Yeah look at me. Yeah Yeah they love that they wild about it. But yeah the driving and pumping I love pumping water. Yeah I do I love running the pump down. I really do love honest to God I love. I wave rather be inside choice. I love doing a good tanker shuttle or tender shuttle. I like I like shuttle and water content should contain the Senate last night. was that all. You can eat. Chicken tenders by barbecue sauce or hot sauce. Paddle fire you guys. At last winter was in summer I duNNo. I know the lightning strikes August. I drove ladder and I drove. I drove our our pumper tanker. I drove that I sometimes I really enjoy loyd driving. How many of you guys a couple of they didn't you add two or three so it's pretty good twenty five hundred at a time and you run the sticks actually not a bad gig? 'cause it's because that's it's like I'd rather be inside but of course if I had if I had to drive I'd rather choose to be unstick. Yeah of course geographically because of my time to get to the stations typically worry oriented up so but that's not you guys got trucks on the road that day. You guys made a hell of a stop on that. I mean that's probably wrecked anyway because it had probably quite a head stop. That's what happens when you have a propane morning. I was out of your control. And it's a long ways from firehouse. Yes especially when it's raining sideways. Yeah but we they were good. That was fun. It was fun to play an away Game Day. He's probably I probably haven't been to a handful of fires since then and that was what six months ago. Yeah Sh. She's Yeah not enough fires we we do a lot of mutual aid. If you don't have fires in town no you guys don't have plenty of fires and you guys. Do you guys catch a lot of work. We have one whole border. The Atlantic Alantic Ocean. And that ain't earning about burning. We've got problems. Oh Yeah Yeah texting me. What should we cook for dinner tonight? Let's do that instead of genius. Chicken Tenders Chicken tender nachos Look Canadian flare in. What absolutely chose well buffalo's up there to buffalo sauce Buffalo Buffalo's and chicken tenders and tanker tenders? Shit Yeah we should move to Canada. rotisserie chicken. Get rotisserie chicken two grocery stall holder part. I like the skin. Just sit down to. Yeah thank thank you just gotta eat man. I'll sit down and chow one of those working from home. You you'll see Well I was like well. I'M GONNA lose my dispatcher. Got No No 'cause you're GONNA be eating in Appleton kidding. There's schedule join me to go out march already so super excited sales training. That's awesome. That's super exciting. Is Good for you Jordan a main. What's up Eddie? Didn't have main. Well you'll have ray the raiders. You guys will have a ball. He's a great guy he did. He did right by US for sure. And Oh usually we definitely made a good friend out of that deal absolutely very close friend so all right we are at fifty nine minutes on this all right. Some of it will be chopped up because the beginning of sorry recording a little early but that's fine So thank you guys for coming and sitting in the cold. I hope the fat pills won't be up a little bit. I might have another. You should about two dozen of them up there so they're gonNA last all day for sure and he goes might not need to eat dinner. You've got fat pills to munch on all day. So what did you call them. fucking COP AKABA skits cops. Jesus well time is valuable and you guys take time on your day to listen to us and you tune into US twice a week and we we appreciate that. The numbers are going up. The direct messages are coming in. We like it. We like the support. We like it a lot so thank you everybody. Thank you guys. Were coming and sitting down here. Appreciate it very much on a Saturday morning. And keep your ears out for mortgage staff we get some guests lined up that. WanNa get on the show. It's just narrowing down a date We still trying to get the Canadians on to do a CO lab. We talked about that last night. I joked with them saying. Hey you guys WANNA be up nine o'clock eastern time and some of them are like. Oh yeah sure and some of them were like the town. So that's okay. What time three hours behind three so fucking six? Am Yeah Screw Eh. Be Up at six do mornings if I don't blame him. Cold Mornings are the worst too. So so thank you guys. And we'll be back Wednesday Wednesday box alarm and full length on Sunday. So that is that ten fog already friends. Please join the movement by sharing this podcast. Hot cast and sharing our social media accounts and visiting US AT BROTHERHOOD ACADEMY RADIO DOT COM Brotherhood Academy radio. PODCAST is brought to you by salty hook media.

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063  What We All Need

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063 What We All Need

"What can we do to keep people from leaving and to keep people interested in our organization we give them some buying? You GotTa give them some ownership you gotta give them some responsibility and something to do the link together as one force continuing to serve this the Brotherhood Academy Radio podcast series. Everybody welcome back to the Brotherhood Academy Radio PODCAST. I am Nick Hilton and I am going to be your host for this week's full length episode. I'm here here by myself today. And it's for good reason Mostly because the team deserves a break. And here's why we had a a busy week this past week. We if you haven't been following along on the instagram on the facebook we went to a pretty awesome event. We'll talk about that in a little bit but first let's start off with the announcements all right first announcement as always. We mentioned the D. T. F. F.. Down to fight fire volunteer firefighters podcast. These guys are incredible and I say that because I really mean it I really mean it. They keep in touch with me. Almost daily you know. And it's great we bounce ideas off each other. We support each other's podcast podcasts. And that's what the Brotherhood's all about right. We're hearing a boost each other up. We're here to make each other succeed right. So these guys are up in Canada Eh It's a group of volunteer firefighters. There they have a podcast that they launch every Monday morning and they have videos that they put up on instagram and up on facebook book so go make sure you follow their accounts right there on instagram. They're on facebook and they're on all the platforms. That have podcasts. Ask Right so basically. They're rule firefighters in a rural setting and they are all volunteer. They train a lot super aggressive. All right and Sometimes they talk funny but that's okay. They say words a little differently than we do in the states. And that's that's okay. You know we we do rag on them quite a bit. We Love them and we have such a good time with the banter every single week And if you listen to so they're show towards the end they mentioned us and they give us a little bit of Banter back and it's great And it's so cool to know that the world has gotten so much smaller with all of these new things on the Internet as far as like facebook and social media and podcasting testing and it. It's just brought us together so much better so much easier so much closer even though we're on the complete opposite side of the continent right it feels like it feels like we have known each other for forever. You know it because I think it's because there's so much alike like us up here in Maine and how we are as aggressive as we are and the passion for the Fire Service and The training that we do. It's pretty much the same thing so I gotta give these guys credit. They're really doing a bang-up job with Their podcasts so please go check them out the down to fight fire. DT F F F- volunteer firefighters. PODCAST Their logos orange. Everything they do is orange. I don't know it must be a Canadian thing when Myself and Paul and the camel. We're headed down to the event we went to. We passed an eighteen wheeler that was driving kind of funny and we had to pass it because they're driving really slow and it was orange and it was From Canada was a Canadian. Keen Rig getting truck a and Hameed appoint they like orange up there. I don't know so that's the colors. Checkout Drake guys down to fight fire volunteer firefighters podcast. Next announcement is please if you like what we do here and you like our podcast. Please share them all right and then go on and give us a rating five star rating. Please if you you don't mind on Itunes or whatever platform you're listening to because when you do that it's GonNa get us seen more right it's GonNa going to get us out there. More and other announcement is if you haven't been paying much attention Pay attention because we're on tick talk now. Okay tick talk for like you know they used to be for teenage kids and girls dancing and stuff but it's not like that anymore. I mean there's still some of it on there but I'll tell you what the volunteer firefighter. Demographic on talk is enormous. It's like there's so many volunteer firefighters on there. It's really cool the stuff that they're posting so we're on there. We get some tips tricks. Whatever whatever it is a little bit of content here on project that I also go find me on Lincoln all right? I'm on Lincoln Just search for my name Nick Hilton. And you'll find me. And then I made a business page for the Brotherhood Academy Radio PODCASTS. or we'll check that out as well all right so thank thank you guys. Thank you guys for all the support everything that you guys have been doing listening to sharing our content getting our stuff out there. We really appreciate it. So let's talk a little bit about Before I get into the main topic here right. Let's let's first talk about our our trip to Framingham Massachusetts. So we went to the national fire radio event this past Tuesday and it was at the Springdale. It's a brewery it right right in Framingham. Massachusetts is about a two hour ride for us but it was totally worth all right. It was hosted by the National Fire Radio and the New England fools and if you remember episode we had not too long ago we had rusty St Rick Rusty Ricker a the president of the New England fools and he was on our show and we talked quite a while with him and his very good episode so he got together with Jeremy Army and rob and Tucker from national radio and they originally it was planned to be a roundtable event. Okay and it was going to be with four members members of the fire service yet F. D. N. Y.. Boston Guy Hartford Connecticut Guy and Forgive me what's what's the other city in Connecticut. What's the Big City in Connecticut? I can't even remember. That's okay. It's been a long week. It's been a long but anyway these guys were set up to do the Roundtable so talking about truck into they call it the northeast truckin all right talking about truck company operations tips tricks all that good stuff so then the tragedy happened in Worcester and it turned into four days worth of gathering items for a raffle and an auction. And right and and let me tell you what when we walked in there. We go we. We made something we made a flag. We made a wooden thin line. Thin red line. American flack DOC. All right that was our donation towards the fundraiser. But basically they wanted to raise money for the family of Lieutenant Menard from Worcester. Fire Department. Right you. You wouldn't believe the items that were in there. It took Jeremy a good. I WANNA say thirty to forty minutes just to read off the winning tickets and he went through them fast all right and it was just dead at arm one right after another boom boom boom boom boom. It took him about thirty to forty minutes. There's so many things that it was incredible but the Brotherhood that was there right people coming together in four days to put together items handmade items a lot of leather items. Okay a a lot of gift certificates and gift cards and there's a couple of auction items like a trip to FDIC and firehouses expo. It was just it was unreal and the people that were there. That room was packed and it was a huge space to Go onto our facebook page the Brotherhood Academy Radio Facebook page. And at like it while you're there if you haven't already but go look at the the photos that that I posted up there and and some of the live videos that I had don and the spaces Jarvis. It's really really cool space. There's a lot of wooden barrels where they store their beer and stuff like that and the the room was packed. I think Jeremy said it was like around two hundred and fifty. Maybe a little bit more People firefighters there They had bagpipers come in pipes and drums and they did a whole Show there at the beginning and The four brothers sat up at the front end. Did A discussion on truck company operations. And how the the three or for actually the four different cities do their stuff and It was it was incredible. And then they also had their mics setup. So the national the fire. Radio guys had their microphones up and it was really cool. Jeremy comes up to me says hey guys WANNA get on the podcast go ahead get on the podcast take it for a little while run it. So the three of us after we had a few drinks in in some food sat down and Honestly I'm not sure of the audio came out or not. It was super loud in there but We sat for a little bit. And maybe we didn't have really illegal content. You know we kind of improved a little bit but we narrated what was going on and kind of talked back and forth a little bit so I don't know how that came out I'm excited to see if it did So be sure to check those guys out to the national fire radio guys. They are doing these on tap events all around the country and it's basically a setting where you're in a bar. You're drink some beer with some with with other firefighters and you're you're listening to Some good stuff. Some good content some good training stuff the coolest the thing I think all right was so. We're sitting down at the table. Three of us. And there's other kids sitting here with us. You know he was so we introduce ourselves ourselves. He drove all the way from Vermont by himself. It was a four hour ride right. The event started at six o'clock at night. He drove all the way from Vermont to sit in this this event in listen to these guys talk about truck company operations and then he had plans to drive all the way home. That night in the event ended at ten o'clock so it's a four hour drive. This kid was dedicated. This kid had some initiative and and he says he's a listener of our podcast. So thank you for listening and thank you for supporting us But I thought that was a really cool thing and it brings me in to this week's topic which is initiative right. This kid had some initiative he was there. He drove the four hours to listen and learn and bring something back to his department. Urban so initiative isn't something that's taught in the Fire Academy right. At least the one I went to didn't teach it yet. Initiative is is what every firefighter should possess in my right honestly. I don't even know if initiative is something anyone is born with or not thought. Maybe it is. Maybe it's not. Maybe it's an acquired skill but either way we should be focusing on teaching it to our new members as well as teaching heating to ourselves. Learning it ourselves okay. So is another little story to help along with this topic This week on top of going to this event Thursday night I taught an evoke course which is emergency vehicle operations court. Of course they do obviously may we called something different somewhere else but evoke so i. It's one of my passions. It's something that I'm truly passionate about. is driver training and trucks and the safety safety of driving and all that stuff so I put together I guess certified to teach it broke maybe ten twelve years ago now I put together a powerpoint that's tailored to our agency and I did the the course on Thursday night for our training had eight students in there. Okay and did the three hour long powerpoint with some videos and some discussion and then This morning Saturday morning at seven. Am I was up at the At a training site I was one of the town properties that big parking lot where the town trucks hang out and I set up the course because to do the EV- ECORSE plastic ostby certified. You get a run a fire truck through a cone course right. I put out a page the night before reminding everybody hey eight. AM concourse starts. Also said I will be there at seven. AM setting up if anybody is interested in helping. I didn't make it mandatory. I didn't assign anybody ready to it. Okay and I and I didn't just not tell anybody I just put it out there all right well. What happened? A seven o'clock in the morning I had members waiting at locked gate for me to come up with an open. Open the lock right and they helped me set up in the cold first thing in the morning the coffee wasn't even set up yet but the coolest thing there is one of our members brought up our rehab truck. That is a big box truck right. And it's got a kitchen in it. It's pretty cool the coffee makers all stuff he brought up coffee got coffee going right. His wife came with breakfast. All these pastries okay. We set up that cone course in an hour. It took an hour with a handful of US doing it But we had it set up five minutes before eight o'clock five minutes before it was time him to start the test so it was awesome to me to see these people showing up. I didn't ask them to come all right I. I didn't force them to come. All I did was I put it out there. Okay so that is a perfect example of initiative is shows that the members numbers wont to become something more than they already are right. They want to be involved. They WANNA make the agency our fight opponent a better place so these types of members will make good leaders someday. Okay they're gonNA make good officers they're gonNa make good workers and good leaders are what we will Or what will make us have a successful fight apartment. Does that make sense a successful good strong membership it will keep the roster numbers high right. See the whole thing comes full circle at does think about this as leaders. We need to be encouraging our members to become assertive to be self starters that simple. I didn't tell them that they had to be there. I could have not bothered telling anyone at all. I was setting up the concourse at seven o'clock and I could've done it myself. You know and like I said I could have forced everybody to be there. I could have said Hey. Everybody needs to be there at seven am to help set up but no. What good is that doing if we as leaders don't give of our members the opportunity to step up to the plate we won't be shaping them to become assertive members and have the initiative the need need to develop? We need to make sure members of developing this initiative and we need to set the pace we need to set the foundation and and giving them that opportunity to be assertive and to have the initiative. The fact that I gave everyone an idea that I would be at the training site and our before it started. Open up the gates for them to come and help set up it just kind of it opened up. It's like maybe maybe it was a little hint hint. I don't know but it worked okay. This shows me as an officer. Exactly who is serious about becoming a fire. Apparatus driver down the road and a lot of these were fairly new members. Okay some of them have never sat in a fire. Truck drivers the driver's seat of a firetruck before they've never even didn't even know what it felt like to push down on the brick annoyed. You all right but it shows me who is going to work hard during training and who's going to work hard during incident and who I can go to I when I need something. Okay one thing that that I see a lot of is chief officers doing everything in their department doing all the work. They're doing the reports doing all the purchasing scheduling for training in advance and all the decision making and so on. Okay yeah I understand. It's the chiefs responsibility in the chiefs are liable for everything in the department and that's all on the shoulders. I totally understand that. But don't question that okay. Don't question that I'm saying thing that the chief should just forget about the responsibilities but we need to be shaping. Our members to become the future leaders of our organization is Succession Planning Manning Okay. We can't just be doing all the work and not letting other people learn not letting other people have an opportunity to have some sort of responsibility. You can't be the chief forever some day someone else is going to have to step up and lead the department so we might as well give people right now. An opportunity to learn how to do things and to learn how to have initiative and K.. Not Giving our members some responsibility ability and the opportunity to be assertive is not going to help you. Retain your members. It's not gonNA help the efforts for retention because that's a huge problem right right now. We're wondering what can we do to keep our members. What can we do to keep people from leaving and to keep people interested in our organization we gotta give them some buying and you gotta give them some ownership you gotta give them some responsibility and something to do right members? Want to feel like they're making a difference. They want by in giving them something to work on something to take charge of or even the chance to be an committee and to take part in decision making nurture that ownership. It'll nurture Richard that membership right in the retention. Your members will stay. They'll stick around and you know what they're gonNA do to. They're going to spread the word and they're going to get people coming in that. Want to have have to want to belong to something as great as you already have that organization that you have. They're going to want to belong to that all right the members whereas with initiative. They're the ones that step up to the plate and get their hands dirty. They're the people who were the first to wash the rigs the first to sweep and mop the floors the first in line at training. So if you're a newer member listen up listen up here start right now. You should be on top of your game name when it comes to initiative no questions okay on top of your game you should be the first in line when it comes to learning new skills in doing the dirty work and getting the calls right be the first one to the calls and be the first one training show up early for training early for events be see that guy or that girl okay as a newer member. That's what you should be focusing on. You should be focusing on becoming assertive and becoming somebody who has initiative she give all right. It's GonNa be it could be intimidating especially when you're brand new it can be intimidating because you you feel like you don't know much you feel like you can't do much okay. But we need to be helping you as senior members right learning things but you need to be showing that you're willing to learn that you want to learn that you wanna work work okay. Now to the more senior members like the non officers right that have been on maybe five to ten years. Alright this one's for you if you aren't on your assertiveness initiative game at this point you have got a lot of work to do you get a lot of catching up to do a senior members you should be the first to mentor. Tore the newer members coming in. You should be right. They're introducing yourself and showing them around the department right. You should be showing them how to become a senior member because you are a senior member. You should be showing them what they need to be doing to get ahead and to learn and to work and to do okay you should be teaching them the skills that you know because you know you know skills I know you have skills. If you've been on for five to ten years you have something that you can teach and right. If you're uninspiring officer especially you should be teaching and then also you should be taking on projects become a self starter. Find something that you're passionate with and do it and show those guys and girls that it is possible to step up and do something that's going to be bettering. Bettering your fight apartment. When I was younger I talked about this before? I've talked about this in previous podcast but when I was younger I took on a lot of things I took on driver training manning took on some fundraising some social media stuff right myself and Paul we run the social media accounts. And now we're getting new girl Shannon involved in that too because we found out a few episodes episodes ago that hey she's got a little bit of experience in some college education on marketing. Social media all that kind of stuff right. I did some website site work I still i. I haven't really done much by top Paul. Hunter run the website right. Someone who's not very technically inclined as far as computers go I I got him going on the website. Exciting he's the one that maintaining it now but that's something I took on. It was something literally before I even joined the fight apartment. I was seventeen years old but I knew I was going to get on I. I knew it right because I grew up in the fire department and I went and I said listen your website. This is back in two thousand nine hundred ninety nine two thousand and that's when you you know. HTML was the way to go I knew that they needed to be fixed and you to be you know shaped up a little bit so I just got in. I just started doing it I said. Hey Look I'll take this over guys and when I joined be your main web guy. So that's something I did all right I just did it. I just stood up. I said this is what I WANNA do. And this is what I think. The fighter permanent needs kids. And I did it okay. There are so many things that can be done to better your organization that just needs someone to step up and do it it all right now cautioned you with all of this and I've given you cautioned you for one. Okay make sure that you view are stepping up to do something something. If you do have an idea that somebody knows that you're going to do it. Don't make it a surprise. Don't spring it on the chief right Find A way. Maybe maybe need to get permission to do some things. If you have an idea for a project like driver training I came up with the proposal. I designed the program then being prepared I had all that with me I went to the chiefs and I said hey listen. Here's an idea. What are your thoughts okay so before actually implemented the idea and actually did it? I showed them what it was all about. I convinced them that it would work all right. And it did. And we've evolved over the years and we're still using the program but we've enhanced it a little bit all right but it's things like that. I know I mentioned the driver training. That's one of my biggest. That's my baby. You know what I mean in is one of my biggest things so I mentioned a lot and it's to me it's a great example of what it takes and what you can do all right but so I caution when you when you have something that you wanted to make sure it's in line with the common goal of your organization right. Make sure your officers support it. Your chiefs support important and make sure you have some people to help you out a little bit right. Learn how to delegate learn how to empower the members that are newer than you or even members that have been on for a little bit longer that need a little bit of a push and in need a little bit of assertiveness and initiative right. Create a team if you create that team environment in a smaller setting. It's going to nurture the rest of the team setting for the entire fire department. Okay make make sure that having initiative and assertiveness for the better good of the organization and there is not any reckless assertiveness. Okay it's it's kind of a word. I Made Up. Little phrase made up reckless assertiveness. And what is that. It's basically when a member is going against the grain to get what they feel is right so you feel that you have something that you WanNa start or something that you want to change in your organization okay And you feel it's right but you're going against the grain. You're not doing it the correct the way you gotTa Talk to other people you gotta get the leadership on board. Okay come prepared show them what your idea is and show them how you will do it and how it will benefit the fire department. Not just how it will benefit you but how it will benefit the whole organization okay. Reckless assertiveness is going above and or around the chain of command. Also to get what you think is needed. So if if you feel like you're you're chiefs or your your officers and leadership aren't going to approve your idea or don't think your idea's a good idea basically Reckless assertiveness is going around them After they've said no or when you assume they're going to say no and go somewhere else maybe to town hall or maybe to a segment or a budget committee member or something like that and say hey. Listen this says what's going on. I think we should do it this way. That's reckless okay. And that's not going to benefit anybody at all. It's really not OK. Reckless assertiveness is focusing all of your energy and efforts on demanding or something or demanding or smooching right or you no kissing to get your way into a leadership position or to get a badge. That's reckless as well. Okay if you WANNA get a leadership position and you WANNA work your way up to being an officer you gonNa work for you gotta show what you can do and you're GonNa do it. You got to present your ideas you gotta give proposal you. You gotTa make it work and prove that it'll work and you gotta get everybody on board Okay and you have to go along with the grain and you have to go along with the common goal of Your Fire Department. It's that simple. It's so simple. Don't waste your energy going around. Don't waste your energy trying to make it look like you know everything thing there is to know and no other way is right and it should be your way or nobody's way don't waste the energy instead. Take that energy and turn it into assertiveness the initiative and make something and prove that it's going to work very simple right very simple and I say this because this happens this happens everywhere. There's always is that one or two people one person or two people or three people or group whatever that that want to go against the grain and they want things their away and if it's not the way it's not right okay. We're a team that's worked together right. The fire service is a selfless selfless job. What does that mean it means? We put others first not ourselves right. Means we put the organization as a whole I not our own agendas Indus okay. So again these type of people exist in a caution you all to be aware of it. I urge everyone listening to take a long hard look at themselves As well to make sure you aren't going in that direction so again the fire services a selfless job. Let's remember that so US initiative for the good. Don't waste your time with petty drama or putting others down right. Use Your time wisely because time is valuable said every week right do good for everyone in the organization and yes yes we should be doing some personal developments. Don't don't get me wrong okay. Don't confuse that what I'm saying to you is you know you need to do good for your organization but also to focus on yourself if you want to focus Kasan yourself. Here's how you do that. You start reading some books you start getting into some personal development. Listen to podcasts. Learn some things go to some outside training right right just like this kid did from Vermont. He took the initiative drove by himself for hours to Framingham Massachusetts Massachusetts to sit down in a room full of people. He has no idea who they are to get a little bit of a nugget that he could could bring back to his fire department in Vermont. All right that's what I'm saying. That's personal development right there and that's initiative that's assertiveness okay. Awesome is that we should all be striving to be like that. What that's GonNa do it's GonNa make you a better person it's GonNa make you a better? Firefighter hire fighter. And if you can learn to lead yourself I write not putting yourself i. It's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is to lead yourself? Learn to lead who you are in your life your personal life your professional life your education your experience in your emotions you learn to lead that I lead yourself i. You won't then be able to lead in your organization you will then be able to lead in your fire department and we need more leaders. We were strong leaders. We need more assertive leaders. We need more initiative K.. Guys Listen Up. The only only way the only way we're going to be able to have success four memberships successful big rosters. Strong rosters experienced agreeance people the only way we can do that is of each and every one of us is assertive and has initiative and steps up her right step up up to the plate. BE A self starter. It's very important right. That's what I've got for you too. I hope I really hope that that I provided you some value today because it has been one hell of a week it has been a long and it's been a long day. I've been up since Five thirty this morning. It's now eleven thirty tonight and now I do edit this and get it up for Sunday morning so it has been a long long long weekend. I wanted to provide you guys with something. I wanted to give my team a break because I'm super proud of them all right. We learned a lot. We got a lot a lot of value from that event we went to. I want to thank Jeremy and Robin Tucker for putting on such an event and Rusty Ricker the New England fools. I WanNa thank all you guys because as you put in the work you put in the initiative and look the people that showed up. Look at the money you guys raised right. Look at the team. Effort effort that went into that offer anyone's specific no not for anyone's individual fame. Right it wasn't for that it was to honor. A family was ought to honor a lieutenant who lost his life after saving lives. All right and that's all here to roll here to support each other. We're all here to lift each other up and roll here to better our organizations okay so that being said thank you guys for listening K.. Time is valuable. Please give us a share. Please share the self if this if any one of our episodes provide some sort of value to you if you can take something home some sort of little nugget right to make you better and to make your organization better. Please share the episode. It's all we ask just share it. Get it out there so other people can see it right. It's information it's free information. It's free content. It's experience from us on this podcast. Okay and all the guests that we have on. It's their experience as well sharing it with you guys. All right so time is valuable. Thank you for listening. Thank you for taking your time to listen to us and we will talk to you next week. Actually we'll talk to you Wednesday because we have our Wednesday box alarm right and then we'll have a full length episode next week we're planning on on Getting everybody together looks like we might be able to line something up to get all three of us on the show and maybe a guest For this coming the next week. The next Sunday's as episodes so thank you everybody you guys see friends. Please join the movement by sharing this podcast and sharing our social media accounts and and visiting US AT BROTHERHOOD ACADEMY RADIO DOT COM Brotherhood Academy radio. PODCAST is brought to you by salty hook media.

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093  2020 New England FOOLS

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34:06 min | 9 months ago

093 2020 New England FOOLS

"I hate the fact that the that the volunteerism in Florida seems to be. I don't want to say it's dying. I just it's not as widespread as it used to be nice. America's founded on volunteer firefighters. Were you will together as one continuing to serve always brotherhood Academy radio PODCASTS DRAIN OFF. Welcome back to the Academy Radio PODCAST. We are here in Wells Maine at the New England fools northeastern fire summit conference. And we're going to record a bunch of podcasts. And hopefully we'll be able to launch them out over the next few weeks to get ahead of schedule but I always mentioned as we do the Canadians the F. Down TO FIGHT FIRE. Volunteer Firefighters podcast. They plug us. We plug them. We want to give them a good mention and give them some love so without tying up too much time. Let's jump into the topic for the first episode recording. Here we have captain Dave Osgood with The York Beach Fire Department with us. And he is here because he is a easy continuous fools follower. He's a og loyal g one of the original guy. Yes yes so what is guys. What is the benefit of the fools because the three of us here pretty much been fallen? These guys around since this started. What two thousand three. The New England fools I think was I was. Yeah what what just happened. You Might Arnold. Sorry they've got down there you go. I meant to turn Hamels Zone Hamels here by the way But he's out somewhere. Maybe grab some lunch. Pc So we're going to cool for school right now so we're GonNa do a quick episode because lunch. The lunch is being served at the line is super long and we don't want to tie up too much. 'cause he's he's over there. Hungary so falls New England fools. We're here we're doing this event We got how many people are speaking this weekend. One to four today right five five five two two five today tomorrow and one last night last night so the benefit of these events. I encourage all you listeners. To find a fool's chapter we had rusty ricker on an episode. It was a good show. We talked a lot about a little bit of. I should say we talked a little bit about fools and the benefit of going to some outside training finding some chapters in your area and joining them and taking advantage of people coming in and speaking. So what is your take on people outside of their department and getting some new training some new faces. What are your thoughts on that? I think partly. It's it's a lot of it is the the networking that we get people. I've met I met firefighters and officers and instructors from all over the country and being able to bring a lot of that stuff back to my own department as well as the area departments when I teach whether it's for your county fire attack school or whatever you bring back this knowledge that that from other places than know that maybe we're not doing it completely different than everybody else but also there are things that we can bring back. It may not work for us. What New York City does but we will bring part of what they do and bring it into our system right and make it work really well for us and just these little nuggets that we get from everybody and and being around like minded people. There's nothing like being in the company of fools it anywhere you go in the country if you get with a bunch of fools. It's going to be the same guys. Where like minded individuals we WANNA BE? They want to learn new things. We WanNA bus each other's balls as much as we can assure us a good time. You know it's just a great great group of people. Yeah it is in. I was reading your post. You posted today A picture of the group out and you labeled it the three percent and it's one hundred percent correct when you say that because it's three percent of the fire service actually coming out and doing these things and trying to better themselves and get a better education and a better training. So we're going to convert people over to let's increase that three percent to you know let's work till T- towards ten let's work towards fifteen. Thank you need to start with five five five percent and then build it up from there. I think you'RE GONNA go from three to ten is probably not realistic. You know everything in the Fire Service Accountability where we started out with pass alarms that we had to turn on now. They're making them come on for us because firefighter proof and accountability with the same thing and trainings going to be the same thing. They say. You can't lead. You can't make a horse drink water but you know if you hold his head underwater long enough. It's going to drink some of it. So that's all right mic guys. Sometimes I'm doing trainings. That interested in but they they're going to get my take on it and they're going to hear what I have to say whether they like it or not we kind of the same way. I'm not trying to be a jerk however I think that it's important to learn new things and whether you like it or not you're going to at least take something away from it. I think it's just great to get a different perspective from people from all around the country. We had a guy speaking earlier this morning before. You got here from From Florida and all the way up from Florida teaching or is he taking it. He was interested. Yeah hitching. He had a nice presentation. And it's just great to see the different perspectives and ultimately we're all here to do the same thing and the perspectives are a little bit different. But they're they're they're the same in a way like you were saying it's like you could take something different. We could take something new from these people but at the same time. It's all raps into being in the fire service and and being the same thing but it's we can sit here and train and train and train on our fight apartments in have our own guys training and you're seeing the same face every week right. Yeah we do. We do in our own department. Sure that can get stale. And I'm sure does that put to take the opportunity to meet these new people to network and to get that. Different perspective is going to be really valuable for you and for your fire department and the rest of your members so the fools. You know another thing that we've talked about in the past. Is that you handsome. Devil you that we could. I could stand in front of my own department and talk about swiss-born till the cows come home and everybody just shakes ahead. And they're like. Yeah whatever you have one of these guys come in from somewhere else. And Talk About Munoz and the guys. They give the exact same message. And everybody's going to hang all over every word he says because it's not coming from me right they've heard me gripe about it and beat on it for years and they hear from someone else and it's like it's almost like their their personal biases or the user open because it's an outside person and sometimes that's frustrating. I guess it's you know that's the way firefighters are against seeing it and other other places where we've gone to other departments training teaching whatever and we've given the same exact message and the host is like. I try to tell them the same thing. They wouldn't listen to any of it when you guys come in and Delon that they were like they were like it was like the first time they'd ever heard it. I don't know no you're right. You're right house at lunch. Line looking shorter shorter okay. We won't keep you much longer. And I think what we can do to is is Aron. Heller actually suggested this because he's here this weekend when we do these shows we'll just do short snippets right and we can even if you do a long show. That's great and what we can do is we can kind of. I can edit it so it's all ended up being one long one. So what are they feeding people in their by sandwiches sandwich? Amaze- yeah yeah I saw some roast beef and I think last year. That's what they did to is pretty good dousing. Yeah so as thanks for coming on real quick with your point of view on outside training and again I would encourage everybody. If they see a fool's event and not only up about any outside training that they can get to. Whether it's you know for our area we have your county town school school which is which is good. There's a lot of good classes. They have seacoast chiefs. They do some really really good classes down there and Dover every year so you know whether you're a firefighter a chief officer. It doesn't really matter get everybody else's perspective get some of that information and bring it home to your guys maybe like maybe we don't get to use it exactly how they use it in. New York or Boston or or wherever but we can tailor that stuff to work within our own departments and there's always a better way of doing things. It doesn't matter how much you learn. This always a better way for sure or newer way or something right. We don't do that. We're just. We're just getting stale. Anybody see the clip on the Internet the other day the Guy Like knee Preston. Hose Line while he was putting his mask on. And and and doing like a transitional attack. You hit it in the window here. If you ever had an opportunity to take Erin fields forward class. It's worth every every muscle that you wind up getting it is really. It's you can just barely walk by the end of the three days Just because you move so much line and flowed so much water in different ways that we don't usually do but if you have the opportunity to take that as by fire one of the best glasses partake in the thirty three years. I've been doing this a long time by shed. Okay all right great. Let's go. We'll get another guest on little later on. Paul what do you think eat something? Let's eat something cool feed me. Thanks so here we are. It's recording. Now we'll see now here's Here we are at the fools conference Are you a little bit more relaxed now rusty a lot more relaxed this? It's so it's clear salen from we're beyond it's all downhill from here right. Three-quarters away down the hill right. Good turn out. Great turnout best turnout we've ever had. What are the numbers? Do you think Counting while Danny was speaking there. Were one hundred eleven people in the room. No kidding with vendors students and vendors and other instructors sitting there one hundred eleven people in the room which is probably twenty over. One of our best is the best with the exception of the Tampa event that we did last November The best that we ever did was Aaron. And we've done up in Vermont Cystic fibrosis okay. Fundraiser approximately ninety ninety. Two people in the room for that so this is head and shoulders above that. That's awesome next year. We'll be bigger. I don't know if that room will handle bigger. Figure it out. You could move the vendor tables somewhere you know now. There's plenty of them. Yeah so all right. So welcome back to the show rusty. No thank you for having US and And we also have Aaron Heller on the show. Welcome Aaron thank you and I've been wanting to talk to you for quite a bit because You you have a training right. I do I. I own on training insensitive training and you're newly promoted fire. Chief I am congratulations. Thank you very much. I was promoted on February first. So how about your Quick Synopsis On Your Fire Service Background. My Fire Service background is long and varied. I started as a junior member in one thousand nine hundred four in a little place called Julius Town New Jersey Join their because my sister actually went to the academy. She married into a Fire Department family. I had never really. I thought the Fire Department look cool. Seemed cool when they brought the trucks to the school when I was a little kid. But that's my goal was to be pro baseball player. They go and not to be a fireman and so I joined there Went through the academy as junior member because back then the child labor laws apparently didn't apply and and suggestions and I joined new Egypt Volunteer Fire Company in nineteen eighty seven. Which was a town that I lived in. Grew up in where my family still lives and rose all the way through the ranks. There I was chief there for six years I got on the job in one thousand nine hundred ninety in Hamilton which is just outside of threaten And I've been there ever since ever since. Yes I'm coming up on my third finishing my thirtieth year there next month. Wow and good stuff. Yeah yes now your top guy. That's what they tell me at least for a little while great so how. `Bout the how. `Bout the Fire Training Company. You got on scene. I ever get it wrong. On-scene fire training right. Yeah on training associates We've been around for a long time. We we. We've got sixteen years officially in business but We were doing a little bit before we actually formed the LLC We've been all over the world. We've we've taught in a lot of different places. We've taught in several different countries territories We just did a month in American Samoa. Last year really We were teaching Surface water rescue to the airport. Fire Department there So Yeah we've we've we. We've got varied group. It's really really cool. Because instructor wise we have guys from all over the country All levels of training all levels of their experience large fire departments. You know big cities like Boston and New York to small towns so we I think what we offer as a diversity that not every training group can offer. I would agree. That sounds like that big city too small town I mean. That's that's pretty good right there. So how'd you meet up with this guy over here you know? It's it's all fools fools has been what brought my career to what it is brought my so I guess I would call it my fire service enlightenment to what it is. Yep I met guys through fools and it just kept growing Do and and I think ninety seven ninety eight fools we form New Jersey Chapter Jersey Fools in ninety nine and it just kept growing and we met at a fool's event somewhere I couldn't even tell you where honestly twenty I had this conversation with somebody last night. How did you get hooked up? I'm like I don't know I honestly don't I mean clearly? We didn't hook up but well. Yeah sorry maybe that wasn't a good tonight. As far as nick knows judge good but now yeah it's funny because the New England guys and US just clicked and we've been super tight ever since and we've we've done so many things together and back when Jersey Fools we were doing our thing Quite a bit we were having insurance issues. We called Rusty New England came down. It became a Jersey fools. New England fools thing so we had insurance and that really led to the joint training big time and it and it's only gained wheels ever since and just keeps rolling. Yeah I think you've turned into a familiar face around the New England fools Events now you know I think anyone that's in the fire. Service should join up with a local full chapter. And I've been saying this on the podcast a few times. Now since we had rusty on the show at it's it's important because the outside training you get those different faces you get the different perspectives. So I've said it before I said the last time when I was on the show is the fire services a big bright beautiful world. Yep Get out and see get out and see it. Don't you stay in your little? Microcosm of an area of my dad taught me in. His granddad taught him and added out of that. Now get out and see what's out there. We've got guys in this class this weekend. From all six states Pennsylvania New York and New Jersey which is incredible for a little local fire conference on the coast of Maine in March? And I and I can tell you. I'm here completely as a student. Not really representing on scene. I mean you know my department paid for me to come at the time before I was promoted. My chief saw the need absolutely approved me to come up. They paid the bill and I'm sitting in the front row taking notes just like everybody else. Because there's so much to learn from these guys just you know what we heard from. Brooke last night and her motivation of not motivating. It's impressive. That's impressive. I was supposed to get up and go work out with her tonight warning. And you know what my biggest concern was. When I'm laying there thinking I gotta get in the gym. She's GonNa kick my hat. She probably could she definitely. Yeah but but learning from these learning from these people. I mean learn what Danny just just presented about rapid intervention in his own case. And I've been teaching rapid intervention for a long time and what he said absolutely qualified and quantified a lot of things. We've been teaching for for the last twenty five years right right so it's it's just fantastic to be surrounded by this level of people rusty. You've got to go. I don't WANNA I don't want one and just to add to that I mean if you look around the room this rumor no no no with everybody but in that student pool there are at least eight of our instructor cadre teach us all the time every time and they're running their in their paid students to learn from the guys and girls that we brought in this weekend would never stop learning kind of theory. You can't miss me. There's other groups out there doing the same thing. Yeah no because they're too cool. Yeah you can never make get your ego that high where you think that you can't learn something exactly. There's all of us in this room in. That room are always open. Should always be open. And it's like we talked with Dave Osgood not too long ago. And he mentioned that the three presenters Geno LAS sane at this one and the cool thing to me was you got guys in that room you got you got pat. O'connor you got Dave Gallagher. You got guys who have fought a lot of fires in their lives who have trained all over the country who get it right and you've got eighteen year old kids that are sitting there having conversations with them at the break. That's pretty cool. Yeah you know. It's it's definitely cool to see that interaction and and that's something that happens fools fools events more so than other events and because it is so inclusive and it is so accepting of all of us. I mean when you look at that fools mantra. They don't care if you wear white helmet. You wear a pro be shield. They don't care if you're you know thirty forty years on the job or four months your fool you believe in the same things that mantra carries on and to me. That's very very important and the and one thing. That really is important to me and something that I hold close with the fools the fact that there is no difference between volunteer and career nondenominational. We like to say right. And and that's a big thing with our podcast. Here is is seventy five percent of our audiences volunteers because we try to promote the recruitment retention. And all that leadership over Blah Blah Blah. And you come to these events and there's no there's no division now know what I mean. No one cares raw here doing the same thing and the thing with our events in our Instructor Pool. Our instructor cadre and the people that tend to come around to our things. We don't care where you work right. You wouldn't know where any of these guys work safe affect. It might say someone that helmet on the back of their coach. You're not going to know that. So many guys work in the city. Hartford the city of Boston because it doesn't matter because they also for the most part started somewhere else. They started whether they were in the service and volunteer just off base or the volunteer in their hometown or they started out as a volunteer comment somewhere and now they're sitting guy which is fantastic. You're living the dream but it does not come back to. It does not come back into right. They never forgot where he never forgot. Got Listen you know I like I said I joined Julius Town Volunteer Fire Company. If they're I don't know how many runs they run if they run one hundred runs a year right now. It's probably a lot and it's absolutely. There's not even a single traffic light in that town. Oh Wow it's a it's a one horse town for sure but it's important to me that every time I do a podcast or somebody asks me to give a speech and they want you to talk a little bit about where you came from. You don't forget where we all came from. Somebody somewhere yeah. It's it's rusty and I are both parrot heads. Were both Jimmy Buffett fans right. Yeah he sings great song. Nobody from nowhere absolutely and that's everybody started that way. Anybody the big leagues you. You know I'm at the Wire Boston. I'm from Trenton New Jersey on Philly. It's all bullshit. They all started somewhere and they were appropriate. Who didn't put their gear on one day. Yeah and now they're superstars which great but that doesn't ever give the reason big-league somebody else because that kid looking up is the one that we can influence to be the next really superstar. Firefighter great absolutely all right. Well the bar open yet. It could it. Could it be? I know the bar that has a twelve pack of PBR. In. My Room is overhead. De-selection whiskey behind the table. Here all right cool guys. I don't WanNa keep you much longer because we get food coming. It's coming soon and you get beer coming and we're going to maybe talk some more people and this up Celso Brotherhood some fellowship so awesome. Maybe I can get Hamel Hamilton. Come sit with US I know. He's he's often. Paul left He's doing he's doing the other thing we're doing tonight and York so but thanks guys. I appreciate it all right. We're back and we another guy on the show. It's Chris Lawsuit. Locie sorry has told me that closely St Lucie County Florida Fire Department right absolutely and You presented earlier today at the fools event and You're with on-scene on-scene training. What how? How did he wasn't training associates? Yes it's funny because Aaron corrected me ought to and your thing today was it really really caught my attention because it really goes along with what we do on this podcast. You're teaching you're thing called leading from the backseat. This correct is so What's what's a little bit about that word that come from well. It started I've been I've been taking classes for for years and years and years and I've taken tactics classes I've taken pump operator classes. I've taken company officer classes but I never saw classes that catered to or I. I shouldn't say catered to but Pertain to informal leadership and and Senior Man. Type leadership. So you know. This isn't anything that I invented. It's it's just something you know. I've I've noticed throughout the years. I've learned from senior guys on the job that I do want to be like and senior guys on that. I don't WANNA be. Yeah so it's Kinda culmination of both of those things and just taking one man's thoughts you know jot down and getting the word out. I like it because it really promotes what we'd like to promote is anybody can be leader. Absolute don't have to have a title or rank right leader absolutely no and and people aren't and people say this year a born leader but people really in my opinion aren't born to lead. It's it's something you have to learn I in anyone can do. Absolutely I do believe that It's something you know You do learn and it's you know here's the thing is you don't have to be the guy with the most years on the department to be a leader you know you don't is sometimes the guy with with the most years on is you know For lack of a better word maybe not the most motivated person out there. Yeah so you need somebody with Moxy you know you need somebody that can can can create enthusiasm and you know has an idea of what's going on. You just reminded me of something kind of off topic while you're up here in Maine. Pickup Moxy Moxy. You know what I've had oxy have you had. I have have all right. Okay but no you're right. There are your senior guys can be good leaders and they may not be but even your brand new person coming in can lead based on their own skills and their by staying in their lane like for example we tell our guys on the Department of your brand new you pick up the pick up the brush and start washing the truck and lead that way. Yeah it takes one person to start a revolution. If you you know and then I'll come in the firehouse and just like you said I'll grab a brush in the next thing. I know I've got every every guy on the cruise out there because nobody wants to see one guy out there working. Yeah sure or you know you come in the firehouse start doing dawning doffing drills with your mask. And what have you and the next thing? You know there's five guys out there and you've made it a competition because we're all type A. personalities. You know if I see you doing it in thirty seconds. I'm GonNa do twenty nine. Yeah definitely definitely. It's a competition breath. So where does empowerment come into play when it comes to Informal leadership? Where do you think that comes into play empowerment? That's a good question as far as informal leadership again. I think you can be empowered. It's like I say I listen to the to the newer guys. I've got twenty three years. You know I've been doing this. But like when a when a new guy goes to a conference and he comes back and he's got some new techniques I like to empower that particular person Okay because they. They're excited and they they they wanNA show what they know and it could be something that. I've never seen that just works better for whatever you know. I I liked to empower people as far as empowerment for informal leadership. I think anybody can can embody that empowerment and and spread the word and you know. Make training better in in. What have you right so I'm not? I don't know if that really no that totally makes sense. No that that definitely answers the question. Where so you're down in Florida? Yes or no right and your career down there and you said twenty three years yes and you mentioned in your in your lecture that there's some volunteer departments in Florida. That are hurting. They don't which I think is a definite trend around the United States. What is what is unique about Florida? Do you think that that where that's happened Well stained Florida. We do have some volunteer departments up in the panhandle up in central Florida southeast Florida. Which is where I'm from really. I can think of reserves that are in addition to career departments there but for as far as only Volunteer only can only think of one department down in Broward County. But I think I I don't know Florida's is getting so crowded and What used to be like seasonal. These people are living here now. The year round they're typically holder typically so Florida's a huge fire based ems service. Yes and I think they've just started to realize you know We're already providing the EMS. Yep You know. Let's get these guys Dual certified and we'll have the fire protection that's there as well I hate the fact that the that the volunteerism in Florida seems to be. I don't WanNa say it's dying. It's just it's not as widespread as it used to be and I. I hate that because you know what? America's founded on volunteer firefighters. It's absolutely true. You know so. I mean small town. Usa Barber Dentist. Everybody because the bell went off and they didn't matter if you had half a haircut exactly so Florida's definitely unique state I spent. I live down there I lived. I used to live down there in When I was in high school where altamonte springs. Okay I was an explorer on the altamont springs fire department good from Jesus. It was in the nineties so basically middle school last year of Middle School through high school and then the day after high school graduation. And we're back home. He made so but in that department is headed absorbed since I left it absorbed into the seminal county. Fire Department doesn't exist anymore. Demille'S GETTING HUGE. It is the The explorer programs down there were huge back in the night. I don't know if it's still like that now. Still is it is. It is a matter of fact Jenny who who came up here with me she's She's an adviser for the explorer. Post for Saint Louis Account. No kidding yeah yeah I traveled the state with our post going. All the fire. Matic's competition Jacksonville County. We plantation all that back back. We just hosted one not too long ago. Yeah and I wish that we do fire. Musters up here. They're a little smaller a little smaller than than actual fire matters. Like the events there will be Razi. Know what I mean. We just do like a wet hose of Andrea. Who's even climb here. But I love it but I think that the explorer programs down there definitely created some really good firefighters. I you know I I couldn't agree with you more. You know some of the guys that I was explorers with it. You know they're getting promoted they're on Landau there on similar county one of our guys one of the guys just got promoted to battalion chief and Bruin County. Yes so it's so cool to see that you know. Look up through so my My best friends He he's he's an author for us. He he started down. He was an explorer from the time. He's like fourteen or fifteen whenever you could start whatever. Yeah I think it's fourteen He started explorer down in sunrise. Okay and You know he was ARD visor for alone. And we're starting to see a lot of our our our explorer kids if you will you know. Yep They're coming about and make they are. They're they're good farming because they have a solid base. And that's exactly what it takes you and you talked about the generations in your presentation. I think having that explore program might kind of fix that gap. I agree because they're more. They're exposed to the older guys more live lying on the older guys because they're under eighteen and they have to. They need that supervision absolutely and they're coming in ride with US and they're seeing the whole gamut. Yeah good better indifferent. That was what was cool being a teenager living in Florida because I was a product of divorce family so my father was up here in Maine and my mother was down there so my father being on the Fire Department appeared volunteer department. I would I would come up here like in the summer and we had an explorer program here that I would you know. Hang but they couldn't ride calls. It couldn't go so here. I am a full-time city department right going to calls medical actually doing medical stuff as a teenager and explorer easy stuff. Blood pressure's yeah like that. They would let us. Do you come up there. Like they've never ridden on a call to go. Yeah you know it's like it's like it benefit and I think that really creates a strong phiathep. The they've got juniors and some Germans like juniors is like the same idea but doesn't fall under the boy scouts of America. I think that's how that works. But yeah so that's my little background on Florida's definitely know the culture is definitely different down down there than it is here it is the Lino. It's cool though to travel and see same job saint same same circus different clowns right but it. The culture is different. It is so awesome. Smell the food. I think he's ready so I don't WanNa keep you too much longer but before we do end this. I want to make sure that the listeners can know where to find you. So how can they find you because you had a really good presentation and pretty much facebook Chris? Lucy L. O. S. E. HIT ME UP I don't have an instagram. Do you know it's at my. My daughter tells me around how old's your daughter nineteen okay. She says facebook's guys get hurt. It is but you know what I'll tell you where were the under-priced attention is right. Now for social media. And you're gonNA laugh but your daughter's going to agree with me. Tick Tock Tick Tock Yeah. I'm hearing a lot about it. I mean anything. There are get her to show you how to run talk and then you start searching for firefighters and it's loaded. Nah loaded with firefighter. When after telling you and and and the viewership and begin you exposed. There's no algorithm on it. Okay you know what I mean so I'm down for about it and you know this sound silly but I like to tell people that took too close to all right cool. Let's get some dinner. Yeah right I appreciate it sure. Thanks Eric you guys. I hope that was some good content for you. We were happy to be able to record with a handful of people at the New England fools northeastern fire summit. So that's what we're going to end this episode. We did you know. Obviously throw a few of them together into one long episode for so as always time is valuable and you guys took your time out of your day to listen to our podcast and you take your time on your day to share our content. We really appreciate that. So thank you everybody. We'll talk next friends. Please join the movement by sharing this podcast and sharing our social media accounts and visiting US at Brotherhood Academy Radio DOT COM Promo Code Academy radio. Podcast is brought to you by salty hook media.

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095  Officer Development Objectives

Brotherhood Academy Radio

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095 Officer Development Objectives

"I hate the fact that the that the volunteerism in Florida seems to be. I don't want to say it's dying. I just it's not as widespread as it used to be nice. I hate that because America's founded on volunteer firefighters. Were you will together as one continuing to serve always brotherhood academy radio PODCASTS DRAIN OFF everybody. Welcome back to the Brotherhood Academy radio. Podcast I am Nick Hilton and I m your host for this full length episode. I'm here solo this week. Mostly because of the social distancing and all that good stuff but secondly I just got the studio setback up from when we're at the New England fools event finally got a set back up and I didn't really have a chance to schedule any guests or to get the other guys over here this week. Because I wasn't sure when I was going to get this whole thing. Set BACK UP. It takes a little bit of time In some testing and all that to make sure that the audio works the way it should be so but before I dive into the episode. Let me be sure to mention the D. T. F. F. Down to fight fire volunteer firefighters podcast as always and never forgotten. We mentioned them every single week. What a great group of guys these guys are and they are motivated to training. I think they're a little bit bombed. I believe they had to cancel their seminar that they do every year which is a big training exercise training event that they do and they're really proud of it. They had to cancel it because of this whole Cova Nineteen Corona virus thing which is unfortunate However these guys are good. Get on their podcast. Take a listen. The talking. A lot about Tactics a lot about calls that they go on a lot about the things that they do the A lot of stuff about stop the bleed. They love stop the bleed. That's like one of their favorite things was stopping bleeding and they talk with the Canadian accent. One of them were the British accent. And it's a good little group of guys so check them out. Police de tff. Volunteer Firefighters podcast. Etf stands for down to fight fire and they again friends. They are down to fight fire. All Right Go. Check those out Another thing I want to mention that if you have been interested in or you've signed up for any of the New England fools events that are coming up in the near future. Unfortunately they have been postponed for obvious reasons. Much like everything else. That's going on in this country. Everything's getting postpone but please keep an eye out for any rescheduling of their events. That are coming up. You can check them out on facebook. New England fools or any fools and they've got a website any fools dot org and Please check them out. Keep following them and you'll get updates on their classes so good stuff coming out of there and if you haven't checked out the fools anyway at all check them out please. And there's fools chapters all over the country in there isn't one in your area you can start one message. Rusty Ricker from the New England fools. He can coach. Ya Give you some ideas on how to start. A fool's chapter totally totally recommended. So how's everybody doing during all of this cove? Nineteen business the whole thing. It certainly new to all of us and I'm hoping it goes away soon but hearing it could last into summer I surely hope not but that's kind of the facebook post I saw today it. Just you know but you know how facebook can be half of its drew F. It's not so but spring is here and I hate being cooped up in the house at socks Although it has been nice to use some of the time to catch up on housework and organizing I burnt a big pile. My family and I burnt the big pile of stuff. We had stacked up outside. We did that yesterday. And that was a lot of fun My wife and I have cleaned up the office. We did that the other day and it gave me a lot more room for work for workspace since my new GIG allows me to work from home so So that's Nice I guess but anyway let's get into this week's topic. We talk a lot about leadership on this show. Right mostly because leaders say set the tone for the entire organization without good leaders. We will have a hard time having a strong motivated in Professional Fire Department. But where do good leaders come from? Where did they come from? I can tell you. They're not born as leaders. All right leaders are not born that way leaders or leadership is a skill that has to be learned right you have to acquire it and we learn it from experience from schooling and from mentors and by watching the before us by keeping an eye on our leaders right now and seeing how they do things and learning from them all right. That's just some of the many ways that we learn how to become leaders a lot of agencies though don't have a formal officer development program or a succession plan in place. And if you're one of these agencies I have put together an outline that will maybe maybe hopefully assist you with developing better officers and creating a plan for future leaders right so look none of us are going to be leading our departments forever. Eventually we'll be time to pass on the torch to the next one in line but we need to be sure they are prepared for that position. Correct right we don't want to set anyone up for failure because setting our future leaders up for failure ultimately set our departments future up for failure. There is much more to being a leader in the fire. Service than leading at an incident seen much much more. Don't misunderstand though what I'm saying. Of course. Obviously we all need to know how to lead on the fire scene right but we also need to know how to lead people. We need to understand human behavior. Okay but going back. Let's go back to the incident scene topic okay. So leading on the incident scene. We should also be learning how to manage a scene. Enrolls we have yet to do so as chiefs. We should be giving the line officers the chance to take on more responsibility in order to develop skills okay in order to make better officers better leaders. Succession Planning Okay. When it comes to managing budgets or purchasing and administrative type stuff we are grooming. Are Line officers for those kinds of responsibilities? I hope and if you're not why not okay. That's something we need to be doing. It's all part of again succession. Planning it's showing that our department will be left in good hands when it's time to retire so let's take a dive into the officer development and succession. Planning outlined that. I have put together. It's very basic list of objectives that you can take and you can customize for your own apartments okay look at this as an outline of objectives that each member must accomplish to either become an officer or to keep their current position. All right you can set the time requirements if any at all and when I say that is you know I recommend get all this done in a year. Okay get all these objectives onto you but it's up to you how you want to do it. But each member must complete each objective in order to personally develop as an officer and or a prospective officer. Right so let's dive in here. I have a list of objectives. I came up with nine of them. Okay and I think nine a good number and I think we can build upon it both go to objective number one objective. One is obtained a fire instructor one certificate. So this means encourage your current officers and your perspective officers and even yourself to get your instructor one certificate. I myself do not have it yet. But it is within the two year plan And I I will be getting that. Having this certificate will empower your members to then create their own training programs. That will benefit your apartment. But don't get me wrong. Anyone can teach we talk about this quite a bit. Anyone can train anyone that has strengths. In particular topics can pass those strengths down to other members but having the certificate will make it easier for your members to instruct official classes. Okay and that's where this ball gets rolling right. Instructing of official classes giving out official certificates having that instructors certificate will allow you to do that. We'll all your members to do that. Okay objective number one. Again obtain a fire instructor one certificate objective number to obtain fire officer. One and twos is difficult. It's right and courage and I would almost go ahead and say to require all of your fire officers to get their fire. Officer wanted to certificates. There's a lot to be learned in these classes. In most places you can obtain these two certificates in one class as I mentioned before Paul and I are taking a hybrid fire. Officer wanted to class right now and that's online so we think we meet halfway through it so. I think we meet like eighteen times and the rest of. It's all online right. It makes it way easier for Scheduling and whatnot but it was long overdue for us and we were realizing that. It's definitely something every fire officer should have and we need to step up and do that. So that's what we're doing now but don't just limit this also to just your your current officers again. This topic is about succession. Planning can officer Development Succession. Planning isn't just who's going to be the next fire chief. But it's also who's going to be the next June Lieutenant. Okay because there's always a constant move up. The should always be a constant move up all right so enroll your firefighters in these classes as well. The instructor class in the fire officer wanted to class right again. This is about succession planning okay. Objective to what that was that was obtaining a fire officer one and fire officer to certificate objective number three attend department hosted fire service leadership classes. We should be requiring our officers or suggesting however you WanNa do this whole little program of written out for you To be attending any sort of sort of fire service leadership class. And it's up to us chiefs or you chiefs 'cause I'm not achieve. It should be up to the chiefs to be looking for people to come in and to teach that kind of stuff to teach the Leadership traits in the leadership skills. Okay so a hand department hosted. That's the key word here department hosted at your own fire station. Fire Service leadership classes. The idea here is the host the class that your fire station and encouraging members to attend them right host leadership instructors and or those who have a leadership focused lecture and it can be fire service related or even slash personal development related. It doesn't have to be just fire service related right again. The idea here is to develop your people in two leaders has many ways to attack. This okay again. Not just fire department related topics. We had had a guest on here Chris Worthington on twice. That Guy's not a firefighter. But I can tell you what he's got some leadership traits. He's got some leadership advice. He's got some personal development advice and I'm not trying to. I'm not trying to sell him because I don't think he's traveling and doing any classes or anything like that. But people like him. All right people like Chris Worthington we had on a few episodes ago would be perfect to have India station To teach some of these things all right it's very important and another thing too military leaders. Okay how many How many members? How many of your members our military or a veteran okay? They may have connections with with some leaders from the military. They can come in physical fitness coaches. Okay it's as simple as it is. I mean they don't have to come in and teach you physical fitness. But that tell you what they can teach a discipline and self discipline right so something to think about. That's objective number three okay. Attend Department hosted fire service leadership. Classes require your perspective officers or your current officers to attend them but you again as chief need the host need host. You have to get somebody in the teach. These classes okay number. Four objective number four develop program or initiative four the fire department. Have your members encourage your member to develop some sort of program does adult developed and lead and take on some sort of initiative right in this objective. Your members should be encouraged to develop this program encouraged. Okay I put that word in there because a little bit of encouragement goes a long way. All right again you can do this. However you want you can make everyone of these objectives requirement. You have to get it done in a certain amount of time Blah Blah Blah. Okay but if you encourage if you use that word encourage your members are going to be more apt to want to do it okay. They're not going to feel like they're being forced to all right. And it's up to you as chief officers to set that example on right because watching you okay. But the skits them to make decisions and to be creative and to recruit help delegate. Okay that's what the chiefs need to start doing is delegating while. Also these line officers need to start learning how to delegate okay so some examples that I might throw out. There are things that require a committee. Okay so they can lead a committee maybe a driver Training Committee a fundraising for new piece of equipment type of committee. Start EXCITING. A physical fitness program. Things like that all right. Have your officers develop some sort of program? Okay that's GONNA give them those leadership skills that they need. It's going to develop them and when they create them from the ground up right they're going to develop many leadership skills and they're going to develop some ownership and some pride right because pride and ownership does what it creates empowerment pride in ownership create empowerment. That's what we want your winning killing two birds in one with one stone here okay. Objective number four was develop a program or an initiative for the Fire Department objective number five for your perspective officer or your officers looking to move up for your succession. Planning is assume a role on an incident scene higher than you're used to. Okay encourage your officers to step outside of their comfort zone. Encourage them to move Encourage them to be more versatile. Okay and to experience a little bit more in the job. Okay Assign Them. A role on the scene is a little bit more complex or challenging than what they're used to doing so of course. We want to obviously do this with a little bit of caution. We want to be sure. The member can actually do the job safely and successfully A good time to kind of practice this and get this rolling might be during a live fire drill or a complex training exercise all right but if you have an officer who is very good and very experience leading crew into a burning building right assigned that officer a task that is next level assign them as a sector officer for example you know it may not be glorious for them. But you've given them that opportunity to lead above his or her comfort level. All right remember if they become a chief officer. Someday they don't Wanna be thrown into that kind of a position right because once you become a chief officer and more times than not. You're of the building and you're doing outside stuff but groom young people okay. Groom them and remember. I'm laying these out again. I'm laying these out as objectives and saying to encourage the members to do them but it should be an objective. They must complete in your officer development program this means that as chiefs. We need to be comfortable willing comfortable and willing to give up some of your normal roles to the line officers okay. This prepares them for future. Promotions means chiefs. Step back a little bit. Let your guys learn what you guys practice that you guys flop a little bit with your guidance? And your oversight okay that was objective. Five assume a role on an incident scene higher than you are used to objective number six is be the incident commander again chiefs. This is where you let go of the command role from time to time. Allow your line officers to be the incident commander now. I can understand transferring command during LARGER INCIDENTS FROM LINE. Officers to the chief officers is appropriate many many times. That's part of the chain of command. Line officer. Gets THEIR ASSUMES COMMAND SETS THE TABLE CHIEF ROLLS UP. You do a transfer of command it happens. That's where we should be doing but for the more quote unquote routine calls. Even though none of them are really routine can easily be managed by a line officer will allow them to develop decision making skills to learn how to manage people and Resources under a little bit of pressure right remember succession. Planning Officer Development. Allow your line officers to grow to learn and to advance so number. Six was be the incident commander. That's objective six objective. Seven was to attend outside seminars conferences and classes. Kinda can't do that right now with this whole Cova. Nineteen thing going on can we? Fdic got postponed. Didn't it no fun? No good however. Your officers should be attending outside training on a regular basis and allows them to network with other leaders with other instructors and other firefighters. All ranks right outside trainings. They open them up to a world of information tactics and skills. Okay we can train. Every day in our own firehouse but getting out there to see how things are done in other places will provide a ton of value to your leaders right. It's critical when we went to the New England fools northeastern fire summit. It was mentioned that the people in that room with a three percenters okay. Let's increase that from three percent to five percent. The three percenters are the ones that are going out there and getting some outside training taking the initiative being a self starter. Finding these organizations that are putting on these seminars in these conferences and getting out there and learning not just going to FDIC to see the fire trucks and to see all the cool product but actually going there to take a class and to listen to learn something okay. We should be encouraging our members to do that and that should be an objective to officer development and Succession Planning Right. It may be a little bit expensive. There may be some budgetary issues there but there's ways to work around it okay. Let's invest in your members. It's an investment. Think of it that way okay. Again the fools events look around your future fools chapters local foods. Chapter says training events everywhere. Okay there's other organizations out there. There's other training companies out. There's many many training companies out there of firefighters with a ton of experience putting on their own classes to better firefighters around the country. Okay so number. Seven attend outside seminars. Conferences and classes objective number eight read one personal development book or leadership book not related to the fire service every six months and or two per year. Okay if you go back to episodes zero eight five you'll hear some examples of some really good books to start with to make this work. The easiest get an Amazon account for your fire department. Okay if you really WanNa make this work and you WanNa go with this objective. Get an Amazon account or a handful of personal development books put on a shelf and let your officers take them home and read them. Okay encourage them to do two books a year if not more okay. This is going to build them okay. I'm working on a reading list for the website that you can all reference from Hopefully soon I'll have that up but for now if you go back and listen to episode eighty five zero eight five. You'll hear a handful of titles that I would recommend to start with so but yeah please get on to Amazon or go to your local bookstore by some personal development books leadership books military leadership books. And you know what? Throw some fire service leadership books in there too. I guess that's okay reading. Fire Service leaderships and tactic books. Excellent okay but again for your members to reach outside of the fire service by reading different kinds of books will expose them to more concepts that can be eventually applied to the fire service and they may come up with their own concepts. Okay they may look at things differently and apply it to the fire department differently in. It may end up being a better thing for us all right so that was number eight. Have your members read one Personal Development Book Development Book or leadership book not related to the Fire Service? Every six months or twice a year right and finally objective number nine is to become a mentor. Your member your perspective officer should become a mentor. Your current officers if they're not already should become a mental. We didn't episode on that. Awhile back to a mentorship series. Okay so go. Research that Each line officers should be tasked with becoming a mentor to at least one firefighter in your apartment right just one to start with. Okay you can do more you do group of people but just one this will give them the opportunity to learn about that member and to figure out what that members weaknesses are and what their strengths are and it also allows that member to learn how to manage lead and understand human behavior. Okay let's that leader. That officer understand how to lead and how to manage and how to understand human behavior and then on the flip side K. Flipped upside down that member that they're mentoring right. That'll give them the opportunity to learn something so it all it all works out all works out in the end so that was objective number nine becoming a mentor or become a mentor. I should say so. Let me run down the list for you again again. This is just an outline. Okay we can add to it okay. Just an outline but for a program such as officer development or succession. Planning in your fire department. You should have your current officers and perspective officers meet these nine objectives objective. One obtain instructor want get an instructor fire instructor one certificate objective number to obtain a fire one and two certificate okay number three attend department hosted fire service leadership classes that means you as chiefs must host. You must find leadership. Instructors come into the organization the teach okay objective for was to develop a program or initiative for the Fire Department. Your member your officers should be developing some sort of program on their own on their own creativity or some sort of initiative for unified apartment. Okay objective number five assume a role on the instant seen higher than you are used to encourage your member to step up and do something a little bit more advanced. Take a role. That's a little bit more advanced than what they're used to. That's going to build them. That's going to build the confidence. That's going to develop them into a better fire. Officer number six was be the instant commander. Allow your line officers to be the incident commander on a scene okay. Very critical very very critical. It allows for decision making during stressful situations. All right number. Seven was ten outside seminars conferences and classes again. Fdic it's postponed but that sucks Fools events this so many of them out there just google. That's all you gotta do is Google. I might start putting a list of instructors who knows I might do something on the website. I want to be a resource for everybody. Here wants to be a resource so again number. Seven attend outside seminars. Conferences and classes number eight read one personal development book every six months leadership book not related to the Fire Service Military Leadership Booker. Anything business anything like that. Okay that was number. Eight and a number nine objective number nine is to become a mentor. Encourage your fire officers to become mentors. Okay all right so this is my list of objectives for officer development and succession. Planning that was good for you. how you put this to work as up to you. I said In one idea that I had was to turn it into a quote unquote a homework assignment or the member must report back after meeting each objective. Which is a good way to documented? All okay. I'm sure you all have some other ideas running through your head for this list and I encourage you. Please send me a message on facebook on instagram with your idea. Because I'm sure there's more objectives that could be met or should be met for officer development. So please do that right so we go. I got an episode done by myself during the covert and here we are about ready to end it. So thank you guys some cool stuff coming up. Once this whole thing blows over. I do have some guests lined up remotely just get a schedule time and And we'll get that up there so thank you for listening because time is valuable when you guys are taking your time out of your day to listen to the Brotherhood Academy Radio PODCAST. We appreciate that we really do. So thank you so much. I want everyone to be safe out there. Watch the calls. He going to clean hands right. Wash your hands stay clean. Wash all the surfaces around you. You'd ask your car all that good stuff. Use some caution going into medical calls. Use some caution going to the fire calls. Use some caution Gandhi calls okay because this covert thing. You don't want that so let's get that out of here all right. Thank you guys talk to you. Next time friends. Please join the movement by sharing this podcast and sharing our social media accounts and visiting US at Brotherhood Academy Radio DOT COM Code Academy radio. Podcast is brought to you by salty hook media.

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075  Mentorship Series Part 2

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37:31 min | 11 months ago

075 Mentorship Series Part 2

"You know you'll be spending a lotta time with this person so you know it's it goes you know the relationship has to run deeper than Than what we do you. The firehouse will link together as one continuing to serve all the Brotherhood Academy radio part that Florida everybody welcome back to the Brotherhood Academy Radio PODCAST. I am Nick Hilton and I am here with Paul Valentine's Day I I how are you. I'm upright Europe right. Eating some checks mix having a snack. Yup Yup good good You get your your dress for the occasion because he got called down. Yes yes so. I'm super excited that you here because we haven't really done a show together in quite a while and the holidays are Kinda screwed things up and family things have screwed things up up and work has screwed things up and Life is just totally hectic But here you are and then Hamel Campbell was in Florida son of you. Betcha hate him Yup Yup. He's enjoying the warmth down there and Some Cold Beers he says. And that's fine. Whatever it is what it is is so we're here to do a part to on the mentor ship series for a full length quote unquote full length episode? We are gradually getting adding back on schedule. This was this is going to be in replacement of your Typical Sunday episode. But it's GonNa launch on Tuesday Yesterday Monday you had your Wednesday box alarm. I'm that launched on Monday. So we're slowly getting back into the groove and we'll do another Wednesday's show on Wednesday and then boom have three shows in a row to listen to you and hopefully you guys are happy about that. I the announcements right. We always do the announcements I and who should we mention I. But the D. T.F. Down to fight fight fire volunteer firefighters. podcast such a mouthful. I thought Brotherhood Academy Radio. PODCASTS was going to be a mouthful but now reading this off every week mouthful. But it's good because these guys are worth the mouthful. I guess they are out of Canada. They are on the western coast volunteer volunteer firefighters that liked to do training a lot the very aggressive the very salty and they are constantly posting content went on the youtube videos on how to do things training tips and whatnot and we have. We're pretty happy about it. I think we've formed a pretty good relationship with those guys. What do you think those guys are awesome? They're pretty much just Canadian. You know and without leather helmets and without leather helmets. But Hey hey you know what. It's fine because because they they got smooth bore nozzles could start on it is it is a good start and They train all the time. They have their thrown training center that they built themselves So we don't have dash is really awesome. You really don't have that but So we've built the relationship with them and it's continuing to grow and we have a a nice little chat going on on facebook group chat that we really can't share the conversations on here because it's totally confidential right. I mean it's all business confidential. Yeah all all business all business business but it's pretty good. I'm happy about it. They're great great guys so check them out please. The down on to fight fire catch my breath volunteer firefighters podcast out of Canada. They're on all the platforms on their on youtube as well. They're on facebook. They're on instagram. They're on on twitter. I think everywhere tick Tock. They're all over the place so check those guys out please. Next thing on the announcement is the New England fire. Summer Summit the New England fools New England or northeastern northeastern fire summit. I can't remember now but either way regardless that is coming up in that at the March march sixth through the eighth and I mentioned it quite a bit of few podcasts ago. But if you go onto the New England fools facebook facebook page or go onto our facebook page you will see the details totally worth going to and you've you are if you are fools member you don't have to just be a New England fools member but if you are fools member you get a discount on the price But you don't have to be a full member to attend this three day seminar seminar. I guess we can call it. There's big names from the fire service. There's some new names from the fire service coming in to give some lectures and they're not boring lectures. I can tell you that because because where they do the lectures and a function room that happens to have a bar serve beer in food included and the Brotherhood Academy Academy radio. podcast guys bar boys us. We'll be there Rusty Ricker which we've had on the show before we actually going to have on today but he got a busy night last night at work which is totally the acceptable. We're going to have him on the show to talk a little bit more about it but he is letting us have nice little table space in the hallway to Have conversations with people there that have conversation with US already got one lined up And that's going to be the presenter for Friday Brooke aims and she's going to have of her debut on her little program About it's the anti motivational speech. So it'd be pretty good so I've been chatting a lot with her on on the instagram and she is a motivated young lady who is big into fitness and big personal development for firefighters. So I'm interested interested to have a chat with her so be sure to check that out. The New England fools event go to our facebook page. You should see post about that next. Please post your training ideas. We WanNA collect training ideas so he could go to our website. You'll see a link on the right hand side To share your training ideas. Please do that It doesn't have to be anything crazy. It could be something simple. It could be something unique. Could be something complicated. Doesn't matter share it there and we'll post it up on the website. We're all help each other out. So there we are announcements are done. We've been talking about mentor. Ship Paul and The last episode. I talked about what it takes to be. A Mentor Mentor. All right and we went over things like enthusiasm about the role and having experience with a certain topic. Obviously you need to know what you're talking about and have experienced when you mentoring somebody you'd have to have patience and compassion Possess good communication and listening skills. And you've got to have the ability to to explain your past mistakes which we've all made mistakes and if you say you haven't made mistakes either haven't been in the fire service long enough or you're fooling yourself and your align to all of us We've all made mistakes You gotta be able to bring positivity and you gotta value learning and have the ability to step out of your comfort zone and to take personal interest in and the person you are mentoring so those are the things. Those are some of the things. Because I'm sure there's a lot more but those are some of the things that you must have possessed a trait to be a mentor. If you WANNA think about mentoring somebody in the fire department. But this time I wanNA talk about What mentors should know while they're mentoring? Somebody okay some things that they should keep in mind and maybe a little bit of the process to mentor somebody. Because it doesn't have to be formal mentoring right it. It could be a castle. You know it can be very informal process right But if you do want to do a formal process I totally encourage that because we want to make sure we keep keep our members interested and we want to make sure that they feel welcome in our organization And we just ignore people ignore new members that come in or if we have people that have been on for quite a while they have an interest in becoming an officer or learning a new skill they want to be a driver or pump. OPERATOR THEY WANNA go into confined space rescue or if you have a specific skill specific service service that you do like we do water. Rescue Department we don't you and I because we stay on land. It's really not are not but we do provide that service with a water water rescue boat if there's someone that's interested in that we wanna make sure we take the time to mentor them into it right and give them that opportunity so I think it's it's important that we touch on this a little bit And some of the things that you should be paying attention to while you are mentoring. First thing I a have on my list is that you need to be able to inspire somebody and become their role model right. You want to know how to be a role model. It'll to set that good example in not only to the person that you're mentoring but also to the rest of the organization as well because other people are going to be following and watching you you as well so have you picked someone say someone wants to be a pump operator. Paul you are pump POPs trainer. You are one hundred percent de best with pump ops in our organization. You know all the numbers you know the hydraulic someone wants to pump operator. They're gonNA come to you to mentor for mentorship right and you WanNa make sure that year becoming a role model so you want to make sure. Obviously you know what you're doing you haven't forgotten your skills you haven't forgotten how to pump right which you probably never will But be that role model presentable be professional who should have been a role model prior to the mentoring process prior to being selected to be a mentor. it's it would be beneficial if you were looked at prior to the opportunity to mentor. Someone that you are a role Oh model and that should be identified. Prior to pairing up less experienced person with the mentor is identifying. Who in your organization might be good candidates? It's a good fit for mentorship role. So what makes a good role model. Positively Obviously knowledge of the subject subject matter Yup professionalism professionalism a good personal life A A A. You're out of trouble. You're not in trouble all the time. Yeah a desire fire to a desire to share your knowledge with others That's huge passionate for the industry right. You're not grumpy all the time and you actually like being being at the firehouse. You're going to call you like attending the training. That's definitely a good role model right their way to be a role model so so we've got to tackle that you got to be a role model and Paul's right. You got to be that person before you ever think about even becoming somebody's mentor. Tor and the fact is to anybody can be a mentor. Just like leaders. Anybody can be a leader and it could be a different level so you can really privy a person that's been on your organization for let's say six or seven months and then you have someone coming in behind you. That's brand new. You now have that ability to be a mentor to that. That brand new person because you know exactly what you're going through as a new person or we call that informal leadership and that's what it is. Sometimes these informal leaders emerge change just due to you know they. They happen to be somebody. That's close to somebody that needs leadership and they identify that Person Needs Some assistance or coaching or whatever and they step up to the plate and And then you an informal leader is born exactly and anybody can do it. You know when people say that you're a born leader. You were born a leader and and your natural leader that might be the case. Maybe someone it comes into having those traits early in life but I really believe that anybody can become a leader with with a little bit of coaching and a little bit of mentor ship themselves little bit of training and the biggest thing is desire. You know with a with a with a heart for something you know you. There's nothing there's is no limits your view of the heart to do something. Use Your almost unlimited. Yeah absolutely and mentorship is is a big key to success for anybody so as a senior member or an officer. Now is the time to find someone who needs mentoring. Now is the time and it could be like. I said a new member or somebody aspiring to learn a new skill or to become an officer themselves now is the time so don't waste any time. Get into that. Because it's going to help yourself is going to help you grow as a firefighter to mentor. Somebody else to grow right. It's a it's a it's a eighteen job you know we're all in it together and as you grow and your mom your member that you're mentoring grows your organization is going to be you just growing green getting stronger right so you wanna be able to take an interest in the person. You're mentoring is well. You don't don't want to be mentoring. Somebody a skill that you're passionate about and not really care about this person or what. Their weaknesses are and their strengths are and Rape down into the nitty gritty of their family life. And what they do for a living If you're on a volunteer department and and what their passions are you know take an interest because they find they see that you're interested in them. They're more apt to listen to you. And take your advice on a lot of things find out what their goals goals are in the fire service and whatever particular skill that they want to learn like. Where do you want to go in the fire service because people join up and a lot of people? These days are joining up with without without much family background or knowledge. Of exactly what it is that you're going to be doing as a firefighter. Try to find out what they want where they want to go. What their strengths? Thanks are. That's where it's important like if you remember when you came in when we both I joined. We wanted to do everything but we weren't quite sure. One hundred percent of what our your personal strengths were right. No not yet haste everything you get a taste each individual nugget in the fire department. All right you WanNa Kinda kind of coach these new people coming in you know. What are you good at what he does some of that? Is You know the mentor building. Rapport with the with the mentally. And that you know that's that's a starting point. Is You know you need to foster the relationship with that person and get comfortable comfortable with each other and you know you'll be spending a lot of time with this person so you know it's it goes you know the relationship has to run deeper than you know then what we do you know at the firehouse You know in the in the workplace so to speak more you know that the relationship almost has to be a personal relationship so that we can You know foster that trust and then from there we start working on on how to how the mentor figures out from. You know getting to know this person. How are we going to motivate this person and to succeed right so Getting to know the person on a personal level. And that's going to give you a lot of clues on how to how this person is motivated. And what techniques. You might use to keep them motivated to help them learn because you know we all have different learning styles and and and So everybody learns things slightly differently and so that mentor is GonNa need to understand. You know which which learning styles to utilized to make the best of the time that you guys will be spending together the research those two. It's a simple. It's as simple as going onto google and researching researching learning styles right and figuring out what different styles are out there and the same with leadership styles and figuring out what style style you have because you may not know if you want to be a mentor. You've got to figure that out exactly what you should be doing. As far as teaching goes and whatnot. Lets you mentioned mentioned good point. Let's talk about the trust thing because I think that's absolutely huge. I think that if you get on that personal level you're going to trust somebody. The the person you're mentoring is going to trust you and you want to absolutely trust the person that you are mentoring because you I don't want to get thrown under the bus down the road of say you maybe teach them something that maybe it's not exactly the way they thought it should be done or anything like that. I mean I've I've experienced in my in my job my fulltime job where I've been shot off from training people because the person that I was training Didn't agree with how I was training. It and I'm sorry but I have been on the job for eleven years and your brand new to the industry. So maybe we should talk talk about this a little bit but yeah gaining that trust is is vital and I think by getting to know them personally getting to know their family inviting fighting them over for Some personal time like I dunno drinks or whatever at your home a cookout barbecue or whatever. The time of the year is is going to help help. Yeah getting out getting outside the formal setting. Which is the firehouse can definitely helped to foster that personal relationship and by by hanging out in a setting? That's less formal than it is in the firehouse certain or at the workplace. What have you for sure And I think that's what we we we do very well with On a on a more casual basis with mentoring is like your father via chief. You know when someone new comes on I mean he invite some right to his home in. Hey let's hang out with people. Yeah you get to know people on a personal level and and a lot of times. The expectations can be spelled out around the kitchen. Table of guys a drink and beer and we're not in the firehouse. It's not a formal setting and there's a lot of. There's a lot of informal learning that takes place in the social social setting and that is proven to be beneficial over the years you know as as informal and you know back countries that might sound it has served department. Well it works it really does and I I. I think more people more departments should go that route and and not be afraid to form a friendship in a relationship with your junior firefighters coming in. You're you're firefighters. I mean you you see a lot of that. Oh you're or an officer now now you need to be their boss not their friend but I I kind of agree with that a little bit but I think you need to have that sort of balance especially with the volunteer service where people are spending their personal time walking on the fire department. So it's very important to create that we set good expectations in the firehouse. The House then the then the the old you know. Look at the officer and make sure they're you know holding everybody to a high a standard you know if we have if we already have set expectations and those expectations are spelled out. Well then you don't have to be a jerk as an officer you can right you know. I think there's ways I think there's ways setting that you know those expectations upfront. That what we expect from people so that We don't have to you know. Follow along behind people and put out small fires you know. Yeah right right I can remember before we were officers. Years ago. our lieutenants it's and captains when we screwed up. We knew it right. Oh Yeah but at the end of the day we're all still friends and we still went to each other's houses and the time to get in the way so we were able to have those boundaries and And I look at them those guys that we looked up to. I look at them as mentors. There's even to this day there. Mentors they hold rank over me but honestly at the end of the day like I said we're all we're all friends enroll in the same. You know that was a good. It was a really good bunch of guys that were the officer quote and we started and Really Shop Bunch and we learned a lot from all of them right right You want to make sure that you guys are doing doing that. You know you don't want to be putting people down you know. I've heard some horror stories recently from listeners. Of the show that you know talking about about how you know they joined the fire department and everyone around them was all about them and there was no leadership and there was no show in the way and quote unquote holding hands. I guess yes I can say what you gotTa do with the New People coming in especially if they have no idea what the fire service about and they want to do something different and exciting for their lives and there are still fire departments out there this day. That are doing that and I'm so old school. It seems so back woodsy now back in the eighties and seventies maybe even into the nineties where people people just want to join for the t shirt. And it's a boy's club and so much more than that nowadays learned or an all hazards professional organization. And and we just never know what we're GONNA be getting into when we go out there and then the public demands a high level of service whether we're fulltime volunteer call. You know they expect Donovan. Emergency that truck is going to show up with professionals on it and be ready to mitigate their problem right and so that it's not a boys club anymore you know not not to mention the fact that we we have a a decent percentage of folks coming through the front doors that are boys anymore there of the female gender the need to accept that and you need to be. We need to embrace it. Racing's good need to get them in there because they can provide a lot of value. It's not about being a man and doing the job as a man. It's about being a person and being a part of the team of the team exactly and I think that's where I was getting at with with with the one person that that message is is she went through something like that where she was denied her first department because she was a female and Chrissy went to a different department. And that's That's not acceptable. This Day and age. Not at all if you guys are doing that you. It's time to start changing things a little. Yeah for sure for you can't you. Can't you can't go and complain that you have no members and you have no help and then turn around and and deny people because of certain things that they may not fit in quite the way you want them to two. Everybody brings something to the table. You know the the men the women the you know they they each bring things to the table and your team. The more well rounded your team. Is You know the better. You're going to perform because we all have strengths. The females have strengths. The men have strengths. And and if we if we are able to you know capture some of those strengthen utilize those for the betterment of of the whole crew then we have a we'll have a really dynamic anemic and very very good strong work group and I feel it's up to US senior members and officers to find those strengths six in these new members to encourage them to show their strengths and dig for them because they may not know what they are. And that's up to us as leaders as mentors to expose suppose that right defined into utilize it into capitalize. It capitalize on it. I should say I think another thing as mentors we. We need to know when to give advice as opposed to win not to give advice into let someone trip a little bit little bit. Yeah when you're teaching them a specific skill or you want them to embrace the officership world You need to let them trip a little bit. You need to let them make mistakes because you never gonNA learn unless you make a mistake unless you screw something up but as mentors and trainers we need to know when to give the advice and you're going to have people people that want to do something but they're not going to be comfortable enough to make a decision or to actually do the skill and they're going to keep asking you over and over again. How you do this? How do that while I just showed you the last time we just went over this we went over this four times? You need to know when to stop and say listen you need to do this unique to figure this out on your own. You need to pull his draft right from this Puerto Tank Yup without me if you want to know how to do This you need to know how to do it and needs to do it by yourself without anyone showing you how to do it because you can keep showing him and showing them and showing them doing it for them but they need to learn and they need to make the mistakes. I find that I learned a lot better when I make a mistake. I and I've learned I've learned by making mistakes. Yeah sure ton about things. I won't go into detail. That's a whole `nother show. I was GonNa say this could be a couple of shows on things I've screwed up then. I'm learning him same. I'm here but anyway so we need to know when to give advice and what not to give advice and went to shut it off. I've seen a lot of that in my career as dispatcher and and some people well don't understand that in some leaders don't understand that and you got to. You have to you know if you're if you're going to have a fire officer of your chief or something and you're going to have a fire officer officer tasked with training somebody. You're mentoring somebody don't micromanage that. And if that person that's being trained comes to you complaining that maybe you take that as a trainer that you were kind of being too strict on them or you weren't showing them the way As chief you need to back away a and let your mentor. It's mentoring this person. You can follow me here. So long as they're not being a bully right going to cause them to get hurt right exactly you need. Don't let them. You need to let them do their thing. 'cause you know this is something I it should not be the relationship between the the mentor. The mentally should not be micromanaged. You know that that you know whether you're process for mentoring is formal or informal. It should be something that you know unless the unless the mentor is having trouble getting through. They should leave that relationship alone. Yeah yeah absolutely and now you reminded me to. You mentioned the informal informal. I think there's I think we should talk about how to separate those tubes. Well like how do you create a formal mentor ship program while it should be the same as you creating your training program right Find the people that are good that are qualified to mentor. Put them into a program where you got your going to connect to like. You're playing the the the dating game like you're the matchmaker you're gonna find someone that needs to learn something something and you're GonNa find the guy that can teach it boom all right. You guys are together match together. I think there should be some sort of program I think everyone should. It doesn't have to be written down but it could be written down on Were you you do have some sort of formal mentorship program and a great opportunity to is to have your junior junior your senior firefighters. That aren't officers. They should be tasked with mentoring. New People coming into the door. That should just be something. That's that's set in stone. You get these new guys coming in here. You're tasked asked with showing these guys around but also everybody should have the ability to have an informal mentorship program where everybody just knows knows the need to step up the need to take the role they need to find someone that needs a little bit of showing around. Because we're not doing that. The New People coming in or not not gonNA they're not GonNa get any direction they need. They need some direction they need some structure and You know in order for in order for them to be successful asphalt somebody needs to digital to devote some time to You know getting them up to speed. Yep my fulltime department is. WE'RE GONNA we're rolling out a formal mentor. Ship Program at the end at the end of them currently is being worked on by the training division and it is going to be an interesting process. So what does it tell. You know. the matchmaking in short to begin with they're going when when probationary canary firefighters hired. They're going to They're going to after their three week. Orientation where they work days for three weeks. They're going to be assigned nine to their shift and somebody on the shift A firefighter on the shift is GONNA be Tasked with becoming their mentor. And they're going to try to keep them together her Throughout the duration of the one year probation I like it and There's going to be There's a they have a packet written down full of expectations and may be something I can provide so we could Put It on. Our website is a resource dumb. It down so it's more generic. Yeah I like that and the documentation alone is very important to We ran into that challenge at work with my full time job and now we are re building our our training program to assign just as you said mentors so like each one of us as trainers and dispatch we each have our own strength right. Yep so breaking it up into two week orientation which the boss does and then it's going to be a call taker for a while. So you'RE GONNA learn all about there. Is the call. Take doing call taking stuff. There's going to be The legal and court stuff. So the person's going to be with a day with our prosecutor Yup right And then there's a fire section so someone on that strong strong in in firefighting would be the dispatcher to do that. I'm not sure who they're going to take yet But it's GonNa be me because I had to create a program. I tasked with got a couple of weeks ago and then it's essentially a checklist. So here's your topic. Here's what needs to be discussed. You GonNa. It's a lot like I gave them the suggestion of our driver training program which is really good. Yeah it's been discussed five times and then you sign off on it right so that shows that it was thrown. It was discussed. So you can't have your your trainees. I never shown that signed here. You were shown so documentation is huge. And I do. I think that's a great idea to have that formal mentorship program within the organization it. It's proven to work. I've seen it work and we're going to experiment with ourselves at work work with our newest higher when she gets out of her background check which she'll be easy Because she comes from a very strong fire and police background. But that's all I'm going to say because I'm not supposed to So yeah it's it's critical and I think a two to round this off is we need to be able to celebrate or recognize their achievements. So when they do resort complete. Something whether it's big or small that needs to be recognised. Yeah yeah th there's a feed you you know you have to close the loop up with the you know the feedback. You should be more good than bad you know but obviously bad feedback is is done constructively. You know that's the that's the three hundred sixty degree. The evaluation is you know. We're going to do something. And they're gonNA they're GonNa go perform a task and then the and the to close the loop as the feedback. Thank you know relative to you did great here. We need to do some work on this part of the evolution. And you know. That's that's where they're going to you you know they're gonNa Excel as when they get the feedback after every single skill evolution. Is You know three hundred and sixty degree feedback so closing the loop with them. Fu done is I think very important is that something you just came up with the I I did. Yeah we should make a mean. I already have a picture in my head. Okay Yeah Yeah it's good. It's it's a feedback loop three hundred sixty degree. C start at the top of the circle picture circle right. Yeah and then you. At the top of the circle says like Introduction Okay and then you come around clockwise so you coming down the circle right in the different parts of the thing. You're mentoring are teaching right. And then you hit the bottom which is not really the bottom. But it's just you know. Come back up the circle right then you when you're at the top is when you do your feedback right where you've met three sixty right and then you have the line go just straight across right and that that is released and doing right. Yeah Kinda I think. I'm going to draw up. I think that's a really good three ballantine. Three hundred six hundred and sixty sixty degree feedback feedback holy cow. That's going to be in textbooks and like five years. I don't know about that. You never know so. Yeah so celebrate their achievements show the recognition. It's just like with everything. We should constantly be showing recognition and achievements recognizing what people have done if they make a good save at a fire or are they made a good attack or they completed a project successfully and or they came in with some great donations for the Fire Department. And we're able to do some fundraising and recognize that recognize. Yeah all encompasses everything. That's what's GonNa keep these. That's what they're going to keep these guys coming back is. Is You know feeling like they are valued member of the team if they feel like they are valued member of the team. You know obviously as we've discussed in previous episodes you know. Success is going to breed success. And you know they're going to do more you know. Hey that was appreciated in guys went out of their way to tell me that it was appreciated. So I'm going to do more. The old you know of an employee that feels valuable contribute more you know right. There's articles out there. Why good employees quit their jobs? You know yeah encourage you guys to read those because that applies is to us to one of the biggest common denominators on that one. I mean not to get too far off topic one of the biggest. Common denominators of that is poor leadership. Yeah you know also our leadership shipowner mentorship your hand in his kind of one in the same. Yeah yeah so it's like a mentorship is more informal leadership then then like the the fire officer to the probationary firefighter or is more of a formal leadership process. You're no you're right you're right but if you have someone that's shitty mentoring you don't have anyone mentoring anyone at all they're not gonNA stick around. Yeah nobody's got any direction. They need direction and structure. That's one of the big things things you hear from from people that have gotten out of the volunteer fire services you know. They didn't have any direction. And so you know along with the good leadership and mentoring and all that stuff is you know structure and direction you know we. We have to train weekly and we have to you. Know be there when we're say when we say we're going to be there and you know set some expectations for people and these are all things that we we needed. You know some of us need to hear on the regular Taylor to because the our lives a hectic and it's a reminder you know we got we got to keep going with this because it's important to us it is never forget that to never forget while you're there all right and if you can create that kind of environment for the new people coming in Why you're there and they'll soon have that same thought process that same mentality of why they're there if that makes sense? It'll so I think that wraps that up Paul you had anything else that you I thought that is great. Yeah I think it is too so I think what we'll do is. I'M GONNA do one more short Wednesday's show to kind of round out the whole mentor. Ship Series Series And then we'll get right back into some of the things I've got. I've got some guests lined up that WANNA call in and have some chats about their fire departments and whatnot and and I think they're going to be really really inspiring one so keep your ears and eyes for that And remember everybody. Time is valuable so use your time wisely. I'm and I appreciate it and Paul appreciates and I'm sure hammill does to while he's sitting in Florida sipping on some beer that You guys are sitting here using your time to listen to us. We appreciate. That's so again. Share our content and if it provides any value to you at least share it. I'm hoping that it did so. That's all I got Paul. Thank you for coming. She knows a good time. Yeah as always we gotta get back into it. We do while now that the new year has started and as soon as we can figure out our schedules job schedulers. I mean. I know as crazy Z.. Hectic with the promotion and it is Twenty four as just the twenty four is a pretty hectic. Yeah Yeah and I'm not really sure where mine's going right now. There might be some changes coming up but who who knows who when that happens so or if it happens so either way. I think we'll get there. I think we will for sure once especially when summer gets here Looking forward to the warm weather man I hate I just want stuff yes me too so all right. Thank you guys. Thank you Paul. We'll talk to your friends. Please join the movement by sharing this podcast and sharing our social so media accounts and visiting US AT BROTHERHOOD ACADEMY RADIO DOT COM Brotherhood Academy radio. PODCAST brought to you by salty hook media.

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073  Mentorship Series Part 1

Brotherhood Academy Radio

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073 Mentorship Series Part 1

"You want to mentor somebody to be good something that you're good at you. Better Damn well be able to explain your mistakes so they can learn from them for one and then they can understand that not everybody. Everybody is perfect. We will link together as one force continuing to serve always the Brotherhood Academy Radio PODCAST. Hey guys welcome back to the Brotherhood Academy Radio PODCAST. I am Nick Hilton. Im your host for two days as Quote Unquote full length episode. It is the New Year action recording us on New Year's Day a evening. I can't call it New Year's Eve because that's yesterday anyway. We have been totally off schedule. The last few few weeks. And that's because of the holidays and sicknesses and whatnot and I want to apologize for being off schedule but I don't see it as too big of a deal because we're we're still bringing you some value and we're going to get right back on track wants this week kind of finishes up here so it's Wednesday now in This is not your Wednesday box alarm. This is your Sunday full length episode on Wednesday. So it's a little bit little bit. That's okay it has been eh a really good year and I want to thank everybody for all the support that you've given us because seriously like we're getting more and more followers we're getting more and more downloads. More and more coming in and quite frankly we love it. And it's what keeps us going and please please continue to listen. Please continue need to share a stuff right. We're going to up the ante on our On our social media posts in the content we get out to there as well. So let's get right into the announcements because the last episode that I did the Wednesday box alarm. I kind of kicked off a little bit of a series that we're doing the mentorship series and I gave you guys a little bit of a challenge but I mentioned that after the announcements but first let's mention the DT F- half after down to fight fire volunteer firefighters podcast out of Canada western coast. Canada These guys is are awesome guys. Check them out there on. I tunes there on whatever other platform you can listen to a podcast on their their their on YouTube YouTube. They're on facebook. They're on twitter. I think they're on Instagram for sure. They're on top absolutely because you know tick tock is where it's at think so I don't think but anyway they're on their so check these guys out because they they talk a lot about training that they do fires that they do they actually just had a fire fire this past few days ago And they sent us some pictures and videos of it After the fact and they did a really good job they did a good stop. They rescued a dog right. The rescue dog they did pretty good So congrats those guys job. Well done check those. Check them out the down to fire volunteer firefighters podcast. We have been helping them out and they've been helping us out as far as giving each other some plugs on our shows every week and That's what we're here to do. We're here here to help each other out. And we've created quite a bond and it's pretty impressive that you know how smallest world has become with social media in the in the ability for us to create a bond and friendship so far away just by getting on the telephone or your device or some sort of platform and talking back and forth. We created a A group message on facebook between all of us all their guys and all the quote unquote bar boys choice. And what is what they've they've given us for nickname and we're on their pretty much daily going back and forth with funny memes and Some banter here and there and and it's it's pretty good it's pretty comical. But it's good because it keeps us in the loop it keeps US building our relationship back and forth and Tony. These guys are great. They have some awesome content on their show training ideas. They talk about the fires. They talk a lot about I stopped the bleed. That's kind of Scott's big thing he's he's I think he's almost obsessed with it but that's okay you know it's good because stopping the lead is very important. I took a class on that and Yeah I'm not going to give. I'm not gonNA take his show on talking about stopped but you know go listen to their show and you can hear all about it. I guarantee you so. Please check them out down if I if I volunteer firefighters podcast. Great Group of guys the next announcement is we have launched a thing on a website for training ideas and I talked about this a few weeks ago on a on a podcast. And we're looking for your training ideas so please go onto our website brotherhood Academy radio DOT COM. And you'll see the link on the right hand side For training it is simply click on it and fill out the form. Send it in and we will Posted up on the website will create a holistic training ideas. It could be anything it could be something that base. It could be something that's advanced. It could be a little spin on something that you guys do as a as is it in an individual company But please share it because we all need to learn from each other we all need to get ideas and bounce ideas off each other so again go onto our website brotherhood the Hood Academy Radio Dot Com Click on the training ideas and to submit them and Fill the form and we'll take care of the rest next on the announcement list is Do you guys remember when we had rusty ricker from the New England. Fools on the show Few months back Well they are added again they. They have come up with the date for this year's twenty twenty northeastern fire summit which is done in Wells Maine gene which is just two towns north of where we are here in York And we'll be there. We will be there with a table and our mics WCHS and our mixer and our computer and our headsets and some chairs and we will be conducting interviews and discussions with people that are there and we already we have our first guest lined up for that weekend but let's get into the details on the weekend. It's going to be Friday through Sunday. March march. Sixth through eighth okay. And it's a village by the sea in Wells Maine which is a hotel and have a little function center there Right on route one. If you guys have never been to the main. This is a good opportunity to come to main to get some really really good content. Some really really good value and to meet some really cool people in the fire service so if you are a fool's member it'll cost one hundred and forty dollars. Okay have you are a non fools members. You don't belong to a fool's organization it's one hundred and fifty five dollars. Well worth the money. Okay and you don't have to be a fool's member to come to this event it is hosted by the fools the New England fools. But you don't have to be member hundred fifty five bucks. It's not not that much money if you consider what you're getting out of it. Plus there's going to be some refreshments there and there's a bar okay and they'll be lunch and dinner included on Saturday so this goes through Friday from Friday evening to Sunday through Sunday. And here's a list of who will. We'll be speaking that weekend on Friday night. The presentation will be four fifty one F link the Anti Motivational Divisional speech and this is by firefighter. Paramedic Brooke aims. She's out of Wisconsin. I actually just spoke with her on instagram today. And we have arranged to have her be one of our guests to speak on our mikes that weekend. So she's motivated personal development stuff new due to the fire service. She's come from the corporate world and I'm excited to hear what she has to say. Because I think it drives a lot with what we talk about on this podcast. So she'll be the presenting Friday night. It's her debut she says I'm excited about it. The doors open at eight thousand nine hundred hours on that Friday and then the rest so the weekend. You're going to have a firefighter. Chris loss of the Saint Lucie County Florida Fire Department. His presentation is leading leading from the backseat. Have Firefighter Maglione of the F. D. N. Y.. Saving seconds is what he calls his presentation. You'RE GONNA have chief Brian Moriarty of the Lawrence Masks Fire Department. He's going to talk about the Merrimack valley gas crisis That happened a year a little over a year ago. if you haven't heard about that look that up Have some close friends that were working that event and actually Paul was there as well with his paid department. Working that that emergency the situation there so I've heard chief Moriarty talk about it. I've seen his presentation. And it's a pretty impressive one and I can't wait to see it again And then you're GonNa have firefighter. Dan All the of the Providence Rhode Island Fire Department May Day on Bowdoin Street. So we'll hear that Saturday evening following the presentations those dinner battalion. Chief retired Dan Digress. I think I'm pronouncing that right of the Chicago. Google fight apartment straight talk on firefighter behavioral health behavioral health. So that's GonNa be a really good topic as well and Sunday's program will be a Half Day presentation with Lieutenant Ray McCormick of the F. D. N. Y.. Engine operations in the modern fire environment that starts eight. Am Sunday so seriously guys. Go check it out it on on the Fools view join up on the fools New England fools I should say New England fools their facebook page. You'll see the details on it. Also posted the Flyer on our facebook page on our instagram. Go read up on it and really take this opportunity of your local to New England. It's definitely worth the drive. If you're not local to New England it's definitely only worth the flight for the for the entire weekend so they did it. Last year we attended last year. The guys from national fire radio were there. They did their own. Little thing. little presentation but definitely worth it so new England fools northeastern fire. Summer Twenty twenty wells main village by the sea Friday through Sunday March. Sixth through eighth. Check it out. We'll be there. We'll have a table set up with the Mike. How's that for announcements hope? I didn't bore you. Of course they didn't boy. That stuff's awesome good good stuff now last episode I created a mentor ship. Challenge I give you guys a mentorship challenge inch I posted it up on the facebook page. All right the challenge was and still is listing. Three people that were mentors mentors for you. Three of your mentors okay. They could be somebody. That's no longer with us in this world. That could be someone that's sitting right next to you right now. It could be a mentor. That meant told you years ago and major the person you are now or it could be a mentor. That's mentoring you right now. A lot of mentoring here. I say that we're at a lot. podcast it's going to happen. Someone that's mentoring you now to be the person you want to be in the future okay. List those three people in the post in the comments section of the posted. I put up on the FACEBOOK page Brotherhood Academy Radio Facebook as book page lists those three people next to their names. Write down what they did to mentor you to make you who you are now or who you want to be in the future okay. And then the next part that is to send these people individual messages whether it's on a text or if it's on a messenger on the internet or if it's an email a phone call call or in-person somehow some way send them a message to let them know how much you appreciate them mentoring you in what they did to make a difference in your life all right. It's a real easy challenge. Eligible also gets you out of your comfort zone a little bit and courage guys as participate in this. I did mine okay. And I'm hoping to get some more people on their to do do. There's IT's important for us to get out of our comfort zone. Okay and if we don't get out of our comfort zone we can't grow the only way we will be able to grow anywhere in our life is to get out of that okay. I am really really bad at approaching people really bad about Taking compliments for myself off but also Opening Up to other people and explaining to them how they Changed my life or did good things from him. I have a hard time with that. It's uncomfortable for me but what I did it. Okay and it feels good. It really feels good to step out of that comfort zone so please guys go do that all right so i WanNa talk about mentorship and this is part one I should now. I guess the Wednesday box alarm I just did was maybe part one but I think that was a little bit of an introduction but part one of the mentorship program or series that we're doing on the Brotherhood Academy radio. PODCAST is happening right now. Okay let's talk about some mentorship ship stuff. Let's talk about the basics of it all right so what does mentor. Ship mean. Well it's when a person who possesses more skill experience experience or knowledge of a particular topic and creates a developmental relationship with one who desires to learn that particular topic. All right so what I'm saying there is if you're good at something if you have a skill or talent right you're on the fire department and you have something that you've been doing for a long time for example pump operator or a driver. Okay or you've been a a an officer for quite a while Or you you happen to be really really strong with ems and it's something that you're passionate about. You have that potential to be a mentor for the person coming in who wants to learn. Oh not as well who needs some assistance with that. That's what a mentor is. And that's what mentorship is okay. Now I wrote down my list of mentors on that facebook post okay. I'll name them. Okay I'll tell you them right now. All right One of them is. Peter Humphry okay. He's he's a He's our assistant. Fire chief here and when I joined the Fire Department in two thousand and one he was a lieutenant with us okay and he has a a ton of experience now but he was very aggressive right. He was very he was always the first one to do things he was assertive. He stick up for his guys and I followed him and he meant toward me and he taught me the basics ins and outs of Leadership Okay and firefighting and tactics all right a lot of the big fires that we had when I first joined because we had a lot of them of course they've dried up now just like almost everywhere else else in this country but he was always my officer he was always the one there was always following him. So he's one of my mentors he always will. It'll be he will continue to be. He's now the assistant chief and he's still mentors me. We still bounce ideas off of each other. And he's still straightens me up sometimes when I have a bad the idea about something you know. So yes so Peter Humphrey I one on my list. The next one okay is a guy named Zak ABC Gar. We grew up together. He He'd happens to be Paul's cousin. He's lieutenant with me on the Fire Department here but hey is one hundred percent topnotch coach in ems. He's a paramedic. He's got a degree in fire science degree in Para Medicine. He worked on an ambulance part time. He's a lieutenant on a career department uh-huh and did a lot of ems there. He just knows his stuff. He's an instructor he teaches. EMS stuff he. He makes sure that he makes sure that we keep up with our our our C. H. is with our ems licenses. You make sure that we that we stay on top of that. Each month. He has a classy comes out with. It's a it's a teach yourself herself type of thing where he gives you a topic. He was your website to go to you. Watch a sideshow. You take a quiz you submitted. Every month he does that force on his own on his own time. Sometimes he'll host a class last. Were people from all around the area. Police officers firefighters. EMT's paramedics they all come in. They sit in his class just so he can make sure that we are getting. Our education continued education to keep up our licenses. Okay anytime I have a question about. EMS anytime a week with it because it's a big huge weakness of mine with the Fire Department is ems. I'm not afraid to admit that I'm not a huge fan of ems but it's part of the job but he's always there to help me with that mentorship okay. He's always there to bring it up. He's always is there to boost my confidence with it right. That was my number two and this is in no particular order and I don't want you guys to do any particular order when you go onto the facebook page enlist your three people all right. The next one was a guy named Keith. Knows where the he is. A CO worker of mine who who we became very very good friends When I got hired as a dispatcher in two thousand and eight he was my trainer? Okay I had him for my entire training program which is about two to three months. Okay this guy knows his stuff off. He's a great instructor perfect we call him the crusher. We have everybody now because now we we have our new trainees come in over the years. We've developed different programs for trainees. They go and they switch around between trainers they get a different perspective from different dispatchers by Keith. Now is the coordinator of the training program. He's he's the very last one any trainy goes with before they get signed off to be on their own so but this guy I went through training program with him. He's pretty much been. My partner has been some rotations we rotate through. There's been some times where he hasn't been my partner but I would say maybe eighty five percent under the time I've been there for eleven years now. Eighty five percent of the time. He's been my partner and he makes sure that I am on top of everything. I'm thorough with my cads pads and thorough with my narratives. I'm thorough with making sure that everything is correct. I'm aggressive when it comes to making decisions and so on but he's been the one to mentor me to do that. He's the one I followed to make me the dispatcher. That I am today okay mentorship and I don't. I don't think these guys are trying to do this. I think that they are doing it. Because they're good at what they do. Okay and they wanted to develop a team. They want to develop a group of people that are good just like they are right and maybe even to make them better. You see what I'm saying. So mentor ship. That's what it's all about all right. It's one thing to teach somebody something but it is something much bigger when when you form a relationship in the process and like I said with this coworker of Mine Keith. We formed a relationship. We're like we're we're best work Bunsen and I'd say we're pretty good buds outside of work. Of course when we're outside of work we'll really WANNA be doing work stuff right so but we still communicate back and forth via text or however it is funny funny things back and forth. He's been to my house have been his house where there for each other when tragedy strikes and our families you create that relationship you create that bond all all right so again. It's one thing to teach somebody something. Anybody can teach somebody something but it's something much bigger when you former relationship in the process of that is mentoring all right. So what does it take to be a mentor. What kind of qualities should a mentor? Have while there's a bunch of them right but I made a little short list right. I'M NOT GONNA I'm not going to dwell on it. I'm not going to go crazy with a list. I'm just GONNA I'm GonNa read them off and maybe explain each one all right the first one in no particular order all right enthusiasm about your role you need to be excited about your role. Whatever it is whether you're a paramedic or fire officer or dispatcher or a trainer or chief or a probationary firefighter because any one of us could be a mentor you can be a probationary firefighter firefighters? NBA Mentor. Because guess what you're not going to be the junior person forever. Someone else is GonNa come in behind you. That is the perfect opportunity for you. New Probationary firefighters to step up and take a role and be enthusiastic about it. Show the New People around mentor them. Show them the basics. Jason because guess what you just learned the basics and they should be fresh in your mind. I hope he just learning the basics anyway and if you haven't learned the basics yet you better find someone to mentor you right but be enthusiastic about that role fire officers enthusiastic about your job and your position and paramedics. EMT'S EMS folks. It's a huge thing that needs to be taught in the fire service because a lot of firefighters firefighters volunteer especially are not really strong with it. Okay there's a lot of places and we've interviewed a few people from Departments around the country that just do I response stuff. They don't have ambulances all right so if you're strong in ems this is your position. This is your spot to to mentor people to be better. EMS providers. Okay be enthusiastic about it. The next thing is experience with a certain topic. You gotTa have the experience with that certain topic if you're going to mentor somebody to be a good pump operator of you're going to mentor. Somebody to know all about fire investigation. You better be good at that topic right if you're not good at. You probably not going to be good at mentoring on that specific topic. But it's one of those things where where I say quite a bit is to capitalize lies on your strength if you're good at something capitalize it capitalize on it. And if you're a chief officer or you're a captain or lieutenant tenant and you do see a member that is really good at something. It doesn't even have to be fire service related you can make into fires it. You could have a contractor right. You could have have somebody that's really good with building. Construction be a perfect mentor. Somebody to create a building construction program within your organization. Because because it's part of our job you can take that you could take somebody that's really good with politics okay. We've had political leaders on our department that have taken our private organization. Our Corporation part of things flipped it into the good direction flipped completely upside down. I think it was upside down to begin with and they flipped it right side up because it good politics the good with all that stuff find a business owner private business owner of a small business owner. The might be on your department. That might be a landscaper or might own a store or restaurant or something. That person is going to be a great leader for your organization when it comes. Comes to budgeting when it comes to fund raising or anything like that. Okay so find someone that's experienced in our experience with the topic. It's perfect perfect opportunity for you to be a mentor. You have to have patience and compassion. You have to be patient when you're mentoring somebody because they're not gonNa know everything right away. You're going to have people that are going to be new. It's something they wanna learn how to do something. They want to learn but they have no experience. You got to be patient right and you got to be compassionate and you have to be understanding and realize that it's may take different tactics to get people to be better at doing something right next thing that you have to have good communication skills all right. So possess good communication skills and on top of that good communication skills also means good listening skills. You need to be able to listen all right. Listen to what they know. Listen to what they don't know listen to what they want to know. Listen to what frustrates them. Listen to where they need improvement improvement all right and then you communicate back to them what they can do to better themselves and to better the situation and to get better at what they want to do. So good. Communication skills is important next. Is You have to have the ability to explain your past mistakes because we all have mistake. You could be super good at something. You could be the best paramedic in your community all right but you've made mistakes and you have to be able to own those mistakes. Every one of US listening to this show has made a mistake if you want to mentor somebody to be good something that you're good at you. Better Damn well be able to explain your mistakes so they can learn from them for one and then they can understand that not everybody. Buddy is perfect and that they're gonNA make mistakes as well and teach them how to fix the mistakes and how to deal with the mistakes and how to learn from them. If that's one thing that anyone listening to this show has in common. It's we've all made mistakes. We all need to be able to manage those mistakes and use them to our advantage right all right next. Is You need to bring positivity we praise positively big time on this show is episodes where we talk just about that. Go back and research it positively. You have to be positive all right when you're mentoring someone you have to keep that attitude up in the up direction right all right so positively look it up read about it get positive for yourself fix yourself first then you can mentor the people coming in that. Want to learn what you know. Be Positive what if next to be able to value learning right if you can't value learning how is the person that you are trying to mentor. You're going to learn properly right. You want them to value what you're giving them for information and what you're showing them right but you need to to build value that learning as well you need to show that you are continuing to learn. You are still taking classes. You're going to seminars. You're going to different classes around your area. Things like the northeast fools. New England Fools Northeast Fire Summit right that I talked about in the earlier. Part of the show. Okay show that you value learning and focus on them and getting them to value learning as well because you don't want to mentor someone and make them board. You don't want to bore them with what you're trying to show them and what you're trying to coach them with. You WanNa make sure that they're happy with what they're learning and then they're retaining it. Okay next thing. Is You want to be able to have the ability to step out of your comfort zone like I said before. Step out of your comfort zone because is it may be very uncomfortable. Mentoring certain people for a bunch of different reasons but get yourself able to step out of that comfort zone all right very important next. Is You WANNA be able to take personal interests in the mental read. Does that make sense. You want to understand that mentoring you want the person you're mentoring you WANNA take a personal interest in them. You WanNa know about their family. You want to know about their goals. Their challenges their weaknesses weaknesses. Their strengths K.. Learn what they do for work. If you're on a volunteer department learn what they WANNA do for work. Learn of their happy. What they're doing if they want to be doing something else? Learn what they want all right. Take a personal interest in them about the family favorite car where they like to eat for dinner things like that okay. That's all about being mentorship. It's again it's creating a relationship in the process okay. That's that's where it separates wiz. We separate mentoring with teaching. You're forming that relationship. You're creating a bond right. You're taking interest in what they like. And then you can share what you like right it. Maybe you guys will find out you like something together. You like the same kind of thing all right be a mentor. That's all I want to say here. Learn how to May be a mentor. Find your strengths. All right with a little bit of work anybody can be a mentor. Anybody everybody should be a mentor right. So we're going to continue talking about mentorship but that's the basic that's part one. All right let me go back to the list for you right in case you forgot already. I don't think he did but let me go back through enthusiastic. Be Enthusiastic about your roll K.. Have experienced with a certain topic. Have Patience and compassion possess good communication skills calls also be no be aware of how to listen possess the listening skills as well have the ability to explain your past. Mistakes aches own up to your mistakes. All right bring positivity value learning have the ability to step out of your comfort zone and make sure you take a personal interest in the person. You are mentoring okay. There's the quick basics is a whole lot more there's a lot more Qualities and traits of a mentor. But those are the ones I thought were important game again. We're going to keep this going for the next few Kosovo's about mentorship okay. So it's GonNa be exciting. It's GonNa be good stuff. Please go and do the challenge. mentorship challenge on the facebook page. Please please please do that because it's going to help you get out of your comfort zone. It's going to help you grow all right and it's going to help. Everything else is going to help that person that mentor you because if you can tag you them right all right and then once you talk to them personally and thank them. What's that GonNa do for them? That's going to boost their morale right. That's GONNA boost their confidence. That's what we're here to do. We're here to boost each other up. We're here to help each other. And that's the goal of this show is well the the Brotherhood Academy Radio PODCAST. That's what we want to do. We want to boost you all up. We want to boost up your morale we want to boost up your fire departments morale and your membership. We're here to create a community and everybody that's listening to this is part of the community already but we need to grow it. We need to get bigger because with all of our help help when we can grow this community we can solve these problems with retention in our fight apartments we can solve these recruitment issues. We can solve the morale issues. But it's GonNa take a huge community it's GonNa take all of us getting together and participating in certain challenges and listening to the shows and sharing the content and participating the painting and comments online sharing your training ideas all that good stuff. This is what we're doing. We're building this community. We looking for interaction. Because it's going to take all of us and we're GONNA keep doing interviews with firefighters around the country to talk about their particular organization and what makes them tick. What makes their fight apartment the best in the area and what they're strong at and and what they're weak at and where they're need help? Okay view are interested in being on this podcast. PODCAST IF YOU WANNA call do a facebook caller skype call and talk about your organization and we're looking for anybody. Okay antibody anybody because we want to see what's out there. We want to see what works for different organizations because the people we've talked to you already are doing things differently than we're used was to and it's working for them and we're learning as well all right so please send me a message. It could be on instagram. It could be on facebook. Send any any of us. All three of US Senator Senator Semesters. Hey listen I want to be on the PODCAST. Let's set up a time in a date and let's talk about my organization all right get out of your comfort persona little bit because that will do it to getting on. This show can be a perfect way to get out of your comfort zone right and it's fun so please shoot us a message. Let's do this. Let's grow this community. All right and finally time is valuable and we appreciate you taking in your time out of your day to listen to this. Show this podcast. It means so much to us so thank you. We appreciate it okay. So now we're GONNA they get this launched. We're going to do a quick Wednesday box alarm next okay. So stay tuned for that and we're going to get right back on schedule. We're going to get back on schedule for full length episode on Sundays Locks Fox alarm short episodes on Wednesdays. Okay thank you everybody and everybody be safe. We'll talk to you soon. Friends please join the movement by sharing this podcast and sharing our social media accounts and visiting US at Brotherhood Academy Radio DOT COM Code Academy radio. PODCAST is brought to you by salty hook media.

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081  The Professional Volunteer Fire Department with Chief Tom Merrill

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081 The Professional Volunteer Fire Department with Chief Tom Merrill

"But here's the thing any leader anyone listening that's in a leadership role and I consider senior members leaders as well look in the mirror and say. Are you doing everything anything you can do to make yourself understand human nature. We will link together as one force continuing continuing to serve always brotherhood Academy radio. Hey everyone rusty writer New England fools letting you know about some of our upcoming events for twenty twenty February ninth Sunday Sunday. Fourteen hundred hours the Westbank fire station. We have our tactical tutelage tour with Portsmith fire medic. Tim Griswald March weakened at a six to the eighth at the village by by the sea in Wells Maine. We have our annual winter conference northeastern fire summit. Some of the best instructors we've had yet right here in your backyard also on tap. We have our annual firebomb photo night coming in the twenty eighth of March and Georgetown Mass and bring it back spring training hands on event. It'd be up in top SEMAINE. The weekend of April third to the fifth for some northeast truck and hands on you can check us out on facebook instagram or twitter at New England fools or go to our website and can you fools dot. Org Okay welcome back everybody to the Brotherhood Academy Radio PODCAST. I am Nick Hilton. I am here today with the full team once again. I Have Paul Valentine sometimes you and camel good morning and we have a guest on the show. We'll introduce after we do some quick announcements I. We want to dive into the down to five volunteer. Firefighters podcast the boys out of Canada. UH-HUH WE GIVE weapons weapons. We give them a lot of love and they give us a lot of love back. They are a group of volunteer firefighters on the western coast of Canada and they are very active on all social media platforms. They do an episode every Monday. They have launched on all the platforms for podcast down to fight five volunteer firefighters. Podcast we love to give them hell and they give us a call back and they're seeing results by our love and we're seeing results from their. I love sharing Different screen shots of people who are messaging them saying that they heard about them through. Also I think that's really cool So be sure to check those guys out that. ETF DOWN TO TO FIGHT FIRE volunteer firefighters podcast out of Canada next up is the New England fool. Northeastern fire summit March sixth through eighth. You heard the commercial that Rusty Ricker did just before we started the show here And please check out his information his websites please because this is a really really good event at least this one is. We'll be there. We'll have our table set up with Mike and all that stuff and we'll be doing interviews so march sixth through eighth in Wells Maine the northeastern fire summit put on by the New England fools and finally trading ideas as always. Please get on our website website. Please Click on the link for your training ideas mythos so that we can get everybody on board with a really really cool training stuff. So that's it quick announcements. Let's get into it because because we have a really good guest on today. His name is Tom Merrill And A he is a thirty seven year fire department of veteran. He's the host the professional volunteer fire department. PODCAST with fire engineering. If you haven't heard of that go on there and check that out. And as well as the author of the Professional Volunteer Fire Department articles articles series featured in fire engineering. Welcome to the show. Tom Thank you so much. I'm glad to be here since I've listened to a lot of your shows and it's nice to be invited needed to be on. I appreciate it. I mean we appreciate that. We appreciate the support so tell us a little bit about you and your history with the fire service. Well it's funny because just last last week I was reminded this to really what got me involved because last week was the forty eight th anniversary of the premier of emergency and an A- and I can date myself a little bit because I remember watching the original episodes on Saturday nights at eight o'clock and I was hooked. I was hooked in the really took an interest in my local fire department at the time and low and behold a few years later life got in the way and I kind of forgot about how much I love the fire service by watching emergency in one day and working at a supermarket in town. And I'm going to college and Guy Standing next next to me has one of those original Motorola ministers on his belt and I started asking what that wise and he's like. Oh that's a pager radio for fire calls. I'm a volunteer a firefighter and he looked at me and said why. Don't you join and I really hadn't given it thought because like I said life had gotten away going to college and do another things I said. What the heck so at nineteen years of age? I joined my local fire department in my hometown in Snyder New York which is just outside of Buffalo and Dan never knew the journey. It would lead me on and thirty seven years later. I've spent ten years as a captain. Fifteen years in the chief officer ranks. And now I'm what they call a fire commissioner We have five Commissioners Governor Department. It's like a political subdivision of the state of New York and that that was was like the natural progression for pass chiefs so I'm now in that role and that's been one heck of a ride and I loved every minute of it. I feel like a lot of people joined the fire service because of emergency like I hear that from so many more senior members that that show. It's almost like they need to get a new show out. You know to to inspire some new younger people to start joining the fight apartments to rest Chicago. Fire those those comments. By opinion there hasn't been show as in. My opinion is good as emergencies. There's there's too much dysfunction in some of the other shows. Actually we agree to drama too much dysfunction and emergency. That was it for me that really sparked the interest. Yeah so I watched that as a My mother couldn't get me to sit down and watch sesame street as a kid By the time I was a kid in the early eighties it was all on reruns. so Sesame Street was kind of a no go for me but once in a while by that time reruns were on of emergency and that she could get me to sit down and watch and for hours on end and obviously there was only ever one thing I was going to do but so I really didn't need emergency to steer me there here. But certainly I I can relate to watching emergency growing up as well fact somebody a funny story somebody wrote in my sixth Grade Yearbook. I still still have it. Someone When you sign yearbooks at the end of the year somebody wrote in my sixth Grade Yearbook I hope you become just lay johnny gage someday? uh-huh I still haven't followed by followed by a nice summer right in your class. So what's the tell us the premise of the professional volunteer fire department. And how you got that started because it's a it's a huge thing you've got going on it's full of value. I appreciate that I really do and again just like with my fire service journey. I never expected this to take off like it did so if you really WANNA. Here's the story. I'll be happy to share it with you please. Yeah so night apartment. We're fortunate in our area. Were very well financed very well. Run departments armaments and we enjoy a robust training budget and we're able to travel quite a bit for training and the big conference for us every year as FDIC we send send Ten members every year to FDIC nightmare fact Lakewood might have eleven this coming year but we attend her eleven and I would say fully eighty ninety percent of our procedures that we have learned in the decades that I've been in and even before I joined have been picked up at these conferences especially. FDIC WE CHARGER officers with. Hey we're GONNA pay your way you're going to have the best experience ever. You will put your button class every morning. You can do whatever you want at night but you will be in class and you will learn you will bring back. We charge them with coming back and putting on drills based on what they learn so I would go every year FDIC Z.. And we started running across Bobby Halton. Who for those? Who Don't know is the editor training director and FDIC? I see director and everyone knows. He's America's firefighter and Bobby halt and is a type of man who would never forget a face and every year he would. CBS and make small talk with us in go on his way will one year in our small talk. We've found out. His wife was from Buffalo. Holy Cow Rice from Buffalo Very small world so now we had a connection one day. I'm reading the newspaper at home and I see that his father in law. His wife's father passed away and I said to my wife. You know I'm going to run this week. You think he'd be mad and my wife looked at me. He Goes Tom who would ever be mad for a loved one's weight. Sure so I buzzed into the wake. In Bobby's there. He remembers me. We go off into the corner and funeral hall. What do we do as firefighters? We talk right exactly and we're at a funeral home at a wake for his father in law were talking shop says to me he says to me. Why does she write some articles? And I'm thinking I had just gotten out is chief. I was looking for something to do but this had never occurred to me and I looked Danamon. I said I was just a chief of my little volunteer fire department. What the heck am I going to write about? That would mean anything thing to anyone out there you know and he goes you give it some thought and you send me some articles and I'll be happy to see if I can get them published for you now at at the same time at the same time that this happened ny fire department for my outgoing banquet. You know how you do chief installation dinners by a last my last dinner. They flew in as a surprise to me chief. Johns Salka from the F. D. N. Y.. Because I was always I was always quoting quoting chief salt as I was going through the chief Franks. I was writing Reviewing articles he wrote and put them on the bulletin board so the Guy Thought it guys isn't Gail side. It'd be a great idea as surprise to me for my outgoing chiefs installation dinner to have him show up in Lloyd Day. Catch me off guard and that was that that was awesome. Yeah that was A. I'll never forget that and chief saga just like Bobby Hall said to me. He heard me give a speech at the at the conference at the installation banquet. And he goes you should. You should do some presentations. I liked again. I was a cheaper my little volunteer. Fire Department what am I gonNa do so I had these two fire service icons pushing me to do something in one day in one day as I thought about it for the next week or two one day. It just dawned on me about this whole professional volunteer idea so I started writing my premier article the Professional Volunteer Fire Department. Yeah got it published in fire engineering with the help of Chief Salkin and chief Halton and then I started thinking of other parts of the series and said would mind if I send a few more parts and they said no no no do it. It's up to thirty five parts now. Well Can well from Penn well who is a publishing in company that used to be in charge of fire engineering. They now have offered me a contract to write a book. The professional volunteer fire departments. While working on Eh. Yeah Wow. That's exciting that's a lot of it is and I'm actually way behind on it and I'm waiting for a phone call to say we're GONNA tear that contract But then as all this was going on chief Halton says put a presentation together based on your articles and again I'm like I have been going on. FDIC for years and as you well know that is the premier fire service event. No show. I'm like there is no way they're going to accept me to teach FDIC spot. I put the presentation together. Made a made a application. They accepted it and I figured this is great and I thought maybe one year and then the reviews would come. I'm in and that would be it. I wouldn't be invited back while. Happy to announce proud to announce. I'll be going for my seventh year in a row teaching professional volunteer park. That's interesting I'm Congratulations on that. Thank you thank you very happy and I know you guys have talked about going. FDIC about yourself. Yeah we had to go to get there. Let's now you'll never not wanNA miss it. When she go once we saw the podcasters and all the you know the Fire Service influencers that you have on on social media now? They're they're all out there last year and I was like oh I wanna be there laskey. What is cheap? Rick lasky caller. It's Disney it's the Disneyworld firefighting. Yeah sure I thought that was pierce up close enough. That's great so you're going to be out there again. This year awesome awesome. So let's jump into this. The Professional Volunteer Fire Department. What is is your definition? Because we've touched on this quite a bit ourselves but we I'm interested to hear yours. What's your definition of professional firefighter? Well Oh I could talk all day about that and it's funny because there are some naysayers out there. There are some people as you. Well know I'm sure you get it here and there. There's there's some people out there that Tehran are fire service often absolutely NI- idea. My my simple idea was this. Hey look at at the end of the day. Our residents are do professional service service. Delivered by professional firefighters representing professional organizations. Now there's a lot of definitions for professional and he and I have several in my presentation and there's a lot of them. Don't say anything about earning a paycheck. I'm glad they eh has to do with competency. It has to do with treating people right and when I say treating people right I mean yes the citizens and the public that we serve but also our own members the bullying and in some cases harassment. That goes on and are some of the volunteer fire houses. That's not professional. That's anything by what's not so it's how you treat people tell you train. It's how you uphold the honor and integrity that's associated with our title firefighter and and I just like to tell people that delivering maintaining and upholding a professional reputation. However you define? It is the duty of all firefighters paid or or volunteer. And there's some departments out there that are paid that are probably nothing less. Nah Nah nothing like professional department. And there's a lot of volunteer department shelter Sir that are absolutely stellar professional operations. We need to get. What's the old saying firestone care those putting it out are getting paid to do it or volunteering and now it's all about delivering a competent service with competent people? The fires don't burn any hotter in a career. I I know some guys that would believe that they do tom. I'm really glad that you your title resonates with me because I represent two had her so I I represent the paid paid career racks. And I represent the volunteering's and there's nothing irks me more than when somebody in my in my capacity as a paid firefighter will re re. Yeah they they reference. Well we're professional. Firefighters like based on what the paycheck. 'cause I work with a bunch of volunteers in my hometown that are a highly skilled professionals and to me you know professionalism doesn't come with a paycheck you know to call somebody that's a paid. Firefighter professional firefighter in comparison to somebody who doesn't collect a paycheck to me is is Is Ludicrous because the reality the is that you know. Do I provide a different service at home than I do when I met my full time job to me. It's a new in the same job. I was at any different. And you you refer to us as different names and so to me professionalism to me is a mindset and attitude and not not a you know compensation status so your title resonates with me for sure you know. The professional Professionalism is not defined by a paycheck check. Absolutely not and I get I get mad when I see Poor behavior or poor performance By anybody paid or volunteer. Let's hear you know. It's all about striving to be the best. You can be in delivering the best possible service and also like I said inside the firehouse to and I know you guys have focused a lot and and and it's actually a presentation. I'm putting together right now about improving morale in the volunteer firehouse. That's part of it too. You got him I I always say make it a firehouse. You wanted to be like a home or you feel safe and secure and warm and comfortable and you're not afraid to go there and That's what we want. We want people to joy being in our firehouse especially in the volunteer ranks. My Gosh we want him to hang out there. Of course attention trucks get it on the road quicker if you guys on the station hanging around your response times are going to improve. And it's good for morale as well. Yeah I I can remember when we first started out when we were younger Paul back before we had real responsibilities in life we were at the firehouse every day. And I'm sure Hamill was there every day at some point I live next door pre kids. Yeah came every Saturday we were there and we. We spent a whole day and we had two full engine. Companies Saturday today was a sacred day at the firehouse now. Just don't have time for that between fulltime jobs and wives and kids and I have I have I have four daughters. Here's and when I started out as an assistant chief I had. I had one daughter who is only a couple of years old and by the time I got out his chief. I had four daughters. They were graduating joining somewhere. Graduated from high school and it was like in the blink of an eye lau full by the way the way we do things we as most volunteer fire companies. We do have the dreaded volunteer. Alan Tear Fire Department election and We can even our chiefs are elected and we term came out you you get elected every year but the maximum our chief conservatives five years and so you do since one thousand nine hundred eighty two. It's worked out where we have a second assistant chief first assistant chief in a chief and since nineteen eighty two. They've all gone five terms so I did. Five years is nine as second assistant than five years as first assistant then five years chief those fifteen full years in the chief ranks which is good for continuity it's good for succession planning and Succession Management. It's meant but when you get out after fifteen years your wife or your spouse's pretty happy I can. I can you guys said in your fire. department you had one of your former fire chiefs. Write a book Robert Drexel Ius. Oh Yeah we call him drafts. Yeah he he's it's quite a man he He lives down in the south now. he was still active when I joined in did a lot of innovative things. I'll tell you one thing. We're proud of the Snyder. Fire Department and Ninety nine percent sure. This is an accurate thing. So in line with emergency which came out new yearly seventies as you know the Snyder Fire Department launched volunteer paramedic ambulance service out of our department in one thousand nine hundred seventy. The three we had forty two certified. Snyder firefighter. Paramedics we were the first volunteer. Fire Department paramedic program in the United States. Wchs and I dare say. We had paramedics in our little town Snyder. Our little hamlet of Snyder which is in the town of Amherst New York. We have paramedics before New York City. I'm pretty sure sure. What was the motor actor behind that? Okay the story. I heard and I could be wrong. Someone might be listening. That knows the story a little better the me one of the companies that invented or perfected or had something to do with the defibrillator is here in in the Buffalo area. I believe it was called. Wilson greatbatch are or something like that. It's probably in the book direct road but anyway one of our volunteers worked at that company and happened to be talking about this new defibrillator program and a paramedic program that it was going to be designed for in our leaders at the time contacted medical people in our area and said what is it the beat paramedics and They launched a program grandma in a six month period. They trained forty two of our members and she. It's one of our proudest moments. And we still offer paramedic service to our residents but our call volumes sprite so much that nineteen eighty five. We did away with our paramedic. Ambulance and we went down to the first responder Mode but we have paid ambulance. Services provide the paramedics and go on all the calls with us so they do the transport and we don't transport at all anymore because we're running back in the seventies. We started running twelve hundred runs orange the year and it was just getting too much now. Wow that's crazy. That's that's interesting though. Yeah I'm ashamed. I don't know the story better. But that's the gist of it. There was one of our volunteers at work in medical device company. That was working on a defibrillator and started talking about it and they did the research and Got Ahold of Some local doctors nurses who put on a paramedic course. Or how pretty neat. I mean it makes sense you. Have you have in house influence you know and somebody is strong with something and and they created a program which I think is the right thing that fighter pilots should taking advantage of. And that's something we talk about a lot is is finding the strengths and you members and you know and and encourage them to come up with a program and that she chief direct silliest. Who wrote the book? He's he's in his eighties now he lives down. I think it South Carolina. He comes in every year for installation banquet and We cut shopping. We still you know what's important to and I know you guys will agree with this. You know what when I was chief. Chief came to one of our monthly. We have a department meeting once a month before when I did that. She's report. I had him stand up because we had a lot of people in the room. That what they don't they don't know who he is. It's still important that they they learn. We was in what he did and then we still all call him chief. Even I made sure young. Yes our young new members this says chief Robert silliest chief at once a chief always achieve and that is one way to help build morale especially with your senior crowd that may be used to service service chiefs that helps now we keep our our members were chiefs have the class as still the white hat. And their bugles. So yeah yeah that's fair. That's one thing that always irks me is Not so much on the company officer ranks but chief officer ranks. They deserve to be addressed as chief hard. You know when you've grown up with all these people in you've known them for your whole life and this and that sometimes gets a little less formal but I don't know I always try to keep that decorum especially when the chiefs your dad. Yeah it's That's no picnic I can tell you. So what does professionalism Eliza Him. How does that tie into retention? What's your thoughts on that? Well I first of all it can certainly help with recruitment. I always like to say in one one of the things I say in my presentation which I have a professional volunteer presentation when I do it. FDIC which is a four hour presentation. I also have available in two and three three because there's so much to talk about twelve main areas I e in on including recruitment and retention. But I start with recruitment by saying who wants to join join an organization if it looks like a bunch of buffoons or a bunch of fools interacting goofy and foolish when you're out in the public so it's always important important to exude that professional. Look whenever you're wearing that Maltese cross or even when you're not wearing a Maltese cross because let's face it your neighbors and friends and friends of friends. They know you're a firefighter right. So if you look at professional they might say to themselves. Hey that looks like a good organization a well run organization. I want to be part of that. I think I think there's a stigma with the volunteer firefighters across the country. Where many many people may think that were just a bunch of like hillbillies driving pickup trucks and hanging out at the files? You know what I mean and and there's that you know maybe an unprofessional. Look at that And I think that that's what maybe turns some people often and think that maybe they don't even belong in an organization like that and I think that's something that we should be working on changing absolutely and then you get in you want hooking is one thing getting them in and then keeping obviously it's another but once you get them in hottest professionals specials and help keep them. Will you have a well. I always say you have a well. Run ship you got your shipping order at the firehouse in other words the way you bring them in think of a job ever start a job where you get there and there's no direction being provided or no information being given to you the same in our volunteer firehouse that they throw in gear at somebody somebody in saying. Okay just start going to call. You'll learn as you go is over so I like to put together a nice orientation program or you welcome people. You have have whatever paperwork. Maybe they need to fill out for a key or whatever it is insurance paperwork. You have it in a folder. It's ready to go. You're saying to them. We were waiting for you. We thank you for being here and it just continues from there through the career when it's time for training. The training is organized and ready to go if if they have to take outside training classes. You're helping them with the paperwork and it's just a well put together re machine and I like to point out to Both sides hi to the aisle. We talk so much in the volunteer. Fire Service about the fire matic or operation side. The administrative side has to have their ship in order to and all those working together like the gears in a wheel mashing together that to smooth operating machine and it sells the professional national image. And here's the other thing. It's an image that felt by the member. But if we're doing it right it's also felt by the community served and that's the goal. Yeah no I agree. And it's funny because Paul and I just had a conversation pretty similar to that the other night about you know how some of our officers are very strong in the operations nations and tactical version of the fire department and some of us are very strong in the administration. And that's very important to have that both of those skills within your organization. Yeah yes and and it's also important that we recognize. Hey look at not everyone that comes through that front door is gonNA WANNA be taken that Hosein lying down dark smoky hallway new. I do ya right. Am I right for live for it right right. But you're thinking of people right. Now that you know would never do that. We have some people bring value to your organization. We said yes. We have people that we have. We have a person that's in our department. Main is a is a department of Labor Slash Osha State and so we're mandated to possess the same paperwork and paper trail that like any any place of employment would have so You know they get it really into the nitty gritty of paperwork and Osha compliance and all that stuff and and it's really been tough for the volunteer fire departments in Maine to keep up with all of that. And it's something that I could care less about. GimMe Gimme a crew and Gimme a Hosein. And we'll push down a hallway and that's to me is like more fun than anything I can think of but you. You know to me to organize papers into a huge notebook so that when the Department of Labor Slash Osha comes banging on the door I that to me is like I'd rather have. I'd rather be stabbed in the eyeballs. No so we have somebody that does that for us and she does a really good job and she's way better organized. Because you know that's not my that's not my area of expertise you know so smoky hallways so it takes all kinds and we have to embrace what we can get. It's it's a small business it really is. It's yeah and that's another thing that I talk to talk about too but there are life lessons to be learned when you join your volunteer firehouse and even if you only stay for a short period of time you can carry those lessons wherever you go in life at one of them. How many times have you heard this? Because we've all heard this right. Same circuits different clock for sure anytime. Njit heard all the damn vodka we swear on the show here fire department. The politics politics politics six trauma right. Here's my answer. I said my wife was the president of the PTA. My wife girl scouts talk politics. Not GonNa get away from it. It's everywhere goal in life and you got to learn in how to work with people. Yes you've got to learn how to be political. You do tired of wherever you're going to go up seen life. You're going to interview for a promotion Russian. Someday you might have to go into a board room and talk to a group of people you know whatever you're GonNa do it's GonNa be political wife. Why don't learn how to work? You Gotta learn how to work. Unfortunately yeah unfortunately. Your Paul's dealt with the political side of things promotions. We've no no not at all. I've been promoted twice in my full time career and I I've been through the professional paid career you've paid side of the right promotional processes and it's been a nightmare on a couple of different occasions but it's everywhere. Yeah they a Wow Yeah so no no no no. You didn't hit a nerve at all and we. We do occasionally let us wear slip on the on the show here so definitely definitely. We're we're we are firefighters and so we we're we're on like our best best behavior because we we definitely don't talk this nice around the firehouse because that's the way it is so if if one flies out it's no big deal. I'm the worst offender so yeah Yeah but I I. I'm good on the show because obviously we're we're We're reaching far and wide so I I'm careful careful but on the same the same token it's our show and we can do what we want and I do you know that reminds me of a story if if I could and it's actually it's a story that happened right around the time. I was writing my first article. So we're on our way to FDIC and we all wear. We usually really always wear our job. Shirts on the airplane is the interaction with the flight. Crews is amazing because as you get closer to the pending on how many stops you make as you get it closer to Indianapolis when the stock that's closest your last leg of the journey. You run a firefighter. There's like three quarters of the flight. There's firefighters in the flight crews love it we all have a good time and however however people are watching of it was one day where at the airport and and we all have our job shirts on and there's another group of firefighter standing by the window. I'm not her. Forget this and every other word prefer show we have young kids. They're watching ousted goofing around with us and talking to us and I saw mother start off the whole conversation station pay pointing at US saying. Hey Hey little joey your little Jane you see that those are all firefighters will get that a firefighters we wave and smile and all that. There's another group of firefighters writers over by the window and every other were out of their mouth. They didn't know they didn't know even at the family was looking at. They didn't know we were looking at. They were just talking like you and I. We are right now just everyday conversation but every other word was the firehouse exit exam. Fire houses a safe place ourselves every now and then but luckily I mean they're sick. They're they're sick. Pass chief Merrill or Commissioner Maryland. Because I'm always reminding him eight eight so I'm always telling is either at work or at home with volunteers. Hey Watch him out then. Everybody looks at me funny. Then you're so. Listen so I say this as much for your benefit as I do for my own because when I say it out loud to watch your mouth that helps to remind find me. So that's that's what I'm doing and I'm a I'm a Fire Department historian and I've actually read Oliver Department minutes. Our Firehouse House goes back to one thousand nine hundred sixteen and I've read our minutes Shit and the thirties and that there was a reminder and I pictured usually seventy or eighty year old age old. Oh you know what Tom I. I think we're going to have to hook up some time and have some beers sit down some with some beers. Because you're talking to Paul Ballantyne. Who is our department? Historian who happens to have all of our minutes and our department was born. Nineteen sixteen is operatives. Apartments are are hundredth adversary. Nick and I were CO chairs for the Hundredth Anniversary Committee. So about five. Four five years in advance of that was made the all the minutes of our meetings are kept in the firehouse in a closet. Somewhere that I didn't know was there so I I actually was able to take that stuff home home and read all of it and I started writing notes word documents. That's a subject for another show. Yeah Yeah Yeah I. I ended up at eighty some odd typed pages and I have about external hard drive that the department bought and it's in my possession but it it all belongs to the Department apartment. That's fantastic we have about. Were somewhere in the neighborhood of four thousand photos and about eighty some odd typed pages of just blurbs I label take out of all the minutes of the meetings town reports and anything that my father's the fire chief right now. Now he's been chief since eighty five and my grandfather was a member and my great grandfather was a member so I have a lot of family history there and I was able to get some stuff for my grandfather. Who's eighty seven now stuff that you know like I'd read something in the minutes of the meetings and I asked my grandfather? Hey what about this. What about that and You know he was often able to clarify things that I would find in the meeting. You know meeting minutes you know what about this and he would say oh. This is how that happened or this is how how you know. This is that fire. I had a picture of a fire that I got on earth. This and I had no details sales and I called. My father described him the picture and he said call your grandfather because he he might have an idea about it and I called my grandfather a described it to him. He didn't have a way to look. Look at it on the computer so I had all the fire records you know my father was. We did started doing detective work and it ended up being one of our past chiefs wife's Parents House in the Fifties House burnt and I so they said. Call Fred because Fred will know about that fire. I think it's Fred's wife's chiefs parents place so I called him. Fred was like yeah matter of fact I have the newspaper clipping to go along with the picture you have and so a bunch of detective work like that. Ah over the course of its been seven eight years now to put all the story together and I'm sure you can relate to that if you had this with. I set them down and get the stories now while he's still yeah well written down. My grandfather's still is but this guy. Fred I was telling you about is no longer with us so We we were able to get. We could from him and then nick. WHO's the the sitting here for the hundredth anniversary? We decided to do a DVD video of our departments of departments hundredth anniversary. Never Nick did a great job and and we sat down a bunch of these guys. My grandfather the Sky Fred who both came on in the fifties and a bunch of the senior members who I like to call the tribal elders and We got these guys on video and a couple of other guys. There were older fellas that are no longer with us and now we have a three hour long. DVD Eighty that came out in two thousand sixteen. And we have some of these guys on that are that are no longer here. And they told their stories and they told some some old stories and so The history thing is really near and dear to my heart I would honestly I say never again but I would recommend anybody to do that. I think we should do aversion to well the important about preserving history and I am a total history not Both American history and Fire Service History Mayor Fac. I'm doing a actually one of my first big keynote addresses. I'll be out in Nebraska next week doing I like to do leadership training to and I'm doing a leadership class that ESPN keynote. This banquet at the less Luke Lucre conference next week in Nebraska. And I'm working on my presentation in my keynote. It's all going to be about love and being in the fire service because of our incredible history and heritage and what we need to do one thing that is important. Remember the work you're doing now or what you did for your hundred chances are when you do your hundred twenty fifth. Three Hundred Fiftieth. No place going to double check the work you do and a hugh style someone's name wrong or a year wrong or something that's in there forever. Yeah they're gonNA take what you've done you think about this. Yeah exactly. No one's going to double check that so it's so so important and here's the other thing that's important. My Gosh it got to preserve your history and remember where you came from in in my own department we had to line of duty deaths one thousand nine hundred fifty six one in nineteen sixty six until we built a new firehouse in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven. There was nothing to memorialize or remember our to line of duty. Not Kidding are you kidding me. That's crazy that we found out. I was always interested interested to know if we ever lost anyone in World War One World War Two Review Nam. So I started doing some research now. Yeah this is before the Internet on. Yeah before the Internet actually had to go read it in in regard. I'll make a very long story short in around the early two thousands we. We found that we had a young member join at we. Conjoined at sixteen in our department is that we call him torch boys a historical term. I remember remember the book. Yeah yeah it applies to females as well 'cause we we have female torch boys as well and we put right in our bylaws historical term. We don't mean anything by it. Anyway we had a sixteen year old join and at nineteen. He goes off into the United States Navy and in the early days of World War Two he was killed in action action and it was lost. We never knew it until we found out in the early two thousands. I was like well. How do we lose this information? And how did we not pass it on through the generations so now you walk in our firehouses pictures up the story at the very heroic story of his destroyer taking taking on the Japanese fleet. Nearly as of the war. And it's quite a story. We will never forget John. You're going now because we dug it out. We found it and Actually so you really can't keep going on. His mother was pregnant with him. Let me think about his. His son was He had a son in the. The mother was pregnant with that son when John Burgoyne was killed and I actually made contact with him via email. Once I found the Saudi was love. It it was. They were Filipino and he lived in the Philippines. White story really cool. That's neat stuff. That's insane it really and every every firehouse for for the most part has rich histories and heritage like that that need to be preserved and carried on. And it's just there's so much to be proud of being a firefighter and and and things like that should really make you proud. Yeah where you come from. We've we've talked about this quite a bit to. It's it's holding onto things to you. Don't want to keep everything right but you do want is hi something mentos here and there and it's like we go back to Nick Hammill story with with how they were able to find one of their old fire trucks that they got rid of that they were replaced back in two thousand three Industria. Yeah you know. And they've got that back now you know and they're refurbishing it and they're hooking it up with you know old looking equipment and stuff and and it it really great morale project for your department. Yes yes absolutely and things like that. It's it's important to show the new members coming in. Hey look at this old truck doc. Sitting over here this is a story behind this. You know and have the old guys tell stories about going. We've got a forty-six forty-six Chevy. My great grandfather was the captain of it. That's awesome we have fifty seven wardle of France area ladder. It was the first one owned by a volunteer company in our area. And we got rid of event seventy six and we tracked it down and it was owned by the country singer. Tanya Tucker her father owned it back from it we fought back from them and it needs to be refurbished. It runs matter of fact. It's out right now. Getting a new exhaust system put in and I. It's a project it's going to take years but I know that's that's great for morale. Yeah it really is. I wish we could. We have one truck. That's unaccounted for that. You know we can pretty much find a lot of our trucks were then. They were retired where they went. But we got one fifty nine the France that we cannot cannot find. We have our. We have our eighty-three American. The France in the stations stations. Still as well. That's out of service. But it's in the we have. We still have it. It runs the drives in pumps but we had to take it out of service when it was replaced because because of the way we worded the war and article to replace it but it is in the station and still is a fully functional truck if it was if it was really needed. Yeah but the history is near and dear to me. I'm really it's really cool to hear that you guys have you know a couple of your trucks and you guys have done some digging history like we have done here. You know. It's good to do with the minutes because I don't know how yours are but ours are getting brittle first of all the early days the the way the the way they used to handwrite a misdemeanor thing. It's really hard. It's really hard to follow. cursive is really good. But it's it's faded in some cases and hard to read one thing we just did last year or two years ago. Now is we send them out and got them all scan it. They're all digitally preserved. Now and now you can type thin as you know you can search it you know you make a PDF searchable. I can put in Merrill in any meeting I ever spoke at. It'll pop up in the minutes and highlight what's minutes. I meant so that was a neat project and I'm glad we did it because they were getting especially the really old ones were getting very very brittle and it will pick that up and cursive what they earn. Call we some of our really early ones are missing because the first meeting minute that I had the first the meeting minutes I have they were. They were in August of one thousand nine hundred sixteen. They were already like they already had picked achieve. They they had they had it was clearly. You can read the minutes and tell that it wasn't the first meeting so between January the fire that gotta started was in January the end of January nineteen sixteen and then the first meeting is an August that I have record of. It was clear there was meetings before that so some some of that obviously lost a history and we may never ever find out so you know I'd really love to. I really love to see the the minutes from that first meeting. Somehow that stuff is gone. I don't know where it went over the years but yeah we have missing chunks missing chunks. Yeah when was your department organized him eighteen seventy they combine. Wow the the different mills in town each had a fire company. That's like our trucks are all named the different front engine company. The woolen mill had the note. You WanNa Coz and whatever you know dumb wine and in around eighteen seventy either. They became a department combined by the town. And then they kind of evolved from there but has basically stayed the same since that's crazy so thinking two hundred and fifty years. Wow I think that calls for a party called get started. We love parties absolutely and so we I mean we have some stuff from nineteen hundreds. We have stuff from the thirties. Thirties gets pretty consistent fifties and sixties. Some of those guys were still around up until a few years ago. Sure that's pretty pretty solid fact. We're just going through or some from the sixties the other day to look something up and You kind of the same as as your story. We found out we. We always had a chief chief that nobody really knew about in like the twenties and thirties and come to find out he had actually fallen off the truck at a fire and was killed. No Oh can't founder and the only way we found it was the are retired chief. All now you know passed away. Had A scrapbook and there was a tiny little newspaper. Blurb that was about this chief and we still don't have a picture of them so one thing we're trying to find a picture of them had no children brother had no children so we're kind of at a dead end but while it's been kind of fun track them down and try to figure out somehow someway that because we have a wall of all the chiefs photos in his missing so we're trying to figure out. Wow that's a cool that's right you don't WanNA forgive him. Oh that's awesome. No kidding well guys I found a I did I on my bookshelf in my office. Here is that book that Chief Trek silliest wrote and I had the story pretty correct about the paramedic program. We hit a member named Ben Wapner and he worked for a company. It was called men and greatbatch which was flow company. They manufactured medical supplies including cardiac monitors defense in one day. He wanted the chief chief and said Hey. I'd like to go to this conference or like you. To Go to this conference with me where they talk all about cardiac monitoring and they went to Columbus Ohio and Columbus had just just put a paramedic unit together and they looked at that and that that was the beginning of our paramedic program in nineteen seventy two seventy three. Wow Wow pretty pretty cool that awesome. Well I know Tom. You got some family obligations coming up here in a few minutes so I don't WanNa keep you too much longer here. But where can people find you online. Okay I have a facebook page. The professional volunteer here fire department is a matter of fact. I'm dying to get the ten thousand lakes. I'm like seven hundred away from ten thousand. I really really really would love people to give it a click and the like and what I do on facebook page. The Professional Volunteer Fire Department is just share. All sorts of inspirational quotes and sayings possessive I Stumble Stumble upon. I read all the time and I also put links to great articles that are out there about the fire service. I don't get controversial and here's editorialize Oriole lives for twenty seconds. One thing that one thing that gets me really mad we always talk and we celebrate our great brotherhood and sisterhood. All the time don't we we talk about how great firefighters are in we talk about being professional but which driving me crazy and I get so oh mad pissed off. Is this keyboard warrior type mentality. It's it's just wrong. It's anybody can have a bad day. Hey look it. I'm not saying my department. The Best Burger in the world. We've got eighteen for sure but we've got our B. R. C. players as well anymore. It sure hasn't taken lots. We all stumble right. We can all fall and stumble in and have a bad day at the office. As we do not need to be absolutely ripping each other apart on social media learned from it if anything look at it with your crew and learn about okay. What happened here? What can we do to make sure this doesn't happen US talk about it internally but to get behind a keyboard and just rip the brothers and Sisters Sisters of part that's anything professional? Dry destructive destruct destructive. That's it's not a unique problem. The fire service. It's the world today of it. Is Our social media group that has a facebook presence or social media presence. It's it's all the same. You know electronics cutting down other locations or mechanics cutting down on the mechanics. An it doesn't make it right but it's you know we're certainly. That's why like say firefighters. Let's hold ourselves to a higher standard. Absolutely should try and tell our young people that nuke as they come in and make part of that orientation program make a part of a regular reminder as chief stands up at the monthly meeting or however you do it newsletter. Hey let's let's take a step back before we attacked the brothers and sisters out there. It's just and of course and there's those that are just attacking the volunteers as scabs and hobbyists. I don't even I. I don't even engage them any of that. There's pages groups on facebook dedicated just to that irritates me to no end is to hatter and A. and that's professional write professional. Alright yeah right right so I don't even engaged. People like that might might page is all just things that I think people can. It's something from whether it's an article or an inspirational saying I'm big on leadership. I think it's a huge huge topic that people need you know you. You'RE GONNA be an officer administrative administrative work fire medic. You'd never stop learning. There's so much you can do to make yourself better and learn to work with people and so they can go to that page personal smell my personal email I have no problem given it out. It's Ta Meryl M. E. R. I. L. L. Sixty Three don't laugh at. AOL Dot Com. AH CA MERRILL SIXTY THREE AT AOL DOT COM and my kids are teasing me telling me that they gotta do more social media. I need to do better with instagram. I need to do better with the other platforms. That are out there. I know I do under president. I'm also working on a website. One of one of our volunteers Nice guy worked for a bank and you know we got all different talents. Inner Volunteer House Right. And he's helping me put a Web page together. We're we're getting there. We're getting there very cool. I love talking to firefighters all the time. I love to do this again with you. Guys Talk Street talk whatever 'cause Yeah let's celebrate being being part of this great fire Sir. We'll do another one on history. I think that's a great idea and finally one last question because I know you gotta go. What do you think the fire service needs to do to fix the shortage of volunteers? Wow that's a loaded question extra loaded question just a brief just a briefing. I like to ask everybody. That's on the show just taking so I'm one of the old guys at my firehouse. I'm fifty seven years old now and I'm one of the old guards but here's what I say we can't don't be afraid to change. We can't be afraid to change and I'll give you an example from my own fire department. We still make every member that joins has to as much as I've been preaching Different types of membership in my department. We have not embraced day at you still have to be New York state. Certified as firefighter want onto passer probation in my department and it's cost us a members over the years and as an older member. I'm like why can't we and again it's a democracy. I'm not Criticizing anyone. It's it's just our process and as of now we haven't changed but why can't we accept members that may be WANNA do administrative worker do ems amass you get the open our ranks for more support like not being afraid to change. I don't think the answer is doing away. NOPE last training. No No. This is the job that can kill you as you. Well know. Sure I think training has to be there. We have to constantly training. We know what we're doing but I and and we gotta make it a a firehouse where leaders in that firehouse. Senior members learn how to work with the different generations. Easier said than done Porsche and can be done. There's a lot of successful organizations out there that are able to do. Yeah but here's the thing any leader anyone listening that's in a leadership role and I consider senior members leaders as well. Look in the mirror and say are you doing everything you can do to make yourself understand human nature and people and how to get people to work together and get along because siree. It's part tired of it. You did work at there it is it is. It's a people person type of industry you know the civilians on the public and then dealing with everything internally Turnley internal and external customers and one other thing. Is You know the call volume. I don't know how it is. Where you are it's skyrocketing in our the area in and here's another thing we talk about another show is dispatch? Right you're necker you dispatch today's my last day so tomorrow will not be But today yes the answer's Yes. Yes I I'm ending my career today of eleven years and I'm taking a new job selling pierce fire trucks for the state of. Yeah yeah congratulations. Thank you thank you. Well my job is on the fire dispatcher. We have central fire alarm office do fire. EMS only It's a busy center senator. We dispatched the three thousand two villages however have been there twenty five years. Now and the call volume is skyrocketing because what people's dependence on us isn't going away they depend on us for more and more and so. I think we need to just open be open to new ideas in powered delivering that service and one thing we did in our area which helps as we do what we call call screening. This could come out the wrong way. I don't mean it to but we have paid ambulance service in our town that estate strategically and they handle the B. L. S. calls. We do not go on lift assist. We do not go on cut fingers. We go on flu type calls unless there's a compelling reason someone's laying in a snowbank and at zero degrees out we'll send fire. There's firefighters in every neighborhood but that has has helped cut the call volume down We're still all running over a thousand runs a year. My Department was just under twelve hundred last year. We got one department in our town. which by the way my town is the town of amherst? I ring suburb of Buffalo. There's ten volunteer departments in Amherst Y. Just about every one of them's at a thousand runs a year word about thirteen sixty thirteen seventy on our for our fire department in our town. We have another fight apartment in our town. We have departments in our town. We're at thirteen sixty ish. They're just a hair under thousand on their side of town at nine Iran. All over there with the lumps ideas on how to save three open minded. I think we've got to be open minded and the seventies were great sixties were fantastic. Hey again we're history. Bus Love the old days. Love how we did things. I love those stories. But it's two thousand twenty in. We've got to recognize that those days aren't coming back. We can still survive we. We can still survive you know and and we can do things in our firehouse to portray a professional image which could can help get new members and then keep on by embracing new ideas and being open minded. The how crazy life is today for sure. Perfect answer I love it. That's great perspective on it So let's Let's end it because I know you gotta go somewhere and I just WanNa say real quick that Appreciate you coming on. The the show and time is valuable and you spent some time and we went back and forth on knelt down a date and time and this actually worked pretty well. So thank you Tom for coming on the show and I really appreciate the invite absolutely and thank you Paul and the Campbell for coming over and sitting in the cold basement once again to talk to Tom and listeners. Thank you time is valuable and you guys are taking your time on a day to listen to us and share content and all that stuff so thank you. We're going to have another show coming up on Wednesday as we always do and another one on on Sunday as we always do so For now everybody be safe and we'll talk to you next time friends. Please join the movement by sharing this podcast and sharing social media accounts and visiting US AT BROTHERHOOD ACADEMY RADIO DOT COM Brotherhood Academy radio. PODCAST is brought to you by salty hook media.

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