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"russell marian" Discussed on X96

"Schloss holes remarks were defamatory now jaysekulow has long been associated with conservative causes he is currently retained by donald trump for the investigation into russian interference in the two thousand sixteen election and ten sing along with her husband and fellow attorney joseph e d jennifer had been set been set last month to join secular on the trump legal team and hannity has them on his show all the time as a guess as guests and finally this this is kind of this is very controversial i think the head of the mormon church the president of the mormon church oh no yeah russell marian traveled to kenya the deliver a message from the lord two thousand people showed up two thousand kenyans and he said the best way to break the cycle of poverty is to pay your tithing no really really that's so he said be it's now east african mormons made nelson's visit i priority and travelled hundreds of miles nelson spoke against east african mormon tradition that requires families to pay a dowry in exchange for a bride that's not the lord's way he said and then he said if you would like to break the cycle of poverty the way to do that is tithing and did he go under explain how that breaks the cycle auburn lord will bless you.

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